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Help and advice for 1781 Otterton Land Tax Assessment

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1781 Otterton Land Tax Assessment

Index prepared by Ros Hickman, Otterton OPC

Proprietors Names of Occupants Property Name £.s.d.
Taylor Barnard F. Thomas Tillman Otterton Barton 251-0-0
Taylor B.F. & Others Jacob Bishop Ashfords 13-0-0
Duke Mr & B.F. Taylor William Hutchings Fetwells & Furzhill 13-10-0
Clapp Mr Jacob Bishop Clapps Tenement 20-0-0
Barrett Aaron Jacob Bishop Home Tenement 1-0-0
Barrett Aaron Jacob Bishop part Burgins 0-6-5
Woolcock Thomas Jacob Bishop part Kelly's 1-10-0
Farr John Jacob Bishop part Duresland 1-2-6
Burgin Richard Jacob Bishop Candies 10-0-0
Burgin Richard William Hutchings late William Staples 2-5-0
Leatt Rev. Samuel William Hutchings Home Tenement 17-12-6
Leatt Rev. Samuel William Hutchings Grindles 2-0-0
Leatt Rev. Samuel William Hutchings late Mrs Farrents 8-0-0
Leatt Rev. Samuel Peter Richards Austins 4-17-6
Leatt Rev. Samuel William Hutchings Houstern & Little Bridge 2-5-6
Leatt Rev. Samuel Jacob Skinner part Perriams 2-18-4
Leatt Rev. Samuel Leatt Rev. Samuel part Tratts 0-11-8
Simmons Rev. William Hutchings Vicarage Ground 20-0-0
Pyne John Thomas Woolcock Jacketts 1-10-0
Evans Samuel Thomas Woolcock Hanglands 10-0-0
Jackson William Jacob Bishop Maunders 6-10-0
Jackson William Jacob Bishop Warry's 0-10-0
Jackson William Jacob Bishop Two parts Kelly's 2-8-4
Lloyd Mr Jacob Bishop Burslades 15-0-0
Dench John William Hutchings Venns 5-0-0
Dench John Edward Hayman Rydons 2-17-6
Dench Mrs Benjemen Baker Phillips & Richard Greens 12-10-0
Dench Mrs Dench Mrs Bakehouse 1-0-0
Hutchings William William Hutchings Heathfields 3-1-8
Hutchings William William Hutchings Other ground 2-0-0
Hutchings William William Hutchings part Burgins 1-18-0
Hutchings William William Hutchings Badlands 4-16-8
Hutchings William William Hutchings Hercules Bryants 1-16-8
Hawker Henry William Hutchings Austins 18-0-0
Austin Richard Jacob Skinner Lee's 13-0-0
Harding Sussana William Hutchings part Tratts 13-1-8
Skinner Jacob William Hutchings Elliots 6-0-0
Bartlett Robert William Hutchings Home House 1-15-0
Bartlett Robert Mr Searle Hooks 14-10-0
Wheaton Nathaniel Mr Searle Guteridges 4-3-4
Langwell Lawrence Mr Searle Palfrey's 7-10-0
Taylor B.F. Jacob Bishop Ashfords 14-0-0
Taylor B.F. Jacob Bishop Spurhills 1-0-0
Bartlett Robert Nathaniel Wheaton Badlands 2-10-0
Mayne John Nathaniel Wheaton Home Tenement 5-10-0
Mayne John John Carter Braddicks 7-10-0
Mayne John John Carter Darbys 2-0-0
Mayne John John Mayne part Kellys 1-1-8
Mayne John John Mayne Luckis's 4-0-0
Mayne John John Mayne Butsons 7-9-2
Mayne John John Carter Rydons 4-0-0
Mayne John &others John Carter Squires Land 9-10-0
Mayne John &Ths Croyden John Carter Taylors 5-0-0
Mayne John &Ths Croyden John Carter part Taylors 1-5-0
Bird John John Carter Home Tenement 6-0-0
Bird John John Carter part Burgins 1-5-2
Bird John John Carter Passaford 29-10-0
Bird John John Carter Hampton 8-10-0
Carter Mrs John Carter Home Tenement 5-10-6
Carter Mrs William Hutchings Crabtrees 2-10-0
Carter Mrs Widow Batt part Tratts 2-3-4
Palmer Matthew Jacob Bishop Soans 4-0-0
Stoford Mr William Hutchings late Butsons 7-9-2
Stoford Mr William Cross Bradsons 3-15-0
Stoford Mr William Cross other ground 4-0-0
Mayne John John Filsa part Greens 0-12-6
Butson Matthew John Filsa part Kelly's 0-14-4
Butson Matthew John Filsa Westcotts 8-10-0
Butson Matthew Abraham Skinner Gutridges 4-17-6
Butson Matthew Abraham Skinner Tapps 11-3-4
Cannington Mr John Burridge late Squires 14-0-0
Cannington Mr John Burridge Pullmans 2-6-8
Cannington Mr John Burridge Maynards 3-14-2
Hollett John William Hutchings late Bailey's 8-0-0
Hollett John John Dyer late Carpenters 3-0-0
Grant Anne George Smith late John Grant's 3-10-0
William Bridle George Smith late Uphams 1-0-0
Burgis Mrs Joseph Skinner late Austins 8-5-0
Willmot Anne James Baker late Burgins 1-10-0
Mullans Samuel James Baker late Bailey's 20-0-0
Lake Sylvanus William Hutchings Tratts 0-16-8
Bishop Jacob William Hutchings late Burgins 0-12-9
Baker Benjemen William Hutchings late Kelly's 0-14-4
Baker Benjemen William Hutchings late Burgins 0-12-9
Price Mr Officer of Excise Custom House & land 48-0-0
Tilt Widow Robert Manley late William Tilts 1-15-0
Tilt Widow Robert Manley Hussey's 1-0-0
Taylor B.F. Robert Manley late Braddons 14-10-0
Withall Richard John Pyne late Venns 15-10-0
Clarke Elizabeth John Dyer late Satchills 10-17-8
Hayman Edward Edward Hayman late Webbers 1-0-0
Hayman Edward Edward Hayman part Maynards 3-14-2
Clarke Elizabeth John Dyer late William Braddicks 15-1-8
Clarke Elizabeth John Burridge late Smiths 7-0-0
Clarke Elizabeth John Burridge late Maynards 5-13-9
Clarke Elizabeth Zaccary Patch late Carters 18-0-0
Ramson Mrs John Chorley late Simon Ramsons 8-0-0
Ramson Mrs John Chorley late Bidgoods 14-0-0
Taylor B.F. William Prince late Smiths 10-0-0
Taylor B.F John Carter part Smiths 3-0-0
Taylor B.F John Carter part Perrymans 1-17-0
Taylor B.F John Carter part Maynards 0-17-6
Taylor B.F John Carter late Humphrey Dukes 7-3-4
Chorley Abraham himself late Ramsons 13-10-0
Halse John himself late Sandfords 1-0-0
Hare John Robert Manley late Edward Hares 14-0-0
Carter Ephraim himself late Carters 13-0-0
Carter Ephraim himself part Perrymans 1-0-0
Hind Mr William Hayman late Stabbicks 32-0-0
Skinner Jacob himself late Skinners 13-10-0
Munday Rev. Thomas White late Passmores 29-10-0
White Thomas himself late Taylors (Passaford) 29-10-0
Paver James himself late Pavers 14-0-0
Paver James himself late Pikes 0-10-0
Crammer Widow Thomas White late Pinns (Crammers) 14-0-0
Halse Thomas himself late Barnes 1-0-0
Halse Thomas himself late Hornes 0-15-0
Westcott John himself late Maynards 7-0-0
Headon Thomas Thomas White late Godfreys 15-0-0
Searle Channon himself late Searles (Pinn) 45-0-0
Walters John William Prew late Drakes 30-0-0
Walters John William Prew Pinns 14-0-0
Walters John William Prew Greens 1-17-6
Stone William Peter Richards late Sanders (Stones) 15-0-0
Glubb Rev. Channon Searle late Waldrons 29-0-0
Paul Frances herself late Bayleys 12-0-0
Toogood Mr John Dyer late Braddicks 14-0-0
Toogood Mr John Dyer late Pauls 14-16-3
Howerd Mr Edward Hayman late Carters 20-10-0
Purchases William Mary Bridle late Bayleys 20-0-0
Carter John Elias Carter late Carters 9-3-4
Carter John Elias Carter late Dukes 1-0-0