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Devon Notes and Queries:

A Quarterly Journal Devoted to the Local History, Biography and Antiquities of the County of Devon

Vol 3, no. 5 (1905)

P.F.S. Amery, John S. Amery & J. Brooking Rowe, FSA (Eds.)

Exeter: James G. Commin, 230 High Street, illus. 100 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This excellent journal is ancestor of the well known Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries. It, as well as the latter publication, from January 1910, has been made available on microfilm through any LDS Family History Centre. An original (print) copy of the journal is held at the University of Toronto Library and was produced from a digital copy that can be downloade from
Microsoft (MSN) has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


The Conventual Houses of Exeter and the Neighbourhood
St. Mary's Church, Totnes
Heraldry on Bishop Lacy's Seal
Exeter Goldsmiths' Company
Devonshire Clock and Watchmakers
Apple Tree Charms
Kingsland, Southmolton
Wicha and Ailrichestona
Tiverton in 1659
The "Jackdaw of Rheims "
Dudderidge alias Dodderidge, of Devon, Somerset and Dorset . .
Pedigree of Dudderigge alias Dodderidge
A Short Sketch of the Family and Manor of Dodderidge, Co. Devon
Curious Copy of a Letter from Admiral Bartholomew James to his Cousin, L. Kingston, Esq., Falmouth
Yarde Family
Dartmoor Note
Huxley V. A Devonshire Man
Masonic Lodges in Devon
Subsidy Seal

Accounts of the Wardens of the Parish of Morebath


ABBOTS of Tavistock, x.
Alford, Rev. D. P., x.
Algiers, Fight at, iv.
Alquenezes, Marquesse, 17-18
Arber, Reprint of Three to One, ix.
BALLAD of Richard Peake, x.
Buckingham, Duke of, vii.
Bullen, A. H., Old English Plays, iii.
Burleigh, Lord, v.
Bustamente, Don Francisco, 8-13
CADIZ Expedition, 1625, v.
Cales (Cadiz), vi., 8
Carola, The Infanta Don, 18
Caulfield's Fac-simile, viii.
Caulneld's Portraits, Memoirs, &c., viii.
Cecil, Sir Edward, v.
Certaine Verses written by a Friend, &c., ix., 20
Charles I., vii.
Corsairs, Algedne, iii.
Colliers, vi.
Conde d Olivares, vii.
Confession, Peeke's, 12
Convertine, The, vi.
DALTON'S Life of Cecil, Lord Wimbledon, vi.
Davies, John, ix.
De Alquenezes, Marquis of, 13
Dedication to the King, 3
Devonshire Association, The, iii.
    Dick of, iii.
Dick of Devonshire, iii., ix.
    The Play of, 25
Don Carlos, vii.
Drake, iv.
Drammatis Personae, 27
Encomium, Tavistock's, ix.
Essex, Earl of, v.
Expedition against Spain, 1625, v.
    to Algiers, iv.
Fight at Algiers, iv.
Fowey, vii.
Foy (Fowey), 19
Friars, 12
Glanville's Journal, vi.
Genoa, 14
Giron, 13
    Duke, 14
Glanville, John, ii
Goodrew or Goodrow, II
Hill, M., 6
Hollanders. 6
IRELAND, S. W. H., viii.
Irelands, The, viii.
J.D., ix., 23
James I., iv.
Jewell. William, 7
Juan of Cales, Don, 9
KING, Dedication to, 3
LADY of Don John of Cales, 18
Lamerton, x.
Lisbone, 14
Long, The Tavistock Schoolmaster, x.
MACADA, Duke of, 13
Madrid, 18
Madrill, 18
Mansell, Sir Robert, iv.
Mead, Rev. Joseph, vii.
Medina, Duke of, viii., 13
    Sidonia, Duke of, 17
NAME of Peeke, Spelling of the, x.
OLD English Plays, iii.
Olivares, viii.
PANEGYRICK Poem, &c., A, ix.
Peake, Ballad of Richard, x.
Peeke, Abigail, x.
    Elizabeth, x.
    Richard, iii.-iv.
    the younger, x.
Pike of Glendarary, Mr. William, ix.
Pirates, iii.
Plymouth, vii., 13-14
    Return of Fleet to, vi.
Poem : A Panegyrick, &c., ix.
Portar, Capt., 6
Porter. Capt, Thomas, vi.
Port Real, 8
Puntal, 6
    Fort of, vi.
    Surrender of, vi.
Pyke, vii.
QUARTER Staffe, 16
Registers, Tavistock Parish, iv.
Rodd, Rennel, x.
ST. LEGER, Sir William, 7
Saturday Review, iii.
Sentliger, Sir William, 7
Sherrys, ii
Sit Still, vi.
Slaves, English, iv.
    Irish, iv.
Spain, Expedition against, 1625, v.
Spain, King of, vii.. 18
Spanish Fleet, vi.
    Pullets, 15
Spelling of Name of Peeke, x.
Suazzo, Bridge of, vi.
Surrender of Puntal, vi.
TAVISTOCK, iv., 12
    Abbots of, x.
Tavistock Pike, xi.
Tavistock's Encomium, ix.
    Registers, iv.
Teniente, The, ii
Three to One, i., iii., 5
    Description of Tract, viii.
Tiago, Signior, 15
Tract, Three to One, viii.
VERSES, &c., Certaine, 20
Wright, H. C. Seppings, x.
XEREZ, 11.