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Help and advice for Okehampton beginnings (1895): index

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Name Index


Okehampton beginnings

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 27, (1895) pp.93-112.


R.N. Worth

Prepared by Michael Steer

Okehampton was the caput, or headquarters, of a large feudal barony held at the time of the Domesday Book by Baldwin FitzGilbert. It was then held by the heiress Maud d'Avranches until her death in 1173. It then passed to her daughter Hawise de Curci (died 1219) who married Reginald de Courtenay of the French House of Courtenay. The Courtenay family rebuilt Okehampton Castle, until King Henry VIII seized the lands and had Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter executed for treason in 1539. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Albemarle, Ralph of 101
Arundel, William of 102
Avenel, Nicholas 100
Aubernan, Ingram of 101
Aubernun, William of 100-1
Baldwin the Sheriff 95, 97-8, 111
Balestane, Baldwin of 103
Bat, Osborn the 103
Bathon, Walter of 102
Baylekeworth, Hugo of 100
Beaumont, Philip of 100-1
Beaupel, Richard 100
Belestane, Baldwin of 100-1
Bernehus, Reginald 102
Bikebiry, William of 102
Bolley, Hugo of 102
Bolley, Muriel of 102
Bonevileston, Galiena of 99
Bonvill, Higo of 102
Bosco, Joel of 99
Bosco, Ralph of 101
Botregan, Reginald 104
Bret, Richard the 102
Briaune, Wydo 102
Buredune, Lucy of 101
Burnel, John 99
Cadyly, Richard the 101
Cadyo, Richard (Cadiho) 100-1
Caesar, Julius 105
Champernowne, Oliver of 100
Chedeledune, Richard of 99
Chenne, Thomas of 99
Chivethorne, William of 102
Cimenet, Richard 102
Coffin, Elie 100
Coffin, Geoffrey 100
Cole, Roger 99-100
Colevill, Richard of 101
Corbyn, Peter 100
Corelaunde, Henry of 99
Cornu, William the 101
Cornwall, Richard Earl of 103
Courtenay, Hugh of 103-4, 108-9, 111
Courtenay, John of (Curtenay) 98-9, 103-4
Courtenay, Margaret 111
Courtenay, Robert 108
Cumb, Herbert of 102
Decani, John fil 103
Denlegh, Robert of 100
Du Cange 108
Dunkevill, Abbot of 100, 102
Dyandune, Hamel of 102
Edward the Confessor 95, 97
Edward I 98, 103-4
Espet, Richard the 99
Esse, Ralph of 100
Estane, Robert of the 100
Estaneston, Ralph of 101
Filelgh, Nicholas of 100
FitzAlan, Ruard 102
FitzBaldwin, Richard 108
FitzGeoffrey of the Hak 103
FitzHenry, Henry 102
FitzJoel, Warin 101
FitzRalph, Richard 100
FitzRalph, William 104
FitzRichard, John 102
FitzRoger, John 99
FitzRogon, Jordon 100, 102
FitzSimon, Roger 100
Ford, Richard Abbot of 110
Forde, Henry of the 101
Fothergill, Mr 104, 106
Fromund, Roger 100
Fuleford, Nicholas of 101
Giffard, Roger 101-2
Globbe, Randolph 103
Greneslade, Robert of 99
Gubant, Henry 102
Guraunt, Henry 101
Haccumbe, Stephen of 101-2
Hallesworth, Alan of 99
Halpeni, Walter 103
Hare, Richard the 103
Hause, Elienor of 99
Hele, Roger of 102
Henry III 98, 103
Herizun, William 103
Hidune, Richard of 102
Hok, Geoffry of 102
Hok, Nicholas of 104
Hokesham, Robert of 100
Holleham, Reynold of 101
Hospital, William of 99
Hunichurche, Adam of 100
Hunichurche, Margery of 100
Hylam, Robert of (also Hylum) 102
Kelly, William of 100-2
Kemble, Mr 94
Lamprye, Simon 99
Langedene, Hugo of 102
Langeford, Richard of 100-2
Legh, William of 100
Leofric 93
Lolliwill, Vincent of 100
Lou, Walter the 100
Melehiwiss family 101
Meledune, Robert of 102, 104
Meules, Lords de 111
Meules, Margaret de 111
Mill, Geoffrey of the (de Molend) 103
Moles, Robert of 110-2
Moles, Roger de 111
Molis, Baldwin de 111-2
Molis, John of 100
Monk, Roger the (Moyne) 100
Mumlaunde, Walter of 100
Nicholas, Pope 103
Nevill, John of 101
Nimet, Walter of 99
Niwilaunde, Hugo of 99
Ock family 94
Offers (also Osfers; Osfernus; Osferdus) 97
Osmund, Geoffrey 103
Osmund, Richard 103
Painter, John (Pictor) 103
Palmer, Mr 110
Passem', Peter 101
Perer, Philip 101
Peverel, Hugo 102
Poer, Roger the 103
Pole, Peter of the 101
Pollei, William of 98
Porta, Michael de la 103
Pryun, Herbert of 101
Punchardun, William of 99-100
PÕulle, Robert of 102
Pynn, Herbert of 102
Radeweye, Geoffry of 100
Redvers, Adelicia de 110
Redvers, Richard de 110
Regin, John of 99
Reichel, Rev O J 93
Risford, Adam of 99-100
Ros, Alice of 102
Rymer 103
Saghlak, Oliva of 102
Sarmunvill, Sameric 102
Satchvill, John of 101
Shebbeare, Richard 108
Shete, Robert of 101
Shete, Unfrey of the 103
Sideham, Robert of 100
Smith, Martin (Faber) 103
Smith, Richard son of (fil Faber) 103
Sparkevill, Henry of 102
Spineto, Gerard of 102
Stokkeswurth, William of 102
Stoddune, Robert of 99
Syrefuntayne, Peter of 101
Talebot, Philip 101
Tanton, Alexander of 101
Tany, Alexander 101
Tany, William 101
Taylfer, Walter 103
Taylor, Canon Isaac 94-6
Tebaut, John 103
Telegh, Roger of 102
Tempol, Elias of 102
Tetteburn, Thomas of 101
Teyng, Richard of 101
Teynton, Drogo of 100
T'l, John of 101
Torr, Abbot of 102
Trenchard, William 102
Turberville 108
Uffevill, Stephen of 101
Ulnod 95
Uppecot, John of 104
Uppecott, Reginald de 103
Uppecott, Thomas de 103
Ver, Roger the 101
Wray, William of 99
Wulledane, Ralph of 101
Wyk, John of 104
Yerde, Henry of 100