From Pigot's Trade Directory of 1830

Full list of names and occupations/trades in alphabetical order

Transcribed by Ros Haywood

Surname Forename(s) Occupation Further information
Brown Capt Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Retreat Cottage
Carpenter Mrs Mary Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Paternoster Row
Clyde Capt Charles, RN Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Ridgway House
Coleridge Lieut Col James Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Heath Court
Coleridge Mrs George Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Warden House
Coleridge Mrs L Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Paternoster Row
Coleridge Rev Edward Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Paternoster Row
Collins Thomas Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Caddy House
Elliott Rev Luther G Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Salviston House
Jeffery Capt Samuel, RN Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Younder Street
Kean Mrs Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Mill Street
Kennaway Sir John, Bart Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Escott Cottage
Kennaway John, Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Escott Cottage
Kennaway Richard, Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Escott Cottage
Ellis Lee John, Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Paternoster Row
Pease Robert, Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Manor House
Pullman Thomas, gent Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Mill Street
Sharpe Lieut Stephen, RN Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Mill Street
Smith Rev George Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Vicarage House
Smyth Major Carmichael Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Larkbear House
Stupart Capt Gustavus, RN Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Cornhill
White T T, Esq Nobility/Gentry/Clergy Gossford House
Rev Sidney
Rev John
Grammar School  
Smith John Parish School Younder Street
Bounsall Rev Jno Academies Mill Street
Houlditch Rev Rd Academies Mill Street
Newbery Henry Academies Broad Street
White Anna Academies, Ladies' Paternoster Row
Beedell James Academies, commercial Sandhill Street
Glanville & Bate Attorneys Silver Street
Coleridge Francis Geo Attorney Silver Street
Pocock Leonard Auctioneer Paternoster Row
Tremlett William Auctioneer Silver Street
Anning James Baker Mill Street
Burrough John Baker Silver Street
Norrington Amelia Baker Mill Street
Norrington William Baker Mill Street
Salter Richard Baker Broad Street
Seward Francis Baker Mill Street
Whicker John Baker Paternoster Row
Whicker Sarah Baker Silver Street
Coles Richard Blacksmith Tipple Street
Peck William Blacksmith Broad Street
Salter John Blacksmith Snow Hill
Skinner John Blacksmith Tipple Street
Toby Jonathan Blacksmith Mill Street
Baker Richard Bookseller Paternoster Row
Berry John Boot/Shoemaker Paternoster Row
Channon George Boot/Shoemaker Mill Street
Davey William Boot/Shoemaker Younder Street
Fisher Richard Boot/Shoemaker Mill Street
Godfrey William Boot/Shoemaker Broad Street
Hake Thomas Boot/Shoemaker Silver Street
Hallett John Boot/Shoemaker Mill Street
Oldridge Henry Boot/Shoemaker Mill Street
Reed John & Joseph Boot/Shoemakers Mill Street
Salter Richard Boot/Shoemaker Broad Street
Shorland William Boot/Shoemaker Younder Street
Webb John Boot/Shoemaker Mill Street
Shorland George Brick Maker Younder Street
Channon John Butcher Younder Street
Stockman Thomas Butcher Sandhill Street
Teed Richard Butcher Snowhill
Williams John Butcher Younder Street
Williams William Butcher Cornhill
Kenwood Wm Cabinet Maker Silver Street
Cazeley William Carpenter/Joiner Mill Street
Eveleigh William Carpenter/Joiner Mill Street
Norrington Chas Carpenter/Joiner Paternoster Row
Norrington James Carpenter/Joiner Broad Street
Radford George Carpenter/Joiner Snowhill
Trapp James Carpenter/Joiner Sandhill Street
Harris Wm Chairmaker Younder Street
Sorrell James Chymist/Druggist Broad Street
Walker James Chymist/Druggist Silver Street
Hake Henry Cooper Younder Street
Reed William Corn miller Town mill
Salter Thomas & Philip Curriers Silver Street
Tapscott George Currier Silver Street
Archer Thomas Dyer Tipple Street
Norrington Amelia Earthenware Dealer Mill Street
Traer William Earthenware dealer Cornhill
Heard Ann Farrier Paternoster Row
Bowers John Fellmonger/Tawer Mill Street
Phillips George Fellmonger/Tawer Paternoster Row
Coleridge Fras G Fire & Office Agent ATLAS, Silver Street
Glanville & Bate Fire & Office Agents NORWICH UNION, Silver St
Norrington Jas Fire & Office Agent ROYAL EXCHANGE, Broad St
Seward Fras Fire & Office Agent WEST OF ENGLAND, Mill St
Humphrey Henry Glover Mill Street
Clark James Tea Dealer Sandhill Street
Evans Samuel Grocer/Tea Dealer Market Square
Harvey Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Broad Street
Shepperd Thomas Grocer/Tea Dealer Silver Street
Walker James Grocer/Tea Dealer Silver Street
Oldridge William Hair dresser Mill Street
Perriman John Inn/Public House Five Bells, Mill St
Stockman Zachariah Inn/Public House Kings Arms, Sandhill St
Druller John Inn/Public House Lamb & Flag, Younder St
Livermore William Inn/Public House Red Lion, Broad St
Jeffery Thos Inn/Public House Volunteer, Broad St
Norrington James Ironmonger Broad Street
Coombe Joseph Linen Draper Cornhill
Evans Samuel Linen Draper Market Square
Harvey Thomas Linen Draper Broad Street
Shepperd Thomas Linen Draper Silver Street
Pocock George Maltster Younder Street
Saunders James Maltster Paternoster Row
Sprague John Maltster Mill Street
Blackmore William Painter/Glazier Silver Street
Mildon William Painter/Glazier Mill Street
Salter John Painter/Glazier Younder Street
Searle William Painter/Glazier Paternoster Row
Seward Richard Painter/Glazier Paternoster Row
Hears Joseph Rag Dealer Mill Street
Murch John Rope Maker &c Paternoster Row
Coles Richard Saddler/Harnessmaker Cornhill
Windover John Saddler/Harnessmaker Broad Street
Branscombe William Shopkeeper Sandhill Street
Browne John Shopkeeper Mill Street
Cook William Shopkeeper Paternoster Row
Cross James Shopkeeper Broad Street
Hayman Richard Shopkeeper Younder Street
Lee Sarah Shopkeeper Snowhill
Manley Sarah Shopkeeper Sandhill Street
Payne Thomas Shopkeeper Mill Street
Rowland William Shopkeeper Mill Street
Saunders James Shopkeeper Mill Street
Stocker Frances Shopkeeper Sandhill Street
White John Shopkeeper Mill Street
Willsdon Charles Shopkeeper Younder Street
Willsdon Hannah Shopkeeper Broad Street
Newbery Joseph Silk Manufacturer Factory
Norrington Caroline Straw Hat Maker Mill Street
Sandford Catherine Straw Hat Maker Silver Street
Davy John Surgeon Mill Street
Hodge Charles Surgeon Paternoster Row
Tinney Wm Sparkes Surgeon Paternoster Row
Wreford Samuel Surgeon Sandhill Street
Baker Richard Tailor Paternoster Row
Bole Nicholas Tailor Mill Street
Elliott Henry Tailor Broad Street
Passmore George Tailor Silver Street
Passmore Joseph Tailor Broad Street
Ash Maria Tallow Chandler Broad Street
Scobell John Spurway Watch/Clockmaker Broad Street
Walker Josias Watch/Clockmaker Silver Street
Eveleigh Elias Wheelwright Snowhill
Sanford John Wheelwright Broad Street
Horsey Joseph Wine/Spirit Merchant Silver Street

Brian Randell, 15 Jun 2003