W.J. Slade: Out of Appledore

(pub. London: Percival Marshall, 1959)

prepared by

Dick Glover <dick.glover[at]virgin[dot]net>

16 Mar 1999

Allen, J: of Watchet, 107
Anderton, G H: of Howden, Yorkshire, 111
Berry, Samuel: photo, 63
Blackmore, W: photo, 30
Bouquet, Michael: Devon nautical historian C20th, 1
Burton, S H: author of "The North Devon Coast", 1
Butcher, Matthew: of Yarmouth, 111
Cann, John: photo, 63
Carr, G G: Director National Maritime Museum, Greenwich 1959, 1
Cawsey, John: photo, 63
Charles Dyer, 7
Chugg, Captain Steve: master of the Dido, 85
Clarke, Captain H: of Braunton, 55
Cock (family): ship builders at Appledore, 1
Cock, R: ship builder at Appledore, 12
Cox, John: of Appledore, purchaser of Alpha 1912 (relative of W Cox elsewhere indexed), 108
Cox, William, 102; of Appledore, see line above, 108
Crocker, Captain Walter: master of Mary Seymour of Padstow, 27
Crooks, William David, 109
Drake, William: owner of Ulelia, 108
Dyer, Charles: ship builder at Sunny Corner, Truro, 1, 4
Ellis, Joseph, 109
Estlick, John: of Truro, later owner of Alpha (1885-8), 108
Evans, Joseph, 109
Farr, Graham: West Country nautical historian C20th, author of "Somerset Harbours", 1
Ferris, William: ship architect, 110
Fishley, Captain, 52
Fishwick, Captain, 29
Fishwick, Captain W: master of Kindly Light of Bude, 27
Fishwick, Thomas, 109
Foulkes, Humphrey: of Connah's Quay, 111
Fox, Mr: photographer in Cardiff, 1
Fox, W C: son of Mr Fox, 1
Furneaux, Mr N S: shipbroker at Penryn, 73
Grant, Henry: of Salcombe, 113
Griffiths, Captain: of Portmadoc, 105
Guard, Sam, 118
Hamblin, Edward: of Bridgwater, 112
Hammett, J: photo, 30
Harding, Rosina Annie Abigail: mother of WJ Slade, 4; mother of WJ Slade, born 22 January 18??, 1; photo, 15
Harris, Fred, 90, 91; son of PK Harris, 1
Harris, George: grandson of PK Harris, 1
Harris, Percy, 104, 108
Harris, Philip Kelly: shipyard owner at Appledore, 1
Harris, Phillip Kelly: founder of Appledore ship building firm, 3
Hill, Commander: author of appendix of book, 4
Hill, H Oliver: prepared appendix to book showing sail plans, 1
Hitchins, John: of St Agnes, 111
Hitchins, Martin: of St Agnes, 111
Hitchins, Richard Skinner: of Truro, ship builder, 109
Hobbs, Mrs, 108
Hobley, Thomas: of Caernarvon, 115
Holden, William: of Oreston, 110
Hope, Gavin McF: owner of Ulelia, 108
Hunkin, Joseph W: of Truro, owner of Alpha (1888-97), 108
Hutchings, John, 108
Johns, 'Daddy': photo, 95
Johnson, Robert: of Millom, 116
Jones, John: of Partmadoc, 116
Kelway, C B: of Truro, first owner of Ketch Alpha (1871), 108
Kingdon, Elizabeth: grandmother of WJ Slade, born South Molton, mother of 15, 1
Kirsey, G R, 109
Lamey, Jack: owner of the ketch Margaret, 63
Langmaid, Captain, 120
Leszczynski, Michael: master of Ketch Maud Mary, 111
Lewis, W Morgan: of Cardiff, 112
Lord, W J, 109
MacGregor, David R: prepared sail plans for book, 1
Mitchell, Captain R: master of the Marie of Fowey, 28
Muller, Mr: curate, 118
Murdock, Andrew, 100
Nolan, William: of Shirken Island, County Cork, owner of Ketch Nouvelle Marie to 1888, 107
Parker, W J Lewis: author of "The Great Coal Schooners of New England", 1
Peake, J H: photo, 30
Peake, S: photo, 30
Penrose, William: of Truro, later owner of Alpha (1884), 108
Perkins, Captain: one time master of Periton, then harbour master at Minehead, 39
Postlethwaite, William: of Millom in Cumberland, 33
Postlethwaite, William, of Millom, Cumberland, 113, 115
Powe, Mike: photo, 30
Powe, Thomas: photo, 63
Quance, Captain Philip, 119
Quance, George, 26, 108, 110, 111; artist!, 30; husband of Mary Ann, 20; married Mary Ann Slade, 2; married sister of WK Slade, 1
Quance, Mary Ann: purchased Nouvelle Marie 1888, 107
Quance, Sarah, 112
Quance, William, 111, 115
Ross, Captain: one time master of Maud Mary, 23
Sarah, William, 109; ship builder of Plymouth, 110
Schiller, Tom: photo, Appledore circa 1909, 1
Scilly, Rees: photo, Appledore circa 1909, 1
Scilly, Tom, 118
Shaw, Alan: author of "Joshua Slocum" and "May to Midsummer", pub 1958, 1
Shepherd, Captain, 113
Slade: Richard; photo, cousin of WJ, 15; Thomas; photo, cousin of WJ, 15
Slade, George: brother of WJ Slade, 54; photo, 94
Slade, James, 109, 115
Slade, Mary Ann: nee Slade, sister of WK Slade, 20; sister of WK Slade, married George Quance, 2
Slade, Ronald: second son of WJ Slade, 87
Slade, Thomas, 111, 112
Slade, Tom: brother of WK Slade, 3
Slade, William James: author, born Appledore 28 April 1892, 1; photo, 15
Slade, William Kingdon, 111; father of WJ Slade, born 1865, 1; photo, 15, 94
Smart, Thomas: of Bosham, 112
Smith, Sir William Reardon: born Appledore, 1
Steer, W W: of Salcombe, 112
Stephens, John: ship builder of Yard Point, Restronguet Creek, South Cornwall, 110
Taylor, Mrs, 108
Vinton, John William: of Taibach, Glamorgan, 110
Warren, Captain: of Bridgwater, 114
White, Captain Charles: master of Millom Castle, 72
Yeo, E: photo, 30
Yeo, William: ship owner in North Devon, 1