Lease agreement between John Palmer and William Knapman (1800)

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

(The original has been donated to the Devon Record Office)

Lease for a Year, between Mr John PALMER and ux, to Mr William KNAPMAN, dated 28th March 1800

Sealed and Delivered by the within named John PALMER and Susanna his wife (being first legally stamped) in the presence of Jno DURANT

An Indenture made this 28th March in the fortieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third and in the year of Our Lord 1800 Between John PALMER of Yelland in the parish of Okehampton in the co of Devon,yeoman, and Susanna his wife of the one part and William KNAPMAN of the Borough of South Zele in the parish of South Tauton of the same co, malster, of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful money of Great Britain to each of them the said John PALMER and Susanna his wife by me the said William KNAPMAN in hand paid at or before the sealing and delivering of these presents, hath bargained and sold to the said William KNAPMAN his heirs and assigns for ever All those several dwelling houses, fields and meadows known as Brights ..... lying and being in the Borough of South Zele in the parish of South Tawton then in the possession of Jane HOLE since deceased, and Elizabeth NORTHCOTT, Philip MOCK, William BIBBINGS, Richard DREW and George LANG and others as tenants of Jane HOLE but now of William POWLESLAND, William LANG, John POWLSLAND, William ROWE, the said George LANG, and William BEAVINS, and others as tenants Together with all outhouses, workshops, orchards, pastures, hereditaments etc ..... bargained and sold to the said William KNAPMAN from the said date for the term of one year at the rent of one Peppercorn ........ In witness whereof we have set our hands the day and date above. John PALMER Susanna PALMER, [mark A].