From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

NORTHAM, a large and well built village, is pleasantly seated on the peninsula between Barnstaple Bay and the river Torridge, from 1 ½ to 2½ miles N. of Bideford. Its parish contains 3578 inhabitants, and about 2700 acres of land, including the pretty, little seaport town of Appledore; Northam Ridge hamlet; many neat villas and scattered houses, and a large plain of turf common, called Northam Burrows, on which the inhabitants have common right. The manor of Northam was long held by Frampton Priory, and one of the priors had a grant for a fair here in 1252, but it has long been obsolete. Queen Elizabeth granted the manor to the Dean Canons of Windsor, to whom the fee still belongs, together with the tithes and the advowson of the vicarage, valued in K.B. at £10. 10s., and in 1831 at £138, and now held by the Rev. I. H. Gosset, M.A., who has a good residence, an augmentation from Queen Anne's Bounty, and a small stipend from the tithes, which have been commuted for £525 per annum, and are leased to the Corporation of South Molton. Captain Keats, Jas. Ley, Esq., Miss Lloyd, Robt. Barton, Esq, and many smaller owners have estates here. The Church (St. Margaret,) is a large and handsome structure with a lofty tower, and contains several neat monuments belonging to the Melhuish, Downe, Bevy, and other families.

APPLEDORE, in two divisions, called East and West Appledore, is a small sea-port town, in the parish of Northam, delightfully seated on the coast of Barnstaple Bay, at the mouths of the rivers Torridge and Taw, 3 miles N. of Bideford. It is the first harbour within the bar of the broad estuary of the two rivers, and is subordinate to the port of Bideford. Its principal trade is coasting and fishing, and in the town are many lodging houses, and several good inns and taverns for the accommodation of the numerous visitors, who throng hither in summer to enjoy the sea breezes, and the beautiful scenery of the neighbourhood. The town stands on an acclivity, commanding extensive marine views; and the fine beach is of great extent, and has a remarkable bank of pebbles, about a mile long, resembling the Chevil-bank, near Weymouth. Hubba the Dane landed here in the reign of Alfred the Great, and was discomfited and slain, with about 2000 men, before Kenwith Castle, which stood near Kenwith Lodge. The town has been much improved during the last 20 years, and has now upwards of 2500 inhabitants. It has two provision markets, on Wednesday and Saturday, mostly held in a small building erected in 1828. The Chapel of Ease, built about ten years ago, is dedicated to St. Mary, and is an elegant stone building, surrounded by lofty trees, and standing on the site of an ancient Roman Catholic Chapel. The living is now a perpetual curacy, valued at £150, in the patronage of the Vicar of Northam, and incumbency of the Rev. E. Reynolds, B A. Many old relics were found in digging the foundations of the chapel, and behind it is the site of an ancient fort, supposed to have been built during the civil wars of the 17th century. Here are three small chapels belonging to Baptists, Wesleyans, and Independents. The Presbyterians had a Meeting-house here as early as 1715, but the congregation are now Independents, and built their present chapel in 1816. The parish of Northam has large National and Infant Schools, and various charities for the poor.

Northam Parish Charities:- At Appledore are four small Almshouses, for as many poor families, purchased in 1695, with £60 given by Richard Branton, and other donors. Here are various benefactions for the poor parishioners, among which are the following yearly rent-charges - 16s. left by John Strange, in 1626, out of Bennett's farm, £5 out of Nethercote, purchased with £100 left in 1622, by a Mr. Berriman; 36s. out of Southcote, purchased in 1674, with £30 left by Anne Britton; 14s. 4d. left by Alex Arundell, out of land at Bishop's Morchard; and four annuities, amounting to £1 12s. 4d. per annum, given by W. and T. Leigh, J. Beare, and others. In 1691, £50 left to the poor by John Berry, and £60 left by Richard Cholwill, for schooling poor children, were laid out in the purchase of three-fourth parts of a house, and 15½A. of land, at West Putford, now let for about £15 per annum. Two legacies, left for the poor parishioners, viz. £200 by James Cocke, in 1700, and £100 by Eliz. Langdon, in 1702, were vested in the purchase of four cottages, and about 11A. of land, now let for about £49 per annum. Thos. Melhuish, in 1702, built an Almshouse, for four old maids or widows, and endowed it with 40s. a year, out of 10A of land, called Cox. He also charged the same estate with a yearly payment of 30s. for schooling poor children. The vicar has 30s., and the poor 20s. yearly, from £50 left by Lady Ann Berry, in 1716 Two annuities of £4 each, were given by David Best, in 1791 and 1806, for schooling poor children. Near the church is an Almshouse for four poor widows, supposed to have been given by William Leigh, and endowed with two annuities, viz., 10s. left by Ann Smith, and 14s. from £14, given by an unknown donor.


Those marked 2, are at Northam; and the others at Appledore, or where specified.

POST-OFFICES at Rt. Yeoland's, Northam; and at Susan Sarah's, Appledore

2 Allen Jph., Esq. || Baller Edward
Ball Rev John E. (Baptist)
Barratt Capt. || Blackmore Capt.
Beara & Cook, rope, &c. manfctrs
Beara John, ship chandler
Benyon Capt. || Blithe Mrs
2 Benson Ts. gent. || Berry Capt.
Blackmore Capt. || Bowden Capt.
Boon Captain || Bowen Moses
Brooks Capt. || Brooks Mrs
Brown W. J. gent. || Chapple Jas.
Channon Captain John
Chanter Thomas B., Esq.
Clapp Rev J. (Independent)
2 Davison Jas. || Day Captain
Dunsford Mrs || Eaton Captain
England Capts. John and Richard
Evans Mr. Richard & Capt. Wm.
Facey Capt. Wm. || Fishwick Capt.
Fisher Thomas, ship master
Fisher Capts. Wm., Jph., & John
Fursey Samuel, ship master
Gibbs Mr Saml. || Gilley Miss
Gorbin Capt. || 2 Gould Mr James
Gosset Rev Isaac Hy., M.A. Vicarage
Gowman Wm. plasterer
Hall Capt. Hy. || Ham Capt. J.
2 Harding Thos. G. || Harris Capt.
2 Herman Benj. surveyor, &c
2 Hewitt Mr B. || Lewis Major
Hillman Capts. Pp. and Thomas
Hooper Jas. || Jones Capt. John
Jackson Mrs || Kelley Captain
Jones Thos. revenue officer
Keats Capt. Wm., R.N. Port hill
Large Wm. traveller
Lawton Capt. || Larney Captain
2 Ley Jas., Esq. || Ley Capt. Pp.
Limbrey Capt. || Lowther Mrs
Mead Captain || Marshall Captain
Morton Dr Thos. || Morgan Misses
2 Nicholls Col. || Peel Jph. gent
Popham Capt. || Peace Lieut.
Quance Rd. || Russell Matthew
2 Reynolds Edw. & John, gents
Reynolds Rev Edw., B.A. incumbent of Appledore
Sleeman Mr John || Scott Capt.
Squire Capt. || Strange Miss
Smith Captain Owen
Stapledon James, ship master
Tatham Capts. James & Wm.
Thorold Frederick, Esq
Tucker Capt. Wm., R.N. & Mrs
Tucker Mr Thos. Wills Thomas
Williams Capts. Jph. and Edward
Williams Capts. Rd., Jno., Geo. & Ts.
Wincott Capt. || 2 Yeolland Robert
2 Wren Mr Thos. || Wills Mrs


2 Bell, John Plucknett
Champion of Wales, My. A. Lovering
Coach and Horses, F. Prout
Full Moon, Elizabeth Evans
Globe, Thomas Lang
2 King's Head, John Kelly
Prince of Wales, Francis Screech
Royal George, Richard Perry
Red Lion, John Fisher
Royal Hotel, Wm. Bolt
Ship, Hannah Gowman
Shipwright's Arms, Thos. Bloor
Swan, Wm. Cann
Swan, Philip Guy
Tavern, Wm. Cocks
Unicorn, Thomas Halls


Baker Miss
England Ann
Hake W. & T.
Hooper John D.
Moore Mr


Beer John
Hamlyn Grace


1 Diamond Thos.
l Halls John
Kelley Wm.
Kelley John
Nichols David
1 Paddon Henry


1 Braund Thus.
1 Davis Wm.
Evans Wm.
Lemon Robert
Ley Wm.
1 Rooke Wm.
1 Saunders John


Cook Thomas
Fisher John
1 Haynes W. C
Hincks Henry
1 Lang Pp. jun.


Clibbett Wm.
Cook Peter Ts.
Geen Thomas
Hincks Henry
Williams Geo.


1 Bassett John
Channon James
Cole Wm.
England James
Fursey Samuel
1 Hartnoll Chas.
1 Hartop Thos.
Mayne Thomas
1 Mugford John
1 Oke Wm.
1 Yeo Thomas


Burnecle Wm.
Cock James


1 Burch Richard
Cock James
Dart Richard
Dennis Thomas
1 Lock Thomas
1 Williams Jsa.


1 Causey Thos.
1 Fulford John
Martin Henry
Pickard B.


Howes Cphr.
1 Penney Wm.


Cook Thomas
Craig Wm.
Lemon James


Balsdon John
Bassett Wm.
2 Bellew Thos.
Berry Richard
Carter George
Causey Henry
2 Cock Thomas
2 Crelock J. & W.
2 Ford Samuel
Gordon Wm.
2 Hoare Thos.
2 Hoare Wm.
2 Hockridge Sml.
2 Irwin John
2 Lashbrook W.
2 Lethern Rd.
2 Lemon Thos.
2 Lock George
Mill John
Mill George
Partridge James, Burrow
Penhorwood Wm.
Pickard James
Pickard John
2 Rickard Btw.
2 Rickard Geo.
Sage John
2 Tucker George
2 Williams Wm.


Cole Wm.
1 Dowell Thos.
1 Willis John


Dennis Thomas
1 Down George
Gritt Mary
Howes Cphr.
Palmer J. E.
1 Penney Wm.
Rodd Misses
1 Williams Hy.
Williams Thos.


Bartlett Stn.
Bridgman John
Evans Richard
l Lock John
Nichols George
Owen George
1 Perkin Wm.
1 Williams Geo.


Fisher Jane
Gritt Mary
1 Serjeant Jas.
Swindale Eliz.
Wyatt James


1 Kelly Wm.
Williams Henry
Williams Isaac


Bowden George
Bowden Thomas
Gowman Pp.
1 Lemon Richard
Lemon Thomas


Cook Thomas
Darracott John
Limbery Richard
1 Rodd John
Yeo Wm.


Nicholls Geo.
1 Serjeant Robt.
1 Williams Thos.


1 Popham Thos.
Williams Wm.


Craig Wm.
Gibbs Thdsa.
Lamey Mary
Lang Peter
Hartnoll M. A.
Holman Mary
Townsend Ann


Ashwood J. N.
1 Limbery Thos.
1 Pratt Chas. E.


Beara Wm.
1 Burdon James
Cutland John
Day Arthur
Heard James
1 Sanders Robt.

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