Northam War Memorial Inscriptions

Provided by

David W. Gale

This index is to the names listed on the Northam War Memorial Statue.

Surname Initials Rank Regiment
Allin H A 2nd Lt 17th Lan. Fus.
Barber A A Pte 6th Devons
Bennet C H Lt R.F.A.
Branch J Pte 2nd Devons
Branch W Lce Corpl 1st Devons
Braunton V Pte 4th R. Fus.
Brayley W E Pte., Mm Can, Inf.
Campbell C A Lt R.E.
Carrington H Capt 15th Hamps. R.
Cawsey W W O R.N.
Cawsey W Spr R.E.
Cole S Pte Northd. Fus.
Cook W Pte Devons
Cooksley F Pte Som. L. I.
Currie E J A B R. N.
Curtis A Pte 2nd Devons
Curtis T Pte 8th Devons
Dalling H Boy R.N.
Downing C Pte 6th Devons
Eardley-Wilmot F Lt P.P.Can. L. I.
Elsmie G E O Lt Col 25th Cavalry
Essery G Pte Oxf. & Bucks. L. I.
Featherstone R B Capt Devons
Ford C W C.E.R.A. Rn
Founds R Spr Re
Freeman N 2nd Lt R. W. Surr. R.
Fulford S Corpl R.A.S.C.
Glover T A B R.N.
Glover J Pte R. Ir. Rif.
Goss J Pte Devons
Hamlyn G A Pte Midd'x R.
Harding L C Lt R.G.A.
Hearn A Lce Corpl Welsh R.
Hearn A Pte 6th Devons
Hoare F A B R.N.
Hooper W Pte D.C.L.I.
Jeffery W Pte R.N.D.Hrs.
Jewell W Pte Devons
Jones G A D Pte R.W.Surr.R.
Kelly S Corpl 8th Devons
Kelly J F A B Merc. Marines
Kempe J Lce Corpl Devons
Kempe W Pte 1st Devons
King F A Pte 1st Devons
Lamprey C E A B R.N.
Lilley A Pte 2nd Devons
Littlejohns A A B R.N.
Littlejohns A Pte Devons
Maggs A Pte 6th Devons
Martin C H Capt E. Lan. R.
Mcconaghey M E Lt Col., Dso R. Sc. Fus.
Mcconaghy W Major, Dso Ramc
Moon H E Lce Corpl M. G. C.
Moore R H H Capt Bord. R.
Moore F H G Lt Bord. R.
Morgan E F Chaplain R. N.
Mounce W J Pte R. War. R.
Mounce W Pte Worc. R.
Nicholls R L F Capt Northd. Fus.
Nicolay H C Major Gurkha R.
Nixon M A Capt Rif. Brig.
Palmer F Pte 1st Glos R.
Prouse T Pte D.C.L.I.
Rendle R Pte 6th Devons
Reynolds J Sergt 2nd Devons
Rice E J 2nd Lt Devons
Rice W Lce Corpl 6th Devons
Sanguin R Lce Corpl Middx R
Shute C Mechc Raf
Shute S J Pte 10th Devons
Shute T H Sergt Welsh R
Shutt H Pte 6th Devons
Snell T Corpl 8th Devons
Southey R F M Lt D.C.L.I.
Sparling N C Major 54th Sikhs.
Sparling S J B Capt 57th Wilde's Rif. F. F.
Staddon A Pte Mgc
Sussex F Corpl 2nd Devons
Temple E Stella Comdt B. R. C. Convoy
Thomas R. Lovat Lt R. F. A.
Thorne F Gr R.G.A.
Tithecott W Dr R.F.A.
Tucker G H Lce Corpl 2nd Norf. R
Tucker R Stkr Rn
Vanrenen A S Lt Col Lincs. R.
Vivian C R H Troopr Can. Cav.
Whitton G Pte Rasc
Williams C Pte Can. Inf.

Brian Randell, 26 Feb 2003