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Transcribed by Elizabeth Glover Howard

Date Surname Forename(s) Abode Occupation Witnesses
24.03.1813 POW John Alwington farmer  
  SCORE Mary   spinster John Score; John Jennings
03.04.1813 WILLIAMS George   husbandman  
  MILL Mary Northam spinster William Williams; Philip Tardrew
07.04.1813 FULFORD William Woolsery husbandman  
  BRENT Susanna   spinster James Becklake; Philip Tardrew
08.07.1813 ANDREW John Buckland Brewer Militia man  
  HEDDON Mary   spinster the mark of Heddon; Philip Tardrew
21.08.1813 GOULD John Barnstaple taylor  
  RADCLIFFE Joanna   widow Joshua Gould; Thos Gould
12.09.1813 HEDDON Thomas   husbandman  
  STEER Mary   spinster mark of Richd Steer; Philip Tardrew
07.12.1813 BRUTON Charles Alwington Esquire  
  WALTER Frances Cory   spinster Richard Walter; Matilda Marks
          Elizabeth Melhuish; H. Walter; John Marks
05.02.1814 BERRY Thomas   sojourner shoemaker  
  DARK Mary   spinster mark of William Jeffrey; Philip Tardrew
27.03.1814 PARR John   husbandman  
  LANE Sarah   spinster R Lane; Philip Tardrew
29.03.1814 FEATHERSTONE John Roborough cordwainer  
  WESTACOTT Mary Ash spinster William ?Claridge; Philip Tardrew
30.03.1814 CLEMENT Anthony   husbandman  
  YEO Mary   spinster Philip Tardrew; John Dark
09.04.1814 JOHNS William Woolsery husbandman  
  PICKARD Mary   spinster Jane Pickard; Philip Tardrew
19.11.1814 COLLACOTT Thomas   sojourner mason  
  BALE Elizabeth   spinster Philip Tardrew; Edward Bale
25.03.1815 DARK John   husbandman  
  MITCHEL Grace   spinster James Peard; Thomas Heddon
05.04.1815 SQUANCE John   husbandman  
  LEE Elizabeth   spinster Wm Lemon; Thomas Headon
18.04.1815 JEWELL John   carpenter  
  LANG Elizabeth   spinster mark of John Lang; Thomas Headon
27.04.1815 DARK John   husbandman  
  LEE Elizabeth   spinster mark of John Lee; Thomas Headon
18.05.1815 BROOM John   husbandman  
  LEMON Elizabeth   spinster Thomas Collins; Thomas Headon
08.06.1815 MOASE James Woolsery yeoman  
  GEORGE Jane   spinster John George; Thomas Headon
08.06.1815 PEACH ? LEACH Simon   husbandman  
  MOISE Elizabeth   spinster John Moyse; Thomas Headon
08.01.1816 BALE Richard   taylor  
  PRIDHAM Frances   spinster mark of John Sanders; Thomas Headon
04.04.1816 ELLIOT William   sojr husbandman  
  NANKIVELL Anne   sojr Geo Veal; Thomas Headon
07.04.1816 BROOK Thomas   husbandman  
  PRANCE Elizabeth   spinster John Prance; Thomas Headon
17.08.1816 VEAL John   husbandman  
  SHEPHERD Frances   sojr John May; William Elliot
17.08.1816 SHORTRIDGE William   husbandman  
  PALMER Mary   spinster Jno May; James Shepherd
24.10.1816 CLARK Robert Buckland Brewer butcher  
  MAY Ann     John May; Tho Headon
24.10.1816 CHILEY James Northam    
  LEE Margaret     Wm Gunn ?; Thos Headon
08.12.1816 BOND William   husbandman  
  GLOVER Anne   spinster William Pranc; Tho Headon
31.01.1817 FOUND John   sojr husbandman  
  GERMAN Dorothy Northam spinster John Southwood; Francis Cory
30.03.1817 HARDING William   husbandman  
  WESTACOTT Susannah   spinster mark of Tho Westacott; Thomas Headon
27.04.1817 LANG John   sojr husbandman  
  GOSLEN Ester ?   sojr spinster Thos Headon; Jno Prance
27.04.1817 HEARN William   husbandman  
  GLOVER Elizabeth   spinster Thos Headon; Jno Prance
17.05.1817 HOLMAN Joseph   widower  
  TUCKER Mary   spinster mark of Hannah Tucker; Thomas Headon
18.05.1817 JEWELL Thomas   Mason  
  GREGORY Jane   spinster Thos Headon
01.06.1817 NICOLS Anthony   husbandman  
  TAYLOR Susannah   spinster mark of Samuel Taylor. Thos Headon
07.06.1817 YARDE John Of Crediton esquire  
  CORY Dorothy   spinster John Hicks; Samuel Cory; Thomas Headon; John Cory
16.10.1817 HEAL Henry of Alwington    
  WHITE Mary Ann     Joseph Heal; Thos Headon
30.10.1817 ASHTON William   sojr carpenter  
  BRAUND Mary   spinster Thomas Hamlyn;Thos Headon
08.01.1818 NANKIVELL John of Woolfardisworthy husbandman  
  PICKARD Jane   spinster mark of John Nankivell; Thos Headon
26.02.1818 ANDREWS William Woolfardisworthy schoolmaster  
  PICKARD Catherine   spinster ?Frances Pickard; Thos Headon
23.03.1818 SCOYNES John   husbandman  
  WAKLEY Anne   spinster George Austin; Thos Headon
16.04.18181 BARTLETT James of Clovelly husbandman  
  GEORGE Elizabeth   spinster John George; Thos Headon
10.11.1818 JEFFREY William      
  DUNN Grace     Ann Dunn; Thos Headon
03.12.1818 PICKARD James   yeoman  
  BAILY Mary   spinster Philip Tardrew; William Bailey
24.04.1819 VANSTONE James   sojr husbandman  
  BRIND Ann   spinster Thos Headon; Philip Tardrew
07.08.1819 GEORGE George Veal   yeoman  
  PICKARD Mary   spinster Philip Tardrew;William Pickard
14.10.1819 MOSS John   shoemaker  
  PARR Elizabeth   spinster Edmund Palmer; Thos Headon
23.12.1819 REED Richard   sojr  
  DARK Sarah   spinster Wm Braund; Thos Headon
30.12.1819 HAY John   sojr  
  DANNELL Mary   spinster John Dannell; Thos Headon
30.03.1820 LONG John   Sojr  
  RATCLIFFE Elizabeth     William Quance; Thos Headon
03.04.1820 POW WIlliam of Alwington    
  SCORE Grace     John Score; Thos Headon
18.11.1820 VENNING John   husbandman  
  DARK Agnes   spinster mark of Wm Braund; Thos Headon
27.11.1820 GRIGG William   carpenter  
  DANNELL Elizabeth   spinster mark of John Sanders; Thos Headon; William Grigg, sen
14.12.1820 LANE James   glazier  
  GEORGE Ann   spinster John George; J Lane; Thos Headon
25.03.1821 ROWE Henry   sojr  
  BRIDGEMAN Elizabeth     mark of Wm Grinnon jr? Thos Headon
17.04.1821 PICKARD John      
  BALE Anne     James Bale; Thos Headon
10.05.1821 ELLIOTT John of Morwinstow Co    
  DARK Agnes     Thos Headon; CAdams; Thomas ?
21.06.1821 WAKELY Samuel   husbandman  
  HOCKIN Grace   spinster James Harris; Thos Headon
07.07.1821 DOBB George   husbandman  
  VEAL Elizabeth   spinster J Allin Dark; Thos Headon
10.11.1821 MORRISH John   husbandman  
  JEFFREY Sarah   spinster Thos Headon
20.11.1821 HEYWOOD Joseph   yeoman  
  PICKARD Anne   spinster Thos Bayly; Thos Headon
21.12.1821 LASHBROOK William   husbandman  
  DUNN Anne   spinster James Thomas; Thos Headon
09.05.1822 JOLLOW Thomas   husbandman  
  BRIMACOMBE Mary   spinster Richard Grigg; Wm Biccalick
26.09.1822 BRAUND William      
  HORTOP Susanna     Thos Hortop; Thos Headon
13.10.1822 LANG John   husbandman  
  PICKARD Grace   spinster Thomas Pickard; Thos Headon
30.01.1823 PRANCE John   yeoman  
  PEARCE Mary Anne   spinster J Prance; Thos Headon
17.04.1823 DARK Richard   husbandman  
  SOUTHWOOD Mary   spinster Thomas Hamlyn; Thos Headon
15.05.1823 CLARKE George Davis of Gt Torrington bachelor  
  SAUNDERS Betsey   spinster Robt Saunders; Thos Headon
29.06.1823 VINSON Thomas   husbandman  
  VINSON Anne   spinster mark of Wm Vinson; Thos Headon
10.08.1823 ACKLAND William   husbandman  
  HEDGER Mary   spinster mark of Jas Hedger; Thos Headon
10.09.1823 ENGLAND Robert Owen   sojr sailor  
  MOORE Mary   sojr mark of Jno Braund; Thos Headon
24.03.1824 HEYWOOD Bartholomew   sojr yeoman  
  CLEVERDON Elizabeth   sojr Thos Headon; mark of Jno Sanders
01.04.1824 JEWELL James   mason  
  BERRYMAN Ann   spinster Nicholas Chalk; Thos Headon
29.04.1824 ASHTON John   butcher  
  AUSTIN Martha   spinster George Austin; Thos Headon
20.05.1824 LEMON Thomas   husbandman  
  SCORE Sarah   spinster William Lemon; Thos Headon
23.05.1824 MATHEWS John   sojr  
  PICKARD Anne   sojr William Mathews; Thos Headon
24.11.1824 DARK Thomas   husbandman  
  DANNELL Anne ??/   spinster John Dannell; Thos Headon
02.01.1825 VANSTONE William   sojr  
  DARK Mary   spinster Thos Dark; Thos Headon
17.02.1825 DOBB George   husbandman  
  HUTCHINGS Elizabeth   spinster Thos Hartop; Thos Headon
19.02.1825 PEAKE John of Northam    
  VEAL Mary     Thomas Hortop; Thos Headon; Thos Saunders
31.03.1825 LEE Samuel   sojr  
  HUTCHINGS Mary   spinster mark of Charles Lee
02.04.1825 DYMENT Richard   blacksmith  
  CROOK Mary   sojr Nicholas Chalk; Thos Headon
16.07.1825 VEAL George   widower  
  HARRIS Grace   spinster Philip Tardrew; Thos Hortop
06.11.1825 FORD Thomas   husbandman  
  VEAL Anne   widow Jno Veal; Thos Headon
04.02.1826 SHEPHERD Samuel   sojr  
  HEARDING Jane   sojr mark of William Hearding; Thos Headon
16.03.1826 FROST Thomas   husbandman  
  FORD Anne     William Becalick; John Ford; Thos Headon
30.03.1826 BRYANT William   husbandman  
  LANE Elizabeth   spinster Josiah Lane; Thos Headon
03.04.1826 LEE James   sojr  
  DARK Ann   spinster John Dark; Thos Headon
08.04.1826 HAMLYN Robert of Clovelly yeoman  
  PICKARD Grace   spinster James Pickard; Thos Headon
27.04.1826 BECALICK William   yeoman  
  DUNN Anne   spinster mark of John Sanders; Thos Headon
17.06.1826 LOTT Robert   carpenter  
  SQUANCE Elizabeth   spinster John Squance; Thos Headon
18.06.1826 FOUND ZAcharias   husbandman  
  BRAUND Sarah   spinster mark of James Braund; Thos Headon
09.07.1826 HARRIS Robert   sojr  
  CLEVERDON Anne   spinster Thos Headon;mark of Rd Shepherd
23.07.1826 VIGURS William   mason  
  SHEPHERD Sarah   spinster Thos Headon; Ann Shepherd
26.08.1826 DARK John   shoemaker  
  DEAN Grace   widow mark of William Hamlyn; Thos Headon
05.10.1826 HOPKINS WIlliam Heanton Punchardon blacksmith  
  LANE Ann   spinster Josiah Lane; Thos Headon
29.03.1827 TALAMY William   husbandman  
  BURDEN Anne   spinster John Tallamy; Thos Headon
12.04.1827 LEMON James   husbandman  
  CLEMENT Elizabeth   spinster William Lemon; Thos Headon
14.05.1827 GRILLS Richard   sojr miller  
  BISHOP Grace   sojr spinster James Sanders; Thos Headon
27.09.1827 DARK Thomas   husbandman  
  DUNN Miriam   spinster Wm Becalick;Thos Headon
24.12.1827 HARRIS James   husbandman  
  PRANCE Elizabeth   spinster John Prance; Thos Headon
27.03.1828 ADAMS Henry   sojr  
  GRIGG Ann   spinster William Grigg; Thos Headon
27.03.1828 TUCKER Adam   husbandman  
  HOBBS Thomazin   spinster mark of John Sanders; Thos Headon
03.04.1828 PASSMORE George   sojr  
  JENNINGS Mary   spinster Wm Lemon; Thos Headon
16.04.1828 GLOVER John   husbandman  
  JOLLIFFE Mary Anne   spinster mark of Tho Jolliffe; Thos Headon
08.10.1828 CRUMB John   husbandman  
  SHORT Elizabeth   spinster mark of William Hearn; Thos Headon
20.11.1828 NANCEKIVELL William   husbandman  
  FORD Elizabeth   spinster John Ford; Thos Headon
24.02.1829 SQUIRE John   sailor  
  BARNES Ann   sojr spinster mark of James Squire; Thos Headon
09.04.1829 MOYSE William   husbandman  
  GLIDDON Sarah   spinster mark of Ann Moyse; Thos Headon
04.06.1829 CLOUTMAN Robert   sojr husbanman  
  BAGGLEHOLE Ann   spinster Thomas Elliott . Thos Headon
31.07.1829 BROOKS Roger   shoemaker sojr  
  WAKELY Jane   spinster mark of Saml Wakely; Thos Headon
06.09.1829 HARRIS William   husbandman  
  REMNET Sarah   spinster mark of Saml Wakely; Thos Headon
27.09.1829 DUNN William   husbandman  
  DUNN Mary Anne   spinster Wm Becalick; Thos Headon
27.02.1830 BALL Charles   sojr  
  JEWELL Mary   sojr James Jewell; (unreadable)
10.03.1830 TRIGGER James   husbandman  
  HEDGER Anne   spinster mark of Jas Quick; Thos Headon
08.04.1830 LEMON Samuel   husbandman  
  CLEMENT Mary   spinster William Lemon; Thos Headon
29. 04 1830 PENGILLY John, junr   husbandman  
  SQUIRE Grace   spinster mark of John Sanders (unreadable) ?Thos Headon
20.05.1830 SOUTHWOOD William   husbandman  
  HEARN Mary   spinster mark of Wm Manning; Thos Headon
09.06.1830 GRIGG John   miller  
  LANE Grace   spinster Richd Lane; Richd Lane senior
16.06.1830 GEORGE William   yeoman  
  CHING Grace   spinster ?Lucy?Jane? George; John Ching
06.07.1830 JOHNS Richard of West Putford shoemaker  
  PEARCE Catherine   spinster John Pearce; Thos Headon
09.12.1830 PICKARD James   yeoman  
  BATE Jane   spinster Richard Grigg; Thos Headon
13.01.1831 BRAUND William   sailor  
  ELLIOT Harriett   sojr spinster Thos Headon; Zacharias Braund
03.02.1831 WAKELY James   mason  
  MORRISH Sarah   widow William Phillips; Thos Headon
31.03.1831 JOHNS Samuel   husbandman  
  BROOKS Mary   sojr spinster Henry Brooks; Anthony Nichols
03.04.1831 BROOM John   husbandman  
  BIRD Patience   spinster mark of John Sander; Anthony ? Nichol
12.05.1831 DARK Joseph   husbandman  
  DUNN Rebecca   spinster Wm Beckalick; Thos Headon
28.09.1831 WEBB Robert   sojr husbandman  
  GOODENOUGH Mary   sojr widow Thos Headon; mark of Elizabeth Hearding
27.11.1831 WARD John   husbandman  
  HEALE Grace   spinster Thos Headon; mark of Tho Ward ?
07.01.1832 MOISE William   husbandman  
  BEAL Grace   spinster Thos Headon;mark of Rd Mugford
08.01.1832 BAGGLEHOLE John   husbandman  
  VEAL Eliza   spinster mark of Wm Braund; Thos Headon
09.02.1832 BRAUND John   fisherman  
  VEAL Mary Ann   spinster mark of Jas Braund; Thos Headon
12.03.1832 ARNOLD William   sojr shoemaker  
  ROWLEY/ROWLING Mary   spinster mark of Wm Arnold senr; Thos Headon
15.03.1832 BRAUND James   sojr fisherman  
  BRAUND Mary Ann   spinster William Braund; Thos Headon
29.03.1832 PICKARD Jas William   husbandman  
  BRIND Agnes   spinster James Brend; Thos Headon
31.03.1832 BARTLETT William   husbandman  
  VANSTONE Mary   spinster Anthony Nichols; mark of Wm Bagglehole
05.04.1832 PICKARD William of Northam yeoman  
  GEORGE Jane   spinster Edwd George junr; Ursula Pickard; Richd Jeanings
16.04.1832 PICKARD Jasper   husbandman  
  WILLIAMS Ann   spinster William Lemon; Thos Headon
19.04.1832 HEYWOOD Joseph   yeoman  
  PICKARD Maria   spinster mark of John Sanders; Thos Headon
21.05.1832 CHING Thomas   yeoman  
  GRIGG Ann   spinster Richard Grigg; Thos Headon
25.07.1832 NANCEKIEVILLE John   yeoman  
  HORTOP Elizabeth   spinster James .......; Thomas Hortop
07.08.1832 ASHTON John   husbandman  
  GLOVER Fanny   spinster mark of Susannah Jewell; Thos Headon
03.09.1832 PADDON Samuel   lyme burner  
  HOOPER Ann   sojr Thos Headon; John Bond
26.12.1832 CURTIS John of Clovelly husbandman  
  DARK Ann   spinster Thos Dark; Thos Headon
30.12.1832 PASSMORE Thomas   blacksmith  
  LANE Mary   spinster Josiah Lane; Thos Headon
21.02.1833 LANG John   widower  
  LEE Rebecca   widow Daniel Sanders; Thos Headon
25.02.1833 DUNN Richard   farmer  
  HEADON Betsey   spinster Daniel Sanders; Thos Headon
20.03.1833 CHING William   yeoman  
  GEORGE Frances   spinster Edwd George ,junr; Eliza ..........
23.03.1833 BALL Richard of Little Torrington yeoman  
  MAY Betsey   spinster John May; Maria Way
28.03.1833 LANG William   yeoman  
  NANCEKIEVILLE Ann   spinster mark of Wm Nancekieville; Richard Headon
04.04.1833 BAILEY John   yeoman  
  HOCKADAY Mary   spinster Richd Bailey; Elizabeth Bailey
04.04.1833 ASHTON Lewis   husbandman  
  DARK Grace   widow mark of Jno Glover; Richard Headon
09.04.1833 COURTICE James   sojr farmer  
  SCORE Alice   spinster John Courtice; Elizabeth Score
26.08.1833 LOCK Samuel   sojr  
  AUSTIN Mary     Wm Austin; Tho Headon
17.10.1833 JOHNS Richard of Buckland Brewer taylor  
  HEARD Mary Ann   sojr spinster William Heard; Richard Headon
29.12.1833 MITCHELL William   husbandman  
  GLIDDON Margaret   spinster Thos Headon; mark of John Bond
27.03.1834 CHAPPLE Henry   sojr husbandman  
  BROOM Rebecca   spinster Thos Headon; mark of John Broom
14.04.1834 JAGO Arthur   husbandman  
  CANN Nancy   spinster mark of Wm Westlake; Thos Headon
24.04.1834 NANCEKIVELLE Richard   sojr husbandman  
  PROUSE Mary   sojr widow mark of Thos Nancekivelle; Thos Headon
05.05.1834 NICOLS Richard   husbandman  
  WOOLLACOTT Susannah   spinster Thos Headon; mark of ?Robt Nicol
09.10.1834 GOODENOUGH John   bachelor  
  SANDERS Elizabeth   spinster Thos Headon; James Goodinew
12.10.1834 DANNELL Edwin   sojr bachelor  
  CHALK Ann   spinster Michael Chalk; Thos Headon
12.10.1834 CLEVERDON Thomas   bachelor  
  STONEMAN Ann   spinster EliasWhitlock; Thos Headon
30.10.1834 MARTIN John of Hatherley bachelor  
  MAY Maria   spinster Harriet Martin; William May
21.03.1835 VANSTONE William   sojr husbandman  
  ROW Grace   sojr widow William Braund; Anthony Nichols
29.03.1835 PEARD William   husbandman  
  BAGLEHOLE Mary   spinster Thomas Elliott; Thos Headon
02.04.1835 ISAAC William of Woolfardisworthy blacksmith  
  PRANCE Grace   sojr spinster John Collings; Thos Headon
02.04.1835 PICKARD Thomas   husbandman  
  DARK Susannah   spinster Thomas Dark; Thos Headon
25.06.1835 BLIGHT Samuel of Frithelstock widower  
  SANDERS Grace Pridham   spinster William B Colane ?; Thos Headon
22.08.1835 GEORGE Edward   yeoman  
  BAILEY Elizabeth   spinster William Bailey,; Margaret Bailey; Thos Headon
18.04.1836 WESTACOTT George   sojr husbandman  
  BERRY Elizabeth   widow sojr ?Frances Nancekivell; Thos Headon
21.04.1836 GLOVER Thomas   husbandman  
  JOHNS Susan   spinster Thomas Adams; Thos Headon
21.09.1836 LEE John   husbandman  
  MANNING Sally   spinster Robert Row; John Headon
15.09.1836 PALMER John   sojr husbandman  
  GLOYNE Charity   sojr spinster mark of Thomas Palmer; Thos Headon
24.12.1836 CHING William   sojr blacksmith  
  BRAUND Susan   spinster Daniel Cory; Thos Headon
04.02.1837 GEORGE Edward   yeoman  
  SANDERS Elizabeth   spinster Daniel Sanders; mark of Jno Sanders
04.02.1837 CHALK John   blacksmith  
  SANDERS Mary Ann   spinster Michael Chalk; Daniel Sanders
20.03.1837 LAKE Thomas of Alwington potter  
  WARD Grace   widow Robert Heal; Robert Headon
26.03.1837 BREND George   bachelor  
  NEWMAN Ann   spinster Jas Pickard; Thos Headon
13.08.1837 DYMOND William      
  JOLLOW Ann      
09.10.1837 HANCOCK Peter      
  JEWELL Jane      
21.12.1837 DAVIE Robert      
  JOHNS Mary Ann      
24.02.1838 SOUTHWOOD Thomas      
  JEWELL Susannah      
01.03.1838 ANDREW Thomas      
  HARDING Ann      
29.03.1838 NANCEKIVELL Thomas      
  COULL Mary      
02.04.1838 HEALE Robert      
  AUSTIN Elizabeth      
02.04.1838 HEALE Robert      
  HEAL Ann      
26.04.1838 NANCEKIVELL William      
  GRIGG Betsey      
24.05.1838 GLOVER William      
  MANNING Harriet      
13.06.1838 SMITH Christmas      
  MEDDON Elizabeth Walter Bruton    
24.09.1838 BAGGLEHOLE William      
  VEAL Rebecca      
09.05.1839 FORD George      
  NANCEKIVELL Elizabeth      
29.07.1839 WILLIAMS Thomas      
  LANG Emma      
14.11.1839 SMALL John      
  ROWE Eliza      
20.11.1839 WADE Philip      
  ROBBINS Ann      
02.01.1840 GRIGG Richard      
  LANE Ann      
02.01.1840 GRIGG Thomas      
  PRIDHAM Grace      
23.04.1840 DEAN James      
  PENWARDEN Ann      
11.05.1840 JACOBS William      
  JEWELL Susanna      
05.07.1840 SHORT William      
  GLOVER Mary      
20.09.1840 BRYANT John      
  MOISE Grace      
21.02.1841 VAGGERS George      
  BOWDEN Caroline      
27.03.1841 BEER Stephen      
  SLEE Elizabeth      
29.03.1841 MOUNCE William      
  DAVIE Mary      
31,03,1841 GIFFORD Richard      
  CLEMENT Mary Ann      
19.08.1841 GIST Samuel      
  HARVEY Elizabeth Rowlett      
02.09.1841 SANDERS Thomas      
  BRAUND Mary Ann      
29.12.1841 DREW William      
  HEADON Mary Ann      
07.04.1842 DOWNING Thomas      
  JOHNS Elizabeth      
24.04.1842 PRANCE James      
  PRANCE Ann      
21.08.1842 BARTLETT John      
  MALLETT Elizabeth      
31.10.1842 SHAPTON Samuel      
  MOALS Tammy      
03.11.1842 LANE Joziah      
  ASHTON Jane      
13.04.1843 VANSTONE John      
  LEAN ? DEAN Mary      
22.11.1843 DAVY Lewis      
  TUCKER Hannah      
01.05.1844 DEAR ? DEAN William      
  PARKIN Betty      
01.07.1844 PENNINGTON Richard      
  SLEE Mary      
28.08.1844 MOISE Richard      
  BRAUND Betsey      
05.09.1844 BOARD William      
  PICKARD Elizabeth      
14.10.1844 NICHOLS William      
  PALMER Ann      
26.10.1844 HARRIS John      
  KNIGHT Sally      
15.03.1845 BRIND John      
  HARRINGTON Mary Ann      
11.09.1845 STEER Thomas      
  SANDERS Jane      
30.10.1845 PALMER John      
  MOISE Mary Ann      
27.11.1845 PASSMORE William      
  ROBBINS Grace      
18.04.1846 BOND James      
  JEFFREY Eliza      
21.05.1846 DREW Bartholomew      
  HOCKRIDGE Rebecca      
24.05.1846 ANDREW Edmund      
  BATE Thirza      
13.06.1846 CLEMENTS Abraham      
  GEORGE Ann      
28.06.1846 EVELEY John      
  STANLAKE Sophia      
08.07.1846 BRUTON Walter Meddon      
  KELLY Mary      
25.07.1846 CANN William      
  BRIANT Mary      
15.11.1846 AUSTIN Joseph      
  CHAPPLE Grace      
31.12.1846 VEAL Joseph      
  CORY Elizabeth      
11.02.1847 MOISE George      
  MOOR Susanna      
17.04.1847 HOCKERIDGE Granville      
  BUCKINGHAM Mary Ann      
06.05.1847 PARK Thomas      
  PALMER Mary      
20.06.1847 VEAL Henry      
  JOLLIFFE Charlotte      
05.07.1847 PEDLER William      
  PENNINGTON Mary      
29.08.1847 BOWDEN William      
  BLIGHT Charity      
22.12.1847 DOWNING Thomas Fortescue      
  MOASE Jane      
29.03.1848 BOWMAN William      
  CORY Susan      
13.05.1848 LUGG John      
  BRAUND Agnes      
29.07.1848 HEGDON John      
  SAUNDERS Alice      
05.10.1848 PRIDHAM James      
  MORRISH Ann      
25.11.1849 LITTLEJOHNS James      
  LANG Ann      
13.12.1849 PENNINGTON John      
  STOYLE ?SCOYNE Mary Ann      
01.04.1850 SCOTT Thomas      
  CLARK Ann      
25.04.1850 SQUANCE John      
  GERRY ? Catherine      
14.09.1850 OKE Richard      
  JEWELL Susanna      
17.04.1851 PALMER William      
  SCAYNES Rhoda      
24.02.1852 CLEMENTS Christopher      
  GRIGG Joanna      
04.03.1852 COLLINS John      
  DARK Mar ?y ?garet      
12.04.1852 WAKELEY James      
  HARRIS Sarah      
09.09.1852 BOND William      
  GLOVER Elizabeth      
10.10.1852 TETTLE John William      
  MOASE Elizabeth George      
27.03.1853 BREND William      
  CORY Ann      
23.03.1853 PALMER Richard      
  VEAL Charlotte      
01.10.1853 BECKLAKE Samuel      
  HEYWOOD Marian      
27.03.1854 RICHARDS William      
  BRYANT Ann      
30.03.1854 STANBURY Thomas      
  DARKE Elizabeth      
05.04.1854 HEAL William      
  HEAL Elizabeth      
  SQUANCE John      
  BRAUND Ann      
01.08.1854 TOMS Humphrey William      
  THOMAS Fanny Elizabeth      
24.08.1854 ASHTON Richard      
  WILKEY ? WAKELY Ann      
17.09.1854 SCOYNE George      
  WADE Honor      
05.04.1855 GOODENOUGH John      
  SHORT Elizabeth      
28.06.1854 BROWN William      
  PIKE Sarah      
12.07.1855 LOCK John      
  BRAUND Susannah      
23.07.1855 RICHARDS John      
  TAMLYN Mary Ann      
05.08.1855 PALMER Philip      
  VEAL Frances      
18.08.1855 CLEMENT Christopher      
  BEER Charlotte      
23.12.1855 HEYWOOD William      
  CLARKE Betsey      
31.12.1855 HOCKRIDGE Thomas      
  BUCKINGHAM Ann      
10.04.1856 HOLMAN Lewis      
  HEYWOOD Mary Jane      
24.05.1856 SLEE Charles      
  SAUNDERS Mary Ann      
10.01.1857 ALLEN Thomas      
  TUCKER Alice      
14.03.1857 PRIDHAM John      
  PASSMORE Ann      
25.04.1857 GLOVER Samuel Hopkins      
  ASHTON Elizabeth      
02.06.1857 NEWCOMBE William      
  MALLETT Caroline      
10.10.1857 PARR Charles      
  SAUNDERS Grace Newcombe      
02.12.1857 HARRIS Richard      
  SLEE Mary      
30.01.1858 COLVILLE ? COLWILL Henry      
  JEWELL Arabella      
27.11.1858 BRAUND William      
  CORNISH Elizabeth      
02.03.1859 GEORGE Edmund      
  CLARKE Annie      
19.05.1859 VAGGERS Henry      
  BROOM Mary      
13.11.1859 HANNAFORD James      
  HEAL Louise      
26.11.1859 GEORGE Edward      
  FRY Elizabeth Jane      
20.06.1860 NORTH Richard      
  CADDY Anne      
04.10.1860 PADDON Richard      
  PASSMORE ???      
10.04.1861 GRIGG Richard      
  CARTER Elizabeth      
26.09.1861 TIDLEY John      
  PRANCE Althalia      
14.10.1861 PADDON William      
  GILL Lydia      
29.05.1862 MARTIN Aubrey      
  LITTLEJOHNS Elizabeth      
24.09.1862 LEAMAN James Pritchard      
  EASTMAN Mary      
20.03.1863 GRIGG William      
  GEORGE Jane      
28.03.1863 LEE George      
  SHORT Harriet      
02.04.1863 ASHTON Lewis      
  DYER Mary      
04.04.1863 LEE William      
  FORD Susan      
No marriages 1864/5        
01.01.1866 SIMPSON Thomas Lancaster      
  SKINNER Emily Jane      
01.02.1866 SHORT George Reed      
  BRAUND Louisa      
11.04.1866 SQUIRES Francis      
  DUNN Mary Jane      
10.05.1866 LANE William      
  TAMLYN Harriet      
18.07.1866 JONES Owen Thomas      
  NAPIER Cecilia      
20.06.1867 PICKARD George      
  ELSWORTHY Elizabeth Ann      
16.10.1867 WADE Richard      
  GOSLING Mary Tucker      
18.04.1868 KEMP Samuel      
  STANLAKE Ann      
30.04.1868 WILKEY George William      
  FORD Lydia      
20.07.1868 FELLOWS Joseph Walker      
  NANCEKIVELL Elizabeth      
15.10.1868 CLEMENTS Anthony      
  NANCEKIVELL Mary Jane Grigg      
12.12.1868 PAMBER? PALMER William      
  PICKARD Fanny      
10.06.1869 GLOVER Richard      
  PICKARD Mary Ann      
20.09.1869 HAMLYN Robert      
  GLOVER Charlotte      
30.12.1869 HARRIS Richard      
  MOASE Mary Pengilly      
27.12.1870 WALDRON James Ley      
  DUNN Julia Hockridge      
01.04.1871 LEY Henry      
  HANCOCK Mary      
15.06.1871 PICKARD Richard      
  BALE Mercy Andrews      
26.11.1871 OSBORNE Robert      
  SAUNDERS Ann      
09.05.1872 JENNINGS Edmund      
  BRAUND Thirza      
21.07.1872 CLEMENTS Samuel      
  LEWIS Ellen Bagglehole      
26.09.1872 LEY Henry      
  GEORGE Mary Pridham      
18.10.1872 PEARD William      
  GLOVER Elizabeth Ann      
07.11.1872 HEYWOOD Walter      
  ROWE Tabitha      
10.11.1872 RICHARDS Jesse      
  TRATHEN Mary      
10.04.1873 ARNOLD Thomas      
  EVELEIGH Mary Ann      
06.05.1873 ENDACOTT Henry      
  HEDDON Caroline      
20.07.1873 GLOVER Joseph      
  COLWILL Grace      
20.12.1873 PENNINGTON James      
  HAMLYN Sarah      
27.03.1874 ASHTON John      
  BRAUND Mary Ann      
04.03.1875 BECKLICK William      
  BUTLER Ellen Selina      
01.08.1875 WHITFIELD John      
  HODGE Mary Ann      
No marriages in 1876        
10.03.1877 BECKLICK James      
  LEE Elizabeth Ann      
25.07.1878 GEORGE Arthur      
  GRIGG Louisa Lane      
No marriages in 1879        
28.03.1880 GLOVER Joseph      
  PRANCE Grace Yeo      
27.07.1881 GRIGG Edward Owen      
  MARTIN Dinah      
10.04.1882 BEER John      
  LITTLEJOHNS Annie      

Brian Randell, 17 Dec 1999