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A handbook to the Mineralogy of Cornwall and Devon

With instruction for their discrimination and copious tables of localities


Joseph Henry Collins, FGS.

London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer. Truro: Printed by Heard & Son (1871). illus., 15 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Cornwall and Devon provided most of the United Kingdom's tin, copper and arsenic until the 20th century. The collapse of the world tin cartel in 1986 saw the end of Cornish and Devonian tin mining. The most recent mine in Devon to produce tin ore was Hemerdon Mine near Plympton in the 1980s. The last Cornish tin mine in production closed in 1998. The book's author, Joseph Henry Collins FGS, (1841-1916), was a mining engineer, mineralogist and geologist of Cornish descent. He was at various times secretary or president of the three learned societies of Cornwall - Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society and the Royal Institution of Cornwall. He was founding Secretary of the Mineralogical Society in 1876 and was involved in founding the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, becoming its Vice-President in 1892. In 2008, the Mineralogical Society established an annual award, The Collins Medal, to recognise the lifetime contributions of scientists to pure or applied aspects of Mineral Sciences. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Radcliffe College of Oxford University Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Sir T D Bt
Adams, William
Andrew, James
Argall, William
Bannister, Rev John LLD
Barclay, John
Barham, Charles, MD
Barrett, Charles
Batten, J Hallett
Bawden, captain C
Bawden, Charles
Beardsley, Amos, FGS, FLS
Bennetts, Captain
Boase, G C
Bolitho, E
Bolitho, W
Bolitho, W Jnr
Bone, C B
Bray, W J
Bristow, H W, FRS
Brougham, Rev M N
Browne, J T
Carew, W H P
Carne, Miss Elizabeth
Cartwright, G K
Church, Professor A H, MA
Church, Rev G L
Clark, Richard
Collins, Rev C M Ed
Cornish, Rev C R
Courtenay, Leonard
Cunnack, James
Darlington, John
Davis, Rev Ebenezer
Dix, W
Dyle, Ed D
Dymond, W P, FMS
Edwards, Joseph
Elliot, John
Enys, John S, FGS
Euday, John
Falmouth, Rt Hon Lord
Ferguson, H CE
Fortescue, Hon G M
Foster, C LeNeve, BA, DSc etc
Fox, R W FRS
Fox, Howard
Fox, Alfred Lloyd
Freeman, J D
Garby, Captain W S
Grylls, William
Hall, T FGS
Hanson, Samuel
Harris, Captain S
Harris, John
Hawke, E H
Henwood, W J, FRS, FGS
Hernaman, J
Hext, Rev G
Hicks, E W
Higgs, Samuel
Hill, F FGS
Hocking, Samuel, CE
Hodge, ___
Hosking, William
Hunt, Robert FRS
Husband, William, CE
Hustler, William FCS
James, Stephen Harvey
James, Captain A
Jewell, Captain J
Johnson, M H, FGS
Kemp, J
Kitto, G
Murchison, Sir R I M, Bt, FRS
Masey, T A, FGS
Matthews, B
Maynard, Captain John
Mayne, James
Michell, Stephen
Middleton, H
Nettel, M
Noble, Captain George
Pearce, Gilbert
Perkin, F
Peter, J T H
Phillips, H L
Phillips, John
Polkinghorne, W
Pope, Martin
Prout, Rev Ebenezer, FGS
Provis, Captain W
Provis, T B
Provis, John
Provis, Joseph
Pryor, Captain John
Reeks, Trenham
Remfry, G F
Remfry, H O
Richards, Captain T, FGS
Richards, Captain R
Rivers, G
Rogers, John Jope
Rogers, Rev
Rogers, Captain Henry, RN
Rogers, Rev William, MA
Rogers, Reginald
Rowe, Captain James
Rudler, F W FGS
Ruskin, John, MA, DCL
St Aubin, Sir Edward Bt
St Aubyn, John MP
Sheriff, J D, CE
Simmons, J
Smith, W R
Smyth, Warington W, MA, FRS
Trevelyan, Sir W C, Bt
Taylor, Richard, FGS
Teague, William
Thomas, Captain Josiah
Thomas, C
Tonkin, Captain John
Tonkin, W H
Tregay, Captain William
Tremenheere, H S
Truscott, __, Jnr
Truscott, F, BA
Tuckett, F F
Tweedy, Robert
Vivian, A Pendarves, MP
Williams, Sir F M, Bt, MP
Williams, J M
Williams, Captain R H, CE
Williams, H
Williams, A