Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2018
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made for the service of the year 1820 in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th year of his Majesty's Reign for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the service of the year 1798, and made perpetual by another Act passed in the 38th year of the his said Majesty's Reign, and also in pursuance of another Act passed in the 39th year of the said Majesty's Reign, for continuing and granting to his Majesty a duty on Pensions, Offices, and Personal Estates.
By William Beer and James Stapledon, assessors and collectors appointed for the said parish.

Elizabeth Allen HerselfCorner House 42
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyNapp434
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyYeo's192
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyDoctons 126
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyBennetts 126
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyHigher Napp 168
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyJefferys 168
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlySloleys part of Jefferys 42
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyEllis's 84
Executors of John Benson esq Mrs AdderlyLate Charles Darracotts 42
Executors of John Benson esq Bartholomew PickardLate Thomazin Darracotts192
Executors of John Benson esq Bartholomew PickardWindmill field 126
Executors of John Benson esq John PenhorwoodQuarry2184
Executors of John Benson esq John PenhorwoodHammetts150
Executors of John Benson esq John PenhorwoodGibbs ground 126
Executors of John Benson esq John PenhorwoodDean's Collabear 168
Executors of John Benson esq John PenhorwoodA field late Ruggs 42
Executors of John Benson esq Sam PenhorwoodNotts 42
Executors of John Benson esq John Beer senrPart of Middle Rawleigh 84
Executors of John Benson esq William CawseyLangdons 84
Executors of John Benson esq John HooperGraters Meadow 84
Executors of John Benson esq John HooperWooda 168
Executors of John Benson esq John HooperBidna1010
Executors of John Benson esq Jos WrenPart of Jurys 42
Executors of John Benson esq Jos WrenHobbs field 84
Executors of John Benson esq Jos WrenHockadays 84
Executors of John Benson esq Jos WrenPart of Lewis Hill 42
Executors of John Benson esq Jos WrenMarshford 126
Executors of John Benson esq William CawseyBurners150
Executors of John Benson esq Bartholomew PickardCollabear150
Executors of John Benson esq Bartholomew PickardPrances field 42
Executors of John Benson esq M.C.Dock 126
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneMoor Park 42
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneSilford1176
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneLate Jefferys 84
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneSmallridges 84
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneGodburrow 126
Lewis William Buck esq Mary StoneMr Smith's Godburrow 42
Thomas Burnard esq Mr Jasper PickardFord2100
Mr George Brayley Congdon, etcOrchard Hill192
Executors of Nicholas Baker GeatonPart of Whitsons 42
Mrs Benson John PenhorwoodLewis Hill field 42
Admiral Barton George DowningBurrough1084
Admiral Barton George DowningPigs Court & Orchard 84
Admiral Barton George DowningDoctons 84
Admiral Barton George DowningBurrough Well 42
William Bartlett esq HimselfClash 126
James Barry William BerrySoudons 42
James Barry William BeerVernams 42
James Barry William BeerBrimeridges 126
Executors of Edward Balson William PartridgeYeo's Fields 126
Executors of Edward Balson John SandersA house and garden 42
Executors of Edward Balson John SandersArscotts 126
George Cook Thomas StoneCommons3150
James Crealock HimselfAshridge 126
James Crealock HimselfBulls Cleave150
Messrs Chapman & Aysh ThemselvesPart of Durrant1010
Messrs Chapman & Aysh ThemselvesWilliams Field 42
Messrs Chapman & Aysh ThemselvesHis house and garden 42
Messrs Chapman & Aysh ThemselvesLate Hammetts house 42
Messrs Chapman & Aysh ThemselvesVoscoms 42
Mr R Chapman S UnderhillDiddawell192
Mr R Chapman S UnderhillBlackmers Diddawell 42
Executors late William Collacot John JewellHouse and field 42
William Crealock Eleanor CrealockAshridge2100
Mrs A Caddy John WoollacottHyde476
Richard Cooper Evans HimselfAssells 126
Elizabeth Evans HerselfLate Tawtons estate 42
William Fursdon George ColeLate Hoopers house 42
William Fursdon HimselfThe Old Swan 84
Edward George HimselfEstate Orchard Hill 168
Ann Gallaway HerselfA dwelling house 42
William Cawsey HimselfHarris's Underburrow 126
John B Husband esq John PittwoodHalf Rawleigh4118
John B Husband esq John PittwoodHalf Ditto4118
John B Husband esq Revd R Lloyd, Fursdon & PenhorwoodCross and Daddon192
John B Husband esq Rev'd R LloydCleave Lands 84
John B Husband esq John PenhorwoodMartins Field 42
John B Husband esq HimselfPart of Kings & Honeys 42
John B Husband esq HimselfLate Hortops 42
John B Husband esq HimselfPart of Lewis Hill 42
John B Husband esq William FursdonLord's Meadows 84
John B Husband esq William FursdonLate Burch's estate 126
John B Husband esq Capt MulesLate Mr Bakes house 42
John B Husband esq Jasper PickardTwo thirds of Stamburys 84
John B Husband esq R Diamond senrWest Rawleigh 42
John B Husband esq R Diamond senrAverys 42
John B Husband esq & Thomas Bowen Himself, etcA field late Lyells 42
John B Husband esq & Thomas Bowen John BassettCross field 42
 John HooperWilliam RookLate Sinnetts house 42
James & Richard Honney ThemselvesSmales ground 42
James & Richard Honney ThemselvesHeales 42
W Heywood Mr NantesHengistcastle2100
Executors of Silas Hiscutt William SandersHalsannary2510
William Hazel William BathA dwelling house 42
Rev'd Mr Johnson Humphry SquireDinner's meadow 84
Sarah Jenkins James BrownscombeCleave Houses218
Sarah Jenkins James BrownscombeYeos Cleavehouses1010
Sarah Jenkins John ProuseOrchard Hill 84
Sarah Jenkins GermanLate Chappells at Orchard Hill 126
Sarah Jenkins Edmund EnglandGreataburrow 42
Sarah Jenkins Edmund EnglandRogerman's, Lewis Hill 42
John Jewell HimselfPart of Vissicks 42
Sir R G Keats HimselfDurrant1134
Sir R G Keats T Smith esqPort Hill150
Sir R G Keats HimselfPort 42
Sir R G Keats HimselfLendwood1134
Sir R G Keats HimselfPart of Dallis 42
Sir R G Keats Mr ButtLate Jane Fords 126
Sir R G Keats Colonel KirkhamMaryfield 5
Edward Reynolds esq Rev'd Mr LloydPart of Maryfield 2
Executors of George Lock Thomas LockA dwelling house 42
John Leathern  Pimpley 84
William Lock GeatonLate Bakers, Orchard Hill 168
 William LeeHimselfA dwelling house 42
Rev'd Richard Lloyd HimselfChopehouse Meadows 42
Rev'd Richard Lloyd HimselfChope House 168
Rev'd Richard Lloyd HimselfRuggs Cross 42
Rev'd T Mill HimselfLate Arscotts & Rosiers 168
Mrs Marks William MillBullhead31010
Grace Mullins & Cock Mullins HannTwo houses 42
Mrs Marsh Stapeldon & PartridgeWooda and Underburrow192
Mr Melhuish William PartridgeThroat Meadow 42
Mr Burry William PartridgeA house & Collamors1010
 Messrs Partridge & VernonThemselvesThe Rectory141510
Mrs Elizabeth Pyke HerselfStaddon1134
Mrs Jane Pyke William PartridgeMasters Meadow 42
Mrs Jane Pyke William PartridgeBonehill1010
Mrs Jane Pyke William PartridgePeter White's estate218
Mrs Jane Pyke William PartridgePollands1134
Mrs Jane Pyke William PartridgePart of Hengistcastle 42
Mrs Jane Pyke William LeeMiddletons & Gillhouse 168
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard MorrishScamps & Willetts 84
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard MorrishEllis Underburrow218
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard MorrishRosegill 126
Mrs Jane Pyke John WoollacottPludy Meadows 126
Mrs Jane Pyke John WoollacottHillhead 168
Mrs Jane Pyke John WoollacottA field late Yeos 42
Mrs Jane Pyke Mr PartridgePart of Vissicks 84
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard VernonWoods Assells 42
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard VernonA field late Yeos 42
Mrs Jane Pyke Lawrence MugfordA House and orchard 42
Margaret Punchard HerselfA dwelling house 42
David Ross esq William Butt esqMelville 126
David Ross esq William Butt esqLate Curtices 126
David Ross esq William Butt esqLate Bakers 126
David Ross esq GermanWhitebear 42
Messrs Ross & George William FursdonGrigg's Close 84
Messrs Ross & George William FursdonShoot meadow 42
William Smith esq Capt ScottChircombe150
William Sanders HimselfHalsannary326
William Sanders HimselfCollins Mill 84
Sarah Stevens Eleanor CrealockAshridge 84
 Thomas StonePhilip LangLate Pophams estate 42
Ann Thomas HerselfPart of King's 84
Gregory Tuplin HimselfSmales field 42
Gregory Tuplin HimselfStutsons 126
Sanders & Brinn Sanders & GarlandLate Yeo's houses 42
Mrs Frances Willett L MarshallWatertown4118
Mrs Frances Willett Mr Jasper PickardWhitson2510
Mrs Frances Willett Mr Jasper PickardRawleigh & Hammetts150
Mrs Frances Willett Mr Jasper PickardGarland's Ground 42
Mrs Frances Willett Mr Jasper PickardPart of Middle Rawleigh 42
Mrs Frances Willett George ColeBickenfield 42
Mrs Frances Willett William JefferyYoungaton1010
Mrs Frances Willett Jasper PickardNotts 126
John Williams & Richard Burch William RookLate Salmon's house 42
John Williams & John Burch John SimonsLate Tallins house 42
Mrs Whitfield James HamlynAshridge7510
William Wood William Rendle, etcA dwelling house 42
Mrs Wilcocks Jasper PickardPart of Stamburys 42
Mrs Wilcocks Turner & DiamondGlovers 168
Mrs Wilcocks Daniel TurnerPart of Chopehouse 126
Mrs Wilcocks Daniel TurnerMuddix 126
Mrs Wilcocks Daniel TurnerGoardings Muddix1010
Mrs Wilcocks Daniel TurnerColly Park 42
Henry Ackford HimselfA house in New Street 42
Ann Boyle HerselfA house at Pitt 42
Elizabeth Barkwill Samuel TurnerA house in Cock Street 42
Jane Brownscombe HerselfA dwelling house 42
Thomas Bowden SandersA house at Pitt 42
 Executors late Thomas BowdenMrs BowdenA house in Gaping Street 42
James Brooks HimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Richard Berwick HimselfA house in Market Street 84
 Thomas Burnard esqWidow NichollsA dwelling house West 42
James Barry HimselfA dwelling house 42
Alexander Beara HimselfA house in Market Street 42
Executors of David Best Nicholas EdwardsA house in Cock Street 42
Ann Barry Mrs CookA house at Pitt 42
 Mr James ChappellL MortonLate Ford tenement 168
 Mr James ChappellL MortonLate Burdens 84
 Mr James ChappellL MortonLate Wyotts 84
Richard Cooper HimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard Cooper HimselfPart of Francis Vernams 42
Richard Cooper Mary PhillipsA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard Cooper Mary EvansA house in Gaping Street 42
Richard Cooper  A dwelling house 42
Richard Cooper John RoweThe 3 Tons 42
Richard Cooper William PassmoreLate Drews house 42
Richard Cooper Joseph BassettWiddons 42
John Crunn HimselfThe Coach & Horses Inn 84
John Crunn  Part of Strange's tenement 42
Mr William Chappell HimselfA house and field 84
Mr William Chappell Himself5 fields late Doctons192
Mr William Chappell HimselfJohn Mouls house 42
Mr William Chappell Mr William ChappellRobbins Field 84
Mr William Chappell HimselfAssells 168
Mr William Chappell HimselfMartin's150
Mr William Chappell Elizabeth SmithThe Royal George 84
Mr William Chappell Richard PearceA dwelling house 42
Mr William Chappell John JenkinsA dwelling house 42
Mr William Chappell HimselfA Rope Walk 84
Mr William Chappell Himself2 Winserys 84
Mr William Chappell HimselfTamlins field 84
Mr William Chappell Thomas ChingLate Mary Brooks house on the Quay 126
William Cawsey HimselfRogers's Bidna 84
James Clibbett HimselfA house in New Street 42
Philip Clibbett Himself & John Channon2 houses at Pitt 84
Esther Cade HerselfA house in New Street 42
Augustus Clarkson Mr EdwardsA house in Gaping Street 42
William Clibbett HimselfPart of Jurys 42
William Clibbett HimselfGoardings 84
William Clibbett HimselfA house and cellar 42
 Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA dwelling house 84
 Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA malt house 42
Miss E Copner HerselfA house on the Quay 42
 Thomas ChannonRichard CookA house in Market Street 42
 Thomas ChannonHimselfThe Swan P House 42
Mr James Day HimselfLate Horns House 42
James Denham HimselfA dwelling house 84
 Robert Day junrSamuel GibbsLate Robert Days house 42
Robert Day  A dwelling house 42
Cesar Edger HimselfA house in New Street 42
Executors of late William Evans RobbinsA house in Cock Street 42
Elizabeth Evans HerselfAssells 42
Elizabeth Fisher William LangA house at Pitt 42
Elizabeth Fisher Mr WilliamsA house at Pitt 42
Mary Fry HerselfA house in Meeting Street 42
Executors of S Gasking Ann ParkhouseA dwelling house 84
 Thomas GunnDunsford, etc5 dwelling houses1010
 Executors late John Gliddon A dwelling house 42
William Gill Henry JefferyA dwelling house 42
 Emanuel HallsHimselfA dwelling house 84
 Emanuel HallsThomas CookA dwelling house 42
 Thomas HallsMr VarcoA house at Pitt 42
 Thomas HallsHimselfA house in Cocks Lane 42
John Hancock HimselfA dwelling house 42
John Hancock Elizabeth FisherThe late Woolpack Inn 84
William Hernaman HimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
 Francis HernamanHimselfA house in Market Street 84
Mr John Hooper HimselfA house in West Appledore 84
Mr John Hooper Susanna SimmonsA house in Gaping Street 42
Mr John Hooper Thomas HernamanA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs Phillis Hooper HerselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Thomas Hogg Joshua WilliamsA house on the Quay 84
Thomas Hogg William CawseyPart of Wooda 168
Thomas Hogg William ColeNicholls's 42
Thomas Hogg esq HimselfA dwelling house 126
Thomas Hogg esq HimselfPart of Langdons 42
Thomas Hogg esq Abraham StewardDiddawell192
Thomas Hogg esq William BaglolePowers Garden 42
Thomas Hogg esq Edward Thomas, etcDallis at Orchard Hill 126
Thomas Hogg esq George Guard, etcLate Hoopers at Orchard Hill192
Thomas Hogg esq Peter Husband esqLate Goarding's house 84
William Hammett  A dwelling house 84
William Hernaman HimselfA house in Cock Street 42
 Charles HartnollHimselfA house in Market Street 42
Mr G Irwin HimselfA dwelling house 84
Mr G Irwin HimselfLate Withairs 42
Mrs E Irwin HerselfA dwelling house 84
Mrs E Irwin Mrs GribbleA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs E Irwin VacantLate Limberys 84
Mr P Jones L HoleLate Spurrs 126
George Jeffery HimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Executors of Elizabeth Jeffery B QuanceA house in New Street 42
Henry Jeffery George GregoryLate Emlins 42
 Richard LewisHimselfHis dwelling house in Market Street 84
 Richard Lewis A house in Market St, late Limberys 42
Executors of Jane Lobbett Thomas FisherLate Elizabeth Longs house 42
John Lobbett HimselfA dwelling house 42
John Lobbett HimselfMary Gowans house 42
Executors of George Leatherns Widow LeathernA dwelling house 42
 Judith LewisHerselfA dwelling house 42
 Peter LangHimselfA dwelling house 42
Deans of Windsor R LuxonLate Coates houses1010
Mr Richard Limbery William Penney junrA house in Market Street 84
William Hazel  A house in Cock Street 42
Lawrence Luke HimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
 Mrs MilesHerselfA house in Gaping Street 84
 William MuxworthyHimselfA dwelling house 42
Mr Henry Martin HimselfLate Mr Hammetts house 84
 Mr John NichollsMr John ChilcottA house in Gaping Street 42
Thomas Nicholls HimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas Popham Mrs SmithA dwelling house 84
Thomas Popham HimselfA sail loft 42
Thomas Popham HimselfA house on the Quay 42
Thomas Popham James JenkinsLate Mr Stranges 84
John Penney Robert DayA house in Meeting Street 84
John Penney HimselfDarver's Cellars 42
William Penny  A house in Gaping Street 84
Thomas Popham John JewellA house & field late Collacotts 42
Humphry Parrett HimselfLate Samuel Brooks house 42
Humphry Parrett John BrowningLate Mary Parminters 42
Humphry Parrett Richard RiceA dwelling house 42
 Francis PuncherHerselfA house in Gaping Street 42
Mrs Jane Pyke Sir George BurgemanA dwelling house 84
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard VernonPart of Woods Assells 84
Mrs Jane Pyke Richard VernonCroscombe's field 42
John Pyke of Braunton  A house in Market Street 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mr VernonPitt & 2 fields 168
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mr CooperPart of Wilkinsons 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke William JefferyLakes 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke William JefferyEast Youngaton218
Mrs Mary B Rooke D HooperPart of Currys 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Thomas SmithCurrys field 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Thomas SmithLate Mules 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke John WilliamsWebbers and Southcotts 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Yeo & Cox2 houses in New Street 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Peter LockA house at Pitt 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Phillis SwindaleA house in Market Street 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mrs KnollinA house on the Quay 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Revd Mr EvansA house in Meeting Street 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Henry [blank]Late Nicholls house 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Henry BlackmorePart of Doctons1010
Mrs Mary B Rooke Henry BlackmoreA field at Diddawell 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mr HughsHortops 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mr HughsLate Sarles estate 126
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mr FieldA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke  A house at Pitt 42
Mrs Mary B Rooke Richard ShawA dwelling house 84
Mrs Mary B Rooke Mary WinchA house in Meeting Street 84
Mrs Richards James StapledonAssells 168
Mrs Richards James StapledonUnderwoods field 42
Mrs Richards James HonneyBarzeys field 42
Mrs Richards James HonneyPart of Jurys 42
 Honoria RogersHerselfA dwelling house 42
 Honoria RogersMr BrayleyA dwelling house 42
 Miss RodHerselfA house in Gaping Street 42
John Reeson Richard BlackmoreA house in Gaping Street 42
Messrs Reeson Lang Dart & Hernaman ThemselvesBaples estate3150
Thomas Shaxson HimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
 Widow SladerHerselfFor late Gliddons 42
John SarlesPauperJames BarrettA dwelling house 84
Mrs Salmons Browning & MortonLate Palmers house 84
 Dorothy StrangeVacantA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs P Shaxson John GorrellA house in Cock Street 42
Thomas Shaxson senr HimselfLemmons at Pitt 126
Thomas Shaxson senr Mr BerryAn Estate Underburrow 84
Mary Smith J G WilliamsA house in Market Street 42
Mary Scamp George SandersPart of Berrys at Pitt 42
William Stapleton George CrossA house in Cock Street 42
William Stapleton HimselfA house in Gaping Street 42
 Humphry SquireTatehamA house in Market Street 42
 William SnellHimselfA dwelling house 42
Richard LewisDaniel SowdenThemselves2 dwelling houses 42
Mr S Tetherly William BeerTadworthy1176
Mr S Tetherly William BeerRuddy Cross 126
Mr S Tetherly HimselfStaddon192
Mr S Tetherly Ann TetherlyLate King's house 84
Mr S Tetherly HimselfHouse on the Quay 84
Mr S Tetherly ClarkA dwelling house 84
Mr S Tetherly Mr BlighA house in Gaping Street 84
Mr S Tetherly HimselfKing's & Daddon 84
Mr S Tetherly William HooperDiddawell2510
 J W TuckerTurnbullHouse in Gaping Street 42
Trustees for Tomouth Thomas Hogg esqCocks Charity21010
Sarah Trulock Herself & [blank]Two houses at Pitt 42
Mrs Vernon Mr R VernonAn estate1010
Mrs Vernon HerselfHouses in Gaping Street 126
Mrs Vernon HerselfPart of Brownings 84
Mrs Vernon Miss VernonHarris's house 84
Mr R Vernon HimselfAn Estate Underburrow 126
Mr R Vernon HimselfAn estate at Five Elms 84
Mr R Vernon HimselfA house and field218
Mr R Vernon HutchingsA house in Gaping Street 84
Mr R Vernon Elizabeth SnowA house in Gaping Street 42
Mr R Vernon Ann LessleyA house in Meeting Street 42
Mrs Joan Vernon Herself & LangdonTwo dwelling houses 84
Mr Charles Wills HimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Mr Charles Wills John ShaxonA house in Meeting Street 42
Mr Charles Wills Halliday, etcA house in Meeting Street 42
Mr R E Tyrell HimselfA dwelling house 84
Susan Peak HerselfA dwelling house 42
John Wood HimselfA house in Cock Street 84
Mary Wickham HerselfA house in Market Street 42
Jane Williams HerselfA house in Meeting Street 84
Jane Williams Mary EvansA house in Market Street 42
 John Williams, painterHimselfLate Cottles house 42
 George WilliamsHimselfA dwelling house 42
Laurence Wills HimselfA house in Cock Street 42
Mrs Wilcocks Lang, etcA house on the Quay 42
Executors of Ann Wyott Short & Cann2 dwellings 42
David Williams HimselfA dwelling house 42
George Watkins  A dwelling house 42
Ann Wills ShersellA dwelling house 42
 Mr William WrenHimselfLate Hoyle's house 42
Henry Williams HimselfA house in Gaping Street 84
Executors of Mary Wyott Samuel TurnerA dwelling house 42
Mrs W Rook  Part of Doctons 42
William Penney  Offices1000
Peter Lang  Offices600
James Lang  Offices400
John Hooper  Offices280

Seen and allowed by me this 30th May 1820
Richard Pine Coffin
James Burker
R Watts