Northam Land Tax

Transcribed by David Carter 2019
Taken from fiche copy in North Devon Record Office.


An assessment made for granting an Aid to His Majesty by a LAND TAX, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year 1832 in pursuance of an Act passed in the 38th year of the Reign of His late Majesty Geo.III intituled "An Act for granting an Aid to His Majesty by a LAND TAX, to be raised in Great Britain, for the Service of the Year 1798" and of another Act passed in the Forty-second of His said late Majesty's Reign, intituled, "An Act for consolidating the Provisions of the several Acts passed for the redemption and Sale of the Land Tax in One Act, and for making further Provision for the Redemption and Sale thereof." Assessed by us: John Penney, Richard Berry, Assessors. We do hereby return: Robert Yeoland as an able and sufficient person, living within the limits and bounds of the said Parish of Northam to be Collector of the monies as aforesaid.

1Thomas B AyshJames BrownscombeA dwelling house 42
20Executors of late J BensonJames Gould esqNapp House, etc434
7Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyYeo's192
3Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyDoctons 126
3Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyBennetts 126
4Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyHigher Napp 168
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyEllis's 84
1Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyLate Charles Darracotts 42
7Executors of late J BensonJohn PickardLate Thomz'n Darracotts192
3Executors of late J BensonJohn PickardWindmill field 126
14Executors of late J BensonJohn PenhorwoodQuarry2184
6Executors of late J BensonJohn PenhorwoodHammetts150
3Executors of late J BensonJohn PenhorwoodGibbs ground 126
4Executors of late J BensonJohn PenhorwoodDean's Collabear 168
1Executors of late J BensonJohn PenhorwoodField late Ruggs 42
1Executors of late J BensonSamuel HockridgeNotts 42
2Executors of late J BensonGeorge ColePart of Middle Rawleigh 84
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyLate Langdons 84
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyGraters Meadow 84
4Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyWooda 168
5Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyBidna1010
1Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyPart of Jurys 42
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyHobbs field 84
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyHockadays 84
1Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyPart of Lewis Hill 42
3Executors of late J BensonMr WoodleyMarshford 126
2Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyPart of Burners 84
4Executors of late J BensonWilliam CauseyPart of Burners 168
3Executors of late J BensonRev'd Mr ThomasDock House 126
1Executors of late J BensonJohn WilliamsLewis Hill field 42
3L W Buck esqMary StoneMoor Park & Jefferys 126
2L W Buck esqMary StoneSmallridges 84
4L W Buck esqMary StoneGodburrow 168
9L W Buck esqMary StoneSilford1176
4George BrayleyHimselfOrchard Hill House 168
7George BrayleyHimselfOrchard Hill Estate192
1John BowmanHimselfPart of Lyells 42
50Mrs BartonGeorge DowningBurrough1084
2Mrs BartonGeorge DowningPigs Court & Orchard 84
2Mrs BartonGeorge DowningDoctons 84
1Mrs BartonGeorge DowningBurrough Well 42
1Executors of Nicholas BakersMrs SeatonPart of Whitson 42
1John BurchHimselfLate Tallins House 42
1Richard Burch & SonThemselvesLate Mr Leys part of Glovers 42
1John BassettHimselfA house 42
3William Bartlett esqHimselfA house 126
1Thomas CookHimselfA house 42
6James CrealockHimselfBulls Cleave150
3James CrealockHimselfAshridge 126
5Chapman & AyshThemselvesPart of Durrant1010
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesWilliams Field 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesHouse and garden 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesLate Hammetts 42
1Chapman & AyshThemselvesVoscoms 42
1Richard ChapmanR J HooperBlackmores Diddywell 42
7Richard ChapmanR J HooperDiddywell192
12Late William CrealockElenor CrealockAshridge2100
21Mrs A CaddyJohn WoollacottHyde476
3William CawseyHimselfLate Harris's 84
2William CawseyHimselfRogers Bidna 126
1George ColeHimselfHouse and garden 42
1John CockHimselfA house 42
1John CockHimselfA house 42
1Henry DayJas PickardA house 42
1Mr DunnMary LockA house 42
71Dean of WindsorJames CocksRectory141510
3William FursdonHimself2 houses 126
1John FisherEdward BalsonHouse & garden 42
18James Gould esqWilliam WilliamsCommons3150
3James Gould esqGeorge CarterWises 126
1Edward GeorgeHimselfHouse and garden 42
3Edward GeorgeD & M BrayleyPart of Orchard Hill 126
1Late GallawaysJohn ShuttA house 42
22Mr John HusbandMrs AdderlyHalf of Rawleigh4118
22Mr John HusbandMrs AdderlyHalf of Rawleigh4118
1Mr John HusbandJohn PickardOne third Stamburys 42
7Mr John HusbandMr ReynoldsCross and Daddon192
1Mr John HusbandMr ReynoldsPart of Kings & Honeys 42
2Mr John HusbandWilliam FursdonLord's Meadow 84
3Mr John HusbandWilliam FursdonLate Burches Estate 126
2Mr John HusbandJohn PickardTwo thirds of Stamburys 84
1Mr John HusbandGeorge ColeWest Rawleigh 42
1Mr John HusbandGeorge ColeAverys 42
1Mr John HusbandMr ReynoldsCross field 42
1William C HatherlyGeorge ColeBickenfield 42
1James & Richard HoneyThemselvesSmales 42
1James & Richard HoneyThemselvesHeales 42
12Mr HeywoodJohn MarquisHengistcastle2100
11Lady HughsRobertsHallsannary2510
1Late William JewellsMr Partridge & DennisHouse and orchard 42
2Rev'd Mr JohnsonJohn PalmerDinners meadow 84
1Sarah JenkinsMr HumeA house Orchard Hill 42
10Sarah JenkinsJohn Palmer junrCleave Houses estate218
5Sarah JenkinsJohn Palmer junrYeos Cleave Houses estate1010
2Sarah JenkinsC CurtisPart Orchard Hill 84
3Sarah JenkinsTaylor & CurtisLate Chappells, Orchard Hill 126
1Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandGreataburrow 42
1Sarah JenkinsEdmund EnglandRogermans, Lewishill 42
3Sir Richard KeatsGeorge ColeLate Jane Fords 126
6Sir Richard KeatsLt Col GordonPort Hill150
8Sir Richard KeatsLt Col GordonLendwood1134
8J S Ley esqHimselfDurrant1134
1J S Ley esqHimselfPort 42
1J S Ley esqHimselfPart of Dallas 42
1⅓J S Ley esqWalter OakPart of Maryfield 5
35J S Ley esqMrs CoppAshridge7510
2J S Ley esqJohn MillsColly Park 84
3J S Ley esqJohn MillsPart of Muddix 126
5J S Ley esqJohn MillsGoardings Muddix1010
3J S Ley esqGeorge ColeGlovers 84
4Mrs LloydHerselfHouse & late Ashtons 168
5Mrs LloydHerselfChope House1010
3Mrs LloydHerselfChope House late Turners 126
1Mrs LloydHerselfMartins field 42
3Mr LoggenHimselfMelville House 126
2Mr LoggenHimselfField opposite Melville House 910
1Mrs LewisMiss BattusA house 42
2Late LeathernsGeorge SimmonsPimply 84
4Pate Lock[blank]Late Bakers Orchard Hill 168
1William LeeHimselfA house 42
1Thomas LordHimselfA house 42
1Thomas LockHimselfA house 42
22Thomas LockJos: EvansWatertown estate4118
~Grace MullinsHerselfA housePoor  
1John MugfordHimselfA house 42
1John MugfordJohn WilliamsA house 42
1John MugfordHimself, etcA house & orchard 42
4Rev'd T MillHimselfArscotts & Rosiers 168
17Late MarksGeorge MillsBullhead31010
4Late MarshesJohn CauseyWooda 168
5Mr LawWilliam JefferyYoungaton1010
1William PartridgeThomas HortopA house 42
1William PartridgeHimselfThroat Meadow 42
5William PartridgeHimselfA house & Collamers1010
1William PartridgeWm & G WilliamsLate Doctons 42
5William PartridgeWilliam Partridge junrLate Doctons1010
2Mr John PykeCharles GribbleStaddon House 84
8Mr John PykeMr VernonStaddon estate1134
1Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePart of Hengist Castle 42
1Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeMasters Meadow 42
5Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgeBonehill1010
10Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePeter Whites218
8Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePollands1134
4Mrs Jane PykeRichard BerryMiddletons & Gillhouse 168
2Mrs Jane PykeWilliam LashbrookScamps & Willetts 84
10Mrs Jane PykeWilliam LashbrookEllis's Underburrow218
3Mrs Jane PykeWilliam LashbrookRosegill 126
3Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottPludy Meadows 126
4Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottHillhead 168
1Mrs Jane PykeJohn WoollacottField late Yeos 42
2Mrs Jane PykeWilliam PartridgePart of Vissicks 84
1Mrs Jane PykeMr VernonWoods Assells 42
1Mrs Jane PykeMr VernonField late Yeos 42
1Late Elizabeth PickardJohn PickardA house 42
6Late Elizabeth PickardJohn PickardCollabear150
1Late Elizabeth PickardJohn PickardPrances field 42
1Late Elizabeth PickardJohn PickardLate Hortops field 42
1J Penhorwood & Mr E ReynoldsMr E Reynolds & TawtonLate Collacotts 42
1J Penhorwood & Mr E ReynoldsAlexander Penhorwood2 houses late Locks 42
12Mr E ReynoldsJohn PickardFord2100
3Mr E ReynoldsHimselfCleve Lands 126
1Mr E ReynoldsHimselfPart of Maryfield 42
1Mr E ReynoldsMr ReynoldsPart of Lyells 42
Mr E ReynoldsHimselfCurtice's & Bakers 152
1Mr E ReynoldsHimselfWhitebear 42
3Messrs Ross & GeorgeWilliam FursdonGrigg's Close & Shoot Meadow 126
1Late Mrs BarrysRichard BerrySoudons 42
4Late Mrs BarrysRichard BerryVernams & Bremridges 168
3Mr RowJohn Cock & William BeerLate Yeo's fields 126
1Mr RowWilliam ParkinHouse & garden 42
3Mr RowWilliam ParkinArscotts 126
1William RookWilliam CauseyLate Salmons house 42
1William RookHimselfLate Hoopers house 42
1Mr ReynoldsHimselfA house 42
1John SandersHimselfA house 42
6William SmithHimselfChircombe150
2William SandersHenry MartinLate Collins's Mill 84
15William SandersHimselfHallsannary326
1Sanders & BrindThomas GilbertA house 42
2Sarah StephensElenor CrealockAshridge 84
1Mrs StoneHerselfLate Pophams 42
2Ann ThomasHerselfPart of Kings 84
1Ann TuplinHerselfThe Swan 42
4Ann TuplinHerselfSmales & Statsons 168
11Major WrenEdward BaleWhitson2510
6Major WrenHimselfRawley & Hammetts150
1Major WrenHimselfGarlands 42
1Major WrenHimselfPart of Middle Rawley 42
3Major WrenHimselfNotts 126
1John WilliamsHimselfA house 42
1John WilliamsHimselfLewis Hill field 42
~Widow WoodBetty SandersA housePoor  
1Ann AllenMatthew WilliamsA house 42
1Henry AcfordHimselfA house 42
~Ann BoyleHerselfA housePoor  
~Thomas BrownscombeHimselfA housePoor  
1John BridgmanMr CoppA house 42
1George Brooks (New St)HimselfA house 42
1Stephen BartlettHimselfA house, late Tawins(?) 42
1John BearaHimselfA house 42
1John BearaHimselfA house 42
1John BearaHimselfA house 42
1John BearaHimselfA house 42
~Thomas Bowden senrHimselfA housePoor  
1Thomas Bowden junrHimselfA house 42
1Esther BowdenHerselfA house 42
2Mrs BrooksHerselfA house 84
2Richard BerwickHimselfA house 84
1James BerryHimselfA house 42
1Alexander BearaHimselfA house 42
1Mrs BlighHerselfA house 42
1Thomas BiddowGeorge ColeA house 42
1Widow BrooksJohn RobbinsA house 42
1Esther BowdenRichard WilliamsA house 42
Thomas CookHimselfPart of Baples 60
1Thomas CookHimselfA house, late Jane Williams 42
1James CocksRichard PassmoreA house 42
4James ChappellCap. JacksonA house 168
2James ChappellRichard BerwickBurners 84
2James ChappellHenry WilliamsBurdens 84
1William ClibbettJane CookA house 42
1William ClibbettHimselfPart of Jurys 42
2William ClibbettHimselfA house 84
1William ClibbettHimselfA house 42
1William ClibbettHimselfA house late Irwins 42
3William Clibbett junrHimselfA house late P Jones's 126
1William ColeHimselfA house 42
~Esther CadeHerselfA housePoor  
1Mrs CooperHerselfA house 42
1Mrs CooperMr KeysA house 42
1Mrs CooperMary EvansA house 42
1Mrs CooperColesA house 42
1Mrs CooperJohn RoweA house, late Three Tons 42
1Mrs CooperWidow WidgeryA house, late Drews 42
1Mrs CooperJoseph BassettA house, late Widdons 42
1Mrs CooperWidow BennettA house, late S Peaks 42
1Mrs CooperStephen ShortA house, late Williams 42
2Late Mr CrunnsWilliam BurnakleA house 84
1Late Mr CrunnsGeorge BrooksA house 42
1Cook & BurnakleTownsendA house, late Smiths 42
7William ChappellHimselfLate Doctons192
1William ChappellHimselfLate John Mowles 42
2William ChappellHimselfRobins's Field 84
4William ChappellHimselfAssells 168
6William ChappellHimselfMartins150
2William ChappellHimselfA house & Field 84
3William ChappellJenkins & Rymas2 Public Houses 126
1William ChappellHimselfA house 42
2William ChappellHimselfRope Walk 84
2William ChappellHimself2 Winseries 84
2William ChappellHimselfTamlins field 84
3William ChappellHimselfLate Brooks's 126
1William ChappellKelly, etcTwo new houses 42
1William ChappellP Quance, etcJefferys 42
1William ChappellHimselfScamps 42
~Elizabeth ClibbettHerselfA housePoor  
1Elizabeth ClacksonMrs SnowA house 42
2Miss Mary ChappellMr ChappellA house 84
1Miss Mary ChappellCharles ChappellMalt House 42
7Richard DartHimselfPart of Baples1100
2Late DenhamsMr TuckerA house 84
1Robert DayHimselfA house 42
1Robert & Susanna DayHimselfA house 42
5Dean of WindsorMr CocksA house, late Coates1010
1Widow DoidgeHerselfA house 42
1Caesar EdgerHimselfA house 42
3Richard Cooper EvansMrs CooperAssells 126
1Elizabeth EvansMr HooperLate Tawtons 42
1Elizabeth EvansMrs CooperHammetts Assels 42
1William EastmanGeorge PeakeA house 42
2Thomas HaydonLang & ChannonLate Gaskins 84
1Late GunnsRossA house 42
1Late GunnsIsaac BoonA house 42
1Late GunnsEvansA house 42
1Late GunnsGodfreyA house 42
1Late GunnsWidow ShadickA house 42
2Mrs M HallsHerselfA house 84
1Mrs M HallsShuutA house 42
1Thomas HallsHimselfA house, Pitt 42
1Thomas HallsWilliam GorrellA house & garden 42
1Thomas HallsHimselfA house 42
2John HancockHimselfA house 84
2Late William HernamanMr HodgesA house 84
2John HooperHimselfA house 84
1John HooperHimselfA house 42
2John HooperBuckler, etc4 houses 84
1Mary HeardMiss HernamanA house 42
2Phillis HooperHerselfA house 84
2Phillis HooperMrs Paddon2 houses 84
1William HearnsHimselfA house, Bude Street 42
1Late HazelsThomas ShortA house 42
3Mr T HoggV[acant]Late Mr Pykes 126
6Mr T HoggHimself & Mr Dennis2 houses150
2Mr T HoggMary WinchA house 84
7Mr T HoggJohn BarryDiddawell192
1Mr T HoggBuddPowers Garden 42
3Mr T HoggE Thomas, etcDallis at Orchard Hill 126
7Mr T HoggGuard, etcLate Hoopers, Orchard Hill192
2Mr T HoggHimselfPart of Langdons 84
1Mr W HammettRichard EnglandA house 42
1Mr W HammettKitty BeayleyA house 42
2Thomas Hogg (Barum)Joshua WilliamsA house 84
4Thomas Hogg (Barum)William CawseyPart of Wooda 168
1Late William HernamansSamuel TurnerA house 42
1Charles HartnollHimselfA house 42
1Late JefferysWilliam WoodA house 42
2Mr KingdomWilliam WilliamsA house 84
2Richard LewisHimselfA house 84
1Richard LewisJohn EnglandA house 42
1John LobbettHimselfA house 42
1John LobbettHimselfA house 42
1Judith LewisHerselfA house 42
1Peter LangHimselfA house 42
1LemmonHimselfA house 42
2Richard LimberyMr RoddA house 84
Philip LangHimselfA house, part of Baples100
1Late MainsCap. TurnerA house 42
2Mrs MilesHerselfA house 84
~Jane MuxworthyHerselfA housePoor  
2Henry MartinHimselfA house 84
1James MatthewsHimselfA house 42
1Thomas NichollsNoah EnglandA house 42
2John Pyke (Braunton)Lang, etcA house 84
1Thomas PenhorwoodHimselfA house 42
1Alexander PenhorwoodWilliam HoreA house 42
1Thomas ParminterHimselfA house 42
2Mr PullmanMr StavelyA house 84
2Thomas PophamHimselfA house 84
1Thomas PophamHimselfA sail loft 42
3Thomas PophamHimselfLate Stranges 126
2William Penney junrHimselfA house 84
1Pyke & FishwickMrs FishwickA house 42
2John PenneyHimselfA house late Mrs Downs 84
2John PenneyDavid NichollsChampion Wales 84
1John PenneyPhilip GuyA house 42
1Thomas PenneyHimselfMalt House 42
2William Penney senrSimon LewisA house 84
1William Penney senrB WilliamsA house 42
1Humphry ParrettHimselfA house 42
1Humphry ParrettWilliam TurnbullA house 42
1Fanny PunchardHerselfA house 42
2Mrs PykeMr Vernon, etcPart of Woods Assells 84
1Mrs PykeMr Vernon, etcCroscombs field 42
2John RoddMiss RoddA house 84
4Mrs M RookMr VernonPitt & 2 fields 168
2Mrs M RookMrs CooperPart of Wilkinsons 84
1Mrs M RookWilliam JefferyLakes 42
10Mrs M RookWilliam JefferyYoungaton218
1Mrs M RookMr HooperPart of Currys 42
2Mrs M RookWilliam SmithLate Mules's 84
2Mrs M RookJohn WilliamsWebbers and Southcotts 84
1Mrs M RookPeter LockA house 42
2Mrs M RookMiss DriskillA house 84
2Mrs M RookMr WrenA house 84
3Mrs M RookMrs HughsLate Sarles's estate 126
1Mrs M RookMrs HughsLate Hortops 42
1Mrs M RookMrs CooperA field 42
2R Sargant & T FisherThemselves2 houses 84
~William SmallridgeHimselfA housePoor  
1Dean of WindsorMr GrovesA house 42
2Dean of WindsorWilliam HooperA house 84
2Dean of WindsorMr CocksA house 84
2Phillis SwindaleHerselfA house 84
4Mary RichardsMr ChappellAssells 168
1Mary RichardsMr ChappellUnderwoods field 42
2Mary RichardsRichard BerwickBarzeys & Jurys 84
2T Shaxson's widowHerselfA house 84
~Nancy SladerHerselfA housePoor  
2Late Sarles'sMr HowA house 84
2Mrs SalmonMary KingA house 84
1Mrs SalmonWilliam HooperA house 42
1Dolly StrangeHerselfA house 42
2Thomas ShaxsonRichard BerryEstate Underburrow 84
3Thomas ShaxsonHimselfA house 126
1William StapletonHimselfA house 42
1William StapletonSquireA house 42
1Pater[nel] ShaxonHerselfA house 42
1Squire [&] HumeRobert TatehamA house 42
~Widow SnellHerselfA housePoor  
1Sowden & LewisSowden & BowdenA house 42
11Stavely & SonJohn PalmerDiddawell2510
John ThomasHimselfPart of Baples 100
1Philip ThomasHimselfA house 42
1Edward SandersHimselfHouse, late Jane Lobbetts 42
1John Thomas (Pitt)Beer & ShortA house 42
9Samuel TetherlyWilliam BeerTadworthy1176
3Samuel TetherlyMr BeerRuddy Cross 126
7Samuel TetherlyHimselfStaddon192
2Samuel TetherlyHimselfA house 84
2Samuel TetherlyMrs WilliamsA house 84
2Samuel TetherlyHimselfKings & Daddon 84
1J W TuckerWidow PodeA house 42
12Tomouth TrusteesJohn Causey, etcCocks Charity2100
1Sarah TruelockGeorge ShortA house 42
2R E TyrrellHimselfA house 84
1Late Jane Thomas'sCole, Norman, etc3 houses 42
1Trustees MeetingHillmanA house 42
1Trustees MeetingRichard AcfordA house 42
2Late Mrs VernonsSamuel VernonPart of Brownings 84
2Late Mrs VernonsMiss VernonLate Harris's 84
3Late Mrs VernonsMiss VernonA house 126
2Late Joan VernonsV[acant]A house 84
¾Richard Vernon junrJ G WilliamsPart of Baples 30
5Mr VernonHimselfFolly1010
3Mr VernonHimselfEstate Underburrow 126
2Mr VernonJohn SandersEstate at Five Elms 84
8Mr VernonHimselfA house and field1134
1Mr VernonMiss NorrisCottage 42
1Mr VernonLesley, etcLate Cooks 84
2Mr VernonHimself, etc3 houses, late Wills 84
Mr VernonHimself, etc, CookPart of Baples 60
1George Williams junrJames BeerLate Pills 42
1William WilliamsWidow HooperLate Rev'd P Thomas 42
2Late Mr Wills'sMr CorbishlyA house 84
2George Williams (Pitt)HimselfA house 84
2John WoodHimselfA house 84
1William WilliamsHimselfA house 42
1Mrs T WillsKellyA house 42
1Late Mrs WickhamsDaniel LovernA house 42
2Late Jane WilliamsMr Vernon3 houses 84
~John Williams, painterHimselfA housePoor  
~Late George Watkins'sWidow FarrellA housePoor  
1George Williams senrHimselfA house 42
2Henry WilliamsHimselfA house 84
2Henry WilliamsHimselfA house 84
1Late Mr W WrenMrs WrenA house 42
1Mr WaltersCap. HowsA house, Irwins 42
2Joshua WilliamsGeorge WilliamsA house, Irwins 84
 Duty on Personal Estates     
 Thomas Hogg   70
 Bideford 4th June 1832     
 Seen and allowed by us     
 Richard Pine Coffin junr     
 Richard Pine Coffin