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Help and advice for Devon MPs (1213-1227) - Index

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Name Index


Devon County Members of Parliament, Part I: The Early Plantagenet Period (1213-1227)

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 44 (1912), pp. 366-381.


J.J. Alexander

Prepared by Michael Steer

Parliamentary government in England dates from the 13th century. Devon was represented in the House of Commons from 1213 until 1707, by two Knights of the Shire. Meetings in the early days were held in various places, most frequently Westminster, occasionally at an old cathedral city, for example, York, or a convenient midlands town like Northampton, and once at Exeter, where Edward I stayed for over a fortnight in 1285. Members for the most part were men of local importance. Alexander's paper records their names. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held at the Princeton University Library and is available from Internet Archive.

An index of the Shire Knight's names with the number of times each was elected for Devon, appears on pp. 380-381.


Accounbe, Stephen de 372
Alneto, Nicholas de 372, 377
Beaple, Sir Reginald 374, 379
Beare family 378
Beare, Peter de 372
Beauchamp, Sir Humphrey de 371, 376-7
Beaudyn, Sir Robert, MP 370, 378-9
Beaumond, Sir John de (also Beaumont) 380
Beaumont, Sir Richard 380
Beaupel, Sir Robert MP 372, 374-5
Beaupel, Sir Robert jnr 377
Bello Campo, Humphrey de 376-7
Berkele, Thomas de 373
Bigbury, Sir John 376
Bozun family 375
Braunford, Ralph de (also Bramford) 377-8
Bright 369
Brushfield 374
Bykebury, John de 376
Campo Arnulphi, Henry de 376
Chalouns, Sir John de (Challons) 377
Chalouns, Peter de 372
Chambernoune, Sir William de 374-5
Champernowne, Henry 371
Champernowne, Sir Henry 374, 376
Champernowne, Sir William, MP 376, 379
Chambernown, Joan de 379
Chaumbernown, Richard de 372, 379
Cheyney, Sir Nicholas de 376
Cheyney, Sir William 376
Chisbeach, Richard le (Chissebeche) 370, 372, 377-9
Cockyngton, Sir Roger de, MP 376, 380
Cockyngtone, Thomas de 380-1
Courtenay, Hugh de 372
Courtenay, Baron Robert 367
Courtenay, Sir William 373
Courtenay, Sir William de 367
Crauthorn, Matthew de 373
Crawthorne family 379
Crawthorne, Sir Matthew de, MP 370, 378-9
Dauney, Sir Nicholas 377
Dennis, Sir Robert 375
Devon, Isabella Countess of 372
Dynham, Oliver de 371
Edward I 366-7, 371, 373-4, 376, 378
Edward II 367-8, 371, 373, 376, 379-80
Edward III 381
Exeter, Walter Bishop of 372
Ferrariis, Sir Reginald de (also Ferrers) 372, 374-5, 377
Ferrers, Sir Hugh de 375
Ferrers, Roger 375
Ferrers, Sir William 371, 375, 377
Fishacre, Sir Peter 378
FitzJohn, John MP 378
FitzMartin family 375
FitzTruda, Giles 372
Fortibus, Isabella de 372
Freeman 366
Fyshacre, Sir Martin de 378
Glanvil 370
Grandisson, Bishop 380
Grant, Mauger le 375
Grant, William 375
Graunt, John le, MP 375
Graunt, William le 375
Haccombe, Sir Jordan 376
Haccombe, Sir Stephen de 376
Henry III 367, 373-4, 376
Hereward, Sir Hamlyn 379
Hereward, Sir William 371-3, 378-9
Hingeston-Randolph, Prebendary 378-9
Insula, Master Peter de 371
Jeu, Sir Roger le (also Jew) 379
Kilkenny, Master Andre de 371
Kilkenny, Master William de 372
Kirkeby, John de 372
Kirkham, John 375
Knoville, Gilbert de 372
Kokyntone, Roger de (also Cockington) 375
Kyrkham, Sir Nicholas de (also Kirkham) 375
Launceston, John de 377, 381
Launcevetone, John de 377
Lysons, Messrs 371
Maltravers, John 373
Martyn, William 372
Merton, Richard de 372
Nonant family 376
Nonant, Sir Guy 376
Nonaunt, Sir Roger 374-7, 379
Okehampton, Robert Baron of 367
Oxton, Sir Alexander de 377
Oxton, Sir James de 372, 377, 379
Oxton, Lady Joan 377, 379
Palgrave 368, 370-1
Pole, Sir William 371, 378
Porritt 369
Prouz, Sir Hugh le 374
Pruz, Sir William le (also Prus) 372, 374
Quivil, Bishop Peter 371
Ralegh, Sir Henry de 371-2, 374-5
Raleghe, Sir Thomas de 375
Risdon, Tristram 371, 375, 378
Rymer 371, 373
Slo, John de la 373
Stapeldon, Sir Richard de 371, 377-8
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter 377-8
Stapeldon, Sir William 377
Stockhey, Sir Robert 378
Stockhey, Sir Robert jnr 378
Stubbs 367, 381
Totnes, Roger Baron of 376
Trellosk, Sir Andrew de 372-5
Trellosk, Sir Roger 374
Umframville, Sir John de 374
Valletort, Lady Joan 377
Valletort, Sir Ralph 377
Veteri, Master Robert de 371
Vivian 367, 371
William II 376
Wodeton, Sir Adam de 373
Wodeton, Sir Robert de 373-4