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PETERS MARLAND BAPTISMS 1696-1813, 1851-1913

Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

SMITH Ann John     Mary Sep/23/1696    
HOLMAN John Louis     Margery Jan/28/1696    
SHORT Sarah Henry     Joan Nov/2/1697    
DABELLS ? John Lewis     Mary Feb/17/1697    
JUDD Katherine Jeffery     Elizabeth   May/18/1698  
BALKWILL Robert Robert     Labinia Jul/28/1698    
HOLMAN William Richard     Margaret Sep/11/1698    
SHORT Humphery Henry   labourer Joan Mar/18/1698    
TRACE Elizabeth Thomas   labourer Mary May/2/1699    
QUICK Samuel Samuel   labourer Susanna Jun/21/1699    
JUDD Grace Jeffery   yeoman Elizabeth Apr/11/1700 Mar/23/1699  
HOLMAN James Arthur   yeoman Alice Nov/10/1700 Oct/20/1700  
TRACE Frances Thomas   labourer Mary Feb/14/1700 Jan/17/1700  
BALKWILL Thomas Robert   yeoman Labinia Feb/19/1700 Jan/28/1700  
QUICK Phillip Phillip   taylor Elizabeth Oct/15/1701 Oct/29/1701  
RATTENBURY William Hugh   clothier Ann   Sep/23/1701  
HOLLMAN Rebeccah Arthur   Jr., yeoman Alice Mar/7/1702 Mar/6/1702  
SHORT Elizabeth Henry   labourer Joan Jun/7/1702 Jun/30/1702  
HANGTON Samuel Stephen   carpenter Ann Sep/8/1702 Aug/6/1702  
BUD Christian Richard   miller Catherine Jan/19/1702 Dec/25/1702  
QUICK Richard Samuel   labourer Susanna Jan/25/1702 Jan/24/1702  
BUD Mahaliah ? Nathaneel   husbandman Prudence Feb/6/1702 Jan/30/1702  
TRACE Thomas Thomas   labourer Mary Mar/23/1702 Mar/8/1702  
HOLLMAN James Arthur   yeoman Alice Nov/12/1703 Oct/22/1703  
TRACE/YOULTON Benoni Thomas TRACE supposed father     Emma YOULTON Nov/24/1703 Nov/12/1703  
RATTENBURY Hugh Hugh   clothier Ann Dec/13/1703 Nov/17/1703  
QUICK Rebeccah Samuel   labourer Susanna Feb/9/1703 Jan/22/1703  
MAY Mary John   husbandman Jane Feb/10/1703 Jan/24/1703  
TROT Ann William   labourer Grace Feb/18/1704 Feb/9/1703  
BUDD William Richard   miller Katherine Mar/21/1703 Feb/27/1703  
HANGTON James Stephen   carpenter Ann Apr/11/1704 Mar/25/1704  
BUDD George Nathniel   husbandman Prudence Jul/11/1704 Jun/20/1704  
TROT Ann William   labourer Grace Jan/10/1704 de/30/1704  
MAY John John   husbandman Jane Jan/28/1704 Jan/18/1704  
KINGFORD Matthew Thomas   yeoman Mary   Oct/19/1705  
BUDD Richard Richard   miller Catherine Jan/17 Dec/21/1705  
RATTENBURY Ann Hugh   clothier Ann Jan/17 Dec/22/1705  
HOLLMAN Elizabeth Arthur   yeoman Alice May/6/1706 Apr/21/1706  
PIPER Astrid Arthur     Sarah bapt May/7/1706 Sarah the wife of Arthur Piper was baptised of Astrid born May the 7, 1706
MAY Elizabeth Thomas     Ann Dec/2/1706    
PETERS Joseph William     Margaret Jan/14/1706-7[as written]    
SHORT Mary Henry     Joan Feb/20/1706-7    
TROTT William William     Grace Feb/25/1706-7    
MAY Nicholas John     Jane Mar/6/1706-7    
DEYMANT John (base)     Margaret Feb/22/1707    
PIPER Henry Arthur     Labinia Jan/27/1711    
BUDD William Samuel     Joan Jan/30/1711    
TROTT Grace William     Grace Feb/17/1712    
GORDON Ursula Daniel     Joan Apr/14/1714    
YOULTON Phillipa Leonard     Elizabeth Nov/14/1714    
ACKLAND John John     Ruth Dec/20/1714    
BUDD Mary Daniel     Mary Feb/22/1714    
BALKWILL William Benoni     Mary Mar/8/1714    
UTTON Margaret Christopher     Emm Jan/18/1715    
TROTT John William     Grace May/3/1715    
GORDON Alice Daniel     Joan Mar/31/1716    
BALKWILL John Benoni     Mary Jun/11/1716    
BALKWILL Charles Richard     Labinia Oct/31/1716    
RAWLEIGH Thomas William   gentleman Mary Dec/21/1716    
PERKIN John John     Joan Feb/13/1716    
BUDD Richard Samuel     Mary Mar/31/1716    
BUDD Frances Daniel     Mary Apr/20/1717    
ACKLAND Mary John     Ruth Oct/6/1717    
RATTENBURY John Hugh     Ann Mar/31/1717    
AYRE Ann Francis     Sarah May/1/1718    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth John     Thomazin May/8/1718    
TROTT Elizabeth William     Grace Aug/5/1718    
MERRIBELL John Thomas     Judith Oct/20/1718    
BUDD Daniel Samuel     Mary Nov/5/1718    
BUDD Elizabeth Daniel     Mary Feb/132/1718    
HOLLMAN John Lewis     Joan Feb/15/1718    
BALKWILL Martha Benoni     Mary Mar/5/1718    
GRIFFITH/SHORT Sarah Humphrey SHORT reputed father     Elizabeth GRIFFITH Mar/22/1718    
HEARN Elizabeth William     Joan Jul/29/1719    
UTTON John Christopher     Emm Aug/20/1719    
TRACE Sarah William DABY reputed father     Frances Oct/25/1719    
PERKIN Sarah John     Joan Mar/13/1719    
TROTT William William     Grace Nov/16/1720    
AYRE Sarah Francis     Sarah Dec/21/1720-1    
ACKLAND Jane John     Ruth Apr/14/1721    
WATTS Thomas Thomas     Jane May/23/1721    
BUDD George Samuel     (none given) Jul/23/1721    
BUDD Ann Daniel     Mary Jul/31/1721    
HOLLMAN Prudence Lewis     Joan Sep/20/1721    
BALKWILL Abraham (twin) Benoni     Mary Oct/12/1721    
BALKWILL Isaac (twin) Benoni     Mary Oct/12/1721    
BOWIS Mary William     Ann Nov/8/1721    
HUTCHINGS Thomas John     Thomazin Feb/8/1721    
HEARN William William     Joan Mar/5/1721    
YOULDON Elizabeth Leonard     Elizabeth Mar/?7/1721    
FORD Frances Samuel     Emm Jul/1/1722    
WON (son) Lewis     Elizabeth Oct/23/1723    
PERKIN (son) John     Joan Sep/9/1722    
AYRE John Francis     Sarah Feb/20/1722    
DEYMANT John William     Grace May/20/1723    
HOPKINS John JOhn     Joan Dec/18/1723    
HOLLMAN Elizabeth Lewis     Joan Jan/22/1723    
HUTCHINGS John John     Thomazin Mar/4/1723    
CORY ? Joanna Daniel     Eulalea May/5/1724    
ACKLAND William John     Ruth Jan/10/1724    
AYRE Francis Francis     Sarah Feb/25/1724    
HUTCHINGS Petronel John     Thomazin Mar/9/1725    
BOWIS William William     Ann Jun/2/1725    
YOULDON Labinia Benoni     Labinia Jun/23/1725    
HOLLMAN Margery John     Elizabeth Dec/6/1725    
MARTIN Elizabeth William     Rachael Mar/31/1726    
HOLLMAN Rebeccah Lewis     Joan Sep/25/1726    
TRACE/CLEMET Thomas Wm CLEMET reputed father     Francis TRACE Nov/27/1726    
PERKIN George & Joanna john     Joan Dec/23/1726    
AYRE William Francis     Sarah Apr/12/1727    
BALKWILL Samuel George     Ann Sep/14/1727    
YOULDON Ann Benoni     Labinia Oct/11/1727    
MARTIN Mary William     Rachael Dec/3/17127    
FORD Samuel Samuel     Emm Dec/14/1727    
DEYMANT Mary William     Grace Dec/17/1727    
BALKWILL Sarah Benoni     Mary Mar/28/1728    
BOWIS Christopher William     Ann May/?/1728    
PERKIN Joan John     Joan Jul/14/1728    
HOLLMAN Lewis Lewis     Joan Jul/23/1728    
MOCK James John     Thomazin Nov/12/1728    
HUTCHINGS Jane John     Thomazin Nov/14/1728    
AYRE Christopher Francis     Sarah Jan/11/1728    
MARTIN John William     Rachael Oct/8/1729    
YOULDON Dorothy Benoni     Labinia Nov/10/1729    
PETERS Margaret Joseph     Jane Feb/15/1729    
SHORT Humphery Humphrey     Mary Feb/19/1729    
BALKWILL Richard George     Ann Mar/22/1729    
WARD Richard Lewis     Elizabeth Jun/26/1730    
PIPER Jane William Willliam of Holswothy [or Hatherly?]   Jane Sep/7/1730    
PERKIN Eleanor John     Joan Nov/18/1730    
CROCKER Charity John     Mary Dec/18/1730   but Mary the elder dau. of John & Mary was bapt. the 17 day of May 1730
PIPER Jane John John of Great Torrington   Jane Mar/21/1730    
HUTCHINGS Sarah John     Thomazin Apr/15/1731    
MARTIN William William     Rachael Sep/28/1731    
PETERS Samuel Joseph     Jane Dec/15/1731    
MOCK Elizabeth John     Thomazin Dec/13/1731    
TRACE Elizabeth Richard PEDLAR, reputed father     Mary Feb/9/1731    
CROCKER John John     Mary May/7/1732    
SHORT William Humphrey     Mary May/21?/1732    
GREENWOOD Ann reputed father Christopher ?     Dorothy ? Aug/6/1732    
AYRE Elizabeth Francis     Sarah Sep/6/1732    
ADAMS Nathaniel Nathaniel     Elizabeth Nov/9/1732    
PERKIN George John     Joan Sep/26/1732    
DABY [DAVY] Elizabeth Hugh     Jane Jan/15/1732    
ABEN AKEN Ann Roger     Loveday Apr/18/1733    
SHORT William Humphrey     Mary Jun/5/1733    
PIPER Elizabeth William     Joan Aug/27/1733    
HUTCHINGS Joseph John     Thomazin Sep/4/1733    
YOUNG Francis Phillip     Dec Nov/20/1733    
PETERS William Joseph     Joan Dec/5/1733    
RAWLEIGH Joanna John   gentleman Mary Feb/11/1733    
LYLE Elizabeth John     Alice Feb/14/1733    
MARTIN Dec William   labourer Rachael Mar/6/1733    
MARTIN Mary William   taylor Mary Mar 5/1733    
MARTIN Jane William   taylor Mary Aug/13/1734    
MITCHELL Joseph David     Ann Oct/24/1734    
DAVIE Alice Hugh     JAne Feb/18/1734    
ADAMS James Nathaniel     Elizabeth Apr/8/1735    
TRACE Joanna (base)     Mary Jul/25/1735    
HODGES Anne John   esquire Hester Oct/2/1735    
HUTCHINGS Ann John     Thomazin Dec/10/1735    
BURNAFORD Grace Samuel     Rebecca Jan/7/1735    
MARTYN Sarah William     Rachael Jan/11/1735    
SHORT Henry Humphrey     Mary Mar/7/1735    
MITCHELL John David     Ann Mar/28/1736    
PETERS Elizabeth Joseph     Jane Apr/4/1736    
PIPER Joanna William     Joan (a?) Apr/14/1736    
WILLIAMS William Charles     Mary May/26/1736    
CROCKER Margaret John     Margaret Oct/26/1736    
PERNECOTT Joseph John     Mary Nov/10/1736    
PHILLIPS Robert Richard     Elizabeth Dec/26/1736    
MILLS Jane Richard     Thomazin Jan/5/1736    
DAVIS (illegible daughter) Hugh     Jane Jan/19/1736    
HANGTON Elizabeth John     Hannah Mar/29/1736    
MARH**** John William     Mary 1737   [entry a mess!]
MITCHELL Dec David     Ann Jan/22/1737-38    
CLEMENT Samuel William     Frances Feb/5/1737-38    
ALLEN Ann John     Ann Feb/10/1737-38    
ADAMS William Nathaniel     Elizabeth Feb/21/1737-38    
PARNACOTT Joanna John     Mary Apr/4/1738    
DIAMOND Mary John     Alice Apr/9/1738    
BONIFANT Jane Samuel     Rebecca May/3/1738    
HUTCHINGS Samuel John     Thomazin Jun/7/1738    
BAWDEN John John     Eulalea Jul/6/1738    
TRACE Ann Bows (base)     Mary Oct/15/1738    
PETERS Samuel Joseph     Jane Oct/29/1738    
DAVIS Hugh Hugh     Jane Dec/6/1738    
PIPER William William     Joan Dec/25/1738    
LYLE Margaret John     Alice Jan/29/1738    
SPEAR Joan William     Joan Sep/24/1739    
MARTIN Ann William     Rachael Aug/5/1739    
RATTENBURY Ann Hugh     Honora ? Oct/7/1739    
PARNACOTT Elizabeth John     Mary Oct/17/1739    
SHORT John Humphery     Mary Nov/18/1739    
YOUNG Elizabeth Phillip     Mary Nov/25/1739    
BALKWILL Richard (base)     Elizabeth Jan/27/1739    
TAWTON John Bartholomew     Mary Jun/1/1740    
DIAMOND Alice John     Alice Jun/1/1740    
CLEMENT Elizabeth William     Frances Jul/14/1740    
NICHOLS Joseph Henry     Mary Aug/17/1740    
BONIFANT Rebeccah Samuel     Rebecca Sep/24/1740    
BOWS [BEWS] John (base)     Mary Nov/10/1740    
ALLEN Grace John     Ann Dec/28/1740    
PERNACOTT Margaret John     Mary Mar/31/1741    
HUTCHINS Henry John     Thomazin Apr/2/1741    
MITCHELL Joseph David     Ann May/13/1741    
COPP William William     Joan May/24/1741    
WELSH Joseph Joseph     Elizabeth Sep/20/1741    
BOWS [BEWS] Ann (base)     Ann Mar/28/1742    
DAVY Jane Hugh     Jane Jun/7/1742    
PIPER Thomas William     Joan Aug/25/1742    
YOLDEN Priscilla (base)     Lavinia Nov/10/1742    
TAWTON Mary Bartholomew     Mary 1742/43    
YOUNG Mary Phillip     Mary Mar/9/1743    
RATTENBURY William John     Martha May/15/1743    
HOLLMAN Grace John     Margaret Jun/19/1743    
BONIFANT Samuel Samuel     Rebecca Aug/14/1743    
SHORT Elizabeth Humphrey     Mary Nov/27/1743    
BROWN (BROOM) John Joseph     Elizabeth Dec/4/1743    
WILLIAMS Henry Thomas     Sarah Jan/15/1743    
DANIEL William (base)     Susanna frb/12/1743    
PARNACOTT John John     Mary Feb/21/1743    
RATTENBURY Ann Hugh     Honora ? Jun/19/1744    
CROCKER Jane John     Mary Jul/1/1744    
BOWDEN Robert John     Eulalea Aug/19/1744    
BALKWILL Francis (base)     Elizabeth Sep/16/1744    
YOUNG Mary Phillip     Dec Sep/23/1744    
DAVY Hester Hugh     Jane Dec/10/1744    
COPP Mary William     Joan Jan/24/1744    
BACKFORT Ann James     Dorothy ` Feb/13/1744    
MITCHEL John and William Samuel     Sarah Mar/13/1744   twins
TAWTON John Bartholomew     Mary Mar/11/1744    
RATTENBURY Mary John     Martha Apr/17/1745    
ALLEN Mary John     Ann Apr/25/1745    
BROOM Elizabeth Joseph     Elizabeth Oct/13/1745    
STEVENS Henry Richard   esquire Elizabeth Jan/27/1745   private bapt nov2
BEWS Dec (base)     Mary Feb/16 or 18/ 1745    
NICHOLS Henry Henry     Mary Apr/30/1746    
PARNACOTT Mary John     Mary Jul/7/1746    
JOSELIN Mary Roger     Elizabeth Sep/7/1746    
HOLLMAN Joan John     Margaret Sep/28/1746    
LYLE Robert John     Alice Oct/19/1746    
SHORT Thomas Humphrey     Mary Nov/2/1746    
WILLIAMS Dec Thomas     Sarah Nov/23/1746    
VODDEN William John     Eulalia Feb/23/1746-47    
BLACKPIL ? Mary James     Dorothy Mar/4/1746-7   in private
COCK John William     Joan Jun/4/1747    
SAUNDERS Mary Charles     Ann Jul/26/1747    
YOUNG Margaret Phillip     Mary Jan/30/1747    
DAVY Rebeccah Hugh     Jane Mar/16/1747    
ADAMS Mary Nathaniel     Elizabeth 1748    
ALLEN Sarah John     Ann Jul/18/1747    
HUTCHINGS Thomasine John     Martha Nov/1/1748    
HOLMAN Daniel Arthur     Jane Nov/9/1748    
FRY Elizabeth John     Sarah Nov/16/1748    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth James     Elizabeth Nov/30/1748    
WILLIAMS Sarah Thomas     Sarah Mar/23/1748    
VODEN William John     Ulalia Apr/9/1749    
JOSLIN Robert Robert     Elizabeth Jun/11/1749    
BOWEN [BOWES] Samuel (base)     Mary Jun/11/1749    
NICHOLS Henry ? Henry     Mary Jul/9/1749    
BROOM Joseph Joseph     Elizabeth Jul/30/1749    
TAWTON William Bartholomew     Mary fall1749    
BALKWILL Mary Isaac     (Louisa?) Aug/20/1749    
FORD Emlyn Samuel     Grace Aug/15/1750    
GORDON Daniel Samuel     Mary Oct/14/1750    
SAUNDERS Charles Charles     Ann Oct/24/1750    
ACKLAND Robert John     Joan Jan/13/1750    
HUTCHINGS James James     Elizabeth Jan/30/1750    
HOLMAN Elizabeth John     Margaret May/5/1751    
HOLLAND [FOLLAND?] Dec Michael     Mary Apr/7/1752    
ISAAC ? John Thomas     Mary Jun/14/1752    
GORDON Mary Samuel   gentleman Mary Jul/5/1752    
WILLIAMS Thomas Thomas     Sarah Sep/24/1752   N:S:
HUTCHINGS Daniel John     Martha Dec/21/1752    
BOWSE Elizabeth William, Jr     Elizabeth Feb/15/1753    
WALTER Mary George of Petrockstow   Wilmot May/27/1753    
FORD Emlyn James     Grace Jul/22/1753    
HOLMAN Lewis John     Margaret Dec/11/1753    
WELSH Elizabeth (base)     Mary Feb/17/1753    
ISAAC ? Thomas Thomas     Mary Mar/10/1754    
BOWSE George William     Elizabeth May/12/1754    
AYRE John John     Katherine Jun/20/1754    
GORDON Elizabeth Samuel, Jr.     Mary Sep/29/1754    
VODEN Alice John     Eulalia Dec/23/1754    
HUTCHINS John John     Mary Feb/13/1755    
SAUNDERS William Charles     Ann Mar/6/1755    
HUTCHINGS Jane James     Elizabeth May/29/1755    
FORD William James     Grace Jun/29/1755    
HEAL John Richard     Jane Jul/20/1755    
WALTER George George     Wilmot Sep/7/1755    
MITCHEL Elizabeth Samuel     Sarah no/29/1755    
BOWES William William     Elizabeth Dec/7/1755    
BOWSE Rebeccah (base)     Mary Dec/1755    
HOLMAN Rebeccah John     MArgaret Feb/15/1756    
FRYE Mary John     Sarah Mar/10/1756    
AYRE Francis John     Katherine Oct/20/1756    
TAYLOR John John GORFORD reputed father     Elizabeth Aug/29/1756    
AYRE Elizabeth Francis     Grace Nov/30/1756    
ISAAC Mary Thomas     Mary Feb/13/1757    
HUTCHINGS Sarah John     Martha Feb/22/1757    
AYRE William William     Anne Mar/2/1757    
PICKHAM John Thomas of Langtree   Grace May/22/1757    
FORD Francis Samuel     Grace Sep/4/1757    
GOWMAN Philip Philip of Petrockstow   Frances Dec/11/1757    
AYRE Grace Francis     Grace Feb/15/1758    
JUDD Elizabeth John     Catherine Apr/30/1758    
BEWSE John William     Elizabeth Jun/4/1758    
HUTCHINGS Samuel John     Elizabeth Jul/6/1758    
GORDON Jane Samuel     Mary Aug/13/1758    
AYRE Christopher William     Anne Oct/19/1758    
PINKHAM Samuel Thomas of Langtree   Grace Jan/4/1759    
HUTCHINS Martha John     Martha Mar/9/1759    
AYRE Philip John     Catherine Apr/20/1759    
HOLMAN Jane John     Margaret Jul/22/1759    
FORD Edward Samuel     Grace Sep/26/1759    
GOWMAN John Philip     Frances Mar/7/1760    
BALKWILL Elizabeth John     Dorothy May/4/1760    
AYRE Francis William     Anne May/11/1760    
BALKWILL Richard Richard     Sarah May/15/1760    
BEWSE Hugh William     Elizabeth Aug/3/1760    
BALE John Philip     Jane Sep/14/1760    
HEALE Mary Richard     Jane Jan/1/1761    
PASMORE Mary John     Mary Feb/18/1761    
AYRE Catherine John     Catherine Nov/26/1761    
HUTCHINGS Petronel John     Martha Jan/1/1762    
WEBBER Mary (base)     Joan Jan/10/1762    
GORDON William Samuel     Mary Mar/14/1762    
GOWMAN Samuel Philip     Frances Mar/21/1762    
BALKWILL John John     Dorothy Apr/7/1762    
PASMORE Elizabeth John     Mary Jun/9/1762    
BALE Ursula Philip     Jane Jul/27/1762    
BALKWILL Elizabeth Richard     Sarah Aug/8/1762    
BEWSE Ann William     Elizabeth Nov/24/1762    
HEAL Elizabeth Richard     Jane Jul/10/1763    
HUTCHINGS Thomas Samuel     Margaret Jul/17/1763    
DAVY Richard RIchard     Mary Oct/12/1763    
GOWMAN Anne Philip     Frances Oct/30/1763    
JUDD Grace John     Catherine Jan/29/1764    
AYRE Sarah William     Ann Feb/18/1764    
BALE Mary Philip     Jane Mar/4/1764    
PASMORE Margery John     Mary Mar/29/1764    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth John     Martha Jul/8/1764    
HUTCHINGS William Samuel     Margaret Nov/30/1764    
AYRE Mary John     Catherine Jan/30/1765    
REED Anne Hugh     Anne Apr/5/1765    
BEWSE Samuel William     Elizabeth Jul/28/1765    
FOLLAND Judith Michael     Grace Jul/28/1765    
HEAL Ann Richard     Jane Aug/11/1765    
BALKWILL Mary John     Grace Nov/17/1765    
BALE Elizabeth Philip     Jane Dec/24/1765    
PASMORE John John     Mary May/22/1766    
JUDD Richard John     Catherine Jul/6/1766    
HUTCHINGS James John     Martha Aug/10/1766    
BALKWILL Sarah Richard     Sarah Nov/19/1766    
GOWMAN Anne Philip     Frances Nov/23/1766    
COTTON John (base)     Margaret Dec/7/1766    
HUTCHINGS mary Samuel     Margaret Mar/3/1767    
AYRE William John     Catherine Aug/13/1767    
HEAL Elizabeth Richard     Jane Oct/11/1767    
AYRE William Christopher     Mary Feb/25/1768    
REED William Hugh     Anne Mar/6/1768    
BALKWILL Anne John     Grace Mar/9/1768    
FOLLAND Michael Michael     Grace Mar/20/1768    
PASMORE William John     Mary Mar/29/1768    
BALE Jane Philip     Jane May/22/1768    
BURROW Thomas Rawleigh (base)     Jane Jul/3/1768    
WILLIAMS Charles (base)     Sarah Jul/10/1768    
HUTCHINGS William Samuel     Margaret Oct/16/1768    
SNOW Mary William     Rachael Jan/22/1769    
MITCHEL Mary William     Anne Feb/7/1769    
GOWMAN William Philip     Frances Mar/12/1769    
HUTCHINGS Henry John     Martha Jul/23/1769    
HUTCHINGS Samuel (base)     Thomazin Aug/23/1769    
LYLE Mary (base)     Margaret Feb/15/1769    
PASMORE Susanna John     Mary Oct/25/1769    
BOWSE Jane (base)     Ann Dec/10/1769    
BALKWILL Catherine Richard     Sarah Jun/4/1770    
STACEY Mary John     Jane Feb/5/1770    
WARD Mary John     Mary Sep/23/1770    
FOLLAND Grace Michael     Grace Dec/2/17710    
PASMORE Thomas John     Mary Dec/12/1770    
HUTCHINGS Anne SAmuel     Margaret Mar/7/1771    
SHORT William William     Joanna Apr/14/1771    
SAUNDERS Edmond (base)     Mary Apr/20/1771    
LEWIS John John     Dorothy Apr/26/1771    
HEAL Richard Richard     Jane May/22/1771    
BALKWILL Grace John     Grace Jun/30/1771    
REED Hugh Hugh     Anne Nov/3/1771    
FRY Roger Roger     Joanna Nov/7/1771    
GOWMAN Richard Philip     Frances May/7/1772    
BALE Sarah Philip     Jane sep20/1772    
STACEY John John     Jane Sep/27/1772    
MITCHEL John William     Anne Oct/11/1772    
PASMORE Samuel John     Mary Nov/15/1772    
HUTCHINGS Thomazin Samuel     Margaret Jan/21/1773    
YOUNG Susanna (base)     Elizabeth Feb/28/1773    
SHORT Elizabeth William     Joanna Mar/14.1773    
SNOW William William     Rachael Aug/?/1773    
COPP John John     Elizabeth Dec/12/1773    
VODDEN John Robert     Margaret Jan/31/1774    
MOUNCEY Rebeccah John     Elizabeth May/10/1774    
LUXTON John Hugh     Thomazin Jun/2/1774    
FRY Philip Roger     Joanna Jul/24/1774    
BALKWILL John John     Grace Aug/8/1774    
HUTCHINGS Petronel Samuel     Margaret Nov/3/1774    
BALE Philip Philip     Jane Jan/8/1775    
MITCHEL Elizabeth William     Anne Jan/11/1775    
SHORT Thomas William     Joanna Mar/5/1775    
REED Mary Hugh     Anne Jul/23/1775    
PASMORE Richard Jo     Mary Sep/3/1775    
VODDEN James John     Dec Sep/3/1775    
PRUST Daniel Joseph     Mary Sep/29/1775    
JEFFERY Mary (base)     Mary Nov/26/1775    
STACEY Henry John     Jane Feb/18/1776   twin to William
STACEY William John     Jane Feb/18/1777   twin to Henry
LUXTON William Hugh     Thomazin May/5/1776    
COPP Dec John     Elizabeth May/12/1776    
JUDD Mary Hutching (base)     Catherine Jun/30/1776    
RISDON Rahel [as written-no""C""] William Petrockstowe   Mary Jun/30/1776    
ELLIOT Mary John     Elizabeth Oct/2/1776    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Samuel     Margaret Jan/22/1777    
SHORT John William     Joanna Jan/26/ 1777    
MOUNCEY John John     Elizabeth Feb/19/1777    
PANACOTT Edward Joseph     Elizabeth Apr/20/1777    
VODDEN Mary Stephen     Mary May/4/1777    
BALKWILL Ibbett (f) John     Grace Jun/1/1777    
TROTT Grace Samuel     Elizabeth Dec/18/1777    
ELLIOT John John     Elizabeth Jan/1/31778    
ELLIOT William James     Elizabeth Mar/8/1778    
MITCHEL Edward William     Anne Mar/14/1778    
ANDREW George John     Mary Apr/21/1778    
COPP Jonas John     Elizabeth Jun/4/1778    
HUTCHINGS Sarah Samuel     Margaret Jun/18/1778    
REED Catherine Hugh     Anne Jul/26/1778    
LUXTON Anne Hugh     Thomazin Oct/15/1778    
VODDEN Robert Robert     Margaret Mar/7/1779    
ALLEN Sarah Leonard     Mary Mar/21/1779    
HOLMAN Jane Lewis     Elizabeth Apr/18/1779    
STACEY Thomas John     Jane May/5/1779   twin
STACEY James John     Jane May/5/1779   twin
PRUST Thomas Joseph   clerk Mary May/6/1779    
TROTT William Thomas     Mary Jun/13/1779    
RATTENBURY William John     Sarah Jun/17/1779    
BEWES Elizabeth (base)     Rebecca Jul/18/1779    
WHITLOCKE John Thomas Langtree   Rebecca Aug/1/1779    
BEWSE Charles (base)     Anne Aug/8/1779    
BALKWILL Catherine John     Grace Sep/5/1779    
VODDEN Stephen Stephen     Mary Sep/12/1779    
SHORT Mary William     Joanna Nov/14/1779    
ELLIOT Sarah John     Elizabeth Jan/30/1779    
SQUIRE William Bennet (base)     Mary Jan/30/1780    
ANDREW Phillippa John     Mary Mar/24/1780    
HAWKING Mary Robert     Elizabeth Apr/29/1780    
FRY Joanna Roger     Joanna Aug/9/1780    
COPP William John     Elizabeth Aug/20/1780    
WALDON Samuel Samuel     Margaret Sep/3/1780    
HOLLMAN John Lewis     Elizabeth Nov/12/1780    
TROTT John Samuel     Elizabeth Nov/12/1780    
TROTT Thomas Thomas     Mary Jan/21/1781    
HAWKING John Robert     Elizabeth May/28/1781    
RATTENBURY Sarah John     Sarah May/31/17781    
REED John Hugh     Anne Jun/17/1781    
BALKWILL John John of Buckland Filleigh   Catherine Jun/20/1781    
HUTCHINGS Thomazin Samuel     Margaret Sep/19/1781    
PRUST Gertrude Joseph   clerk Mary Oct/10/1781    
PARNACOTT Mary Joseph     Elizabeth Nov/25/1781    
MITCHEL Samuel William     Anne Nov/28/1781    
MITCHEL David David     Anne Dec/2/1781    
HOLLMAN Elizabeth Lewis     Elizabeth Apr/7/1782    
COPP Elizabeth John     Elizabeth Jun/16/1782    
BALKWILL Elizabeth John     Grace Aug/11/1782    
TROTT Eulalia Thomas     Mary Mar/30/1783    
HAWKING MaryAnn Robert     Elizabeth Apr/18/1783    
ANDREW John John     Mary Jun/15/1783    
HOLLMAN Mary Lewis     Elizabeth Jun/19/1783    
TROTT Samuel SAmuel     Elizabeth Jul/27/1783    
RATTENBURY John John     Sarah Apr/4/1784    
FORD Grace William     Elizabeth May/30/1784    
HARVEY mary Edward     Mary Jun/9/1784    
COPP Edmund John     Elizabeth Jul/11/1784    
WALTERS Mary Andrews (base)     Elizabeth Sep/26/1784    
BEWSE George William     Mary Nov/7/1784    
ISAAC Samuel John     Elizabeth Feb/6/1785    
TROTT Henry Thomas     Mary Feb/20/1785    
HOLLMAN John Lewis     Elizabeth Apr/8/1785    
WALLS Grace Thomas     Dorothy Jun/5/1785    
PARNACOTT Elizabeth Joseph     Elizabeth Jul/24/1785    
HAWKING Richard Robert     Elizabeth Sep/7/1785    
LUXTON John William     Rebecca Nov/13/1785    
FORD Sally William     Elizabeth Jul/23/1786    
SPRY William John     Elizabeth Jul/25/1786    
BALE Edmund (base)     Elizabeth Dec/24/1786    
HOLLMAN Rebeccah Lewis     Elizabeth Dec/26/1786    
BEWSE Thomas William     Mary Jan/8/1787    
HALLS Mary Thomas     Dorothy Jan/8/1787    
COPP Joseph John     Elizabeth Mar/20/1787    
ANDREW Mary John     Mary Apr/?/1787    
REED Elizabeth Hugh     Ann Apr/23/1787    
TROTT James Samuel     Elizabeth Jul/1/1787    
SWEET Elizabeth John     Sarah Jul/25/1787    
SHORT James William     Thomasine Jul/2?/1787    
AYRE Ann Francis     Martha Jan/27/1788    
TROTT John Thomas     Mary Feb/17/1788    
BEWSE Jane Heakin William     Mary Mar/24/1788    
FORD Samuel William     Elizabeth Apr/10/1788    
HEKE ? HELE Henry Henry     Mary Apr/24/1788    
SPRY Daniel John     Elizabeth Jun/4/1788    
HOLMAN Elizabeth Lewis     Elizabeth Aug/?/1788    
HAWKING John Robert     Elizabeth Aug/25/1788    
LUXTON George William     Rebecca Sep/26/1788    
HARVEY Elizabeth Francis     Ann Sep/29/1788    
RATTENBURY Martha John     Sarah Feb/1/21789    
VODDEN John Stephen     Mary Mar/3/1789    
BEWS Samuel George     Judith Mar/29/1789    
HUTCHINGS William John     Ann Jul/30/1789    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth John     Ann Jul/30/1789    
MITCHELL William William     Mary Nov/29/1789    
HUTCHINGS Sarah Henry     Mary Dec/6/1789    
BARKWILL John Tytherly ? John     Dorothy Jan/3/1790    
TROTT Richard Thomas     Mary Feb/28/1790    
BEWS Agnes William     Mary Apr/2/1790    
HELE John Henry     Mary Apr/2/1790    
BALE Jane (base)     Mary Apr/18/1790    
GILL William John     Sarah May/3/1790    
BEWS George George     Judith Oct/17/1790    
AYRE Francis Francis     Martha Oct/26/1790    
HUTCHINGS James John     Ann Nov/21/1790    
TAUNTON John John     Elizabeth Nov/28/1790    
HARVEY Betty ? Francis     Ann Dec/26/1790    
FORD Betty William     Elizabeth Apr/22/1791    
TROTT William Samuel     Elizabeth May/1/1791    
HAWKING Dorothy Robert     Elizabeth May/29/1791    
RATTENBURY James John     Sarah Aug/11/1791    
REED MaryAnn (base)     Ann Aug/26/1791    
BARKWILL Richard John     Dorothy Sep/26/1791    
HUTCHINGS Henry Henry     Mary Nov/20/1791    
MITCHELL Ann William     Mary Jan/1/1792    
HUTCHINGS James James     Margery Apr/8/1792    
HOLLMAN Rebeccah James [or Thomas]     Elizabeth Apr/10/1792    
LISLE Betty (base)     Mary Jun/3/1792   [best guess-entire entry very faint]
SPRY James John     Elizabeth Jun/21/1792    
LOCK William Richard     Sarah Jul/5/1792    
TROTT Ann Thomas     Mary Jul/8/1792    
GILL John JOhn     Sarah Oct/22/1792    
SHORT Mary William     Thomasine Feb/17/1793    
AYRE William Francis     Martha Feb/20/1793    
BEWS Matthew George     Judith Feb/24/1793    
FORD John William     Elizabeth Feb/24/1793    
TAUNTON William John     Elizabeth Mar/2/1793    
PALMER William William     Ann Apr/2/1793    
HALL Nancy John     Mary Mar/12/1793    
BARKWILL Elizabeth John     Dorothy Jun/9/1793    
RATTENBURY Isaac John     Sarah Nov/13/1793    
HAWKING Sarah Robert     Elizabeth Nov/24/1793    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth James     Margery Feb/11/1794    
BENNET James Ananias     Mary Feb/1/31794    
PALMER Mary William     Ann Oct/5/1794    
HOLMAN Lewis Lewis     Elizabeth Oct/8/1794    
PARNACOTT Rahel Risdon Samuel     Susannah Nov/18/1794   [Christ. name crossed out, rewritten as Rahel]
BEWS Dorothy William     Mary Nov/15/1794    
HUTCHINGS Ann John     Ann Dec/28/1794    
SPRY John John     Elizabeth Feb/3/1795    
SHORT William William     Thomasine Feb/8/1795    
BANBERRY Grace Michael     Margaret May/11/1795    
BARKWILL William John     Dorothy Jun/23/1795    
MITCHELL Joseph William     Mary Jul/12/1795    
HALL Joseph John     Mary Jul/26/1795    
RATTENBURY Mary John     Sarah Oct/8/1795    
AYRE Rebeccah William     Philippa Nov/1/1795    
TAUNTON Richard John     Elizabeth Jan/7/1796    
TROTT Betty Thomas     Mary Feb/9/1796    
HOLMAN Grace Lewis     Elizabeth Mar/13/1796    
AYRE John Francis     Martha May/5/1796    
HUTCHINGS Thomas James     Margery May/6/1796    
BENNETT Betty Ananias     Mary May/10/1796    
HAWKING Maria Robert     Elizabeth Jul/24/1796    
BEWS Grace George     Judith Jul/31/1796    
REED AnnaMaria William     Mary Sep/5/1796    
TARMAN Samuel John     Mary Feb/9/1797    
PALMER Elizabeth William     Ann Mar/5/1797    
TAUNTON Thomas John     Elizabeth Mar/22/1797    
BARKWILL James John     Dorothy May/7/1797    
BEWS Rebeccah William     Mary Jul/9/1797    
LUXTON William William     Rebecca May/25/1797    
HOXEY ? Jenny (base)     Mary Dec/3/1797    
BONBERRY Thomas Michael     Margaret Jan/29/1798    
MALLETT Mary John     Mary Mar/25/1798    
REED Wilmot Hugh     Sarah Jun/17/1798    
TROTT Grace Thomas     Mary Jun/24/1798    
TAUNTON Elizabeth JOhn     Elizabeth Jul/9/1798    
HUTCHINGS Martha John     Ann auig/5/1798    
AYRE John William     Philippa Oct/15/1798    
TARMAN Thomazin John     Mary Oct/15/1798    
BEWS Michael George     Judith Nov/11/1798    
SHORT Richard William     Thomasine Dec/9/1798    
ALLEN Mary (base)     Sarah Dec/9/1798    
MILLS William Copp George     Margery Dec/10/1798    
WHITE Jenny (base)     Elizabeth Jan/27/1799    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Thomas     Margery Feb/22/1799    
BALE William (base)     Elizabeth Mar/21/1799    
PIPER James Richard     Elizabeth Apr/8/1799    
BROWN Walter Walter Brown     Elisabeth Langdon Apr/30/1799    
BARKWILL Isaac John     Dorothy Jun/9/1799    
HOLMAN Sarah Lewis     Elizabeth Aug/4/1799    
PALMER George William     Ann Nov/17/1799    
MALLETT William John     Mary Dec/1/1799    
TAUNTON Philip John     Elizabeth Apr/19/1800    
PIPER Ann Richard     Elizabeth Jul/13/1800    
AYRE Sally Francis     Martha Jul/20/1800    
ADAMS Joseph George     Susanna Oct/19/1800    
REED Sally William     Mary Feb/8/1801    
BONBERRY Henry Michael     Margaret Feb/22/1801    
COPP Elizabeth Joseph     Ann Mar/1/1801    
BEWS William George     Judith Mar/29/1801    
BALE John (base)     Elizabeth Apr/19/1801    
TROTT Maria Thomas     Mary Jun/28/1801    
MITCHELL Henry William     Mary Jun/28/1801    
TARMAN William John     Mary Jul/26/1801    
BARKWILL Thomas John     Dorothy Sep/8/1801    
HUTCHINGS William James     Margery Oct/28/1801    
PEARCE William Richard     Mary Nov/8/1801    
TANTON Ann John     Elizabeth Nov/29/1801    
TANTON Hannah John     Elizabeth Nov/29/1801    
KANE [WARE ?] Jane John     Johannah Jan/18/1802    
MITCHEL William John     Mary Jan/21/1802    
PASSMORE John John     Gertrude Feb/28/1802    
HUTCHINGS Grace John     Ann Mar/20/1802    
LANGDON Thomas Walter     ELizabeth Jun/21/1802    
WHITE Thomas (base)     Jane Aug/1/1802    
MALLETT William John     Mary Aug/5/1802    
COPP Grace Joseph     Ann Oct/20/1802    
REED Betty William     Mary Dec/19/1802    
PASSMORE John JOhn     Mary Dec/22/1802    
COPP Mary John     Frances Dec/29/1802    
BOWEN BOWES Grace William     Mary Feb/6/1803    
PIPER Betty Richard     Elizabeth Mar/20/1803    
SHORT Joshua Thomas     Frances May/8/1803    
JARMAN Ann John     Mary Apr/8/1803    
RICHARDS Grace James     Ebbett ? Apr/8/1803    
BOWES Sarah George     Jude Aug/1/1803    
COPP John John     Frances Sep/18/1803    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Samuel     ELizabeth Sep/26/1803    
AYRE William William     Phillippa Oct/30/1803    
HUTCHINGS Martha James     Margery Dec/26/1803    
HUTCHINGS John William     Jane Dec/26/1803    
BAMBURY Joseph Michael     Margaret Feb/12/1804    
LANGDON James Walter     Elizabeth Jan/11/1804    
BOWDEN John Robert     Grace Jan/29/1804    
WARE Ananias John     Johannah may2/1804    
PALMER John William     Ann Jun/24/1804    
ALLEN Richard George     Susanna Jul/22/1804    
BARKWILL Philip JOhn     Dorothy Aug/21804    
REED John William     Mary Nov/11/1804    
MITCHELL Ann Jane     Mary Aug/26/1804    
LIVERTON William Robert     Ann Nov/21/1804    
SHORT James Thomas     Frances Nov/25/1804    
PASSMORE Mary John     Mary May/6/1805    
COPP Betsy William     Thomazin Aug/13/1805    
LANGDON Betsy Walter     Frances Aug/25/1805    
MITCHELL Grace Edward     Ann OCT/20/1805    
COPP William John     Frances Dec/11/1805    
PIPER Mary Richard     Elizabeth Dec/15/1805    
STACEY ? Jane James     Mary Jan/12/1806    
ANDREWS George (base)     Phillippa Feb/2/1806    
RICHARDS Betty James     Ebbett Feb/2/1806    
JARMAN Susanna john     Mary Apr/4/1806    
HUTCHINGS Joseph James     Margery Apr/20/1806    
BOWS Maria George     Judith Apr/27/1806    
WRIGHT Hugh (base)     Elizabeth Jul/13/1806    
PASSMORE Elizabeth William     Mary Jul/23/1806    
PASSMORE William John     Mary Sep/15/1806    
MITCHELL John John     Dec Oct/2/1806    
HUTCHINGS Peternell Samuel     Elizabeth Jan/5/1807    
LONGMAN Ann Edward     Martha feb19/1807    
BANBURY Elizabeth Michael     Margaret Feb/22/1807    
REED Mary William     Mary Apr/19/1807    
PASSMORE Gertrude Samuel     Gertrude Apr/21/1807    
COPP Mary William     Thomazin Apr/21/1807    
LIVERTON Ann Robert     Ann May/10/1807    
LANGDON Mary Walter     Elizabeth jun22/1807    
STACEY John JAmes     Mary Jun/22/1807    
HUTCHINGS Thomazin Daniel     Susanna Jun/28/1807    
AYRE William John     Elizabeth Aug/16/1807    
RISDON William John     Mary Aug/30/1807    
YOUNG Samuel (base)     Susanna Sep/6/1807    
ARNOLD Ann (base)     Dec Sep/20/1807    
TAUNTON Mary John     Elizabeth Oct/15/1807    
BENNETT Samuel John     Mary Dec/13/1807    
MITCHAEL Samuel Edward     Ann Feb/21/1808    
PASSMORE John Richard     Mary Mar/1/1808    
PASSMORE William William     Mary Mar/5/1808    
PASSMORE Samuel JOhn     Mary Aug/19/1808    
COPP Mary Samuel     Elizabeth Dec/9/1808    
JARMAN John John     Dec Dec/198/1808    
BENNETT Elizabeth John     Dec Dec/20/1808    
HUTCHINGS William Samuel     Elizabeth Dec/28/1808    
CHAPPLE John Edward     Sarah Jan/8/1809    
PASSMORE Sally Samuel     Gertrude Feb/3/1809    
BOWES Mary George     Jude Feb/26/1809    
STACEY Sally James     Mary Feb/28/1809    
LANGDON Margaret Walter     Elizabeth Mar/12/1809    
LONGMAN Elizabeth Edward     Martha Mar/12/1809    
REED Catherine William     Mary Mar/27/1809    
COPP William William     Thomazin May/21/1809    
MILLMAN William William     Mary Jun/14/1809    
LIVERTON Elizabeth Robert     Ann Jun/25/1809    
STEVENS Alice John     Susanna Jun/25/1809    
BANBURY William Michael     Margaret Sep/24/1809    
BOWES William Goerge     Catherine Nov/5/1809    
PASSMORE Grace William     Mary Jan/14/1810    
HOLMAN John John     Elizabeth Mar/4/1810    
RISDON John John     Mary Apr/1/1810    
BENNET John John     Mary Apr/15/1810    
YEO Elizabeth (base)     Charity May/27/1810    
MITCHELL Ann Edward     Ann Jun/3/1810    
GORMAN James Richard     Rebecca Jun/10/1810    
LONGMAN Edward Edward     Martha Jun/19/1810    
SHORT William (base)     Mary Jul/8/1810    
PASSMORE Sally Samuel     Gertrude Jul/25/1810    
AYRE John Copp John     Elizabeth Aug/5/1810    
STACEY Rebecca James     Mary Jan/23/1811    
LANGDON Charlotte Walter     Elizabeth Jan/27/1811    
SHORT John John     Mary Feb/7/1811    
LIVERTON John John     Ann Mar/3/1811    
PASSMORE Elizabeth John     Mary Apr/4/1811    
PASSMORE Dorothy William     Mary Apr/7/1811    
CHAPPLE Mary Edward     Sarah Apr/12/1811    
TAUNTON John John     Betty Apr/14/1811    
STEVENS Elizabeth JOhn     Susanna May/29/1811    
THORN John Francis     Ann Jun/2/1811    
JARMAN Peternal John     Mary Jun/23/1811    
BOWES Charlotte William     Sarah Nov/24/1811    
BENNETT William John     Mary Jan/5/1812    
HOLMAN Lewis John     Betty Jan/8/1812    
COUCH Mary (base)     Dorothy Feb/9/1812    
THORN Betty Francis     Ann Feb/23/1812    
REED Grace William     Mary Apr/5/1812    
HUTCHINGS Thomas Samuel     Charity Apr/15/1812    
LUXTON Rebecca George     Ann Apr/26/1812    
MILLMAN John Richard William     Mary Apr/29/1812    
BOWES Thomas George     Catherine Jun/14/1812    
SHORT Thomas (base) of Langtree   Mary Jul/12/17812    
COPP Sally William     Thomazin Nov/15/1812    
BANBURY Eleanor Michael     Margaret Nov/29/1812    
WHITLOCK William William     Sarah Dec/20/1812    
TAUNTON Elizabeth John     Betty Dec/24/1812    
AYRE Isaac Isaac Woollaton labourer Jane Feb/1/1852    
HUTCHINGS Jane Samuel Allerbeare labourer Harriet Mar/7/1852    
MITCHELL John William Holmans Wiswell labourer Elizabeth Apr/9/1852    
BENNETT Mary Aaron Bowden Corner labourer Martha May/2/1852    
AYRE Martha William Rose Cottage carpenter Thyrza May/23/1852    
BALKWILL Elizabeth John W. Titterley West Yard yeoman Mary Copp May/30/1852    
NICHOLLS Mary James Little Wood carpenter Martha Jun/20/1852    
BALKWILL Clara Richard Marland yeoman Elizabeth Jul/11/1852    
TAUTON MaryAnn Samuel Ford Thatton yeoman Elizabeth Sep/26/1852    
AYRE Samuel (base) Coombe Farm spinster Mary Oct/29/1852    
LUXTON Anne Samuel Cottons carpenter Jane Oct/31/1852    
STEVENS John Henry John C. Moore Winscott barrister Elizabeth Anne Dec/28/1852    
LUXTON Samuel James Metherill labourer Eliza Mar/6/1853    
LEACH Elias George South Hill thatcher Elizabeth Mar/27/1853    
TANTON John Phillip Willisworth Farm yeoman Grace Oct/16/1853    
TUDBALL Edward Augustus Thomas Marland Vicarage clerk Jane Henrietta Oct/22/1853    
AYRE Bessie William Rose Cottage carpenter Thyrza Oct/23/1853    
BALKWILL Thomas Tanton John W. Titherley West Yard yeoman Mary Copp Oct/30/1853    
BENNETT George George Tom's Cottage labourer Harriet Dec/4/1853    
PINCOMBE John Richard Williswell carrier Rebecca Jan/15/1854    
BENNETT Ann Aaron Bowden Corner labourer Martha Jan/15/1854    
HUTCHINGS Fanny Samuel Pollard's Wood labourer Harriet Mar/26/1854    
MITCHELL John Henry Pollard's Wood labourer Charlotte Apr/2/1854    
SHANON ? Mary William Woollaton labourer Mary May/7/1854    
BALKWILL Anna Richard Marland yeoman Elizabeth May/1/1854    
STEVENS Richard Arthur John C. Moore Winscott barrister Elizabeth Anne May/22/1854    
TANTON Thomas Samuel Ford Dalton yeoman Elizabeth Jul/23/1854    
NICHOLLS John James Little Wood carpenter Martha Sep/5/1854    
HUTCHINGS Helen Archibald Woollaton labourer Marianne Nov/12/1854    
AYRE Caleb Isaac Marland labourer Jane Jan/7/1855    
LUXTON James James Metherill labourer Eliza Feb/18/1855    
AYRE Mary William Rose Cottage carpenter Thyrza Mar/11/1855    
BALKWILL Emma Jane John W. Titherley West Yard yeoman Mary Copp Jul/1/1855    
GORTON William Frederick Robert Eresson Vicarage House clerk Emily Georgina Oct/7/1855    
TANTON Edwin Philip Williswell farmer Grace Nov/20/1855    
BALKWILL Giles Richard Marland farmer Elizabeth Dec/9/1855    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Samuel Pollard's Wood labourer Harriett Jan/27/1856    
BENNETT Lucy George Tom's Cottage labourer Harriett Apr/6/1856    
NBENNETT Elizabeth Aaron Bowden Corner labourer Martha May/4/1856    
HUTCHINGS James James Allerbeare labourer Mary May/18/1856    
STEVENS Eleanor Gratiana John Curzon Moore Winscott barrister Elizabeth Anne Sep/2/1856    
MITCHELL Sally William Williswell labourer Elizabeth Sep/7/1856    
LUXTON Jane William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria Sep/14/1856    
JANNES William Henry James Metherill labourer Eliza Oct/19/1856    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Archibald Woollaton labourer Marianne Nov/16/1856    
BALKWILL William Henry John Titherley West Yard yeoman Mary Copp Nov/23/1856    
NICHOLLS James James Little Wood carpenter Martha Feb/14/1857    
LUXTON James James Metherill labourer Eliza marc/19/1857    
AYRE Mark William Rose Cottage carpenter Thyrza May/3/1857    
AYRE Louisa Isaac Marland labourer Jane May/7/1857    
TANTON Rhoda Samuel Ford Dalton Langtee farmer Elizabeth Jun/21/1857    
ACKLAND Edwin Goerge Marland labourer Jane Jun/21/1857    
BALKWILL Alfred John W. Titherley West Yard yeoman Mary Copp Jan/10/1858    
BALKWILL Benoni Richard Marland farmer Elizabeth Jan/24/1858    
LUXTON Maria Samuel Williswell carpenter Jane Feb/7/1858    
LUXTON Henry John Marland gardener Grace Feb/10/1858    
LUXTON mary William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria Feb/28/1858    
BOND George William Petrockstowe labourer Susan Mar/14/1858    
JOHNS Charlie James Marland labourer Eliza May/30/1858    
TANTON Arthur William Philip Williswell farmer Grace Jun/13/1858    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Samuel Pollard's Wood labourer Harriett Aug/8/1858    
HUTCHINGS William Isaac Marland labourer Eliza Sep/12/1858    
AYRE Charlie William Marland carpenter Thyrza Sep/12/1858    
BENNET John Aaron Marland labourer Martha Oct/17/1858    
BALKWILL Hannah John W.T West Yard yeoman Mary Copp Feb/13/1859    
LANDERS ? George Noland? East Yard labourer Mary Jane Jun/21/1859    
WATKINS John William Peters Marland labourer Elizabeth Aug/21/1859    
MOORE STEVENS Evelyn Louisa John Curzan Winscott Esquire Elizabeth Anne sep2/1859    
LEVERTON James John Wollaton tailor Elizabeth Sep/10/1859    
BALKWILL James Richard Peters Marland farmer Elizabeth Oct/2/1859    
BENNET James George Winscott Cottages labourer Harriet Dec/11/1859    
LUXTON George William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria Dec/25/1859    
REED William Francis Metherill carpenter Julia Dec/29/1859   private baptism
HUTCHINGS Mary Jane James ? Cottage labourer Mary Jul/11/1860   private/ill
TANTON Elizabeth Samuel Thatton in Langtree farmer Elizabeth Mar/7/1860    
AYRE Thyrsa William Rose Cottage carpenter Thyrza Jan/17/1860    
LUXTON Jane James Metherill labourer Eliza Jul/18?/1860    
HUTCHINGS James Archibald Wollaton labourer Marianne Jul/15/1860    
WILLIS John John Woods labourer Elizabeth Aug/30/1860   private/recd into church Oct 9, 1860
JOHNS James James Yeo's Wood labourer Eliza Sep/30/1860    
TANTON Thomas Heard Caleb (illegible) labourer Elizabeth Oct/7/1860    
WATKINS Thomas William Woollaton labourer Elizabeth Oct/29/1860   private/recd in church Oct. 5
AYRE Frederick Isaac Twigbear Wood labourer Jane Feb/?/1861    
BALKWILL Helena John Wares Titherley Lower Gard? farmer Mary Copp Feb/17/1861    
LUXTON Emma William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria Feb/19/1861   private/recd into church Apr/28/1861
BALKWILL Richard Richard Charles farmer Elizabeth Feb/20/1861    
BALKWILL John William Marland Town farmer Hannah Feb/27/1861    
HUTCHINGS Emily Isaac Winscott Cottages labourer Mary Mar/13/1861    
KINWAN Henry Davies? John Henry parsonage clerk in holy orders Frances Apr/23/1861    
PALMER Richard Mervyn Richard Woollaton tailor Ann Jun/23/1861    
MOORE STEVENS Hugh Stanley John Cuzor Winscott Esquire Elizabeth Anne Jul/2/1861    
BENNETT Selina ? Aaron Bowden Corner labourer Martha Sep/8/1861    
HUTCHINGS Fred Samuel Allerbeare labourer Harriett Nov/24/1861    
TANTON Selina Philip Williswell farmer Grace Feb/23/1862    
BALKWILL Arthur William John Ware Titherley Lower Gard? farmer Mary Copp Apr/10/1862 Good Friday  
BALKWILL William William Marland Town farmer Hannah Jun/15/1862   [Trinity something?]
EVANS Mary Elizabeth John Langtree Mills miller Mary Anne Jun/22/1862    
BALKWILL William Richard Charles farmer Elizabeth Aug/10/1862    
BLIGHT Sarah (base) Pollard's Wood single woman Elizabeth Sep/14/1862    
HUTCHINGS John Isaac Winscott Cottages labourer Mary Sep/21/1862    
AYRE Josiah William New Cottage, Marland carpenter Thyrza Sep/29/1862   private/ recd into church Jul/15/1863
BENNET Emma George Winscott Cottages labourer Harriett Nov/22/1862    
LUXTON Nora James Metherill labourer Eliza Dec/7/1862    
TANTON John Peter John Wick farmer Hannah Feb/1/1863    
JOHNS Walter James Yeo's Wood labourer Eliza Feb/2/1863   recd into the church Jul/22/1863
LUXTON Henry George Samuel Winscott carpenter Jane Mar/11/1863   private baptism
WILLIS Betsy John Woodden Cottages labourer Elizabeth May/3/1863    
LUXTON Bessie William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria May/14/1863   private/recd into church Jun/28/1863
PIPER Ruth Isaac Wollaton labourer Harriet Jul/19/1863   private baptism
BALKWILL Anne John Ware Titherley Lower Gard? farmer Mary Copp Jul/19/1863    
CLIFFORD Rose Ellen Lewis Jos? Petrockstowe cordwainer Mary Howard Oct/15/1863    
CLIFFORD Charles William Lewis Jos? Petrockstowe cordwainer Mary Howard Oct/15/1863    
PIPER Augustus Richard Marland Town labourer Charlotte Nov/18/1863   private/recd Dec 13
TAUTON William Caleb Swillaton labourer Elizabeth Jan/31/1864    
BENNET Samuel Aaron Marland labourer Martha Feb/7/1864    
HALE (iilegible) William Marland labourer Mary ? Feb/28/1864    
BALKWILL Emily William Marland Town farmer Hannah Mar/18/1864   private/recd Jan/22/65
WALTER William Arscot Metharch carpenter Mary Anne Apr/17/1864    
SMALE Philip William Woollaton labourer Priscilla Aug/14/1864    
MOORE STEVENS Bertha Christians John Cuzon Winscott Esquire Elizabeth Anne Oct/14/1864   private/recd into church Nov/29/1865/1st infant bapt in font of new church
HUTCHINS Isaac Isaac Winscott Cottages groom Mary Oct/23/1864    
SANDERS Emma Nancy Hollis ? Suda Cottages labourer Mary Jane Dec/27/1864   private baptism
LEVERTON Elizabeth Ann John Wollaton tailor Elizabeth Jan/1/1865    
BLACKMORE Richard John Stone farmer Dorothy Jan/3/1865    
BALKWILL Augustus John Ware Titherley Lower Yard farmer Mary Copp Jan/29/1865    
ASHTON homas Williams William P Eastwood farmer MArgaret Feb/2/1865    
BENNETT Norah George Winscott Cottages labourer Harriett Feb/4/1865    
AYRE John Richard John Marland Town farmer Jane Mar/4/1865    
HUTCHINGS John Archibald Marland Town inn keeper Marianne May/28/17865    
LUXTON Emma James Metherill labourer Eliza Jun/4/1865    
WATKINS Mary Elizabeth William Wollaton farmer Elizabeth Oct/22/1865    
WILLIS Emma John Woodden Cottages labourer Elizabeth Oct/29/1865    
LUXTON Anna William Pollard's Wood labourer Maria Oct/29/1865    
HALE Mary William Marland labourer Mary Nov/2/1865    
CLIFFORD Thomas Lewis Winscott Cottages railway porter Mary Dec/13/1865    
LUXTON Isaac Isaac Marland labourer Jane Apr/8/1866    
HUTCHINS Richard Isaac Samuel Isaac Winscott Cottages groom Mary Apr/8/1866    
JOHNS Eliza James Yeo's Wood labourer Eliza May/20/1866    
SERGE ? Helena Henry (none given) carpenter Susannah May/20/1866    
BENNET Robert Aaron Woollaton parson's servant Martha Jun/17/1866    
BALKWILL Mary Ann John Ware Titherley Lower Yard farmer Mary Copp Jul/1/1866    
SMALE Bessie William Wollaton labourer Priscilla Jul/8/1866    
AYRE Arthur William William Marland carpenter Thyrza Jul/15/1866    
HOOPER John Roland ? Winscott Cottages farm bailif ? Anne Aug/26/1866    
SPICER Samuel Thomas Allerbeare labourer Dorthea Oct/14/1866    
SPICER Thomas Thomas Allerbeare labourer Dorthea Oct/14/1866    
AYRE Robert John Marland Town farmer Jane Apr/21/1867   Easter Day
WALLIS Bessie Arscot Metherill carpenter Mary Anne Apr/28/1867    
HUTCHINS Samuel James John Winscott Lodge labourer Elizabeth Jul/7/1867    
LUXTON John James Metherale labourer Eliza Sep/15/1867    
BLACKMORE Edith John Stone Farm farmer Dorothy Oct/2/1867    
HALE John William Pollard's Wood labourer Mary Oct/13/1867    
NICHOLLS Grace James Little Wood carpenter Martha Dec/3/1867    
TAUTON Eva Ellen Philip Winswell yeoman Grace Dec 2/1867    
BALKWILL Thomas William Marland Town yeoman Hannah Dec/31/1867    
SMALE Charlotte William Winscottt Cottages labourer Priscilla Jul/2/1868    
HUTCHINS Mary Helen Isaac Eastwood Cottages labourer Mary Jul/26/1868    
AYER Ernest William Marland Town carpenter Thyrza Aug/9/1868    
SAUDERS Holland Holland Winswell labourer Mary Jane Aug/11/1868    
SMALE Mary Thomas Winscott Cottages labourer Jane Aug/30/1868    
STACEY Lucy Lewis Eastwood Cottages labourer Marhta Oct/19/1868    
BALKWILL Lydia John Wares Titherley Lower yard yeoman mary Copp Nov/1/1868    
SPICER John Thomas Allerbeare labourer Dorothy Nov/1/1868    
JOHNS Emme James Yeo's Wood labourer Eliza Dec/27/1868    
BANBURY James Joseph Blyth George Bristol tailor Elizabeth Jan/17/1869   aged 8 yrs.
BENNET James James Winswell labourer Labina Mar/14/1869    
LUXTON Fanny William Stone labourer Maria Apr/4/1869    
AYER Alfred Henry John Combe Farm farmer Jane Apr/16/1869    
BALKWILL Ernest William Marland Town farmer Hannah Sep/15/1869    
HUTCHINGS Mary Jane John Willaton labourer Elizabeth Oct/15/1869    
HOOPER William Roland Winscott Lodge farm bailif ? Anne Dec/26/1869    
ARNOLD John Henry William Winswell Cottages carpenter Mary Anne Mar/27/1870    
BENNET Fanny James Mills Cottage labourer Labina Apr/3/1870    
BENNET William Blyth Aaron Willaton groom Martha Apr/17/1870    
WALTERS William Henry Arscot Willaton carpenter MaryAnn Apr/22/1870    
WATKINS Elizabeth Ann William Willaton farmer Elizabeth Oct/5/1870    
WILLIS Holland Robert Blyth John Winscott labourer Betsy Nov/2/1870    
SMALE Augustus William Willaton labourer Priscilla Jan/29/1871    
HEALE Fanny William Pollard's Wood labourer Mary Jun/12/1870   out of order/marked omitted
BALKWILL Bertha William Marland Town farmer Hannah Oct/25/1871    
LUXTON John Isaac Marland labourer Jane Dec/3/1871   private/ch May 19 '72
AYRE Samuel John Coombe Farm farmer Jane Jan/4/1872    
LOCK Ellen Robert Bideford labourer Eliza Mar/17/1872    
STACEY Richard James Lewis Marland labourer Martha Jun/23/1872   private
HUTCHINS Harriet Ann John Winscott Cottages labourer Elizabeth Jun/9/1872    
WALTERS Edith Arscot Willaton carpenter Mary Anne Jun/30/1872    
ARNOLD James Frederick Winswell Cottages carpenter Mary Anne Aug/4/1872    
PEARCE Philip John John (Dec'd) Schoolhouse school mistress Ann Moyse Oct/27/1872    
HEALE Robert Vodden William Pollard's Wood labourer Mary Dec/8/1872    
HOOPER Albert Roland ? Winscott Lodge farm baliff Anne Feb/9/1873    
WILLIS Thomas John Winswell Cottages labourer Elizabeth Feb/14/1873    
HUTCHINS Roger (base) Allerbeare farm servant Jane Apr/21/1873    
BENNET Elizabeth Ann (base) Marland farm servant Mary Jul/1/1873    
JOHNS Henry James Twigbear Wood labourer Eliza Jul/5/1873   private/rec'd in church Aug/7
SMALE Stanly James William Wollaton labourer Priscilla Oct/12/1873    
HUTCHINS Thomas Isaac Huckstich? labourer Mary Jan/24/1874   private
HANDCOCK Mary Elizabeth Daniel Winswell Cottages labourer Helen ? Mar/1/1874    
AYRE Augustus John Coombe Farm farmer Jane Mar/22/1874    
HEALE Sarah Alice William Allabeare labourer Mary Jun/10/1874    
ARNOLD Alice Mary Fred Windswhite Cottages carpenter Mary Alice Oct/25/1874    
SYMONDS Charles Edward Samuel Thomas Winswell Cottages coachman Jane Feb/4/1875    
HUTCHINS James (illegible) Huckstitch labourer Mary Apr/4/1875    
SMALE Alfred William Willaton labourer Priscilla Dec/19/1875    
HELE Arthur William William Peters Marland labourer Mary Apr/16/1876    
BESLY William Hugh Blundell William Blundell Peters Marland clerk MArgaret May/10/1876    
ARNOLD Francis Louisa Frederick William Peters Marland carpenter Mary Anne Oct/8/1876    
HUTCHINGS Fanny (base) Peters Marland farm servant Elizabeth Feb/18/1876    
AYRE George John Peters Marland farmer Jane 1877*    
LAUDER Mary Jane John Peters Marland gardener Mary Jane 1877*    
BESLY Frances Margaret Thomasyne William Blundell Peters Marland clerk MArgaret 1877*    
BIRD Mary Ann Samuel Peters Marland labourer Elizabeth 1878*    
FRY Charles George Peters Marland gardener Charlotte 1878*    
ARNOLD Edith Ellen Frederick William Peters Marland carpenter (none given) 1879*    
BESLY Barton Hope William Blundell Peters Marland clerk MArgaret 1879*    
BRIGHT William Daniel Thomas Peters Marland labourer Isabella 1879*    
FOITTE Emily George Peters Marland labourer Mary Anne 1879*    
HUTCHINGS Frances Mary (none) Petrockstowe (none) Emily 1880*    
JOHNS May Anne James Marland labourer Eliza 1880*    
BESLY Gertrude Theodora William Blundell Marland clerk in orders Margaret 1880*    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Frank Edwin Marland blacksmith Mary 1880*    
FRY Charlotte George Marland gardener Charlotte 1881*   P.B.
PINCOMBE Edith John Marland labourer Jane 1881*    
EVANS Winifred Thomasine Edward St. Thomas Exeter dairyman Elizabeth Winifred 1881*    
ARNOLD Mary Ann Frederick William Marland carpenter Minnie Ann 1881*    
MAXWELL Charles Melvill Charles Kingsley marland gentleman Sarah Amelia 1882*    
HEALE George Ford (base) Marland single woman Ann 1882*    
WATKINS Albert George John Marland labourer Harriet 1882*    
WATKINS Edith Ellen (base) Marland single woman Elizabeth Jane 1882*    
BOUNDY Ronald Oliver John Marland carpenter Emma 1882*    
COLE John Charles Marland labourer Ellen 1883*    
BALKWILL Edith Mary James Lambert Farm Langtree farmer Ellen 1883*    
HUTCHINGS Ernest Edwin Marland blacksmith Mary 1883*    
BRIDGMAN Edith William Marland labourer Louisa 1883*    
BOND John Risdon George Marland labourer Mary Anne 1883*    
WATKINS Samuel James John Marland labourer Harriet 1884*    
PYNE Charles Henry Charles Marland school master Francis Ellen 1884*    
BOUNDY Bertram Owen John Marland carpenter Emma 1884*    
LETHBRIDGE John Henry Thomas Marland blacksmith Elizabeth 1884*    
BALKWILL Ethel Marion James Lambert Farm Langtree farmer Ellen 1884*    
COLE William Charles Marland labourer Ellen 1884*    
FRY Albert Edward George Marland gardener Charlotte 1884*    
PYNE Frank Ernest Charles Marland school master Frances Ellen 1885*    
AYRE John William John Marland inn keeper Elizabeth 1885*    
LOCKYER William Henry William Marland blacksmith Elizabeth 1885*   [Wm ,Albert & Lilian all adjacenst to each other]
LOCKYER Albert Leonard William Marland blacksmith Elizabeth 1885*    
LOCKYER Lilian Camilla William Marland blacksmith Elizabeth 1885*    
PERRYMAN Alfred Francis Marland labourer Lucy 1885*   [next line from Jessie]
PERRYMAN Jessie Francis Marland labourer Lucy 1885*    
FAIRCHILD George Henry William Henry Marland carpenter Emma 1885*    
BRIDGMAN Ellen William Marland Marland Lucy 1885*    
WOOD Ernest William William Marland labourer Louisa 1886*   private baptism
DOWN William John John Marland carpenter Elizabeth Anne 1886*    
HUTCHINGS Ernest James Marland labourer Martha 1886*    
AYRE Reuben Caleb Marland labourer Ellen Norah 1886*    
TEATHERSTONE Herbert Charles Thomas Marland gardener Ann 1886*    
WATKINS Richard Ernest John Marland labourer Harriet 1886*    
PETHERICK Edith Mary John Marland labourer Emma 1886*    
BALKWILL James Henry James Lambert Farm Langtree farmer Ellen 1886*    
DYMOND Thomas Frederick Henry Marland labourer Eva 1887*   private baptism
DOWN Lillie Ann John Marland carpenter Elizabeth Anne 1887*    
AUSTIN Rosaline John Marland brick farmer ? Jane Ann 1887*   private baptism
MARTIN Rosa Ann John Marland labourer Mary Anne 1887*    
PERRYMAN Sydney Harwood Francis Marland labourer Lucy 1887*    
BRIDGMAN Martha William Marland labourer Louisa 1887*    
PETHERICK Frances John Marland labourer Emma 1887*    
AYRE Ernest Caleb Marland labourer Ellen Norah 1888*    
TUCKER Florence William Marland labourer Selena 1888*    
DOWN Flora Elizabeth John Marland carpenter Elizabeth 1888*    
BASTABLE Bessie Ann George Marland terra cotta ...? Lavinia 1888*    
SAUDERS Beatrice Ellen William Henry Marland carpenter Emma 1888*    
HUTCHINGS Florence James Marland labourer Martha 1888*    
DYMOND Bertha Henry Marland labourer Eva 1888*    
MOORE Catherine Henry Marland coachman Susannah 1888*    
DUFTY Elizabeth Thomas Marland gardener Amelia 1889*   private baptism
WATKINS Edward Thomas John Marland labourer Harriet 1889*    
PYNE Frederick William Charles Marland school master Ellen 1889*    
BALKWILL Arthur James Lambert Farm Langtree farmer Ellen 1889*    
AYRE Augustus Caleb Marland labourer Ellen Norah 1889*    
LOCKYER Blanche Elenor William Marland blacksmith Elizabeth 1889*    
DOWN Gertrude Sarah John Marland carpenter Elizabeth Anne 1889*    
SUTTON Bertie (none) Marland labourer (none given) 1889*    
WATKINS Frances John Marland butcher Agnes 1889*    
DYMOND Fred Silas Marland labourer Charlotte 1890*    
DUFTY William Thomas Thomas Marland gardener Amelia 1890*   [something ""be.."" in front of William]
FAIRCHILD John Hollen William Henry Marland carpenter Emma 1891*    
DUFTY May Thomas Marland gardener Amelia Jul/19/1891    
LUXTON Amelia Susan John Allabeare labourer Mary Jul/26/1891    
LUXTON Blandine ? Maria John Allabeare labourer Mary Jul/26/1891    
DOWN Henry Charles John Welleswell carpenter Elizabeth Anne Aug/09/1891    
WATKINS Rhoda Matilda John Welleswell game keeper Harriet Oct/18/1891    
WATKINS Victor Charles (base) Matherel illegitimate Matilda Jan/23/1892    
BRIDGMAN Earnest William Welleswell labourer Louisa Feb/14/1892    
MARSHALL Frederick John William Clay Moor Cottage brick burner Sarah Feb/21/1892    
WATKINS Edith John King's Ford Farm farmer Agnes Jane Mary Elizabeth Apr/24/1892 Mar/18/1892  
DYMOND Elizabeth Ida Henry Welleswell labourer Eva Sep/11/1892    
COLLINSON Margaret Sarah Alice Thomas Harrison Marland Vicarage clerk in Holy Orders Alice Sep/14/1892 Aug/29/1892  
HUTCHINGS Mabel Charlotte James Rose Cottage labourer MArtha oct2/1892 Aug/5  
BALKWILL William Tyte James Lambert Farm Langtree farmer Ellen Oct/4/1892   private baptism: born Sep/7
DOWN Frank Albert John Welleswell carpenter Elizabeth Anne Dec/18/1892    
FAIRCHILD Mary Elizabeth William Henry Welleswell carpenter Emma Mar/9/1893 Feb 16th  
MOORE Emily Henry Welleswell coachman Susannah Jun/11/1893    
LUXTON Walton George John Allabeare labourer Mary Aug/12/1893    
JEFFREYS Frederick William William Woollaton labourer Gertrude Adela Sep/3/1893    
AYRE Matilda Caleb Marland labourer Ellen Oct/24/1893    
WATKINS Samuel James (none) Brushwood (none) Matilda Jan/13/1894   private baptism
DOWN Frank Albert John Winswell carpenter Elizabeth Anne Apr/8/1894    
HEALE Lily Jane Richard Marland waggoneer Selina Ann Apr/16/1894    
PERRYMAN Lillian Alice Maud Francis Eastwood labourer Lucy Jun/24/1894    
YEO Stanley Russell William James Rolle St. Barnstaple tailors cutter Theresa Jun/24/1894    
MARSHALL Lucillia Mary William Peters Marland brick labourer Sarah Aug/12/1894    
JOHNS Ada Walter Knob Crook Petrockstowe labourer Emily Nov/25/1894    
LUXTON Charles Methuish John Yard Cottages labourer Mary Jun/25/1895   private baptism
FAIRCHILD Neil William William Henry Winswell fitter Emma Jan/19/1896    
DOWN Mabel Hannah John Winswell carpenter Elizabeth Anne Apr/26/1896    
PERRYMAN Cecil John Harwood Schoolhouse schoolmaster Emily Alice May/17/1896    
AYRE William Herbert Caleb Marland labourer Ellen Norah May/17/1896    
AYRE William Frederick William Frederick Marland labourer Margaret Ann Jun/27/1897    
JOHNS William James Walter Knob Crook Petrockstowe labourer Emily Jan/19/1897    
JEFFREYS Percy William Henry Yard Cottages day worker Gertrude Sep/12/1897    
WATKINS Rose John Woolerton labourer Agnus Oct/31/1897    
HEALE Ethel Martha Richard Peters Marland labourer Selina May/18/1898    
FOLLAND Hetty John FOLLAND Stone labourer Bessie LUXTON(single woman) Sep/24/1898    
HEALE Beatrice Johns John Marland labourer Annie Oct/21/1898    
FAIRCHILD Gwendoline May William Marland labourer Emma Dec/25/1898    
DOWN Alfred Percy John Marland carpenter Elizabeth Anne Jan/29/1899   W.P.D. ?
HEALE Albert Percy Richard Marland labourer Selina Ann May/14/1899    
HAMMETT William Francis Robert Marland labourer Elizabeth May/28/1899    
HEALE Sidney Robert John Marland labourer Annie Sep/10/1899    
BRIDGMAN Herbert William Marland labourer Louisa Dec/17/1899    
BRIDGMAN Frederick William Marland labourer Louisa Dec/17/1899    
PERRYMAN Eliza (none) Marland single woman Jessie Dec/24/1899    
DOWN Frederick Edward John Marland carpenter Elizabeth Anne Apr/1/1900    
FAIRCHILD Reginald Stewart William Henry Marland labourer Emma Nancy Apr/11/1900    
AYRES Cecil Frank Caleb Marland labourer Ellanora Apr/22/1900    
JOHNS Ivy Irene Henry Marland labourer Sarah Alice HEALE Jul/21/1900    
HEALE See Johns. Ivy              
HEALE Hetty Richard Marland labourer Selina Sep/28/1900    
STACEY Frances John (none given) labourer Berhta Jun/3/1901   private baptism
HANDFORD Ida John Marland labourer Emma Sep/1/1901    
HANDFORD John John Marland labourer Mary ?/Henry Sep/15/1901    
HANDFORD William Henry John Marland labourer Henry? Sep/15/1901    
FAIRCHILD Albert Thomas William HEnry Marland engine fitter Emma Nov/17/1901    
JEFFERY Marjorie Maud Prideway James Marland farmer Georgina Maud Mabel Jun/8/1902    
HEALE Albert Percy Richard Marland labourer Selina Sep/21/1902    
HAMMETT Thomas Edward Francis Robert Marland labourer Elizabeth Oct/5/1902    
FAIRCHILD Cecil Richard William Henry Marland engine fitter Emma Feb/22/1902    
JOHNS Eliza Annie Henry Marland labourer Sarah Alice HEALE May/31/1902    
STACEY Wilfred Henry John Marland labourer Bertha Jul/15/1902    
FAIRCHILD Edwin Sidney William Henry Marland engine fitter Emma Nov/15/1902 Sep/9  
JOHNS Sidney Robert Henry Winswell labourer Sarah Alice Feb/17/1903 Jan 30/ 1905  
FULFORD Edna May William Marland labourer Mary Sep/25/1905 Aug/27/1905  
ELLIS (none) (none) Eastwood, Marland farmer (none given) Jun/17/1906    
PEARCE Eliza Jeanette John Henry Yard Cottages labourer Mary Jun/254/1906 Jan/26/1906  
JEFFEREY Kenneth James Lowering James Marland farmer Georgina Maud Mabel ovt/27/1907    
STONEMAN Gladys James Henry Grigg Yarde groom Jane Nov/17/1907    
WATKINS Albert John John Kingsford farmer Agnes Jane Mary Elizabeth Dec/22/1907    
MOYES Queenie Elizabeth George Henry Eastwood Marland labourer Sarah Ann Sep/6/1908   private
VICARY Lawerence George Alfred Budd Cottages labourer Louisa Sep/13/1908    
COLE William John Ernest Yarde Peters Marland clay worker Gertrude Maude Oct/4/1908    
PEARSE Arthur James John Henry Yarde clay worker Mary Nov/15/1908    
COLE Cyril Frank William Yarde clay worker Mary Anne Dec/8/1908   privately
FAIRCHILD Stanley Horace William Henry Winswell Water engine fitter Emma May Apr/9/1909    
GENT John Philip Thomas Yarde farm baliff Lily Louisa Nov/28/1909    
GENT Joicey Elizabeth Philip Thomas Yarde farm baliff Lily Louisa Nov/28/1909    
ELLIS Nora Lucy Charles Henry Eastwood farmer Lucy Feb/1/1910   adult
ELLIS Charles Henry   Eastwood farmer   Feb/1/1910   adult
ELLIS Annie Irene Ada Charles Henry Eastwood farmer Lucy Feb/1/1910   age 8 yrs
ELLIS Lucy   Eastwood     Feb/1/1910   recd into church as an adult
FORD Ethel William John Eastwood Cottages farmer Lily Annie Aug/10/1910   private: rec'd into church Oct/15
LETHBRIDGE Claude Henry John Henry Clay Moor Cottage engine driver Elizabeth Oct/23/1910    
FOLLAND Cyril Albert Thomas Knob Crook Petrockstowe farmer Millicent Seymour Feb/27/1911   private
DURKE Ivy Elizabeth Charles Winswell clay worker Elizabeth aprl/9/1911    
BALKWILL Mary Copp Arthur Yarde farmer Grace Jun/18/1911    
PETT Ellen Mary George Barne Shebbear farmer Edith Mary Aug/13/1911    
FOLLARD Austen Seymour Albert Thomas Hush Crook Petrockstow farmer Millicent Seymour Mar/9/1913    
VICARY Frederick Geroge Alfred Budd Cottages labourer Louisa Jan/16/1913    

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005