Manor of Northam – Accounts 1484

Transcribed by David Carter 2020  with help from Steve Hobbs


Catalogue entry:
1483-1484: Reeve's and bailiff's accounts, with other manors
Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
Ref: 449/1/E3/15.53/2.1b (according to Manorial Documents Register)
Ref: E3/15.53/2.1 (according to Suffolk R.O.)
NRA 726 Hengrave

This brief mention of Northam Manor dates from the reign of Richard III.
Five manors in Devon are listed: Slapton, Dartemouth, Torbryane, Northam, and the ‘Insula de Lunday’ (Lundy Island).


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Account of receipts of John Hays, receiver of Henry, earl of Northumberland in Devon, Somerset and Dorset for the year from Michaelmas 1284.

Northam: £22.7s.7½d received from John Sumpter, bailiff.

Island of Lundy: An ancient profit of £22 a year; but no one is living there because of the war. Total: nothing.

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