Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2017
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made by John ~?~ and William Partridge in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 25th year of his Majesty's Reign for granting an aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1785.
4 shillings of the pound.

William AllenThe Corner HouseHimself 42
John Benson, esq.NappHimself434
John Benson, esq.YeosHimself192
John Benson, esq.DoctonsHimself 126
John Benson, esq.Underwood'sHimself 42
John Benson, esq.Smale'sHimself 42
John Benson, esq.BidnaHimself1010
John Benson, esq.LangdonsHimself 84
John Benson, esq.BurnersHimself150
John Benson, esq.Hobbs's FieldHimself 84
John Benson, esq.Part of Lewes HillHimself 42
John Benson, esq.ClerkenwellHimself 42
John Benson, esq.BennetsHimself 126
John Benson, esq.Windmill FieldHimself 126
John Benson, esq.Jury'sHimself 126
John Benson, esq.Late Yeo's houseHimself 42
John Benson, esq.Late Thomazine DarracottsMr Hugh Bake192
John Benson, esq.Ellis'sWilliam Berry 84
John Benson, esq.GratorsWilliam Berry 84
John Benson, esq.Charles DarracottsWilliam Berry 84
John Benson, esq.WoodaWilliam Berry 168
John Benson, esq.Higher NappGeorge Berry 168
John Benson, esq.Prance's fieldMr John Husband 42
John Benson, esq.QuarryJasper Pickard2184
John Benson, esq.HammettsJasper Pickard150
John Benson, esq.Gibbs's GroundJasper Pickard 126
John Benson, esq.Harris's HouseJohn Chave 84
John Benson, esq.Part of Middle RaileighMr Husband junr 84
Hugh BakeHideHimself476
Hugh BakeLate Burche's estateHimself 126
Hugh BakeLate HortopsHimself 42
Hugh BakePart of Lewes HillGregory Tuplin 42
Hugh BakeLate RogermansGregory Tuplin 42
Hugh BakeLate Banfields HouseMr Thomas Price 42
George Buck esqCommonsRobert Diamond3150
George Buck esqCockram's FieldThomas Stone 42
 George Brayley's EstateWilliam Lang192
 Sarah Brayley's EstateRichard Heard192
Grace BakerOrchard HillHerself 42
Grace BakerPart of WhitsonsHerself 42
David BestSilfordThomas Stone1176
David BestLate John Jeffery'sThomas Stone 84
David BestSmallridgesThomas Stone 84
David BestGodburrowThomas Stone 126
David BestLemmon'sHimself 42
OccupierMary Brownings EstateJohn Hooper218
Ann ChapmanLate Hobbs'sDaniel Whare192
William CollacotHouse & FieldHimself 42
 Roger Chappells EstateGeorge Rickard 126
Thomas CourticeHalf of HalsannaryHimself326
John CrealockAshridgeHimself2100
Henry Downe esqBurrowsHimself1084
Henry Downe esqPigs CourtHimself 84
Henry Downe esqDoctonsHimself 84
Henry Downe esqBurrow WellHimself 42
Mr John DeanCollabearWilliam Partridge 168
John Davie esqLate Butlers estateEmanuel Stevens150
OccupierSarah Darracott's House  42
George DennisCollins MillHimself 84
Thomas EvansAssellsHimself 126
OccupierJane Ford's EstateThomas Burnet 126
Mary GreensladeLate Bonds House?William Harries 42
Mary GreensladeKings Arms & Hockaday'sThomas Smith etc. 126
Elizabeth Giffords executors3 houses in Northam  42
Elizabeth Giffords executorsA house in AppledoreRobert Bennett 42
Humphry GriffithSoudons  42
Humphry GriffithLate Grace Heals  42
Humphry GriffithBrimeridges  126
Mary GalwayHer houseHerself 42
Mr John HusbandCross & DaddonHimself192
Mr John HusbandClashHimself 126
Mr John HusbandGrigg's FieldHimself 84
Mr John Husband2 fields late LylesHimself 84
Mr John HusbandMartin's FieldHimself 42
Mr John HusbandClay LandsHimself 84
Mr John Husband3 fields late LylesHimself 126
Mr John HusbandMuddixHimself 126
Mr John HusbandChophouseHimself150
Mr John HusbandCollabearHimself150
Mr John HusbandPart of Kings & HoneysHimself 42
Mr John HusbandLords MeadowHimself 84
Mr John HusbandRuggs CrossHimself 42
Mr John HusbandGordings MuddixHimself1010
Mr John HusbandYeo's Field by the BurrowsHimself 126
Mr John HusbandSwann InnGregory Tuplin 84
Mr John HusbandLate ArscottsAnthony Tawton 126
Mr John HusbandFordJasper Pickard2100
Mr John HusbandTallin's HouseWilliam Treble 42
Mr John HusbandLate Glovers EstateWilliam Partridge 168
Mr John HusbandLate Sam's HouseDaniel Turner 42
Mr John Husband junrRaileighHimself934
Mr John Husband junrAverysHimself 42
Mr John Husband junrStamberysHimself 126
Mr John Husband junrLate Samuel NottsHimself 42
Mr John Husband junrWest RaileighHimself 42
Mr John Husband junrThe MillWilliam Bartlett 84
OccupierHarper's HouseJames Galsworthy 42
Mr HeywodHengiscastleHimself2142
Mr HeywodVernamsRobert Evans 42
Margaret Hooper, widowHooks HouseHerself 42
OccupierJohn Harris's for UnderburrowMary Barfeet 126
Silas HiskuttHalsannaryHimself2510
Mr Thomas HooperLate Corys House & FieldWilliam Partridge 42
Thomas JenkinsPart of DerrentJohn Jewell218
Thomas JenkinsWilliams's FieldJohn Jewell 42
Thomas JenkinsHammond's House  42
Thomas JenkinsLate Emanuel Chapman's HouseAnn Chapman 42
Edward JenkinsCleave HousesHimself218
Edward JenkinsLate Lyles at Orchard HillHimself 84
Edward JenkinsGreataborrowHimself 42
Sarah LeathernPimpleyHerself 84
Sarah LeathernPopham's House  42
William LeeHis houseHimself 42
Mr MeddonOrchard HillHenry Cadd 168
Mary MulesHer house and groundHerself 84
Mr MarksBullheadRobert Heale31010
Mr MarksDinnersMr Tucket 84
Rev'd Mr MelhuishDerrentMr Cilot1134
Thomas OxenhamPolandsMr Pykes1134
Thomas OxenhamStutsonsMr Pykes 126
OccupierLate Ann Oxenham's & part of Middle Raileigh  42
John PophamHis estateGrace Thomas 42
William PartridgeThroat MeadowHimself 42
William PartridgeHis house at CollamersHimself1010
Poor WardensBroadaThe Poor House 126
OccupierThe RectoryMr Chappell & William Allen141510
OccupierLate Richard Shutts House  42
Emanuel StevensAshridgeHimself 84
Elizabeth SarlesWhitsonsHerself, etc 168
Elizabeth SarlesYeo's & ScampsJohn Blackmore1010
OccupierLate Esquire Stevens for LakesJohn England 42
Mary SinnettCross Tree HouseHerself 42
John SarlesThe Rock HouseHumphrey Fry 42
Mr SmithDallisHimself 168
Mr SmithPort late BakersHimself 126
Mr SmithLate Sarah CourticesHimself 126
Grace ThomasPart of KingsHerself 84
Grace ThomasColly ParkHerself 42
Mr Samuel TetherlyKings & DaddonWilliam Allen 84
Mr Samuel TetherlyRuddy CrossWilliam Allen 126
Mr Samuel TetherlyTadworthy 1176
Mr Samuel TetherlyStaddon & the Well MeadowArthur Hole192
Mr Samuel TetherlyHis houseHimself 84
Mr Samuel TetherlyA house late Kings  84
Anthony TawtonLate Willmott BennettsHimself 42
William UtberHis houseHimself 42
William Utber & Samuel Pyke esqVissicksThemselves 126
Augustus Saltren Willett esqWhitsonHimself2510
Augustus Saltren Willett esqRaileigh & HammettsHimself150
Augustus Saltren Willett esqSmallridge & BakersHimself1010
Augustus Saltren Willett esqGarlands GroundHimself 42
Augustus Saltren Willett esqPortHimself150
Augustus Saltren Willett esqLendwoodHimself1134
Augustus Saltren Willett esqWatertownHimself4118
Augustus Saltren Willett esqDownman's FieldHimself 42
Augustus Saltren Willett esqPart of Middle RaileighHimself 42
Augustus Saltren Willett esqNottsHimself 126
Augustus Saltren Willett esqWhitabearThomas Burnet 42
Mr Whietfield's executorsAshridgeWilliam Gribble7510
Mrs WillsAssellsWilliam May 168
Mary WhiteMerrifieldHerself 84
Mary WhitePortHerself 42
Mrs YeoVoscombs, Legs and KingsWilliam Hatherly1010
Occupiers of George YeoWoods & AssellsSimon Snell 42
Mr Peter BensonDockHimself 126
Mr Peter BensonJeffery's at Appledore  168
Mr Peter BensonSloleys part of Jeffery's  42
Mr Peter Benson3 Houses & CellarsHimself 42
Mr Peter BensonThe Three TunsRichard Wickham 126
OccupierWiddon's neat next door  126
 Mary Berril's HouseHerself 42
John BarkwilWebber's & BrooksHimself 84
Mary BrowningHer houseHerself 84
Mary BrowningWebbers & Southcott's  84
Mary Browning2 houses in New Street  42
Mrs BranscombeLate Thomas Hillmans houseHerself 42
Edmund BrooksHis estate 2100
Edmund BrooksLate Franklin's house  84
Edmund BrooksGibbons's House  84
George BlackmoreHis house  42
Mary BrooksWebber'sHerself 126
 George Berrils HouseBerril & Williams 84
John BarrowHis houseHimself 42
John BowdenPittHimself 42
Mrs ButtonSpurns  126
Mrs ButtonHutchins's  84
Mrs ButtonLate Frances Vernam's  84
Mr John ButtonDuddawellWilliam May2510
Grace BerrilLate Dean's house  84
James BryantLate Daniel Bowden  84
James Bryant2 houses at Pitt  42
Thomas BowdenLate John Lane's house  42
Thomas BowdenArscotts  84
Thomas BowdenPart of Rows & part of Kings  84
Thomas BowdenTamlyn's Field  84
Mr BrowningLate Richard Thomas's house  42
Mary BowenLate John Hill's house  84
William ChappellHis houses  42
Mrs ChappellChircombeJohn Jewel150
Mrs ChappellOrchard Hill  126
Mrs ChappellThe 2 Winserys  84
Mrs ChappellGoardings  84
Mrs ChappellFords  168
Mrs ChappellHer father's house  84
Mrs ChappellRobert Chappells  42
Mrs ChappellCatharine Burden's  84
Mrs ChappellWyotts  84
Mrs ChappellStrange's tenement  42
Richard CooperLate Richard Berrils houseHimself 42
Mrs Copner & James PittsLate John Crocker's house  84
Mrs Elizabeth CopnerHer houseHerself 84
Mrs Elizabeth CopnerSinnetts on the Quay  42
Mrs Elizabeth CopnerLeaches  42
Mrs Elizabeth CopnerJohn Gribbles house in New Street  42
Thomas ChappellThe Rope WalkHimself 84
Thomas ChappellCroscomb's Field  42
Thomas ChappellWilliam William's house  42
Thomas ChappellParminters  42
Thomas ChappellHis house and fieldHimself 84
Thomas ChappellDiddawell 2510
Thomas Chappell5 fields late Doctons 192
Thomas ChappellEmlins  42
Thomas ChappellRobins Field  84
Thomas ChappellMartin's 150
Thomas ChappellAssells  168
Mrs Joan ChappellHer houseHerself 84
Mrs Joan ChappellLate Thomas Marsh's house  42
Philip ClibbettHis houseHimself 42
Robert CadeHis house  42
John CrunnLate Thomaz(ine) GoardingsHimself 42
Charles ChanterHis houseHimself 42
William ClibbettHis house at Pitt  42
OccupierMr Cowley New StreetWilliam Davey 42
Robert DayHis houseHimself 42
Robert DayLate William Hogg's house  42
Mary DinnisHer house  42
John DrewLate Ann Exeter's house  42
Elizabeth EllisComersHerself 84
Elizabeth EllisNicholl's bewest  42
James EllisHis house & HoylesHimself 84
William EvansLate Philip Gribble'sHimself 42
William EvansPart of Berry's  42
William Fisher senrLate Jury's houseHimself 42
Samuel GaskinHis houseHimself 84
Elizabeth GregoryHer houseHerself 42
Dorothy GillHer houseHerself 84
Dorothy GillGeorge Tucker's  42
Dorothy GillJohn Wills's  42
Dorothy GillWilliam Norman's  42
Dorothy GillWilliam Irwin's  42
Dorothy GillAspenshaw's  42
Dorothy GillLate Elizabeth Nicholls house  42
George GregoryLate Elizabeth Nicholls houseHimself 42
Thomas HooperPart of WilkinsonsHimself 84
Thomas HooperPittHimself 168
Thomas HooperPart of Cory'sHimself 42
Mr John HooperLate Philip Hoopers houseHimself 84
Miles HammettHis houseHimself 42
Miles HammettDiddawellJohn Blackmore 42
Miles HammettAssallsThomas Evans 42
Miles HammettLate Bissicks House  84
Mrs Elizabeth HoggChappells & BishopsWilliam Berry150
Mrs Elizabeth HoggHer houseHerself 84
Miles HammettLate John Prance's house  84
Mr Thomas HoggPart of LangdonsHimself 42
Mr Thomas HoggDiddawellWilliam Hill192
Mr Thomas HoggHis dwelling houseHimself 126
Mr Thomas HoggDallis at Orchard HillRichard Heard 126
OccupierFrancis Hogg's estateRev'd Mr Evans218
Amy HammettHer houseHerself 84
Amy HammettAnn Willshare'sAnn Willshare 84
Amy HammettLate Elizabeth Darver's house  42
William HernamanLate William Lembery's houseHimself 42
Thomas HernamanLate Saundersons  42
Richard HoyleAnn Leache's house  42
Samuel JonesPart of Docton's 1010
Mary JonesLate Charles Hugh's houseHerself 84
James IrwinHis house  168
James IrwinThomaz(ine) Goarding's  84
John IrwinLate William Browning's  84
John IrwinLate John Call's house  84
John IrwinLate John Davice's house  42
Mr George IrwinMrs Button's house & cellar  86
Ann JonesLate Philip Cades house  42
Edward JenkinsHis Sail LoftHimself 42
Edward JenkinsLate Richard Wickham's house  84
James JefferyHis house in New Street  42
Susanna KnillHer house  42
Thomas LewesHis house  42
Miles LewesHis house  42
Archable LongHis houseHimself 42
Esther LemberyLate John Lembery's house  84
Esther LemberyPhillis Lang's house  42
Esther LemberyA house in Meeting Street  42
John LobbettLate Thomas Clibbett's house in the Western StreetHimself 84
George LeathernLate Mary WhitsonsHimself 126
George LeworthyLate Gregory's houseMr Shanks 42
John MarshHis estateHenry Gold192
John MarshElizabeth Shaxson's houseMrs Wickey 84
John MarshLate Catharine Whithair's  42
Thomas NichollsHis estate 1134
Thomas NichollsThomas Ellis's house  42
William NichollsLate Hugh Courtice's houseHimself 42
Samuel PykeLembery's  84
Samuel PykeScamps & Willetts  84
Samuel PykeEllis's UnderburrowHimself218
Samuel PykeMiddleton's & GillhouseHimself 168
Samuel PykeVernams & Masters Meadow  126
Samuel PykeHis house  84
Samuel PykeBone hillWilliam Partridge1010
Samuel PykeStaddonHimself1134
Samuel PykePluddy Meadows  126
Samuel PykeLate Peter White's EstateWilliam Partridge218
Samuel PykeRosegill  126
Samuel PykeHill HeadHimself 168
Phillis PranceHer house  84
William PranceLate Robert Prance's house  126
John PhillippsHis house  42
William PranceLate Thomas Prance's house  42
Philip PeakHis house  42
Mrs PunchardLate Hannah Ellis's houseHerself 84
Mrs PunchardHouse in Chappel FieldMr Atcheson 42
Mr PowelLate Philip Elson's house  42
William PartridgeCoats 1010
Prudence RookHer houseHerself 84
Benjamin RookHis houseHimself 84
Hannah RogersHer houseHerself 42
Hannah RogersHer new house  42
Hannah RogersBidna  84
Elizabeth RusselHer houseHerself 42
Benjamin RookLate Nicholl's house  168
John SarlesHis houseHimself 84
John SarlesPart of Docton'sHimself 42
Mary StrangeHer houseHerself 42
John StrangeHis house  42
Mrs Strange (widow)Her houseHerself 84
Mrs Strange (widow)Late Rosier's house  42
Francis ShaxsonHis houseHimself 42
OccupierElizabeth Shaxson's house in New StreetDavey 42
Thomas ShaxonLemmon'sHimself 126
Thomas ShaxonAn estate UnderburrowRobert Evans 84
 Mary Summerwills house  42
Dennis StephensLate Philip Davey's house  42
Dennis StephensLate Lewes Jones's House  42
Dennis Stephens2 houses in Gaping Street  84
Thomas Salmon & Mr Thomas ChappellLate John Parkman's house & Talbats  126
Alice SloleyLate Mr Horn's houseHerself 42
Mr Samuel TetherlyBaples Estate 3150
Joseph TuckerHis house in Gaping Street  42
Joseph TuckerHis house in Chappel FieldsHimself 84
OccupierTomouthGeorge Leworthy2100
Edward TyerLate George Lembury's house  84
Dorothy VernamPart of Brownings & part of Rogers'sHerself 168
Richard VernamHis estateWilliam Slader1010
Richard VernamHis houseHimself 126
William WilliamsLate Lembery house  42
John WilliamsLate Philip Cottles house  42
Elizabeth WinchLate Susanna Hancock's house  42
John WinchLate Stambery's houseHimself 42
Thomas WyottLate Fruells  42
Thomas WyottLate Nicholl's house  42
 Elizabeth Wyott's house  42
Margaret WilliamsHer houseHerself 42
Margaret WilliamsHer new house  42
Thomas YoungHis houseHimself 84
Thomas YoungLate Richard Norman's house  42


Mr Thomas Chappell0  9  0  
Mr Samuel Tetherly070
Mrs Dorothy Vernam070
Mrs Joan Chappell070
Mrs Elizabeth Hogg070
Mr Peter Benson070
Mrs Amy Hammett070
Mr Richard Vernam070
Mrs Punchard080
Elizabeth Keymist070
Mr Dennis Stephens070
Mrs Elizabeth Copner070
Miss Elizabeth Hogg050
Mr Joseph Tucker050
Mr James Pitts050
Mr Richard Chapman050
William Partridge050
Mr John Hooper050


Mr John Achinson1000
Mr Samuel Lang800
John Parminter600
Richard Blackmore280
Nathaniel Blackwell280
William Colmer280
John Triggs280
John Hooper280
Anthony Reed280
William Gittings280
James Blackwell280
Nathaniel Lilly280
John Pine500
William Screech400
Nicholas Moule400
Thomas Sommers Beavans400
Richard Nott400
Salt Officer600
Excise Officer1000


Signed: George Buck, Jas Hamling?, W H Heywood.