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Help and advice for Northam Churchyard Numbering Scheme

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Short Explanation of Numbering of Northam Monumental Inscriptions


David W. Gale

Location of sections as per plan:

SECTION A Rows numbered from West to East, A 1 to a 20  
      Individual stones numbered from North to South.
SECTION AW Against West facing wall on East side of X Section.  
      Stones numbered from North to South.
SECTION ANW Against North Facing wall in A Section.  
      Stones numbered from West to East.
SECTION C Rows lettered from East to West, CA to CN.  
      Stones numbered from North to South.
SECTION D Rows lettered from East to West.  
      Stones numbered from North to South.
SECTION E Small section, should be easy to find required stone.  
SECTION F Rows lettered from West to East.  
      Stones numbered from South to North.
SECTION G Small section - See small plan among copied G Section.  
SECTION IC Inside the Church around the walls, South side, West to East.  
    ICG St George's Chapel
    ICC Choir Stalls
    ICN Near Font
    ICB West End, behind the screens
    ICN North Side.

Rows in sections X, Y, Z and X2, Y2, Z2 lettered as in burial book in church, and all stones numbered from North to South. All rows lettered from East to West.

XB to XF, YG to YL, ZM to ZZ, extra rows ZZA, ZZB etc.
X2A to X2F, Y2G to Y2L, Z2M to Z2Z, extra rows Z2ZA, Z2ZB etc.

SECTION OE Next to East side of Church, numbered from Left to Right.
SECTION OSE Outside Church, South East Side.
SECTION OS Outside Church, South Side, East of South Porch.

The index includes all the decipherable names found on the headstones and memorials. It therefore includes names of people not necessarily buried there.

Brian Randell, 4 Sep 2001