Peters Marland Marriages 1697-1812


Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

BALKWILL Robert       HUTCHINGS Labina     3/Oct/1697      
TRACE Thomas       YOUTON Mary     26/Apr/1698      
HANGTON Walter       STARTER Margery   Buckland Filleigh 11/Jun/1699      
HOLLMAN Benett     Arthur Hollman, yeoman QUICK Elizabeth John Quick Sheerwagh? 17/Jun/1700      
MOORE Joseph       RIGSBY Sarah   Langtree 23/Oct/1700      
RATTENBURY Hugh       SQUIRE Ann William Squire   4/Mar/1700      
BUDD Richard   miller   HEARN Catherine   Roborough 7/Apr/1702      
BUDD Nathaniel   husbandman   WHITE Prudence     14/May/1702      
MAY John   widower   TAXEWELL Jane     16/Apr/1703      
TROT William   labourer   RATTENBURY Grace     6/Jan/1703      
KINGFORD Thomas   yeoman   YOLLAND Mary Mathew Yolland   4jan/1704      
VALLOT James     Roger Vallot of Gt Torrington PALMER Mary   Plymouth 3/Oct/1705      
BELTON Richard   Innholder, Gr. Torr   WELSH Catherine     4/Oct/1705      
ELLIS George   sailor, Bideford   GORDON MAry   Gt. Torr. 20/Jan/1705      
PIPER Arthur     Arthur Piper ELSTON Labina     23/Apr/1711      
ROLLAND Samuell Exbourn     CUDMORE Grace     10/?/1712      
SHAXTON William       ALLFORD / MILLFORD Jane   Little Torr. 15/?/1712      
NANCIVILL John   carpenter   MAY Elizabeth Thomas May   16/Apr/1713      
YOULTON Leonard   taylor   HARRIS Elizabeth     18/Apr/1714      
TROTT Thomas       GLOYN Elizabeth   Torrington 22/Aug/1714      
LEO William Torrington     KEENER Mary   Torrington 2/?/1714      
BELTON Thomas Gt Torr atty at law   CAWSEY Margeret   Gt. Torr. 25/Feb/1714      
AYRE Francis       COBBLEDICK ? Sarah     3/May/1715      
BALKWILL Richard       PIPER Labina wid   23/Apr/1716      
PERKIN John       SUSSEX Joan     3/May/1716      
HUTCHINGS John       BONIFANT Thomazin     7/Jun/1717      
HOLLMAN Lewis       YEO Joan     27/Aug/1717      
HEARN William       YOULDON Joan     13/Apr/1718      
SYMS John St. Giles     WILLS Susanna   St. Giles 2/Feb/1719      
BEWIS William       TROTT Ann     24/june/1720      
FOX / BOX George St. Giles     HENLEY Mary   St. Giles 29/Jul/1720      
FRIENDSHIP Joseph Langtree     (none given) Elizabeth   Langtree 20/Nov/1720      
BALKWILL Stephen       SMALE Abbot     21/sept/1721      
MARSHALL John       DARNACOTT / PARNACOTT Bridget     30/Oct/1721      
DEYMANT William       BONDS Grace     29/Feb/1721      
HOPKINS John       HIZZOT Joan     10/Mar/1722      
WELSH Joseph       QUANCE Elizabeth     19/Oct/1723      
BRIDGEMAN John       JOHNS Ann     8/Apr/1724      
YOULDON Benoni       BALKWILL Labina wid   8/Apr/1724      
MARTIN William       SHORT Rachael     6/Apr/1725      
ADAMS Nathaniel       LEE Elizabeth     7/Apr/1725      
BALKWILL George Langtree     PIPER Ann Arthur Piper   28/Jun/1725      
CLEADER (??) Edgcomb Eglesberry     KEYSLAKE ? Christian     12/Sep/1725 licence    
MOCK John Gt Torr     QUICK Thomazin Phillip Quick   20/Aug/1727      
CROCKER John       HORN MAry     1/May/1728      
STONEMAN Henry   butcher Henry Stoneman MOORE Sarah George More, clothier   14/Aug/1728      
PETERS Joseph       HORN Jane     19/Apr/1729      
PEDLER Richard       BOWDEN Thomazin Lewis Bowden   4/May/1729      
SHORT Humphrey       SHORT Mary     2/Oct/1729      
KASLAKE John       GORWEL Jane     29/0ct/1729      
GRIFFEN GRIFTON Samuel Petrockstow     FOLY ? Mary     24/Nov/1729      
PIPER John Gt Torr     GORDON Jane Samuel Gordon   27/Dec/1730      
PYNE William       SANDER Agnes   Fremington 14/Nov/1731      
DAVY Hugh       HOLLMAN Jane Arthur Hollman   13/Jan/1731      
YOUNG Philip       SHORT Mary     4/May/1732      
GODDEN John       SARJEANT Eulalla     5/Aug/1733      
MITCHELL David       FUARZE ? Ann     25/Feb/1733      
WILLIAMS Charles       RATTENBURY Mary     5/Apr/1734      
GLANFILL John   carpenter   GREENWOOD Wilmot   Buck. Brewer 16/Oct/1734      
SMALE William Langtree     DODGE Elizabeth     2*/Apr/1735      
FANSTONE / VANSTONE?         DENFORD Hannah     30/Apr/1736      
PRIEST Samuel       SHARMAN Margaret     12/sept/1736      
MILLS Richard       TRESH Thomazin     28/Sep/1736      
HOPKINS John       HEALE Elisha ?     2/0ct/1736      
ALLEN John       RATTENBURY Ann     26/Apr/1737      
CLEMENTS William       TRACE Francis     3/May/1737      
RATTENBURY Hugh       HISSET Honora     13/Dec/1737      
NICHOLS Henry       PALMER Mary     3/Mar/1738/9      
TARSTON ? Bartholomew       BATES Mary     10/May/1739      
GILBERT Henry Petrockstow     HUTCHINGS Elizabeth     28/May/1739      
BELLE John       ROD Elizabeth widow   20/Sep/1741      
WILLIAMS Thomas       PIPER Sarah     30/Sep/1741      
HOLMAN         GORDON Margaret     14/Oct/1741      
DENNIS William Frithstock     TOPHAM / POPHAM Sarah commonly called Denny Frithstock 14/Feb/1741      
RATTENBURY John       BALKWILL Martha     17/Feb/1742      
SAUNDERS Charles       AYRE Ann     28/Apr/1745      
HITCHINGS James       GORDON Elizabeth     20/May/1746 banns    
PASSHAW Charity       FORD Frances     12/Apr/1752 [names are correct!]    
JOHNS William Peters Marland     MOOR MAry   Thornbury May/29/1754 banns Francis Budd  
HEALE RIchard Peters Marland labourer   PIPER Jane   Peters Marland Mar/31/1755 banns John Coplestone Francis Budd
AYRE Francis Peters Marland labourer   DOWN Grace   Peters Marland Jul/25/1756 banns Francis Budd John Hutchings
AYRE William Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS Ann   Peters Marland Nov/1/1756 banns Francis Budd John Hutchings
JUDD JOhn Peters Marland labourer   WELSH Catherine   Peters Marland jan28/1756 banns Francis Budd Ann Williams
PEARCE Onesiphorus Beaford labourer   ISAAC JAne   Peters Marland May/16/1758 banns Francis Budd John ?
AWSE Robert Gt Torr Esquire   STEVENS Elizabeth   Peters Marland Apr/21/1859 licence Richd Stevens ? Awse
TITHERLEY John Langtree yeoman   KNILLS Phillipa   Peters Marland May/11/1759 banns William Smale Philip Tukor
BALKWILL Richard Peters Marland labourer   WESCOTT Sarah   Peters Marland Dec/16/1759 banns Robert Balkwill John Holman
HARVEY Edward Peters Marland carpenter   HOLMAN Rebecca   Peters Marland May/15/1760 banns John Budd John Kelland
BALE Philip Peters Marland labourer   COTTON Jane   Peters Marland Aug/11/1760 banns Richard Cotton John Holman
POW Richard Peters Marland blacksmith   BALKWILL Sarah   Peters Marland Apr/13/1761 banns John Balkwill John Holman
HUTCHINS Samuel Peters Marland labourer   PARNACOTT Margaret   Peters Marland Apr/11/1763 banns William Ayre Ann Ayre
AYRE Francis Peters Marland labourer   WEBBER Joan   Peters Marland May/23/1763 banns John Holman Thomasin Hutchings
DAVY Richard Peters Marland labourer   MITCHEL Mary   Peters Marland Aug/7/1763 banns David Mitchel John Holman
REED Hugh Peters Marland labourer   TRACE Ann   Peters Marland Apr/23/1764 banns Wm Trace John Holman
CHAPPELL John Peters Marland labourer   GOWMAN Susanna   Peters Marland Apr/23/1764 banns John Singcock Wm Chappell
BALKWILL John Peters Marland     ALLEN Grace   Peters Marland Sep/13/1764 banns John Holman John Allen
MILLS Simon Dolton soujourner in the parish of St. Giles labourer   FAIRCHILD Mary   Peters Marland May/19/1766 banns Edward Fairchild John Holman
CHUGG John Peters Marland labourer   GORDEN Grace   Peters Marland Mar/3/1767 banns John Holman Margt Holman
WARD John Peters Marland labourer   BRIGHT Mary   Peters Marland May/18/1767 banns Robt Bright John Holman
HORN Hugh Peters Marland carpenter   TOWNE Elizabeth widow Peters Marland May/22/1767 banns Saml Hutchins John Holman
AYRE Christopher Peters Marland labourer   MARTIN Mary   Buckland Brewer Jun/4/1766 banns Wm Martin John Holman
MITCHELL William Peters Marland labourer   HARREL ? Ann   Peters Marland Jul/26/1768 banns Samuel Mitchell John Holman
SNOW William Peters Marland labourer   COLE Rachel   Peters Marland Oct/19/1768 banns William Copp John Holman
TAYLOR Thomas Frithelstock labourer   PETT Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jun/13/1769 banns Rich Balkwill John Holman
STACEY JOhn Peters Marland blacksmith   PETHERICK Jane   Peters Marland Jul/23/1769 banns John Balkwill John Holman
VODDEN Robert Peters Marland labourer   LYLES Margaret   Peters Marland Oct/?/1769 banns Mary Saunders John Holman
LEWIES John Merton     PASMORE Dorothy   Peters Marland Sep/9/1770 banns Ann Wiliams John Holman
SHORT William Peters Marland labourer   SANDERS Joanna   sojourner Nov/4/1770 banns Rebecca Harvey John Holman
FRY Roger Petrockstow     PARNACOTT Joanna   Peters Marland Apr/4/1771 banns William Ayre John Holman
MORCOMBE Edward Peters Marland labourer   MEDLAND Phobe   Buckland Filleigh Oct/4/1771 banns Richard Medland John Homan
COPP John Peters Marland labourer   BEERE Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jul/8/1773 banns William Ayre John Holman
VODDEN / VOWDEN Stephen Peters Marland labourer   ACKFORD Mary   Peters Marland Apr/7/1774 banns John Ackford William Ayre
PRUST Joseph Hartland gentleman   BUDD Mary   Peters Marland Sep/14/1774 banns Wm Prust John Hutchings Jr.
TROTT THomas Peters Marland labourer   JEFFERY Mary   Peters Marland Jul/28/1776 banns Wm Ayre John Holman
ELLIOTT John Peters Marland miller   MITCHELL Elizabeth   Peters Marland Apr/21/1776 banns Samuel Mitchell John Holman
ELLIOTT James Merton labourer   GORDEN Elizabeth   Peters Marland Aug/11/1777 banns John Chugg John Holman
ANDREW John Peters Marland labourer   SAUNDERS Mary   Peters Marland Dec/18/1777 banns William Ayre John Holman
NANCEKIEVILL William Parkham labourer   GORDEN Mary   Peters Marland May/5/1778 banns Daniel Gorden John Chugg
RATTENBURY John Peters Marland taylor   HUTCHINGS Sarah   Peters Marland Jul/2/1778 banns John Hutchings John Holman
HOLLMAN Lewis Peters Marland carpenter   ANDREW Elizabeth   Peters Marland Oct/14/1778 banns George Andrew John Hollman
MITCHELL David Peters Marland labourer   PAYNE ? Ann   St. Giles Jul/13/1779 banns Wm Smith? John Hollman
WALDRON Samuel Peters Marland     COTTON Margaret   Peters Marland Jul/14/1779 banns Francis Ayre John Hollman
HAWKING Robert Langtree     BALKWILL Elizabeth   Peters Marland Oct/25/1779 banns John Balkwill John Rattenbury
BALKWILL John Buckland Filleigh yeoman   AYRE Catherine   Peters Marland Apr/18/1781 licence JohnAyre John Lewis
HELE John Peters Marland labourer   NANSKIVILLE Frances   Petrockstow Sep/16/1781 banns John Down John Hollman
CLEVLAND John Westleigh esquire   AWSE Elizabeth widow Peters Marland Jan/3/1782 licence Jane Drake Jn Saltress ?
ISAAC John Peters Marland husbandman   HORRIL Elizabeth   Peters Marland Apr/15/1782 banns William Mitchel John Hollman
HEARN Richard Langtree husbandman   SAUNDERS Joanna   Little Torr. Jan/13/1783 banns James Saunders Mary Copp
HARVEY Edward Peters Marland carpenter   JENKINS Mary   South Molton Feb/19/1783 banns John Hutchings George Andrews
FORD William Peters Marland labourer   ELLIOTT Elizabeth widow Peters Marland Jan/27/1784 banns Samuel Mitchell Anna Ford
DARKE William Petrockstow labourer   HEYMAN Jane   Peters Marland Jul/14/1784 banns Ann Ford John Hollman
LUXTON William Buckland Filleigh labourer   SHORT Rebecca   Peters Marland Jun/20/1785 banns JohnChugg John Hollman
SPRY John Peters Marland labourer   BUDD Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jul/25/1785 banns John Crocker John Hollman
PETT Richard Petrockstow husbandman   WEBBER Mary   Peters Marland Nov/22/1786 banns Francis Ayre John Pett
SHORT William Peters Marland widower   VALLETT Thomazin   Peters Marland Jan/13/1787 banns Mary Johns John Hollman
SWEET JOhn Milton Damarel     BALKWILL Sarah   Peters Marland Feb/20/1787 banns Francis Ayre William Short
AYRE Francis Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS MArtha   Peters Marland Apr/19/1787 banns William Ayre John Hutchings
BEWS George Peters Marland     FOLTON Judith   Peters Marland Mar/3/1789 banns Mary Hutchings William Bews
HICKS KIRKS? John Ashbury Kidewer? widower   HUTCHINGS Peternel   Peters Marland Apr/14/1789 banns John Hutchings William Ayre
HUTCHINGS John Peters Marland     MARTIN Ann   Peters Marland May/17/1789 banns James Hutchings Henry Hutchings
GILL John Peters Marland     AYRE Sarah   Peters Marland Jul/8/1789 banns William Ayre William Ayre Junr
ANDREW George Peters Marland     DARK Elizabeth   Peters Marland Apr/6/1791 banns John Dark William Dark
HUTCHINGS James Peters Marland     PASSMORE Marjorie   Peters Marland Nov/8/1791 banns John Pasmore John Hutchings
PALMER William Peters Marland     BASE Ann   Peters Marland Sep/19/1792 banns William Short James Base
BANBURY Michael Peters Marland     COLE Margaret   Peters Marland Jun/10/1793 banns Francis Ayre William Short
JARMAN John Little Torrington     HUTCHINGS Mary   Peters Marland May/4/1795 banns John Passmore William Short
REED William Peters Marland     MILL Mary   Peters Marland Feb/9/1796 banns Goerge Mill William Short
ANDREW Samuel Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS Elizabeth   Peters Marland Mar/23/1796 banns James Hutchings William Short
BLAKE Thomas Little Torrington     AYRE Grace   Peters Marland May/4/1796 banns Rich Mallet Francis Ayre
GORVIN Richard Peters Marland     PARNACOTT AnnaMaria   Peters Marland Feb/23/1797 banns William Short Samuel Passmore
MILFORD William Black Torrington     MITCHELL Mary   Peters Marland Jun/11/1797 licence William Short John Mitchell
NARRAWAY William` Little Torrington widower   COPP Elizabeth widow Peters Marland Jul/24/1797 banns Richard Wood John Snell
REED Hugh Peters Marland     COBBLEDICK Sarah   Peters Marland Mar/26/1798 banns Hugh Reed Sr William Short
LANGDON Walter Brown Gt Torr     FRATHING? Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jun/24/1798 banns John Thorn Joanna Quick
MILL George Merton     COPP Margery   Peters Marland Sep/10/1798 banns William Copp William Short
PIPER Richard Peters Marland     Mitchell Elizabeth   Peters Marland Mar/10/1799 banns John Mitchell William Short
PALLIN Robert Peters Marland     ALLEN Mary widow Peters Marland Sep/29/1799 banns Margaret Bowden William SHort
ADAMS George Calstock     HANDFORD Susannah   Peters Marland Sep/109/1800 licence John Ware William Short
MITCHELL John Peters Marland     STACEY Mary   Peters Marland Apr/12/1800 banns William Stacey William Short
WARE WARD? John Peters Marland     GILBERT Joanna   Peters Marland Jun/13/1801 licence William Short Francis Ayre
PASSMORE John Peters Marland     COPP Mary   Peters Marland Apr/8/1802 banns William Short William ? Narraway
COPP John Peters Marland     ELSWORTHY Frances   Peters Marland Jun/7/1802 banns William Narraway William Short
SCRIGGINS John sojourner     REED Catherine   Peters Marland Mar/13/1803 banns John Reed Hugh Reed
HUTCHINGS William Peters Marland labourer   HOLMAN Jane   Peters Marland Jun/2/1803 banns Lewis Holman William Short
COPP William Little Torrington yeoman   HITCHINS [HUTCHINGS?] Thomasin   Peters Marland Oct/25/1803 banns Samuel Hitchins ? Copp
VODEN Robert sojourner     ARNOLD Grace   Peters Marland Oct/13/1803 banns Michael banbury (none)
LIVERTON Robert Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS Ann   Peters Marland Apr/4/1804 banns William Passmore Mary Ann Hutchings
PASMORE William Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS Mary Ann   Peters Marland Apr/13/1804 banns Richard Pasmore Robert Liverton
MITCHELL Edward Peters Marland labourer   RICHARDS Ann   Peters Marland Apr/12/1805 banns James Richards William SHort
STACEY James Peters Marland     HOLMAN Mary   Peters Marland Oct/14/1805 banns Lewis Holman John ?
PEARCE John Peters Marland     EAUSTICK? Ann   Peters Marland Oct/20/1805 banns William Short (none)
SHORT John Peters Marland     ISAAC Mary   Peters Marland Sep/30/1806 banns William Short (n (none)
AYRE John Peters Marland     COPP Elizabeth   Peters Marland Mar/24/1807 banns Willaim Short (none)
HUTCHINGS Daniel Peters Marland     SHORT Susanna   Peters Marland Mar/21/1807 banns Daniel Hutchings William Short
BENNET John Peters Marland     LONGMAN Mary   Peters Marland May/18/1807 banns Samuel Ford William Short
SQUIRE Michael St.Giles     FORD Sally   Peters Marland Jul/26/1807 banns Samuel Ford William Short
COPP Samuel Peters Marland     BOWES Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jul/30/1807 banns JohnCopp  
MILLMAN William sojourner     RICHARDS Mary   Peters Marland May/13/1808 banns Samuel Copp William Nancievill
STEVENS John Peters Marland     SARGENT Susanna   Peters Marland Feb/14/1809 banns John Sargent William Short
BALSDON Richard sojourner     HERVEY Mary   Peters Marland Mar/29/1809 banns William Mitchell William Short
BUSE George Peters Marland     CHIDSLEY Catherine   Peters Marland Jul/4/1809 banns William Base William Short
WHITLOCK William Peters Marland     HUTCHINGS Sarah   Peters Marland Aug/12/1810 banns Thoams Whitlock William Short
TAUNTON William Jr Peters Marland     FORD Betty   Peters Marland Jan/9/1811 banns Samuel Ford Michael Squire
THORNE Francis Peters Marland     HOLMAN Ann   Peters Marland Feb/6/1811 banns John Dennis Richard Smale
BEWES Thomas Peters Marland     ROPER Ann   sojourner Mar/26/1811 banns William Bewes William Short
HUTCHINGS Samuel Peters Marland yeoman   YEO Charity   Peters Marland May/10/1811 license William Copp John Ayre
BEWES William Peters Marland     CYPHERY Sarah   Peters Marland Jun/12/1811 banns William Bewes William Short
LUXTON George Peters Marland     MITCHELL Ann   Peters Marland Dec/17/1811 banns James Stacey Samuel Mitchell
FORD Samuel Peters Marland     BALKWILL Elizabeth   Peters Marland Jul/28/1812 banns John Balkwill John Tanton
BROOK William Peters Marland     BALKWILL Mary   Peters Marland dc/3/1812 banns John Ward John Balkwill
LUXTON Samuel Peters Marland     REED Mary   Peters Marland Dec/29/1812 banns John Luxcon James Vanstone
BALKWILL John Peters Marland smith   TITHERLEY Dorothy   Langtree 1759 banns only      
KELWAY Matthew Little Torrigton     BLAKE Elizabeth   Peters Marland 1761 banns only      
CLEMMETT William Peters Marland     PENHORWOOD Frances   Frithelstock 1761 banns only      
VODDEN Robert Peters Marland     GREGORY Anne   Peters Marland 1767 banns only      
THOMAS John Peters Marland     MARSHALL Susanna   Dolton 1772 banns only      
THOMAS William Littleham     PIPER Joanna   Peters Marland 1773 banns only      
BENNET Ananais Peters Marland     SQUIRE Mary   ? 1779 banns only      
PELLIFANT William Peters Marland     PERRYN Anne   Merton 1782 banns only      

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005