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Okehampton Union Workhouse, Devon 1861 Census

Devon RG9/1467, ED4, pg. 26-30

Transcribed by Betsy Rubel (beharu[at]sbcglobal[dot]net)

name surname relation status age gender occupation birthplace notes
William NORTHCOTT head/master mar m 49 master Hatherleigh, Devon  
Elizabeth NORTHCOTT wife mar f 48 matron Okehampton, Devon  
Mary E. DOWNE schoolmistress unm f 27 schoolmistress Holsworthy, Devon  
Henry FRANCES porter unm m 28 porter and shoemaker Broadworthy, Devon  
Agnes CROSSMAN nurse mar f 51 nurse Exbourne, Devon  
Thomas PROUSE inmate wid m 68 labourer Okehampton, Devon  
Richard LITTLEJOHNS inmate unm m 77 labourer Broadwiger, Devon  
Hugh SMALLCOMBE inmate unm m 45 labourer Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
Dinah TOYREY ? inmate unm f 39   Bridestowe, Devon  
Samuel HADDIFORD inmate   m 77 lawyer Bridestowe, Devon  
Samuel DAVIS inmate   m 17   Bridestowe, Devon  
William PALMER inmate   m 7   Okehampton, Devon  
John SLADE inmate   m 11   Okehampton, Devon  
William BARNES inmate unm m 31/81 labourer Gidley, Devon  
George RICE inmate unm m 60 labourer Chagford, Devon  
Lucy E. TOUT inmate   f 8   Chagford, Devon  
Harriet JEFFERY inmate unm f 25   Chagford, Devon  
John JEFFERY inmate   m 1   Okehampton, Devon  
Joseph PIKE inmate wid m 77 labourer Chagford, Devon  
Thomas BOWDEN inmate   m 9 labourer Chagford, Devon  
Samuel PROP inmate mar m 70 labourer Devonport, Devon  
Jane ENDICOTT inmate unm f 18   Chagford, Devon  
Elizabeth RICE inmate mar f 30   Monkeokehampton, Devon  
Lucy E. LAKE inmate   f 8   Okehampton, Devon  
Henrietta LAKE inmate   f 4   Okehampton, Devon  
Mary A. RICE inmate   f 8   Chagford, Devon  
William H. RICE inmate   m 5 mon.   Okehampton, Devon  
Mary CANN inmate unm f 60   Drewsteignton, Devon  
Richard OLDING inmate wid m 63 labourer Southtawton, Devon  
William OLDING inmate unm m 31 labourer Drewsteignton, Devon dumb
Elizabeth HUTCHINGS inmate unm f 29   Cheriton, Cevon  
Mary HUTCHINGS inmate   f 9   Drewsteignton, Devon  
John HUTCHINGS inmate   m 6   Okehampton, Devon  
William H. HUTCHINGS inmate   m 1   Okehampton, Devon  
Susan BROWNING inmate   f 18   Drewsteignton, Devon  
James BROWNING inmate   m 3 mon.   Drewsteignton, Devon  
William BURKES ? PARKS inmate   m 6   Meath, Devon  
Elizabeth BURKES ? PARKS inmate   f 5   Meath, Devon  
Mary STACEY inmate unm f 69   Meath, Devon  
Harriet HOLMES inmate unm f 30   Northlew, Devon  
Joseph HOLMES inmate   m 7   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Emily B. HOLMES inmate   f 4   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Alfred E. HOLMES inmate   m days   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
William LOWELL inmate   m 8   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Marie DAVEY inmate unm f 61   Northawton, Devon  
Elizabeth L**AM inmate unm f 24   Barnstaple, Devon  
Henry L**AM inmate   m 4   Barnstaple, Devon  
Mary A. L**AM inmate   f 1   Barnstaple, Devon  
Daniel PALMER inmate   m 16   Okehampton, Devon  
George MILLMAN inmate mar m 70 weaver Okehampton, Devon  
John L. PATHRIDGE inmate mar m 64 shoemaker Okehampton, Devon  
Jeremiah CLYNICK inmate unm m 75 sheppard Okehampton, Devon  
Augustus VEAL inmate unm m 60 tailor Sampford Coutenay, Devon  
Frederick CROCKER inmate unm m 35 tailor Sampford Coutenay, Devon  
Betty MACEY inmate unm f 70   Exeter, Devon  
John BEARE inmate   m 11   Torquay, Devon  
Ann WARREN inmate unm f 28   Zeal Morachum, Devon  
Ellen WARREN inmate   f 6   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Ann WARREN inmate   f 1   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
James CADES inmate mar m 69 labourer Southtawton, Devon  
James ROWE inmate mar m 66 mason Bristol, Gloucester  
Robert MANNELL inmate wid m 72 shoemaker Southtawton, Devon  
Ellen MILLS inmate unm f 27   Sourton, Devon  
Elenor MILLS inmate   f 6   Sourton, Devon  
George MILLS inmate   m 4   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
John MILLS inmate   m 1   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Marie PELLOW inmate unm f 26   Sourton, Devon  
Henrey PELLOW inmate   m 1   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Mary LAWTON inmate   f 12   Sourton, Devon  
Maria DAWE inmate unm f 27   Sourton, Devon  
Elizabeth COLLINGS inmate   f 17   Ramsgate, Kent  
Caroline COLLINGS inmate   f 15   Botton, Dorces  
Clara COLLINGS inmate   f 8   Southampton, Hants  
Fanny LEONARD inmate unm f 69   Monkeokehampton, Devon  
Mary LEONARD inmate   f 18   Dawlish, Devon  
William BROCK inmate   m 12   Bow, Devon  
Amy BIDEW ? inmate   f 9   Hatherleigh, Devon  
Kitty BIDEW ? inmate   f 8   Hatherleigh, Devon  
Samuel BIDEW ? inmate   m 6   Hatherleigh, Devon  
Ann HEN**** ? inmate unm f 27   Hatherleigh, Devon  
Mary Ann HEN**** ? inmate   f 7   Hatherleigh, Devon  
James HEN**** ? inmate   m 1   Hatherleigh, Devon  
Thomas KNIGHT inmate   m 7   Exeter, Devon  
Elizabeth (illegible) inmate unm f 22   Highhampton, Devon  
Ann ROCK ? inmate unm f 22   Highhampton, Devon  
Willaim Henry ROCK ? inmate   m 5   Highhampton, Devon  
Ann NETHERWAY inmate wid f 58   Idderleigh, Devon  
  PIPER inmate unm f 27   Idderleigh, Devon  
Elizabeth PALMER ? inmate unm f 29   Idderleigh, Devon  
Samuel PALMER ? inmate   m 10   Idderleigh, Devon  
William PALMER inmate   m 3   Idderleigh, Devon  
Ann CHA***INGS inmate unm f 24   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
William CHA***INGS inmate   m 4 mon.   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Mary WESTLAKE inmate unm f 31   Inwardleigh, Devon  
Mary WESTLAKE inmate   f 3   Okehampton, Devon born workhouse
Margaret LARK inmate unm f (illeg)   Monkeokehampton, Devon  
John BARKER inmate   m 8   Meath, Devon  
Susan BATTISHALL inmate unm f 22   Sampford Coutenay, Devon  
Robert PHILLIPS inmate unm m 74 labourer Cheriton, Devon  
Mary A. KELLY inmate   f 10   Southtawton, Devon  
George UNDERHILL inmate wid m 67 shoemaker Southtawton, Devon  
Maria ISAACS inmate unm f 19   Exeter, Devon  
Parience PEARD inmate unm f 69   Bratton Clovelly, Devon  
Richard ROOK inmate unm m 48 labourer Hatherleigh, Devon  
James BAYLEY inmate unm m 35 labourer Tavistock, Devon  
James MALCROFT inmate unm m 18 labourer Exeter, Devon  

Brian Randell, 22 Sep 2014