Northam Pew List

Transcribed by David Carter 2017
Taken from original document in North Devon Record Office, ref: 1843A/PW/2/e/79

This Pew List document was commenced in 1732, and recorded the agreed seating positions for all parishioners who paid pew rent. The document was written by various clerks in different inks and handwriting, but this transcript has tried to extract as much information as possible.

This was a working document, and contains many changes when people died or left the parish. Their names were erased, crossed out, or over-written. This transcript indicates where names have been crossed out. All names have been transcribed verbatim.

The closest you were to the front of the church, the higher your social standing, so apart from seeing this list of names, it is also interesting to see where people sat. The rough layout plan below has been constructed from the notes in this Pew List document, and the area numbers are cross-referenced to the transcript.



1732 Northam Pew List transcription

Area 1 (see plan)

Mens seats above the step on the north side

Jno HordenCrossed out
George Heall 
Pholls(?) HillmanCrossed out
Geo: Glover 
Jno Glandfild(?) 
Tho: Trick 
Geo: Samm 
Will: Chudsley 
Michael Williams 
Willm Brayle 
Christo: Shapland(?)Crossed out
Jno Slee 
[Illeg]Crossed out
Mary Allin 
Wm Fulford 
James Leach 
Rowland Hewis 
Mary Haines 
Willmott Bennett 
Ann Pickard 
Sarah Futts 
Mary Hogg 
Lattice Grigg 

Area 2 (see plan)

Mens seats on the south side above the step

Jno Harris 
Joseph Tallin 
Melchard Yeo 
Griffie Davis 
Abraham Williams 
John Pile 
William Pile 
Robert Faer 
Samll Paliner 
Phillip Young 
Henry Jeffery 
Richard Quance 
Phillip Nichols 
Thos: Day 
Edward Pollard 
Peter Clibbett 
David Lepro 
Richard Walter 
John Davis 
Elizabeth Davis 
Hugh Cory 
Geo: Lockyer 
Geo: Lockyer junr 
Elizabeth HallCrossed out
John Hall junr 
Mr John Benson junr 

Area 3 (see plan)

Mens seats on the north side of the eldest part of the church from the step westward

Mary Brook junr 
Dorothy Chappell 
Mary Yeo 
Grace Melhuish 
William Melhuish 
Thomas Melhuish 
Ffrances Melhuish 
Mr Thomas Herson(?)Removed
Eleanor Melhuish 
Ele Melhuish 
Daughters of Roger Melhuish esq 
Tho: Hogg 
Eliz: Cobner 
Dorothy Chappell 

At a Vestry(?) [meeting?] held in the Parish Church at Northam the 23rd October 1732 agreed to be inrolled as follows:
That the constant and old custom of seating in this church is for life at one shilling for every life and that it remains.
That upon a dispute & difference between Roger Melhuish against Jno Benson and Mrs(?) Docton about the Pew & seats called Mr Melhuish's seats, tis(?) was agreed by them & approved by the Parishioners that the lives now inrolled in Mr Melhuishes seat remain & as vacanceys happen he & his successors to pay one shilling for every term(?) upon his own or the life of his successor or heirs always to regard eight rooms therein two more And that Mr Melhuish do now pay for eleven rooms in the seat above & seat below the great pew for his own life & to his heirs & successors always to pay in like manner, which if they refuse to do upon proper notice given then the seats above to be filled up by other parishioners & not otherwise.

Mary WilliamsCrossed out
Martha Pasmore 
Grace Thomas 
Phobe LandCrossed out

Area 4 (see plan)

In the seat above the Great Pew

Richard Smaile 
Thomas Joanes 
Tho: Jenkin 
James Clibbett 
Thomas Bassett(?) 
Thomas Berrell 

Area 4 (see plan)

Womens seats on the north side

Honor Turner 
Grace Samms 
Margaret Rosier 
Audery Follett 
Phillipy Cory 
Ann Doleman junrRemoved
Ann Young 
Elizabeth Hurford 
Mary Bryant 
Sarah Gorden 
Theodosia Hammett 
Susanah Jeffery 
Margaret Cade 
Mary Stambery 
Elizabeth Fford 
Elizabeth Futts 
Grace Langdon 
Mary Burden 
Juliana Heath 
Cath: Hancock 
Mary Smalle 
Eliz: Hammond 
Mary Drew 
Grace Wise 
Ester Bowden 
Katharin DarracotRemoved
Sarah Burrough 
Lydi Hammond 
Eliz Braily 
Margarett Williams 
Alice Penbethy 
Ann Nott 
Gartuary Kinsman 
Richard Sennett 
Elizabeth Pollard 
Elizabeth Hamell 
Eliza Phillips 
Sarah Hall 
Sarah Hockin 
Pru Webber 
Joan Blackmor 
Mary Lancy 
Sarah Lewes 
Jane Smith 
Robert Stucley 
Eliz ShaxsonCrossed out
Elizabeth ~~~ery(?) 
Kat Vernam 
Mary Williams 
Patiance Old 
Thomzin Davie 
Grace Norman 
[Illeg]Crossed out
Jane Day 
Rebec: Hillman 
Hanah Young 
Alice Griffey 
Susan [erased]No such seat in the church
[erased] PranceNo such seat in the church

Area 5 (see plan)

The seats behind the great north Church Door

Phills Pollard 
Phillis Hooper 
Joan Williams 
Thomazin Hoyle 
Mary Marshall 
Emy Strange 
Mary Strange 
Eliz: Gibbons 
Elizabeth Hillman 
Honour Hoyle 
Sarah Cade 
Mary Arscott 
Robert Cade 
Reece Boyn 
Bartholomew Williams 
Henry Hayel(?)Crossed out - Removed
Nicholas Hoyle 
George Hoad 
Humphrey Langdon 
Thomas Phillips 
Phillip Lewis 
Martha Wills 
Willm Harracott 
Jno Darracott 
Nath: Pentnoar(?) 
Jno Walter 
Willm Hartnoll 
Edmond Yeo junr 
Robert Dillin(?) 
Jno King 
Jno Aze junr 
Phillip Williams 
Thos Stambury 
Daniel Nicholas 

Area 6 (see plan)

[No stated location or numbers for these pews, but obviously reserved for gentry]

John Croker 
James Burden 
Will Norman 
Philip Contel(?) 
James Hooper 
David Baker 
William Dean 
Wm Gibbins 
William Limbery 
Samuel Tetherlye 
John Wood 
John Yeo [faded] 
John Stacey [faded] 

Area 6 (see plan)

A pew for the vicar of Northam and his successors for ever

Alexander Ley 
Edmond Strange 
Rich'd Shutt 
Jno Brooks 
Jno Brooks junr 
George Pollard 
Thomas Strange 

Area 7 (see plan)

Seats joyning to the north side of the pillers

George Berrell 
Edwd Joanes 
John Williams 
Marg't HarrisCrossed out
Eliz: Prance 
Sus: Tetherly 
Ann Cade 
Ann Knill 
Mrs Jane Tetherly 
Mary Burch 
Ann BrowningCrossed out
Margaret Marsh 
Mary Cottel 
Phillip HusbandCrossed out
Rebecca DeanCrossed out
Patiance Ley 
Phillis Pren~~(?) 
Catherine Eillis 
Eliz: Lockyear 
Dorothy LemberyCrossed out
Mary YeoCrossed out
Eliz: Hogg 
Eliz: Barnard 
Elizabeth Glover 
Easter Vellacott 
Eliz: Lembery 
Sarah Harris 
Susanna Ffollett 
Phillip Hooper 
Mary Harris 
Mary Slee 
Eliz: Hammatt 
Grace Prout 
Ann BrayleCrossed out
Mary Prannce 
Mary HusbandRemoved
Margaret Joanes 
Hanah Everton 
Tomasin ~?~Crossed out
Margarett Finch 
~?~ ~~~~cottFaded
Susana Sloley 
Susanah Ffisher 
Thomazin Wise 
Sarah Cammel(?) 
Jane Smith 
Mary Norman 
Mary Gorden 
Eliz: Lee 
Eliz: MadgeCrossed out
Prudence Griffy 
Mary Drew 
Eliz: Leamon 
Mary Boyn 
Margarett Barry 
Jane Kelliow 
Ann Wills 
Christian Headon(?)Crossed out
Eliz: Whitheir 
Jael Boyn 
Kate KingeCrossed out
Elizabeth Peake 
Elizabeth Leach 
Thomazin Bidda 
Eliz: Whitson 
Elizabeth Palmer 

Area 8 (see plan)

A Pew below the Alley

Mary Chapple 
Ann Arnoll 
Sarah Yeo 
Tho: Perrett(?) [faded] 
Margaret Edwards 
Eliz: Tallin 
Margarett ~?~ 
Mary Bennett 
Elioner Phillips 
Cecilia Harris 
Elizabeth Hall 
Elizabeth Husband 

Area 8 (see plan)

Loft real seat

Rich'd Vernam 
Charles Kinsman 
George [faded] 
Daniel Bidda 
Richard Norman 
Willm Galsworthy 
George Darracott 
Thom Curtis 
John Wakley 
George Holford 
John Williams 
Jno Burrow 
Daniell Joanes 
Daniell Joanes junr 
Jno Simons 
Jacob Sorrel 

Area 9 (see plan)

Mens seats on the north side of the ffarther pte of the church

These two seats to Thomas Benson esq and his family
for ever paying a half guinea wife for three male lives
William DoctonDead
John DarracottDead
Wm Chapple 
Mr John Yeo 
Mr Joseph Darracott 
Mr Philip Gribble senr 
Mr Philip Gribble junr 
Nicholas Baker 
Mr Thomas Hogg 
Mr George Hogg 
Sam'll Tetherly junr 
Jerem Hogg 

Area 10 (see plan)

Womens seats on the south side of the pillars

Mrs Sarah HusbandsIn the room of Mrs Doleman
Susanah Tetherly 
Ffrances Hogg 
Mrs ~?~ Doleman abst 
Ursula HusbandAs long as she lives in Rauleigh
Mary Husbands 
Mrs Margaret Darracott 
Mrs Eliz: Ellis 
Eliz: Borrow 
Ann Strange 
Dorothy Chapple 
Sarah Darracott 
Elizabeth Leaker 
Ann Yeo 
Sarah Tetherly 
Susana Vernam 
Lydia Madicks 
Mary Brook 
Sarah Browning 
Mary Tready 
Ann Chapple 
Susan Brooks 
Sarah Ellis 
Sarah Brayle 
Eliz: Vernam 
Mary Whitsone 
Catha Marsh 
Eliz: Williams 
Susanna Bond 
Mary Langdon 
Eliz: Sarles 
Mary Mulles 
Eliz King 
Thomas Gordon 
Mrs Em: Hogg 
Eliz: Rosier 
Mary Pollard, widow 
Dorothy HernamanCrossed out
Joan Rooke 
Joan SarlesCrossed out
Joan Wills 
Mary Band 
Mary Cocke 
Sarah Marsh 
Mary Vernam 
Prudence Hernaman 
Sarah Short 
Anis Lake 
Ann Copner 
Eliz: Shackson 
Elizabeth Nichols 
Eliz: WebberCrossed out
Mary Webber 
Elizabeth Joanes 
Thomazin Herding 
Rebec: Hammett 
Eliz: Berret 
Agnis Call(?)Crossed out
Eliz: Reaily 
Amie(?) OrchardCrossed out
Ann Leach 
Katherine Hammett 
Katharin Tayler 
Mary Clibett 
Eliz: WiseCrossed out
Agnis KingCrossed out
Susan Hoyle 
Kat Whithair 
Mary PollardCrossed out
Jane(?) HilmanCrossed out
Cath: Orchard 
Eliz: Barzey 
Hanah Ward 
Ann Scamp 

Area 11 (see plan)

Womens seats below the alley

Ann Ware 
Eliz: Odam 
Joan Goarding 
Thomas Stanbury 
Sarah Mules 
Ann Coats 
Eliz: Cade 
Ann ~?~ [faded] 
Ann Sams 
Elizabeth Glover junr(?) 
Thomzin Clinn 
Susanah Day 
Mary Williams 
Phebe Lang 
Anna Soudon 
Anna SoudonRecorded twice
Melior Soudon 
Tho: Soudon 
Daniel Soudon junr 
Allexand Soudon 
Jane Phasley 
Mary Blackmore 
Mary Poor 
Elizabeth [faded] 
Mary Samm 
Ann Anderton 
Eliz: Watterman 
Susan Heardin 
Agnis Hoere 
Eliz: Owen 
Grace Nott 
Kat: Whitheire 
Joan Jenkin 
Joan Jenkin 
Eliz: Lewies 
Marg: Drew 
Susana Mulles 
Luce Williams 
Eliz: Vench 
Mary Joanes 
Eliz: Peak 
Ann Phillips 
Sage Allin 
Mary Orchard 
Eliz: Ashpinshaw 
Reb: Reece 
Mary Cronn 
Mary Vernam 
Eliz: Vernam 
Kath'rn Grigg 
Eliz: Bawden 

Area 12 (see plan)

Mens seats on the south side of the church

William Barnfill 
Thomas Vernam(?) 
Robert Brooks junr 
Thomas Me~?~[Faded]
James Chapple 
Christo: Chapple 
Wm Hogg 
William Ellis 
~~~nor Husband 
Mr Edward Cobner 
Wm Yeo 
William Browning 
Robert Sarles 
John Strange 

Area 13 (see plan)

Womens seats on the south side of the church

Mrs Dorothy Docton 
Lucy Chappel 
Eliz: Thomas 
Mary Blackmor 
Mary Nott 
Margret NichollCrossed out
Margret Toogood 
Mary Yeo, widow 
Phillipy HallCrossed out
Eliz: Yeo, widow 
Sarah Darracott the younger 
Sarah Lembery 
Mary Webbe 
Joanna Bisick 
Thomas Cory 
Mary Barnfill 
Joan Yeo 
Eliz: Ruggs 
Hanah Rogers 
Eliz: Yeo 
Mary White 
Kat Joanes 
Joan Chapple 
Joane Bastard(?)Crossed out
Kat Hernaman 
Sarah Burden 
Mary Williams 
Elizabeth Berrell 
Sage Bowden 
Sarah Lewies 
Susana SparkCrossed out
Willmott BarnardCrossed out
Mary Blinch 
Willmott HammaattCrossed out
Eliz King 
Thomas Lewies 
Eliz Yeo 
Mary Clibbett 
Mary Popham 
Mary Allin 
Margaret Brook 
Mary Stephens 
Joan Harris 
Ann Wills 
Sarah HutchingCrossed out
Margarett Horrel 
Catherin Jeffery 
Prudence Curtis 
Priscilla Tracy 
Sibella Jannan(?)Crossed out
Marg: Harris 
Mary Williams 
Elizabeth Darracott 
Joan Walters 
Eliz: Peak 
Eliz: Williams 
Grace Smith 

Area 14 (see plan)

Seats behind the south church door

Sarah Bowen 
Mary Grater 
Margarett Sowden 
Dorothy Benan 
Ann Orchard 
Joan Lobbet 
Kat Hayes 
Mary Fare 
Heaster Ruthery 
Joan Elymenes 
Ann Hall 
Mary Murfat 
Sarah Vennor 
Ann Clibbett 
Grace Nichols 
Mary Hobbs 
Eliz: Adams 
Mary Darracott 
Elizabeth Quance 
Sarah Toakley(?) 
Mary Lewies 
Joan Peard 
Alice Ward 
Jane Stambury 
Agnis Viccary 
Kat: Lancy 
Joan Joanes 
Elizabeth Rogers 
Agnis Yeo 
Mary Beavens 
Mary Whitson 
Rachael Bramacome 
Eliz: Tucker 
Kat Kent 
Sarah Rogers 
Kat Brayle 

Area 14 (see plan)

The poor by the tower

Ann Vallacott 
Eliz: Orchard 
Margarett Record 
Ann Rogers 
Ann Jeffery 
Eliz: Jeffery 
Eliz: Bidder 
Eliz: Heys 
Mary HutchingsCrossed out
Thomazin Burch 
Mary Williams 
Grace Wyott 
Mary Jewill 

Area 15 (see plan)

Mens seats in the south iel [aisle] under the loft on the east side

George Burden 
William Lyell 
Will: Brayle 
Wm Hooper 
Edmond Yeo 
John Husband 
Samuel Turner 
Will Hambery 
William Pollard joyner 
Rob't Chapple 
Geo: Gorden 
Joseph Lancy 
[illeg]Crossed out
William Husband 
John Dannell 
Thomas Drew 
Thomas Russell 
John Popham 
James Griffey 
Will: Allin 
Stephen WoodCrossed out
Willm Stambury 
William Lang 
Jonas Williams 
David Terril(?)Crossed out
John Sennett 
Richard Pennett 
John Wills 
Jos: Burch 
Phillip Nott 

Area 16 (see plan)

Mens seats on the wester side of the ile under the loft

Henry GordenCrossed out
Thos Hilman 
Jacob Rugge 
John Smallridge 
Jno Mullis 
Edwd Trick(?)Crossed out
Lewies Joanes 
John Jury 

Area 17 (see plan)

Mens seats in the old loft

Thos Williams 
John Kinsman 
Peter Logan 
Jno Brooks 
Isaac Littlejohns 
Rob Whiteheire 
Charles Edwards 
Jno Webber 
Thomas Orchard 
Jno Beaven 
Jno Peard 
Emanuel Hall 
Rice Bowen 
Thos Barry 
Lewis Peak 
Roger Band 

Area 17 (see plan)

Seat against the wall

John Barrow 
Robt Slowly 
John Slowly