An Index to the Calendar of the Deeds Enrolled Within the County of Devon in pursuance of the Statute, 27 Henry VIII, 1536-1673

Compiled by John C Tingey, M.A., F.S.A., 1930.

Transcribed by Elizabeth Glover Howard


The Tingey volumes of Devon deeds are held at the Devon Record Office in Exeter. Copies are also held at the West Country Studies Library. They consist of typewritten transcripts of enrolled deeds. Deeds relating to land transactions from all over England were 'enrolled' (i.e. copied into a Roll) under a law introduced by Henry the Eighth in the 27th year of his reign (hence the words in the volume title above). They were enrolled centrally either in one of the King's Courts at Westminster in London, or at County level. Enrolment involved copying the contents of the deed into a Roll before the Master of the Rolls, at Westminster, London, or else (if copied out locally in Devon) before two Justices of the Peace for the County, and the Clerk of Peace for the County. The original enrolled deeds are on long rolls (parchment membranes rolled up) in the Devon County Quarter Sessions records at the Devon Record Office. Some particular types of deeds (fines and recoveries) recording land transactions were only enrolled at Westminster and these rolls are held in the National Archives. Some types of land transactions (conveyance by lease and release) were not enrolled at all. It should be remembered that the enrolled deeds are copies of the originals. The clerks who did the copying did not necessarily recognise all of the personal names and place names, so these could sometimes be wrongly interpreted and thus mis-spelt or wrongly copied out into the rolls.

Membrane 46. 228 25 April, 36 Hen. VIII. 1544

PARKHAM ....... Bargain and sale by Sir John Fulford of Fulford, knt, to Gelys Rysedon of Parkeham, gentleman, of his mesuages, lands, etc. In BABELEGH in Parkham, and his part and purparty in a medow there called NEWHAYE MEADE. Gelys grants to Sir John an annuity of 20s going out of the premises with power to distrain.
Enrolment, 27 July

Membrane 5. 513 10 April, 2 Eliz. 1560

MILTON DAMEREL ....... Bargain and sale by Sir John Seyntleger, of Canonleigh, knt., to Margaret Davelles, wydowe, of the manour of Mylton Daverell and all Messuages, mylles, dove houses, fyssyngs, fines, wardes, maryages, courts, leates, vewes of frankepledge etc., in the county of Devon thereto belonging; and also a tenement in Bucklond Bruer in the tenure of John Vygons with all londs, meadowes, etc, thereto belonging. If Sir John repays the purchase money, viz 200 li., on the feast of St George the Martyr 1562, at Margaret`s new dwelling house named Halseburg in PARKHAM, Margaret shall stand seised of the premises to the use of Sir John and release them to him; and until the said feast he shall receive the profits. If he makes default, Margaret shall pay a further 50 li to complete the purchase.
Enrolment 10 July.

Membrane 17 & 17d 723 5 May, 7 Eliz. 1565

FRITHELSTOCK ....... Bargain and sale by John Chichester of Frithelstock, esq, to John Dennis of Orleigh, esq, and John Boteler of PARKEHAM, gentleman, of a third part of the manner and rectory of Frithellstocke which he holds for the term of the life of Dame Honor Lisley, widow, and of the two other parts of which he is seised in his demesne as of fee, and all messuages, lands, fines, herriottes, wardes, reliefs, courtes, leates, vewes of fraunke pledge, weafes, streayes etc, (tenthes, offreings etc) thereto belonging in Frithelstocke or elsewhere in Devon; Subject to such right as Sir John Seinleger, knt, has in the premises by force of certain recognizances according to the Statute for the Recovery of Debts. To be void if Chichester repays the purchase money viz 1000 li on the feast of the Annunciation, 1568, at the mancion howse of Dennis of Orleigh, in Buckelonde Breuer and then he shall not dispose of the premises to anyone save Dennis and Boteler, if they are willing to pay as much as others, otherwise than for the jointure of the wife or wives of him or his heirs or for the preferment of his younger children or those of his heirs for term of life or in taile, so that the reversion be saved to him and his heirs. If he disposes of them so that they cannot revert to him or to Dennis and Boteler, the persons seised of the premises shall stand seised to the use of Dennis and Boteler.,
Enrolment 7 May.

Membrane 8 & 8 d 853 20 July, 11 Eliz. 1569

DARTINGTON ....... Bargain and sale by Thomas Risedon of PARKEHAM, esq, to Anthony Will of Landrake, alias Larricke, in Cornwall, gentleman, and John Sperke of Hurberton, yeomas, of his Meassez, gardens, landes, pastures, woodes, etc. In the tenure of John Bowe of Bronken in Dartinton; and the like in the tenure of John Bowe of Lamerton in Hatchland in Rattrey; and the like in the tenure of Richard Skinner there; and two closes of land called the Highe Westland and the Lower Westland in the tenure of John Williams in Dartington; and a close of land called Carpenter in the tenure of Andrew Hyve there; to hold free from the title of dower of Willmote, wife of Thomas. To be void if Anthony and John do not pay Thomas 100 li on the feast of St John the Baptist (24 June ) 1570
Enrolment 23 July.

Membrane 10 & 10d 1094 9 July, 20 Eliz. 1578

BUCKLAND BREWER ....... Bargain and sale made by William Stonnyng of Honychurch, gentleman and Philip Stonnying, his brother, to Balterer Butler and William Rysedon of PARKHAM, gentlemen, of the third part of the messuages or tenements, and two farlings of land in East Eckworthe in the tenure of John Lytteliohn, and the tenement and half farling of land in Thornwiger containing 12 A in the tenures of William James and Richard Prouse; and the parcel of land called Goteclapper containing 4 A in the tenure of John Hayman sen. And a tenement in Esteckworth and a messuage or tenement and ten little closes of land, pasture and meadow containing 20 A in the tenure of John Downyng; And a tenement in Thornewiger and eight similar closes containing 13 _ A and common of pasture for 30 sheep on the common called Thornmore in the tenure of William Threwe; All which are in Vielston or elsewhere in Devon and parcel of the possessions of Edward, late Earl of Devon; And all messuages, houses, dovehouses, gardens, lands, pastures belonging to the premises and all woods and trees and the soil of the woods etc. Reversions and rents in as ample a manner as William and Philip purchased them of Ambrose Smyth, citizen and mercer of London, and of Henry his son, by indenture dated 31 October in the 19th year and enrolled in the Court of Chancery, and as the Lady Queen by her letters patents dated 19 October last granted them, among other things to Ambrose. To hold as to the manor of Eastgrenewch by fealty and in free soccage by rendering to the Lady Queen for the premises in Vielston 22s 8d yearly viz for Lyttleiohn`s holding 6s, for James` and Prouse`s 4s, for Hayman`s 20d, for Downyng`s 6s, and for Threwe`s 5s at the Exchequer or to the General Receiver. Philip Butler, gentleman, and William Salysbury appointed attorneys.
Enrolment 10 July.

Membrane 20d 1157 19 March, 21 Eliz. 1579

BRADWORTHY ....... Bargain and sale by John Yeo of Redmansford in Bradworthye, gentleman to John Gyfforde of Halsburye esq, of his messuages, landes, gardens, pastures, commons, etc in Bradworthye called Atworthy in the tenure of Johane Yeo, wydowe, subject to Johane`s estate for life, and to a lease of the premises dated 20 July, last made by John Yeo to Nycholas Boteler for thirty one years after Johane`s death. To be void if John Yeo repays the purchase money viz 40 li in the south porch of PARKHAM church on 26 March 1580.
Enrolment 16 July.

Membrane 5. 1269 20 December, 29 Eliz. 1586

FRITHELSTOCK ....... Demise for 3000 years by Thomas Tytherlay of Frethelstocke, yeoman, to Baltazer Boteler of PARKHAM, gentleman, for 30 li paid and 1d yearly rent, of a tenement called Swynecott in Frethelstocke in the tenure of Henrye Blynsham, and another in the village of Aish there in the tenure of John Abbott, with the rents and services. To be void if Thomas repays the 30 li on 2 Jan following at the dwelling house of John Botler, gentleman, Balthazar`s father at Stone in PARKHAM.
Enrolment 7 April 1587.

Membrane 5d 1374 20 January, 33 Eliz.1596

WHITCHURCH ....... Bargain and sale by John Risedon, clarke, parson of PARKHAM, to Pascha wife of John Allen of Buckland Brewer, of dyvers messuages, landes, rentes, etc, in the town and places of Moretowne, Whitchurch, Little Torrington, Peters Tavie, Marie Tavie, Bagbeare, Langtree, Upcott, Byttedon, Bodstone, and Berynarber which were conveyed to him by fine by William and John, sons of Anthonye Moringe, gentleman, deceased, in accordance with their deed dated 10 April, 35 Eliz, 1593.
Enrolment 10 March.

Membrane 5 1497 28 September, 10 Jas 1, 1612

FREMINGTON etc. ....... Bargain and sale by Richard Barwicke of Sherwill, yeoman, to John Barwicke of the same, his brother, of a yearly rent of 40s out of messuages, landes, and tenements in Easthayland in Fremington and the acreages thereof; and his moytye and half and sale of the messuages, howses, barnes, stables, gardens, landes, pastures, woodes, commons, etc called Broadashe in PARKHAM in the tenure of Richard Saunder, Agnes his wife and Nicholas Saunder for their lives, and the reversion, rentes, etc Richard and Grace his wife shall, upon request, do all things for the better assuring of the premises to John. John Sloleigh and John Symons appointed attorneys.
Enrolment 8 October.

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