Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2019
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made for granting an Aid to His Majesty by a LAND TAX, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year 1828 in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th year of the Reign of His late Majesty Geo.III intituled "An Act for granting an Aid to His Majesty by a LAND TAX, to be raised in Great Britain, for the Service of the Year 1798" and of another Act passed in the Forty-second of His said late Majesty's Reign, intituled, "An Act for consolidating the Provisions of the several Acts passed for the redemption and Sale of the Land Tax in One Act, and for making further Provision for the Redemption and Sale thereof." Assessed by us: Thomas Cock, Thomas Popham, Assessors. We do hereby return: Robert Yeoland as an able and sufficient person, living within the limits and bounds of the said Parish of Northam to be Collector of the monies as aforesaid.

1Thomas B AyshWilliam EndleA dwelling house 42
20Executors of John BensonJames GouldNapp House, etc434
7Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyYeo's192
3Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyDoctons 126
3Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyBennetts 126
4Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyHigher Napp 168
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyEllis's 84
1Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyLate Charles Darracotts 42
7Executors of John BensonElizabeth PickardLate Thomz'n Darracotts192
3Executors of John BensonElizabeth PickardWindmill field 126
14Executors of John BensonJohn PenhorwoodQuarry2184
6Executors of John BensonJohn PenhorwoodHammetts150
3Executors of John BensonJohn PenhorwoodGibbs ground 126
4Executors of John BensonJohn PenhorwoodDean's Collabear 168
1Executors of John BensonJohn PenhorwoodField late Ruggs 42
1Executors of John BensonSamuel HockridgeNotts 42
2Executors of John BensonGeorge ColePart of Middle Rawleigh 84
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyLate Langdons 84
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyGraters Meadow 84
4Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyWooda 168
5Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyBidna1010
1Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyPart of Jurys 42
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyHobbs field 84
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyHockadays 84
1Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyPart of Lewis Hill 42
~Executors of John BensonParishPoor House ~~
3Executors of John BensonC.H. WoodleyMarshford 126
2Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyPart of Burners 84
4Executors of John BensonWilliam CawseyPart of Burners 168
3Executors of John Benson[blank]Dock House 126
1Executors of John BensonJohn WilliamsLewis Hill field 42
3Lewis William BuckMary StoneMoor Park & Jefferys 126
2Lewis William BuckMary StoneSmallridges 84
4Lewis William BuckMary StoneGodburrow 168
9Lewis William BuckMary StoneSilford1176
12Thomas BurnardJasper PickardFord2100
4George BrayleyHimselfOrchard Hill House 168
7George BrayleyHimselfOrchard Hill Estate192
1Thomas BraundSilas FordPart of Lyalls 42
50Admiral BartonGeorge DowningBurrow1084
2Admiral BartonGeorge DowningPigs Court & Orchard 84
2Admiral BartonGeorge DowningDoctons 84
1Admiral BartonGeorge DowningBurrow Well 42
3William BartlettHimselfClash 126
1Executors of N BakerJohn PenhorwoodPart of Whitson 42
1John BurchHimselfLate Tallins House 42
1John BassettHimselfA house 42
1Thomas CookHimselfA house 42
18George CookThomas StoneCommons3150
3James CrealockHimselfAshridge 126
6James CrealockHimselfBulls Cleave150
5Chapman & AyshThemselvesPart of Durrant1010
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesWilliams Field 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesHouse and garden 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesLate Hammetts 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesVoscoms 42
7Richard ChapmanRichard UnderhillDiddywell192
1Richard ChapmanRichard UnderhillBlackmores Diddywell 42
12William CrealockEleanor CrealockAshridge2100
21A CaddyJohn WoollacottHyde476
3William CawseyHimselfLate Harris's 126
2William CawseyHimselfRogers Bidna 84
1George ColeHimselfHouse and garden 42
1John CockJohn BowmanHouse and garden 42
1John CockWilliam WilliamsA house 42
1Henry DayGeorge KellyA house 42
1Mr DunnMary LockA house 42
17Dene of WindsorVernon & PartridgeRectory141510
1William FursdonJas. PickardLate Hoopers House 42
2William FursdonHimselfThe Old Swan 42
1Edward GeorgeRoger WilliamsHouse and garden 42
3Edward GeorgeHimselfPart of Orchard Hill 126
~Ann GallawayHerselfA housePoor  
22J B HusbandMrs AdderlyHalf of Rawley4118
22J B HusbandMrs AdderlyHalf of Rawley4118
1J B HusbandJasper PickardOne third of Stamburys 42
7J B HusbandEdward ReynoldsCross and Daddon192
1J B HusbandJohn PenhorwoodMartins Field 42
1J B HusbandEdward ReynoldsPart of Kings Honeys 42
2J B HusbandWilliam FursdonLord's Meadow 84
3J B HusbandWilliam FursdonLate Bucks Estate 126
2J B HusbandJasper PickardTwo thirds of Stamburys 84
1J B HusbandEdward ReynoldsWest Rawley 42
1J B HusbandEdward ReynoldsAverys 42
1J B HusbandEdward ReynoldsCross field 42
1John HooperWilliam RookHouse, shop and garden 42
1James & Richard HoneyThemselvesSmales 42
1James & Richard HoneyThemselvesHeales 42
1John FisherEdward BalsdonHouse and garden 42
12Mr HeywoodJohn MarquissHengist Castle2100
11Lady HughsHerself, etcHallsannary2510
1Henry HazelWilliam BathA house 42
1John JewellHimselfHouse and orchard 42
2Rev'd Mr JohnsonJ PalmerDinners meadow 84
1Sarah Jenkins[blank]House at Orchard Hill 42
10Sarah JenkinsJames BrownscombeCleave Houses estate218
5Sarah JenkinsJames BrownscombeYeos Cleave Houses estate1010
2Sarah JenkinsJames BrownscombePart of Orchard Hill 84
3Sarah JenkinsTaylor & CurtisLate Chappells, Orchard Hill 126
1Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandGreataburrow 42
1Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandRogerman's, Lewis Hill 42
3Sir Richard KeatsGeorge ColeLate Jane Fords 126
6Sir Richard KeatsT S CrawforthPort Hill150
8Sir Richard KeatsT S CrawforthLendwood1134
8James S LeyHimselfDurrant1134
1James S LeyHimselfPort 42
1James S LeyHimselfPart of Dallas 42
1⅓James S LeyWalter OakPart of Maryfield 5
35James S LeyCoppAshridge7510
1James S LeyHimselfColly Park 42
3James S LeyAnn DimondGlovers 126
4Richard LloydHimselfHouse & late Ashtons 168
5Richard LloydHimselfChope House1010
3Richard LloydHimselfChope House late Turners 126
3Richard LloydHimselfPart of Muddex 126
5Richard LloydHimselfGoardings Muddex1010
1Richard BurchHimselfLate Mr Leys part of Glovers 42
2Richard LeathernJohn HooperPimply 84
4Mrs LockTaylorLate Bakers Orchard Hill 168
~William LeeHimselfA housePoor  
1John LockSanders & Bartlett2 houses 42
1Thomas LordHimselfA house 42
1Mr Lock[blank]Watertown, a house 42
22Mr LockHimselfWatertown estate4118
~Grace MullinsHerselfA housePoor  
1John MugfordHimselfA house 42
1John MugfordWilliam HeardA house 42
1John MugfordHimself, etcA house & orchard 42
4Thomas H V MillHimselfArscotts & Rosiers 168
17Executors of Mrs MarksMrs MillsBullhead31010
7Executors of Mrs MarshCarter & CawseyWooda & Wises192
1William PartridgeThomas HortopA house 42
1William PartridgeHimselfThroat Meadow 42
5William PartridgeHimselfA house & Collamers1010
1William PartridgeW & G WilliamsLate Doctons 42
5William PartridgeWilliam Partridge junrLate Doctons1010
2John PykeCharles GribbleStaddon House 84
8John PykeCharles GribbleStaddon estate1134
1Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeMasters Meadow 42
5Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeBonehill1010
10Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePeter Whites218
8Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePollands1134
1Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePart of Hengist Castle 42
4Jane PykeWilliam BerryMiddletons & Gillhouse 168
2Jane PykeRichard MorrishScamps & Willetts 84
10Jane PykeRichard MorrishEllis's Underburrow218
3Jane PykeRichard MorrishRosegill 126
3Jane PykeJohn WoollacottPludy Meadows 126
4Jane PykeJohn WoollacottHillhead 168
1Jane PykeJohn WoollacottField late Yeos 42
2Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePart of Vissicks 84
1Jane PykeRichard VernonWoods Assells 42
1Jane PykeRichard VernonField late Yeos 42
1Elizabeth PickardHerselfA house, etc 42
6Elizabeth PickardHerselfCollabear150
1Elizabeth PickardHerselfPrances field 42
1Elizabeth PickardHerselfLate Hortops 42
1John PenhorwoodT TawtonLate Collacotts 42
3David Ross[blank]Melville House 126
3David RossEdward ReynoldsLate Curtices 126
3David RossEdward ReynoldsLate Bakers 126
1David RossWilliam SmithWhitebear 42
2Ross & GeorgeWilliam FursdonGrigg's Close 84
1Ross & GeorgeWilliam FursdonShoot meadow 42
3Mr RoweJohn Cock & BeerLate Yeos fields 126
1Mr RoweFrancis TrebleA house & garden 42
3Mr RoweNarrawayArscotts 126
1Mrs BarryWilliam BerrySoudens 42
1Mrs BarryWilliam BeerVernams 42
3Mrs BarryWilliam BeerBremridges 126
3Edward ReynoldsHimselfCleave lands & Carys Rooks 126
1Edward ReynoldsHimselfPart of Mary field 42
1Edward ReynoldsHimselfPart of Lyells 42
1William Rook junrHimselfLate Salmons house 42
1James ReynoldsHimselfA house 42
1John SandersHimselfA house 42
6William SmithHimselfChircombe130
15William SandersHimselfHallsannary326
2William SandersHimselfLate Collins's Mill 84
1Sanders & BrinnYeoland & CarterTwo houses 42
2Sarah StephensElenor CrealockAshridge 84
1Thomas StoneLang, etcLate Pophams 42
2Ann ThomasHerselfPart of Kings 84
1Ann TuplinHerselfThe Swan 42
4Ann TuplinHerselfSmales & Statsons 168
11Major WrenEdward BaleWhitson2310
6Major WrenEdward BaleRawley & Hammetts150
1Major WrenEdward BaleGarlands 42
1Major WrenEdward BalePart of Middle Rawley 42
3Major WrenEdward BaleNotts 126
5Representatives of Francis WillettWilliam JefferyYoungaton1010
1William Collins HatherlyGeorge ColeBickon Close 42
1William WoodMrs SinnettA house 42
1John WilliamsHimselfLewis Hill field 42
1John WilliamsHimselfA house 42
1Ann AllenSamuel GibbsFor the Beaver 42
1Henry AckfordHimselfA house 42
~Ann BoyleHerselfA housePoor  
1BridgmanHimselfA house 42
1Elizabeth BarkwellBlackmoreA house 42
~Jane BrownscombeHerselfA housePoor  
1Thomas Bowden senrHimselfA house 42
1Thomas BowdenHimselfA house 42
1Esther BowdenHerselfA house 42
2James BrooksHimselfA house 84
2Richard BerwickHimselfRoyal Hotel 84
1James BerryHimselfA house 42
1Alexander BearaHimselfA house 42
1John BearaMrs DolingA house 42
1John BearaHimselfA house 42
1John BearaJames BowenA house 42
1Mrs BlighHerselfA house 42
1Thomas BiddowHutchingsA house 42
1BrooksJohn RobinsA house 42
1Esther BowdenRichard WilliamsA house, late Leatherns 42
2Thomas CookJames BarrettA house 84
1Thomas CookHimselfA house, late Jane Williams 42
4James ChappellMrs GribbleA house 168
2James ChappellRichard BerwickBurners 84
2James ChappellRichard VernonBurdens 84
1William ClibbettJane CookHouse at Pitt 42
1William ClibbettHimselfPart of Jurys 42
2William ClibbettSamuel CannGoardings 84
1William ClibbettHimselfHouse & cellar 42
~Esther CadeHerselfA housePoor  
1Mrs CooperHerselfA house 42
1Mrs CooperHerselfPart of Vernams 42
1Mrs CooperSimon LewisA house 42
1Mrs CooperMary EvansA house 42
1Mrs CooperColeA house 42
1Mrs CooperJohn RoweLate Three Tons 42
1Mrs CooperMrs WidgeryLate Drews House 42
1Mrs CooperJos BassettWiddons 42
1Mrs CooperWidow BennettLate S Peaks 42
1Mrs CooperStephen ShortLate Do Williams 42
2Executors of Mr CrunnWilliam BurnacleThe Coach & Horses 84
1Executors of Mr Crunn[blank]Part of Strange's tenement 42
1William ChappellHimselfA house and field 84
7William ChappellHimself5 fields Doctons192
1William ChappellHimselfLate John Mouls 42
2William ChappellHimselfRobins's Field 84
4William ChappellHimselfAssells 168
6William ChappellHimselfMartin's150
3William ChappellJohn Jenkins & David Rymas2 Public Houses 126
1William ChappellHimselfA house 42
2William ChappellHimselfRope Walk 84
2William ChappellHimself2 Winseries 84
2William ChappellHimselfTamlins field 84
3William Chappell[blank]Late Brooks's 126
1William ChappellKelly, etcTwo new houses 42
1William ChappellRichard Kelly, etcLate Henry Jefferys 42
~Elizabeth ClibbettHerselfA housePoor  
1Elizabeth ClacksonMr HowsA house 42
2Miss Mary ChappellHerselfA house 84
1Miss Mary ChappellHerselfMalt House 42
1Thomas ChannonHimselfThe Swann 42
1Thomas ChannonMr HarveyA house 42
2Mrs James Day[blank]A house 84
2James DenhamHimselfA house 84
2Mrs DowneMr VarcoA house 84
1Robert Day[blank]A house 42
1Robert DayTownsendA house 42
5Dean of WindsorWilliam KnightLate Coates's1010
1Cesar EdgerHimselfA house 42
3Richard Cooper EvansMrs CooperAssells 126
1Elizabeth EvansJohn HooperLate Tawtons 42
1Elizabeth EvansMrs CooperHammetts Assels 42
~Late GliddonsSusanna SmallridgeA housePoor  
2Thomas HaydonHimselfLate Gaskins 84
5Late GunnsThomazine Dunsford, etc5 houses1010
1William GillBeerLate Jefferys 42
2Emanuel HallsHimselfA house 84
1Emanuel HallsSusanna SimmonsA house 42
1Thomas HallsHimselfA house & garden 42
1Thomas HallsHimselfA house at Pitt 42
1Thomas HallsJames BowenA house in Cocks Lane 42
2John HancockHimselfLate Wool Pack 84
2Mr William HernamanMr KeysA house 84
2Mr F Hernam[an]HimselfA house 84
2John HooperHimselfA house 84
1John HooperRichard BlackmoreA house 42
1Mary HeardThomas HernamanA house 42
2Phillis HooperHerselfA house 84
1Phillis HooperMrs PaddonA house 42
1Phillis HooperJohn WilliamsA house 42
2John HooperBuckler, etcFour houses 84
1Henry HazelGeorge ShortA house 42
4Thomas Hogg esqHimselfA house 168
2Thomas Hogg esqHimselfPart of Langdons 84
7Thomas Hogg esqAbraham StewardDiddawell192
1Thomas Hogg esqGeorge BrayleyPowers Garden 42
3Thomas Hogg esqEdward Thomas, etcDallis at Orchard Hill 126
7Thomas Hogg esqGuard, etcLate Hoopers at Orchard Hill192
2Thomas Hogg esqMrs ButtLate Goardings 84
1Mr William HammettRichard EnglandA house 42
1Mr William HammettMiss BayleyA house 42
2Thomas Hogg (Barum)Joshua WilliamsA house 84
4Thomas Hogg (Barum)William CawseyPart of Wooda 168
1Thomas Hogg (Barum)[blank]Late Nicholls house 42
1Late William HernamanSamuel TurnerHouse in Wan' Street 42
1Charles HartnollHimselfA house 42
2Representatives of Mrs IrwinRev'd Mr CorbishlyA house 84
1Representatives of Mrs IrwinMr SimkinsA house 42
~Amy IrwinRainsA housePoor  
~Amy IrwinHerselfA housePoor  
3P Jones[blank]A house 126
1Late JefferysWilliam WoodA house 42
2Mr KingdonWilliam WilliamsA house 84
2Richard LewisHimselfA house 84
1Richard LewisGuyA house 42
1Jane LobbettWilliam HooperA house 42
1John LobbettHimselfA house 42
1John LobbettWidow PerryA house 42
1Judith LewisHerselfA house 42
1Peter LangHimselfA house 42
2Richard LimberyWilliam Penny junrA house 84
1Lawrence LukeHimselfA house 42
1Lawrence LukeAveryA house 42
1Mrs MainGeorge WilliamsA house 42
2Mrs MilesHerselfA house 84
~Jane MuxworthyHerselfA housePoor  
2Henry Martin junrHimselfA house 84
1James MatthewsHimselfA house 42
~James MatthewsAnn LesleyA housePoor  
1Newfoundland Inn SocietyGeorge PeakeA house 42
1Newfoundland Inn SocietyWilliam LangA house 42
1John NichollsHimselfA house 42
1Thomas NichollsHimselfA house 42
1Thomas PenhorwoodHimselfA house 42
2Thomas PophamElizabeth BowdenA house 84
1Thomas PophamHimselfA sail loft 42
3Thomas PophamHimselfA house, etc, late Stranges 126
1Pyke & FishwickMrs FishwickA house 42
2John PenneyRobert DayChampion Wales 84
1John PenneyHimselfDarvers Cellars 42
2William PennyMrs ShaxonA house 84
1William PennyRichard RiceLate Brooks 42
1Humphry ParrettTurnball, etcLate Mary Parminters 42
1Humphry ParrettHimselfA house 42
1Fanny PunchardMary ChannonA house 42
1Jane PykeSir C ChambersA house 126
2Jane PykeRichard VernonPart of Woods Assells 84
1Jane PykeRichard VernonCroscombs field 42
2John Pyke (Braunton)Lang, etcA house 84
2John RoddJohn DunsfordA house 84
4M B RookRichard VernonPitt & 2 fields 168
2M B RookMrs CooperPart of Wilkinsons 84
1M B RookWilliam JefferyLakes 42
10M B RookWilliam JefferyYoungaton218
1M B RookJohn HooperPart of Currys 42
2M B RookThomas SmithLate Mules's 84
2M B RookJohn Williams, etcWebbers and Southcotts 84
1M B RookPeter LockA house at Pitt 42
2M B RookMrs KnollinA house 84
2M B RookThomas FisherA house 84
1M B RookPhilip LangA field 42
1M B RookMrs HughsLate Hortops 42
3M B RookMrs HughsLate Sarles's estate 126
2M B RookJos WrenA house 84
1Dean of WindsorMrs LakeA house 42
2Dean of WindsorThomas HooperA house 84
2Dean of WindsorMr CockA house 84
2Phillis SwindaleHerselfA house 84
4Mary RichardsWilliam ChappellAssells 168
1Mary RichardsWilliam ChappellUnderwoods field 42
2Mary RichardsRichard BerwickBarzeys & Jurys 84
18Sinclear, Dart, Lang & VernonThemselvesBaples estate3150
2Thomas Shaxson junrHimselfA house 84
~Nancy SladerHerselfA housePoor  
2James Sarles[blank]A house 84
1Mrs Salmon[blank]A house 42
2Mrs SalmonJohn ThomasA house 84
1Dolly StrangeCap OgilvieA house 42
2Thomas Shaxson senrWilliam BerryEstate Underburrow 84
3Thomas Shaxson senrHimselfLate Lemmons at Pitt 126
1Mary SmithJ G WilliamsA house 42
1William StapledonHimselfA house 42
1William Stapledon[blank]A house 42
1Late Mary ScampsWilliam ChappellA house 42
1Pater[nel] ShaxonRichard PophamA house 42
1Humphry SquireRobert TatehamA house 42
~William SnellHimselfA housePoor  
1Sowden & LewisBowden & SowdenTwo houses 42
11Staveley & SonJohn PalmerDiddawell2510
1Rev'd Mr ThomasWilliam ColeA house 42
1Rev'd Mr ThomasColeA house late Mr Sanders 42
1John ThomasCapt TaggartA house 42
1Philip ThomasHimselfA house 42
9Samuel TetherlyWilliam BeerTadworthy1176
3Samuel TetherlyMr BeerRuddy Cross 126
7Samuel TetherlyHimselfStaddon192
2Samuel TetherlyMargaret WinchLate Kings 84
2Samuel TetherlyHimselfA house 84
2Samuel TetherlyMrs WilliamsA house 84
2Samuel TetherlyHimselfKings & Daddon 84
1J W TuckerFishwickA house 42
12Tomouth TrusteesJohn Cawzey, etcCocks Charity2100
1Sarah TruelockBeer & ShortTwo houses 42
2R E TyrrellHimselfA house 84
1Late Cole & Norman Thomas'sThemselves3 houses 42
1Trustees MeetingHillmanA house 42
1Trustees Meeting[blank]A house 42
2Late Mrs VernonsSamuel VernonPart of Brownings 84
2Late Mrs VernonsMiss VernonLate Harris's 84
3Late Mrs VernonsSamuel VernonA house 126
5Samuel VernonRichard VernonFolly1010
2Joan VernonHerselfA house 84
3Richard VernonHimselfEstate Underburrow 126
2Richard VernonHimselfEstate at Five Elms 84
9Richard VernonHimselfA house and field1176
1Richard VernonMr LucasA house, Underborough 42
1Richard VernonMrs SnowA house in Bude Street 42
2Richard VernonMr WilliamsThree houses 84
2Charles WillsHimselfA house 84
2George Williams (sailmaker)HimselfA house, late George Jeffery 84
2John WoodHimselfA house 84
1William WilliamsHimselfA house in New Street 42
1Mrs T WillsMorrishA house 42
1Mary WickhamHerselfA house 42
2Late Jane WilliamsHillman, etcA house 84
1John Williams, painterHimselfA house 42
~Late George WatkinsMrs FarrellA housePoor  
1George WilliamsHimselfA house 42
1Henry WilliamsHimselfA house 84
2Henry WilliamsHimselfA house late Smiths 84
1William WrenHimselfA house 42
 Thomas Hogg   70
 This rate was seen and allowed by us the 27th day of May 1828  
 J Limebear Harding     
 R Walter     
 Rd Pine Coffin