The Court Rolls of the Manor and Borough of Paington, with some notes on the tenures of the manor.

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 16 (1884), pp. 703-724.


Jno. Lane

Prepared by Michael Steer

This paper read at the Association's July 1884 meeting at Newton Abbot, presents information from the Paignton (variously Paington) manorial and borough court rolls from 1664 to 1706. Court rolls are records of those courts that provided justice at the local level. The principle courts were the court baron and court leet. The former was the court of the chief tenants of the manor and was responsible for the internal regulation of the local affairs within the manor. It was attended by all those free tenants whose attendance at court was a condition of their tenure, and by customary tenants. A court leet exercised the peace-keeping jurisdiction of the sheriff's twice-yearly tour of the hundred courts. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Joane717
Adams, Josias708
Adams, William snr708-9, 712
Adms, Theade724
Barnes, David714-5
Belfield, Anne719
Bennfield, Toby716
Berry, Mary723
Berry, Richard709
Blackford, Willielmus (Blatchford)717, 720
Blackford, William jnr720
Blatchford, Joseph717
Bolt, Humfry713
Burridge, Joane716
Burridge, William716
Butby, Avis715
Butby, John715
Butland, Thomas722
Cary, Sir Henry703
Champlin, Philip719
Champlyn, John (Champlain)708, 710
Charles I712
Charles II704, 708-9, 715
Chatwill, Nicholas713
Cheadder, Thomas716
Cholditch, Henry715
Churchward, Andrew715
Churchward, James715
Churchward, Johane715
Churchward, John709-10, 716
Churchward, William708-10
Codner, Edward722
Cole, George713
Cole, James713, 719
Cork, Earl of703
Courtenay, Charles Kellond Esq703
Cratie, Andrew721
Davis, Mrs Mary711
Docrowe, Thomas722
Dowman, Richardus722
Downinge, Dorothy710
Drew, Ellen717
Drew, John711
Drew, Thomas720
Drew, William710
Drewe, Alice714
Drewe, Katherine713
Dust, William720
Dustin, Gilbert708-10
Dyer, Dewnes712
Eastley, Charles H Esq724
Edward the Confessor703
Efford, James709
Efford, John708, 710
Efford, Sibilla712-3
Emmett, James711
Emmett, Susanna711
ffinche, John724
ffost, Stephen724
ffoster, Edward712
ffoster, Elinor718
ffoster, Susan712, 715
ffowler, Hannah724
ffowler, Nicholas709, 711, 720
ffull, Alice712
ffull, Edwardus710-1
ffull, Edward jnr708
ffurneaux, Henry710, 713
ffurneaux, John711, 724
ffurneaux, Thomas709, 711
ffurse, John722
Gibbs, Gilbert718
Goodridge, Daniel713
Goodridge, Jane710
Greene, Alice710
Grendon, William717
Hallmore, Elizabeth714
Harradon, Thomas709-10
Halswell, John722
Hellinge, William709
Heward family (Heyward)712
Heyward, Thomas711-2
Heyward, William708-11
Hill, Stephen708
Hingston, Margarett711
Holle, William709
Horsham, John723-4
Horswell, David (Horswill)709-10, 716
Hutchings, Marjory710, 713
Hutchings, Richard720
Jackman, Gabriel709
Jackson, Gabriell721
Jackson, George719
Jeffry, Robert713
Kellond, John Esq, armig.703, 715, 718-20
Kinge, Gilbert712
Kinge, Joane712
Kinge, Robert712
Lane, David709, 714
Lane, Grace711
Lane, John711, 714-5
Lane, William711
Langler, James (Langaller)708-10, 716
Langver, Ellen717
Langver, George717-8
Little, Andrew712
Lysons703, 707
Marwood, George723-4
Maskings, John711
Maskings, John jnr711
Mathew, Clement709
Mathews, Elizabeth710
Mathews, John715
Mathews, Jones717
Mathews, Samuel715
Mediat, Julian710
Mether, Thomas724
Miller, Elizabeth709
Miller, John709
Miller, Margaret710, 717
Moore, George710
Necke, Clement720
Necke, Johane720
Necke, Matthew720
Neck, Stephen708, 713
Necke, Stephey jnr708
Osborne, Mr721
Pembroke, Earl of703
Penny, Allan (Peny)709, 714, 723-4
Penny, Allan jnr723
Penny, Henry721
Penny, William714
Philp, Thomas alias Marten715
Philypps, Elaze709
Poyntz, Mr703
Proffitt, William710
Proffitt, William jnr708
Rapson, Anne723
Reach, John721
Ridgway, Lord713
Ryder, Elizabeth709
Ryder, Patience713, 718
Screech, John719
Searle, Edward721
Sexon, John717
Sexson, Thomas717
Smyth, Anne714
Smyth, Hugh708, 714
Smyth, Sarah724
Smyth, William719
Stabb, John713
Stabb, Susan710, 713
Stabb, William718
Tarring, William719
Taylor, John724
Templer family703
Tapley, Hugh709
Thorne, Robert713
Tolwell, Sir Andrew718
Tomlyn, Anne714-5
Tomlyn, Gabriel710, 714
Tomlyn, Gabriel jnr708
Tomlyn, John709
Tookerman, Timothy723
Toope, John717-9
Toope, Richard720
Toope, Wilmote719
Torringe, Dewnes712
Tully, John the elder722
Tully, Otho714
Venninge, John713
Veysey, Bishop703
Ware, Richard718
Waymouth, John721
Webber, Alice722-3
Webber, Henry714
Webber, John714
Weekes, William719
White, Robert719
Wise, Mr John718
Wise, Mary jnr718
Wise, Mrs Mary718
Yabbacombe, Willielmus710, 717
Yarde, Giles721
Yeabecombe, John722