Will of Peter Docton, Merchant of Northam, Devon

Proved 5 Mar 1715

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/545, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Fagg Quire Numbers: 39 - 79

Transcribed by David Carter

In the name of God Amen

I Peter DOCTON of Appledore in the parish of Northam merchant being both well of body and of good memory (blessed be God for it) yet considering the uncertainty of my approaching death do make and ordain this my lasts Will and Testament revoking all other Wills heretofore by me made even this fourteenth day of August in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and thirteen the 14 day of August 1713.
I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God the Creator of all mankind stedtastly hoping for the remission of my manifold sins and transgressions by the meritorious blood and passion and through the mediation of my dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the only Redeemer of all mankind and my body to decent and Christian Burial.
I give to the poor of the parish of Northam fifty pounds to be laid out for them as my Executor shall think best and most for their good.
I give to our parson Mr EARLE five pounds. [In margin: £5:00:00]
I give to my wife Dorothy all the plate that I had with her in marriage together with all her rings and jewells and all her wearing apparell and my great black mare.
I give to my brother William DOCTON seven hundred pounds he the said William DOCTON yielding and paying therefore to my wife Dorothy thirty five pounds per ann(um) as long as she lives and after her death or within six months after her death yielding and paying out of the said seven hundred pounds the sum of two hundred pounds to my niece and God Daughter Elizabeth DARRACOTT and the remaining five hundred pounds I give to my said brother William DOCTON and to his heirs for ever // And in case I should happen to die without children [In margin: £700:00:00]
Then I give and devise to my said Brother William DOCTON all my lands and houses reversions and tenements now leased out or otherwise in hand with all and every their appurtenances and wasts which are lying and situate in Appledore and Irsha In fine All that Estate which I inherited by my father or have purchased since together with all writings deeds and manuscripts to all and any of them appertaining To have and to hold unto my said brother William DOCTON (after the death of my wife Dorothy who hath her joynture upon all with power to set leases for three lives on any house except my dwelling house in Appledore and on my ground that is now in hand in Irsha which she hath no power to lease out but is only to have the income of them during her life [In margin: £755:00:00]
I give to my brother Nicholas DOCTON ten pounds [In margin: £10:00:00]
I give to my niece and God daughter Elizabeth DARRACOTT five hundred pounds and her own and her mothers pictures that are in the Dining Room is she hath a mind to have them [In margin: £500:00:00]
I give to my God daughter Honour WADDON twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to my God daughter Elizabeth DOCTON fifty pounds [In margin: £50:00:00]
I give to my cousin Captain Philip DOCTON my silver punch bowl with the little silver cup that belongs to is.
I give to my cousin Ann SHAPCOTE twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to my cousin James MADOCK thirty pounds [In margin: £30:00:00]
I give to my cousin Samuel MADOCK twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to my good friend Mr Francis PICKERING with whom I formerly lived with in Coimbra twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to my quondam partner Mr Benjamin LAURENCE of London twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to my Comadra (alias GOSSIP) Maria TAVARES of Coimbra twenty pounds [In margin: £20:00:00]
I give to Margerit LUIS my quandam servant maid ten pounds [In margin: £10:00:00]
I give to Mary JONES my quondam servant maid five pounds [In margin: £5:00:00]
I give towards the lawsuit with the Lord of the Manor in vindication of the parishes Rights and priveleges to be disposed of when and as often as my Executor shall think fit for the benefit and good of the said cause fifty pounds // Note that I give this fifty pounds over and above what my part of the subscriptions may come to.
[Total In margin: £1530:00:00]
I give and devise all the rest of my Goods Chattels moneys debts ships lands houses etc (not heretofore given) or my any pretence whatsoever belongs to me or hereafter shall fall to be my due I freely give to my brother William DOCTON (provided that the due course of my Estate left me by my father be not altered in the right succession) whom I make my executor of this my last will and testament to see my Legacies performed my debts paid and my funeral expenses discharged // And it is my further will that if any doubts should arise hereafter about my concerns that he rather incline to favour the claimer than my estate.

Proved at London by John BETTESWORTH, 20th March 1714/15, William DOCTON Executor.