From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

MARLAND, (PETER'S) or Petermarland, 4 miles S. by W. of Great Torrington, is a village and parish, containing 351 souls, and 2200 acres of land, mostly belonging to the Rev. J. M. Stevens, M.A., archdeacon of Exeter, and partly to G. Oldham, Esq., the latter of whom owns the small manor of Twigbear. Winscott House has been long the seat of the Stevens family, and is now the residence of the Archdeacon's son. The Church (St. Peter,) is a small antique structure, and the benefice is a perpetual curacy, worth only about £60 a year. Archdeacon Stevens is patron and impropriator of the tithes, and the Rev. Peter Glubb, M.A., of Little Torrington, is the incumbent. The Church Land, left by John Haney, is a farm of 54A., let for £32. Upon it are four cottages, built by the parish, and occupied by paupers. The poor have £5 a year, left by Eliz. Clevland, in 1785.

Banbury James, parish clerk
Eyre John, vict. New Inn
Holman Lewis, carpenter and vict. Sheepwash Inn
Stevens John C. M. Esq. Winscott


Stacey John
Stacey Richd.
Hutchins Thos.


Eyre John
Mills Wm.
Stacey Lewis


Balkwill Jane
Balkwill John S.
Eyre Mary
Passmore Saml.
Passmore Wm.
Quick Cphr.
Shepherd Robt.
Taunton John
Taunton Pp.
Taunton Thos.
Taunton Wm.


Liverton Robt.
Palmer Richd.

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