House Tax for Northam (1782)

North Devon Record Office ref: 1843A/PD/12

Transcribed by David Carter

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This document consists of a single folded sheet of handwritten paper, with tables on two leaves, all clearly written and set out.

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Northam Devon

A rate made by Thomas Rook and Wm Partridge appointed assessors of the House Tax from Lady day 1781 to Lady Day 1782.

 Values  £  s  d  
The Revd Mr Bawden    £6~30
Esqire Willett£20~150
Esquire Downe£10~50
Mr Veal senr£6~30
Esquire Benson£7~36
Joan Chappell£5~26
Philip Hillman£6~30
Thomas Chappell£7~36
Mils Lewis£5~26
Eliz: Hogg£6~30
Amy Hammet£5~26
Ann Whithare£6~30
Geo: Watkins£5~26
Jno Powe£5~26
Eliz: Everton£5~26
Jno Limbry£6~30
Mr Evans£6~30
Jno Call£5~26
Jno Clyde£6~30
Ester Lembry£6~30
Mrs Hogg£6~30
Samuel Pike£8~40
James Irwin£6~30
Thomas Hogg£9~46
Geo: Irwin£5~26
Peter Benson£6~30
Samuel Tetherly£6~30
Eliz: Ellis£6~30
Mrs Barzey£6~30
Jno Husband junr£7~36
James Chapple£7~36
Thomas Hooper£7~36
Mrs Pike£5~26
Hugh Bake£7~36
Richard Vernam£5~26
Benjamin Rook£5~26
Jno Button£5~26
Thomas Salmon£5~26
Thomas Nicholls£5~26
Thomas Wyotts£5~26
Robert Bouden£5~26
John Punchard£5~26
Mary Browning£5~26
Prudence Rook£6~30
Total Sum £71s6d


Thomas Rook
William Partridge
We return for collectors Thomas Rook, Wm Partridge and Charles Kinsman, 12th June 1781

Verified on oath & allowdly
Aug[ustus] Saltren Willett
H Stevens
John Davie

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