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Help and advice for Ottery St Mary: Cadhay

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[A Tudor manor-house near Ottery St. Mary]

A Booklet with no Named Author or Publisher

Printed by: James Townsend & Sons Limited, Exeter

Index prepared by Brian Bigmore

Index Format: Name, Place if not Cadhay, Date, Event, Page Number

Bagwell William, Ashcott Somerset, circa 1800, husband of Admiral Graves eldest daughter, p 10
Brown John, and Richmond, 1736, bought the house and full manorial rights, p 8
de Cadehayes family, Ottery St. Mary, circa 1290, prominent people in the district, p 4, 18
de Cadehayes Joan, Ottery St. Mary, circa 1490, married a Hugh Grenefeld or Grenville, p 4
Carew Sir George, Exeter, circa 1530, business partner of Richard Haydon, p 4
Collin Captain and Mrs,, until 1909, long time tenants of the house, p 10
Fletcher H. M.,, circa 1910, architect who directed restoration of house, p 12, 21
Graves family,,,, p 22, 23
Graves Admiral [Lord], and Thancks Cornwall, d1802, distinguished naval officer and husband of Elizabeth Williams, p 8, 10
Grenefeld or Grenville Elyn,, circa 1520, wife of Robert, p 4
Grenefeld or Grenville Hugh, Ottery St. Mary, circa 1490, obtained house upon marriage to Joan de Cadehayes, p 4
Grenefeld or Grenville Joan,, 1527, daughter of Robert and Elyn married John Haydon, p 4, 6
Grenefeld or Grenville Robert,, circa 1520, son of Hugh died, p4
Hare family,,,, p 21, 22, 23
Hare Sir Ralph,, 1910, grandson of Sir Thomas sold the house, p 10, 20
Hare Sir Thomas, and Stow Bardolph Norfolk, 1802, husband of Admiral Graves second eldest daughter, p 10, 20
Haydon family,,,, p 21, 22, 23
Haydon Gideon,, 17 century, first of 5 consecutive Gideon's who inherited from Robert Haydon, p 6
Haydon Gideon,, m 28 Jan 1660/1, third Gideon, p 8, 10
Haydon Gideon,, m1693, fourth Gideon, p8
Haydon John,, m1527 d1587, second son of Richard married Joan Grenefeld or Grenville, p 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 15, 18, 22
Haydon Margaret, Ottery St. Mary, 1660, mother of Ralph, p 6
Haydon Nicholas, Ottery St. Mary, 1649, presumed brother of 2nd Gideon, p 6
Haydon Ralph, Farway, circa 1649, court appearance, p 6
Haydon Richard, Woodbury and Harpford, circa 1525, steward to Bishop Veysey of Exeter, p 4
Haydon Robert,, 1587, great-nephew of Robert Haydon, p 6, 14, 15, 16
Palmer Mr,, 1803, tenant of house, p 10
Paulet Sir Thomas, Paulet Somerset, 14 century, ancestor of Sir Amias, p 6
Paulet William, Paulet Somerset, 14 century, younger brother of Sir Thomas, p 6
Poulett family,,,, p 22, 23
Poulett Sir Amias, Hinton St. George Somerset, circa 1580, Privy Councillor, p 6, 15
Poulett Joan,, circa 1587, eldest daughter of Sir Amias married Robert Haydon, p 6, 15
Powlett Major B. N. W. William-,, d1953, house tenant from 1924 then owner from 1935, p 12, 21, 22
Powlett Captain N. J. W. William-,, d1963, naval officer son of above Major and owner, p 12
Powlett Mr. O. N. W. William-,, 1963, son of above Captain and owner, p 12
Seignoret Elizabeth,, d1792, wife of [son] William Peere Williams, p 8
Veysey Bishop, Exeter, circa 1525, bishop of, p4
Weaver Lawrence,, 13/1/1913, wrote article in Country Life about the house, p 12
Whetham Mrs & daughter,, 20 century, wrote A Manor Book of Ottery St. Mary, p 10, 12, 22
Whetham Sir William C. Dampier [F.R.S.],, 1910, purchased house from Sir Ralph Hare, p 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22
Williams family,,,, p 21, 22
Williams Elizabeth,, 1792, daughter of William and Elizabeth wife of Admiral Graves, p 8
Williams William Peere, London, 18 century, eminent lawyer, p 8
Williams William Peere,, d1766, second son of above bought house from John Brown in 1737, p 8, 16, 18