Name Listing from the Okehampton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Wheeler, Arabella: Academy (Ladies Boarding)                    West Bridge
Burd, Wm: Attorney                                              East Town
Colling, Hy Robson: Attorney                                    Back Street
Hawkes, Henry: Attorney                                         Back Street
Luxmoore, Solon: Attorney                                       Fair Place
Luxmoore, Thos Bridgman: Attorney                               Fair Place
Pitts, Elizabeth: Baker                                         Back Street
Smale, Ann: Bookseller                                          Fore Street
Heanes, Saml: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Fore Street
Heanes, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   East Town
Heanes, Wm: Builder                                             West Bridge
Cann, Wm: Builder & Iron Monger                                 Back Street
Perry, John: Butcher                                            Fore Street
Allway, Wm: Carrier                                             East Town
Fusdon, Wm: Carrier                                             Back Street
Russell: Carrier                                                Fore Street
Newcombe, John: Cooper                                          East Bridge
Ward, Daniel: Cooper                                            West Bridge
Bazley, Aaron: Druggist & Grocer                                Parade
Brook, Jn: Druggist & Grocer                                    Fore Street
Pedler, Maria: Earthenware Dealer                               Fore Street
Lacey, Geo: Grocer, Druggist, Merchant & Agent                  Fore Street
Elford, John: Iron Monger                                       Fore Street
Aggett, Wm: Linen Draper                                        West Bridge
Brook, Philip: Linen Draper                                     Fore Street
Tapson, Cath: Linen Draper                                      Fore Street
Taylor, Wm: Linen Draper                                        Parade
Pitts, Henry: Linen Draper & Saddler                            Fore Street
Cartwright, Thos: Mail Coach Proprietor                         Parade
Morcombe, W: Maltster                                           East Town
Ponsford, John: Maltster                                        Fore Street
Rich, Richd: Maltster                                           Fore Street
Palmer, John: Maltster & Butcher                                Fore Street
Lethbridge, Mrs: Post Mistress                                  Chapel Street
Richardson, Josh: Printer                                       East Bridge
Dunstan, Wm: Rope Maker                                         Fore Street
Bulleid, Anthony: Saddler                                       Fore Street
Joyce, Geo: Saddler                                             Fore Street
Legg, Wm: Surgeon                                               West Bridge
Lethbridge: Surgeon                                             Chapel Street
Parsons, Thos: Surgeon                                          Church Hill
Thorne: Surgeon                                                 Chapel Street
Newcombe, Jn: Tanner                                            West Bridge
Soper, W: Tavern/Inn (Barnstaple Inn)                           North Lane
Palmer, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Butcher & Ox)                           Fore Street
Morcombe, W: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                            East Town
Drew, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Feathers)                             Back Street
Stanley, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                              East Town
Morcombe, T: Tavern/Inn (George)                                West Bridge
Heanes, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                            Fore Street
Ponsford, John: Tavern/Inn (Hotel)                              Fore Street
Geake, Digory: Tavern/Inn (King's Arms)                         Back Street
Palmer, John: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                              Back Street
Bond, W: Tavern/Inn (New Post Boy)                              West Bridge
Frost, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Old Post Boy)                            West Bridge
Rich, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Red Lion)                            Fore Street
Seymour, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Star)                              East Town
Crotch, Jn: Tavern/Inn (White Hart Hotel)                       Parade
Philp, Rd: Watch Maker                                          Fore Street

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999