Will of John Wreford, of Nymet Rowland, Yeoman,
dated August 7, 1787

Provided by John Moore

This is extracted from "Records and Pedigree of the Wreford Family of Devonshire", compiled by George Wreford of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, 2nd ed. Printed for circulation amongst Family Subscribers (1909) 90pp + 44 charts.

Bv his will testator gives as follows:
To his wife Judith, £21 and his best bed.
To his son William, the "Clevehanger" Estate in Nymet Rowland, subject to his wife's jointure, charged with £24 a year to Richard Vickery and Thomas Melhuish Comyns as trustees for his four daughters Mary, Anne, Catherine and Judith during their minority, and £100 each at 21.
To his trustees, Richard Vickery and Thomas Melhuish Comyns, "Clotworthy's" in Coldridge, and "Brownsland" in Colebrooke, together with the stock thereon, in trust for his three sons John, Samuel and Richard in equal parts when they attain the age of 21.
The residue of his estate he bequeaths to his son William and appoints him sole executor.
Witnesses: Ann Comins, Grace Pedler and Betsy Partridge.
Proved May 29, 1789.