Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2018
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made for the service of the year 1815 in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th year of his Majesty's Reign for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1798, and made perpetual by another Act passed in the 38th year of the his said Majesty's Reign, and also in pursuance of another Act passed in the 39th year of the said Majesty's Reign, for continuing and granting to his Majesty a duty on Pensions, Offices, and Personal Estates.
By Richard Chapman and George Downing, assessors appointed for the said parish.

Elizabeth AllenHerselfCorner House 42
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcNapp434
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcYeo's192
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcDocton's 126
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcBennetts 126
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcHigher Napp 168
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcJefferys 168
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcSloleys part of Jeffery's 42
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcEllis's 84
Executors of John Benson esqMrs Adderly, etcLate Charles Darracotts 42
Executors of John Benson esqBartholomew PickardLate Thomazin Darracotts192
Executors of John Benson esqBartholomew PickardWindmill field 126
Executors of John Benson esqJohn PenhorwoodQuarry2184
Executors of John Benson esqJohn PenhorwoodHammetts150
Executors of John Benson esqJohn PenhorwoodGibbs's ground 126
Executors of John Benson esqJohn PenhorwoodDean's Collabear 168
Executors of John Benson esqJohn PenhorwoodA field late Ruggs 42
Executors of John Benson esqJohn Beer junrNotts 42
Executors of John Benson esqJohn Beer senrPart of Middle Rawleigh 84
Executors of John Benson esqWilliam CawseyLangdons 84
Executors of John Benson esqJohn HooperGrator's Meadow 84
Executors of John Benson esqJohn HooperWooda 164
Executors of John Benson esqJohn HooperBidna1010
Executors of John Benson esqJohn WoollacottPart of Jurys 42
Executors of John Benson esqJohn WoollacottHobbs field 84
Executors of John Benson esqMr Jonas WrenHockadays 84
Executors of John Benson esqMr Jonas WrenPart of Lewis Hill 42
Executors of John Benson esqMr Jonas WrenMarshford 126
Executors of John Benson esqWilliam CawseyBurners150
Executors of John Benson esqThomas AllinCollabear150
Executors of John Benson esqThomas AllinPrance's field 42
Executors of John Benson esqThomas HusbandDock 126
Lewis William Buck esqMary StoneMoor Park 42
Executors of late Grace BrayleyR Congdon, etcOrchard Hill192
Executors of Nicholas BakerWilliam BackwayPart of Whitsons 42
Executors of David BestMary StoneSilford1176
Executors of David BestMary StoneLate Jefferys 84
Executors of David BestMary StoneSmallridges 84
Executors of David BestMary StoneGodburrow 126
Executors of David BestMary StoneMr Smith's Godburrow 42
Executors of David BestNicholas EdwardsA house in Cock Street, Appledore 42
Admiral BartonGeorge DowningBurrough1084
Admiral BartonGeorge DowningPigs Court & Orchard 84
Admiral BartonGeorge DowningDoctons 84
Admiral BartonGeorge DowningBurrough Well 42
William Bartlett esqHimselfClash 126
James BarryWilliam HooperSoudons 42
James BarryWilliam BeerVernams 42
James BarryWilliam BeerBrimeridges 126
Edward BalsonWilliam Partridge, etcYeos Fields 126
Edward BalsonGeorge CaleA house and garden 42
Edward BalsonGeorge CaleArscotts 126
George CookThomas StoneCommons3150
James CrealockHimselfAshridge 126
James CrealockHimselfBulls Cleave150
Richard ChapmanHimselfPart of Durrent1010
Richard ChapmanHimselfWilliam's Field 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfHis house and garden 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfLate Hammetts House 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfVoscoms 42
Richard ChapmanHimselfDiddawell192
Richard ChapmanHimselfBlackmers Diddawell 42
Executors of William CollacotJohn JewellA house and field 42
William CrealockEleanor CrealockAshridge2100
Mr Andrew CaddyJohn WoollacottHyde476
Thomas EvansHimselfAssells 126
Thomas EvansHimselfLate Tawtons estate 42
John GriffeyJohn SandersLate Harpers House 42
Edward GeorgeHimselfAn estate at Orchard Hill 168
Ann GalwayHerselfA dwelling house 42
Mr John HusbandJohn PitwoodHalf Rawleigh4118
Mr John HusbandJohn PitwoodHalf Ditto4118
Mr John HusbandHimselfCross and Daddon192
Mr John HusbandHimselfCleve Lands 84
Mr John HusbandHimselfMartin's Field 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfPart of Kings & Honeys 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfLate Hortops 42
Mr John HusbandHimselfPart of Lewis Hill 42
Mr John HusbandJohn HughsLord's Meadows 84
Mr John HusbandJohn HughsLate Burch's estate 126
Mr John HusbandJohn HughsLewis Hill field 42
Mr John HusbandRobert YeolandLate Mrs Bakes house 42
Mr John HusbandHumphry SquireTwo thirds of Stamburys 84
Mr John HusbandHumphry SquireWest Rawleigh 42
Mr John HusbandHumphry SquireAverys 42
Mrs Willcock and Revd Mr LloydMrs Willcock and Mr Lloyd, etcChopehouse150
Mrs Willcock and Revd Mr LloydMrs Willcock and Mr Lloyd, etcRuggs Cross 42
Mrs WillcockMr John HusbandThree fields late Bucks 126
Mrs WillcockHerselfMuddix 126
Mrs WillcockHerselfGoardings Muddix1010
Mrs WillcockMr Partridge, etcA field late Lyells 42
Mrs WillcockMr Partridge, etcGlovers 168
Mrs WillcockHumphry SquireOne third of Stamburys 42
Mrs WillcockThomas AllinLate Sams House 42
Mrs WillcockAnn ThomasColly Park 42
William FursdonHimselfThe Old Swan 84
John BurchUnoccupiedTallins House 42
John HooperWilliam RookLate Sinnetts house 42
Sarah HoneyHerselfSmales ground 42
Sarah HoneyHerselfLate Heals 42
Mr Walter HeywoodJoseph DormanHengist Castle2100
Executors of Silas HiscuttWilliam SaundersHalsannary2510
Rev'd Mr JohnsonHumphry SquireDinner's meadow 84
Sarah JenkinsCharles DowningCleave houses218
Sarah JenkinsCharles DowningYeos Cleavehouses1010
Sarah JenkinsThomas Burnard esqOrchard Hill 84
Sarah JenkinsThomas Burnard esqLate Chappells at Orchard Hill 126
Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandGreataburrow 42
Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandRogerman's, Lewis Hill 42
John JewellHimselfPart of Vissicks 42
Sir Richard KeatsHimselfDurrant1134
Sir Richard KeatsHimselfPort Hill150
Sir Richard KeatsMr ButtLate Jane Fords 126
Sir Richard KeatsHimselfPort 42
Sir Richard KeatsHimselfLendwood1134
Sir Richard KeatsHimselfPart of Dallis 42
Sir Richard KeatsColonel KirkhamMary field 84
Executors of George LockThomas LockA dwelling house 42
John LeathernThomas AllinPimpley 84
William LockJacob BailisLate Bakers, Orchard Hill 168
William LeeHimselfA dwelling house 42
William LeeWilliam BurnacleA dwelling house 42
Mrs MarksWilliam MillBullhead31010
H Mullins and John CockMullins & CannTwo Houses 42
Mrs MarshJames Stapeldon & William PartridgeWooda and Underburrow192
Mrs Elizabeth PykeHerselfStaddon1134
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeMasters Meadow 42
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeBonehill1010
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePeter White's estate218
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePollands1134
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeA field part of Hengistcastle 42
Mrs Jane PykeWilliam LeeMiddletons & Gillhouse 168
Mrs Jane PykeRichard MorrishScamps & Willetts 84
Mrs Jane PykeRichard MorrishEllis Underburrow218
Mrs Jane PykeRichard MorrishRosegill 126
Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottPluddy Meadow 126
Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottHillhead 168
Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottA field late Yeos 42
Mrs Jane PykeJohn ScrigginsPart of Vissicks 84
Mrs Jane PykeHerselfWoods Assells 42
Mrs Jane PykeHerselfA field late Yeos 42
Mrs Jane PykeLawrence MugfordA House and orchard 42
Jasper PickardHimselfFord2100
William PartridgeHimselfThroat Meadow 42
William PartridgeHimselfA house & Collamors1010
Thomas Hogg esqAbraham StewardThe Rectory141510
Margaret PunchardHerselfA dwelling house 42
David Ross esqWilliam Butt esqDallis 126
David Ross esqWilliam Butt esqLate Curtices 126
David Ross esqRichard ChapmanLate Bakers 126
David Ross esqRichard ChapmanWithebear 42
Messrs Ross & GeorgeWilliam FursdonGrigg's Close 84
Messrs Ross & GeorgeWilliam FursdonShoot meadow 42
William Smith esqHimselfChircombe150
William SaundersHimselfHalsannary326
William SaundersHimselfCollins Mill 84
Sarah StevensEleanor CrealockAshridge 84
Thomas StonePhilip LangLate Pophams estate 42
Ann ThomasHerselfPart of King's 84
Gregory TuplinHimselfSmales field 42
Gregory TuplinHimselfStutsons 126
Mrs Frances WillettMr William ChappellWatertown4118
Mrs Frances WillettJasper PickardWhitson2510
Mrs Frances WillettJasper PickardRawleigh & Hammetts150
Mrs Frances WillettJasper PickardGarland's Ground 42
Mrs Frances WillettJasper PickardPart of Middle Rawleigh 42
Mrs Frances WillettJasper PickardNotts 126
Mrs Frances WillettWilliam LeeBicken field 42
Mrs Frances WillettWilliam JefferyYoungaton1010
Mrs Frances WillettWilliam HooperHarris's Underburrow 126
Mrs WhitfieldJames HamlynAshridge7510
William WoodJohn SimonsA dwelling house 42
Mrs WillcockJohn C SandersPart of Arscotts 84
Mrs WillcockJohn C Sanders2 fields late Rosiers 84
Sarah SandersHerself & Mr Hilllate Utbers house 42
Henry AckfordHimselfA house in New Street 42
Eliza Bowden's executorsMr ShaxsonA house in Gaping Street 84
Elizabeth BarkwillJohn WilliamsA house in Cock Street 42
Ann BoyleHerselfA house at Pitt 42
Jane BrownscombeHerselfA dwelling house 42
Samuel BrooksHimselfA dwelling house 42
Samuel BrooksRobert DaimondAn Estate Underburrow 126
Samuel BrooksJohn HooperAn estate at Five Elms 84
Samuel BrooksSusanna WilliamsA house in Meeting Street 84
Samuel BrooksMary WickhamA house in Market Street 42
Mary BrooksHerselfHouses on the Quay 126
Thomas BowdenHimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
James BrooksHimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Richard BerwickHimselfA house in Market Street 84
Thomas Bowden, mason A house at Pitt 42
Thomas Burnard esqWilliam NichollsA dwelling house 42
Alexander BearaElizabeth KemeysA dwelling house 42
Alexander BearaHimselfA house in Market Street 42
Executors of late James ChappellRichard CooperLate Ford's tenement 168
Executors of late James ChappellWilliam CawseyLate Burdens 84
Executors of late James ChappellWilliam CawseyLate Wyotts 84
Richard CooperHimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard Cooper Part of Francis Vernams 42
Richard CooperE LewisA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard CooperMary EvansA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard Cooper A dwelling house 42
Richard CooperMr PodeThe Three Tons 42
Richard CooperWilliam PassmoreLate Drews House 42
Richard CooperJoseph BassettWiddons 42
John CrunnHimselfThe Coach & Horses Inn 84
John CrunnJohn Wood junrPart of Strange's tenement 42
Mr Thomas ChappellHimselfA house and field 84
Mr Thomas ChappellHimself5 fields late Doctons192
Mr Thomas ChappellHimselfJohn Mouls house 42
Mr Thomas ChappellMr William ChappellRobins Field 84
Mr Thomas ChappellMr William ChappellAssells 168
Mr Thomas ChappellMr William ChappellMartin's150
Mr Thomas ChappellElizabeth SmithA dwelling house 84
Mr Thomas ChappellRichard PearceA dwelling house 42
Mr Thomas ChappellJohn JenkinsA dwelling house 42
William ChappellWilliam CawseyMrs Rogers Bidna 84
Mr William ChappellHimselfA Rope Walk 84
Mr William ChappellHimselfTwo Winserys 84
Mr William ChappellHimselfTamlins field 84
Mr William ChappellMr MartinHorns house 42
James ClibbettHimselfA house in New Street 42
Philip ClibbettHimselfA house at Pitt 42
Philip ClibbettWidow ThomasA house at Pitt 42
Esther CadeHerselfA house in New Street 42
Executors of Charles ChantrelFanny PunchardA house in Gaping Street 42
Augustus ClarksonJohn WilliamsA house in Gaping Street 42
William ClibbettHimselfPart of Jurys 42
William ClibbettHimselfGoardings 84
William ClibbettHimselfA house and cellar 42
Ann BerryPeter CookA house at Pitt 42
Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA dwelling house 84
Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA malt house 42
James DenhamHimselfA dwelling house 84
James DayHimselfA house in Meeting Street 84
Ann AllenHerselfA dwelling house 42
Ann AllenRobert DayA dwelling house 42
Cesar EdgerHimselfA house in New Street 42
William EvansHimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Elizabeth FisherMrs JonesA house at Pitt 42
Elizabeth FisherMr MulesA house at Pitt 42
Executors of S GaskingAnn ParkhouseA dwelling house 84
Philip GreenHimselfA dwelling house 42
Thomas GunnDunsford, Stewart, etcFive dwelling houses1010
Sarah GliddonHerselfA dwelling house 42
Sarah GliddonJohn OwenA dwelling house 42
William HernamanHimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Executors of late Mary Hooper Pitt and two fields 168
Executors of late Mary Hooper Part of Wilkinsons 84
Executors of late Mary HooperWilliam JefferyLakes 42
Executors of late Mary HooperWilliam JefferyEast Youngaton218
Executors of late Mary HooperWilliam CawseyPart of Currys 42
Executors of late Mary HooperThomas SmithCurrys field 42
Executors of late Mary HooperThomas SmithLate Mules 84
Executors of late Mary HooperJohn WilliamsWebbers and Southcotts 84
Executors of late Mary HooperYeo and Power2 houses in New Street 42
Executors of late Mary HooperPeter LockA house at Pitt 42
Francis HernamanHimselfA house in Market Street 84
Mrs Phillis HooperHerselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Mr John HooperHimselfA house in West Appledore 84
Mr John HooperBartholomew LameyA house in Gaping Street 42
Mr John HooperThomas HernamanA house in Meeting Street 42
Miles HammettMrs BlighA house on the Quay 42
Miles HammettThomas EvansAssells 42
Thomas HoggRev'd Mr TaperalA house on the Quay 84
Thomas HoggWilliam CawseyPart of Wooda 168
Thomas HoggWilliam ColeNicholls 42
John HoggAnn LessleyA House in Meeting Street 42
Thomas Hogg esqHimselfA dwelling house 126
Thomas Hogg esqHimselfPart of Langdons 42
Thomas Hogg esqAbraham StewardDiddawell192
Thomas Hogg esqWilliam BaggleholePowers Garden 42
Thomas Hogg esqEdward ThomasDallis at Orchard Hill 126
Thomas Hogg esqGeorge Gaurd, etcLate Hoopers at Orchard Hill192
Thomas Hogg esqMrs Ann BensonLate Goarding's house 84
William HammettMrs WrenA dwelling house 84
William HernamanHimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas HallsHimselfA house at Pitt 42
Thomas HallsJohn ChilcotA house in Cocks Lane 42
John HancockHimselfA dwelling house 42
John Hancock The Woolpack Inn 84
Charles HartnellHimselfA house in Market Street 42
Mrs Elizabeth IrwinHerselfA dwelling house 84
Mrs Elizabeth IrwinWilliam WinchA house in Gaping Street 84
Mrs Elizabeth IrwinMrs GribbleA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs Elizabeth IrwinUnoccupiedLate Limbery's house 84
Mr George IrwinHimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr George IrwinHimselfLate Whitehairs 42
Mr Philip JonesUnoccupiedLate Spurrs 126
Executors of Elizabeth JenkinsMrs SmithA dwelling house 84
Executors of Elizabeth JenkinsThomas PophamA sail loft 42
George JefferyUnoccupiedA house in Cock Street 42
Elizabeth JefferyHerselfA house in New Street 42
Henry JefferyHimselfA dwelling house 42
Henry JefferyGeorge Gregory, etcLate Emlins 42
Jane Lobbett's executorsThomas FisherLate E Longs house 42
John LobbettHimselfA dwelling house 42
John LobbettHimselfMary Gowans house 42
George Leatherns executorsWidow LeathernA dwelling house 42
Judith LewisHerselfA dwelling house 42
Peter LangHimselfA dwelling house 42
William LeeHimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Mr Thomas MilesHimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Christopher MoaseJames Bear & Richard HooperLate Coat's houses1010
William MuxworthyHimselfA dwelling house 42
Sarah NichollsHerselfA house in Market Street 84
Sarah NichollsWilliam LimberyA house in Market Street 84
Sarah NichollsSusanna BrowningA house in Market Street 84
Sarah NichollsThomas ChannonA house in Market Street 42
John NichollsBartholomew KingA house in Gaping Street 42
John NichollsJohn PattenLate Parkmans house 84
Thomas NichollsHimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas PophamHimselfA house on the Quay 42
William PennyHimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
John Pyke of BarumUnoccupiedLate Mrs Hammetts house 84
John Pyke of BarumUnoccupiedDarver's Cellars 42
John Pyke of BarumJohn Fisher & Richard WilliamsLate Thomas Salmon's house 84
Executors of Phillip PranceElizabeth HallA dwelling house 84
Susanna PeakHerselfA dwelling house 42
Humphry ParrettHimselfA dwelling house 42
Humphry ParrettHimselfLate Mary Parminters 42
Mrs Jane PykeHerselfA dwelling house 84
Mrs Jane PykeHerselfPart of Wooda 84
Mrs Jane PykeHerselfCroscombe's field 42
John Pyke of BrauntonDoane GodfreyA house in Market Street 84
Mrs Mary B RookeHerselfA house on the Quay 84
Mrs Mary B RookeJohn JenkinsLate Mrs Strange's 84
Mrs Mary B RookeRevd Mr EvansA house in Meeting Street 84
Mrs Mary B RookeMrs ManningLate Nicholls house 84
Mrs Mary B RookeElizabeth BlackmerPart of Doctons1010
Mrs Mary B RookeElizabeth BlackmerA field at Diddawell 42
Mrs Mary B RookeJohn HughsHortops 42
Mrs Mary B RookeJohn HughsLate Sarles estate 126
Mrs Mary B RookeThomas Shaxson junrA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs Mary B RookeRichard BlackmoreA house at Pitt 42
Mrs Mary B RookePhillis SwindaleA house in Market Street 84
Mrs Mary B RookeRichard ShawA dwelling house 84
Mrs Mary B RookeJohn JenkinsPart of Doctons 42
Philip RichardsJames StapledonAssells 168
Philip RichardsJames StapledonUnderwoods field 42
Philip RichardsWilliam CawseyBarzeys field 42
Philip RichardsWilliam CawseyPart of Jurys 42
Honoria RogersHerselfA dwelling house 42
Honoria RogersThomas BrayleyA dwelling house 42
Executors of Mary RodWilliam WilkinsonA house in Gaping Street 42
John Reeson A house in Gaping Street 42
John SarlesMiss LobbettA dwelling house 84
Dorothy StrangeThomas HillmanA house in Meeting Street 42
Executors of Francis ShaxsonJohn NichollsA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas ShaxsonHimselfLemons at Pitt 126
Thomas ShaxsonSamuel UnderhillAn Estate Underburrow 84
Mary SmithHerselfA house in Market Street 42
Executors of Nancy StephensMr CreaA house in Meeting Street 42
Executors of Nancy StephensJohn Jones, etcA house in Meeting Street 42
Executors of Nancy StephensLawrence LukeA house in Gaping Street 42
Mary ScampHerselfPart of Berrys 42
Executors of Elizabeth StapletonThomas ColeA house in Cock Street 42
William StapletonHimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
Humphry SquireWilliam DennistonA house in Market Street 42
William SnellHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mr Samuel TetherlyWilliam BeerTadworthy1176
Mr Samuel TetherlyWilliam TawtonRuddy Cross 126
Mr Samuel TetherlyMoses Chanter esqStaddon192
Mr Samuel TetherlyWilliam TetherlyLate Mr King's house 84
Mr Samuel TetherlyHimselfHouse on the Quay 84
Mr Samuel TetherlyJohn W TuckerA dwelling house 84
Mr Samuel TetherlyWilliam HooperDiddawell2510
Executors of John TetherlyMrs McDowellA house in Gaping Street 84
Executors of John TetherlyJames DugalA house in Cock Street 84
Executors of John TetherlyWilliam TawtonKing's & Daddon 84
Messrs Tetherley & BrayleyButt, Wood, etcBaples estate3150
John W TuckerMiss TuckerA house in Gaping Street 42
Trustees for TomouthThomas Hogg esqCocks Charity21010
Sarah TrulockHerself & Thomas SandersTwo houses at Pitt 42
Mr Richard VernonHimselfAn estate1010
Mr Richard VernonHimselfHouses in Gaping Street 126
Mr Richard VernonHimselfPart of Brownings 84
Mr Richard VernonMiss VernonHarris's house 84
Mr Richard Vernon junrHimselfA house and field218
Mr Richard Vernon junrWilliam TuckerA house in Gaping Street 84
Mr Richard Vernon junrElizabeth SnowA house in Gaping Street 42
Mrs Joan VernonHerself & Mrs LangdonTwo dwelling houses 84
Jane WilliamsHerselfA house in Meeting Street 84
Jane WilliamsSarah BowdenA house in Market Street 42
John Williams, painterHimselfLate Cottles house 42
George WilliamsHimselfA dwelling house 42
Laurence WillsHimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Mrs WillcockJames Lang, etcA house on the Quay 42
Ann WyottHerselfA dwelling house 42
Mary FryJohn BrooksA house in Meeting Street 42
Executors of late Elizabeth Wyott A dwelling house 42
David WilliamsHimselfA dwelling house 42
George Watkins A dwelling house 42
Ann WillsThomas SladerA dwelling house 42
Daniel Souden & Richard LewisThemselvesTwo houses 84
Mr William WrenHimselfLate Hoyle's house 42
Henry WilliamsHimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
William Denniston Personal estate040
John Jenkins Personal estate050
William Penny, Tide surveyor Offices1000
Peter Lang Offices600
James Lang Offices400
John Hooper Offices280

Richard Chapman, assessor
I return (myself) Richard Chapman, collector
7th June 1815
Sum assessed by us: [illeg], Edw Lee, James Burke?