‘Haldon’ log-book, 1920-1942

Document housed in the archives of University of Hull
(Maritime Historical Studies Centre)

Transcribed by David Carter 2020
(great-grandson of William Kingdon Slade)

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Brief history of the ‘Haldon’:

The Haldon rigged as a two-masted ketch
The Haldon rigged as a three-masted schooner


Above (left): The Haldon rigged as a two-masted ketch, painted by W.J. Slade.

Above (right): Photograph of the Haldon rigged as a three-masted schooner.

The coasting schooner ‘Haldon’ traded from Appledore for over 20 years, owned and run by the Slade family. First by William Kingdon Slade (1865-1942), and then by his son William James Slade (1892-1982), whose autobiography ‘Out of Appledore’ telling of his life at sea, was published in 1959.

She was named ‘Haldon’ after the Haldon Hills in South Devon where the timbers used in her construction originated. A gale in 1891 brought down many large trees in the Haldon Forest – these were bought by Hawke Brothers of Plymouth and taken to their yard at Cremyll Street in Devonport to season. They were eventually used to build two vessels, one of which was called the Haldon. Work started on her in July 1892, and she was launched in March 1893.

Her first owners were at Topsham where the boat was registered. In 1902 she was sold to the Orkney Islands, and worked in northern waters until she was laid up at Kirkwall in 1914. In 1916 she resumed work when freight prices rose, and in 1920 she was sold to the Hook Shipping Co. of Haverfordwest.

In 1922, she was bought by W.K. Slade of Appledore for the sum of £1,200, and registered at Barnstaple on 27th July 1922. Her gross tonnage was 113 tons and her registered tonnage was 76 tons. She had been fitted with a 50 horse-power engine. The log book shows her full movements for the Slade family the next 20 years, until she was sold.

After the war she was bought by Norwegian owners and converted to a fully powered motor ship with accommodation in a raised after structure. She was then trading in Icelandic waters and renamed the ‘Shetland’. She disappears from the shipping registers in 1963. Her final fate is unknown.

The log book of the Haldon was given by W.J.Slade to Basil Greenhill, who on his death bequeathed it to the University of Hull’s archives. It consists of a tabulated book with columns as shown on the transcript below.

The log book commences in Feb 1911, and records journeys between Kirkwall, Tweedmouth, Leith, Scrabster, Castlehill, Grangemouth, Sanday (Orkney), Amble, Thurso, Eady (Orkney), Perth, Weymss, Wick, Stronsay, Shapinsay, Bridgeness, Invergordon, South Shields and Liverpool, including the cargoes that she carried. She became laid up at Kirkwall on 14th October 1914.

The Haldon commenced work again on 9th September 1916 and although still registered at Kirkwall, over the next two years she traded to Sanday, Troon, Irvine, Glasgow, Birkenhead, Swansea, Cardiff, Milford Haven, Fowey, Bristol, Avonmouth; Lisahally, Kilkeel and Dublin (in Ireland); Silloth and Maryport (in Cumbria); and St Brieuc, Rouen, Honfleur, Morlaix, Cherbourg and Isigny-sur-Mer (in France), ending up at Braunton in October 1918.

On 24th March 1920, she became registered at Barnstaple, owned by the Hook Shipping Co. of Haverfordwest, under the control of her master H.J. Norman. This transcript includes her voyages from 1920 onwards, but details of her earlier voyages 1911-1918 are contained in the original document.

Some entries from ‘Out of Appledore’ have been cross-referenced in the transcript, to give fuller information on what happened on some of her voyages.

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Log Book of the Haldon…

Departed From Quantity and Description of Packages and Goods To Consignee Arrived
    The motor ketch Haldon of Barnstaple      
    Master: H J Norman      
24-Mar-20 Braunton 65 tons ballast Hook (Milford)   25-Mar-20
01-Apr-20 Hook 180 tons culm Le Treport   12-Apr-20
19-Apr-20 Le Treport 55 tons ballast Hook   12-May-20
25-May-20 Hook 180 tons culm Le Treport   30-May-20
09-Jun-20 Le Treport 55 tons ballast Neyland   12-Jun-20
15-Jun-20 Neyland 55 tons ballast Saundersfoot   15-Jun-20
22-Jun-20 Saundersfoot 175 tons coal Ipswich   27-Jun-20
13-Jul-20 Ipswich 25 tons ballast Gravelines   14-Jul-20
19-Jul-20 Gravelines 160 tons serafe steel Port Talbot   29-Jul-20
12-Aug-20 Port Talbot 168 ton, 16 cwt anthracite cobbles Terneuzen   17-Aug-20
21-Aug-20 Terneuzen Light Ghent   21-Aug-20
24-Aug-20 Ghent 175 tons scrap iron Lannelly   31-Aug-20
13-Sep-20 Lannelly 175 tons small anthracite Hayle   15-Sep-20
17-Sep-20 Hayle 40 tons ballast Swansea   20-Sep-20
30-Sep-20 Swansea 167 tons large anthracite Yarmouth   25-Oct-20
11-Nov-20 Yarmouth 55 tons ballast Milford Haven   24-Nov-20
16-Dec-20 Milford Haven 170 tons anthracite coal St Valery sur Somme   16-Jan-21
27-Jan-21 St Valery 55 tons ballast Milford Haven   06-Feb-21
23-Mar-21 Milford Haven 180 tons anthracite coal Calais   01-Apr-21
09-Apr-21 Calais 55 tons ballast Milford Haven   21-Apr-21
18-Jul-22 Milford Haven Light [See OOA #001] Appledore   19-Jul-22
    Appledore 20/07/22 Inspected J Cross      
    Laid up at Milford Haven from 21/04/21 to 18/07/22      
    W Slade (Master) from here      
26-Jul-22 Bideford 179 tons. 12 cwt. 2 lb clay [See OOA #002] London   03-Sep-22
??-Sep-22 London 175 tons cement [See OOA #003] Bideford   26-Sep-22
01-Oct-22 Bideford Light [See OOA #004] Lydney   02-Oct-22
05-Oct-22 Lydney Coal 170 tons [See OOA #005] Gweek   08-Oct-22
19-Oct-22 Gweek Light [See OOA #006] Plymouth   01-Nov-22
08-Nov-22 Plymouth 180 tons of iron Llanelly   12-Nov-22
16-Nov-22 Llanelly Light Newport   17-Nov-22
24-Nov-22 Newport 176 tons of coal Courtmacsherry   27-Nov-22
05-Dec-22 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   07-Dec-22
16-Dec-22 Lydney [blank] Ballycotton   17-Jan-23
22-Jan-23 Ballycotton Light Newport   26-Jan-23
27-Jan-23 Newport 170 tons coal Glandore Patrick Keenan 08-Mar-23
15-Mar-23 Glandore Light Bideford ~~~ 21-Mar-23
05-Apr-23 Bideford 179 tons clay London Lambeth Potteries 16-Apr-23
21-Apr-23   H.M.C. & E. Millwall Dock, T Hogg, Inspected      
24-Apr-23 London 1492 bags maize meal Truro Hosken, Trevithick & Polkinhorn Co. 03-May-23
11-May-23 Truro 188 tons stone ballast Par Inspected ~?~ 12-May-23
18-May-23 Par Clay Penarth Dock Superintendant 20-May-23
24-May-23 Penarth Light Avonmouth   24-May-23
29-May-23 Avonmouth Barley Truro Trev~~on? 31-May-23
05-Jun-23 Truro Stones London Messrs G J Wills 08-Jun-23
14-Jun-23 London Cement Bridgwater   21-Jun-23
05-Jul-23 Bridgwater Light Barry   05-Jul-23
12-Jul-23 Barry Cement Looe & Par   15-Jul-23
20-Jul-23 Par China Clay [See OOA #007] Runcorn   24-Jul-23
02-Aug-23 Runcorn Coal [See OOA #008] Gweek   21-Aug-23
25-Aug-23 Gweek Light Par   25-Aug-23
30-Aug-23 Par Clay Penarth   02-Sep-23
07-Sep-23 Penarth Light Newport   07-Sep-23
14-Sep-23 Newport Coal Clonakilty Cullinarie 07-Oct-23
12-Oct-23 Clonakilty Light Courtmacsherry   12-Oct-23
24-Oct-23 Courtmacsherry (1379) oats Plymouth Shippers orders 02-Nov-23
12-Nov-23 Plymouth Scrap iron Port Talbot Port Talbot Steel Co 24-Nov-23
03-Dec-23 Port Talbot Cargoes 18, Basic Slag Mevagissey Henry Dunn esq 03-Jan-24
10-Jan-24 Mevagissey Light Par   10-Jan-24
23-Jan-24 Par Clay Gloucester Rowles 28-Jan-24
03-Feb-24 Gloucester Light Lydney 6th Feb: G Baynton inspector 03-Feb-24
06-Feb-24 Lydney Coal Ballycotton   13-Feb-24
18-Feb-24 Ballycotton Light Appledore   20-Feb-24
07-Mar-24 Appledore Clay Liverpool   10-Mar-24
17-Mar-24 Liverpool Coal Bideford   20-Mar-24
07-Apr-24 Bideford Clay Antwerp   13-Apr-24
19-Apr-24 Antwerp Kanit(?) in bulk Topsham   23-Apr-24
03-May-24 Topsham Light Plymouth   14-May-24
20-May-24 Plymouth Scrap iron Port Talbot   22-May-24
28-May-24 Port Talbot Basic Slag Barnstaple   02-Jun-24
04-Jun-24 Barnstaple Light Bideford   04-Jun-24
15-Jun-24 Bideford Clay London   26-Jun-24
08-Jul-24 London Grains Bristol   16-Jul-24
23-Jul-24 Bristol Light Lydney   24-Jul-24
28-Jul-24 Lydney Coal Skibbereen Fuller 10-Aug-24
18-Aug-24 Skibbereen Light Bideford   19-Aug-24
05-Sep-24 Bideford Clay Glasgow James Reid & Co. 09-Sep-24
20-Sep-24 Glasgow Coal Newross Electricity Co. 28-Sep-24
04-Oct-24 Newross Light Newport   07-Oct-24
12-Oct-24 Newport Coal Clonakilty   16-Oct-24
22-Oct-24 Clonakilty Light Kinsale   22-Oct-24
03-Nov-24 Kinsale 135 tons oats [See OOA #009] Bridgwater   12-Nov-24
    Fred Stevens left      
15-Nov-24 Bridgwater 170 tons bricks Bideford   16-Nov-24
    Vessel laid up from 16 November 1924 to 18 January 1925      
    Vessel re-rigged 3 mast schooner [See OOA #010]      
18-Jan-25 Bideford 185 tons clay [See OOA #011] London   26-Jan-25
01-Feb-25 London 175 tons cement Dartmouth
04-Mar-25 Salcombe Light Par   04-Mar-25
06-Mar-25 Par 170 tons clay Penarth   14-Mar-25
19-Mar-25 Penarth Light Newport   19-Mar-25
20-Mar-25 Newport 173 tons coal Arthurstown Mr Murphy 23-Mar-25
27-Mar-25 Arthurstown Light Bideford   29-Mar-25
29-Apr-25 Bideford 180 tons clay Glasgow W S Wright 04-May-25
14-May-25 Glasgow 167 tons coal Newross J B Hearne 19-May-25
02-Jun-25 Newross 123 tons oats Truro S [illegible] 04-Jun-25
06-Jun-25 Truro Light Pentewan   07-Jun-25
09-Jun-25 Pentewan 180 tons sand Ipswich   18-Jun-25
23-Jun-25 Ipswich Light London   24-Jun-25
26-Jun-25 London 175 tons cement Par & Charlestown   02-Jul-25
06-Jul-25 Charlestown Light Penryn   07-Jul-25
09-Jul-25 Penryn 175 tons of tin concentrates [See OOA #012] London   13-Jul-25
16-Jul-25 London 175 tons cement [See OOA #013] Bideford   31-Jul-25
08-Aug-25 Bideford 180 tons clay Goole   25-Aug-25
27-Aug-25 Goole [blank] Keadby   29-Aug-25
01-Sep-25 Keadby 170 tons basic slag Barnstaple   18-Sep-25
24-Sep-25 Barnstaple Light Bideford   24-Sep-25
03-Oct-25 Bideford 175 tons clay Glasgow   09-Oct-25
15-Oct-25 Glasgow 170 tons coal [See OOA #014] Youghal   [illegible]
19-Nov-25 Youghal 123 tons oats Hayle H.J.P. Ltd 20-Nov-25
26-Nov-25 Hayle Light Falmouth   27-Nov-25
05-Dec-25 Falmouth 160 tons scrap iron Swansea Messrs Baldwins [blank]
22-Dec-25 Swansea 170 tons manure Par   16-Jan-26
26-Jan-26 Par 175 tons clay Penarth   05-Feb-26
10-Feb-26 Penarth Light Bridgwater   11-Feb-26
17-Feb-26 Bridgwater 172 tons Bath Brick Liverpool   01-Mar-26
13-Mar-26 Liverpool 170 tons coal Minehead   18-Mar-26
25-Mar-26 Minehead Light Lydney   26-Mar-26
27-Mar-26 Lydney 170 tons coal [See OOA #015] Ballinacurra Tattan & Son 31-Mar-26
08-Apr-26 Ballinacurra Light [See OOA #016] Appledore   13-Apr-26
27-Apr-26 Appledore Light Lydney   28-Apr-26
29-Apr-26 Lydney 171 tons coal Kinsale   01-May-26
06-May-26 Kinsale Light Appledore   07-May-26
17-May-26 Appledore Light Avonmouth   17-May-26
23-May-26 Avonmouth 70 tons maize & 90 tons barley Penryn   25-May-26
27-May-26 Penryn Light Plymouth   28-May-26
01-Jun-26 Plymouth 140 tons tar Bideford   04-Jun-26
28-Jun-26 Bideford 172 tons clay Glasgow   06-Jul-26
14-Jul-26 Glasgow Light Connah's Quay   23-Jul-26
26-Jul-26 Connah's Quay 170 tons basic slag Wadebridge   09-Aug-26
11-Aug-26 Wadebridge Light Bideford   12-Aug-26
25-Aug-26 Bideford 173 tons clay Antwerp   06-Sep-26
16-Sep-26 Antwerp 90 tons glass [See OOA #017] Exeter   21-Sep-26
28-Sep-26 Exeter Light Charlestown   29-Sep-26
03-Oct-26 Charlestown 175 tons clay Rochester   14-Oct-26
19-Oct-26 Rochester 175 tons cement Exeter   28-Oct-26
03-Nov-26 Exeter Light Fowey   04-Nov-26
30-Nov-26 Fowey 175 tons clay London   04-Dec-26
12-Dec-26 London 172 tons cement Watchet   20-Dec-26
29-Dec-26 Watchet Light Appledore   30-Dec-26
15-Feb-27 Appledore 175 tons clay Glasgow   22-Feb-27
06-Mar-27 Glasgow 170 tons coal Newross   11-Mar-27
01-Apr-27 Newross 121 tons oats Poole   05-Apr-27
15-Apr-27 Poole Light Medina Mills   15-Apr-27
29-Apr-27 Medina Mills 175 tons cement Bideford   05-May-27
19-May-27 Bideford 175 tons clay Glasgow   25-May-27
01-Jun-27 Glasgow 167 tons coal Newross   05-Jun-27
10-Jun-27 Newross Light Bideford   12-Jun-27
30-Jun-27 Bideford 175 tons clay Glasgow   04-Jul-27
11-Jul-27 Glasgow 168 tons coal Newross   16-Jul-27
23-Jul-27 Newross Light Appledore   25-Jul-27
05-Aug-27 Appledore 175 tons clay Glasgow   10-Aug-27
15-Aug-27 Glasgow 170 tons coal Appledore   24-Aug-27
19-Sep-27 Appledore Light [See OOA #018] Lydney   20-Sep-27
07-Oct-27 Lydney 170 tons coal [See OOA #019] Clonakilty   10-Oct-27
    E.H. joined me [probably Edwin Harding, 1886-1960]      
    Inspected at Ring, 10 Oct 1927 - [illegible]      
22-Oct-27 Clonakilty 123 tons oats Newport   25-Oct-27
01-Nov-27 Newport 172 tons coal Clonakilty   10-Nov-27
20-Nov-27 Clonakilty 120 tons oats Cardiff   24-Nov-27
02-Dec-27 Cardiff Light Newport   03-Dec-27
07-Dec-27 Newport 172 tons coal Courtmacsherry   15-Dec-27
24-Dec-27 Courtmacsherry Light Kinsale   24-Dec-27
31-Dec-27 Kinsale 125 tons oats Barry   03-Jan-28
05-Jan-28 Barry Light Cardiff   06-Jan-28
12-Jan-28 Cardiff 170 tons coal Clonakilty Barrett 24-Feb-28
    Inspected at Ring, 22 Feb 1928. C Harding      
06-Mar-28 Clonakilty Light Kinsale   07-Mar-28
24-Mar-28 Kinsale 117 tons oats Swansea Weaver 26-Mar-28
27-Mar-28 Swansea Light Cardiff   28-Mar-28
01-Apr-28 Cardiff 173 tons coal Clonakilty Clonakilty Coal Co. 16-Apr-28
21-Apr-28 Clonakilty Light Youghal   22-Apr-28
29-Apr-28 Youghal 1330 barrels oats Bristol   01-May-28
10-May-28 Bristol Light Lydney   11-May-28
16-May-28 Lydney 172 tons coal Courtmacsherry   20-May-28
27-May-28 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   31-May-28
05-Jun-28 Appledore Light Newport   05-Jun-28
07-Jun-28 Newport 175 tons coal Kinsale Keohane 30-Jun-28
06-Jul-28 Kinsale Light Bideford   07-Jul-28
16-Jul-28 Bideford 173 tons clay Glasgow   21-Jul-28
27-Jul-28 Glasgow 165 tons house coal Appledore   30-Jul-28
11-Aug-28 Appledore Light Lydney   12-Aug-28
15-Aug-28 Lydney 172 tons steam coal Kinsale   19-Aug-28
27-Aug-28 Kinsale Light Appledore   28-Aug-28
04-Sep-28 Appledore Light Lydney   05-Sep-28
05-Sep-28 Lydney 172 tons house coal Youghal Bride Valley 12-Sep-28
30-Sep-28 Youghal 120 tons oats Swansea Weavers 04-Oct-28
10-Oct-28 Swansea Light Lydney   11-Oct-28
15-Oct-28 Lydney 173 tons house coal Kinsale   04-Nov-28
13-Nov-28 Kinsale 111 tons oats Truro Hosken, Trevithick & Polkinhorn 29-Nov-28
18-Dec-28 Truro 175 tons scrap iron Port Talbot   20-Dec-28
22-Dec-28 Port Talbot 170 tons basic slag Barnstaple   01-Jan-29
02-Jan-29 Barnstaple Light Appledore   02-Jan-29
23-Feb-29 Appledore Light Lydney   25-Feb-29
01-Mar-29 Lydney 175 tons coal Kinsale   04-Mar-29
19-Mar-29 Kinsale Light Lydney   22-Mar-29
26-Mar-29 Lydney 175 tons coal Kinsale O'Niell 29-Mar-29
10-Apr-29 Kinsale 1224 barrels oats Plymouth Ware & Co. 13-Apr-29
24-Apr-29 Plymouth 175 tons scrap Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel Co. 26-Apr-29
30-Apr-29 Briton Ferry Light Lydney   01-May-29
01-May-29 Lydney 175 tons house coal Youghal   17-May-29
23-May-29 Youghal Light Bideford   25-May-29
08-Jun-29 Bideford 175 tons clay Glasgow W S Wright 12-Jun-29
19-Jun-29 Glasgow 166 tons coal Appledore Lamey 24-Jun-29
12-Jul-29 Appledore 175 tons clay Antwerp   21-Jul-29
27-Jul-29 Antwerp 155 tons O~~illeg~ goods Barnstaple   20-Aug-29
29-Aug-29 Barnstaple Light Lydney   30-Aug-29
02-Sep-29 Lydney 171 tons house coal Youghal Scanlan 05-Sep-29
12-Sep-29 Youghal Light Lydney   18-Sep-29
22-Sep-29 Lydney 172 tons house coal Ballycotton   26-Sep-29
01-Oct-29 Ballycotton Light Cork   01-Oct-29
04-Oct-29 Cork 129 tons white oats Swansea Weaver 06-Oct-29
10-Oct-29 Swansea Light Lydney   11-Oct-29
16-Oct-29 Lydney 170 tons house coal Kinsale Coleman 01-Nov-29
16-Nov-29 Kinsale Light Cork   16-Nov-29
20-Nov-29 Cork 130 tons oats Cardiff Spillers Bakers 14-Dec-29
16-Dec-29 Cardiff Light Lydney   17-Dec-29
19-Dec-29 Lydney 124 tons coal [See OOA #020] Appledore Lamey 20-Dec-29
    Vessel laid up at Appledore from 23 Dec 1929 to 12 March 1930      
13-Mar-30 Appledore Light Lydney   14-Mar-30
15-Mar-30 Lydney 171 tons coal Courtmacsherry Barryroe Creamery 17-Mar-30
23-Mar-30 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   25-Mar-30
30-Mar-30 Lydney 170 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 07-Apr-30
13-Apr-30 Courtmacsherry Light Penarth   14-Apr-30
16-Apr-30 Penarth Light Lydney   16-Apr-30
26-Apr-30 Lydney 170 tons coal Courtmacsherry   28-Apr-30
03-May-30 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   04-May-30
13-May-30 Appledore Light Lydney   13-May-30
16-May-30 Lydney 159 19/20 tons coal Glandore   19-May-30
28-May-30 Glandore Light Lydney   31-May-30
04-Jun-30 Lydney 171 tons house coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 06-Jun-30
13-Jun-30 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   14-Jun-30
23-Jun-30 Appledore Light Fremington   23-Jun-30
26-Jun-30 Fremington 175 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 27-Jun-30
05-Jul-30 Swansea Light Newport   05-Jul-30
08-Jul-30 Newport 174 tons coal Courtmacsherry Atkins Clonakilty 11-Jul-30
14-Jul-30 Courtmacsherry Light Kinsale   15-Jul-30
18-Jul-30 Kinsale 122 tons oats Plymouth To order 20-Jul-30
29-Jul-30 Plymouth 175 tons scrap iron Briton Ferry   01-Aug-30
07-Aug-30 Briton Ferry 175 tons coal Plymouth   08-Aug-30
26-Aug-30 Plymouth 115 tons flour and meal Hayle   26-Aug-30
29-Aug-30 Hayle Light Barnstaple   30-Aug-30
08-Sep-30 Barnstaple 172 tons clay Gloucester V W Rowles & Co. 09-Sep-30
17-Sep-30 Gloucester 173 tons ?salt? Castletown-Berehaven   29-Sep-30
05-Oct-30 Castletown-Bere Light Lydney   11-Oct-30
22-Oct-30 Lydney 173 tons house coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 09-Nov-30
14-Nov-30 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   17-Nov-30
27-Nov-30 Appledore Light Lydney   30-Nov-30
02-Dec-30 Lydney 168 tons house coal Janville O'Keefe 08-Dec-30
18-Dec-30 Janville 117 tons oats Hayle H.J.P. Ltd 21-Dec-30
02-Jan-31 Hayle Light Appledore   03-Jan-31
09-Feb-31 Appledore 175 tons clay Gloucester V W Rowles 10-Feb-31
15-Feb-31 Gloucester Light Barry   16-Feb-31
18-Feb-31 Barry 150 tons cement Portmadoc   21-Feb-31
27-Feb-31 Portmadoc Light Liverpool   28-Feb-31
05-Mar-31 Liverpool 168 tons house coal Whitegate Sheehan 11-Mar-31
23-Mar-31 Whitegate Light Ballinacurra   23-Mar-31
02-Apr-31 Ballinacurra 120 tons malt Dublin Guinness 04-Apr-31
14-Apr-31 Dublin Light Appledore   16-Apr-31
23-Apr-31 Appledore 176 tons clay Gloucester V.W. Rowles 24-Apr-31
01-May-31 Gloucester Light Cardiff   02-May-31
06-May-31 Cardiff 170 tons coal Youghal Co-op 09-May-31
16-May-31 Youghal Light Gloucester   18-May-31
23-May-31 Gloucester 160 tons salt Union Hall & Baltimore Nolan 28-May-31
    Inspected at Union Hall Skibereen, ?offey, Baltimore      
02-Jun-31 Baltimore Light Crookhaven   02-Jun-31
05-Jun-31 Crookhaven 170 tons stone Gloucester Rowles 08-Jun-31
22-Jun-31 Gloucester 165 tons salt Cahersiveen O'Niell 27-Jun-31
    Inspected at Cahersiveen 29 Jun 1931      
03-Jul Cahersiveen Light Crookhaven   05-Jul-31
14-Jul-31 Crookhaven 170 tons stone Gloucester V.W. Rowles & Co. 17-Jul-31
27-Jul-31 Gloucester 166 tons salt Jersey Bellingham 03-Aug-31
10-Aug-31 Jersey [blank] Pentewan   13-Aug-31
15-Aug-31 Pentewan 170 tons sand Gloucester V.W. Rowles 24-Aug-31
27-Aug-31 Gloucester Light Lydney   28-Aug-31
29-Aug-31 Lydney 166 tons coal Falmouth Furneaux 31-Aug-31
09-Sep-31 Falmouth 150 tons granite Gloucester V.W. Rowles 12-Sep-31
23-Sep-31 Gloucester 160 tons salt Tralee Galvin 11-Oct-31
14-Oct-31 Tralee 160 tons scrap iron (via Appledore) Briton Ferry Jenkins 02-Nov-31
05-Nov-31 Briton Ferry Light Gloucester   06-Nov-31
14-Nov-31 Gloucester 165 tons salt Youghal Farrel Fleming & Cappoquin Bacon Factory 28-Nov-31
15-Dec-31 Youghal Light Appledore   17-Dec-31
19-Jan-32 Appledore Light Newport   20-Jan-32
23-Jan-32 Newport 168 tons 14/20 coal Courtmacsherry D Holland 25-Jan-32
31-Jan-32 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   02-Feb-32
04-Feb-32 Lydney 168 tons house coal Courtmacsherry R Ruddock 06-Feb-32
15-Feb-32 Courtmacsherry Light Gloucester   20-Feb-32
27-Feb-32 Gloucester 165 tons salt Jersey Terry & Co. 06-Mar-32
10-Mar-32 Jersey Light Plymouth   11-Mar-32
22-Mar-32 Plymouth 165 tons scrap iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel Co. Ltd. 24-Mar-32
26-Mar-32 Briton Ferry Light Appledore   27-Mar-32
13-Apr-32 Appledore Light Gloucester   14-Apr-32
19-Apr-32 Gloucester 165 tons salt Union Hall Nolan 28-Apr-32
03-May-32 Union Hall Light Crookhaven   03-May-32
04-May-32 Crookhaven 170 tons stone Cardiff Barker & Lovering 08-May-32
01-Jun-32 Cardiff Light Newport   02-Jun-32
07-Jun-32 Newport 167 tons coal Courtmacsherry Atkins & Co. 15-Jun-32
21-Jun-32 Courtmacsherry Light Gloucester   24-Jun-32
29-Jun-32 Gloucester Coal & Salt 165 tons Union Hall   08-Jul-32
13-Jul-32 Union Hall [blank] Newport   15-Jul-32
16-Jul-32 Newport Coal 155 tons Clonakilty Brewery 18-Jul-32
21-Jul-32 Clonakilty Light Appledore   23-Jul-32
05-Aug-32 Appledore Light Avonmouth   05-Aug-32
09-Aug-32 Avonmouth Barley Truro Co-op Ltd 13-Aug-32
20-Aug-32 Truro Light Pentewan   21-Aug-32
28-Aug-32 Pentewan Sand Gloucester   31-Aug-32
06-Sep-32 Gloucester Best Fishery Salt Dingle De~a~e? 18-Sep-32
23-Sep-32 Dingle Light Point of Air   29-Sep-32
04-Oct-32 Point of Air 165 tons house coal Appledore   06-Oct-32
19-Oct-32 Appledore Light Gloucester   20-Oct-32
26-Oct-32 Gloucester 165 tons salt Jersey   21-Nov-32
29-Nov-32 Jersey Light Par   05-Dec-32
13-Dec-32 Par Light Lydney   20-Dec-32
21-Dec-32 Lydney 165 tons house coal Appledore Lamey 22-Dec-32
02-Jan-33 Appledore Light Cardiff   03-Jan-33
05-Jan-33 Cardiff 164 tons coal (steam) Padstow Bray & Parken 07-Jan-33
12-Jan-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   13-Jan-33
14-Jan-33 Cardiff 168 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 17-Jan-33
23-Jan-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   24-Jan-33
25-Jan-33 Cardiff 170 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 26-Jan-33
31-Jan-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   01-Feb-33
04-Feb-33 Cardiff 171 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 12-Feb-33
16-Feb-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   16-Feb-33
18-Feb-33 Cardiff 168 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 22-Feb-33
27-Feb-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   03-Mar-33
07-Mar-33 Cardiff 175 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 11-Mar-33
17-Mar-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   18-Mar-33
21-Mar-33 Cardiff 167 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 25-Mar-33
30-Mar-33 Padstow Light Appledore   30-Mar-33
08-May-33 Appledore Light Avonmouth   08-May-33
12-May-33 Avonmouth 159 tons barley Penryn   15-May-33
19-May-33 Penryn 175 tons stone Gosport To order 21-May-33
23-May-33 Gosport Light Langston   23-May-33
24-May-33 Langston 150 tons gravel Falmouth Falmouth Docks Co. 26-May-33
07-Jun-33 Falmouth 160 tons potatoes Plymouth   07-Jun-33
09-Jun-33 Plymouth 170 tons stone Shoreham   11-Jun-33
14-Jun-33 Shoreham Light Plymouth   15-Jun-33
21-Jun-33 Plymouth 180 tons stone St Mawes   22-Jun-33
26-Jun-33 St Mawes Light Plymouth   26-Jun-33
04-Jul-33 Plymouth 150 tons scrap iron Llanelly   05-Jul-33
07-Jul-33 Llanelly Light Bideford   07-Jul-33
23-Jul-33 Bideford 180 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 24-Jul-33
26-Jul-33 Swansea Light Lydney   27-Jul-33
29-Jul-33 Lydney 165 tons coal Par Clunes 05-Aug-33
11-Aug-33 Par 175 tons clay Glasgow Arbuckle Smith 16-Aug-33
24-Aug-33 Glasgow 155 tons coal Plymouth F J Moore 01-Sep-33
14-Sep-33 Plymouth 170 tons clay Runcorn M.S.C. Co. Ltd 19-Sep-33
21-Sep-33 Runcorn 165 tons coal Plymouth Tamlyn & Co. 28-Sep-33
12-Oct-33 Plymouth 170 tons iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel 16-Oct-33
20-Oct-33 Briton Ferry Light Cardiff (Ely River)   22-Oct-33
24-Oct-33 Cardiff 164 tons coal Truro Newham Coal Co. 30-Oct-33
02-Nov-33 Truro 165 tons stone Newlyn Truro R.D.C. 04-Nov-33
19-Nov-33 Newlyn 170 tons scrap iron Port Talbot Sullivan 21-Nov-33
22-Nov-33 Port Talbot Light Cardiff   23-Nov-33
24-Nov-33 Cardiff 172 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parkyn 25-Nov-33
06-Dec-33 Padstow Light Cardiff   07-Dec-33
08-Dec-33 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 09-Dec-33
17-Dec-33 Padstow Light Barry   18-Dec-33
18-Dec-33 Barry 130 tons cement Padstow Martin & Co. 20-Dec-33
01-Jan-34 Padstow 165 tons scrap iron Swansea   02-Jan-34
05-Jan-34 Swansea Light Cardiff   05-Jan-34
08-Jan-34 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow   20-Jan-34
24-Jan-34 Padstow Light Barry   26-Jan-34
27-Jan-34 Barry 130 tons cement Appledore Lamey 28-Jan-34
03-Feb-34 Appledore Light [See OOA #021] Cardiff (Ely)   04-Feb-34
05-Feb-34 Cardiff 167 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 06-Feb-34
10-Feb-34 Padstow Light Cardiff   11-Feb-34
13-Feb-34 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 14-Feb-34
18-Feb-34 Padstow Light Cardiff   19-Feb-34
22-Feb-34 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 23-Feb-34
04-Mar-34 Padstow Light Cardiff   05-Mar-34
07-Mar-34 Cardiff 167 tons coal Charlestown Powell Duffryn 12-Mar-34
20-Mar-34 Charlestown 168 tons clay Glasgow Bridge Shipping Co. 29-Mar-34
07-Apr-34 Glasgow 163 tons coal Appledore W J Lamey 11-Apr-34
28-Apr-34 Appledore 170 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 28-Apr-34
01-May-34 Swansea Light Lydney   02-May-34
04-May-34 Lydney 165 tons coal Par Clunes & Co. 12-May-34
16-May-34 Par 166 tons clay Weston Point   26-May-34
30-May-34 Weston Point Light Garston   30-May-34
02-Jun-34 Garston 193 tons coal Falmouth Paull 05-Jun-34
11-Jun-34 Falmouth 190 tons stones Shoreham John Brown 15-Jun-34
22-Jun-34 Shoreham Light Newhaven   22-Jun-34
28-Jun-34 Newhaven 168 tons cement Bideford Baker 01-Jul-34
15-Jul-34 Bideford 188 tons clay Swansea Potteries 15-Jul-34
17-Jul-34 Swansea Light Lydney   18-Jul-34
19-Jul-34 Lydney 160 tons coal Falmouth Llewellyn Garrett & Merrit 22-Jul-34
27-Jul-34 Falmouth Light Plymouth   27-Jul-34
30-Jul-34 Plymouth 175 tons maize Penryn Hold 30-Jul-34
03-Aug-34 Penryn Light Plymouth   03-Aug-34
14-Aug-34 Plymouth 175 tons stone Eling To order 16-Aug-34
18-Aug-34 Eling Light Newhaven   19-Aug-34
23-Aug-34 Newhaven 170 tons cement Exeter   25-Aug-34
06-Sep-34 Exeter 165 tons bartyes [See OOA #022] Widnes W P Fowler 14-Sep-34
21-Sep-34 Widnes 160 tons coal Plymouth Hoskins 12-Oct-34
29-Oct-34 Plymouth 160 tons scrap iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel Co. 05-Nov-34
07-Nov-34 Briton Ferry Light Swansea   07-Nov-34
12-Nov-34 Swansea 180 tons slag Bideford J H Hobbs 10-Nov-34
21-Nov-34 Bideford 185 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 22-Nov-34
24-Nov-34 Swansea Light Newport   24-Nov-34
26-Nov-34 Newport 170 tons coal Plymouth Tamlyn 29-Nov-34
16-Dec-34 Plymouth 165 tons stone Poole Carter 17-Dec-34
01-Jan-35 Poole 170 tons clay Irvine Campbell 12-Jan-35
16-Jan-35 Irvine 172 tons coal [See OOA #023] Appledore Lamey & Son 19-Jan-35
15-Mar-35 Appledore 170 tons clay Arklow O'Toole 18-Mar-35
22-Mar-35 Arklow Light Garston   25-Mar-35
28-Mar-35 Garston 164 tons coal Padstow Gas Co. 30-Mar-35
14-Apr-35 Padstow 170 tons china clay Runcorn   17-Apr-35
25-Apr-35 Runcorn 167 tons coal Padstow Bray Parker 27-Apr-35
04-May-35 Padstow 164 tons clay Runcorn M.S.C. Co. Ltd 07-May-35
15-May-35 Runcorn 164 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parker 18-May-35
30-May-35 Padstow 165 tons clay Runcorn M.S.C. Co. Ltd 05-Jun-35
13-Jun-35 Runcorn 164 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parker 16-Jun-35
22-Jun-35 Padstow Light Avonmouth   23-Jun-35
26-Jun-35 Avonmouth 159 tons barley Penryn Dawe 28-Jun-35
02-Jul-35 Penryn Light Plymouth   03-Jul-35
08-Jul-35 Plymouth 160 tons scrap iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel 10-Jul-35
15-Jul-35 Briton Ferry Light Newport   16-Jul-35
17-Jul-35 Newport 166 tons coal Plymouth (Torpoint) Tamlyn & Co. 01-Aug-35
10-Aug-35 Plymouth 170 tons stone Portsmouth   11-Aug-35
13-Aug-35 Portsmouth Light Newhaven   13-Aug-35
16-Aug-35 Newhaven 165 tons cement Bideford D. J. Co. Ltd. 19-Aug-35
12-Sep-35 Bideford Light Lydney   12-Sep-35
18-Sep-35 Lydney 170 tons coal Courtmacsherry Bennett 23-Sep-35
28-Sep-35 Courtmacsherry Light Point of Air   03-Oct-35
10-Oct-35 Point of Air 165 tons coal Appledore   17-Oct-35
07-Nov-35 Appledore 170 tons clay Weston Point To order 09-Nov-35
15-Nov-35 Weston Point Light Point of Air   15-Nov-35
22-Nov-35 Point of Air 165 tons coal Porlock   26-Nov-35
30-Nov-35 Porlock Light Newport   01-Dec-35
04-Dec-35 Newport 168 tons coal [See OOA #024] Padstow Bray & Parken 08-Dec-35
13-Dec-35 Padstow Light Cardiff   14-Dec-35
17-Dec-35 Cardiff 168 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 18-Dec-35
21-Dec-35 Padstow Light Appledore   22-Dec-35
03-Jan-36 Appledore Light (left 8:00am, arrived 10:00pm) Cardiff   03-Jan-36
07-Jan-36 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 13-Jan-36
18-Jan-36 Padstow Light Appledore   19-Jan-36
26-Jan-36 Appledore 170 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 27-Jan-36
30-Jan-36 Swansea Light Cardiff   31-Jan-36
04-Feb-36 Cardiff 168 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 05-Feb-36
14-Feb-36 Padstow Light Bridgwater   19-Feb-36
26-Feb-36 Bridgwater 175 tons bricks Padstow Bray & Parken 27-Feb-36
05-Mar-36 Padstow Light Newport   11-Mar-36
16-Mar-36 Newport 164 tons coal Arthurstown Murphy 19-Mar-36
30-Mar-36 Arthurstown [crossed out & initialled] Lydney [crossed out & initialled] 01-Apr-36
03-Apr-36 Lydney 169 tons coal Arthurstown Murphy 06-Apr-36
10-Apr-36 Arthurstown Light Bideford   11-Apr-36
23-Apr-36 Bideford 170 tons clay Swansea Swansea potteries 23-Apr-36
27-Apr-36 Swansea Light Newport   28-Apr-36
29-Apr-36 Newport 167 tons coal Arthurstown Murphy 01-May-36
07-May-36 Arthurstown Light Appledore   08-May-36
15-May-36 Appledore Light Lydney   16-May-36
19-May-36 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Deasy 21-May-36
29-May-36 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   31-May-36
04-Jun-36 Lydney 166 tons coal Baltimore   07-Jun-36
11-Jun-36 Baltimore Light Appledore   12-Jun-36
22-Jun-36 Appledore Light Lydney   22-Jun-36
24-Jun-36 Lydney 166 tons cement and coal Union Hall via Barry   28-Jun-36
03-Jul-36 Union Hall Light Lydney   05-Jul-36
10-Jul-36 Lydney 164 tons coal Ballinacurra Tattan 17-Jul-36
22-Jul-36 Ballinacurra Light Cardiff   24-Jul-36
28-Jul-36 Cardiff 166 tons coal Youghal Co-op Ltd 30-Jul-36
06-Aug-36 Youghal Light Lydney   07-Aug-36
11-Aug-36 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry   15-Aug-36
21-Aug-36 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   22-Aug-36
31-Aug-36 Appledore Light Lydney   31-Aug-36
02-Sep-36 Lydney 172 tons coal Courtmacsherry   11-Sep-36
17-Sep-36 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   19-Sep-36
22-Sep-36 Lydney 169 tons coal Courtmacsherry Holland 26-Sep-36
13-Oct-36 Courtmacsherry 30 tons potatoes Cardiff Ed England 14-Oct-36
16-Oct-36 Cardiff Light Lydney   16-Oct-36
20-Oct-36 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Bennett 03-Nov-36
13-Nov-36 Courtmacsherry 120 tons potatoes Cardiff Young Bros 15-Nov-36
20-Nov-36 Cardiff 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Deasy 22-Nov-36
02-Dec-36 Courtmacsherry 90 tons potatoes Newport R England 04-Dec-36
05-Dec-36 Newport Light Cardiff   05-Dec-36
07-Dec-36 Cardiff 170 tons coal Padstow   08-Dec-36
15-Dec-36 Padstow Light Cardiff   15-Dec-36
18-Dec-36 Cardiff 168 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 13-Feb-37
20-Feb-37 Padstow Light Cardiff   20-Feb-37
24-Feb-37 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 03-Mar-37
09-Mar-37 Padstow Light Cardiff   10-Mar-37
13-Mar-37 Cardiff 165 tons coal Padstow Bray & Parken 22-Mar-37
24-Mar-37 Padstow Light Lydney   30-Mar-37
02-Apr-37 Lydney 165 tons coal Union Hall Fuller 04-Apr-37
08-Apr-37 Union Hall Light Dungarvon   10-Apr-37
18-Apr-37 Dungarvon 175 tons iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel 20-Apr-37
22-Apr-37 Briton Ferry Light Lydney   23-Apr-37
27-Apr-37 Lydney 170 tons coal Whitegate Sheehan 30-Apr-37
05-May-37 Whitegate Light Appledore   06-May-37
10-May-37 Appledore Light Lydney   11-May-37
14-May-37 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 17-May-37
26-May-37 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   28-May-37
01-Jun-37 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 10-Jun-37
15-Jun-37 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   17-Jun-37
13-Jul-37 Appledore Light Cardiff   13-Jul-37
15-Jul-37 Cardiff 165 tons coal Helford Gweek Co. 19-Jul-37
31-Jul-37 Helford Light Plymouth   31-Jul-37
06-Aug-37 Plymouth 170 tons stone Eling Tamlyn 07-Aug-37
10-Aug-37 Eling Light Newhaven   11-Aug-37
14-Aug-37 Newhaven 165 tons cement Bideford Baker 22-Aug-37
30-Aug-37 Bideford 170 tons clay Weston Point (Runcorn) Weaver Navigation 02-Sep-37
09-Sep-37 Weston Point 165 tons coal Schull O'Regan 11-Sep-37
17-Sep-37 Schull Light Garston   19-Sep-37
21-Sep-37 Garston 165 tons coal Appledore Lamey 26-Sep-37
05-Oct-37 Appledore Light Lydney   06-Oct-37
07-Oct-37 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Holland 09-Oct-37
15-Oct-37 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   18-Oct-37
21-Oct-37 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 30-Oct-37
06-Nov-37 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   12-Nov-37
14-Nov-37 Lydney 168 tons coal Gweek   19-Nov-37
25-Nov-37 Gweek 170 tons iron Port Talbot Sullivan 10-Dec-37
16-Dec-38 Port Talbot 160 tons slag Bideford Hobbs 23-Dec-37
22-Jan-38 Bideford Light Lydney   23-Jan-38
26-Jan-38 Lydney 167 tons coal Courtmacsherry   06-Feb-38
13-Feb-38 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   21-Feb-38
01-Mar-38 Lydney 168 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 06-Mar-38
11-Mar-38 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   14-Mar-38
16-Mar-38 Lydney 167 tons coal Courtmacsherry   20-Mar-38
28-Mar-38 Courtmacsherry Light Cardiff   30-Mar-38
31-Mar-38 Cardiff 169 tons coal Truro   03-Apr-38
07-Apr-38 Truro Light Falmouth   07-Apr-38
13-Apr-38 Falmouth 163 tons iron Port Talbot Sullivan 27-Apr-38
29-Apr-38 Port Talbot Light Lydney   30-Apr-38
04-May-38 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 06-May-38
13-May-38 Courtmacsherry Light Point of Air   17-May-38
19-May-38 Point of Air 165 tons coal Kinsale Coleman 22-May-38
27-May-38 Kinsale Light Lydney   28-May-38
03-Jun-38 Lydney 167 tons coal Glandore Keenan 10-Jun-38
14-Jun-38 Glandore Light Appledore   15-Jun-38
01-Jul-38 Appledore Light Lydney   02-Jul-38
04-Jul-38 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 17-Jul-38
20-Jul-28 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   22-Jul-38
26-Jul-38 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Fekilly 04-Aug-38
09-Aug-38 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   11-Aug-38
16-Aug-38 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 26-Aug-38
30-Aug-38 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   02-Sep-38
07-Sep-38 Lydney 162 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 09-Sep-38
14-Sep-38 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   16-Sep-38
24-Sep-38 Lydney 165 tons coal Glandore Mrs Hamilton 27-Sep-38
30-Sep-38 Glandore Light [See OOA #025] Appledore   02-Oct-38
21-Oct-38 Appledore 167 tons clay Weston Point To order 26-Oct-38
04-Nov-38 Weston Point 159 tons house coal Appledore Lamey 15-Nov-38
29-Nov-38 Appledore Light Lydney   29-Nov-38
03-Dec-38 Lydney 164 tons coal Courtmacsherry Mahoney 19-Dec-38
26-Dec-38 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   27-Dec-38
03-Feb-39 Appledore Light Cardiff   04-Feb-39
06-Feb-39 Cardiff 164 tons steam coal Truro ?.L.M. 19-Feb-39
02-Mar-39 Truro 165 tons scrap iron Port Talbot Sullivan [blank]
10-Mar-39 Port Talbot Light [See OOA #026] Appledore   11-Mar-39
14-Aug-39 Appledore Light Lydney   14-Aug-39
18-Aug-39 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 20-Aug-39
26-Aug-39 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   28-Aug-39
01-Sep-39 Lydney 168 tons coal [See OOA #027] Courtmacsherry Mahoney 06-Sep-39
10-Sep-39 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   12-Sep-39
17-Sep-39 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry   19-Sep-39
02-Oct-39 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   07-Oct-39
12-Oct-39 Appledore Light Lydney   13-Oct-39
18-Oct-39 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry   20-Oct-39
25-Oct-39 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   27-Oct-39
03-Nov-39 Lydney 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 18-Nov-39
24-Nov-39 Courtmacsherry Light Lydney   26-Nov-39
01-Dec-39 Lydney 166 tons coal Courtmacsherry Deasy 09-Dec-39
15-Dec-39 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   21-Dec-39
14-Feb-40 Appledore Light [See OOA #028] Lydney   15-Feb-40
23-Feb-40 Lydney 166 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 29-Feb-40
06-Mar-40 Courtmacsherry Light Appledore   07-Mar-40
11-Mar-40 Appledore 173 tons clay Cork Carrigaline Pottery 07-Apr-40
12-Apr-40 Cork Light Penarth   13-Apr-40
15-Apr-40 Penarth Light Avonmouth   15-Apr-40
19-Apr-40 Avonmouth 185 tons wheat Swansea Weavers 20-Apr-40
24-Apr-40 Swansea Light Barry   25-Apr-40
25-Apr-40 Barry 164 tons maize Swansea Weavers 26-Apr-40
26-Apr-40 Swansea Light Lydney   27-Apr-40
03-May-40 Lydney 170 tons coal Youghal Fleming 05-May-40
09-May-40 Youghal Light Lydney   11-May-40
18-May-40 Lydney 170 tons coal Youghal Farrell 20-May-40
23-May-40 Youghal Light Lydney   25-May-40
04-Jun-40 Lydney 55 tons coal, 111 tons anthracite Youghal via Swansea Fleming 07-Jun-40
11-Jun-40 Youghal Light Lydney   13-Jun-40
17-Jun-40 Lydney 170 tons coal Youghal Fleming 19-Jun-40
24-Jun-40 Youghal Light Appledore   25-Jun-40
01-Jul-40 Appledore Light Lydney   02-Jul-40
14-Jul-40 Lydney 165 tons coal Youghal Farrel 16-Jul-40
19-Jul-40 Youghal Light Appledore   20-Jul-40
23-Jul-40 Appledore Light Lydney   23-Jul-40
25-Jul-40 Lydney 165 tons coal Ballycotton Fenton 30-Jul-40
03-Aug-40 Ballycotton Light Lydney   05-Aug-40
08-Aug-40 Lydney 168 tons coal Glandore Hamilton 14-Aug-40
19-Aug-40 Glandore Light Lydney   21-Aug-40
[illegible] Lydney 168 tons coal Glandore Hamilton 04-Sep-40
07-Sep-40 Glandore Light [See OOA #029] Lydney   10-Sep-40
21-Sep-40 Lydney 168 tons coal Kinsale Deasy 24-Sep-40
29-Sep-40 Kinsale Light Bideford   01-Oct-40
20-Oct-40 Bideford 128 tons oats Barry Ranks 20-Oct-40
24-Oct-40 Barry Light Avonmouth   25-Oct-40
29-Oct-40 Avonmouth 144 tons oats Swansea Weaver 31-Oct-40
06-Nov-40 Swansea Light Avonmouth   06-Nov-40
08-Nov-40 Avonmouth 149 tons barley Barry Ranks 08-Nov-40
14-Nov-40 Barry Light Avonmouth   14-Nov-40
17-Nov-40 Avonmouth 172 tons maize Cardiff Spillers 18-Nov-40
19-Nov-40 Cardiff Light Avonmouth   19-Nov-40
22-Nov-40 Avonmouth 172 tons maize Cardiff Spillers 23-Nov-40
23-Nov-40 Cardiff Light Avonmouth   23-Nov-40
26-Nov-40 Avonmouth 144 tons barley [See OOA #030] Cardiff Spillers 27-Nov-40
27-Nov-40 Cardiff Light Lydney   28-Nov-40
01-Dec-40 Lydney 155 tons coal Appledore Lamey 02-Dec-40
06-Jan-41 Appledore Light Newport   07-Jan-41
08-Jan-41 Newport 152 tons steam coal Bideford Baker 10-Jan-41
22-Jan-41 Bideford Light Newport   23-Jan-41
24-Jan-41 Newport 172 tons coal Minehead   25-Jan-41
01-Feb-41 Minehead Light Cardiff   02-Feb-41
07-Feb-41 Cardiff 172 tons steam coal Fremington   11-Feb-41
19-Feb-41 Fremington Light Newport   20-Feb-41
24-Feb-41 Newport 172 tons coal Minehead   25-Feb-41
27-Feb-41 Minehead Light Newport   28-Feb-41
11-Mar-41 Newport 169 tons coal Bideford   12-Mar-41
08-Apr-41 Bideford 173 tons clay Crosshaven   10-Apr-41
15-Apr-41 Crosshaven Light Bideford   16-Apr-41
29-Apr-41 Bideford 170 tons clay Crosshaven   30-Apr-41
04-May-41 Crosshaven Light Appledore   05-May-41
13-May-41 Appledore Light Cardiff   13-May-41
17-May-41 Cardiff 165 tons coal Courtmacsherry Ruddock 20-May-41
31-May-41 Courtmacsherry Light Kinsale   31-May-41
04-Jun-41 Kinsale 100 tons iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel 06-Jun-41
11-Jun-41 Briton Ferry Light Newport   12-Jun-41
12-Jun-41 Newport 165 tons coal Fremington   13-Jun-41
24-Jun-41 Fremington Light Barry   24-Jun-41
26-Jun-41 Barry 164 tons coal Fremington To order 27-Jun-41
01-Jul-41 Fremington Light Barry   01-Jul-41
02-Jul-41 Barry 160 tons coal Fremington To order 03-Jul-41
23-Jul-41 Fremington Light Port Talbot   23-Jul-41
25-Jul-41 Port Talbot 170 tons coal Bridgwater Somerset Trading 25-Jul-41
11-Aug-41 Bridgwater Light Cardiff   11-Aug-41
12-Aug-41 Cardiff 170 tons coal Highbridge L.N.W.R. 15-Aug-41
23-Aug-41 Highbridge Light Swansea   24-Aug-41
30-Aug-41 Swansea 163 tons anthracite Bideford Buckley Laundry 31-Aug-41
12-Sep-41 Bideford 165 tons clay Crosshaven Carrigaline Pottery 14-Sep-41
19-Sep-41 Crosshaven Light Courtmacsherry   19-Sep-41
25-Sep-41 Courtmacsherry 152 tons iron Briton Ferry Briton Ferry Steel 29-Sep-41
01-Oct-41 Briton Ferry Light Swansea   01-Oct-41
03-Oct-41 Swansea 164 tons maize Cardiff Spillers 03-Oct-41
14-Oct-41 Cardiff 165 tons coal Dungarvon Creamery 22-Oct-41
26-Oct-41 Dungarvon Light Appledore   27-Oct-41
05-Nov-41 Appledore Light Cardiff   05-Nov-41
07-Nov-41 Cardiff 171 tons coal Sharpness   08-Nov-41
10-Nov-41 Sharpness Light Newport   11-Nov-41
12-Nov-41 Newport 158 tons coal Watchet   13-Nov-41
18-Nov-41 Watchet Light Lydney   19-Nov-41
20-Nov-41 Lydney 154 tons coal Ilfracombe Popham 22-Nov-41
30-Nov-41 Ilfracombe Light Barry   01-Dec-41
04-Dec-41 Barry 168 tons coal Dunball   06-Dec-41
09-Dec-41 Dunball Light Newport   09-Dec-41
11-Dec-41 Newport 150 tons anthracite Watchet Ronnick? 13-Dec-41
16-Dec-41 Watchet Light Lydney   17-Dec-41
22-Dec-41 Lydney 160 tons coal Minehead Gas Co. 22-Dec-41
30-Dec-41 Minehead Light Swansea   30-Dec-41
01-Jan-42 Swansea 160 tons coal [See OOA #031] Bideford Devon Trading Co. 01-Jan-42
    [See OOA #032]      


List of Stores [no date]      
Shipped Remaining on board Total Where shipped
10 gallons parrafine Nil 10 gallons parrafine Glasgow
1 cwt mixed paint Nil 1 cwt mixed paint Glasgow
2 coils Manilla Rope Nil 2 coils Manilla Rope Glasgow
2 coils wire rope Nil 2 coils wire rope Glasgow
1 box red lights Nil 1 box red lights Glasgow
1 lifebuoy light Nil 1 lifebuoy light Glasgow
1 Boat water breaker Nil 1 Boats water breaker Glasgow


Fuel [no other details]    
Charlestown April 100 galls Gasoline
Glasgow Apr-19 250 galls Gasoline
Appledore   200 galls Gasoline
Flushing   250 galls Gasoline
Appledore   180 galls Gasoline
Penryn   250 galls Gasoline
Exeter   100 galls Gasoline
Widnes   150 galls Gasoline
Plymouth   150 galls Gasoline
Plymouth   250 galls Gasoline
Newport 28-Apr-36 150 galls Gasoline

= = = = = = = =

Excerpts from ‘Out of Appledore’ by William James Slade, 1959.
Page numbers refer to 1st edition copy…

OOA-#001 - Page 68: In July 1922 we purchased the ketch Haldon 175 tons. I left the Millom Castle to take charge of her, and went to Haverfordwest with my father to take her to Appledore for survey to insure with the Braunton Shipowners Mutual Insurance Association. She had a very heavy mainsail as a ketch and father and I had hard work to set it. It was a double-barrel winch job from the commencement of the operation, but we finally arrived home in safety.

OOA-#002 - Page 68: After a few days we chartered with clay for London and back to Bideford with cement. My brother came with me and a young man from Ilfracombe who made himself useful with the engine, a great asset, as driving the engine was a job no one cared for when at sea.

OOA-#003 - Page 69: It came dirty south-west by the time we got to Anvil Point, so it was decided to run up inside the Isle of Wight for the night, anchoring off Cowes. The next morning, he (my father) got up early and hurried us all to get going again. However, we did have a very nice trip and finally arrived in Cherry Garden Pier London, where we discharged into barges. After discharging we shifted to Swanscombe and were soon on our way out again. We had a lovely north north-west wind all the way down channel and after 3 days, sailing nearly all the way, we arrived at Bideford.

OOA-#004 - Page 69: There I expected Father would leave us, but, oh no, he wanted mother to make a trip and I found myself going over the Bar a few days later as a passenger ship, with my mother and sister added to the list. Of course mother enjoyed it, she was a good sailor and could adapt herself to conditions as she found them.

OOA-#005 - Page 69: We got to Lydney the next day and loaded for Gweek. This is a very shallow place about six or seven miles above Helford and frequented by barges. We got a pilot at Helford but stuck in the river about a quarter of a mile from the quay. This was not the fault of the pilot, she was in the proper channel but there wasn't water enough even with a high spring tide, but Father had been there several times before and said: "We'll soon lighten her!" We found an old condemned barge, just about hanging together, but she was sunk. We got her freed of water as the tide went out, chinked up all the seams and bad places with oakum and on the next tide dropped her down river alongside our ship, took out about 15 tons from the after hatch, which was all we dared to put in the barge in her rotten condition, floated it up to the quay alongside of our ship and hove it out of her before the barge had time to sink.

OOA-#006 - Page 69: On the way down (out of the river) we had to encounter some nasty bends. I was at the wheel taking orders from the self-appointed pilot (Father), who stood on the knightheads shouting his orders. Mr brother [George] was standing by me and I said to him in an ordinary tone: "I don't believe he knows where he is going". And Father back from nearly a hundred feet away: "Oh don't I? You do as you are told." We both looked at each other and laughed. He was over sixty and his hearing was wonderful. Well he took her down all right and we never touched anywhere. Page 71: During our stay there (at Gweek), one of our ships, the Heather Bell, was caught in Coverack in an easterly gale. She parted her moorings, and a phone message came from the Master for assistance. We loaded a lorry up with big hausers which we carried on board Haldon, took them to Coverack and re-moored the Heather Bell. We also used the chain cables, but she went through the lot after pulling all the big granite posts out and some of the quay with them. She eventually went ashore just outside the piers on rocks to the north side of the harbour and became a total wreck. Father went home, and the mate of the Heather Bell joined the Haldon, where he continued for quite a long time.

OOA-#007 - Page 70: We chartered from Par to Runcorn which meant going from Helford empty. Mother had gone home but we couldn't get rid of Father. He was enjoying himself and he didn't want to go home till the weather got colder.

OOA-#008 - Page 70: We made a good run to Runcorn, but the next thing I knew the owner had chartered her for Gweek again. I wasn't too pleased about this, but it had to be faced, so we settled down to make the best of it. When we left, we encountered a strong south-west wind and went to Holyhead windbound. We laid there four or five days comfortably enough. When we left Holyhead it was still a head wind we had to face and, of course, the engine stopped. Father again was saving those halfpennies.

OOA-#009 - Page 72: The Haldon received weather damage on a voyage to Bridgwater. The gaff topsail burst and we had to send it down on deck for repairs which the mate and I managed alright, but she was a heavy ketch and served her sails and gear bad if we met any hard weather. In addition I found the main mast was slightly rotten in the eyes of the rigging, which meant lifting the rigging and trestle trees to thoroughly examine it. I got in communication with my father on the matter and we agreed to load bricks for Bideford where the examination could take place.

OOA-#010 - Page 72: After discharge we shifted to Harris' Yard, Appledore, when we found a new mast was required if she remained a ketch. I got busy with my rule and drafted out the Haldon rigged as a three masted fore and aft schooner, with pole masts. Page 73: She was a great success, sailed well and handled well, light as well as loaded. Her gear lasted three times loner and she was a far better sea boat. We made many passages without using the motor at all.

OOA-#011 - Page 73: We did quite a lot of trade to London with pottery clay, which was a heavy cargo, but the rig made if a much easier job for the ship and lighter work for the crew.

OOA-#012 - Page 73: On one particular voyage I had to leave Par light for Penryn in order to pick up tin concentrates for London. The loading berth at Penryn was very shallow and it needed the top of a high spring tide to get out of it with a full cargo. It was only two days to the top of the spring and a strong south-west wind blowing against us. The chances of getting down against it were slim indeed, but I determined to test her out and if I failed, to run back to Fowey. It was dark when we left, but for a ship with no ballast she was wonderful. We anchored in Falmouth Harbour a few hours afterwards. When we got to Penryn on the next tide my ship-broker friend Mr N.S. Furneaux was agreeably surprised. He could not imagine how we managed to get down in such adverse circumstances, but through this we had a quick turn round and a few days after discharged in London.

OOA-#013 - Page 74: It was now the mid nineteen twenties. Freights were getting scarce and it was gradually becoming more difficult to keep running. It was a case of survival of the fittest and life became harder as the months rolled by. I think the next few years were about the worst in my experience.

OOA-#014 - Page 76: On one voyage to Moorhill Quay (Youghal River) I had to catch the spring tide. It was fine calm weather and the motor had to be kept going somehow. I fitted six big end bearings that trip, no sleep or rest for three days. I arrived in the evening, sent a telegram home from Youghal and then set to about the engine because it was our last tide up the river on the following day. I worked all that night stripping the engine to the shaft, cleaned the banjo oilers and built it up again. We got to our berth all right, but completely worn out body and soul.

OOA-#015 - Page 75: We loaded at Lydney for Ballinacurra in Cork Harbour. On the way down channel the engine suddenly stopped with an awful smash. When I went to see the cause, I found the cylinder and crank-case gone and also the bottom part of the bottom part of the piston broken. We were now off Swansea and my mate advised me to get across the channel and in over the Bar for repairs. As usual we disagreed and I replied: "I've sailed it before and I can do it again, so we shall finish the voyage under sail. Several days later we sighted the Irish coast off Dongaroon [..account of fixing engine here..] and we anchored in Cork Harbour the following midnight.

OOA-#016 - Page 76: In due course we sailed for home to have our repairs done. The engine never stopped from Cork Harbour to Appledore...

OOA-#017 - Page 75: Once we took a cargo at Antwerp and back to Exeter from Willebroeck with a cargo of plate glass.

OOA-#018 - Page 77: Freights were low, and it was a struggle to keep going. Just after this my mate decided to retire as he was entitled to the 'old age pension'. I was left with two boys and I now arranged for a cousin to join me as mate, but he couldn't get to me for a week or two, and therefore sent his boy to fill the gap, so I went off to Lydney with the three lads, none of whom could take a watch and could only steer in fine weather.

OOA-#019 - Page 77: We sailed from Lydney to Clonakilty and it can easily be understood that sleep was out of the question as far as I was concerned, but we arrived all right and after discharging loaded oats for Newport.

OOA-#020 - Page 77: Arrangements were put in hand to purchase a new Ellwe engine for the Haldon, but we kept going until the new engine was delivered at Messrs P.K. Harris yard for quick installation. We got home at Christmas time ready for this work to be carried out. It was 64 b.h.p. Ellwe, I wanted a 90 b.h.p., but I only owned one-third of the ship and I was overruled. This meant I was often behind others in an engine race and I was forced to drive it hard to compete with those who had bigger power.

OOA-#021 - Page 82: I took on a contract to run coal from Ely Harbour to Padstow for a period of three months. It was a low freight, but we did two a week sometimes, if weather was fine, but again sometimes we were a fortnight on one. On the whole it was just a bare living.

OOA-#022 - Page 83: One particular voyage caused not a little worry. I had discharged cement at Exeter and a cargo of barytes was offering for West Bank (Runcorn). The Haldon was far from being a strong ship and barytes was a heavy cargo, but I made up my mind to risk it, hoping I wouldn't be caught in bad weather to strain her unduly. We got to Falmouth windbound, then a fine day appeared. The wind freshened westerly and she put her knightheads under water more than a few times before we eventually rounded Lands End and squared away for the Smalls. When we kept away to run up the St. George's Channel the wind died away and it became smooth. [..long account here of the vessel springing a leak and having to be continually pumped, before the hole was found and repaired..].

OOA-#023 - Page 90: The hardest period of the slump between the two world wars was between 1934 and 1938. The cut in freights was un-necessary and caused chaos among coastal shipowners. There were not enough cargoes to go round. Wages in the dockyard fell to 38s.6d per week in Messrs R Cock & Son's yard, but P.K. Harris & Sons refused to cut lower than £2.5s per week. Harris's kept going with great difficulty and often took on work just to keep the yard open. The Haldon was lying off the yard with nothing to do, and Father and I stopped to talk to Fred Harris. [We agreed to] stiffen up the Haldon with a couple of nine inch oak baulks but said we must wait until we earn it. Fred Harris said "I must keep the men in work, and I'll give you a price to see if we can arrange it." The work was agreed to be undertaken for the sum of £36. They did the work in quick time, I feel sure that P.K. Harris & Sons made no profit whatsoever on the job, but the yard remained open, and that was the main object.

OOA-#024 - Page 84: We got a contract from Ely Harbour, Cardiff, to Padstow. That winder was a wild one and we didn't do very well, only just keeping the wolf from the door. I earner very little cash for myself.

OOA-#025 - Page 91: We came in from an Irish port empty intending to load clay for the Mersey. When we got to Bideford Bay it was blowing hard... we hove in to Clovelly Roads to wait for the tide, and our engine started giving a bit of trouble... A heavy squall struck the ship and veering northerly... we had to get out of Clovelly Roads. ...the sudden jerk caused the mast to break about seven feet above the main rigging... Things were getting desperate any my crew were not practical seamen... We came in over the tail... and when we passed Appledore Quay I expected some assistance from the hoveller [an unlicensed pilot or boatman] I usually employed, but it was Sunday and no-one came. We anchored off Newquay Ridge off Harris's yard, with two anchors [..long account..].


The Haldon rigged as a two-masted ketch

OOA-#026 - Page 93: Then came another catastrophe. I had discharged scrap in Port Talbot, and as usual found difficulty in getting a freight. We sailed in the evening for home and it was dark when we got clear of Port Talbot... I had been off deck about half an hour when I heard my mate shout, "Oh! my God!" I reached the wheel as we struck a light oil tanker stem on into her port side. The crew were taking to the boat without bothering where I was. I yelled at them to stop lowering the boat, which I steered our ship clear of the other. When I went to ascertain the extent of the damage, I got a shock. She was completely shattered down to the light water mark. If she had been loaded, there is no doubt she would have sunk like a stone. [..Long account - got ship home, badly damaged, surveyed by Insurers, damage estimated at £760 to repair, but insured for £600, so stated to be a Constructive Total Loss. Received £592.10s compensation. Bought vessel back from insurers for £90 and repaired it themselves..]. When the Haldon came out of dock, she was a much better ship than before.
[Photo shows the damaged Haldon moored against Appledore Quay]

OOA-#027 - Page 96: We made several voyages to Ireland and then the Second World War broke out. During the phoney period it made little or no difference to us, but when the minefield was laid across the St George's Channel, some of the ships didn't care about going up by the Tusker and down close to shore as then now had to do to reach Ireland. It wasn't so bad in summer but when winter started to set up, it was a difficult route for what was practically a sailing vessel. The freights, of course, jumped up to double and soon it became a paying business all through.

OOA-#028 - Page 96: With Christmas over, we started again in the Irish trade and got quite used to the Tusker route.

OOA-#029 - Page 98: I was discharging at Glandore in the County of Cork when I got a telegram relayed from my father at Appledore. It stated, "Haldon requisitioned by H.M. Government for balloon barrage purposes, proceed to Appledore for inspection." I was chartered to go to Lydney to load a cargo for Glandore again at a rate of freight I had only dreamed of for many years, and I resented the idea of losing an obvious chance to make a bit of money. It didn't take me long to see my way out of that difficulty [..long narrative: Telegram had been sent to W.J.Slade's father W.K.Slade in Appledore, who no longer owned the Haldon..]. I proceeded to Lydney to fulfil my charter. When we landed, being neap tides I was able to go home for the weekend. There I found all the requisitioned ships about to be surveyed [..told Admiralty officer they had made a mistake, and that requisition was sent to the wrong person..]. After some argument I am my ship were rejected. The rest were all taken except the Kathleen & May and the Emma Louise.

OOA-#030 - Page 100: I found my sight was suffering and the knocking about I had received in an air raid at Avonmouth hadn't helped. [This raid appears to have taken place on 25th Nov 1940, and hit the Shell Canning Factory at Avonmouth Docks].

OOA-#031 - Page 102: [With failing eyesight...] I realised that my sight was not equal to the job and it was time to get out. We loaded in Swansea for Bideford. I thought a lot about it, and finally asked Bill [the ship's mate: William Cox] if he would like to take charge of the Haldon. He was, of course, very pleased and so in September 1943 [sic], I gave up my berth as master to a younger and much fitter man.

OOA-#032 - Page 104: I had disposed of the Haldon. We had bought her in 1923 for £1,200. I sold her in 1944 for £2,500. She was always a trouble, but I earned a good living in her and sold her at a profit. I had no regrets.

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