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Otterton Connections


Ros Hickman

Email: RozMH[at]talktalk[dot]net

This is a list of surnames of people who appear in various documents relating to Otterton Devon. They may not have lived in the village, some may have been land holders, or absent landlords. In many cases we do know where people lived and the extent of their land holdings. If you would like further information on a particular person, please give as many details as possible including the dates you are interested in and I will be happy to furnish what information I have from the list of documents. Further research at the PRO/West Country Studies Library could be undertaken by arrangement.

Source Documents that have been indexed:

Lay Subsidy Rolls 1332, 1524, 1624 S.R.
Tax Assessment - The Loan 1522 T.L.
Muster Rolls 1569 M.R.
Glebe Terrier 1602, 1613 G.T.
Malte Book 1613 M.B.
Apprentice Register 1731-1760 A.
Account of Charity Money Given 1738 ----
Churchwardens 1768-1836 C.W.
Estates and Owners 1766, 1826 ----
Parish Overseers 1770-1805 ----
Insurance Holders 1770 I.
Manorial Survey 1779 M.S.
Land Tax 1781, 1788, 1812, 1832 L.T.
Poor Rate 1811 P.R.
Rolle Estate Rentals 1830-35 R.R.
Tithe Apportionment 1846 T.A.
Census Returns 1841, 1851, 1881, 1891 C.
Post Office Directory 1856, 1857, 1891 P.D.
Electoral Roll 1867, 1900, 1910, 1933 E.R.

Surname Index

Thomas Adams C.1841
Henry Alyngton S.R.1524
Francis Algar C.1841, T.A.1846
Mary Angels A.1730
John Anstey C.1841, T.A.1846
Thomas Arberry C.1841, T.A.1846
John Ash M.S.1779
James Ashford L.T.1812
Henry Austen S.R.1524, W.1701
John Austen S.R.1524, M.B.1613, A.1730,
Richard Austen M.B.1613, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
William Austin L.T.1812
Stephen Awstyn M.R.1569
Robert Awstyn M.R.1569
Robert Axe S.R.1524
Benjeman Baker M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
Edward Baker M.R.1569
Gorden Baker L.T.1781
James Baker M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Mary Baker R.R.1835.
William Baker C.1841
Richard Banckligh M.R.1569
Alice Bankly G.T. 1613
Widdo Bankly M.B.1613, G.T. 1613
Thomas Ballymond S.R.1524,
Widdo Ballymond M.B.1613
Arron Barrett M.S.1779, L.T.1781, L.1799
Robert Bartlett M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Agnes Bastin T.A.1846
George Bastin C.1841, T.A.1846.
John Bastin L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841
William Bastin W.D.1850
Mary Batt L.1753
William Batt L.1753
William Batstone C.1841, T.A.1846
Robert Bawlch M.S.1779,
Walter Baydon S.R.1524
Richard Bayliss A.1730,
Symon Bayly M.B.1613, G.T. 1613
John Bayly L.G 1549, M.B.1613
William Bayly S.R.1524,L.G.1549, M.B.1613,
Robert Bayly Jnr M.B.1613
Robert Bayly Sen M.B.1613
Richard Beall S.R.1524
Charles Bewes C.1841, T.A.1846
Samuel Bewes T.A.1846
John Bickleigh T.A.1846
John Bird A.1730, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Honor Bishop M.S.1779
Jacob Bishop M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
William Bishop L.T.1812, 1832, R.R. 1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
James Blackmore A.1730
John Blackmore C.1841
Mary Blackmore A.1730
Michael Bokynham S.R.1524
Widdow Bolt L.T.1781
Samuel Bond C.1841
Elizabeth Bradbeer T.A.1846
George Brand L.T.1812
William Brase S.R.1524
George Bridle T.A.1846
James Bridle L.T.1832, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
John Bridle L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
Mary Bridle L.T.1781, 1832, R.R.1835
Richard Bridle C.1841, T.A.1846
Robert Bridle W.D.1850
Thomas Bridle L.T.1812, C.1841, T,A.1846
William Bridle I.1770, M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Robert Brooke M.R.1569
Richard Brooks C.1841
John Browne S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Richard Browne S.R.1524,
William Brown M.B.1613, M.S.1779
Babbidge Brusslls G.T.1602
Hercule Brymont M.S.1779
Mary Bud A.1730
Amy Budge R.R.1835
John Budge T.A.1846
James Bullory A.1730
John Burch T.A.1846
William Burch C.1841
Elizabeth Burgess M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Richard Burgin G.T.1602, G.T.1613, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Jemima Burnley C.1841
John Burridge M.S.1779, L.T.1781
James Burrow C.1841, T.A.1846
John Burrow C.1841, T.A.1846
Mary Burrow C.1841
Thomas Burrow L.T.1832
Fanny Burrows C.1841
William Burrows C.1841, T.A.1846
Nicholas Bussell S.R.1524
Elizabeth Butson T.A.1846
John Butson L.T.1812
Matthew Butson I.1770, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
William Butson T.A.1846
Sarah Butson L.T.1781, 1832
William Butson L.T.1812, R.R.1835
Ambrose Byrd S.R.1524
William Callard M.B.1613
Charles Candy G.T.1602, G.T.1613
Chatherine Candy M.B.1613,
John Candy M.B.1613
Elizabeth Cannington R.R.1835
Thomas Cannington M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Robert Carnal L.T.1812
William Carnal A.1730
John Carpenter L.T.1832, T.A.1846
Ellis Carter L.T.1781
Ephraim Carter M.S.1779, L.T.1781
John Carter M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1832, T.A.1846
Oliver Carter I.1770, L.T.1812
Thomas Carter L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
James Casely C.1841, T.A.1846
John Casely C.1841
Ann Chard A.1730
Elizabeth Chard A.1730
Joan Chard A.1730
Mary Chard A.1730
James Chick L.T.1832, C.1841, T.A.1846
Abraham Chorley M.S.1779, L.T.1781
John Chorley L.T.1781
Joseph Chown R.R.1835
Robert Chown L.T.1812, 1832, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
William Chown L.T.1812
John Clapp M.B.1613, G.T.1613
Robert Clapp A.1730, L.T.1781
William Clapp L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
Martha Clark M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Sarah Clark M.S.1779
Elizabeth Clarke M.S.1779
John Clarke A.1730,
James Clarke R.R.1835, C.1841
Thomas Clarke S.R.1524, M.B.1613
William Clerke S.R.1524
John Cockeran L.T.1812
James Collings C.1841
George Cook M.S.1779, L.T.1812
Sarah Copp C.1841
Agnes Copplestone R.R.1835
Henry Copplestone T.A.1846
James Copplestone L.T.1832
John Copplestone L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
John Cornish L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
John Cornwall T.A.1846
Thomas Covenant S.R.1524
Elizabeth Cowd T.A.1846
Gilbert Cowd L.T.1812,1832, R.R.1835
John Cowde S.R.1524
Margaret Crammer M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Thomas Crayson I.1770
Martha Crook C.1841
Sussana Cross L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841
William Cross M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
Michael Dare M.S.1779
Elizabeth Dench M.S.1779, L.T.1781
John Dench M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Sarah Dench M.S.1779,
John Daniels C.1841
Robert Daniels C.1841
Sarah Daniels C.1841, T.A.1846,
Thomas Dennis M.R.1569
William Dewnes M.B.1613,
Widdo Dewnes M.B.1613
Richard Dollyng S.R.1524
Roger Dollyn M.B.1613
Thomas Dollyn M.R.1569,
William Dollyn M.B.1613
Richard Down L.T.1812.
John Drake M.B.1613
Nicholas Drake L.T.1812
Richard Drake S.R.1524
Robert Drake S.R.1524, M.B.1613, L.T.1832, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Thomas Drake M.R.1569,
Widdo Drake G.T.1602, M.B.1613, G.T.1613
William Drake L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
William Drew A.1730
John Duke M.R.1569,
Thomas Duke - gent M.B.1613,
Richard Duke - Esq. G.T.1602, M.B.1613, G.T.1613, W.1742
Robert Duke A.1730
Sussana Duke I.1770,
Richard Dulyn M.B.1613
John Dunys S.R.1524
Richard Dunys S.R.1524
Thomas Dunys S.R.1524
William Dunys S.R.1524
Ann Dyer R.R.1835
George Dyer M.S.1779, L.T. 1812, 1832, C.1841, T.A.1846
Hester Dyer L.T.1812, 1832
Joel Dyer R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
John Dyer L.T.1781, 1812, 1832
Phillip Dyer R.R.1835
Richard Dyer M.S.1779
Sarah Dyer T.A.1846
Mary Earland M.S.1779
Thomas Easterling L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
Edward Ebdon M.S.1779
Thomas Ebdon L.T.1812
John Edwards L.T.1812
Andrewe Elleott M.B.1613
Amy Ellis R.R.1835
Nicholas Ellis L.T.1812
Francis England C.1841
Nathan England C.1841
William Estbroke S.R 1524
Charles Evans L.T.1812, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Elizabeth Evans C.1841
Jenny Evans R.R.1835
James Evans C.1841, T.A.1846
John Evans M.S.1779, C.1841, T.A.1846
Rebecca Evans C.1841
Samuel Evans M.S.1779, L.T.1781
William Evans L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
John Farr L.T.1781
Frederick Farrent T.A.1846
John Farrant C, 1841, T.A.1846
John Farrent C. 1841, T.A.1846
Robert Farrent T.A.1846
William Farrent C.1841, T.A.1846
John Fayter M.R.1569, L.T.1832
Thomas Fayteor S.R.1524
William Faytor M.B.1613
William Fildew C.1841
John Filsa L.T.1781
Thomas Flaxby A.1730
Diana Follett T.A.1846
Jacob Follett L.T.1812
James Follett M.S.1779
John Follett T.A.1846
Samual Follett A.1730, M.S.1779
William Follett R.R.1835
Ann Ford C.1841
Rachael Fowler C.1841
Rebecca French C.1841, T.A.1846
John Frye S.R.1524
John Frygon S.R.1524
Richard Frygon S.R.1524
Thomas Frygon S.R.1524
William Frygon S.R.1524
John Galsworthy T.A.1846
Mary Garland M.S.1779
John Gatter C.1841, T.A.1846,
Thomas Gaydon S.R.1524
Richard Gibb M.B.1613
Rev. Glubb L.T.1781
George Godfrey A.1730
John Godfrey C.1841
Joseph Goldsworthy C.1841
Elizabeth Good R.R.1835
Sarah Goode C.1841, T.A.1846
Elizabeth Gooding C.1841
Charles Gosling C.1841, T.A.1846
John Gosling C.1841
William Gosling W.D.1850
John Grange S.R.1524
Alice Grant R.R.1835
Anne Grant M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Charles Grant L.T.1812
Robert Grendell M.R.1569,
John Griffin M.R.1569, M.B.1613
John Griffon A.1730,
Gregory Grindle G.T.1602, M.B.1613, G.T.1613,
Richard Grindle (M.B.1613
William Grosse W.D.1850
John Gryndell S.R.1524
John Grygge S.R.1524
Richard Grygge S.R.1524,
Thomas Guddridge M.B.1613, G.T.1613,
John Gybbs S.R.1524
Henry Hallett W.D.1850
Thomas Hallett L.T.1832
Abraham Halse L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850.
Henry Halse L.T.1812, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Issac Halse C.1841, T.A.1846
John Halse L.T.1781
Sarah Halse A.1730
Thomas Halse M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
William Halse C.1841, T.A.1846
John Hamlyn S.R.1524
Phillip Hancock L.T.1812
Evans Harbery L.T.1812
Robert Harbery L.T.1812
Charles Harding W.D.1850
Francis Harding C.1841, T.A.1846
James Harding T.A.1846
John Harding C.1841, T.A.1846
Mary Harding L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Richard Harding T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Robert Harding C.1841, T.A.1846
Susanna Harding M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Thomas Harding R.R.1835, C.1841
William Harding L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C. 1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
John Hare M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Sarah Hare M.S.1779
Thomas Hare L.T.1812
Henry Hares C.1841
John Harris C.1841
Jane Hart C.1841
William Hart R.R.1835
William Haskey M.S.1779
Henry Hawker M.S.1779, L.T.1781, L.T.1832
Robert Haydon S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Edward Hayman M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812, 1832, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Eliza Hayman T.A.1846
Joel Hayman L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
John Hayman R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Mary Hayman C.1841, T.A.1846
Robert Hayman L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841
Sarah Hayman L.T.1812, T.A.1846
William Hayman L.T.1781, 1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Thomas Headon L.T.1781
Francis Hellings C.1841, T.A.1846
William Helman  
Rev. Herndon L.T.1832
Agnes Hill A.1730
Henry Hill R.R.1835
Ann Hillman C.1841
John Hine C.1841
Samuel Hine R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
William Hine M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Joseph Hitchcock C.1841
Francis Hitt C.1841, T.A.1846
Henry Hitt C.1841, T.A.1846
John Hitt C. 1841
Mary Hitt T.A.1846
Richard Hitt T.A.1846
Samuel Hitt L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841
Thomas Hitt C.1841
Tomazine Holcombe L.T. 1812
William Holcombe M.S.1779
Elizabeth Hollett M.S.1779
Frederick Hollett C.1841
Hannah Hollett R.R.1835
Henry Hollett C.1841, T.A.1846
John Cox Hollett R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Stephen Hollett M.S.1779, L.T.1781, R.R.1835, C.1841
William Hollett A.1730
Widdo Hoop M.B.1613
Thomas Horewode S.R.1524
Issac Horn C.1841
David Horndon R.R.1835
John Howard A.1730, M.S.1779
Samuel Howard M.S.1779
John Hugh S.R.1524
William Hutchings I.1770, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
John Ireland L.T.1812
Henry Isaack W.1639
William Jackson M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Rev. William James L.T.1812
William Jennings M.S.1779
Thomas Josling C.1841
Alexander Kellegh S.R.1524
Edward Kene M.R.1569
Widdo Kenwood M.B.1613
Mary Kerslake T.A.1846,
Edward Kinge M.R.1569, M.B.1613,
John Kyng S.R.1524
John Lacy M.B.1613
Sylvanus Lake M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Henry Lane M.R.1569
Joan Lane S.R.1524
John Lane S.R.1524
Richard Lane M.R.1569
Robert Lane S.R.1524
William Lane S.R.1524
John Langmead T.A.1846
Martha Langmead C.1841, T.A.1846
Lawrence Langwell M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Henry Leate M.R.1569
Richard Leate M.R.1569,
Widdo Leate (M.B.1613
Samuel Leatt M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Rev. William Leatt L.T.1812,
Mary Legg R.R. 1835,
Widdo Leigh M.B.1613
William Leigh M.B.1613,
Mr Lloyde L.T.1781
William Loverige M.R.1569,
Widdo Lowton M.B.1613,
Marke Loyes G.T.1602, G.T.1613
Richard Luckeis M.B.1613
Richard Lukis A.1730
William Lutton M.R.1569
William Lyde L.T.1812
Geoffry Lytteljohn S.R.1524
Mr McGrath T.A.1846
John McLood T.A.1846,
John Macy S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Richard Macy M.B.1613,
Robert Macy M.B.1613
Robert Manley M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Edward Mann C.1841
Rev, John Le Marchant L.T.1812, 1832
Sarah Le Marchant R.R.1835, T.A. 1846
Francis Matthews C.1841
Richard Matthews C.1841
William Matthews R.R.1835
John May, C.1841
William May C.1841, T.A.1846
John Mayne A.1730, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Moses Middleton L.T.1812
John Miller T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Richard Mitchell L.T.1812
Agnes Mone S.R.1524
Joan Mone S.R.1524
John Mone S.R.1524
Rev. Moore L.T.1832.
Mary Mountjoy A.1730
Samuel Mullins I.1770, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Rev. Munday L.T.1781
John Mundy A.1730,
William Newcombe L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
John Newton R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Mark Northcott C.1841
Richard Northcott R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
William Nucombe S.R.1524
Thomas Ollyver S.R.1524,
Mary Oldridge T.A.1846
William Oldridge R.R.1835
Henry Overington C.1841, T.A.1846
Henry Paige M.R.1569
James Palmer A.1730
John Palmer W.D.1850
Mary Palmer C.1841
Matthew Palmer I.1770, M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
Richard Palmer L.T.1832
Robert Venn Palmer R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
William Pare M.B.1613,
John Parsons M.B.1613,
Peter Parsons M.B.1613
William Parys, S.R.1524
Mary Patch, R.R.1835
Mr Patch L.T.1781
Thomas Patch C.1841, W.D.1850
William Patch T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Joan Pateson S.R.1524
John Patson M.R.1569
Peter Patsons G.T. 1602, G.T. 1613
Frances Paul A.1730, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
James Paver M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
Roger Paver C.1841
Thomas Payne C.1841
Adam Pearse M.S.1779
William Peach L.T.1832
John Peck M.S.1779
William Peck R.R.1835, T.A.1846
William Pepperell M.S.1779
William Perriam C.1841
George Peryman M.R.1569
Hugh Peryman S.R.1524
John Peryman S.R.1524
Mathew Peryman S.R.1524,
Thomas Peryman S.R.1524, M.B.1613,
Widdo Peryman M.B.1613
William Peyng S.R.1524
Yewan Peyrs S.R.1524
John Phillips M.B.1613
Richard Phillips M.R.1569
Hannah Pile C.1841
Charles Pile L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
Dorothy Pile C.1841
John Pile L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Mary Pile T.A.1846
Michael Pile C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Samuel Pile M.S.1779, L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Sarah Pile C.1841
Thomas Pile L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Trephena Pile C.1841, T.A.1846
William Pile L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Sarah Pinn M.S.1779, L.T.1812
William Pinn C.1841
Percy Please  
William Poleman S.R.1524
William Poole C.1841
Elizabeth Potbury I.1770, L.T.1812
Henry Potbury M.B.1613
William Potbury M.S.1779
Henry Potter L.T.1812, 1832
Honor Potter R.R.1835, T.A. 1846
Agnes Prestcott G.T. 1602
Elizabeth Prestcott R.R.1835
William Prescott L.T.1832
Robert Prestley M.B.1613, G.T.1613
John Prew L.T.1812
William Prew A.1730, M.S.1779, L.T.1781, C.1841
Mr. Price L.T.1781
James Priddis C.1841
John Priddis C.1841
Joasma Pridditt A.1730
James Prideaux T.A.1846
William Prince M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Anna Pring R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Thomas Pulman M.B.1613
Moses Purchases M.S.1779
Mary Pylos A.1730
Joan Pyne M.S.1779
John Pyne M.R.1569, M.B.1613, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Sarah Pyne M.S.1779
William Pyne M.R.1569
John Pynn M.B.1613
Robert Pynn M.B.1613
Robert Pynne S.R.1524
John Quick L.T.1812, T.A.1846
John Radford C.1841, T.A.1846
Elizabeth Ramson M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Robert Ramson M.B.1613
Simon Ramson A.1730
Roger Rampson M.R.1569
Widdo Reade M.B.1613
John Redwood C.1841
John Repe S.R.1524
Henry Richards A.1730
John Richards C.1841, T.A.1846
Peter Richards L.T.1781
John Riche S.R.1524
Edward Riddle C.1841
Herman Robbins C.1841, T.A.1846
John Robbins L.T.1812
Phillip Robbins C.1841
Richard Robbins L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Sherman Robbins C.1841
William Robbins T.A.1846
Henry Roberts C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
John Rogers M.R.1569, G.T. 1602, M.B.1613
Phillip Rogers M.B.1613,
William Rogers M.B.1613
Agnes Rondel S.R.1524
John Roper S.R.1524
John Rosemond S.R.1524
Charles Rugg M.S.1779
Tamazine Rugg C.1841
William Rugg M.S.1779
Robert Russell M.B.1613
Nicholas Rutlocks A.1730
John Rutter W.D.1850
Thomas Ryxer S.R.1524
William Ryxer S.R.1524
Sally Salter C.1841
William Salter C.1841, T.A.1846
Widdo Samford M.B.1613
Zacha: Samford M.B.1613
John Sanders C.1841
Henry Sandford L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
John Sandford C.1841, T.A.1846
Thomas Sandford R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
William Sandford C.1841, T.A.1846
William Sanford M.R.1569
Nicholas Sansome M.S.1779
Charles Sarle L.T.1781
Jane Saunders C.1841
John Saunders M.R.1569
Mary Saunders C.1841
Sarah Saunders W.D.1850
Thomas Saunders R.R.1835
James Sause A.1730
John Scorch S.R.1524, M.B.1613,
Thomas Scorche S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Jane Scott M.S.1779, R.R.1825
Sarah Scott M.S.1779, R.R.1835
John Scutte S.R.1524
Thomas Scutte S.R.1524
Channon Searle M.S.1779,
Elizabeth Searle L.T.1812, R.R.1835
John Searle A.1730
Thomas Searle L.T.1812, 1832
William Searle L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
William Sellick R.R.1835
John Shapton S.R.1524
Widdo Shapton M.B.1613
James Shears M.S.1779
Thomas Shears C.1841, T.A.1846
William Shears L.T.1812
John Shepehurd S.R.1524
Thomas Sherwyn M.R.1569
Rev. Thomas Shore L.T.1812, R.R.1835
Mary Shilton A.1730
Deborah Simmons M.S.1779
John Simmons T.A.1846
Rev. Simmons L.T.1781
Richard Sims C.1841
Abraham Skinner M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812
Anne Skinner M.S.1779
Elizabeth Skinner R.R.1835
Isaac Skinner L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Jacob Skinner I.1770, L.T.1781, 1812, W.D.1850
John Skinner M.S.1779
Joseph Skinner M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Richard Skinner L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835,
Samuel Skinner C.1841,
Susan Skinner T.A.1846
Andrew Slade A.1730
Widdo Slade G.T.1602
William Slade M.B.1613
Robert Slader G.T.1602, M.B.1613, G.T.1613
Andrew Sleighter M.R.1569
Abraham Smith M.S.1779
George Smith L.T.1781
James Smith C.1841, T.A.1846
John Smith G.T.1613, C.1841
Samuel Smith C.1841
James Smyth M.R.1569
Mary Smyth L.T.1832, R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Richard Smyth S.R.1524
Thomas Snellyng S.R.1524
John Staddon C.1841
William Staddon C.1841
John Staple A.1730
Mary Staple M.S.1779
Thomas Staple A.1730
Jno Stephens W.D.1850
John Moore Stevens C.1841, T.A.1846, W.D.1850
Henry Stocker M.B.1613
John Stoford M.S.1779, L.T.1781
William Stoford M.B.1613
William Stone M.S.1779, L.T.1781, T.A.1846
John Stone L.T.1812
Elizabeth Street C.1841, T.A.1846
John Street R.R.1835
John Swadell S.R.1524
John Swayne M.R.1569
Richard Swayne S.R.1524
Thomas Swayne M.B.1613
William Symonds C.1841
B.F. Taylor L.T.1781
Elias Taylor L.T.1832
George Taylor A.1730
Henry Taylor (M.R.1569, M.B.1613, G.T.1613,
John Taylor S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Joseph Taylor R.R.1835
Mary Taylor C.1841
Thomas Taylor S.R.1524
Richard Taylor S.R.1524, M.R.1569
Widdo Taylor G.T. 1602
William Taylor S.R.1524, M.R.1569, M.B.1613
Thomas Tedbury C.1841, T.A.1846
Charlotte Thorn C.1841, T.A.184
William Thouscome T.A.1846
Thomas Tidbury W.D.1850
Agnes Till C.1841, T.A.1846
Edward Till R.R.1835
Elizabeth Till M.S.1779, L.T.1781
John Till C.1841
Mary Till M.S.1779
Robert Till C.1841
Thomas Till R.R.1835, C.1841, T.A.1846
Charles Tillman L.T.1812
Elizabeth Tillman R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Thomas Tillman L.T.1781
Sussanna Toogood M.S.1779
Simon Tozer L.T.1812
Thomas Tree C.1841, T.A.1846
Marjary Trickey M.B.1613
Richard Trickey G.T. 1602
Thomas Trickey M.B.1613
John Troak C.1841
John Trott T.A.1846
Thomas Tryckehay S.R.1524
John Uglow T.A.1846, W.D.1850
William Venner - Vicar G.T. 1602,
Joane Verryard M.B.1613
Walter Verryard G.T. 1602
Ann Vilday T.A.1846,
Thomas Vilday C.1841
Thomas Vinnicome C.1841,
Stephan Vyron S.R.1524
Elizabeth Wakefield L.T.1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Francis Walrond M.S.1779
William Walrond C.1841
John Walters Esq. L.T.1781
William Walters L.T.1812
Deborah Wannell M.S.1779
John Warmington L.T.1812
Mary Warmington C.1841
William Warmington C.1841
Emily Warren M.S.1779
Ellis Warren G.T. 1602
Thomas Warren L.T.1812
Thomazine Warren M.B.1613, G.T.1613
Deborah Warry A.1730, M.S.1779
Elizabeth Way R.R.1835
Joseph Way C.1841
Sarah Way C.1841
Thomas Way C.1841
William Webber S.R.1524
John Wellsman C.1841
Thomas Wenneman S.R.1524
Edward West C.1841
Amy Westcott R.R.1835
James Westcott L.T.1812
John Westcott M.R.1569, M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Stephen Westcott C.1841, T.A.1846
Widdo Westcott M.B.1613
Elizabeth Wheaton C.1841
Joseph Wheaton L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Phillip Wheaton T.A.1846
Nathaniel Wheaton L.T.1781
John Wheeler C.1841
Ann White C.1841
Henry White C.1841
Sarah White L.T.1812, 1832, R.R.1835
Thomas White M.S.1779, L.T.1781, 1812, 1832, R.R.1835, T.A.1846
Robert Whitelegh S.R.1524
Stephen Whiterowe M.R.1569
Henry Whittey M.B.1613
John Whytemore S.R.1524
John Whytyng S.R.1524
Edward Wilcocks M.R.1569
Anne Wilmot M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Charles Williams C.1841
John Williams R.R.1835
Thomas Williams T.A.1846
Henry Wilson M.S.1779
Richard Winter M.B.1613, G.T.1613
Benjeman Withall A.1730
Richard Withall M.S.1779, L.T.1781
Richard Wood C.1841
Thomas Woolcott I.1770, L.T.1781
Widdo Woosley M.B.1613
William Wyatt L.T.1812, 1832
Thomas Yelverton L.T.1812, 1832
Joseph Youldon C.1841