Walter de Clopton

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 11:1, (1920), pp. 41-42.


Oswald J. Reichel and Frances Rose-Troup

Prepared by Michael Steer

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WALTER DE CLOPTON (X., p. 321, par. 315)- Parkham, at the close of the 13th century seems to have had a large group of turbulent landholders. Richard de Speccot who succeeded William de la Pomeray as rector was assassinated in 1298 by Robert Gyfford (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1292-1301) whereupon Eleanor Countess of Devon as guardian of Belston's heir, presented first John Morys and in 1322 Walter de Clopton (Stapeldon, 241). Both of these had trouble with their parishioners and neighbours. Morys, on 4 May, 1316, prosecuted 48 of them for assaulting him at Goldsworthy (Early Chanc. Proceedings, cxcviii, 32), among the assailants being Thomas le Gay, Roger Coffyn, Thomas de Cornubia, Adam de Koliwelle, and John the miller. Clopton, with greater prudence, obtained a licence of non-residence in 1328 to go on a pilgrimage to St Mary of Walsingham, St Thomas of Canterbury and St Edmund of Bury in company of John Lukeys, rector of Northam (Grandisson, 467), Clopton continued rector until 1346, when he was succeeded by Master Thomas de Bodrugan (Grandisson, 1356), who on 25 Jan. 1352, obtained a license of non-residence for two years to study at some University in England or abroad and also letters dimissory authorising his being ordained priest.


WALTER DE CLOPTON (X., p. 320, par. 315)- Miss Lega-Weekes mentions a house in the Close, left by Canon Clopton for his obit, which was given to the Dean and Chapter in 1348. He was an executor of the will of Alinora de Courtenay in 1331. An Antiphonary vocatum Clopton appears in the Inventory of the Cathedral in Oliver's Lives of the Bishops, p. 332, and it is mentioned in a book in the Cathedral Library (No 3550): See Historical MSS. Commission Report, iv, 36. His obit was celebrated on 26th November, and it first occurs in the Cathedral Obit Book (No 3766) under the date of 1348.