Land Tax for Northam 1768

North Devon Record Office ref: 1843A/PD/1/17

Transcribed by David Carter 2020

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Description of Document:

This document consists of a single sheet of handwritten paper, now torn into two halves.
The right-hand side of the document (showing the pence column) is also mostly missing.

Land Tax generally commenced for most landowners in 1780, so this earlier example is from 1768 is interesting because it only appears to tax the two largest landowners – Henry Down (1741-1805) of Burrough House, and Squire (presumably John, 1740-1790) Benson of Knapp House (albeit that the Knapp Estate had been sequestered by the Crown).

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Northam Parish in the Countey of Devon.

A rate made by David Best, Thomas Young, Jasper Pickard and Anthony Tawton, appointed and approved assessors for the Land tax att three shillings in the pound payable to His Majesty King George the Third for the yeare 1768.

 £    s   d
Henery Down Esq718?
And for the Pigs Court06?
And for Doctons06?
Occupiers of Esq Benson for Nap334
And for Bennetts096
For Puddly Meddows09?
For Yeos12?
For Quary244
For Hide36?
For Willm Ellis fidle064
For Bidna11510
For Langdons06?
For Coliber0190
For Higher Nap late Hamatts1128
For Tamzin Darracots122
For Doctons096
For Graters064
For Jefferys att Appeldore032
For Ellis part of Jefferys032
For Sloleys part of Jefferys0128
For Colomers06?
For Hamatts att Silford019  ?
For Arscots096
For Martins & Doonmans filde032
For Knills houes & Gibbs ground09?
For James Berners019?
For Boate Hide019?
For 3 houes & cellers att Appeldore   03?


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