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Help and advice for Parkham Census 1861 - RG9/1505

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PARKHAM CENSUS 1861 - RG9/1504

Transcribed by Elizabeth Glover Howard

Road Street etc Surname Name Rel to Head Age Rank, Prof, Occ Where born
Part 1 Being all that part of the parish on the road leading from Bideford to Hartland
Horns Cross GILL William Head 70 Boot&shoemaker Petersmarland
  GILL Agness wife 65   Frithelstock
  GILL Lydia dau 22 silk glove sewer Alwington
Do PASSMORE Mary head; widow 52 Day sch.mistress Parkham
Do PADDON Richard head 21 Carpenter Parkham
  PADDON Mary wife 22   Parkham
Do KINE Patrick head 61 Coast Guard Ire; Newport Mayo
  KINE Jane wife 44   Cornwall, Virgeen
  KINE Margaret dau 21 glove sewer Cornwall, St Maws
  KINE Catherine dau 7 scholar Lynmouth
Do CHALK Humphrey head 49 Blacksmith & farmer Alwington
  CHALK Rebecca wife 44   Parkham
  CHALK Sarah R dau 3   Parkham
  NORTHCOTE Martha serv 16 Domestic servant Germans Week
  PEARD William serv 20 Farm servant Parkham
Do LANE James head 69 Glazier Putford
  LANE Ann wife 61   Abbotsham
Do GOODENOUGH John head 48 Labourer (agric) Buckland Br
  GOODENOUGH Elizabeth wife 39 Cotton glove sewer Clovelly
Do LANE Lewis head 36 Painter&Glazier Parkham
  LANE Tammy wife 39   Woolsery
  LANE George son 12 Scholar Parkham
  LANE Frederick son 10 Scholar Parkham
  LANE Mary A C dau 9 Scholar Parkham
  LANE Emma J dau 6 Scholar Parkham
  PRANCE Francis boarder 46 fisherman Parkham
Do LITTLEJOHNS James head 35 Labourer (agric) Shebbear
  LITTLEJOHNS Ann wife 35   Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizabeth dau 11   Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS William son 6 Scholar Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS John son 4   Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS James son 2   Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS Mary dau 4 mo   Parkham
Do PEARD William head 62 Labourer (agric) Alwington
  PEARD Mary wife 59   Parkham
  PEARD Ann dau 25 Cottonglove sewer Parkham
  PEARD John son 12 Scholar Parkham
  PEARD James Ed grandson 1   Parkham
Do HAMLYN Richard head 45 Labourer (agric) Kilkhampton Co
  HAMLYN Hannah wife 60 Laundress Bideford
  HAMLYN Mary J dau 19 Laundress Alwington
  PHILLIPS Willliam H grandson 5 Scholar Parkham
Do HARRIS Samuel head 64 Grocer Buckland
  HARRIS Ann wife 64   Langtree
  CLEMENT William boarder 6 scholar Abbotsham
Do LEWIS Samuel head 30 Labourer (agric) Abbotsham
  LEWIS Ann wife 26   Parkham
  LEWIS Ellen B dau 6 Scholar Parkham
  LEWIS Emma J dau 4   Parkham
  LEWIS Frederick J V son 3   Parkham
  LEWIS Mary E dau 1   Parkham
End of Horns Cross Hamlet      
Peppercombe PRANCE John head 72 Fisherman Parkham
  PRANCE Mary wife 71   Parkham
  PRANCE Athaliah dau 32 house servant Parkham
Castle house BALSDON Elizabeth head 44 Seaman`s wife Parkham
  BALSDON Charles son 6 Scholar Bideford
Peppercombe PRANCE William head 39 Mariner in Merch Ser Parkham
  PRANCE Harriett wife 31   Fremington
  PRANCE John E son 4   Parkham
  PRANCE Frederick W son 2   Parkham
Do PRANCE Joseph head 26 fisherman Parkham
  PRANCE Susan wife 26   Woolsery
  PRANCE John W son 5 Scholar Parkham
  PRANCE Mary J dau 3 mo   Parkham
Do WACKELY Eliza head 30 wife of ships carpent Parkham
Do PADDON James head 60 Labourer (agric) Langtree
  PADDON Ann wife 52   Alwington
  PADDON Samuel son 22 Sailor (jour) Parkham
Do BAGELHOLE John head 52 fisherman Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Eliza wife 49 net maker (fishing) Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Samuel son 13 farmers servant Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Harriett dau 11 domestic Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Henry son 8 scholar Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Frederick son 6   Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Matilda dau 2   Parkham
Do BAGELHOLE James head 28 fisherman Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Ann wife 27   Alwington
  BAGELHOLE William H son 4   Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Charles E son 2   Parkham
  BAGELHOLE James son 1   Parkham
End of Peppercombe Hamlet      
Peppercombe Rd      
Northway VANSTONE John head 44 labourer (agric) Woolsery
  VANSTONE Mary wife 34   Clovelly
  VANSTONE James son 12 Errand boy Parkham
  VANSTONE Thomas son 10   Parkham
  COLWILL Grace step dau 9 scholar Parkham
  VANSTONE Mary Jane dau 7   Parkham
  VANSTONE John son 5   Parkham
  VANSTONE Sarah dau 3   Parkham
Peppercombe Fm      
Northway AYRE James head 44 Labourer (agric) Langtree
  AYRE Elizabeth wife 37   Shebbear
  AYRE John son 7 scholar Petersmarland
  AYRE Sabina dau 5   Petersmarland
  AYRE Reuben S son 11mo   Parkham
  AYRE Phillipi sister 42 cotton&silk glove se Petersmarland
Northway ANDREW John head 35 farmer of 7 acres East Putford
  ANDREW Mary W wife 33   Clovelly
  NANCEKIVELL ANn werv 16 house servant Parkham
Do GRIGG William head 77 farmer of 20 acres Parkham
  GRIGG Catherine wife 65   Woolsery
  GRIGG Richard son 26 emp on farm Woolsery
Do BECKLICK James head 45 Butcher&farm 10ac Parkham
  BECKLICK Nancy wife 51   Woolsery
  BECKLICK George son 16 farm worker Alwington
  BECKLICK Elizabeth dau 14 domestic Alwington
  BECKLICK Margaret boarder; unm 88 living on own prop Pyworthy Co
Do BRAUND William head 60 farmer of 19 acres Parkham
  BRAUND Elizabeth wife 49   Shirwell
Do MITCHELL William head 50 labourer (agric) Langtree
  MITCHELL Margaret wife 48   Parkham
  MITCHELL James son 9   Parkham
Do HOLMAN Lewis head 24 Manufctr of Agric Imp Petersmarland
  HOLMAN Mary J wife 28   Parkham
  HOLMAN Annnie dau 2   Parkham
  HOLMAN Mary J dau 7 mo   Parkham
  BARRETT Abraham apprentice 22 worker in manufactury Bideford
  CARTER William apprentice 14 Do Instow
Sloo Farm CLEMENT Abraham head 43 Farner of 120 acres Parkham
  CLEMENT Ann wife 40   Parkham
  CLEMENT John G son 13 Emp on farm Parkham
  CLEMENT William son 11 Do Parkham
  CLEMENT Abraham E son 10 scholar Parkham
  CLEMENT Mary J dau 8 scholar Parkham
  CLEMENT Elizabeth A dau 6 scholar Parkham
  CLEMENT George H son 5 scholar Parkham
  CLEMENT Harriett dau 1   Parkham
  MORRISH Elizabeth A serv 18 domestic servant Putford
  GLOVER Elizabeth serv 13 Dairy maid Woolsery
  GILL Ann serv 26 Plain sewer Parkham
Higher Worthyeat NETHERCOTT James head 35 Labourer (agric) Huntshaw
Farm NETHERCOTT Margret wife 40   Parkham
  NETHERCOTT William son 9 scholar Parkham
  NETHERCOTT Mary A dau 6 scholar Parkham
  NETHERCOTT Richard son 3   Parkham
Lower Worthyeat HOCKRIDGE William head 47 Herdsman Hartland
Farm HOCKRIDGE Martha wife 46   Woolsery
Bucks Mills BLIGHT William head 44 labourer (agric) Langtree
  BLIGHT Ann wife 46   Parkham
  BLIGHT John son 11 scholar Parkham
  BLIGHT Thomas son 9   Parkham
  BLIGHT Reuben son 7   Parkham
  BLIGHT Elizabeth dau 4   Parkham
  BLIGHT Silas son 1   Parkham
  SLEE William fa-in-law; widr 80 Parochial relief Sutcombe
Coffins Arms Inn WEB Thomas head 27 Carpenter&beer  
          house keeper Woolsery
  WEB Thurza wife 24 Beer seller Parkham
  WEB Emma dau 9 mo   Woolsery
  WEB Ann mother; widow 62 Washerwoman Woolsery
Bucks Mills BREND Joseph head 32 Labourer (agric) Woolsery
  BREND Grace wife 35   Hartland
  BREND Grace dau 11 domestic Woolsery
  BREND Mary Ann dau 8   Woolsery
  BREND Albenia dau 5   Parkham
Do BREND John head 36 labourer (agric) Woolsery
  BREND Elizabeth wife 34   Parkham
  BREND William son 10 scholar Parkham
  BREND Bryant son 6   Parkham
  BREND Jessy son 4   Parkham
  BREND Archibald son 2   Parkham
Do HARRIS Samuel head 72 Lime burner Hartland
  HARRIS Elizabeth wife 70   Hartland
Do BAGELHOLE Samuel head 43 labourer (agric) Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Jane wife 47   Sutcombe
  BAGELHOLE Mary J dau 9 scholar Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Ellen dau 8 scholar Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Elizabeth A dau 3 scholar Woolsery
  BUDD Jane mo-in-law; wid 85 Receiver of Alms Sutcombe
Do SLEE Elias head 33 labourer (agric) Parkham
  SLEE Mary A wife 32   Parkham
Do CHIDSLEY Susan head.; unm 53 Day sch mistress Parkham
Do STEER Jane head; marr 38 Laundress Parkham
  STEER Sibyl Ann dau 12 scholar Parkham
  STEER William son 10 scholar Parkham
  STEER Susanna dau 8 scholar Monkleigh
  STEER Thomas son 6 scholar Parkham
  STEER Mary J dau 3   Parkham
  STEER Elizabeth dau 1   Parkham
Do SANDERS Thomas head 47 Seaman(mate)Coast Parkham
  SANDERS Mary A wife 48   Parkham
  BRAUND Jane step dau 27 domestic Parkham
  SANDERS Thomas son 16 Seaman (common) Parkham
  SANDERS Edward son 12 fisher boy Parkham
  SANDERS Lydia dau 10 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Henry son 8 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Mary A dau 6 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Bessie dau 4   Parkham
Do BRAUND James head 25 Mariner(common)MS Parkham
  BRAUND Matilda wife 24   Woolsery
  BRAUND Marina A dau 1   Parkham
Do DAVEY Lewis head 46 Mason &Coaldealer Parkham
  DAVEY Maria wife 49   Exmouth
Do BAGELHOLE John head 78 rect of Parochial Rel Parkham
  BAGELHOLE Mary wife 78 supported as before Parkham
Do MOASE Richard head 42 ships carpenter Hartland
  MOASE Betsey wife 42 fishing net weaver Parkham
Do BRAUND James head 73 rat catcher Parkham
  BRAUND Eliza wife 47   Woolsery
  BRAUND Rosanna dau 11   Parkham
  BRAUND James son 8   Parkham
  BRAUND Thomas son 6   Parkham
  BRAUND Alice day 4   Parkham
  BRAUND Joseph son 4 mo   Parkham
Do HARRIS John head 47 Limeburner Hartland
  HARRIS Jane wife 49 Silk&cotton glove swr Hartland
  HARRIS Elizabeth dau 20 Do Parkham
  HARRIS John son 18 lime burner Parkham
  HARRIS James son 10 scholar Woolsery
Do BRAUND Thomas head 36 fisherman Parkham
  BRAUND Susan wife 35 fishing net weaver Woolsery
  BRAUND Mary A dau 17 domestic Parkham
  BRAUND William son 15 fishing boy Parkham
  BRAUND John son 13 fishing boy Parkham
  BRAUND Joseph son 11 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND Thomas son 9 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND Fanny dau 7 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND James son 4 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND infant boy son 1 mo   Parkham
Do BRAUND James head 50 fisherman Parkham
  BRAUND Mary wife 49 fishing net weaver Parkham
  BRAUND William son 23 fisherman Parkham
  BRAUND John son 21 fisherman Parkham
  BRAUND Elizabeth dau 19 domestic Parkham
  BRAUND Fredrick son 17 fisherman Parkham
  BRAUND Christopher son 15 fisher boy Parkham
  BRAUND Ellen dau 12 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND Matilda dau 10 scholar Parkham
  BRAUND Reuben son 8 scholar Parkham
End of Bucks mills hamlet      
Steart Farm PICKARD James head 65 farmer of 128 acres Parkham
  PICKARD Jane wife 53   Parkham
  STAPLETON Jane serv 18 domestic servant Buckland Br
  JEFFREY John serv 26 farm servant Parkham
Down Water GLOVER James head 45 fishmonger Parkham
  GLOVER Betsey wife 51   Buckland Br
Do JEFFREY Elizabeth head; wid 35 rect of Parochial Rel Stoke Climsland C
  JEFFREY Elizabeth M dau 7 scholar Plymouth
  JEFFREY Mala dau 6 scholar Stoke Climsl Co
  JEFFREY Thirza dau 4   Stoke Climsl Co
  JEFFREY Margret dau 2   Stoke Climsl Co
  JEFFREY Emma J dau 2 mo   Parkham
  HICKS Emma sister; unm 18 Dress maker Stoke Cllimsl Co
Do PALMER Richard head 39 Labourer (ag) Parkham
  PALMER Charlotte wife 35   Parkham
  PALMER George son 7   Parkham
  PALMER William son 5   Parkham
  PALMER Bessie dau 2   Parkham
  VEAL Mary A step dau 13 Cotton glove sewer Parkham
  JOLLIFFE Elizabeth mo-in-law; wid 74 supp by own priv prop Woolsery
Waytown Gate DENNIS Sarah head; wid 30 Turnpike toll collector Milton Dameral
Hoops NANCEKIVELL John head 60 farmer of 16 acres Parkham
  NANCEKIVELL Elizabeth wife 57   Parkham
  HEADON Lucy orphan 8 scholar Parkham
  LANE Thomas serv 16 carter Alwington
Do BATE Mary head; wid 73 Butcher Buckland Br
  BATE Christiana dau 47 domestic Parkham
Hoops Inn EASTMAN James head; widr 50 fmr of 40 ac &innkeep Abbotsham
  EASTMAN Mary dau 22 housekeeper Alwington
  EASTMAN George son 18 working on farm Alwington
Hoops SYMONS Henry head; unm 47 harness maker Tourton
2 . All that part of the parish on the south side of the Turnpike road from Bideford to Hartland etc
Newhaven VAGGERS William head 32 Cordwainer Parkham
  VAGGERS Prudence wife 23   Burrington
  VAGGERS Mary dau 2   Parkham
  VAGGERS Walldy son 1   Parkham
Do SHORTRIDGE William head 67 Ag lab Parkham
  SHORTRIDGE Mary wife 68   Alwington
Do MOISE John head 28 stone mason Parkham
  MOISE Alice wife 29   Alwington
  MOISE Emma J dau 3   Parkham
  MOISE William H son 1   Parkham
Do VAGGERS William head 46 stone mason Parkham
  VAGGERS Sarah wife 45   Parkham
  VAGGERS Reuben son 18 stone mason Parkham
Do JEWELL Thomas head 70 stone mason Parkham
  JEWELL Jane wife 75   Littleham
  JEWELL Thomas son 40 Cooper Parkham
Goldsworthy Mills CARTER John head 50 corn miller&fmr of 12 a Sutcombe
  CARTER Harriett wife 50   Bradworthy
  CARTER Elizabeth A dau 24 domestic Black Torrington
  CARTER Mary J dau 21 dress maker Black Torrington
  CARTER Caroline dau 19 domestic Black Torrington
  CARTER Charlotte dau 15 dress maker Sutcombe
  CARTER Samuel son 13 corn miller Sutcombe
  CARTER Harriett dau 10 domestic Parkham
  CARTER Silas son 7 errand boy Parkham
  CARTER Matilda dau 6 scholar Parkham
  CARTER Helena A dau 4 do Parkham
Bankhole BROOM William head 39 butcher Parkham
  BROOM Sarah wife 35   Woolsery
  BROOM Mary E dau 3 scholar Parkham
  BROOM Sarah Ann dau 1   Parkham
  BROOM John father; widr 82 formerly gardener Parkham
  EBSWORTHY Elizabeth serv 16 domestic Alwington
Bankhole Cottage PIKE Ann head; wid 76 general nurse Parkham
Hunger-wood DUNN William head 59 farmer of 14 acres East Putford
  DUNN Mary A wife 49   Parkham
  DUNN Grace dau 26 domestic Parkham
  DUNN Elizabeth dau 22 silk glove sewer Parkham
  DUNN Joseph son 9 scholar Parkham
  DUNN Harriett dau 8 scholar Parkham
  DUNN Arthur son 6 scholar Parkham
Foxdown NUNES John head 44 fundholder Clapham Surrey
  NUNES Grace J L wife 49   Gt Witchingham Nfl
  NUNES Eleanor dau 11 scholar St Ishmaels Carm
  SANDERS John serv 43 gardener Bradwoodwidger
  SANDERS Ann serv 42 cook Poughill Co
  MARSHALL Mary S serv 24 housemaid Bude Co
Broad Parkham PICKARD Thomas head 53 farmer of 20 acres Parkham
  PICKARD Susan wife 55   Parkham
  PICKARD Susan dau 21 cotton glove sewer Parkham
  PICKARD George son 17 carter Parkham
  PICKARD Elizabeth dau 14 domestic Parkham
  LEE John boarder; unm 67 parochial relief Parkham
Do HARRIS Jane head; wid 86 receiver of Alms Sutcombe
  HARRIS Mary dau 50 Ag lab Parkham
Do JOLLIFF Thomas head 64 ag lab Bideford
Do HEADON Thomas head; widr 41 ag lab Clovelly
  HEADON Samuel son 9 shepherd Parkham
  HEADON William son 7 scholar Parkham
  HEADON Mary J NK dau 4   Parkham
Do LEMON Thomas head 71 farmer of 18 acres Woolsery
  LEMON Sarah wife 69   Parkham
Do DARK Thomas head 68 Highway lab Parkham
  DARK Ann wife 59 Monthly nurse Parkham
  DARK Lewis son 25 tailor (apr) Parkham
  DARK Thomas son 15 carter Parkham
  DARK Elizabeth A grand dau 5 scholar Bideford
Do WACKELY Samuel head 66 ag lab Parkham
  WACKELY Grace wife 65   Parkham
  WACKELY Eliza dau 30 silk glove sewer Parkham
  WACKELY Samuel J grandson 2   Parkham
  HAMLYN Elizabeth boarder; wid 70 receiver of Alms Parkham
Do HEAL George A head 21 carpenter Parkham
  HEAL Grace wife 25   Parkham
Do JEWELL Marila head; unm 27 dressmaker Parkham
  JEWELL Amilia sister 25 dressmaker Parkham
Do GLOVER James head 72 Road lab Parkham
  GLOVER Elizabeth wife 70   Clovelly
Do GLOVER Elizabeth head marr 25 silk glove sewer Parkham
  GLOVER Selena dau 3   Parkham
  GLOVER Alice dau 2   Parkham
  GLOVER Thomas son 9 mo   Parkham
Do LANG William head 60 farmer of 70 acres Bulkworthy
  LANG Ann wife 51   Parkham
  LANG Caleb son 25 farm worker Parkham
  LANG Harriett dau 22 domestic Parkham
  LANG Thomas son 19 farm worker Parkham
  LANG Elizabeth dau 16 domestic Parkham
  LANG Fanny dau 13 domestic Parkham
  LANG John brother; unm 70 ag lab Bulkworthy
Smiths Brd Parkhm NANCEKIVELL William head 54 farmer of 53 acres Parkham
  NANCEKIVELL Betsy wife 52   Monkleigh
  NANCEKIVELL John G son 8   Parkham
Hortops Brd Parkm TRATHEN James head 54 Tailor Woolsery
  TRATHEN Mary wife 52   Kilkhampton
  TRATHEN Mary dau 11   Parkham
  TRATHEN Joshua son 8   Parkham
Poke DUNN Eliza head; unm 40 worstead stocking kni Parkham
Limebury Cross JEFFREY William head 69 Ag lab West Putford
  JEFFREY Grace wife 62   Parkham
  JEFFREY Grace dau 21 silk glove sewer Parkham
Limebury farm DARK John head 25 farmer of 30 acres Parkham
  DARK Eliza wife 29   Norbury., Staffs
Blinches Watershu HEYWOOD George head; unm 26 farmer of 90 acres Parkham
  HEYWOOD Walter brother; unm 18 carter Abbotsham
  MOASE Sarah serv; wid 61 house servant Northam
Berryman Watersh HEYWOOD Joseph head 33 farmer of 87 acres Parkham
  HEYWOOD Louisa wife 28   Parkham
  HEYWOOD William son 6 scholar Parkham
  HEYWOOD Mary A dau 5 scholar Parkham
  HEYWOOD Thomas son 3   Parkham
  HEYWOOD Rebecca dau 1   Parkham
  HEADON Elizabeth serv 16 domestic Parkham
Watershutt Cottage COLWILL John head 34 ag lab Clovelly
  COLWILL Mary N wife 38   Milton Damerel
  NEWCOMBE Sarah boarder; unm 40 domestic Frithelstock
  NEWCOMBE William boarder; unm 20 farm lab Milton Damerel
Higher Waytown JEFFERY Richard head 39 farmer of 50 acres Parkham
  JEFFERY Mary wife 56   Parkham
  CHING Mary A niece 8 scholar Wales
  BOND George serv 12 carter Parkham
Hghr Waytn Cottag SHORTRIDGE James head 90 retired farmer Parkham
  SHORTRIDGE Elizabeth wife 84   Parkham; (deaf)
  GLOVER Ann boarder; wid 84 receiver of Alms Cookbury
  KIVELL Mary J serv 17 house servant Parkham
Lower Waytown HEYWOOD Thomas head 36 farmer of 65 acres Parkham
  HEYWOOD Ann wife 38   Woolsery
  HEYWOOD Sarah dau 14 domestic Woolsery
  HEYWOOD Ann dau 11 domestic Alwington
  HEYWOOD Miriam dau 10 domestic Alwington
  HEYWOOD Joseph son 5 scholar Parkham
Prances Cottage WACKELY William head 36 boot and shoemaker Parkham
  WACKELY Ann wife 31   Bideford
  WACKELY Ellen R dau 6 scholar Parkham
  WACKELY Alma dau 4   Parkham
  WACKELY Ann H dau 2   Parkham
  WACKELY Mercy dau 4 mo   Parkham
Higher Holwill JEWELL Henry head 63 farmer of 47 acres Clovelly
  JEWELL Isabella wife 60   Clovelly
  JEWELL Richard serv; unm 35 Carter Clovelly
  BURMAN Sarah serv 17 house servant Clovelly
  JEWELL John visitor 10   Woolsery
West Goldworthy CHING Thomas head 55 farmer of 150 acres Parkham
  CHING Anne wife 52   Parkham
  HAMLYN John serv 37 carter Bradworthy
  COUCH Harriett serv 18 dairy maid Woolsery
  LEE Mary J serv 12 house servant Alwington
  PALMER John serv 10 farm worker Monkleigh
East Goldworthy CLEMENTS John head 32 Ag lab Parkham
  CLEMENTS Ann wife 37   Southmolton
  CLEMENTS Mary A dau 10 domestic Southmolton
  CLEMENTS William son 8   Southmolton
  CLEMENTS Harriett dau 6   Southmolton
  CLEMENTS Lucy dau 4   Southmolton
  CLEMENTS Prudence dau 2   Southmolton
  CLEMENTS Elizabeth dau 6 mo   Southmolton
Do BATE Richard head 70 ag lab Bradworthy
  BATE Mary wife 71   Parkham
  BATE Mary dau 25 cotton glove sewer Parkham
  BATE William H grandson 2   Parkham
Do LANE John head; widr 58 frmr of 8 ac.& casterater Parkham
  LANE Ann dau 18 housekeeper Parkham
Do FORD Michael head 45 farmer of 60 acres Burrington
  FORD Elizabeth wife 52   Clovelly
  FORD John son 23 farm worker Burrington
  FORD Elizabeth dau 22 domestic Burrington
  FORD Mary Ann dau 19 domestic Burrington
  FORD Susan dau 17 domestic Burrington
  FORD Lydia dau 14 domestic Littleham
  FORD Robert son 13   Littleham
  FORD Maria dau 11   Littleham
  FORD Sarah J dau 9   Littleham
  FORD John father; widr 75 retired farmer Rings Ash
Do BARTLETT William head 55 ag lab Buckland Brewer
  BARTLETT Mary wife 63   Woolsery
  BARTLETT Samuel son 13 ag lab Parkham
Do PALMER Philip head 26 ag lab Parkham
  PALMER Frances wife 25   Parkham
  PALMER William H son 4   Parkham
Do BATE Thomas head 37 ag lab Parkham
  BATE Mary wife 33 cloth glove sewer Langtree
  BATE Frances A dau 2   Parkham
  BATE John son 8 mo   Parkham
Do BRENT William head 29 Ag lab Milton
  BRENT Ann wife 39   Woolsery
  BRENT John son 6 scholar Parkham
  BRENT Bessy dau 5 scholar Wesley
  BRENT Reuben son 1   Parkham
Do LEE Thomas head 48 farmer of 25 acres Alwington
  LEE Frances wife 44   Little Torrington
  LEE William son 17   Parkham
  LEE Samuel son 16   Parkham
  LEE Fanny dau 11 scholar Alwington
  LEE Thomas son 9 scholar Alwington
  LEE Elizabeth A dau 3   Parkham
Do HEADON Richard head 44 farmer of 75 acres Parkham
  HEADON Jane wife 43   Wear Gifford
  HEADON Thomas son 13   Alwington
  HEADON John son 10 scholar Parkham
  PENNINGTON Mary niece 10 scholar Northam
  PENNINGTON John nephew 8 scholar Northam
  STAPLETON Jesse serv 16 carter Buckland Brewer
  HEADON Ann serv 14 house servant Alverdiscott
  STOYLE William visitor; widr 69 stone mason Huntshaw
Do SHEPHERD Samuel head 68 cordwainer Parkham
  SHEPHERD Jane wife 63   Buckland Brewer
  VEAL John boarder 4   Parkham
Mount Pleasant CLEMANT Anthony head 60 Ag lab Bradworthy
  CLEMANT Mary wife 63 glove carrier Parkham
End of enumeration            
Babeleigh FURSE George head 51 farmer of 250 acres East Putford
  FURSE Rebecca wife 44   Frithelstock
  FURSE Mary dau 12   Parkham
  FURSE Bessy Jane dau 9 scholar Parkham
  FURSE Kate dau 6 scholar Parkham
  FURSE Elizabeth A dau 4 scholar Parkham
  FURSE Emma dau 1   Parkham
  BEER Mary W wife`s mo wid 74   Milton Dameral
  CHAMPIN Ann servant 30 house servant Buckland Br
  BROKS John servant 35 carter Langtree
  HEARN James servant 15 plough boy Northam
  CLEMENT Samuel servant 10 cow boy Parkham
Curtices CLEMENT Samuel head 40 farm labourer Parkham
  CLEMENT Ann wife 41   Iddesleigh
  CLEMENT William J son 8   Parkham
  CLEMENT Eliza dau 5   Parkham
  CLEMENT Reuben son 3   Parkham
Curtices BOND John head 83 formerly farm lab East Putford
  BOND Margaret wife 82   Parkham
Crooked Lake BOND John head 48 farm labourer East Putford
  BOND Mary wife 51   Holdsworthy
Cabbacott Barton MOASE John head; widr 69 farmer of 112 acres Abbotsham
  MOASE Noah son 42   Woolsery
  TITTLE Philip J grandson 7   Wales, Swansea
  PRANCE Ann M serv 16 house servant Woolsery
  FRIENDSHIP William serv 28 carter St Giles in the wood
  CLEMENT Anthony serv 14 carter Iddesleigh
Haynes Cabbacott GEORGE Edward head 56 farmer of 150 acres Berrynarbor
  GEORGE Elizabeth wife 49   Parkham
  GEORGE Elizabeth dau 21   Parkham
  GEORGE Jane dau 19   Parkham
  GEORGE Mary P dau 18   Parkham
  GEORGE Giles son 14   Parkham
  GEORGE Arthur son 9 scholar Parkham
Smiths Cabbacott GLOVER John head 24 farm labourer Littleham
  GLOVER Elizabeth wife 19   Alwington
  GLOVER Mary J dau 1   Parkham
Hawkes Stone HANDCOCK George head 48 farm labourer Buckland Br
  HANDCOCK Mary wife 45   Langtree
  HANDCOCK Mary dau 13 cotton glover Parkham
  HANDCOCK Henry son 8 scholar Parkham
  HANDCOCK Edwin son 5 scholar Parkham
Hawkes Stone STONEMAN John head 53 farm labourer Langtree
  STONEMAN Elizabeth wife 57   West Putford
West Stone TYTHECOTT John head 38 farm labourer Buckland Brewer
  TYTHECOTT Mary wife 32   Buckland Brewer
  TYTHECOTT Leah Ann dau 6   Buckland Brewer
  TYTHECOTT Titus son 3   Buckland Brewer
  TYTHECOTT Emma dau 1   Parkham
West Stone HEAL Henry head 32 farmer of 52 acres Buckland Brewer
  HEAL Rosa wife 27   Buckland Brewer
  CHAPPLE John serv 18 carter Buckland Brewer
East Stone HEAL John head 71 farmer of 120 acres Peters Marland
  HEAL Betsy wife 67   Buckland Brewer
  HEAL Thomas son 23   Parkham
  HEAL Margaret dau 19   Parkham
  LEE Thomas serv 14 carter Parkham
Bowden CADDY Thomas A head; unm 36 farmer of 116 acres Parkham
  CADDY Rebecca H sister 47 landed proprietor Parkham
  CADDY Mary A sister 45 Do Parkham
  CADDY Ellen G A sister 27 Do Parkham
  SHORT Harriet serv 20 house maid Little Torrington
  PERKIN Mary G serv 14 dairy maid Bradworthy
  BLIGHT Samuel serv 13 cowboy Buckland Brewer
  TAYLOR John serv 28 carter Barnstaple
Green hill DEAN James head 45 farm labourer Parkham
  DEAN Ann wife 47   Holsworthy
  DEAN John son 18 mason Parkham
Halsbury Barton BEER John head 39 farmer of 280 acres Frithelstock
  BEER Ann wife 39   Langtree
  BEER Augustus son 12 scholar Frithelstock
  BEER Ellenora dau 10 scholar Frithelstock
  BEER Mary L dau 9 scholar Frithelstock
  BEER Elizabeth dau 6 scholar Frithelstock
  NETHERCOTT Mary Ann serv 17 dairy maid Abbotsham
  GUNN Emma serv 16 house maid Great Torrington
  COOPER John serv 19 farm serv Monkley
  RICHARDS Samuel serv 12 farm serv Frithelstock
Halsbury SHORT William head 37 farm labourer Langtree
  SHORT Sarah wife 39   Buckland Brewer
  SHORT Sarah J dau 11   Bideford
  SHORT John son 9   Langtree
  SHORT Mary A dau 3   Langtree
  SHORT Louisa dau 1   Parkham
Bulland PALMER Richard head 35 farm labourer Langtree
  PALMER Grace wife 39   Abbots Bickington
  PALMER Sarah J dau 10 cotton glover Langtree
  PALMER Samuel son 9 scholar Langtree
  PALMER William son 6   Langtree
  PALMER Elizabeth dau 1   Parkham
Bulland MATHEWS William head; widr 81 farm labourer Buckland Brewer
  ANDREW Ann serv 58 housekeeper Buckland Brewer
Turnpike Hill House      
Hoopers Water YEO John head 27 farm labourer Hartland
  YEO Mary A wife 25 toll collector Week St Mary Co
  YEO William son 6   East Putford
  YEO John L son 3   Northam
Halsbury Mill PRANCE James head 29 miller Woolsery
  PRANCE Thomazin wife 34   Woolsery
  PRANCE Grace Yeo dau 7   Woolsery
  PRANCE Elizabeth dau 3   Woolsery
  PRANCE Mary Jane dau 2   Woolsery
South Yeo REYNOLDS John V Brother; unm 39 Landed proprietor London
  REYNOLDS Reginald brother 30 Do Northam
  REYNOLDS Joseph J brother 29 Do Northam
  GORDON Mary Dyer serv 38 cook Wear Giffard
  ADAMS Elizabeth J serv 22 housemaid Kent, St Lawrence
  TUPLIN William serv 19 groom Tawstock
  head of the family absent        
Tucking Mill LEWIS William head 65 farmer of 110 acres Torrington
  LEWIS Frances wife 70   Bideford
  LEWIS James son 28   Alwington
  LEWIS Ann dau 24   Alwington
  MALLETT Henry serv 13 plough boy Alwington
  BREND Reuben serv 11 shepherd Buckland Brewer
Frys Cottage BREND Richard head 28 Road labourer Buckland Brewer
  BREND Maria wife 28   Buckland Brewer
  BREND Mary Ann dau 2   Buckland Brewer
  BREND John son 1 mo   Buckland Brewer
  JUDD Mary mo-in-lw; unm 60 pauper formerly serv Buckland Brewer
Frys Cottage SANDERS James head 39 farm labourer Ringsash
  SANDERS Ann wife 38   Langtree
Old Mill BATCOCK Richard head 29 miller Clovelly
  BATCOCK Sarah wife 33   Roborrough
  BATCOCK Eliza dau 10   Roborrough
  BATCOCK John son 4   Huntshaw
  BATCOCK William son 3   Huntshaw
  BATCOCK Mary Ann dau 9 mo   Parkham
  BATES Thirza wife`s sister; m 28 ships carpenters wife Roborrough
  BATES Thomas H nephew 1   Devonport
  BATCOCK Thomas I serv 14 millers boy Hartland
Lower Dendridge BREND Ann head; wid 55 late husb. road lab Buckland Brewer
  BREND William son 26 farm labourer Buckland Brewer
  BREND Mary Ann dau 5 scholar Parkham
Lower Dendridge PALMER Elizabeth head; wid 75 late husb farm lab Parkham
  PALMER Elizabeth dau 40   Buckland Brewer
  PALMER Susan grand dau 9   Alwington
Lower Dendridge DEAN John head 53 farm labourer Parkham
  DEAN Dorothy wife 54   Buckland Brewer
  DEAN Philip son 14 scholar Buckland Brewer
  JUDD Susan sist in lw; unm 63 Sempstress East Putford
  BAGLOW John grnd son in lw 2   Buckland Brewer
Higher Dendridge VAGGERS Henry head 34 mason Parkham
  VAGGERS Mary wife 42   Parkham
end of enumeration district      
Hoar Hill PRIDHAM Mary head; wid 67 retired farmers wife Parkham
  PRIDHAM Frances grand dau 13 scholar Hartland
Do METHERALL Thomas head 29 farm labourer Welcombe
  METHERALL Mary wife 25 glover (all sorts) Putford
  METHERALL Elizabeth dau 1 mo   Parkham
  TALLAMY Sarah nurse; marr 56 postmans wife East Putford
Parkham village MARTIN James head 46 boot & shoemaker East Putford
  MARTIN Emlyn wife 43   West Putford
  MARTIN Reuben son 22 boot & shoemaker Parkham
  MARTIN Ann dau 20 domestic Parkham
  MARTIN William son 18 carpenter Parkham
  MARTIN John son 16 boot & shoemaker Parkham
  MARTIN Joseph son 13 working on farm Parkham
  MARTIN Dennis son 11 boot & shoemaker Parkham
  MARTIN Matilda dau 9 scholar Parkham
  MARTIN Frederick son 6 scholar Parkham
  MARTIN Dinah dau 2   Parkham
Parkham village ANDREW Ann head; wid 73 retired farmers wife Tamerton Co
Do MOASE John head 55 carpenter Woolsery
  MOASE Mary Ann wife 56   Bideford
  MOASE Mary Pengilly dau 18 domestic Parkham
  WICKETT Richard Lewis Ap 18 Apprentice to carp Pancrasweek Co
Parkham village BROWN Richard head 35 coach man Heanton Punchardon
  BROWN Ann wife 35   Yarnscombe
  BROWN Matilda dau 6 scholar East Down
  BROWN William John son 4 scholar Parkham
  BROWN Richard son 2   Parkham
Do BOND James head 25 Ag labourer Parkham
  BOND Mary Ann wife 25   Buckland Brewer
  BOND William son 5 mo   Parkham
Do GRIGG Richard head 51 blacksmith Parkham
  GRIGG Ann wife 50   Parkham
  GRIGG William son 19 blacksmith Parkham
  GRIGG Mary Lane dau 17 dress maker Parkham
  GRIGG Elizabeth Alice dau 9 scholar Parkham
  GRIGG Louisa Lane dau 7 scholar Parkham
  CHING William servt; marr 51 shop man Wear Giffard
Do SPRAGUE William Henry head 24 Police, Devon Const Lifton
  SPRAGUE Ann wife 29   St Thomas Co
  SPRAGUE Tom Govett son 3   St Giles in the wood
  SPRAGUE William Henry son 2   Parkham
  SPRAGUE Mary Penelope dau 4 mo   Parkham
Do FRY Thomas head 62 farmer of 10 acres East Putford
  FRY Mary Ann wife 65   Holsworthy
  GEORGE Mary Ann dau; marr 25   Buckland Brewer
  GEORGE Edward boarder&sil 24   Parkham
  GEORGE Thomas Edward son 11mo   Parkham
  BARTLETT Susan servt 24 house servant Parkham
Do BOND William head 69 ag lab Abbotsham
  BOND Ann wife 71   Sutcombe
Do PICKARD James head 58 ag lab Parkham
  PICKARD Agnes wife 52 glover all sorts Milton Damerel
  PICKARD Fanny dau 11 scholar Parkham
  PICKARD Jasper son 8 scholar Parkham
Do BREND John head 48 ag lab Milton Damerel
Do ANDREW Edmund head 38 innkeeper&maltster East Putford
  ANDREW Thirza wife 37   Parkham
  ANDREW Mary dau 16 domestic Parkham
  ANDREW Dennis son 14 scholar Parkham
  ANDREW Jane dau 12 scholar Parkham
  GLOVER Charlotte servant 12 domestic servant Parkham
school & est. church      
Do MOASS John head 64 shoemaker &farmer Buckland Brewer
  MOASS Elizabeth wife 63   Parkham
Do SANDERS Daniel head 51 tailor Parkham
  SANDERS Mary wife 50   Parkham
  SANDERS Lucy dau 14 domestic Parkham
  SANDERS Harry son 8 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Thomas son 5 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Fanny dau 4   Parkham
Do COLES William head; marr 31 school master Upottery
  COLES Alice Mary dau 3 scholar Bideford
  BASSETT Emma servt 10 domestic Bideford
Do PARR Charles head 25 carpenter Wear Gifford
  PARR Grace Newcombe wife 27   Buckland Brewer
  PARR Mary Jane dau 3   Clovelly
  PARR Ceneth dau 1   Parkham
  SANDERS Thomas apr 16 ap to carpenter Milton Damerel
Do ANDREW George head 31 farmer of 160 acres East Putford
  ANDREW Betsy wife 37   West Putford
  ANDREW John son 8 scholar Parkham
  ANDREW Herbert son 7 scholar Parkham
  ANDREW Oliver Bray son 6 scholar Parkham
  ANDREW Eva Ann dau 4   Parkham
  ANDREW George Henry son 1   Parkham
  ANDREW Minie dau 2 mo   Parkham
  ASHTON William servt 20 farm servant Parkham
  HOPPER John servt 18 carter Woolsery
  BOND William servt 14 plough boy Parkham
  POLLARD Clara servt 18 house servant Frithelstock
  COLLY Eliza servt 14 childs maid Clovelly
Do HEADON Eli head 25 farmer of 110 acres Parkham
  HEADON Phlena wife 25   Roborough
  HEADON Thomas father 75 parish clerk Parkham
  DUNN Anna servt 12 house servant Parkham
  SAGE John servt 20 farm servant High Bickington
  GRIFFIS David servt 14 plough boy Appledore
Do JEWELL Henry head 37 farmer & mason Parkham
  JEWELL Maria wife 36   Frithelstock
  JEWELL Susan dau 11 scholar Parkham
  JEWELL George son 9 scholar Parkham
  JEWELL Lora dau 7 scholar Parkham
  JEWELL Reuben son 5 scholar Parkham
  JEWELL William Henry son 4   Parkham
  JEWELL Mary Jane dau 2   Parkham
  JEWELL John Thomas son 1   Parkham
  MADGE Frederick servt 23 masons servt Frithelstock
  CLEARY Charles servt 23 house joiner Gt Torrington
  WILKY George servt 16 mason apr Monkleigh
  DEAN William servt 19 carter Parkham
  POLLARD Elizabeth servt 20 dairy maid Frithelstock
Parsonage TOWNSEND John Hayns head 82 Rector of Parkham St Sepulchres Lond
  TOWNSEND Sarah wife 83   Grays Inn London
  RIDGE Ann servt; wid 67 house servant Sherwill
  SHORT Ann servt 24 house servant Buckland Brewer
Parkham village EVELY John head 50 inn keeper Langtree
  EVELY Sophia wife 48   Parkham
  EVELY Ann dau 14 scholar Parkham
  EVELY Isabella dau 13 scholar Parkham
  EVELY Mary Jane dau 11 scholar Parkham
  STANLAKE Elizabeth mo in lw; wid 85   Parkham
  GEORGE William boarder; marr 51 farmer retired Parkham
Hilvinstool BRYANT John head 64 ag labourer Parkham
  BRYANT Grace wife 70   Parkham
Do CHAPPLE John head widr 71 chelsea pensioner Littleham
  CHAPPLE John son 17 ag lab Parkham
Do PRIDHAM Lawrence head 37 road labourer Palrkham
  PRIDHAM Elizabeth wife 37   Parkham
  PRIDHAM William John son 14 road labourer Parkham
  PRIDHAM Edward son 7 scholar Parkham
  PRIDHAM Daniel son 8 mo   Parkham
Hurdland LITTLEJOHNS William head 38 farmer of 55 acres Morwenstow Co
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizabeth Jane wife 30   North Molton
  LITTLEJOHNS Lucy dau 9 scholar Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS Alford son 7 scholar Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS William Henry son 5 scholar Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS Emly dau 4   Parkham
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizth Jane dau 6 mo   Parkham
Melbury SCOINS George head 28 ag lab Parkham
  SCOINS Honor wife 26 glover all sorts Parkham
  SCOINS Elizabeth dau 5 scholar Parkham
  SCOINS Mary Jane dau 3   Parkham
Melbury TAMLYN John head 74 farmer of 100 acres High Bray
  TAMLYN Mary wife 58   West Buckland
  TAMLYN John son 32   Charles
  TAMLYN Susan dau 23 domestic East Buckland
  TAMLYN Ann dau 22 domestic East Buckland
  TAMLYN William son 21 carter East Buckland
  TAMLYN Harriett dau 20 domestic East Buckland
  TAMLYN Jane dau 19 domestic East Buckland
  TAMLYN Richard son 15 carter East Buckland
  PASSMORE John fa-in-lw; widr 78 retired farmer Filleigh
  PASSMORE James bro-in-lw; unm 40 farm servant East Buckland
  TAMLYN Elizabeth sis-in-lw; wid 81 farmers widow East Buckland
Moore GEORGE Edward head 59 farmer of 55 acres Parkham
  GEORGE Betsy wife 59   Parkham
  DUNN Thirza servt 20 house servt Woolsery
  HOLMAN John servt 20 farm servant Parkham
  PALMER William servt 15 carter Alwington
Kerswill LITTLEJOHNS John head 71 farmer of 135 acres Morwenstow Co
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizabeth wife 62   Thornbury
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizabeth dau 30 domestic Morwenstow Co
  LITTLEJOHNS Christopher son 28   Morwenstow Co
  LITTLEJOHNS Jabes son 24   Morwenstow Co
  LITTLEJOHNS Joram son 15   Morwenstow Co
Kerswill cottage SANDERS John head 25 ag lab Woolsery
  SANDERS Mary Ann wife 24 glover all sorts Parkham
Ash HONEY Philip head 56 farmer of 63 acres Tawstock
  HONEY Mary wife 46   Moulton
  HONEY William son 20 carter Chittlehampton
  HONEY Mary Ann dau 18 domestic Chittlehampton
  HONEY James son 16 plough boy Chittlehampton
  HONEY John son 12 plough boy Chittlehampton
  HONEY George son 9 plough boy Swimbridge
  HONEY Sarah dau 7 scholar Swimbridge
  HONEY Lucy dau 5 scholar Parkham
Do NORMAN John head; unm 44 farmer of 85 acres Parkham
  HOCKING Sarah servt; wid 58 house servant Bradworthy
  SHORT John servt 16 carter Woolsery
  HONEY Anna servt 14 house servant Swimbridge
  SANDERS John servt 11 carter Parkham
Do BOUNDY Richard head 49 farmer of 85 acres Morwenstow Co
  BOUNDY Willmott wife 53   Bradworthy
  BOUNDY Richard son 16   Morwenstow Co
  WADE Thomas servt 19 carter Parkham
  CANN Eliza servt 17 domestic servant Woolsery
Do STAPLEDON Thomas head 43 farmer of 40 acres Buckland Brewer
  STAPLEDON Susan wife 30   East Putford
  STAPLEDON Jethro son 10   Buckland Brewer
Do NORMAN Samuel head; widr 71 retired farmer Parkham
  NORMAN Samuel son; unm 39 frmr 24 ac & seedsman Parkham
Do NORMAN Robert head 42 landed prop of 80 acr Parkham
  NORMAN Mary Ann wife 46   Woolsery
  MAY Mary mo-in-lw; wid 65 prop of houses Hartland
  ASHTON Elizabeth sis-in-lw; wid 44 retired farmers wife Woolsery
  PERKIN Jane servt 19 domestic Jersey
  ASHTON Thomas servt 15 carter Parkham
  CANN William servt 13 plough boy Woolsery
Do WADE Philip head 55 ag lab Bradworthy
  WADE Ann wife 54   Sutcombe
  WADE Elizabeth dau 14 glover all sorts Parkham
Windabout BREND James head 58 ag lab Milton Damerel
  BREND Ann wife 50   Abbots Bickington
  BREND Mary Ann dau 12 scholar Parkham
  BREND Mercy dau 8 scholar Parkham
Sedborough DUNN Bartholomew head 46 farmer of 314 acres Parkham
  DUNN Rebecca wife 33   Hartland
  DUNN John Thomas son 8 scholar Parkham
  DUNN Elam son 4   Parkham
  BECALICK William servt 30 plough man Parkham
  HOLMAN John servt 15 plough man Parkham
  STAPLEDON Thomas servt 13 carter Buckland Brewer
  WADE Ann servt 17 domestic servt Parkham
Nethecott DUNN Richard head 57 farmer of 82 acres Parkham
  DUNN Betsy wife 47   Parkham
  DUNN Orlando son 24   Parkham
  DUNN Charles Frederick granson 6 scholar Parkham
  WILKY John servt 15 carter Parkham
Do ASHTON Thomas head; unm 55 ag lab Welcombe
Do ASHTON John head 60 ag lab Welcombe
  ASHTON Fanny wife 47 glover all sorts Parkham
  ASHTON John son 8 scholar Parkham
  ASHTON Lewis son 3   Parkham
Do DEAN William head; widr 38 ag lab Parkham
  DEAN Elizabeth dau 8 scholar Parkham
  DEAN Harriett dau 3   Parkham
Little Bocombe PICKARD Richard head 27 ag lab Parkham
  PICKARD Elizabeth wife 32   Hartland
  NICHOLL Thomas step son 8 scholar Hartland
Great Bocombe LANE James head 43 farmer of 90 acres West Putford
  LANE Ann wife 37   Nuton St Cyrus
  LANE Ann Pearce dau 6 scholar Bristol Glos
  LANE James Waldegrave son 4   Parkham
  BEER Sally Furseman visitor 43 dress maker Nuton St Cyrus
  CLAPP Frederick visitor 41 commercial traveller Exeter
  PICKARD Mary servt 16 house servt Parkham
Lower Bocombe GLOVER Frederick head 37 ag lab Clovelly
  GLOVER Mary wife 41 glover all sorts Clovelly
  GLOVER Elizabeth dau 12 glover all sorts Clovelly
  GLOVER Joseph son 8 scholar Parkham
  GLOVER Mary dau 7 scholar Parkham
  GLOVER Agnes dau 3   Parkham
  GLOVER Thomas son 1   Parkham
Do HEAL Robert head 52 house carpenter Parkham
  HEAL Elizabeth wife 46 glover all sorts Parkham
  HEAL Ann dau 14 glover all sorts Parkham
  HEAL Richard Austin son 7 scholar Parkham
  HEAL Josiah son 5 scholar Parkham
  ASHTON Martha boarder; marr 80 butchers wife Parkham
Do LEE Sally head; wid 58 char woman West Putford
  LEE Mary dau 22 glover all sorts Parkham
  LEE Samuel grandson 9 mo   Parkham
Bocombe Mills SANDERS Thomas head 41 miller & frmr of 40 acr Parkham
  SANDERS Ann wife 40   Woosery
  SANDERS Alice dau 18 domestic Parkham
  SANDERS Mary Ann dau 16 domestic Parkham
  SANDERS John son 14 carter Parkham
  SANDERS Jane dau 11 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS Besse Fanny dau 8 scholar Parkham
  SANDERS George Oliver son 5   Parkham
  SANDERS James Edward son 3   Parkham
  SANDERS Edmund Augustine son 1   Parkham
  SANDERS Loretta Addessie dau 2 mo   Parkham
  DAYMAN John servt 14 carter Parkham
Lilleford SANDERS Thomas head 38 ag lab Broadwoodwidger
  SANDERS Mary wife 43   Yeomans week
  SANDERS Elizabeth dau 11 scholar Broadwoodwidger
  SANDERS Hannah dau 9 scholar Broadwoodwidger
  SANDERS Mary Ann dau 3   Maristow
Do POW John head 72 retired farmer Alwington
  POW Mary wife 73   Parkham
  SCOTT John son-in-lw; mar 40 stone mason Morton Hampstead
  SCOTT Emma dau 39   Alwington
Do WAKELY James head 52 mason Parkham
  WAKELY Elizabeth wife 47 formerly laundress Alwington
End of Richard Headon`s district      

Brian Randell, 11 Jan 2003