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Some notes on the tithing of Pennycross, or Weston Peveril

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 29, (1897) pp. 514-517.


R.N. Worth

Prepared by Michael Steer

Weston Peverel, also known as Pennycross, was at the time of the Domesday Book, 1086, known as "Westona". It was part of the Honour of Plympton, of which Judhael of Totnes was the overlord, and the Hundred of Wakhampton which later became the Hundred of Roborough. The first place of worship, dedicated to Saint Pancras, is said to have been a chapel attached to the main residential property, "Weston". At that time it was within the Parish of St Andrew's and the minister had to travel from there, or from Plympton Priory, to hold services. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Adams, William 516
Ambro 517
Atwill, Elizabeth 516
Avent 517
Avery, Matthew 517
Battin 517
Beaves, William 516
Beavis, Mary 516
Bedford, Rev Mr 515
Beele, Jacob 515-6
Blatchfor, Henry 517
Boger 515
Bower 516
Bowes, Mary 516
Britton, Charles 516
Bunshole, John 516
Clarke, R H 516
Clethes, Mr 516
Collings family 514
Collins, Joan 515
Crossman, Sarah 516
Crust, Richard 516
Cudlipp, Mr 514
Culme, John 515
Drake, Edward 516
Drake, James 516
Drake, William 516
Dunsterville, Balt 516
Foot, Rev John 515-6
Fox 516
Frad, Susannah 516
Furneaux 515
Genys, J 515
Grills, Sampson 515-6
Hall 516
Hall, Humphrey 514-6
Harris family 514
Harris, J 516
Harris, William 515
Haybeard, James 516
Haybeard, Jenny 516
Haybeard, Robert 516
Hender, Nicholas 517
Herbert, George 516
Hewer, Henry 515
Hooper, James 516
Hopper 516
Howe, George 515
Hunt 516
Hurrell 515
Jessop, John 517
Keast, Richard 516
Kelly, William 516
Knighton 515-7
Knighton, Johanna 514
Lampen family 514
Lee, John 514
London 516
Luce, Mr James 517
Luce, Thomas 517
Man, John 516
Man, Richard 516
Man, William 516
Mills, Mr 514
Mitchell, Ralph 515
Mooring, John 516
Morley, Lord 517
Moses, John 517
Mould, John 516
Nicholas, Pope 517
Peake, Rt 515
Pearce 516
Pellew, Sir Edward 514
Philips 515
Pike 517
Plympton, Prior of 517
Pollard, Thomas 517
Potter, Mary 516
Potter, Sarah 516
Rawlyns 516
Reed 515
Roberts, Elizabeth 516
Roberts, Jane 516
Rowden 515
Sawdy 515
Sheppard 515-6
Spurwell family 514
Stephens, Peter 516
Stroud, Ann 516
Stubbs 515-6
Taylor, John Croll 516
Thomas, Bridget 515
Thomas, Margaret 515
Thomas, Mary 515
Thomson, James 516
Thomson, John 516
Thomson, Joseph 516
Trelawny, Miss 516
Trelawny, S P 515-6
Veal, Richard 516
Veale, George 516
Veale, Thomas 515
Vowden, Richard 515
Were, John 515-6
Winne, Joseph 516
Wyatt, George 516
Yealing, Stephen 517
Yeo, John 515