Looking back with George Jacob on Parkham and Bideford of years ago.

Printed by the Bideford Gazette Ltd, 5 Grenville St, Bideford (undated) 49 pp.

Prepared by Elizabeth Howard

Andrew, Mr George, p 18, grandfather of GJ. of Barton.
Arnold, Mr p 15, blacksmith. Old Tom, landlord of the Bell Inn p 19.
Arnold, Stanley, p 20, son of above and childhood friend of GJ.
Ascott, Major, p 30, secretary of Bideford Show.
Ashton, Mr John, p 39, road contractor of Kilvenstool.
Bartletts, p 30, timber merchants.
Betts, Dr, p 25.
Blackmores, p 31, coachmen and hauliers.
Boyle, Mr George, p 42, outfitter of Bideford.
Braunds, p 6. Reference to Bucks Mills and Braunds origins, descr etc.
Broom, Butcher, p 16, butcher.
Burrow Brothers, p 42, outfitting dept.
Daniel, Mr, p 17, of Down Water, pebble hauler.
Durrant, Tom, p 17. Miller at Bocombe.
Dymonds, p 30, coachmen and hauliers.
Easterbrook, Mr, p 30, of Woolsery, farmer and horse keeper.
Elwes, p 7, ref to estate.
Emptage, Dr, p 25, of Bradworthy.
Eveleigh, p 19, maiden name of Mrs Arnold.
Folland, Mr, p 9, schoolmaster.
Friendship, Mr, p 41, eating house keeper, Bideford.
Gregory, Mr, p 44, hay, corn and straw merchant.
Grigg, Mr, p 19, blacksmith, lived to age of 99.
Harding, Frank, p 19, of Melbury waterworks. And bandmaster, p 26.
Heal, Joe, p 19, carpenter.
Hill. Mr, p 10, schoolmaster from 1922.
Hockin, brothers, p 15, builders.
Hockin, Bill, p 15, mason.
Hockin, John, p 35, fisherman of Peppercombe.
Hogg, p 43, chemist of Bideford.
Honey, Butcher, p 16, George Honey, butcher. (and Mort and Donald}.
Horndon, Mr, p 33, huntsman of Stevenstone Hunt.
Horne, Mr, p 39, Conservative, 1906 election.
Hutchings, Mrs, p11, dressmaker.
Jewell, Miss, p 16, shopkeeper.
Jewell, Mr, p 39, county council elections.
Joce, p 43, chemist of Bideford
Judd, postman, p 32.
Kekewich, (Kakewich} p 7, ref to estate
King, Dr, p 34, hunted with Tetcott Hounds.
Kirkwood, Jack, p 39 of Yeo Vale House, county councillor
Light, Mr, p 42, Boyles underwear dept.
Luxton, W H, p 16, travellling grocer. Bob Luxton, stall holder, p 26.
Martin, Mr Fred, p 8, Post office, Parkham, and shoemaker.
Metherell, Stanley (Ginger) p 15. Apprentice to Bill Hockin.
Metherell, Mrs, p 16, shopkeeper.
Neal, Dan, p 30, injury to arm.
Nixon, Mrs, p 34, horsewoman with Stevenstone Hunt.
Northwood, Mr, p 24, with gramophone, from Bideford.
Parr, Mr Charles, p 14, carpenter, and son Mark, p 19.
Parr, Charlie, p 14, grandson of the above.
Paton, Mr James, of Foxdown, p 7, ref to estate and Mrs
Pearce, Bill, p 17, miller Newhaven.
Peard, Mr, p 15, blacksmith at Horns Cross.
Pine Coffin, p 7, ref to estate. Major living at Peppercombe Castle,p 35.
Pope, Mr, p 43, ironmonger of Torrington.
Pridhams, p 30, timber merchants and hauliers.
Rogers, W H, p 7. Of Orleigh Court, paragraph on his sporting life.
Rolle, Hon Mark, p 7, ref to Stevenstone estate
Short, p 25, coachman to Dr Emptage.
Slee, Mr, p 40, auctioneer of Torrington, and Walter.
Smart, Parson, and wife, p 8.
Soares, Mr, p 39, Liberal 1906 election
Squire, Mr Fred, p 16, shoemaker.
Tovey and Underwood, p 43, chemists of Bideford.
Trapnells, p 42, dept store.
Turner, Mr John, p 17, farmer, Northway, Surveyor of Road, RDC.
Wade, Alb, p 36, carrier of Bradworthy
Wilson-Hoare, Mr, p 35, hounds.




George Jacob was the son (perhaps only child) of Annie Matilda Andrew and George Jacob, who were married in the Bideford reg dist, in 1892, and George Jacob was born in Cardiff in 1896/7. Annie Matilda was living in Barton, Parkham with her family in the 1871 census and with the Vaggers family in Honestone St, Bideford, in the 1881, with her is her brother Arthur, a solicitor's general clerk. Annie Matilda is a post office clerk. Also lodging with the Vaggers is Ira E Pengilly, a pharmaceutical student born Aberavon, Glamorgan. In the 1891 census Annie Matilda is living with her brother George in Market Place, Bideford and he is a tailor and draper.

George Jacob senior appears to be a master mariner according to the 1881 census and is living in Torrington St, Bideford with his wife Matilda and his older sister Jane who is a draper's assistant. George himself is a grocer's assistant born Bideford although his father is born "Bognor, Essex". By 1891 the Jacob family have moved to Islington to live with George and Matilda's dau and son in law, Wm and Matilda Tallamy, he is a printer and compositor. With them is George now 27 and still a grocer's assistant and a 7 yr old Robert G Barrow born Bideford.

In the next two censuses, 1901 and 1911, Annie Matilda is living at home in Parkham with George. George senr appears to be living in a District Mens Home in Ancoats, Manchester. He is 42, a grocer provisions, born Bideford.