Devon Record Office - Exeter Diocesan Records/Moger/Church Rates/[Parkham]

Transcribed by Arthur Dark

This transcript is made available in GENUKI/Devon, on the strict condition
that it is used only for research purposes and not for any commercial enterprise,
by kind permission of the Diocesan Registrar.


Undated letter accompanying the 1674 and 1675 Parkham Church Rate Returns and headed:


Mr. Cooke,
This bearer Jasper Shute Church-Warden and Mr. Will. Prance apply themselves to you for the confirmation of the new Church-rate which att the Bishops visitation att Great Torrington you granted us a Commission to make I assure you we have taken time enough and pains enough about it, we mett three severall Daies about it before publication, And it was published three Sundaies following according to order, And nothing that I know omitted which is required by the Commission, I myself being unacquainted with the worth of every mans titular estate did refer myself to the Major part of the [Raters?], I [conveyed?] all the [Instructions?] and Injunctions I could upon them, that they should proceed with as much Equity and impartiality as possible, Yett I hear there will be opposition made, the objections are that some are too hard rated and some of the Commissioners too easy There was nothing done hastily and without due deliberation and the assent of the Major part, you if you shall think anyones complaint just and reasonable I leave it to the judgement and discretion of the Chancellor and yourself to determine, what you think fit, If you renew the Commission and give us 3 Months time more, we shall never please all, but some will murmur How unjust and unequal the former rate was I leave it to the bearers to relate and we have had one meeting since the publication of the Rate made to the end that we might if possible quiett and pacifie all opposition, when it was agreed upon by most voices that Mr. Vigures should be abated 2d. of 4s. and 6d thus with my humble servise to Dr. Marston and my kind respects to yourself I remain
                        Your affectionated friend
                               to serve you
                                      Fran: Nation


Dorothy Hawkes widow0101
John Clark0111
Johan Lynch0010
John London0006
The occupiers of Thomas Haines Tenemt0115
Barbara Trick0002
Mrs Honour Porn0000
The occupier of a Tenemt that was Mathew Knills in Parkham Town             0104
Bartholomew Crellack0105
Martha Robins wid0005
Giles Trick0003
Frances Keene wid0202
Mr Hammons Tenemt in Gulworthy0100
Elizabeth How wid0106
Dunes Fortescue wid0100
Mr Shebber of Lower Worthyeat0200
The occupiers of Bowden0409
Mr Hill for the South Downs0001
William Bruton gent0302
The occupiers of West Gulworthy Barton0600
Mr Thomas Smith0009 3/4
Hugh Veale0206
The occupiers of John Cawses Tenemt0110
William Preston for one Tenemt in Pepercombe0100
Henry Pow for one Tenemt in Pepercombe0100
Anthony Grigg for Haines Tenemt in Slew0100
Mary Vigures widow for a Tenemt in Parkham Towne0006
Item for parte of Bochum0008
Item for Slow ground0007
The occupiers of Chantrells pke0004
Anthony Robins0002
John Dunn0005
Mary Arnoll0003
Nicholas Palmer0001
The occupiers of Mrs Aires Tenemt0100
Anthony Raymer0006
Bartholomew Earle0002
Levy Southwood for wordland0102
Agnes Britton widow0009
Thomas Tardrew for Paines Cleave0003
Willmott Lucas widow0003
Samuel Braddon0002
John Collins0002
John Cleverdon and Bartholomew Earle0002
Thomas Praunceoo02
John Glover sen for estate in Holliwell0001
Gulworthy Close given to the poor0001
Bartholomew Dannell0001
William Praunce for a Tenemt in Ash0100

We whose names are subscribed being chosen Arbitrators by the Dissenting Parties of the Parish of Parkham upon a church rate, in pursuance of an Order from the Lord Bishops Court having heard what can be said by all parties, do determine this to be an equall rate and do certifye to the Court to have it confirmed according march the 20th 1675.

                        [Oliver?] Nayler K.T.
                        Michael Ogilby R. B.
                        Jon: Meddon
                        John Short

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