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Narrative of a voyage to the South Seas and the shipwreck of the Princess of Wales cutter,

with an account of two years residence on an uninhabited island by one of the survivors


Charles Medyett Goodridge of Paignton, Devon

(2nd ed.) Exeter: W.C. Featherstone (1838) plate, 181pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Rev Sabine Gould affered that the record of Goodridge's adventures is fully as interesting as the fictitious story of Robinson Crusoe and well deserved republication. It was first published in Exeter in 1837. Two editions of a thousand copies each were exhausted, and a third was published in 1839, and a fourth in 1841. George Medyett Goodridge was born at Paignton on 22 May, 1796. At the age of 13 he hired himself as cabin-boy on board the Lord Cochrane, an armed brig, stationed off Torquay to protect the fishing craft from French cruisers. From that time till 1820 he was continually at sea; until 1 May, he joined the Princess of Wales on a seal hunt. His extraordinary adventures continued until he returned to Torbay and his home in Paignton in 1831. A 'ripping yarn'. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the New York Public Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Abrahams, R T Esq5
Adams, Miss5
Agissiz, Captain RN5
Alwright, Mr134, 138
Amory, G P Esq5
Anderson, Charles24
Anderson, Mr107-10, 112
Andrews, Lieutenant H, RN181
Andrews, H J181
Anstie, Rev P5
Arden, Major5
Arthur, Colonel George114, 168, 173-4
Arundle, W A R Esq4
Ashford, Mrs5
Atherley, Rev A5
Atkinson, Rev Thomas5
Austin, Mr James117-20, 132-3, 135, 138-9, 141-2, 146
Austin, Mr Josiah146-8
Bacon, J Esq5
Badcock, D Esq5
Baker, Benjamin47, 72, 109
Ball, __ Esq181
Banfill, Mr George14
Barbery, Mr W5
Barham, T F Esq, MD5
Barnes, Mr5
Barnes, Rev Mr4
Bartlett, Miss5
Basden, Captain Charles RN181
Bate, James Esq4
Batten, Mr5
Baugh, Captain F, RN5
Bayly, J Esq181
Beard, Mr25
Beaumer, G Esq181
Benison, W H Esq5
Bennet, Mr M5
Benson, J Esq4
Berry, Mr T3
Bethune, Mr W A115, 117
Biggs, Mrs181
Bignall, Captain RN181
Bingham, J Esq5
Bisdee, Mr136
Blackall, Dr5
Blanchley, Captain E RN181
Blatchford, Miss4
Boger, A Esq181
Boger, Captain E R RN181
Boles, General5
Bond, Mrs Admiral5
Boutflower, J E Esq5
Bowden, Mr3
Bowman, Captain5
Bowyer, Mr3
Boyd, Mr134
Branch, Captain A B RN181
Braund, Mr G5
Bray, Rev Mr4
Bristow, Rev Mr5
Brombley, Dr E F111, 113-5, 121, 123
Brooking, James Esq181
Brooks, Mr29, 113-4
Brown, Captain RN7
Browse, Miss3
Browse, Mr3
Browse, Mr Allen Jnr3
Browse, Mr Allen Snr3
Browse, Mr George3
Browse, Mr H3
Browse, Mr N3
Brutton, Joseph Esq5
Brutton, Mrs Joseph5
Bryant, Mr Charles107, 112
Buckley, Rev J5
Buckwell, Mr3
Buller, The Misses5
Bulteel, Mr15-6
Bunker, Mrs3
Buonaparte, Napoleon148
Burgess, Mr147-8
Bussel, James Esq181
Butter, Dr181
Caird, W Esq5
Campbell, Lieutenant20
Campbell, Major5
Campbell, Mr125
Cann, Mrs5
Capon, Mr Thomas144-5
Carnes, Captain137
Carpenter, J Esq4
Carpenter, Mrs4-5
Carslake, J Esq5
Carter, F R Esq5
Carter, R S Esq5
Casely, Arthur109
Chadwick, C F Esq5
Chapman, Mrs3
Ching, Thomas Esq4
Clack, Rev Mr5
Clarke, Mr James3, 152
Cleife, J P Esq5
Clench, Mr J5
Coaker, Mr3
Coffin, Mrs5
Coham, Rev B5
Collings, R Esq5
Collins, Captain114
Collyns, Rev J M5
Comins, Mr4
Commin, Mr James5
Cook, Captain James47, 55
Coombs, Mr5
Coplestone, Rev R E5
Cornish, Mr4
Courtney, Rev Septimus4
Cowles, Mr Thomas23
Cox, Captain9, 12, 52, 80, 106
Crocker, Mr5
Cropper, Rev John, AM5
Cross, Coplestone Esq5
Crotch, Mr4
Crozet, Captain42
Cudlipp, W B Esq4
Clench, Mrs5
Courtenay, Rev Mr2
Crews, Mr John3
Crews, Mr William3
Crusoe, Robinson (fictitious)1, 9
Cummings, Mr26
Dacre, Captain113-4, 135
Dallas, General5
Damerel, Mr3
D'Arcy, Captain147-8
Davey, Mr T5
Davis, Samuel117, 119, 131
Dawson, Mr William5
De Foe, Daniel1
Denty Colonel H F6
Derry, Mrs3
Doderick, Dr6
Drake, T E Esq5
Drummond, Mr George23
Duckworth, Lady6
Dunbar, H Esq5
Dunn, John24
Dyer, Mr T6
Dymond, Mr Jonathan63
Dymond, Mr R5
Earle, Mr John117-8, 120, 129-33, 139
Earle, Rev J H6
Ebbels, Mr Thomas6
Emmett, Mr137
Evans, Captain136
Evans, R Esq6
Every, R J F Esq6
Eyre, Mr4
Fabian, Mr136
Fish, Mr James27
Fogwell, Mr27
Follett, Mr20, 23
Ford, Rev James6
Ford, R Esq6
Forrest, Sir Digory5
Forster, Mrs6
Foster, Mr William3
Fox, George Esq4
Fox, George6
Fox, Mr3-4
Fox, R W Esq6
Fry, R Esq6
Gains, Mr William6
Gard, Miss6
Gattey, Rev J5
Gee, Rev R2
Gardiner, Colonel61
George, Mrs6
Gibbs, Mr Martin15-6
Gibbs, Mrs5
Gidley, James Esq6
Gifford, Mrs5
Gill, J Esq4
Gillebrand, Mr123, 144
Golsworthy, James Esq6
Goodridge, C M2, 11-12, 117
Goodridge, Mr F F6
Goodridge, Mr G H6
Goodridge, J Esq3
Goodridge, Miss5
Goodridge, Mr J R N3
Goodridge, Mr H L3
Goodridge, Lieutenant RN3
Goodridge, Mr William6
Gordon, Mr W F6
Gould, Rev Nutcombe6
Greenway, Captain RN6
Grove, Captain H L6
Gullett, Mrs6
Hair, Miss3
Hall, General6
Hall, Miss5
Ham, Mr J6
Hamilton, A E K Esq5
Hamlyn, Mrs5
Hanaford, Mr3
Hannaford, Mr G3
Harding, Mrs T3
Harris, ___, Esq4
Harris, J Esq6
Harris, Mr4, 23, 25
Harrison, Mr15
Hart, J Esq6
Harvey, Mr15
Harvey, Mrs4
Harvey, William Esq5
Hatchet, J Esq6
Havil, Mr Paul5
Hay, Mr J6
Hayse, Mrs6
Haynes, Mrs6
Hawker, Rev John4
Hazard, Captain115
Hedgeland, the Misses6
Henryson, Captain, RN6
Heyward, H Esq5
Hewson, Captain5
Hill, Mr W B6
Hingston, Joseph Esq4
Hippisley, Lieutenant RN4
Hodge, Miss6
Holdsworth, Rev Mr3
Holmes. Rev J6
Hone, Joseph Esq134
Hooper, William47, 109, 112, 115
Hopkins, Mr95
Horsley, Mrs J5
Horton, Captain25
Hoskin, Captain5
Houlditch, Rev E6
Howard, Corporal21
Howell, Mr Joseph138
Hubbard, C Esq6
Hudson, Lady4
Hughes, Mr4
Humphery, A W H Esq113, 123-4, 134
Hunt, Mr N3
Hunt, Mr T3
Hurdle, Mr5
Hutchinson, T Esq6
Hutton, Mr140
Huxham, Mrs4
Huysh, Rev F6
Hyde, S Esq6
Illbert Rev P4
Illbert, W R Esq4
Jackson, Mr R5
James, J H Esq6
James, Mrs6
Janson, Mrs6
Jarvis, Mrs4
Jennings, Daniel24
Johnson, Mr W133, 138-9
Johnson, Mrs6
Jones, P Esq6
Justice, Mr William3
Kease, Mrs3
Kease, Miss3
Kekewich, Mrs Robert6
Kelly, Mr James111
Kemp, the Misses6
Kennaway, Mark Esq6
Kennaway, William Esq6
Kesterman, H C Esq6
Kingdon, Miss6
Kinsale, Rt Hon Lord4
Kirkpatrick, Mrs5
Kitson, Rev Mr3
Knott, Mr Thomas6
Ladds, Mr Thomas4
Lakeman, Mr James3
Langler, Mr H3
Lawrence, N Esq4
Lebude, Mrs6
Lee, W Esq6
Lewis, Captain T L6
Lisson, Mrs6
Lloyd, Misses6
Long, Mr George4, 7
Lowe, Rev Precentor6
Lucas, R W Esq6
Luscombe, S Esq6
Lusk, Captain138
Luxmore, Rev Mr5
Luxmore, T B Esq4
Lyte, Rev H F3
Macnear, Mrs3
Maingy, Captain H, RN6
Mallard, Captain RN145
Mandsley, Son and Field Messrs158
Mann, Miss3
Mansfield, Mr147
Marshall, John Esq6
Martyn, Rev Mr4
Mason, Mrs J E6
Maunder, Mr G6
Mazora, Matthias29, 47, 100-1
Merton, H Esq6
Miles, W Esq6
Millichant, Richard47, 93
Millet, H C Esq4
Milman, Mr Philip, RN3
M'Mahon, Mr134-5
Molland, Mr6
Montague, Algernon Esq144
Monteith, Miss6
Moon, R Esq6
Moore, Dr4
Moore, Edward127
Moore, W B Esq6
Morgan, Miss6
Morris, Mr & Mrs134
Moxhay, Mr R6
Neave, Miss6
Nesham, Admiral5
Newbee, John47, 108
Newcome, J Esq6
Newman, Hunt & Co25
Norman, John47
Northmore, T Esq6
Northy, Mrs4
Nosworthy, Rev S5
Nutcombe, Mrs6
O'Brien, Captain RN6
Ottley, Drewry Esq6
Paddon, Mr Richard18
Page, Mr16
Parker, ___ Esq6
Parlby, Rev J3
Parlby, J A Esq2-3
Parnel, Henry47
Parnel, M Esq6
Parnel, Mrs3
Parsons, Captain5
Paterson, Sir William, KCB6
Patterson, Mr116, 121, 124-5
Pearce, T Esq4
Peard, Mrs Admiral6
Pearse, Mr James6
Pedder, John Lewes Esq144
Pennel, Mrs Dr6
Penwarden, R Esq4
Perriem, Miss3
Perring, Mr William26
Perceval, Captain Isaac92, 97, 136
Petherbridge, Emanuel47, 101, 136-7
Petherbridge, Mr3
Petherbridge, Mr T3
Petherick, Rev J6
Phillips, Miss6
Phillips, Mr4
Pidsley, Miss6
Piller, John47, 109
Pinwell, A Esq4
Pitts, James Esq6
Pitts, Mr Thomas6
Pook, Mr William3
Pope, Mr M3
Pott, Rev Chancellor6
Potts, Rev Mr4
Prat, Rev R5
Prater, ___, Esq4
Prideaux, R Esq4
Procter, Mrs4
Procter, Mr William4
Pulling, Mr William3
Radford, B T Esq6
Randall, Mr Elias19-20, 23
Rashdale, Rev J6
Rawlings, James7
Reed, Dr B6
Reed, Mrs6, 7
Rendell, Mr H2
Rendle, Mr Henry4
Rendle, Mr John3
Rhodes, G A Esq7
Rhodes, Captain J H Esq4
Rich, Captain John5
Roberts, Lady7
Robertson, Mr3
Rookes, Rev Mr4
Rooks, Rev Charles6
Roope, Mrs4
Roper, Rev C R6
Ross, F Esq5
Ross, Mrs7
Rossiter, Mr Samuel3
Rowe, John Esq4
Russell, Mr170
Salter, Mrs7
Salter, T Esq7
Salter, Mr T7
Salter, Rev W7
Sanders, E L Esq7
Sanders, Mr5
Sanders, R R Esq7
Sands, Richard111, 123
Shoefield, Rev Mr168
Scoresby, Rev W7
Scott, Rev R H7
Searle, Mr William6
Selkirk, Alexander1
Sercombe, G Esq7
Sheldon, Mrs7
Shepherd, Captain20
Silly, Captain28
Simpson, David Esq7
Skinner, Mr John4, 7
Skinner, Mr William4
Slatter, Rev G M7
Smith, Mrs5
Smith, Mrs Joseph6
Smith, Rev Mr4, 136
Snell, Mr J H4
Snell, T W Esq7
Snow, Mrs7
Snow, T Esq7
Solomons, Ikey143-4
Soper, John47, 83, 89, 91-2, 108
South, Miss M7
Southerland, Mr George146
Sparkes, H Esq7
Sparkes, Miss7
Sparrow, Mr18
Spesinick, Dominick47, 83, 89, 91-2, 115
Spragg, Mr F4
Square, Mr4
Stephens, Alfred Esq144
Stephens, J H Esq4
Stephens, Mr3
Stephens, Vician Esq5
Stocker, Mr William Thomas134
Storey, Mr John14
Stranger, Mr5
Sweeting, Miss4
Tanner, Captain J N7
Tanner, Mrs7
Tapley, Mr117
Taylor, Miss4
Teague, Mr J4
Templer, G Esq4
Templer, Rev John4
Terrell, James Esq7
Thomas, Captain R RN7
Thomas, Mr John7
Thornborough, Lady4
Thorpe, Rev Mr5
Tindal, Mr Joseph14
Toswill, J Esq7
Tozer, Mr J3
Toye, Rev J T7
Trash, F C Esq7
Travers, G T Esq7
Trefry, Mr George7
Trefry, Mr H7
Tremlett, R H Esq7
Treniman, Mr5
Trevillian, Captain7
Tripp, Miss Ann7
Tripp, Miss MA7
Tripp, W U Esq7
Trist, Mr R F7
Tucker, W S Esq7
Turner, ___, Esq4
Turner, Mr George7
Twisden, Captain RN4
Twisden, Rev T3
Tyrer, Mr Samuel152
Usherwood, Captain5
Veale, Mr Jarvis47, 71, 83, 96-7, 101, 136-7
Veale, Captain William29, 47, 59, 83, 89, 101, 135-6, 138
Vidall, Mrs7
Vining, Mr Edward4
Vincent, Mr3
Visick, Mr R G7
Vivian, Mr4
Wade, Mrs126-7
Waghorn, Mr159
Walkey, B Esq7
Walters, John47, 109, 114-5
Walters, Mrs115
Walters, R Esq4
Walton, Mr26
Watson, Mrs7
Watt, H Esq7
Watts, Rev Mr5
Waygood, Captain28
Webb, George Esq7
Webber, Mr3
Welland, Rev W P7
Wells, Mrs7
West, James7
Westaway, Mrs7
Weymouth W Esq4
Wheavel, Mr133
Whidbourn, Rev G7
Whipham, Rev Thomas4
White, Mr Charles7
Whiteway, Mrs5
Widdecombe, Mrs3
Wilkey, J H Esq7
Wilkinson, Mrs7
Wilkinson, W Esq7
Williams, Mrs7
Wilmot, Mr4
Wise, Ayshford Esq4
Wise, Mrs4
Woodman, W Esq7
Woolcott, Captain20
Worthy, Rev Charles7
Yapsley, Mr3
Yard, Mr Thomas7
Youel, Lieutenant4
Young, Captain RB, RN7