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Devonshire men at the Inner Temple, 1547-1660

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 17 (1885), pp. 246-265.


W.K. Willcocks

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Inner Temple, is one of the four Inns of Court (professional associations for barristers and judges) in London. The Inn is a professional body that provides legal training, selection and regulation. It is ruled by a governing council called "Parliament", made up of the Masters of the Bench (or "Benchers"), and led by the Treasurer, who is elected to serve a one-year term. The Temple takes its name from the Knights Templar, who originally leased the land to the inhabitants of the Temple (or Templars) until their abolition in 1312. This paper, presented at the Association's 1888 Seaton meeting focuses on the Devon men who were admitted as students at the Inn of the Inner Temple throughout the Elizabethan era to the year of the Restoration. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Acland, Hugh254
Acland, John260
Aclande, Arthur257
Arscott, Edmund258
Ayleworth, Thomas259
Baker, John256
Baker, William255
Ball, Thomas256
Ball, William258
Baron, George258
Barton, John262
Barton, Humphrey262
Bassett, Arthur261
Bassett, Colonel Arthur257
Bassett, Sir Robert257
Beare, Charles255
Beare, John262
Beare, Thomas262
Bellewe, Richard253
Belfeild, Allan264
Belfeild, Allan snr264
Berkeley, Thomas258
Berry, Edward265
Blackmore, Anthony261
Blackmore, Hugh261
Bodleighe, George253
Boteler, Balthaser256
Bragg, William265
Broughton, Charles253
Browne, William260
Bruton, William265
Bruton, William snr265
Brydemtton, Simon259
Burneby, Richard253
Bury, John260
Bynforde, Francis258
Cadwoodleigh, Bartholomew263
Cadwoodleigh, John263
Cane, John257
Carew, Edmund261
Carew, Henry261
Carewe, Arthur254
Carewe, Thomas257
Cary, Sir Edward262
Cary, George259, 262
Cary, Sir George MP253
Carye, Robert255
Carye, Richard254, 258
Champernowne, John260
Chanon, William261
Chanter, J R260
Charles, John252, 254
Chave, Edward260
Chichester, Henry255
Chichester, Hugh261
Chichester, John (also Chechester)254, 257, 261
Chichester, Richard261
Chudleigh, George265
Chudley, Robert252
Clarke, Thomas265
Clobery, Christopher262
Clobery, John262
Collamore, Christopher261
Collamore, Robert261
Collins, Robert snr261
Collins, Robert jnr261
Copleston, Arthur260
Copleston, Henry260
Courtney, Charles258
Courtney, Sir William258
Crimes, fferdinando261
Cruse, George260
Cruse, Thomas260
Cudmore, Daniel261
Cudmore, John259
Culme, Hugh254, 261
Culme, Richard258, 261
Cullomore, John261
Darr, Leonard262
Darte, Charles260
Darte, Lewis256
Davy, John262
Davy, John MP262
Davy, William262
Davye, John Bt259
Denys, Gabriel253
Dennys, Anthony259
Dennys, Nicholas MP263
Dennys, Thomas263
Deymond, Peter263
Deymond, William263
Docton, Thomas265
Drake, Sir Barnard252
Drake, Francis Bt, MP263
Drake, Sir Francis Bt263
Drake, George264
Drake, Hugh256
Drake, Sir John Bt264
Drake, Sir John Knt252, 259, 263-4
Drake, Robert257
Drake, Thomas260, 263
Drake, William260, 263
Drewe, Edward MP254, 258
Drewe, John254
Drewe, Thomas258
Drewe, Sir Thomas262
Drewe, William253, 262
Dugdale246, 248-9, 251, 261
Duke, Richard258, 261, 264
Duke, Richard jnr261
Duke, Thomas260
Dyer, Richard263
Dyer, William259, 263
Dymond, R253
Edgecombe, Hugh253
Edgecombe, Richard256
Edward I246
Edward III248
Edward VI251
Elizabeth I249
Eveleighe, Robert255
ffitz, Edward253
ffitz, Francis254
ffitz, John, MP252
fflemminge, John265
ffortescue, George255
ffortescue, Hugh254, 260, 263
ffortescue, John257, 261
ffortescue, Robert263
ffortescue, Roger261
ffounteyn, John264
ffounteyn, John snr264
ffounteyn, Nicholas264
ffowlynge, Robert258
ffry, John265
ffrye, William259, 262
ffrye William snr262
ffursedon, Thomas255
Fitz, John252
Gale, George253
Gale, Thomas257
Gayer, John265
Gewen, Thomas259
Gibbons, Thomas263
Gibbons, William263
Gifforde, William259
Gilberd, Humphrey262
Gilberd. Rawleigh262
Glasse, Gawen256
Glasse, John265
Gould, William265
Gover, Richard258
Greene, Oliver265
Grilles, Charles253
Gyfford, Thomas255
Hals, Anthony255
Hals, Richard258
Hancock, Edward256
Harris, John265
Harris, John snr265
Harvie, Richard258
Hatch, Arthur262
Hatch, Robert264
Hatch, Thomas262
Hatche, Edward256
Hatche, John256
Hawkyns, Richard258
Heale, Thomas258
Heard, John264
Heard, John snr264
Hele, Elizeus256
Hele, Henry258, 262
Hele, John256, 258-9
Hele, Sir John MP255
Hele, Lewis258, 263
Hele, Nicholas MP258
Hele, Samuel260
Hele, Thomas, Bt MP257, 260, 263
Hele, Walter255, 259
Hele, Warwick264
Hele, Warwick MP256, 264
Henry VIII249
Holland, Joseph255
Holland, William257
Holwell, John253
Howper, James254
Hugmore, John255
Isacke, Benjamin255
Isacke, Richard264
Isacke, Samuel261, 264
James I255, 257
Kyrkham, Richard255
Kyrkham, William256
Langford, Roger262
Leigh, Thomas265
Leighe, Anthony253
Lethbridge, Anthony261
Lidston, John257
Loves, Richard256
Lowman, John257
Luscombe, Henry snr264
Luscombe, Henry264
Luttrell, Edward265
Luttrell, Southcott265
Luxton, Barnard258
Lyde, Edward alias Joyner263
Lyde, William alias Joyner263
Mallett, Francis254
Mander, Thomas265
Mansfield, Lord248
Manynge, Christopher254
Marshall, Thomas255
Martyn, Christopher254
Martyn, James257
Marwood, John254
Maynard, Thomas254
Maypowder, Anthony256
Mediford, John265
Metingham, Johanni de247
Molford, John255
Molford, Roger258
Molford, Thomas254
Moncke, Duke George258
Moncke, Bishop Nicholas258
Moncke, Thomas258
Moore255, 261
More, Humphrey255
Morris, Nicholas265
Mosyer, John264
Mosyer, Stephen264
Newton, John264
Newton, John snr264
Northleigh, Leonard255
Northleigh, Robert259
Northleighe, Richard253
Northleighe, William252
Nutcombe, John264
Nutcombe, Nicholas264
Owene, John254
Parker, John254
Pearde, John256
Perret, William259
Perryman, Arthur265
Peter, George258
Peter, William255
Pickering, Mr251
Plumleighe, Richard260
Pole, Periam260
Pole, William252, 256, 261
Pole, Sir William259
Pollard, Henry256
Pollard, William254-5
Pollarde, Arthur257
Polexfen, Andrew265
Pollexfen, Edward265
Polexfen, Henry MP265
Pollexfen, John260
Pollexfen, Nicholas257
Pomrye. Thomas255
Poole, John, Bt MP259
Poole, Sir William (also Pole)256, 259
Poole, William snr256
Pote, John264
Pote, Leonard264
Prideaux, Edmund259, 262-3
Prideaux, Humphrey262
Prideaux, John252, 263
Prideaux, Sir Peter259, 263
Prideaux, Roger257
Prideaux, Thomas261
Prince, Johnthroughout
Prudeaux, Richard254
Prydeaux, Edmund261
Prydeaux, Edmund Bt255, 261
Pulling, Mr Serjeant246-7
Putt, Nicholas262
Putt, William262
Pyne, Edward263
Pyne, Edward snr263
Pyne, Hercules255
Pyne, Philip256
Radford, Arthur258
Radford, Lawrence254, 258
Rawleigh, George258, 262
Rawleighe, George jnr262
Reynell, Charles261
Reynell, George261
Ridgway, Thomas MP254, 256
Ridgway, Earl Thomas254-7
Rigewey. Thomas256
Risden, Edward265
Risden, Philip253
Risden, Thomas253, 256-7
Risdon, Thomas snr257
Rolle, Dennis265
Rolle, Henry259
Rolle, Robert MP264
Rolle, Sir Samuel MP259, 264
Rowe, Robert259
Rowpe, Thomas254
Rychards, John258
Ryder, John265
Ryder, John snr265
Rydgewaye, Richard257
Rydgwey, George257
Rysdon, Giles (Risdon)255-6
Rysdon, Philip jnr (Risdon)257
Salerne, Cristopher264
Salerne, Servington264
Salerne, Shilston264
Sampson, John262
Sampson, Thomas262
Sandford, James255
Savery, Richard260
Savery, Samuel260
Shapcott, Thomas263
Shapcott, Thomas snr263
Slannyng, Sir Nicholas MP262
Slee, William260
Smythe, Humfrey253
Smythe, Walter253
Southcote, George (also Southcot)255, 258
Southcott, Edward258
Southcott, Peter256
Southecott, Richard257
Speccott, Edmund257
Speccott, Sir John Knt260
Speccott, Paul MP260
Speccott, Peter260
Speccott, Roger258
Stile, Matthew259
Stoforde, George257
Stoforde, Richard260
Stuckley, Amicius253
Stucley, John254
Strode, William256, 260
Strode, Sir William MP260
Sturt, Thomas253
Sweete, Adrian259
Tavye, Alicia248
Tavye, John248
Treville, Stephen265
Trobridge, John254
Trowbridge, George264
Tuckfield, John264
Tuckfield, Roger265
Tuckfield, Roger snr265
Tuckfield, Thomas264
Umpton, Thomas254
Upton, Arthur262
Upton, John260, 262
Vaughan, Charles259, 263
Vaughan, John263
Vicary, Leonard255
Vigures, Thomas259
Wakeham, Edmund257
Waldron, William255
Waldrond, Edward262
Waldrond, Henry262
Walrond, Edmund260
Walrond, Henry259
Warren, Robert263
Warren, Robert snr263
Warwicke, Walter253
Way, William262
Way, William snr262
Weare, John260, 262, 264
Weare, Humphrey MP257, 262
Weare, Nicholas261
Weare, Richard261
Weare, Thomas264
Westofer, William255
Weston, William263
Weston, William snr263
Whyddon, Edward254
Whyddon, John257
Whyddon, Sir John252-4
Whydon, William253
Williams, Thomas252, 256
Wollacome, John263, 265
Wollacome, John snr263
Wollacombe, Roger265
Wood, John253
Worthe, Paul254
Wotton, Walter255
Wotton, William254
Wryght, Paul257
Wynde, John265
Wyott, George253
Wyott, Hugh254, 260
Wyott, John256
Wyott, Philip259
Yeo, Edmund258
Yeo, George253, 261
Yeo, John261
Yeo, Leonard257
Younge, Sir John Knt264
Younge, Walter jnr262,
Younge, Walter262, 264