Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2018
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th year of his Majesty's Reign, for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1798, and made perpetual by another Act passed in the 38th year of the Reign of his present Majesty, and also in pursuance of another Act passed in the 39th year aforesaid, for continuing and granting to his Majesty a duty on Pensions, Offices, and Personal Estates, for the service of the year 1799*, by Emanuel Hall and George Lock, assessors appointed for the said parish.
[*N.B. Although this says 1799, this return is actually for 1800]

William AllenEdward England junrCorner House 42
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneNapp434
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneYeo's192
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneDocton's 126
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneBennetts 126
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneHigher Napp 168
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneJefferys 168
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneSloleys part of Jeffery's 42
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn StoneLangdons 84
Executors of late P Benson esqJohn HooperBidna1010
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BerryBurners150
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BerryEllis's 84
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BerryGrators 84
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BerryLate Charles Darracotts 42
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BerryWooda 164
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BurnacleLate Thomazin Darracotts192
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BurnacleHobbs field 84
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BurnaclePart of Jurys 42
Executors of late P Benson esqWilliam BurnacleWindmill field 126
Executors of late P Benson esqGeorge LockCollabear150
Executors of late P Benson esqGeorge LockPrance's field 42
Executors of late P Benson esqGregory TuplinSmale's field 42
Executors of late P Benson esqGregory TuplinHockadays 84
Executors of late P Benson esqGregory TuplinPart of Lewis Hill 42
Executors of late P Benson esqJasper PickardQuarry2184
Executors of late P Benson esqJasper PickardHammetts150
Executors of late P Benson esqJasper PickardGibbs's ground 126
Executors of late P Benson esqHenry WilkinsonDock 126
Executors of late P Benson esqUntenantedThree Tuns 126
Executors of late P Benson esqUntenantedWiddons 126
John BlackmoreHimselfDiddawell 42
Mr Hugh BakeHimselfHis dwelling house 42
Mrs BuckJoseph StoneMoor Park 42
Mr James BrayleyWilliam Dickinson, J WelsfordOrchard Hill192
Nicholas BakerGeorge GuardOrchard Hill 168
John BakerGeorge ColeLong Close 42
David BestJoseph StoneSilford1176
David BestJoseph StoneLate Jefferys 84
David BestJoseph StoneSmallridges 84
David BestJoseph StoneGodburrow 126
David BestThomas StoneCommons3150
David BestGeorge WiseLemons House 42
John BishopHimselfAshridge 126
Richard ChapmanHimselfPart of Derrent1010
Richard ChapmanHimselfWilliam's Field 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfHis dwelling house 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfLate Hammett's House 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfVoscoms 42
Richard ChapmanMr John PikeDiddawell192
William CollacottHimselfA house and field 42
Mary CrealockHerselfAshridge2100
Late Thomas Cornish's executorsCharles HatherleyOrchard Hill 168
Late Thomas Cornish's executorsRichard HookwayBulls Cleave150
Late Thomas Cornish's executorsJohn SussexHalsannary326
Henry Downe esqPhilip BrookBurrow1084
Henry Downe esqPhilip BrookPigs Court & Orchard 84
Henry Downe esqPhilip BrookDocton's 84
Henry Downe esqPhilip BrookBurrow Well 42
Thomas DeaneJasper PickardCollabear 168
Thomas EvansHimselfAssells 126
Thomas EvansHimselfLate William Tawtons estate 42
William FrostHimselfCollins Mill 84
Humphry GriffithJohn StoneSoudon's 42
Humphry GriffithWilliam BeerBrimeridges 126
Humphry GriffithHimselfLate Grace Heals 42
Humphry GriffithJohn GriffithHarper's House 42
Ann GalwayHerselfA dwelling house 42
Mr John HusbandJohn ChappellHalf of Rawleigh4118
Mr John HusbandJoseph StoneHyde476
Mr John HusbandHimselfCross and Daddon192
Mr John HusbandHimselfCleave Lands 84
Mr John HusbandHimselfMartin's Field 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfPart of Kings & Honey's 42
Mr John HusbandGeorge LockTwo thirds of Stamburys 84
Mr John HusbandGeorge LockWest Rawleigh 42
Mr John HusbandGeorge LockAverys 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfLords Meadows 84
Mr John HusbandHimselfLate Bucks estate 126
Mr John HusbandHimselfLate Hortops 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfPart of Lewis Hill 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfRogerman's, Lewis Hill 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJohn ChappellHalf of Rawleigh4118
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandRev'd William EdgecombeClash 126
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandDaniel TurnerGrigg's Close 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandDaniel TurnerMuddix 126
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandDaniel TurnerGoarding's Muddix1010
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandDaniel Turner and Joseph StoneTwo fields late Lyells 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandMr John HusbandChopehouse150
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandMr John HusbandRuggs Cross 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandMr John HusbandThree fields late Bucks 126
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandWilliam AllenYeo's Field 126
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJohn CookPart of Arscotts 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJohn CookPart of Rows & Kings 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJohn CookGlover's 168
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandGeorge LockOne third of Stamburys 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJoseph StoneLate Nott's 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandJoseph StonePart of Middle Rawleigh 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandWilliam BartlettA Mill 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandMr VealeThe Old Swan 84
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandThomas AllinA house & garden 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandThomas AllinLate Arscotts 126
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandWilliam TamlinTallins House 42
Executors of late Mrs Grace HusbandUntenantedLate Sams's House 42
Sarah HooperRichard HeardOrchard Hill192
James HoneyHimselfSmale's ground 42
Mr William H HeywoodHimselfHengistcastle2142
Mr William H HeywoodHimselfVernam's 42
Mr Silas HiscuttS Gordon esqHalsannary2510
Rev'd Mr JohnsonHimselfDinner's meadow 84
Edward JenkinHimselfCleavehouses218
Edward JenkinHimselfYeo's Cleavehouses1010
Edward JenkinGregory TuplinGreatabarrow 42
Edward JenkinWilliam BartlettOrchard Hill 84
Edward JenkinGregory TuplinRogerman's, Lewis Hill 42
Edward JenkinJohn JewellOrchard Hill, late Chappells 126
John JewellHimselfPart of Vissicks 42
George LockHimselfHis dwelling house 42
John LeathernWilliam PartridgePimpley 84
John LeathernElizabeth HardingA dwelling house 42
William LeeHimselfA dwelling house 42
William LeeGregory TuplinA dwelling house 42
Mr William MarksEmanuel StevensBullhead31010
Richard Melhuish esqRobert Barton esqDerrent1134
H Mullins and John CockThemselvesTwo Houses 42
Thomas OxenhamWilliam AllenStutsons 126
Samuel Pyke esqHimselfStaddon1134
Samuel Pyke esqHimselfVernam's & Masters Meadow 126
Samuel Pyke esqJohn HooperMiddleton's & Gillhouse 168
Samuel Pyke esqJohn StoneScamps & Willett's 84
Samuel Pyke esqJohn StoneEllis's Underburrow218
Samuel Pyke esqJohn StoneRosegill 126
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam PartridgeBone Hill1010
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam PartridgePeter White's estate218
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam PartridgePollands1134
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam BerryPluddy Meadow 126
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam BerryHillhead 168
Samuel Pyke esqWilliam BerryPart of Vissicks 84
Samuel Pyke esqMr John PykeWood's Assells 42
Samuel Pyke esqLawrence MugfordHouse and orchard 42
Jasper PickardHimselfFord2100
William PartridgeHimselfThroat Meadow 42
William PartridgeHimselfA house & Collamor1010
Overseers of the PoorThe poor peopleBroada 126
Philip PunchardHimselfA house late Mary Hoopers 42
Messrs May, Burgess & AllenThemselvesThe Rectory141510
David Ross esqHimselfDallis at Orchard Hill 126
David Ross esqHimselfLate Sarah Curtis's 126
David Ross esqHenry CadeLate Bakers 126
David Ross esqHenry CadeWithebear 42
Mr William SmithJohn JewellChircombe150
Emanuel StevensThomas CrealockAshridge 84
Elizabeth SarlesEdward LeeWhitsons 126
David Sinnett A dwelling house 42
Thomas StoneHimselfLate Pophams ground 42
John ThomasHimselfPart of King's 84
John ThomasHimselfColly Park 42
Mary UtberHerselfA dwelling house 42
A S Willett esqHimselfWhitson2510
A S Willett esqHimselfRawleigh & Hammetts150
A S Willett esqHimselfGarland's Ground 42
A S Willett esqHimselfPort Hill150
A S Willett esqHimselfLendwood1134
A S Willett esqHimselfPart of Middle Raileigh 42
A S Willett esqHimselfNotts 126
A S Willett esqHimselfLate Jane Ford's 126
A S Willett esqHimselfPart of Dallis 42
A S Willett esqHimselfMary field 84
A S Willett esqHimselfPort 42
A S Willett esqWilliam BeerYoungaton1010
A S Willett esqMr John JamesWatertown4118
A S Willett esqMr John JamesDownman's Field 42
A S Willett esqWilliam AllenHarris's Underburrow 126
Mr WhitefieldJohn LabbettAshridge7510
Mr John BowdenHimselfA dwelling house 84
Michael BoyleHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mary Berrill A dwelling house 42
John BarkwillHimselfA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth BrownscombeHerselfA dwelling house 42
Edward BrooksHerselfA dwelling house 42
Edward BrooksRobert DiamondAn Estate Underburrow 126
Edward BrooksAlexander PenhorwoodAn estate at Five Elms 84
Samuel BrooksNancy PippinA dwelling house 84
Samuel BrooksMary WickhamA dwelling house 42
Mary BrooksHerselfWebbers 126
George BerrillBerrill and WilliamsA dwelling house 84
John BowdenArthur DayA house and field 42
Mrs Mary ButtonGregory TuplingDiddawell2510
Grace BerrillSarah KingDean's house 84
Mr Thomas BowdenHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mr James BrooksHimselfA dwelling house 84
Thomas Bowden, a masonHimselfLate Elson's house 42
Thomas BurnardWilliam NichollsA dwelling house 42
Executors of late Mr James ChappellColonel De Lhosts(?)Late Ford's tenement 168
Executors of late Mr James ChappellWilliam BurnacleLate Burdens 84
Executors of late Mr James ChappellWilliam BurnacleLate Wyotts 84
Richard CooperHimselfA dwelling house 42
Richard Cooper Part of Francis Vernams 42
Richard CooperElizabeth LewisA dwelling house 42
Richard CooperJohn WollacottA dwelling house 42
Richard CooperCatherine BeavansA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth CopnerHerselfA dwelling house 84
Elizabeth CopnerUntenantedA house on the Quay 42
John CrunnHimselfHis dwelling house 84
John CrunnJohn WoodPart of Strange's tenement 42
John CrunnAbraham BlackmoreLate Horns house 42
Mr Thomas ChappellHimselfA house and field 84
Mr Thomas ChappellHimselfFive fields late Doctons192
Mr Thomas ChappellAlexander PenhorwoodRobins Field 84
Mr Thomas ChappellAlexander PenhorwoodAssells 168
Mr Thomas ChappellJoseph HallsMartin's150
Mr Thomas ChappellJohn SmithA dwelling house 84
Mr Thomas ChappellJohn DavisA dwelling house 42
Mr Thomas ChappellCatherine WilliamsA dwelling house 42
Mr William ChappellHimselfA Rope Walk 84
Mr William ChappellAlexander PenhorwoodTwo Winserys 84
Mr William ChappellAlexander PenhorwoodTamlins field 84
James ClibbettHimselfA dwelling house 42
Philip ClibbettHimselfA dwelling house 42
Philip ClibbettSarah TrulockA dwelling house 42
Esther CadeHerselfA dwelling house 42
Charles ChantrellHimselfA dwelling house 42
William Clibbett senrMrs AshA dwelling house 42
William Clibbett senrHimselfPart of Jurys 42
William Clibbett senrHimselfGoardings 84
William Clibbett junrHimselfTwo houses and cellars 42
Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA dwelling house 84
Occupier of Cowley A house in New Street 42
Robert DayHimselfA dwelling house 42
Robert DayRobert Day junrLate Mr Hoggs house 42
Mary DinnisHerselfA dwelling house 42
John DrewHimselfA dwelling house 42
Cesar EdgerHimselfA dwelling house 42
Thomas EllisThomas MarshA dwelling house 42
William EvansJ HancockLate Gribbles 42
William FisherJohn ReesonA dwelling house 42
Samuel GaskingJohn HellyerA dwelling house 84
Philip GreenHimselfA dwelling house 42
Thomas GunnDunsford, Hugh, etcFive dwelling houses1010
Widow GliddonJohn OwenA dwelling house 42
Mary GomanHerselfA dwelling house 42
Mrs Mary HooperHerselfPitt and 2 fields 168
Mrs Mary HooperHerselfPart of Wilkinsons 84
Mrs Mary HooperThomazine EnglandLake's 42
Mrs Mary HooperThomas EvansPart of Corry's 42
Mrs Mary HooperThomas SmithCorry's field 42
Mrs Mary HooperThomas SmithMules house & ground 84
Mrs Mary HooperJohn HooperEast Youngaton218
Mrs Mary HooperMr B Rooke junrA dwelling house 84
Mrs Mary Hooper Webber's and Southcotts 84
Mrs Mary HooperUntenanted2 houses in New Street 42
Mrs Mary HooperEmanuel HallA house at Pitt 42
Mrs Mary HooperUntenantedLate Mrs Strange's house 84
Mrs Phillis HooperHerselfA dwelling house 84
Mrs Phillis HooperUntenantedA house in West Appledore 84
Mrs Phillis HooperEsther LewisA house in Gaping Street 42
Mrs Phillis HooperThomas HernamanA house in Meeting Street 42
Mr Miles HammettHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mr Miles HammettThomas EvansAssells 42
Mr Thomas HoggHimselfA house on the Quay 84
Mr Thomas HoggWilliam BerryPart of Wooda 168
Mr Thomas HoggWilliam ColeNicholls 42
Mr John HoggWilliam DennistonA house next the Jolly Sailor 42
Mr John HoggJohn LisslyA House in Meeting Street 42
Mr Miles HammettGeorge PeakLate John Prance's house 84
Mr Miles HammettMrs Joan SalmonLate Bissicks House 84
Thomas Hogg esqHimselfA dwelling house 126
Thomas Hogg esqHimselfPart of Langdons 42
Thomas Hogg esqWilliam HillDiddawell192
Thomas Hogg esqEdward ThomasPowers Garden 42
Thomas Hogg esqEdward ThomasDallis at Orchard Hill 126
Mr George HoggRevd Richard EvansA house and ground218
William Hernaman junrHimselfA dwelling house 42
Late Thomas HughesJames KnightA dwelling house 42
Joseph HallsHimselfA dwelling house 42
Joseph HallsMr John PattenA dwelling house 42
William HammettHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr John IrwinHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr John IrwinJohn WilliamsLate John Call's house 84
Mr John IrwinRev'd Mr HarrisonLate John Davis's house 42
Mr John IrwinMrs Lecoq(?)Late George Limbery's house 84
Mr George IrwinHimselfA house and cellar 84
Mr George IrwinHimselfLate Catherine Whitehair's 42
Mr George IrwinCapt WickeyLate Goarding's house 84
Mr Philip JonesHimselfLate Spurrs 126
Mr Philip JonesEvans, Glidon, etcLate Huchins house 84
Ann JonesMary WhiteA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth JenkinsHerselfA dwelling house 84
Elizabeth JenkinsThomas PophamA Sail Loft 42
George JefferyHimselfA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth JefferyHerselfA dwelling house 42
Henry Jeffery Late Emlins house 42
Henry JefferyHimselfLate Esther Lewis house 42
John JonesJames ChannonA dwelling house 42
Edward KemeysHimself & P RichardsCoats houses1010
John LukeHimselfA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth LongHerselfA dwelling house 42
John LobbettHimselfLate Clibbetts house 42
George LeathernHimselfA dwelling house 42
Late George Leworthy executorsPhilip PeakA dwelling house 42
Mrs Marsh of BidefordWilliam Partridge and H GouldWooda and Underburrow192
Mrs Marsh of BidefordMiss Mary ChappellA house in West Appledore 42
Mr Thomas MilesHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr Thomas MilesJohn LimberyA dwelling house 84
John MouleHimselfA dwelling house 42
Thomas NichollsHimself and othersSeveral dwelling houses1134
Thomas Nicholls junrHimselfA house late Margaret Williams 42
Phillis PranceHerselfA dwelling house 84
William PranceEdward HutchingsA dwelling house etc 126
Elizabeth PranceHerselfA dwelling house 42
Elizabeth PrancePeter Cook etcLate James Irwin's house 168
Philip PeakHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mrs PunchardHerselfA dwelling house 42
Mrs PunchardJohn BattinElizabeth Blackmore's house 42
George PeakJohn Williams etcTwo dwelling houses 84
Mr John PykeHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr John PykeHimselfCroscombe's field 42
Mr John PykeHimselfPart of Wooda 84
Alexander PetrockGeorge BennettA dwelling house 42
John Pyke of BrauntonJoseph BassettA dwelling house 84
John ParkmanThomas BrayleyA dwelling house 84
John PunchardHimselfA dwelling house 42
Hum Price ParettHimselfPart of Stranges tenement 42
Mr Benjamin Rooke senrHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr Benjamin RookeCharles Hartnoll junrLate Nicholls house 84
Mr Benjamin RookeT Lewis and J GalsworthyPart of Doctons1010
Mr Benjamin RookeEdward LeeHortops 42
Mr Benjamin RookeJames GalsworthyA field at Diddawell 42
Mr Benjamin Rooke junrMr ShawA dwelling house 84
Philip RichardsWilliam HooperAssells 168
Philip RichardsWilliam HooperUnderwoods field 42
Philip RichardsThomas Hogg esqBarzeys field 42
Philip RichardsWilliam ClibbettPart of Jurys 42
Late Hannah Rogers executorsGeorge DarracottA dwelling house 42
Late Hannah Rogers executorsMrs CudlipA dwelling house 42
Late Hannah Rogers executorsJohn HooperBidna 84
Elizabeth RussellHerselfA dwelling house 42
John ReesonWilliam FisherA dwelling house 42
John SarlesHimselfA dwelling house 84
John SarlesHimselfPart of Doctons 42
Late Thomas Salmon's executorsFrances CarpenterA dwelling house 42
Late Thomas Salmon's executorsMrs Mary ButtonA house late Mrs Hammett 84
Late Thomas Salmon's executorsJohn MuxworthyA dwelling house 84
Late Thomas Salmon's executors Darvers cellars 42
Mr John StrangeMr John AtchisonA dwelling house 42
Mr John StrangeUntenantedA house in Gaping Street 42
Francis ShaxsonUntenantedA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas ShaxsonHimselfLemons at Pitt 126
Thomas ShaxsonWilliam BeerEstate Underburrow 84
Mary SmithHerselfA dwelling house 42
Late Nancy Stephens executorsWilliam RodA house in Meeting Street 42
Late Nancy Stephens executorsJohn PillLate Lewis Jones house 42
Late Nancy Stephens executorsUntenanted2 Houses in Gaping Street 84
Mary ScampHerselfPart of Berry's 42
Elizabeth StapledonDr HuxtableA house in Cock Street 42
Humphry SquireMary EvansA dwelling house 42
Mr Samuel TetherleyWilliam AllenKings and Daddon 84
Mr Samuel TetherleyWilliam AllenRuddy Cross 126
Mr Samuel TetherleyWilliam AllenTadworthy1176
Mr Samuel TetherleyRichard ChapmanStaddon192
Mr Samuel TetherleyHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr Samuel TetherleyMr William ChappellA dwelling house 84
Mr Samuel TetherleyWilliam RecordA dwelling house 84
Messrs Tetherley & BrayleyAvery, Barrow, Tyack, etcBaples estate3150
Mr John TetherleyFrancis HernamanA dwelling house 84
Joseph TuckerHimselfA dwelling house 84
Joseph TuckerWidow HernamanA house in Gaping Street 42
Trustees for TomouthJohn BalsonTomouth2100
Sarah TrulockJohn Record & T SandersTwo houses at Pitt 42
Mrs Dorothy VernamHerselfDwelling houses 84
Mr Richard VernonGeorge BerryAn estate1010
Mr Richard VernonHimselfDwelling house 126
Mr Richard VernonHimselfPart of Brownings 84
Mr Richard VernonMiss Prudence VernonHarris's house 84
John WilliamsHimselfLate Cottles 42
Laurence WillsHimselfA dwelling house 42
Ann WyottHerselfA dwelling house 42
Ann WyottWilliam Hernaman senrLate Fruells house 42
Ann WyottUntenantedPart of Nicholls 42
Elizabeth WyottHerselfA dwelling house 42
David WilliamsHimselfA dwelling house 42
George WatkinsBenjamin FisherA dwelling house 42
William WilliamsHimselfA dwelling house 42
John WillsThomas PenhorwoodA dwelling house 42
Daniel Souden & Richard LewisThemselves2 dwelling houses late Thomas Youngs 84
Mr William WrenHimselfLate Mrs Hoyle's house 42
Henry Wilkinson  070
John Limbery  080
Thomas Nicholls  050
Joan Salmon  050
Prudence Vernon  040
William Record  050
Mr John Atchison  1000
Mr Thomas Marsh  1000
Mr John Incledon  800
Peter Lang  600
John Pine  500
James Lang  400
William Screech  400
Thomas Summers Beavans  400
John Randle  400
John Triggs  280
Nathaniel Blackwell  280
Richard Blackmore  280
John Hooper  280
Richard Barrow  280
Jacob Heard  280
Nathaniel Lilly  280
John Gaydon  280
Samuel Waldron  280
James Steate, at Bideford  280
Thomas Hawkes, at Bideford  280
John Ley  280
Thomas Prince, at Bideford  280
TOTAL  76120

Signed: 3rd day of June 1800 by Emanuel Hall, George Lock, assessors
We return for collectors: John James and Mr Edward Kemeys
All assessed by us: Thomas Saltren, Samuel Pyke, W Haltred?