Ottery St Mary

From White's Trade Directory of 1878/79

Transcribed by

Selena Gillian <gillian[at]webone.com[dot]au>

ALLFORD George, watch and clock maker, and agent for Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machines, Silver street
ANDERSON Captain John George, R.N. The Cottage
ANDERSON Mr John Richard Mason, The Cottage
BAKER Edwin, L. & S.W. station master, Tipton Station
BAKER Frederick, chemist, druggist, printer, and agent for County and Provicent Insurance Cos. Broad street
BAKER Jesse, miller, West Hill mill
BAKER John, blacksmith, Hind street
BAKER Mrs Mary Ann, Hind street
BAMBURY James, chimney-sweeper, Sandhill street
BAMPFYLDE Robert, tailor, Mill street
BARRETT Mrs Caroline, Honiton Lace manufacturer, Mill street
BARRETT Edward, draper, dealer in Honiton lace, and agent for British Workman's Assurance Co. Mill street
BARRETT Henry, shoemaker, Ridgway
BARRETT John, shopkeeper, Alphington
BASTIN John, shopkeeper, Alphington
BASTIN Mrs Louis, shopkeeper, North street
BASTYN Samuel, chimney-sweeper
BEER Miss Elizabeth Emma Arnell, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Silver Street
BENDIN Henry, potato merchant, assistant overseer and collector to Board of Health and agent for Alliance and Scottish Equitable Insurance Cos. Rose Cottage
BEVAN Rev Claudius Barclay, M.A. curate, Corn hill
Bible Society's Depot, Mill street; Mrs J. Luxton, manager
BISHOP John, blacksmith, Sandhill street
BLAKE Mr William Pearse, Metcombe house, Tipton
BOULTBEE Rev, vicar of SS. Philip and James, Escot
BOVETT Mr James, Paternoster row
BOVETT Mrs Mary, vict. Volunteer Inn, Broad street
BOVETT William, baker, Broad street
BROOM Michael, farmer, Rull
BROWN James, boot and shoe maker, Mill street
BURGOIN John, farmer, Taleford
BURROW William, farmer, Fluxton, Tipton
BUSSELL Mr Henry, Paternoster row
CANN Isaac, shoeing and general smith, Mill street
CARNELL Edward, contractor, builder and undertaker, Paternoster row
CARNELL Miss Louisa, day school, Ridgway
CARNELL Thomas, milk dealer, Ridgway
CARNELL Thomas John, organist, day scholl and parish clerk, St. Andrew's cottage
CARTER Mrs Eliza, Elmgrove house, Tipton
CARTER Mr James Elias (Exors. Of), Hind street
CARTER Jonathan, manager, Railway station
CARTER Mrs Sarah, Paternoster row
CHAMPION Mr Henry Matthew, Wellington cot. Westhill
CHANNON Robert, shopkeeper, Sandhill street
CHANNON Samuel, plumber, painter and glazier, Mill street
CHANNON Samuel, jun, clerk, and agent for Western Provident Association, Mill st
CHANNON William, shopkeeper, Jehu street
CHARD Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Tipton
CHARD John, baker and confectioner, Mill street
CHOWN William, farmer, Ware
CHUBB Mrs Hannah, milliner & straw bonnet mkr. Mill st
CLARKE Thomas, farmer, Clay pitts, Tipton
COLERIDGE Miss Elizabeth, Sandrock
COLERIDGE Lord, Heath's court; and London
COLERIDGE Miss Mary, Manor house
COLERIDGE William Rennell, Esq., J.P., Salston house
COLES Mr Job, Corn hill
COLES John Mugford, saddler and harness maker, Corn hill
COLES Thomas, victualler, Greyhound
COLES William, draper and baker, Corn hill
COLLINS Mrs Elizabeth, Cadhay house
COLLINS James Thomas, farmer, Metcombe
CORK George, confectioner, Paternoster row
CORNISH Mrs Philippa, milliner and dressmaker, Corn hill
CORNISH Mrs Sidney, The Lodge
CORNWALL Andrew, registrar of births and deaths and marriages for Ottery St Mary, and relieving officer, Paternoster row
COX Edward Isaac, builder, Radnor house, Jehu street
DANIELS Thomas, farmer, Mazzard house
DAVIS Rev Henry Tresilian (D. & Son), and clerk to the Church Corporation, trustee of Axe, Charity, clerk to Local Board, commissioner for taking oaths and affidavits, and agent for West of England Insurance Col Paternoster Row
DAVY John William, surgeon, Colby house
DAVY & Son, solrs. & clerks to Feoffees Charity, Broad st
DAW George, farmer, Woods, Tipton
DAW John, farmer, Wiggaton
DENNER Frank Drake, veterinary surgeon, Silver street
DENNER William, wheelwright, Paternoster row
DENNING Richard, farmer, Weyway, Tipton
DIGBY Alfred, farmer, Mill street
DIGBY Edward, grocer and baker, Mill stree
DIGBY John, builderm undertaker, brick and tile manufacturer, and agent for Norwich Union Insc. Co. Broad st
DIGBY Mrs Mary, Hind street
DIGBY Thomas Shorland, tailor and outfitter, Mill street
DIGBY William Henry, butcher, Broad street
DIGBY William James Shorland, victualler, London commercial and family hotel and posting house, Silver street
DOMMETT Emanuel, M.D. Tipton Hall
DUSTAM John, tailor's cutter, Tip hill
EDWARDS Edward, dairyman, Holcombe
ELLIOTT John, builder and upholsterer, Mill street
ELLIOTT Mrs Susannah, Broad street
ELLIS Mr Francis Lilley, Bendarrock, West hill
ELLIS Matthew, farmer, Knightstone
ESWORTHY Frederick, dyer, Sandhill street
EVELEIGH Frederick, farmer, Cadhay bridge
EVELEIGH George, dairyman, Jehu street
FARRINGTON Sir Henry Anthony, Bart., Gosford house
FISHER James, beerhouse, Yonder street
FORD George, haircutter and tailor, Mill street
FORD William, sergeant, Police station, Corn hill
FOWELL Mrs Digby, Corn hill
FRANKS Richard, farmer, Woodford Barton
FREEMAN Miss Eliz. Jane, Board schoolmistress, Broad st
FREEMAN Miss Emma, Nat. schoolmistress, Sandhill street
FROST Rev Wm. Corner, B.A. propr. Priory House school
Gas Works, St. Savionr's bridge; Geo. Rogers, manager
GAUNTLETT Mrs Thomas Howell, ladies' seminary, Bloomfield house, Fennybridge
GAYLER Mrs Eliza, farmer, Little Ash
GILLHAM William, watch and clock maker, Silver street
GILLINGHAM Robert, farmer, Pitts house
GODFREY George, boot and shoe dealer, Silver street
GODFREY Henry, clock and watch repairer, Mill street
GODFREY John Halfyard, cooper, Paternoster row
GODFREY Thomas, boot and shoe maker, and agent to Prudential Assurance Co. North street
GODFREY William Henry, ale, seed, and manure merchant, and agent for Royal, North British & Mercantile, Lancaster, Emperor, Accident & Ocean, Railway & General Accident Insurance Cos. Mill street
GOULD Mrs Helen, laundress,North street
GOVER Edward, sexton and town crier, Corn Hill
GRAY Frederick Archibald, surgeon, medical officer of health for Ottery Local Board and Honiton Rural Sanitary Society, Mill street
GREENSLADE Edward, shopkeeper and agent for Miller, Lilley & Madge, Tipton
GREENWAY John, manager, Mill street
GRIFFIN Charles, farmer, Island farm
HAKE John, farmer, Little Woodford
HAKE John, victualler, Lamb & Flag, Batts lane
HAKE Thomas, agent for Imperial Insurance Co. Broad street
HAKE William, draper, grocer, china dealer, and agent for Briton Life Insurance Co. Broad street
HALSE Miss Eliza, farmer, Burrow hill
HALSE Henry, jun. Farmer, Colesworthy
HAM Hermon, victaller, Golden Lion, Tipton
HAMLIN Miss Harriet, milliner, Mill street
HAMLIN Mrs Harriet, shopkeeper, Mill street
HARDING Thomas, wheelwright, Gosford
HEALE E. & Co. drapers and outfitters, Market place
HEALE Enoch (E. & Co.); h Market place
HELLIER Joseph, carpenter, Tipton
HILL George, farmer, Putts farm
HILLMAN Henry, blacksmith, Furzebrook
HINDOM Thomas, hairdresser and perfumer, Broad street
HUNT Rev Augustus Archer, M.A. vicar of St. John's, Tipton
HUNT Miss Sarah, milliner and mantle maker, Corn Hill
HUXTABLE Jno. Boot and shoe maker and leather seller, Silver st
HUXTABLE William Davis, butcher, Mill street
Inland Revenue Office, Kings's Arms Hotel
IRELAND John, shoe maker and agent for Thomas ACKLAND, merchant, Honiton, Tipton
IRELAND Mrs Mary Ann, postmistress, Tipton
ISAAC Henry Salter, victualler, Half Moon, Butts hill
JAMES William, farmer, Ash
JEFFREY Francis Robert, solicitor agent to Standard, Royal Farmers, Star Accident, & Edinburgh Ins. Cos. Broad st
JEFFERY Robert, farmer, Wiggaton
LANG William Henry, blacksmith, Butts hill
LAWRENCE James, farmer, Slade
LEAVER Rev Tay, M.A. curate-in-charge, SS. Jame's and Anne's: h St. Jame's parsonage, Alphington
LEWIS Charles, tailor and outfitter, Broad St
LITTLEY Edgar, baker and shopkeeper, Yonder Street
LITTLEY Edwin, grocer and baker, Sandhill street
LITTLEY John, boot and shoe maker, Mill street
LITTLEY John, builder, Sandhill street
LITTLEY John Marshall, vict. Mason'Arms, Sandhill street
LLOYD Rev Geo., M.A. vicar, The Parsonage, West Hill London & South Western Bank (lim.), Corn Hill (draw on head office, London); W.J.D. Whitaker, manager
LUXTON Mrs Joanna, mgr. Bible Society's depot, Mill st
LUXTON John, currier, Mill st
LUXTON Robert, coal dealer, Sandhill street
MANLEY James, miller and farmer, Tipton mills
MARCHANT William, grocer and agent for Western Counties and London Mutual Life Assurance Cos. Mill street
MARKER Francis, shopkeeper, Yonder street
MARKER George, shoemaker, Sandhill street
MARKS Henry, farmer, Gosford
MARSHALL James, farmer, Cadhay Barton
MAUNDY James, agricultural implement maker, Implement works, Higher Pitt
MAYNE Charles Down, house and land agent, sub stamp distributor, and agen tfor Atlas Assurance Company and Inland licences, Ridgway cottage
MELDON James, painter and glazier, Mill street
MELHUISH David, farmer, Wiggaton
MELLISH Mr Edward, Beaumont house
MELUISH John, corn merchant, Ridgway
METCALF Rev William Henry, M.A. vicar, The Vicarage
MICKELBURGH Richard Thos. Solr.s managing clerk, Mill st
MILLER James (Exor. of), farmer, Fenny Bridges
MILLER John, farmer, Alphington
MILLER, LILLEY & MADGE, merchants, &c. Railway staio
MOORE Chas., L. & S. W. station master, Railway station
MOORE S.E. & C. grocers and wine merchants, Silver st
MORRIS Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Yonder street
MURCH Miss Emily, dressmaker, Hind street
NEWTON Mrs Elizabeth, victualler, Alphington Inn
NEWTON John, National school master, Alphington
NEWTON Robert, miller, Town mills
NORRINGTON Samuel (Exors. of), auctioneer, surveyor, stationer, postmaster, and agent for Royal Exchange Assurance and Sea Annuities, Broad street
NORRIS Mrs Julia Ann, shopkeeper, Taleford
NORSWORTH James, farmer, Great well
OLDRIDGE Mrs Elizabeth, hairdresser, Broad street
Ottery Reading Room; Rev G SMITH, secretary
PAGE Isaac, farmer, Holcombe Barton
PALFRY Ephraim, boot and shoe maker, Mill street
PALFRY William, farmer and contractor, West hill
PAYNE George, Shopkeeper and shoemaker, Mill street
PAYNE Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Sandhill street
PEARSE Wm. H. wins & spirit mert. Grcr. & druggst. Silver street
PEEK James, farmer, Ridgway
PETTS Mrs Sarah, farmer, Thorne
PINE James, farmer, Burrow woods
Police Station, Cornhill: William FORD, sergeant
PORTER Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Mill street
POTTER John , farmer, West hill
POTTER Thomas, blacksmith and agent for Norrington's manures, Tipton
POWER Daniel, farmer, Coombe, Tipton
Priory House School, Corn hill: Rev. W.C. Frost, B.A. propr
QUICK Mr Henry, Sea View cottage, West hill
RANDLE Miss Jane Elizabeth, ladies' outfitter, Silver street
REED George, shopkeeper and baker, Mill street
REED Mrs Mary, confectioner and baker, Mill street
REED Robert, farmer, Yonder street
RETTER Mrs Ann, farmer, Lancercombe, Tipton
REYNOLDS William, Newberry, farmer, West Hill courts
RICHARDS Vincent Paul, fishmonger, Sandhill street
ROGERs George, manager, Gas works
ROWE George, thatcher, Yonder street
RUGG Mrs Eliz, ironmonger and tinplate worker, Silver St
RUGG William, painter, glazier and paperhanger, Silver street
SALTER Mrs Elizabeth, Hayne Cottage, Tipton
SALTER George, dairyman, Alphington
SALTER George, jun. Dairyman, Alphington
SALTER Robert, coal dealer, Sandhill street
SALTER Robert, timber hauler, Ridgway
SALTER Mr William Christopher, Alphington house
SALTMARSH Miss Bessie, Parochial schoolmistress, Taleford
SANDERS John, farmer, Rock, Aphington
SANDERS William Drake, victualler, Five Bells, Mill Street
SAUNDERS Mrs Ann, dairy proprietor and marker gardener, Venns place, Alphington
SAUNDERS Daniel, baker, Jehu street
SAUNDERS Wm. teacher of pianoforte and organ, Paternoster row
SEARLE William, ironmonger, Mill street
SELWAY Thomas, mason, Paternoster row
SEWARD William, farmer, Straitgate
SHEPHERD Mrs Eleanor, Victoria place
SHIPCOTT Mrs Eliza, draper and milliner, Silver street
SHORLAND Harry, farmer, Hayne, Tipton
SHORLAND Mrs Sarah, farmer, Yonder street
SKINNER Isaac, farmer, Hayne, Tipton
SMITH Captain Frederick Abraham, steward to Sir John KENNAWAY, Escot Lodge
SMITH Rev. George, M.A. head master, Grammar School, and chaplain to Collegiate Church
SNELL William, farmer, Rull
SPURWAY Mrs. Farmer, Metcombe
SQUIRE Charles, shopkeeper and marine store dealer, Mill st
SQUIRE Robert, vict. King's Arms , family and commercial hotel, posting house, & Inland Revenue Office, Cornhill
STAMP Edmund, solicitor, and (h) Honiton
Stamp Office, Broad street; Charles D. MAYNE, sub-distributor
STARCK Alfred, professor of languages, Victoria place
STILING Henry, shopkeeper and shoemaker, Sandhill street
STREAT John, basket maker, Yonder street
STREET Henry, farmer, Burcombe
STREET Mrs, Paternoster row
STONE James, shopkeeper and carrier, Mill street
STUCKLEY Matthew, carpenter, Yonder street
TATAM Mr. Thomas, Silver street
TAYLOR Mrs Susan, beerhouse, Mill street
THACKER Mr James, Heathlands, Tipton
THOMAS William, yeoman, Fluxton
TILKE William, farmer, Bishops court
TOBY Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Mill street
TOBY William, confectioner and tailor, Mill street
TOLMAN John, farmer, Govetons
TOZER George, carpenter, Metcombe
TOZER Mrs Harriet, National schoolmistress, Tipton
TREMLETT James, auctioneer, surveyor, ale and porter merchant, agent for Westminster Fire, Westminster and General Life, Norfolk Live Stock and Whittington Life Insurance Companies, Silver street
TREMLETT John, tailor, Yonder street
TURNER john, horse breaker, Four Elms
VENN John, wheelwright and carpenter, Alphinton
WARDEN William, national school master, Paternoster row
WARE Thomas, farmer, Raxhayes
WARNE John, bookseller, stationer, fancy repository, collector of tithe rent-charge, land and income tax, and agent for Sun Insurance Company, Silver street
WARREN Robert, farmer, Gosford
WARREN Samuel, plumber, locksmith, bellhanger, copper, iron, zinc, and tinplate worker, ironmonger, stove grate manufacturer, and agent for Liverpool and London, and Globe Insurance Company, Broad street
WARREN Miss Sarah, Butts cottage
WATTS Philip, ironmonger, Mill street
WEBB Rowland Hill, baker, Yonder street
WELLAND Mrs Mary Ann, Amen court
WEST John, Wheelwright, North street
WHICKER John, shopkeeper and baker, Silver street\
WHICKER Miss Sarah, Silver street
WHITAKER William John Denner, bank manager, clerk and treasurer to School Board, and agent for Scottish Equitable and Commercial Union Ins. Cos. Corn Hill
WHITBY Charles William, M.D. medical officer to Hospital and Tooth Dispensary, Ridgway house
WHITCOMBE Mrs Jane, laundress, Yonder street
WILLIAMS Frederick, butcher, Mill street
WILLIAMS Mrs Susan, North street
WILLIAMS William Henry, butcher, Corn hill
WILSON James, sexton, Alphington
WINDOVER William, saddler and harness maker, Broad Street
WOOD Silas, shopkeeper, North street
WOOD Wm. grocer, draper and Honiton lace manfctr. Mill street
WOODFORD Mrs Mary, laundress, Paternoster row
WREFORD John Bragg, yeoman, Tipton house
WRIGHT Miss Louisa, dressmaker, Batt's lane

Carriers to Exeter - James STONE and Henry S. ISAAC, Tues. and Fri.; returning same days

Brian Randell, 17 Mar 2003