Devon - Occupations

The Devon County Record Office holds a large amount of archival material relating to apprenticeship, ranging in date from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. However, the holdings vary enormously from parish to parish.

Articles from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post Relating to Absconding Apprentices, provided by Lindsey Withers.

Article from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post listing awards to Agricultural Labourers (1845), provided by Bev Edmonds.

The Mining History Information pages - provide "Details of events, research and work in progess in the field of mining history and archaeology . . . related to Wales and South-West England". (See also Devon's Mining History and Stannary Parliament, from the Dewnans web-site (archived copy).

Museum of Policing in Devon and Cornwall - website - "a registered charity that collects, preserves and celebrates the history of policing in Devon and Cornwall".

The Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History contain a wealth of material related to Devon people involved in the newspaper and book trade.

Glimpses into the 19th Century Broadside Ballad Trade No. 9: Some Devon printers, bt Roly Brown.

Agricultural labourers moved from parish to parish as their contracts expired in a parish and they had to seek a new master at a Hiring fair. Eve McLaughlin: "Hiring fairs were held in market towns (at least 6 miles apart), usually once a year." As an aid to tracing "Ag. Labs.", a listing of Market Towns is provided, to be used in conjunction with the "Nearby Places" button on each town and parish page. (And here is a detailed listing of Devon markets and fairs (to 1516) compiled by Samantha Letters.)

Devon Section of Steve Pickthall's Parish Clerk Index (archived copy), derived mainly from the book "The Parish Clerk", by PH Ditchfield (Metheun, London, 1907).

Stone And Quarry Men Of The West Country - Joan Taber's Genealogical Index of Stone Workers and Related Occupations In Cornwall and Devon.

Blacksmiths of Devon (A-G, H-M, N-S, T-Z) - Ann Spiro's Genealogical Index of Blacksmiths and Related Occupations, compiled from census records.

Bal Maidens Cornwall & Devon - website concerning women and girls employed in the mining industry, with a searchable database.

The Devon section of the Medical Heritage of Great Britain site provides brief histories of Devon hospitals and doctors.

Lambeth Palace Library's Directory of medical licences issued by the Archbishop of Canterbury 1535-1775 (archived copy) contains a section on Devon.

West Country Smugglers and Excisemen and Watch and Clockmakers - provided by Paul Mansfield. (Archived copies, from the Internet Archive, dated 31 May and 4 June 2006, respectively.)

Richard Platt's Smugglers' Britain: South-West England.

Sources for Farming History, from Devon Heritage Centre.

Brett Payne's Victorian & Edwardian Portrait Photo Collection provides genealogical information and examples of the work of a number of Devon photographers.

London & UK Pub History site - Devon section - "uses information from census, trade directories and history to add licensees, bar staff, lodgers and visitors".

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, on Devon lacemaking.

Grace's Guide (the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain) - Things to Do - Devon

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