Northam Pew List

Transcribed by David Carter 2017
Taken from original document in North Devon Record Office, ref: 1843A/PW/2/e/77

This Pew List document was commenced in 1650, and recorded the agreed seating positions for all parishioners who paid pew rent. The document was written by various clerks in different inks and handwriting, but this transcript has tried to extract as much information as possible.

This was a working document, and contains many changes when people died or left the parish. Their names were erased, crossed out, or over-written. This transcript indicates where names have been crossed out. All names have been transcribed verbatim.

The closest you were to the front of the church, the higher your social standing, so apart from seeing this list of names, it is also interesting to see where people sat. The rough layout plan below has been constructed from the notes in this Pew List document, and the area numbers are cross-referenced to the transcript.



1650 Northam Pew List transcription

Richard Vicary and William Clement the younger, churchwardens

Area 1 (see plan)

Mens seats on the north side of the new church

Pew #NameNotes
1Mathew Halswill 
2John Hillman 
2John Wilcocke 
3Christopher Hopper 
4John ~?~[faded]
4Richard S~~~~[faded]
4Thomas A~~~ye[faded]
4Samuel Gerren 
4Peter Whelcombe 
5John Pickard 
5James Huxtable 
6Richard YellandCrossed out
6Richard Raulinge 
6Beniamin Kinge 
6Nicholas Hamett 
7Peter Nichell 
7Richard BennettCrossed out
7John Crocker 
8John HernamanCrossed out
8John BurgemanCrossed out
8Phillip CarnesCrossed out
8John Ham 
8William YeoCrossed out
8John Browning senr 
8James King 
8Nicholas Hammett 
8John CollemoreCrossed out
8Thomas WhitsonCrossed out
8William Lowe(?) 
9William Cade 
9Jonathan Howe(?) 
9Christopher Yeo 
9Petter Lambartt 
9Georg Muls 
9John Lessland 
9Robart Brooke 


Area 2 (see plan)

Mens seats on the south side in the newest part of the church

Pew #NameNotes
1John Hogg 
1Thomas Davy turner 
2John Drew 
3Richard WestacottCrossed out
3John Snowe 
3Peter Martyn 
4Phillip Coman 
4William Webber 
4Anthony Lemman 
4George Radmore 
4George Reede 
5Ambros Manadon 
5Stephen Pearde 
6William Wise 
6Owen Dennys 
6Peter Hartnoll 
7Hugh Pollard 
8John Nichols 
8William Rogers 
8Thomas Downman(?)Crossed out
8William Voscomb 

Area 3 (see plan)

Mens seats on the north side of the oldest part of the church from the step westwards

Pew #NameNotes
1John Heale junr 
1Roger Borges 
1Beniamin KingCrossed out
1William Lyld 
1John Tetherly 
1John Ffathars 
2Beniamin King 
2Edward Derver 
2Robert Voscombe 
2Marke Ellis 
2David Baker 
2John Dennis senr 
3John Scampe 
3William Thomas 
3John Cleaveland(?) 
3John Mesh 
3Thomas Whitson 

Area 4 (see plan)

Women's seates on the north side

Pew #NameNotes
1Johan Leman(?) 
1Ann Laiolin 
1Elizabeth Bowden 
1Thomasin Loaman 
1Elizabeth Griffith 
1Elizabeth Marsh 
2Joan Gourda 
2Susana Blecke(?) 
2Joane Leaman 
2Honnor Whitson 
2Mary Mattacott 
2Anne King 
3Mary Buse 
3Sibella GarlandCrossed out
3Mary Leg 
3Sarah Bennett 
3Joane Ash widdowCrossed out
3Feseny(?) Quick 
3Elizabeth Langdon 
4Agnes Sanders 
4Grace Winslade 
4Julina(?) PickardCrossed out
4Wilmot Robbins 
4Katheren Lyll 
4Ellnor Cade(?)Crossed out
4Mary TetherlyCrossed out
4Elizabeth Symonds 
5Amye Weymouth 
5Mary Robyns 
5Gilmy(?) Mersh 
5Mary Pikes 
5Ellinor Dennis(?) 
5Phillippy Comer 
6Elizabeth Harris 
6Julian Youe 
6Rebecca Wood 
6Temperance Copner 
6Mary ~?~Crossed out
6Mary Man 
6Mary Tetherly 
6Katherine ~?~Crossed out
6Grace Peate 
7Willmott Richards 
7Joan Tucker 
7Elnor Browning 
7Mary Whitson 
7Mary Hammott 
8Agnes Martin 
8Eliz Langdon 
8Mary Greater 
8Margarett Hartnoll 
8Ebbett Holman 
8Philly Hammett 
9Joan Molton 
9Joan Blake 
9Agnis Cooke 
9Wilmott Nichol 
9Katharine Topp 
10Phillis Hammett 
10Alice Gemmon 
10Joan Browning 
10Susanna Blake 
10Mary HackridgeCrossed out
10Elezebth Budon 
10Winifred King 
11Ffrances Smale 
11Winifred Hoxtable 
11Paschoe Croker 
11Frances Cocke 
11Mary Williams 
11Julian Hilman 
11Margarett Wilcocke 
11Joan Harris 
11Elizabeth King 

Area 5 (see plan)

Behinde the North Church dore

Pew #NameNotes
1Mary Sanders 
1Anne Hooper 
1Fayth Beard 
1Agnes Jorye 
1Alice Heardinge 
1Anne Rulland 
2Joan May 
2Wilmot Griffith 
2Prudence Lemmon 
2Mary Barnehouse 
2Joan Burden 
2Margarett Hogg 
3Susan Hopkyn 
3Mary BarnhouseCrossed out
3Joane Pickard 
3Mary Stephen 
3Joan Hoxtable 
3Jane Tooker 
3Phillipe H~ye(?) 
4Honor Drew 
4Margarett Pickard 
4Agnes Lewood 
5Mary Milton 
5Audery H~~~~sCrossed out

Area 6 (see plan)

[No stated location or numbers for these pews, but obviously reserved for gentry]

Pew #NameNotes
 ~Robert King 
 ~Peter Benson 
 ~James Cocke 
Robert Huxland 
John WhitsonCrossed out
John JefferyCrossed out
John Baker 
Thomas Chaple 
Thomas Harris 
Thomas Dorrman(?)Crossed out
5John Haines 
5Miles Ellis 
4Mistress Mary Berry 
3William Hammott 
3Christopher Browning jun. 
2Thomas Vernam 
2John WattsCrossed out
2Geo: Mules 
1Thomas Gribble 
1William Davis 

Area 7 (see plan)

Womens seats adjoining on the north side of the pillers

Pew #NameNotes
1Joan Lake 
1Willmott Scamp 
1Grace ~?~Crossed out
2Frances Huckins 
2Susanna B~~~Crossed out
2Anne GarrettCrossed out
2Elizabeth King 
2Sarah Hayns 
2Mary Vincent 
3Cecill Browning 
3Elizabeth Ellis 
3Jone Coules 
3Welthian Wood 
4Katherine Kinge 
4Joan Scampe 
4Elizabeth Darver 
4Edithe(?) BennettCrossed out
4Margarett Hogge 
5Prudence ~~~~ettCrossed out
5Emme EllisCrossed out
5Mary Hammet 
5Margaret QuanceCrossed out
5Phillipe Herneman 
5Hester Jeffery 
6Marey Wise: 
6Rawling Drew 
6Christian(?) Hopland 
7Christian Ellis 
7Elizabeth KingCrossed out
7Mary Crascombe 
7Samas(?) Drue 
7Peternel Dener 
8~?~ Bellenger(?) 
8Mary Sanders 
8Sara Peckard 
8Alice Dennis 
8Thomazin ~?~ 
8Lydia Titherleigh 
9Alice Perken(?)Crossed out
9Susanna Coules(?) 
9Elynor Fathers(?)Crossed out
9Katherine Orchard 
9Christian Smyth 
9Elizabeth GoodCrossed out
9Torm Gardin(?) 
10Prescilla Kinge 
10Elinor Joans 
10Agnes ~?~(?) 
10Elizabeth Sleeper 
11Dorothy Drew 
11Thomzen Pike 

Area 8 (see plan)

Below the Alley.

Pew #NameNotes
1Mary Ware 
1Agnes Dobre(?) 
1Amey Benett 
1Mary Barnhouse 
2Richord Browne 
2T~~~len DrewCrossed out
2Elizabeth Wise 
2Joan Brooke 
2Joan Prance 
3Katheryne Seward 
3Joan Ffrase 
3Yerret Sweet 
4Margery Pickard 
4Agnes Martyn 
4Elizabeth Griffith 
4Mary Kinge 
4Willmott Oyens 
5Phillip Sherman 
6Elizabeth Dennis 
6Thomazin Laurannce 
6Margarett Slade 
7Agnes Shurt 

Area 9 (see plan)

Mens seates on the north side of the souther part of the church

Pew #NameNotes
1Thomas Melhuish 
1Mr Peter Docton 
1Arthur Haache 
2Etheldred DarracottCrossed out
2William Darracott 
2William Bennett 
3Mr William Hernaman 
3John Vernam ferd(?)Crossed out
3Lawrence Draper 
4Robert TurnerCrossed out
4Thomas GribbleCrossed out
4Edmund Pickard 
4John Bishop jun. 

Area 10 (see plan)

Womens seates on the south side of the pillers

Pew #NameNotes
1Margarett Bishopp 
1Mrs Amey Rouser 
1Phillippe Hach 
1Anne Lauerence 
1Mrs Joan Smigh (sic) 
2Grace B~~~~~ll?Crossed out
2Joan Draper 
2Mary RogersCrossed out
2Bridgett CloweCrossed out
2Thomazin Darracot 
2Susan Palmer 
2Eme Bishopp 
2Elizabeth Coke 
3Mary Rowe 
3Wilmott Bennett 
3Margarett BennettCrossed out
3Joane Cocke 
3Sarah Beaple 
3Margrye Wernham 
4Johane Baker 
4Emy BerrowCrossed out
4Elizabeth DraperCrossed out
4Patience Darracott 
4Susanna Benson 
4Phillip Hernaman 
4Margaret Thomas 
4Agnes Heale 
4Mary Downman 
5Grace Yeo 
5Sarah Hernaman 
6Mary Yeo 
6Alice Burgess 
6Margarett Cade 
6Anne Rowland 
6Christian Garland 
6Phillippe Hockin 
7Susana Be~~~~Crossed out
7Elizabeth Abeavan 
7Jane(?) King 
7~~~~th Callamon? 
7Elizabeth Walkey 
7Elizabeth GribbleCrossed out
7Agnes Gribble 
8Anne Lake 
8~?~ Hill 
8Mary Browning 
8Jane Farthers(?) 
8Amey Man 
9Marey Martengall 
9Eme Brook 
9Elizabeth Pickard 
9Sarah Voscombe 
10Hannah Willett 
10Grace Hogge 
10Rachell Tucker 
10Mary Tebbe 
10Alice Burgess(?) 
10Sarah Slote 
11Mary Marshe 
11Joan Hatherlye 
11Mary Harris 
11Mary Griffith 
11Christon Smale 

Area 11 (see plan)

Womens seats below the Allye

Pew #NameNotes
1Sibelle C~~~~~(?)Crossed out
1Elnor Downes 
1Mary Sarell 
1Joan Thorne 
1Amye Rowe 
1Mary Heard 
2Richoad(?) Bartlett 
2Marg: Browning 
2Agnes Harris 
2Joan Jerrett 
2Honnor Pollard 
3Siblye Hooper 
3Joan Pope 
3Audery(?) HowellCrossed out
3Alice Wilcocke 
3Ursulla Seawell 
3Mary Braily 
4Thomsen Moule 
4Anne Michell 
4Margarett Hammott 
4Susannah Summers 
4Mary Reed 
5Phillip Row 
5Marke(?) Stevens 
5Alice T~~derCrossed out
5Mary HoggCrossed out
5Elizabeth Beere 
5Grace Peard 
6Jane Hosegood 
6Agnes Goard 
6Jane Rudgman 
6Joan Kinge 
7Margarett Hedden 
7Elizabeth GriffithCrossed out
7Yeoruth Sweete 
7Priscilla Beard 
8Elizabeth Snow 
8Ebbott Thorne 
8Mary Griffith 

Area 12 (see plan)

Mens seats on the souther side of the church

Pew #NameNotes
1Mr William LeighCrossed out
1Sir Thomas Berry 
2Edward RoweCrossed out
2Etheldred Beaple 
2Mr Smith 
3Thomas Collemore 
3William Cade 
3John Vernam 
4John Stutson 
4Melchard Yeo 
5George Bennett 
5Thomas Vernam 
5John Berrill(?) 

Area 13 (see plan)

Womens seates on the south side of the church

Pew #NameNotes
~Mrs Elizabeth DoctonBult by her husband
1Jane Arscott 
1Agnes Burnard 
1Phillip Limbry 
1Mary Collamore 
1Thomazin Coules 
1Mary(?) Dibb (Gibb?) 
2Nichol Fortescue 
2Katharine King 
2Ellynor Hammett 
2Prudence Pike 
2Alice BakerCrossed out
2Marg(?) HarrisCrossed out
3Mary Strange 
3Agnes ~~~?~~~Crossed out
3Agnes Mules 
3Katharine Bennett 
3Anne Blackmore 
3Ffrances Vernam 
4Susannah Mules 
4Em: Comer 
4Emme Baker 
4Ellnor Deneys 
4Katharine Rendle 
5Ann Hoxland 
5Katherine(?) KingeCrossed out
5Prudence Tallyn 
5Grace Cade 
5Agnes Lang 
5Margarett Baker 
6~~~krie(?) Dinnis 
6Elizabeth Prust 
6Elizabath Chapell 
6Anne Burgesse 
6Eme Hanger 
7Agnes Nicholl 
7Johan Leonard 
7Patience Quance 
7Mary Chaple 
7Anne Hatherley 

Area 14 (see plan)

Womens seates behinde the south church dore

Pew #NameNotes
1Margaret Boyen 
1Eme Harris 
1Allice Hammett 
1Elizabeth G~~~?Crossed out
1Agnes AbevanCrossed out
1Joan EllisCrossed out
1Mary Bernard 
1Margarett Hamal(?) 
2Alic Williams 
2Mary Trout 
2~~~~(?) DarracottCrossed out
2~?~ Hogg(?)Crossed out
2Thomzen Collcott(?)Crossed out
2Mary WiseCrossed out
2Mary RugeCrossed out
2Phillippe Snowe 
2Elner Hamln 
2Eday Bodman 
3Elynor Davye 
3Katherine PhilpCrossed out
3Christian Snowe 
3Mary Westacott 
3Agnes Hoge 
3Grace Philpe 
4Mary Norman 
4Katheryne Wilcocke 
4Frances Wise 
4Elizabeth Buttecombe 
4Phillipe Walter 
5Ebbett Drew 
5Agnes Borrough 
5Eme Gilbert 
5Willmott Colemor 
6Elynor Harris 
6Elizabeth Wise 
6Joan Gamon 
6Katherine Hogg 
6Thomazin Legg 
7Philles Whitheire 
7Pascoe Redmore 
7Grace Jones 
8Mary Thomas 

Area 15 (see plan)

Mens seates in the south yeele under the looft (on the easter side)

Pew #NameNotes
1Joseph Pike 
1William Cade(?)Crossed out
1Lewes Burnard 
1Richard Wood 
1Joseph Comer 
1Thomas Downman 
1Robert Hernaman 
2George Dinnes 
2William Blackmore con'ble 
2John Moule(?)Crossed out
2John Hamlen 
2Thomas Pearce(?)Crossed out
2Thomas Collemer 
2Georg Langdon 
2John Jeffery 
3Edward Rowland 
3John Benson 
3William Hogge 
3Richard Sanders 
3Thomas Williams 
3John Hernaman 
4Thomas Jerrett(?) 
4Edmund Strange 
4Thomas Heyward 
4William Voscombe 
4William Gordin 
4Mark Chappell 
4M~~~~~ wood(?)Crossed out
5John Thorne 
5John Moore 
5John Barnhowse 
5William Loman 
5George Pickard 
6Allexander NichollCrossed out
6Thomas ~?~Crossed out
6Bartholomew Maye 
6John TookerCrossed out
6Thomas Martin 
6William Bleeke 
6John Lill 
7Adam Summer 
7Phillip Wise 
7Obed Harris 
7Richard Browne 
7Thomas Saxey 
7Anthony B~~~fieldCrossed out
8John Treet 
8George Blackmore(?)Crossed out

Area 16 (see plan)

Mens seats ~?~ on the wester side of the yeele under the loaft

Pew #NameNotes
1Lewes Brooke 
1Christopher Browning senior 
2Thomas Hatherleigh 
2Edward Abevian 
3Richard (George crossed out) Beard 
3John NicholsCrossed out
3George Cornish 
4John Hogg 
4Thomas Peard 
5John Gammon 
5John Pope 
6William Griffith 
6John Beere(?)Crossed out
7Nicholas Horwood 
7Leonard Sander / Lawder 
8Henry Goard(?)Crossed out
8Robert Bennet(?)Crossed out

Area 17 (see plan)

Mens seates in the loaft of the south yeele

Pew #NameNotes
1Nic'l Baker 
1Thomas WilliamsCrossed out
1Edward Kinge 
1William Coules 
1William Hockridge tailorCrossed out
1Peter ~~~~bert(?)Crossed out
1Thomas ~~~~~d(?)Crossed out
1John Hammett 
1Edward Tucker 
1Thomas Walkey 
1Geoarg Peckard 
2Edmond Hogg 
2Thomas Tallyn(?)Crossed out
2Phillip Grible 
2~?~ Lembyry(?)Crossed out
3William Coleman 
3Edward Burden 
3George Nicholl 
3James SteephenCrossed out
4[No names] 

Area 17 (see plan)

In the thaurt seate by the wale in the said loaft

Pew #NameNotes
 John Jory 
 Christopher Tailder 
 Nicholas SymondsCrossed out
 Edward Burden 
 Francis Pollard