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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

MORCOMBE Leonard Aug/2/1696    
SMITH Ann Aug/23/1696    
HARRIS Elizabeth Aug/23/1696    
JAMES John Nov/14/1696    
SIMMONS Margery Jan/17/1696 wife of John Simmons  
MULES Thomas Feb/24/1696    
TRICK ? Mar/14/1696    
BUDD George May/17/1697 son of William Budd  
BALKWILL Ann Jun/17/1697 wife of Robert  
HUTCHINS Thomas Jun/22/1697    
PIPER THomas Mar/31/1698    
JUDD Catherine May/17/1698 daughter of Jeffrey & Elizabeth  
WHITE Mrs. Athalia May/14/1698    
HOLLMAN Thomasin Feb/17/1698/-9 reputed 100 yrs old  
ELSTON Edward Sep/11/1699    
SMITH Mary Oct/1/1699 wife of John Smith  
HOLLMAN Rebbecah Feb/23/1699 wife of Arthur Hollman, yeoman  
GRILLS Thomas Apr/2/1700 the poor son of Abraham Grills  
GRILLS Mary May/13/1700 poor daughter of Abraham Grills Arhtur & Lewis Hollman overseers
SMITH John Oct/22/1700 poor Bennet & Lewis Hollman overseers
LIVERTON Grace Apr/17/1701 widow Thomas her son paying the Kings duty
MORECOMBE Margaret Sep/20/1701 widow Walter Hangton paying the kings duty
SMITH Emblen May/3/1701 dau. of John Smith deceased Lewis Bowden paying the Kings duty
ELSTON Mrs. Dorothy Dec/28/1702 of Mertonleigh? her son Francis Elsaton paying the duty
QUICK Richard Jan/26/1702 son of Samuell and Sussanah, father to pay the duty  
SMITH Margaret Apr/18/1703 Bennett Hollman paying the queens duty  
HOLLMAN Arthur May/12/1703 yeoman son Bennett paying the duty
HOLLMAN John Jun/27/1703 yeoman Walter Hollman his son paying duty
TROTT Ann Feb/21/1703 daughter or Wm Trott, Jr., labourer, he paying the duty  
HUTCHINGS Mary Mar/19/1703 spinster her father Thomas paying the duty
HOLLMAN Bennett Apr/23/1704 yeoman relict Elizabeth paying the duty
PIPER Thomas Jun/22/171704 laborer Elizabeth Hollman paying the duty
YOULTON Philipa Jun/25/1704 spinster George Lewis Langtree (?) paying duty
QUICK Samuel Aug/3/1704 laborer Matthew (?) Tolland? Overseer paying duty
LIVERTON Elizabeth Aug/13/1704 spinster Thomas her brother paying the duty
MADG ? Joan Apr/11/1705 wife of John Madg, taylor Thoams Carder to pay duty
MAY Nicholas Nov/20/1705 yeoman Honor ? His relict to pay the duty
MADG ? John Dec/25/1705 taylor Humphrey his son paying the duty
PUNMIOR ? Elizabeth Apr/7/1706 daugh of Joan, widow Samuel Bud overseer paying duty
PIPER (stillborn child) May/9/1706 Arthur Piper, yeoman and Sarah, parents  
AYRE Elizabeth Oct/22/1706 wife of Elnathan Ayre  
DAVELLS [DABELLS] Mrs. Elizabeth Nov/3/1706    
CARDER Dorothy Jan/12/1706 wife of Thoams Carder  
MAY Mary Apr/9/1707 daughter of John May  
SHORT Mary Jul/15/1707 daughter of Henry  
HUTCHINS Thomas Jul/?/1707    
BUDD Christian Dec/?/1707 daughter of Richard Budd  
GALWORTHY Honor Jan/3/1707    
TRACE Elizabeth Jan/11/1707 daughter of Thomas  
SQUIRE William Jan/20/1707    
WALLIS Eleanor Feb/8/1707    
QUICK Philip Mar/26/1708 son of Philip  
GRIBBLE Joan Jul/8/1808 wife of John Gribble  
SHORT Henry Sep/16/1708    
HUTCHINS Thomas Oct/15/1708    
TROTT John Mar/21/1709    
MAY infant child Jul/30/1709 child of Thomas May, Jr.  
HOLLMAN James Aug/3/1709 som of Arthur Hollman  
HAINES Ann Feb/8/1709    
QUICK Samuel Apr/26/1710    
HARRIS Meldred ? Oct/30/1710 wife of Thomas Harris  
BUDD William Mar/5/1710    
PRUST Nathan May/9/1711    
BOWDEN Mary Oct/18/1711 daughter of Lewis Bowden  
HOLLMAN Emmanuel Jan/18/1711    
BOWIS Samuel Jan/19/1711    
TROTT Thomazin Feb/28/1711    
MERRIBILL ? Mary Mar/30/1712    
WHITE Martha Nov/19/1712 widow  
SHORT Sarah Jan/13/1712    
QUICK Susanna Jan/18/1712    
PIPER Arthur, Jr. Feb/17/1712    
LIVERTON Thomas Apr/17/1713    
AYRE Elnathan Nov/4/1713    
MAY Honor Jan/15/1713    
HOLLMAN Alice Mar/10/1713 wife of Arthur Hollman  
AYRE Ann Oct/30/1714 daughter of Elnathan  
BUDD Joan Nov/10/1714 wife of Samuel  
WATTS Emmanuel Mar/8/1714    
YOULDON Philip [or Philipa-sorry] Nov/14/1714    
GORDON Florence Mar/29/1715    
BOWDEN Elizabeth Apr/8/1715 daughter of Lewis Bowden  
YEO Elizabeth Oct/22/1715 daughter of Samuel Yeo, gent  
HOLLMAN Sarah Apr/22/1716 widow  
JEWELL Isacc Jul/6/1716 of Little Torrington  
GRIG Joan Dec/19/1716 widow  
PRUST Thomasin Jan/1/1716 wife of Richard  
BALKWILL Robert Mar/27/1717 son of Robert  
BUDD Christain Jun/4/1717 relict of William Budd  
TROTT William Jun/7/1717 laborer  
GRILLS Abraham Apr/7/1718    
JOHNS Joan Apr/29/1718    
PIPER Grace Jul/1/1718    
FROST Joseph Sep/12/1718 batchelor  
RATTENBURY Hugh Oct/17/1718    
HARRIS Thomas Aug/20/1719    
SQUIRE Mary Sep/14/1719 widow  
CUDMORE John Dec/19/1719    
JALLOW Joachim Dec/28/1719    
TRACE William Apr/17/1720    
RAWLEIGH William Oct/16/1720 gent.  
MARGHAD ? Sarah Dec/20/1720 wife of John  
GRIFFITH Joan Apr/8/1721    
HEARN ? William Nov/5/1721    
HATCH Nicholas Nov/17/1721    
HANGSTONE Margery Nov/22/1721 could be FANSTONE  
TROTT William Mar/19/1721    
HEARN William May/6/1722 son of Joan Hearn  
GRIBBLE John May/7/1722    
FANSTONE [HANGSTONE?] Walter May/16/1722    
HOLLMAN Lewis May/18/1722 carpenter  
HOLMAN Margery May/24/1722 relict of Lewis Hollman  
ALLEN Elizabeth Jun/10/1722 of Shebbear  
PUNNIER Joan Oct/28/1722 widow  
BUDD Samuel Jan/17/1722 son of Samuel  
BUDD Samuel Jan/31/7722 Samuel the father  
BUDD Ann May/2/1723 daughter of Daniel and Mary Budd  
ARHTUR Joan Sep/12/1723 of Tamerton, Cornwall  
HATCH Thomas Oct?/22/1723 son of Nicholas late and Dorcas his wife  
RATTENBURY William Dec/18/1723 son of late Hugh  
GORDON Dorcas May/14/1724 widow  
TRICK Wilmot Jan/13/1724    
PHILIPS Christian Apr/11/1725    
AYRE William May/30/1725 batchelor  
WATTS William Sep/5/1725 taylor  
RAWLEIGH William Sep/1725 son of the abovenamed gent  
HUSTON Christopher Nov/25/1725 laborer  
HOLLMAN Prudence Dec/25/1725 daughter of Lewis Hollman, Jr.  
DAVELLS [DABELLS?] Mary Apr/26/1726 wife of Louis, gent  
HOPKINS John Oct/11/1726 son of John and Joan  
QUICK Elizabeth Oct/23/1726 wife of Philip  
HOLLMAN Elizabeth Nov/18/1726 wife of John  
PERKIN John Dec/25/1726 son of John And Joan  
PIPER Sarah Jan/24/1726 wife of Arthur  
BUDD Daniel Feb/13/1726 son of Daniel  
PERKIN Joan Mar/16/1726 daughter of John  
AYRE Dorothy Apr/4/1727 spinster  
BALKWILL Thomas Apr/18/1727 son of Robert  
KELLY John Apr/28/1727 laborer  
GRIBBLE Elizabeth May/8/1727    
YOLLAND Mathew Sep/27/1727    
MAY Thomas Oct/11/1727 junior?  
BOWDEN John Jun/8/1728 son of Lewis  
BALKWILL Labina Dec/10/1728    
MAY Nicholas Jan/14/1728 son of John and Jane  
MAY Jane Jan/18/1728 wife of the above John May  
DABELLS Lewis Mar/21/1728 gent.  
TOWLE William Mar/22/1728 laborer  
ELSTON Mr. Francis Jul/15/1729    
ALLEN John Jul/10/1729 of Buckland Filleigh  
PRUST Richard sept/17/129    
TOMAS Jane Jun/27/1730    
HAINES Katherine Dec/1/2/1730 wife of John  
BUDD Mary Feb/5/1730 wife of Daniel  
SHORT Wilmot Apr/25/1731 wife of John Short, of Merton  
PRUST Joan May/3/1731 widow  
BOWDEN Martha Aug/10/1731 wife of Lewis  
MARTIN Mary Feb/23/1731 daughter of William  
SHORT William May/24/1732 son of Humphrey & Mary Short  
SHAPTON see Green      
GREEN Ann Aug/30/1732 daughter of Dorothy Green and (reputed) Christopher Shapton  
TRACE Mary Mar/16/1732 wife of Thomas  
BOWIS Ann Jul/24/1733 wife of William  
ALLEN Ann Aug/25/1733 daughter of Roger  
MARTIN Jane Dec/20/1733 daughter of William  
YOULDON Frances Feb/17/1733 widow  
RATTENBURY Ann Jun/24/1734    
BUDD Catherine Oct/21/1734 spinster  
HAINES John Nov/4/1734    
MARTIN Elizabeth Nov/11/1734    
BALKWILL Elizabeth Dec/18/1734    
CORY The Rev. Mr. Daniel Feb/12/1734-5 of this parish  
MAYRE Hugh Jun/20/1735    
PETERS Samuel Sep/21/1735 son of Joseph  
TRACE Joanna Oct/2/1735    
CORY Margeret Oct/21/1735 relict of the Rev. Mr. Cory  
ACKLAND Baldwin ? Nov/21/1735 gent.  
MAY Thomas Feb/12.1735    
DIAMOND Margaret Feb/22/1735    
HOPKINS Joan May/7/1736 wife of John  
BUDD Samuel Jul/30/1736 son of Daniel & Dorothy  
WILLIAMS Francis Dec/2/1736    
SHORT Joan Nov/5/1737    
BUDD Frances ber/27/1737 [after sept. Date illegible]  
HOLMAN Lewis ber/17/1737 [after sept. Date illegible]  
ABRAHAM Emlin Aug/5/1737    
CAZER ? John Apr/11/1738    
DIAMOND William Jun/13/1738    
MERRIVIL Thomas Jun/30/1738 [was John but rewritten over as Thomas]  
TOMS John Jul/12 1738    
MITCHEL Joseph Jul/30/1738    
MARTIN Mary & John Aug/17/1738 wife and son of William Martin  
QUICK Philip Mar/25/1739    
ROCKY Ann Jan/13/1739-40    
RATTENBURY Ann Apr/10/1740 daughter of Hugh & Honoria (?)  
PETERS Samuel Oct/15/1740 son of Joseph & Jane Peters  
PETERS Jane Oct/19/1740 wife of Joseph  
BEWS John Dec/7/1740 base child of Mary  
BUDD Mary Dec/14/1740 daughter of Daniel  
WALLIS Susanna Dec/21/1740    
PHILIPS John Jun/18/1741    
PRUST Samuel Jun/25/1741    
PRUST Mary Jun/28/1741    
DIAMOND Margaret Jul/20/1741    
TROTT William Aug/23/1741    
HOLLMAN Arthur Nov/6/1741    
DAVY Hugh Jan/3/1741 son of Hugh & Jane Davy  
TAWTON John Feb/10/1741 son of Barth. & Mary  
NAK'SKEWEL Grace May/9/1742    
CORY Daniel Jun/25/1742 gent.  
AYRE Francis Jul/12/1742    
WATTS Thomas Jul/20/1742    
SHORT JOhn Oct/5/1742    
PALMER Martha Nov/5/1742    
PARNACOTT Elizabeth Nov/19/1742    
HUTCHINGS Henry Dec/12/1742    
HUTCHINGS Joseph Dec/21/1742    
SHORT Elizabeth Dec/31/1743    
MERRYFIELD Judith Jan/15/1743    
MARSH Mary Feb/29/1743 widow  
HOLLMAN Mrs. Joan May/1/1744    
HOLLMAN Lewis May/31/1744    
STEVENS Peggy Apr/29/1744 daugh. of Richard, Esg & Elizabeth of Winscott, buried in Kingstoke, Som  
RATTENBURY William Jun/28/1744    
GRIFFINS Elizabeth Aug/19/1744    
BUDD Jane Nov/28/1744 wife of Francis  
PIPER Jane Feb/8/1744    
BUDD Mr,Daniel Aug/9/1745    
BONIFANT Samuel Aug/20/1745    
BRIDGEMAN John Dec/27/1745    
RATTENBURY Ann Feb/15/1745    
VODDEN Willaim Feb/27/1746 son of John & Eulalia  
WELSH Elizabeth Mar/24/1746    
BUCKSET ? Mary Mar/28/1747 daughter of James & Dorothy  
MITCHEL John Aug/12/1747    
WILLIAMS Christopher Aug/23/1747 [written as Xtopher]  
MAY Bartani Dec/27/1747 [not Benoni!]  
PIPER Arthur Jan/6/1747 aged 86  
MARSHALL John Jul/15/1748 of Merton  
NICHOLLS Henry Mar/14/1748 son of Henry  
RATTENBURY Mary Apr/15/1749 daughter of John  
POLARD ? Joseph Jun/2/1749    
HUTCHINGS Jane Jul/17/1749    
HOLMAN Grace Oct/5/1749    
GARD Samuel Nov/7/1749    
GARD Emilia Mar/12/1749    
HANSDON William Mar/28/1750    
ADAMS Mary May/20/1750    
ALLIN Sarah May/28/1750    
ALLIN Mary Jun/16/1750    
YOUNGE Mary Jul/25/1750    
TROTT Grace Jan/15/1750    
MARSHALL Margaret Jul/12/1751 daughter of John & Bridget of Merton  
DYMOND Mary Jul/26/1751    
WILLIAMS Thomas Mar/21/1752    
HEARN Joan Apr/8/1752    
RATTENBURY Elizabeth Oct/16/1752    
ADAMS Elizabeth Aug/19/1753    
BOWSE Samuel Feb/14/1754    
WELSH Elizabeth Sep/15/1754 daughter of Mary  
YOULDON Leonard Nov/17/1754    
STEVENS Christiana Maria Feb/8/1755 daughter of Richard, Esq & Elizabeth  
STEVENS Hugh Apr/3/1755 son of Rich. Esq, & Elizabeth  
FORD Emblin Feb/16/1756 daughter of Samuel & Grace  
GORDON Elizabeth Mar/29/1756 daughter of Samuel & Mary  
YOULDON Elizabeth Apr/30/1756    
GRISH Grace Jul/1/1756    
PERKIN Daniel Mar/20/1757    
ACLAND John Jun/26/1757    
JOCELIN Mary Aug/21/1757    
RATTENBURY Hugh Aug/25/1757    
BALKWILL Benoni Oct/8/1757    
GORDON Samuel Nov/10/1757    
ALLEN Anne Jan/3/1758    
AYRE Grace Aug/17/1758    
BUDD Francis Nov/10/1759    
STEVENS Elizabeth Mar/18/1760 wife of Richard, Esq.  
WILLIAMS Mary Apr/29/1760    
FORD Grace May/29/1760 wife of Samuel  
KINGSFORD Mary Apr/12/1761    
PARNACOTT Mary Aug/26/1761 daughter of John & Mary  
MARTYN Rachel Jan/29/1762 wife of William  
HOLLMAN Jane Feb/12/1762 wife of Lewis  
HOLLMAN Lewis Feb/21/1762    
RATTENBURY Sarah Mar/18/1762 daughter of John of Langtree  
TRICK Edmund Apr/11/1762    
STEVENS Richard, Jr. Esquire Dec/24/1762    
HOPKINS Elianor Jan/9/1763 wife of John  
KERSLAKE John Jan/23/1763    
BRIDGEMAN Ann Feb/9/1763    
DAVY Richard Feb/5/1764 son of Richard & Mary  
GORDON Elizabeth Mar/20/1764    
HEAL Elizabeth Jun/24/1764 daughter of Richard & Jane  
STEVENS Henry Aug/13/1764 son of Richard & Elizabeth  
TOWNES Moses Oct/19/1764    
RATTENBURY Honor Nov/26/1764    
PARNACOTT John Jan/1/1765 the younger  
VODDEN Elizabeth Jan/29/1765    
HUTCHINGS William Feb/7/1765 son of Samuel & Margaret  
MITCHEL Joseph Feb/18/1765    
HOLMAN Jane Mar/13/1765 daughter of John & Margaret  
GOWMAN Ann Mar/21/1765 daughter of Phiip & Frances  
JOCELIN Elizabeth Mar/30/1765    
HOLMAN Joan Apr/7/1765 daughter of John & Margaret  
YOULDEN Elizabeth Apr/9/1765    
DAVY Mary Apr/9/1765 wife of Richard  
VODDEN Eulalia May/19/1765 wife of John  
HOPKINS John Feb/26/1766    
TROTT Thomas Mar/1/1766    
YOULDON Philippa Jan/25/1768    
AYRE Sarah Jan/30/1768    
BUDD Jane Feb/22/1768    
AYRE William Mar/2/1768 son of Christopher & Mary  
BALKWILL William Sep/4/1768    
ACLAND Joan Nov/20/1768    
GRIFFIN Elizabeth Jun/25/1769    
PASMORE Susanna Oct/29/1769 daughter of John & Mary  
DAVY Richard Sep/2/1769 son of Richard & Anne  
DAVY Richard Dec/27/1769    
FOLLAND Grace Feb/3/1771 daughter of Michael & Grace  
FOLLAND Grace Apr/21/1771 wife of Michael  
BEWSE William Apr/26/1771    
SNOW Mary May/30/1771 daughter of William & Rachel  
FOLLAND Michael Jul/21/1771 son of Michael  
TOLLAND see Folland      
WILLIAMS Ann Oct/2/1771    
PIPER William Oct/15/1771    
BALE Mary Jul/5/1772 wife of Francis  
HUTCHINGS Thomazin Feb/17/1773 wife of John  
PEDLAR Thomazin Feb/23/1773 wife of Richard  
BUDD Daniel Apr/20/1773    
CROCKER John Oct/31/1773    
PIPER Jane Nov/14/1773 wife of John of Meath  
BALE Francis Mar/13/1774    
HUTCHINGS Thomazin Jul/10/1774 daughter of Samuel & Mary  
ALLEN John Feb/15/1775    
MITCHEL Anne Jul/12/1775 wife of David  
WILLIAMS Sarah Oct/11/1775    
HUTCHINGS John Nov/30/1775    
PIPER Joan Dec/24/1775    
BALKWILL Mary Feb/7/1776    
SHORT Humphrey Feb/21/1776    
HEAL Richard Jun/2/1776 son of Rcihard & Jane  
STEVENS Richard, Esquire Jul/19/1776    
ELLIOT Mary Dec/4/1776 daughter of John & Elizabeth  
BUDD Mary Nov/23/1777    
MARTIN William Jan/28/1778    
COHAM Elizabeth Mar/2/1778    
ADAMS Nathaniel May/28/1778    
KERSLAKE Jane Jun/13/1778    
YOUNG Philip sept/19/1778    
HOLLMAN John sep6/1779 of Great Torrington  
PEDLAR Richard Dec/25/1779    
REED Mary Mar/30/1780 daughter of Hugh & Anne  
GORDON Samuel Apr/11/1780    
HAWKING Mary May/1/1780 daughter of Robert & Elizabeth  
PARNACOTT Mary Jun/7/1780 wife of John  
BALKWILL John Jun/22/1781 son of John & Catherine  
VODDEN Margaret Sep/19/1781 wife of Robert Vodden  
PRUST Gertrude Oct/19/1781 daughter of Joseph, clerk, and Mary  
SHORT Joanna May/6/1782 wife of William  
ELLIOT John Jun/14/1782 son of John & Elizabeth  
HEAL Jane Jul/4/1782 wife of Richard  
SHORT Mary Jul/18/1782 daughter of Joanna & William  
HARVEY Rebecca Jul/2/6/1782 wife of Edward  
YOUNG Mary Oct/18/1782    
PRUST Mary Dec/9/1782 wife of Joseph, clerk  
ELLIOT John Dec/5/1782    
SHORT Mary Mar/4/1783    
MITCHEL David Aug/17/1783    
FORD Samuel, Jr. Nov/10/1783    
HOLLMAN John Nov/26/1783 son of Lewis & Elizabeth  
WILLIAMS Charles May/19/1784    
VODDEN John Jun/24/1784 pauper  
LEGG John Jul/10/1784    
COPP Joan sept/12/1784 wife of William  
ELLIOT Sarah Jun/1/1785    
ISAAC Samuel Aug/28/1785 son of John & Elizabeth  
HOLMAN Margaret May/11/1785 wife of John  
HAWKING John may31/1785 son of Robert & Elizabeth  
PARNACOTT Joseph Jun/25/1785    
KINFORD Mary Jul/22/1785    
MITCHEL Ann Apr/5/1787    
RATTENBURY Martha Jun/7/1787    
PARNACOTT John Jun/21/1787    
AYRE John Jun/29/1787    
JOHNS William Sep/26/1787    
REED Elizabeth Sep/29/1787    
JOHNS Mary Dec/9/1787    
SHORT James Mar/4/1788    
FRIENDSHIP Thomas Oct/31/1788 pauper  
COPP John Jun/12/1789    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Aug/30/1789    
CROCKER Mary Dec/25/1789 pauper  
HOLMAN Rebecca Mar/8/1790    
AYRE William Mar/25/1790    
MITCHEL Ann Apr/17/1790 pauper  
ANDREW Mary Apr/23/1790    
HORKIN John May/19/1790    
AYRE John Aug/6/1790    
FOLLIE Michael Dec/27/1790 pauper  
BARKWILL Elizabeth Jan/7/1791    
BALE Jane Apr/28/1791 pauper  
HOLMAN John May/16/1791    
HALL Benjamin Sep/21/1791    
TRACE Mary Nov?/9/1791 pauper  
ANDREW Mary Apr/4/1792    
BEWS Mary May/13/1792 pauper  
CLEVLAND Mrs.Elizabeth Sep/17/1792    
COPP William Oct/20/1792    
KARRE Jane Apr/2/1793    
HERVEY Edward Nov/6/1793 pauper  
RATTENBURY John Apr/3/1794    
VODDEN Mary Apr/1/1794 pauper  
RATTENBURY Isaac Oct/8/1794    
HALL Ann Oct/27/1794    
CROCKER John Nov/30/1794    
SAUNDERS Ann Jan/1/1795    
MAUNCY Elizabeth Mar/31/1795    
HELE John Mar/9/1796    
VODDEN Stephen Mar/17/1796    
TROTT Richard Mar/22/1796    
AYRE Ann Sep/25/1796    
BARKWILL John Oct/14/1796    
COPP William Oct/20/1796    
CHUGG John Mar/25/1797    
KARRE Mary Apr/7/1797    
PLAICE Elizabeth Nov/24/1797    
HUTCHINGS Perernell Apr/18/1798    
HORN Elizabeth Nov/11/1798    
HUTCHINGS Martha Feb/22/1799    
HOCKIN Robert Feb/28/1799    
PIPER James Apr/10/1799    
ALLEN Leonard May/2/1799    
BARKWILL Dorothy Sep/6/1799    
YOUNG Elizabeth Dec/13/1799    
BARKWILL Grace dec26/1799    
MITCHEL Samuel Feb/1/1800    
BEWS William Apr/6/1800    
STACEY John May/5/1800    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Oct/3/1800    
ARKLAND Richard Oct/30/1800    
AYRE Sally Nov/7/1800    
LUXTON Rebecca Feb/19/1801    
JOHNS Mary Apr/20/1801    
CROCKER Elizabeth Aug/8/1801    
HELE Henry Aug/28/1801    
MITCHEL Sarah Sep/28/1801    
PASSMORE John Oct/26/1801    
HELE Richard Oct/28/1801    
AYRE William Feb/3/1802    
AYRE Francis May/9/1802    
TAUNTON Hanah/Sarah Jun/1/1802    
HUTCHINGS Grace Jul/21/1802    
HOCKING Elizabeth Nov/22/1802    
AYRE Joanna Dec/13/1802    
NATHERWAY William Apr/26/1803    
COPP Grace Aug/19/1803 daughter of John & Mary  
FORD Grace May/26/1804    
TAUNTON Philip jun20/1804    
GORDON Mary Jul/20/1804    
HOCKING Sarah Aug/1/1804    
PASSMORE Mary Nov/24/1804    
ANDREW William Dec/29/1805    
FORD Edward Feb/16/1806    
COPP William Apr/12/1806    
PIPER Richard Jun/19/1806    
AYRE Philipa Aug/?/1806    
HUTCHINGS John Sep/12/1806    
PASSMORE William Nov/7/1806    
HUTCHINGS John Mar/28/1807    
AYRE Catherine Oct/15/1807    
VODDEN Margaret Dec/13/1807    
WALTER Mary Jan/14/1808    
WARE Ananais Apr/12/1808    
WRIGHT Hugh Jun/3/1808    
BALKWILL Sarah Jun/19/1808    
COPP Elizabeth Dec/9/1808    
PASSMORE Sally Feb/5/1809    
LONGMAN Elizabeth Mar/26/1809    
BOWES Mary Mar/27/1809    
BOWES Elizabeth May/28/1809    
BOWES William Jul/21/1809    
WOOD Mary Sep/29/1809    
LIVERTON Elizabeth Mar/16/1810    
BONIFANT James Sep/21/1810    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Dec/10/1810    
THORN John Jun/9/1811    
THORN Betty Mar/1/1812    
AYRE Ann Jun/11/1812    
ANDREW Mary Jun/23/1812    
QUICK Jane Nov/28/1812    
AYRE Rebecca Dec/15/1812    

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005