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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

3. The following poem, undated but perhaps from about 1750, is found in the register:

this is my book
where in my name is set
when I am dead and rotten
so that I should remembered be or else should be forgotten
--Thomas Bowhay
HUTCHINGS Samuel Robert       Apr/23/1615  
HANCOCK Anne Degory       Jul/2/1615  
PIPER ? Joseph Edward       Jul/30/1615 [could be Edmund]
BOWHEY Joha ? [Daughter] John       Oct/3/1615  
CROCKER Mary [base]   Jane   Nov/12/1615  
WHITEYARD Phillip Robert       Dec/17/1615  
MOYSE Joane Joseph       Dec/18/1615  
DUBE ? Joseph & Anne [base]   Elizabeth   Jan/12/1615  
BOWZE Phillip [daughter] Thomas       1615 illegible  
PERKIN Sylvanus William       Mar/24/1615  
VENT Josiah ? Thomas       Mar/24/1615  
VENT John John       Jun/22/1616  
FORTESCUE Elizabeth Hugh       Sep/8/1616  
HEARNE Thomasine John       Dec/12/1616  
LANGE John Christopher       Feb/1616  
CUDMORE [daughter] William       1617  
OSBORNE Juliana Thomas       1617  
HANCOCK [son] Degory       1617  
FORTESCUE Robert Hugh, Esq?       1617  
PERKIN Anne William       ?sep1617  
BOWER John John       ?sep1617  
GREGORY [daughter] John       Nov/16/1617  
RISEEN Joha ? [Daughter] Thomas       Nov/26/1617  
GREGORIE Sarah Anthony       Dec/13/1617  
HEARNS Grace Robert       Jan/1/1617  
GILLARD ? John John       Mar/8/1617  
WHITEYARD Leonarde Robert       Mar/22/1617  
BOWHEY Elizabeth Thomas       Apr/10/1618  
HUTCHINGS Mary [base]   Kathrine ?   Sep/6/1618  
COLBOURNE Charitie Anthony       Dec/27/1618  
FORTESCUE Joha ? [Daughter] Hugh       Jan/17/1618  
HEARNE Thomas John       Feb/21/1618  
GREGORIE Hannah Anthony       Feb/24/1618  
PIPER Thomas Edmund       Apr/4/1619  
CAWMAN Phillippe Henry       Apr/5/1619  
BOWHEY John Thomas       1619  
OSBORNE Rebecca Thomas       1619  
DUDMOORE [daughter] Jonas       1619  
FORTESCUE [daughter] Hugh       1619  
PULLEN Thomas John       1619  
GOODWIN [son] William       1620  
VENTON [daughter] John       1620  
BOWHEY Margery John       1620  
SEASE [daughter] Henry       1620  
OSBORNE Robert Thomas       Oct/22/1621  
GREGORY Rebecca John       Mar/29/1621  
HEARNE Bridgett John       Apr/22/1621  
FORTESCUE Hugh Hugh       May/20/1621  
POYNE ? Christopher James       Jun/24/1621  
PERKIN Mary William       Aug/16/1621  
SCAPE ? Joane Henry       Sep/15/1621  
HEMAN Anne John       Sep/28/1621  
COLBAMEN? [none] daughter ?       Oct/10/1621  
LITTLETON Phillippe John       Dec/1/1621  
PIP ? Anne Edmund       Feb/17/1621  
HEARNE Johan Robert       May/12/1622  
LANGE George Christopher       Jun/9/1622  
CUDMOOR Leond Jonas       Aug/20/1622  
BENSE Love [daughter] JOhn       Aug/22/1622  
HEARNE John John       Oct/2/1622  
OSBOURNE Lewes Thomas       Nov/22/1622  
VENTON Josuah John       Dec/23/1622  
FORTESCUE Arthur Hugh       1622  
SCAMPE John Henry       1622  
HUTCHINGS ? Son Robert       Feb/1622  
HEMAN Sarah John       Jun/1/1623  
LOBBET William John       Aug/17/1623  
HEMAN Anne John       1623  
YEO Elizabeth John       1623  
FORTESCUE Mary Hugh       Mar/30/1624  
CUDMORE Jane Anthony       Jul/4/1624  
TAWMAN Joane Henry       Jul/11/1624  
DILLAND Robert John       1624  
WHITEYARD Anne Robert       Sep/30/1624  
POYNES Grace James       Oct/31/1624  
SCAMPE Anne Henry       Nov/?/1624  
SCOTT Thomas Leonard       Apr/29/1625  
COTES Thomas Robert       May/6/1625  
CUDMMORE Thomas John       1625  
LILLIE ? Elizabeth Mathew       Jun/1625  
HUTCHINGS John Henry     of Lankey Feb/1625  
HUTCHINGS Hannah Thomas       1625  
HEMAN William Thomas       Nov/1625  
FRAYNE Wilmott Thomas       1625  
PERKIN John German       1625  
FORTESCUE Margarett Hugh       1625  
LITTLETON John John       1625  
HEARNE Grace John       Apr/23/1626  
GREGORY Philip John       Sep/22/1626  
BOWHEYS Christopher Thomas       Oct/8/1626  
CUDMORE Henry Jonas       Dec/3/1626  
THOMAS Thomas John       Dec/26/1626  
LILLIE Mary Mathew       Feb/4/1626  
SCAMPE George Henry       Mar/4/1626  
CUDMOOR Elizabeth John       Apr/4/1627  
SCOTT John Leonard       Apr/22/1627  
LADER Patience [base]   Edith ?   Apr/24/1627  
FORTESCUE Joseph Hugh       May/13/1627  
VENTON John John       Jul/22/1627  
GALE Margarett John       Jul/29/1627  
RUTON John John       Jul/22/1627  
HUTCHINGS John John       Oct/12/1627  
BEFORD Thomasine John       Oct/11/1627  
PERKIN Robert German       1627  
DENFORD Samuel Stephen       1627  
COLBORNE Henry Anthony       1627  
HEMAN Margarett John       Dec/2/1627  
HEARD Robert Joseph ?       1627  
SHOPP Henry Richard       Apr/1628  
FORTESCUE Edmund Hugh       Jun/2/1628  
THORNE [base] Sapiens [daughter]   Agnes   1628  
TAYLOR Anne John       Aug/8/1628  
PERKIN Emma Thomas       Oct/1628  
THOMAS John John       Feb/20/1628  
BOWHEY Thomas Thomas       Feb/22/1628  
CUDMOORE Joane John       1628  
HEARNE Mary John       1628  
GREGORY Anne John       1628  
POYNES James James       Jul/19/1628  
FORTESCUE Samuel Hugh       1629  
WITHER Elizabeth Hugh       juh/24/1629  
BEFORD Joan Stephen       Feb/21/1629  
SCAPE Margery Henry       Mar/14/1629  
HUTCHINGS Tobias Christopher       Mar/21/1629  
SCOTT Sidrach Leonard       Jul/25/1630  
MARCH John John       Aug/8/1630  
HEMAN Winnifred John       Oct/17/1630  
HEARNE Joseph Joachim       Jan/1/1630  
PERKIN John Henry       Jan/23/1630  
BOWHEY Robert Thomas       Feb/7/1630  
LOUE James John       Mar/13/1630  
HEARNE Bridgett John       May/22/1631  
PERKIN Thomas Thomas       Jun/1631  
WITHER Walter Hugh       Jul/4/1631  
CUDMOORE [daughter] John       Jul/24/1631  
VIGURNES John Nicholas       Sep/7/1631  
TAWMAN Mary Faulk ?       Feb/25/1631  
THOMAS Lewes John       Jun/10/1632  
HOO Anne Henry       Aug/19/1632  
FRAYNE Samuel Thomas       Aug/26/1632  
HUTCHINGS John Christopher       Sep/6/1632  
MARTEN ? John John       1632  
BEFORD Margery John       1632  
SCOTT Phillippa Leonard       Oct/12/1632  
LOBELAND Anne John       Oct/21/1632  
CAREW ? Richard and Alexander Alexander       Oct/28/1732  
PERKIN Henry Henry       Jan/27/1632  
HEMAN Grace John       Jan/27/1632  
HARRIS John Tobais       Mar/3/1632  
HUTCHINGS Phillippa Henry       1632  
BOWHEY Lidia Thomas       Mar/11/1633  
KEENE John Philip       May/12/1633  
VENTON Agnes Thomas, Jr.       Jun?/1633  
TUKE John George       Jul/14/1633  
HEARNE Samuel Joachim       Sep/20/1633  
CAREW Johan [dau] Alexander       Nov/12 or 17/1633  
FRAYNE Thomas Thomas       Nov/29/1633  
AXFORD Henry Thomas       Jan/19/1633  
TAWMAN Annie Faulk ?       Mar/16/1633  
LUCY John John       Jul/8/1634  
CUDMOOR Anne John       Jul/20/1634  
VIIGUERS Joane NIcholas       Aug/21/1634  
PERKIN Dorothy Thomas       Aug/24/1634  
BISHOPP John Richard       Oct/5/1634  
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Christopher       Nov/9/1634  
HUTCHINGS Mary Gabriel       Nov/12/1634  
FRAYNE Joseph Thomas       Nov/16/1634  
TUKE Grace George       Nov/16/1634  
CAREW Bridgett Alexander       Nov/18/1634  
ELLIS Anne Thomas       Dec/7/1634  
WHOO Samuel Henry       Jan/15/1634  
WAY Sarah Anthony       Feb/29/1634  
SCOTT Leonarde Leonard       Mar/1/1634  
ROGERS John Edward       Mar/1/1634  
WHITEYARD Phillippa William       Mar/18/1634  
MOYSE Joan John       Mar/30/1635  
SMALE Ann George       Apr/7/1635  
FRIENDSHIP Joseph William       Mar/19/1635  
DENFORD William JOhn       May/24/1635  
PARNACOTT Joan and Ann Joseph       Jun/3/1635  
TAWMAN Edward [base]   Rebecca   Jul/2/1635  
AXFORD Anne Thomas       Jul/19/1635  
JOHNS Agnes [base]   Phillis   Aug/9/1635  
THORNE Phillippa John       Aug/16/1635  
HUTCHINGS Samuel John       Oct/20/1635  
GLOWEN Thomas Simon       Nov/15/1635  
WAY Sara Michael       Jan/22/1635  
PERKIN Elizabeth Henry       Apr/3/1636  
PILLABEN John John       Apr/18/1636  
CUDMORE Mary Jonas       Apr/24/1636  
TAWMAN Henry Falke       May/22/1636  
MITCHELL Thomazine Michael       May/29/1636  
ROLLE Henry Samuel       Aug/11/1636  
CUDMOOR Em [dau] John       Aug/28/1636  
SMALE Thomas George       Sep/20/1636  
DENFORD Thomas John       Sep/28/1636  
VENTON Elizabeth Thomas       Oct/16/1636  
WHITEFIELD Winnifried William       Oct/23/1636  
KEENE Priscilla Philip       Nov/6/1636  
PENROSE Margarett Henry       Nov/13/1636  
ELLIS Edward Thomas       Nov/27/1636  
GLOWEN Hannah Symon       Jan/22/1636  
FRAYNE John and Thomas Thomas       Feb/12/1636  
HOO Sara Henry       Feb/12/1636  
HEMAN Elizabeth John       Mar/19/1636  
MOYSE Joan John       Mar/12/1636  
GREGORY Priscilla John rector of Meeth     Apr/11/1637  
SCOTT Joseph Leonard       May/28/1637  
PARNACOTT Robert and Phillippa Joseph       May/29/1637  
LITTLETON John Robert       Jun/3/1637  
MARTIN William John     of ...hampton? [summer]1637  
HUTCHINGS Phillip Christopher       1637  
WAY Elizabeth Michael       Jan/4/1637  
HANCOCK ? Petronell Samuel       Mar/20/1637  
FRIENDSHIP Elizabeth William       Mar/26/1638  
SCOTT Joseph Leonard       Jun/3/1638  
MICHELL Sara Michael       Jun/17/1638  
ROLLE Dennis Samuel       Sep/30/1638  
PERKIN Roger Henry       Oct/7/1638  
MOYSE John John       Oct/7/1638  
GREGORIE Mary John rector of Meeth     Nov/6/1638  
WHITEFIELD Henry William       Nov/12/1638  
ROGERS Joan Edward       Nov/18/1638  
TAWMAN Susan Faulk ?       Dec/9/1638  
FRAYNE Mary JOhn       Dec/13/1638  
AXFORD Henry Thomas       Dec/16/1638  
PENROSE Thomasine Henry       Jan/20/1638  
PALMER James Henry       Feb/3/1638  
ELLIS Anthony Thomas       Feb/17/1638  
DEFORD Joan John       Mar/3/1638  
HEMAN Urith ? John       Apr/15/1639  
FRAYNE Henry Thomas       par/16/1639  
CUDMOOR Henry John       Jun/2/1639  
WHITEYEAR Leonard Walter       Jun/2/1639  
VETON Thomas Thomas       Jun/16/1639  
BAKE Joan Robert       Jun/30/1639  
TUKE Samuel George       Oct/6/1639  
GLOWAN Emanuell Symon       Nov/1639  
MOYSE Ann John       Feb/23/1639  
ROLLE William Samuel       Mar/6/1639  
LENOR Mary John       Mar/22/1639  
SCOTT Walter Leonard       Mar/29/1640  
LITTLETON Samuel Robert       Apr/5/1640  
FRIENDSHIP Robert William       Apr/26/1640  
PARNACOTT Joseph Joseph       Jun/22/1640  
PILLABEN Margarett John       Aug/16/1640  
TAWMAN Honor Falke       Sep/16/1640  
GREGORY John John       Oct/21/1640  
LEACH Deborah Richard       Nov/6/1640  
WAY James Michael       Nov/8/1640  
FRAYNE Emm JOhn       Jan/10/1640  
HANCOCK [son-illegible] Samuel       Jan/13/1640  
BAKER Phillippa Robert       Feb/17/1640  
BRAY Christian [dau] John       Feb/14/1640  
ELLIS Mary Thomas       Mar/17/1640  
ROLLE Mary Samuel       Mar/17/1640  
PENROSE John Henry       Mar/21/1640  
MOYSE John John       Apr/22/1641  
WHITFIELD Ambrose [illegible]       Sep/19/1641  
BUWMAN Mary [base]   Jane   Sep/24/1641  
FRAYNE Mary Thomas       Sep/26/1641  
CUDMOOR Martha John       Dec/5/1641  
VENTON Samuell Thomas       Jan/30/1641  
ADAMS Leonard and Susan Leonard       Feb/13/1641  
AXFORD Samuel and John Thomas       Mar/27/1642  
ROGERS Abraham and Fanck Apr/7/1642          
[illegible] Mary Joseph     of Buckland Filleigh Apr/1642  
STEEVENS John JOhn       1642  
DENFORD Steven Steven       1642 [very faded]
BRAY [daughter] John       1642 [very faded]
TOOK [daughter] John       1642 [very faded]
LITTLETON [son] [illegible]       1642 [very faded]
HELE [son] [illegible]       1642 [very faded]
FRIENDSHIP James William       Apr/16/1643  
PARNACOTT [illegible] Joseph       Apr/19/1643  
MOYSE [daughter] John       Apr/30/1643  
BAKER ? Richard Robert       May/1643  
BAKER Samuel Jonas       May/14/1643  
HUTCHINGS Sara JOhn       May/3/1643  
PENROSE Joane Henry       Jul/16/1643  
LANGDON Roger ? John       Jul/16/1643  
AXFORD Zenobia Thomas       Sep/3/1643  
FRAYNE? FRAMIL ? Joane John       Sep/26/1643  
FRAMIL ? FRAYNE? Sara Thomas       Dec/26/1643  
BURRMAN Jane Emott       Jan/6/1643  
GLOWAN Edward Simon       Jan/16/1643  
ADAMS Mary Lawerence       Jan/16/1643  
HUTCHINGS John John       Apr/24/1644 gent.
BROOKE Susan Richard     of Buckland Filleigh Jun/24/1644  
CUDMOOR Mary Edward       Jun/30/1644  
WAY William Michael       Jul/14/1644  
BAKER Elizabeth Jonas       Jul/15/1644  
MARCOMB Elizabeth Emmanuel       Oct/27/1644  
SOUTHWOOD Joseph Josias       Jan/12/1643  
LITTLETON Joan Robert       Jan/19/1644  
BOWHEY Margarett John       Jan/28/1644  
RAWLIEGH Susan John       Jan/28/1644  
SLOKE Hester Benjamin       Feb/2/1644  
MOYSE George John       Apr/27/1645  
ADAMS Susan Lawerence       May/9/1645  
HEARD Alice Leonard       Jun/22/1645  
BEARS HEARS Mabella Daniel       Jun/22/1645  
HELE Willmot Robert       Jul/13/1645  
SHEPEARD Mary [base]   Isott ?   Jul/15/1645  
FRAYNE Thomas John       Jul/29/1645  
MORCOMB Ruth Emmanuel       Feb/12/1645  
BURNUM Mary Emott       Feb/19/1645  
RAWLEY Joseph John       1645  
AXFORD Elizabeth Thomas       1645  
HEMAN John [base]   Ann   1645  
BAKER Grace Robert       Mar/21/1645  
FRAYNE Benjamin John       Mar/28/1646  
DENFORD Samuell Steven ?       Aug/9/1646  
ROLLE Samuel Robert       Nov/1646 & of Arabella, the daughter of the E. of Lincoln [?] was bapt in Common Yalton[?] church
GLOWAN Elizabeth Simon       Jan/13/1646  
BOYD Samuel [no name]       1646  
MOYSE John John       May/23/1647  
MORCOMBE Judeth Emanuell       Jun/20.1647  
CUDMOORE Mary John       Aug/?/1647  
PEARS Samuell Daniel       Sep/19/1647  
BOWHEY Elizabeth John       Dec/14/1647  
VIGUERS Mary NIcholas       Jan/7/1647  
DENFORD Mary Steven       Jan/16/1647  
FRAYNE Sara John       Jan/17/1647  
HELE Lewes Robert       Jan/24/1647  
BAKER Martha Robert       Feb/2/1647  
CLIFF William John       Feb/17/1647  
BRAY John John       Feb/17/1647  
LITTLESTAR John John, Jr     of Berry Feb/1647  
CLOK Anthony Benjamin       Apr/4/1648  
ROLLE Bridgett Robert       May/3/1648  
HEARNED Henry John       May/11/1648  
SHEER Honor John       May/23/1648  
HEARND Eunice Lewes       Oct/3/1648  
TOMS Jane William     of Buckland Jun/27/1648  
PERKINS Thomas Henry       Jan/9/1648  
FRAYNE James Thomas       Jan/12/1648 or Dec/4/1648  
ROLLE Robert Robert, esq       Jul/3/1649  
HANCOCK Susan Samuel       Jul/23/1649  
LANGDON Elizabeth Roger, Mr.       Oct/2/1649  
WAY Joseph Michael       Nov/23/1649  
AXFORD Thomas Thomas       Nov/26/1649  
CLIFF Samuel William       Dec/6/1649  
BR ? Mary Danyel       Feb/12/1649  
RAWLEY Mary John       Feb/18/1649  
BAKER Thomas Robert       Apr/29/1650  
HEARN John Lewes       May/4/1650  
LITTLEWORTH? Elizabeth John       Jun/22/1650  
HUTCHINGS John John     of... Jul/6/1650 of...
MORCOMBE Henry & Ann Emanuell       Jul/29/1650  
FRAYNE Rebecca John       Sep/3/1650  
GLOWEN Elizabeth William       Jan/28/1650  
HEARD Robert Leonard       Mar/11/1650  
GLOWEN Willmot Symon       Apr/13/1651  
KEENE Thomazine Giles ?       Jul/13/1651  
DENFORD David Stephen       Aug/17/1651  
HUTCHINGS Henry John     of ..arleigh Nov/2/1651  
CLOK Grace Benjamin       Nov/16/1651  
LANGDON Frances Roger, Mr.       Feb/15/1651  
FRAYNE Stephen Thomas       Feb/19/1651  
ROLLE Margarett Robert, esq       Mar/3/1651  
PERKIN John Henry       May/4/1652  
AXFORD Elizabeth Thomas       May/30/1652  
LITTLETON Thomas John the younger       Jul/11/1652  
MORCOMBE George Emmanuel       Aug/17/1652  
HANCOCK Margarett Samuel       Feb/13/1652  
HUTCHINGS Thomas John     of Varleigh May/22/1653  
ADAMS Lawerence Lawerence       Jul/17/1653  
THORNE Joan Emmanuel       Aug/23/1653  
OSBORNE Margery Lewes       Dec/25/1653  
FRAYNE John John       Jan/1/1653  
ARENE ? Thomas Edward       Jan/8/1653  
THORNE Mary Thomas       Feb/12/1653  
EO.. Nathaniel Nathaniel       Feb/19/1653 son of N, of Huish, deceased
KEENE John Giles       Mar/26/1654  
MORCOMBE Elizabeth Emmanuel       Apr/23/1654 [not sure of surname]
ROLLE Arabella Robert, esq       Apr/27/1654  
SOUTHARD Elizabeth William       May/7/1654  
LITTLTON Mary John, Jr       Jun/4/1654  
HUTCHINGS Ann John       Aug/17/1654  
DENFORD Margarett Stephen       Sep/3/1654  
WHITE John John       Oct/?/1654  
HEARNE Grace Lewis ?       Nov/16/1654  
HEARNE Grace Lewis   Ann   Apr/28/1663  
PUNCHARD Christian [dau] John   Agnes   May/18/1663  
CORNISH Margarett Alexander   Sarah   Jul/7/1663  
HUTCHINGS Joane John   Amy   Jul/20/1663  
HUTCHINGS John John   Margaret   Sep/22/1663  
THORNE Sarah Emmanuel   Charity   Jan/18/1663  
GREGORY Phillip Robert   Joane   Feb/16/1663  
PILLERN Daniel Robert   Ann   Mar/25/1664  
CLOAKE Elizabeth Benjamin   Rebekah   Apr/11/1664  
HUTCHINGS Martha Samuel   Agnes   Apr/19/1664  
FRANE Margery Samuel   Frances   May/25/1664  
DIMCOMBE Anne Anthony   Joane   Jul/26/1664  
BOWHAY David David   Priscylla   Sep/18/1664  
GOULD Elizabeth John   Sarah   Nov/2/1664  
THORNE Joseph Thomas   Joan   Jan/22/1664  
FRIDHAM ? Samuel William   Bridgett   Mar/14/1664  
BOWHAY John Christopher   Susan   Feb/24/1662  
HUTCHINGS Mary John   Margaret   Nov/14/1664  
PUNCHARD Robert John   Agnes   Apr/14/1665  
BOWHAY John John   Martha   Apr/16/1665  
BOWHAY Thomas Christopher   Susan   May/9/1665  
WHITE Samuel John   Philipa   May/4/1665  
HUTCHINGS Amey John   Amey   Nov/2/1665  
ROLLE Mary Dennis   Jane   Dec/1/1665  
CORNISH Anthony Alexander   Susan   Feb/27/1665  
HUTCHINGS Mary Samuel   Agnes   Feb/27/1665  
FRIENDSHIP Wiliam Joseph   Grace   Mar/28/1666  
HUTCHINGS Deborah John, gent.       Jul/12/1666  
CROCKER Mary James       Jul/3/1666  
TOMBE Elizabeth Sampson       Jul/31/1666  
GREGORY Robert Robert       Dec/12/1666  
PERKIN Lydiah Henry       Dec/31/1666  
DENFORD Joane Stephen       Mar/3/1666  
FRAN ? Joane Thomas       Jun/6/1667  
ROGERS John John       Apr/2/1667  
ROLLE Margarett Dennis       Apr/29/1667  
GORFORD John John       Jun/23/1667  
BOWHAY Christopher Christopher       Jun/18/1667  
HANCOCK Joane Samuel       Dec/23/1667  
FRAIN Mary Samuel       Jan/23/1667  
STOYLE Ruth Thomas       Jan/28/1667  
HUTCHINGS John Samuel   Agnes   Mar/12/1667  
HILLAVEN Thomasine Robert       Aug/12/1667  
TOMBE Joane Sampson       Mar/17/1667  
SQUANCE John Edmond       Oct/3/1667  
BOWHAY Thomas David   Priscylla   Oct/20/1667  
WAY Michael James       Jan/5/1668  
TRACE margery Thomas       Jan/7/1668  
CORNISH Alexander Alexander       Feb/9/1668  
PRYDAM William Willliam       Feb/11/1668  
FRIENDSHIP Thomas & Robert Joseph       Feb/7/1668  
ROLLE Samuel Dennis       bapt. Mar/21/1668 born Mar 6th, 1668
ROLLE Dennis Dennis       Bapt Mar/30/1670 born Mar/23/1669
BOWHAY Ann Christopher       May/4/1669  
PIDDESLY [daughter] John       May/11/1669  
FINNEMOORE Thomas Thomas       Jun/1/1669  
HOOPER Gulielmus [william?] Edmonde       Aug/3/1669  
HANCOCK Samuel Samuel       Mar/29/1670  
TRACE Jane Thomas       May/10/1670  
FRAINE Samuel Samuel       Jul/19/1670  
HUTCHINGS Parhel ? Samuel       Dec/8/1670  
BOND Thomas Thomas       Jan/2/1670  
CLOAKE Margaret Anthony       Feb/3/1670 [mother-Judeth was crossed out]
BOWHAY Faith Christopher       Feb/28/1670  
ROLLE Jane Dennis       was born Jul/10/1671  
PIDDESLY Elizabeth John       Jun/20/1671  
SQUANCE Mary Edmond       Jun/25/1671  
WEY Mary James       Sep/12/1671  
DENFORD John Stephen       Dec/5/1671  
PRIDAM Richard William       Mar/14/1671  
TRACE Mary Thomas       Apr/22/1672  
BASTARD Emmelin Thomas       May/1/1672  
PERKIN Christopher John       Jun/9/1672  
HUTCHINGS Samuel Samuel       Jul/8/1672  
BOWHAY Thomas Thomas       Jul/9/1672  
? Mary Samuel , Jun       Jul/1672  
TOMBS John Sampson       Oct/15/1672  
FRAINE Thomas Samuel       Nov/5/1672  
STOYLE Thomas Thomas       Dec/31/1672  
HOOPER Hieronimius Edmond       Jan/14/1672  
FINNIMOOR John Thomas       Jan/15/1672  
HI... Elizabeth William       Jun/8/1672 [remainder of name torn off]
DENFORD Samuel Stephen       Sep/28/1669  
GREGORY Samuel Robert       Oct/23/1669  
BOWHAY Grace Thomas       Dec/30/1669  
PERKIN Joane Henry       Jan/25/1669  
BOWHAY Christopher Christopher       Feb/4/1672  
HELE Leonard John       Mar/15/1672  
CORNISH Sarah Alexander       Jul/29/1673  
REGLE Frances John       Aug/5/1673  
MARTIN Richard Richard       Aug/29/1673  
PIPER Thomas James       Nov/4/1673  
AXFORD Anne Henry       Nov/18/1673  
SQUANCE Joseph Edmond       Nov/27/1673  
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Samuel       Dec/11/1673  
BASTARD Margery Thomas       Mar/3/1673  
PIDLEY Joane John       Mar/19/1673  
CLOAK Ann Anthony       Sep/29/1673  
TRACE Thomas Thomas       Apr/26/1674  
TOM Thomas Sampson       Jun/12/1674  
PERKIN Henry John       Jul/28/1674  
HANCOCK Anne Samuel       Oct/27/1674  
PARNACOT Anne Joseph   Katherine   Jan/19/1674  
SHEERS Honour John   Elizabeth   Jan/25/1674  
PETT Margret John   Grace   Jan/25/1674  
HELE Thomas John       Feb/11/1674  
FINNEMOORE Prudence Thomas       Apr/6/1675  
BOWHAY Thomas Thomas       May/25/1675  
LITTLETON John John       Jun/22/1675  
HOOPER Johannes Edmond       Jun/23/1675  
DIMENT William John       Sep/7/1675  
YOULDON Mary Thomas       Oct/5/1675  
PIPER William James       Dec/7/1675  
WHITE Robert [base]   Mary   Dec/19/1675  
STOYLE Henry Thomas       Dec/28/1675  
HAWKINS John Thomas       Feb/29/1675  
CLOKE Benjamin Anthony       Mar/2/1675  
REGLE Gabriel [son] John       Apr/6/1676  
BOWHAY Joshua Christopher       Apr/11/1676  
HANCOCK Sarah [base]   Margaret   Apr/23/1676  
DAVY Thomasine Philip       Apr/25/1676  
HANCOCK John Thomas       Sep/19/1676  
FRAIN Ananias Samuel       Sep/26/1676  
GORDON Florens [daugh] Thomas       Oct/23/1676  
PARNACOT Joseph Joseph       Dec/28/1676  
MOYES John John       Jan/31/1676  
YOULDON Henry Thomas       Feb/24/1676  
SQUANCE Edith Edmond       Mar/20/1676  
PERKIN Mary John       Apr/24/1677  
BRAGG Dorothy John       Jun/11/1677  
HANCOCK Deborah Samuel       Jun/17/1677  
LITTLETON Thomas John       Sep/25/1677  
TRACE Thomas Thomas       Nov/13/1677  
PERKIN Susanna Thomas       Nov/?/1677  
GORDON Florens [daugh] Thomas       Dec/3/1677  
AXFORD Henry Thomas       Dec/4/1677  
GREGORY John Philip       Feb/7/1677  
PADDON Mary Ralf       Feb/12/1677  
MOYES William John       Feb/19/1677  
BOWHAY David Thomas       Mar/25/1678  
HANCOCK John Thomas       Apr/9/1678  
BASTARD John Thomas       Apr/19/1678  
PIPER John James       May/21/1678  
AXFORD Joane Henry       Jul/9/1678  
HUTCHINGS Sarah Samuel       Oct/11/1678  
PETT John John       Oct/15/1678  
SUROTT Richard Richard       Oct/24/1678  
WHITE Joane William       Nov/12/1678  
YOULDON Philip Thomas       Dec/31/1678  
STOYLE Mary Thomas       Dec/31/1678  
MOYSE Charity John       Feb/16/1678  
HELE Mary John       Apr/24/1679  
CLOAKE Rebeccah Anthony       Jun/10/1679  
HAWKINS Thomas Thomas       Jun/23/1679  
PIPER James James       Aug/30/1679  
WEY Sarah James       Sep/21/1679  
MARTIN Jonas William       Sep/30/1679  
PARNACOT John Joseph       Nov/19/1679  
BRAGGE Frances John       Dec/2/1679  
LITTLETON Philip John       Dec/9/1679  
MOYSE James John       Dec/11/1679  
GOURDON Dorcas Thomas       Dec/16/1679  
HANCOCK Joanna Samuel       Mar/25/1680  
GREGORY Anthony Philip       Mar/30/1680  
YOULDON Leonard Thomas       Apr/11/1680  
VOGNELL Richard John       May/5/1680  
LIMBEER Richard Thomas       Jul/18/1680  
PERKIN David John       Nov/23/1680  
HUTCHINGS Nicholas & Philip Thomas       Dec/10/1680  
GOURDON Jane Thomas       Feb/22/1680  
NANCIVILL Mary Samuel       Mar/13/1680  
GAWMAN Martha Henry, Jr       Jun?/1681  
MOYSE Joseph John       Jun/7/1681  
PERKIN Daniel John       Oct/4/1681  
MARTIN Richard William       Oct/15/1681  
YOWLDON John Thomas       Dec/5/1681  
PIPER Rebeccah James       Jan/19/1681  
PERKIN Rebeccah Thomas       Jan/26/1681  
GAWMAN Margaret Lewis       Mar/8/1681  
LITTLETAR Christopher John       Mar/29/1682  
CLOKE Mary Anthony       Aug/1/1682  
VOGWELL Grace John       Sep/19/1682  
ARTHUR Richard [none]   Joan   Sep/19/1682  
GREGORY Joseph Philip       Sep/29/1682  
PYPER Henry Humphrey       Oct/3/1682  
PILLAVEN John John       Oct/25/1682  
PARNACOTT John Joseph       Nov/?/1682  
LITTLETAR John Charles       Dec/19/1682  
HANCOCKS Thomas Samuel       Dec/20/1682  
YOWLDON Emlin Thomas       Feb/4/1682  
WEY William & Sarah James       Feb/13/1682  
BOWHAY John John       Feb/19/1682  
GOURDON Daniel Thomas       Feb/20/1682  
MARTIN Ann William       Feb/27/1682  
NANSKIVILL JOhn Robert       Mar/23/1683  
LIMBEER William Thomas       Jul/26/1683  
SOUTHCOMBE Arthur John       Jan/8/1683  
GAWMAN Samuel Lewis       Feb/?/1683  
TUCKER Mary John       Feb/19/1683  
PILLAVEN John John       Feb/26/1683  
VODWILL Henry John       May/15/1684  
BASTARD Thomas Thomas       May/27/1684  
BROOKES Susannah Robert       May/27/1684  
PARKIN John Joseph       Oct/15/1684  
PARKIN George John       Oct/2/1684  
SURCOMBE John John       Dec/23/1684  
NANSKIVELL Robert Robert       Jan/18/1684  
STOYLE John Thomas       Jan/26/1684  
WHITE Samuel John, Jr       Feb/24/1684  
HUTCHINGS Martha Philip       Mar/12/1684  
PALMER Elizabeth John       Apr/1/1685  
CLOKE Priscilla Anthony       Jun/1/1685  
LITTLETAR Lewis John       Jun/2/1685  
LITTLETAR Elizabeth Thomas       Aug/4/1685  
NANSKIVILL Thomas Samuel       Oct/8/1685  
WEY Joseph James       Oct/17/1685  
RISDON John Joseph     of Buckland Filleigh Nov/23/1685  
TUCKER Francis John       Dec/15/1685  
MOYSE Elizabeth John       Dec/15/1685  
PILLAVEN Robert Henry       Dec/18/1685  
HORNDON William Thomas rector of this parish     Dec/31/1685  
MARTIN Elizabeth William       Dec/?/1685  
LEGG Martha Thomas       Jan/14/1685  
FRIENDSHIP James Joseph       Mar/8/1685  
WAY Margaret Joseph     of Buckland Filleigh Mar/23/1685  
DENFORD Benjamin Stephen       Mar/22/1686  
DENFORD David David       May/23/1686  
HEARNE Rahel John       Jun/7/1686  
GAWMAN Emlyn Lewis       Jun/25/1686  
PILLAVEN Jane John       Jul/7?/1686  
BROOKS Ann Robert       Sep/21/1686  
GREGORY Samuel Robert       Oct/10/1686  
WHITE William John, Jr       Dec/21/1686  
LAMBER Joan Thomas       Oct/5/1687  
STOYLE Samuel Thomas       Oct/27/1687  
HERNDEN Thomas Thomas rector of the parish     Oct/28/1687  
GORDING Marjery Thomas       Jan/29/1687  
RAWLEIGH William Joseph     of Buckland Filleigh Jan/23/1687  
HANCOCK Mary [base]   Joan   Jan/23/1687  
MARTIN Joan William       Jan/30/1687  
KNIGHT Richard John       Jan/31/1687  
FRIENDSHIP Joseph Joseph       Feb/14/1687  
PARKYN Sarah John mason     Feb/27/1687  
THORNE Anne John       Apr/3/1688  
GAWMAN Elizabeth Lewis       Apr/10/1688  
MOYSE Margaret John       Apr/29/1688  
LITTLETAR Eunice John       Jul/23/1688  
PILLAVEN Phillippe John       Aug/21/1688  
WHITE Priscilla John       Feb/2/1688  
PILLAVEN Mary Henry       Dec/18/1688  
BROOKS Margaret Robert       Feb/1688  
HAWKINGS Marjery Thomas       May/14/1689  
THORNE Sarah Joseph       May/28/1689  
NANSKEVILL Elizabeth Robert       Jun/25/1689  
HUTCHINGS Philip Philip       Aug/27/1689  
PILLAVEN Steven Edmond       Nov/5/1689  
STOYLE Bartholomew Thomas       Nov/25/1689  
LIMBER Thomas Thomas       Dec/10/1689  
PILLAVEN Margaret John       Mar/26/1690  
GOURDING James Thomas       Aug/10/1690  
WHITE Robert John, Jr       Feb/1/1690  
LITTLETAR Joan Thomas       Feb/2/1690  
PILLAVEN Rebekah Henry ?       Feb/24/1690  
RAWLEIGH Sarah Joseph     of Buckland Filleigh Apr?/6/1691  
MOYSE Robert ? John       May/4/1691  
HORNDON Mary Thomas       Jul/27/1691  
PA... Marjory John       Aug/2/1691  
GAWMAN Charity Lewis       Oct/?/1691  
HEARNE John John       Oct/16/1691  
GOWMAN [daughter] Lewis       1693  
PALMER [daughter] John       1693  
PILAVEN [son John       1693  
PILLAVEN Samuel Edward ?       1693  
LITTLETAR [daughter] ?       1693  
LIMBER [daughter] Thomas       1693  
PILLAVEN Susanna John ?       1693  
SURCOMBE Thomas ? John       Jan/27/1694  
PRIDHAM Mary Samuel       Feb/5/1694  
GREGORY Sarah Philip   Phebe   Jan/15/1694  
GAWMAN Mary Lewis husbandman Charity   May/29/1695  
THORNE Charity Joesph mason Mary   Jul/4/1695  
DOIDGE Jane Sampson miller Elizabeth   Aug/20/1695  
OSBORNE Elizabeth Thomas husbandman Elizabeth   Oct/8/1695  
KNIGHT Steven John taylour Ann   Oct/16/1695  
PILLAVEN Thomazine John day labourer Sisley   Feb/23/1695  
BRAGG Wiliam Rowland husbandman Prudence   Mar/25/1696  
BOWHAY Susanna John husbandman Mary   Apr/4/1696  
LEGG Rachel Thomas day labourer Gertrude   Apr/14/1696  
DENFORD Phillippa Steven day lab. In husbandry Joan   Jun/17/1696  
WHITE Leonard John, Jr   Penelope   Jul/5/1696  
PILLAVEN John Edmond day labourer in husbandry     Aug/27/1696  
ACKLAND Mary John day labourer in husbandry Mary   Mar/7/1696  
LITTLETAR Thomas Thomas tanner Alice   Mar/30/1697  
POUND Peter & Elizabeth Roger   Joan   Apr/27/1697  
SURCOMBE Ann John workeman Ann   Oct/6/1697  
LANGDON Robert Robert husbandman Charity   Nov/16/1697  
PRIDHAM Sarah Samuel husbandman Christian   Jan/19/1697  
STOYLE Richard Thomas workeman Martha   Feb/6/1697  
THORNE Joan Robert carpenter Susanna   Feb/9/1697  
OSBORNE Frances Thomas husbandman Elizabeth   Mar/20/1697  
PYPER Rebekah Thomas taylour Jane   Apr/5/1698  
HEARNE Katherine John yeoman Susanna   may22/1698  
LONGMAN JOhn John coachman Sarah   Jun/14/1698  
PILLAVEN Henry John workeman Sisley   Jul/24/1698  
KNIGHT Samuel John taylour Ann   Nov/16/1698 born Oct/20/1698
WARDEN William & Margaret [base] a foriegner Susanna   Oct/8/1698  
DOIDGE Wiliam Samford miller Elizabeth   Nov/29/1698 born Nov/17/1698
BOWHAY David Thomas yeoman Alice   Feb/2/1698  
PILLAVEN Edmond & William Edmond labourer Ann   Feb/26/1698  
BRAGG Elizabeth Rowland labourer in husbandry Prudence   Mar/23/1698  
TROTT Elizabeth [base]   Thomasine   Apr/30/1699  
BRAGG Thomas Edward   Jane   Jun/28/1699  
THORNE Joanna Joseph mason Mary   Jul-Aug/1699  
HUTCHINGS Charity John workeman Penelope   Aug/27/1699  
PRIDHAM Samuel Samuel husbandman Christian   Dec/28/1699 born Nov/17/1699
MITCHELL John John labourer Dorothy   Jan/2/1699  
PARKIN Ann Henry   Ann   Mar/20/1699 serv. of Heanton family
SURCOMBE Samuel John workeman Ann   May/20/1700  
HUTCHINGS John Joseph cordwayner Elinore   Jul/30/1700  
BRAGG [illegible] Edward   Jane   Nov/6/1700  
BOWHAY Mary Thomas yeoman Alice   May/15/1701  
THORNE Thomas Robert carpenter     May/27/1701  
MARTIN William [base]   Jane   May/27/1701  
PYPER Grace James, Jr   Margaret   Nov/12/1701 born Oct/30/1701
DOIDGE Elizabeth Samford   Elizabeth   Dec/9/1701 born Nov/21/1701
HUTCHINGS [illegible] Joseph       Mar/5/1702  
MITCHELL Henry & George John twins of a poore workman     Mar/19/1702  
GREGORY Mary John taylour Mary   Jun/8/1702  
PILLAVEN Elizabeth John? a groom and day labourer Sisley   Sep/14/1702 a poore labourer and sexton of parish
BRAGG Edward Edward   Jane   Dec/3/1702 born Nov 24
GORDON James Thomas carrier Sarah   Dec/7/1702  
PRIDHAM William Samuel husbandman Christian   Feb/4/1702 born Jan 8
MITCHELL Henry & Mary John groom and day labourer Deborah   Feb/6/1702 born Jan 29
MARTIN William [base]   Ann   Mar/9/1702  
WILLIAMS ? Ann Charles a sev of the Haynes? Mary   Mar/23/1702  
ACKLAND William John husbandman Mary   Mar/1702  
HINDY ? Honour Daniel soldier in her Majestys service Elizabeth   Apr/29/1703  
THORNE Elizabeth Joseph mason Mary   Oct/7/1703  
BOWHAY Thomas Thomas husbandman Alice   Oct/19/1703  
PYPER Rebekah John   Elizabeth   May/17/1704 born May/3/
MARTIN Thomas Richard   Emm   Jun/6/1704 born May 20
HUTCHINGS Mary Joseph   Ellinor   Jun/27/1704  
HINDES Daniel Daniel       Nov/2/1704  
DOIDGE Philip Sampson miller     Jan/1/1704  
PYPER John James taylour     Jan/7/1704  
THORN Joan Robert       Feb/6/1704 born Jan 17 preceding
GORDON Elizabeth Henry currier     Feb/7/1704  
PARNACOTT Joseph Joseph yeoman     Feb/13/1704  
HILLADAY Mary May Charles       Apr/27/1705  
BRAGG John Edward       May/1/1705  
BOWHAY Anne Richard       May/8/1705  
MITCHELL David John a poore day labourer     Jan/29/1705 born 16th preceding
MARTIN John Richard       Feb/4/1705  
BOWHAY Christopher Thomas   Margaret   Feb/17/1705 born day before
VANSTONE Samuel Samuel husbandman Susanna   Feb/20/1705 born Jan 30
HUTCHINGS Marjory John cordwayner     Feb/26/1705  
PARNACOTT Anne Joseph, Jun   Elizabeth   Mar/6/1705 born Feb/13/1705
PYPER James John       Apr/2/1706  
NANSKEVILL Samuel Thomas       Jun/19/1706 born May/31/1706
ROLLE Robert the honorable Samuel       Aug/21/1706  
BOWHAY John Thomas yeoman of Southill     Mar/19/1706  
BRAGG Edward William       Apr/15/1706  
THORN Joseph Robert   Susanna   Apr/30/1707  
DAVY Margaret Richard   Mary   Jul/8/1707  
WILLIAMS Jane Charles   Mary   Jul/3/1707  
GREGORY Philip Anthony husbandman Joan   Aug/29/1707  
PARNACOTT Mary Joseph, Junr       Oct/2/1707 born Sep/17 preceding
BOWHAY Rachell Thomas   Margaret   Nov/22/1707 born [illegible] preceding
DOIDGE Sampson Sampson miller     Feb/1707 born Jan/29 preceding
VANSTONE John Samuel   Susanna   Feb/25/1707 born 21st
MARTIN Elizabeth Richard   Emma   Mar/9/1707 born Feb/22/1707
HAYNES Thomasine and Honour Daniel   Elizabeth   Mar/30/1708 born 29th preceding
BOWHAYS Mary Thomas yeoman of Southill Alice   Jun/29/1708 born Jun/18
MITCHELL Joseph John   Dorothy   Jul/5/1708 born Jun/18
NANSKEVILL Susannah Thomas husbandman     Nov/8/1708 born Oct 20
SANDERS Elizabeth [base]   Elizabeth of Little Torr.   May/20/1709 bapt May/22
THORNE Robert Robert   Susanna   May/25/1709 bapt Jun/10
DOIDGE Thomasine Sampson   Elizabeth   Aug/10/1709 bapt 30th
PARNACOTT Samuel Joseph   Elizabeth   Sep/10/1709 bapt Oct/10
BRAGG Joanna Edward   Jane   Feb/16/1709 bapt 30th
NANSKEVILL Mary Robert   Frances   Dec/10/1709 bapt Jan/4
ROLLE Margaret Samuel, Esq       Jan/14/1709 bapt 26th
WILLIAMS Charles Charles   Mary   Mar/2/1709 bapt 16th
MARTIN Emm Richard   Emm   Mar/3/1709 bapt/21/
BOWHAY Agnes Thomas   Mary   Jul/5/1710 bapt next day
VANSTONE Katherine Samuel       Sep/8/1710 bapt Oct/30
GREGORY John Anthony       Nov/6/1710 bapt same day
PLUCKNUTT Richard [base]   Margaret   Jan/31/1711 bapt [illegible]
MITCHELL Anne John   Dorothy   ?/6/1711 bapt Apr/10
MOYSE Elizabeth Joseph   Katherine   Apr/26/1711  
ROLLE Arabella the honorable Samuel       May/20/1711 bapt. The 21st
NANSKEVILL John Robert   Frances   Oct/20/1711 bapt 23rd
PIPER Thomas James   Margaret   Nov/24/1711 bapt Dec 4th
GREGORY Anne Anthony   Joan   Jan/4/1711 bapt next day
PARNACOTT John Joseph   Elizabeth   Mar/23/1711 bapt Apr 16th
THORNE Susanna Robert   Susanna   Mar/30/1712 bapt Apr/29
WOOLACOTT John John   Mary   May/5/1712 bapt 15th
BOWHAY Susanna Thomas   Margaret   May/13/1712 bapt 27th
BRAGG Mary Edward   Jane   Jun/18/1712 baptjul/1
BOWHAY Elizabeth Thomas   Alice   Jul/8/1712 bapt 22nd
WILLIAMS John Charles   Mary   Jul/26/1712 bapt same day
BALFORD Emlin Thomas   Grace   Oct/22/1712 bapt Nov/19
SHORTE John Thomas   Elizabeth   Jan/20/1712 bapt Feb/2
MARTIN Richard Richard   Emlin   Feb/2/1712 bapt 26th
VANSTONE William Samuel   Susanna   Feb/21/1712 bapt Mar/10
MARTIN John Jonas   Honour   May/18/1713 bapt Jun 2nd
BOWHAY Elizabeth Thomas   Margaret   May/23/1713 bapt the 28th
MARTIN John Jonas   Honour   May/18/1713 bapt june, 2 the following
BOWHAY Elizabeth Thomas   Mary   May/23/1713 bapt 28th
KOVILL Anne [base]   Grace   Jun/5/1713 bapt 12th
PIPER Samuel John   Elizabeth   Aug/9/1713 bapt 23 following
MITCHALL Phillippa John   Dorothy   Aug/24/1713 bapt 28th
PARNACOTT Katherine Joseph   Elizabeth   Jan/5/1713 bapt 27th folowing
NANSKEVILL John John   Elizabeth   Feb/6/1713 bapt 23rd
FRIENDSHIP Joseph James   Priscilla   Feb/27/1713 bapt 17th march
GREGORY John Anthony   Jane   Apr/4/1714 bapt 18th following
COURTICE John Charles   Emm   Aug/19/1714 bapt 31 following
HALLOM Annejulia John   Mary   Sep/27/1714 bapt Oct/13
SHORTE William Thomas   Elizabeth   Nov/8/1714 bapt Dec/2/
NANSKEVILL Frances Robert   Frances   Nov/10/1714 bapt 30th
CORNISH John John   Mary   Jan/20/1714 bapt 9th of[blot] following
GILL Mary [base]   Mary   Mar/?/1715 bapt Apr 10th following
MARTIN Richard [base]   Joan   Sep/23/1715 bapt Oct/12
WILLIAMS Margaret Charles   Mary   Nov/4/1715 of Buck Fill, bapt 16th following
MITCHALL William John   Dorothy   Nov/20/1715 bapt Dec 6th
VANSTONE Mary Samuel   Susanna   Dec/15/11715 bap Jan/19/1715
MARTIN Phillip jonas   Honour   Mar/6/1715 bapt 20th following
WIVELL ? Nathaniel WIlliam     of Buckland Filleigh Jul/2/1716  
HALLOM John John       Jul/30/1716  
HAIN Mary [base]   Mary   Jul/30/1716  
NANSKEVILL Rebekah John   Elizabeth   Nov/30/1716 bapt Dec/26
GREGORY Mary Anthony   Joan   Jan/15/1716 bap 30th folowing  
FRIENDSHIP Mary James   Priscilla   Jun/10/1717 bapt 26th
MITCHALL Samuel John   Dorith   Jan/10/1717 bapt 22nd
[illegible] John John       Feb/1/1717  
BOWHAY Sarah Thomas   Margaret   Sep/10/1718 bapt 16th
NANSKEVILL Samuel [base]   Grace   Oct/10/1718 bapt Nov 9th
CORNISH Sarah John   Mary   Dec/2/1718 bapt the 3rd
PIPER Elizabeth John   Elizabeth   Dec/25/1718 bapt Jan 9
SHORT Thomas Thomas   Elizabeth   Jan/7/1718 bapt 9th
NANSKEVILL Mary Richard   [none given]   Feb/18/1718 bapt Mar 1st
WHITE Elizabeth William   Mary   Apr/27/1719 bapt May11
VENTON Anne Henry   Sarah   Jun/3/1719 bap Jun 14
VANSTONE James Samuel   [none given]   Jun/28/1719  
HEAMAN Rebecca William   Elizabeth   Aug/2/1719 bapt 19th
PILLAVEN John Samuel   Susanna   Sep/16/1719  
NANSKEVILL Henry John   Elizabeth   Sep/17/1719 bapt Oct 6
THORNE Thoams [base]   Charity   Jan/3/1719 bapt Jan 6th
BEAVON Isott [base]   Jane   Apr/19/1720 bapt 25th
DYER Benjamin [base]   Anne   May/26/1720 bapt Jun 13th
MARTIN Anna Jonas   Honour   Jun/27/1720 bapt Jul 10th
MILLMAN Daniel Daniel   Mary   Nov/12/1720 bapt same day
FORD Samuel Andrew   Sarah   Nov/14/1720 bapt Dec 4th
PILLAVON Edmund Samuel   Susanna   Dec/30/1720  
HEAMON John William   Elizabeth   Feb/1/1720  
ROCKHAY John Thomas   [none given] of Black Torrington Mar/12/1720  
DOIDGE Jane William   Mary   May/7/1721 bapt 29th
FRIENDSHIP Thomas James   Priscilla   May/13/1721 bapt 30th
GREGORY Susanna Anthony   Joan   May/24/1721  
WIVELL Joseph William   [none given]   May/31/1721 of Buck. Fill
MILLMAN Daniel Daniel   [none given]   Oct/27/1721 bapt same day
WOOLACOTT Rachel John   Mary   Dec/26/1721  
NANSKEVILL Jane Richard   Elizabeth   Jan/29/1721 bapt 30th
WHITE John William   Mary   Feb/16/1721  
NANSKEVILL William Robert   Frances   Apr/29/1722 born Sunday about two of the clock this afternoon & bapt May 17th
PILLAVON Samuel Samuel   Susanna   Jul/22/1722 bapt Aug 7th
PARKIN John George   Anne   Oct/3/1722  
VENTON Sarah Henry   Sarah   May/13/1722  
ROCKHY Susanna Thomas   [none given] of Black Torrington Nov/?/1722  
DENFORD Arthur David   Anne   Nov/24/1722 bap Dec/27
PILLAVON Mary William   Margaret   Jan/27/1722  
NANSKEVILL Henry [base]   Elizabeth   May/13/1723 bapt 26th
MARTIN Thomas Jonas   Grace   Sep/29/1723  
CLEMENT Mary [base]   Mary   Dec/15/1723  
WILLIAMS Charles Charles   [none given] of Buckland Filleigh Jan/23/1723  
BOWHAY Elizabeth David   Eunice   Jan/30/1723  
WHITE Samuel WIlliam   Mary   Mar/3/1723  
WILVELL Mary William   [none given] of Buckland Filleigh Nov/27/1723  
NANSKEVILL Robert John   Elizabeth   Apr/14/1724  
CORTISE Margaret Charles   Emm   Nov/12/1724  
PARNACOTT Joseph Joseph   Anne   Dec/27/1724  
HAWKES Elizabeth Peter   [none given]   Jun/14/1725  
FRIENDSHIP John James   Priscilla   Jun/29/1725  
PIPER Sarah John   Juddah   Aug/23/1725  
LIMBER Thomas Thomas   [none given]   Aug/23/1725  
VOGWILL John Henry   [none given]   Aug/27/1725  
WOOLACOTT William John   Mary   Sep/15/1725  
PARKIN John [base]   Susannah   Nov/21/1725  
HAYNES Joan Thomas   Mary   Jan/7/1725  
ROUTLEIGHY John Samuel   Elizabeth   Feb/6/1725  
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth George   Grace   Feb/12/1725  
LEWIS Elizabeth George   Rachel   Feb/12/1725  
WINDFIELD Elizabeth William   Jane   May/18/1726  
DOIDGE William William   Mary   May/31/1726  
LIMBER Thomas Thomas   Mary   Aug/1/1726 bapt the 31
HOLLINGS Robert Robert   Charity   Sep/21/1726  
WHITE Mary William   Mary   Oct/?/1726  
BOWHAY John David   Eunice   Nov/8/1726  
BUDD Daniel Daniel   [none given]   Nov/16/1726  
ADAMS John Nathaniel   [none given]   Nov/24/1726  
VOGWILL John and Joan Henry   Jane   Jan/12/1726  
PALMOOR John John   [none given]   Feb?/11/1726  
NANSKEVILL Arthur John   Elizabeth   Apr/26/1727  
PILLAVEN John Edmund   Elizabeth   May/11/1727  
MARTIN Honour Jonas   Grace   Jun/7/1727  
HUTCHINGS Frances George   Grace   Jun/14/1727  
TURNER Ann William   Sarah   Aug/21/1727  
HEARN Phillip John   Thomasin   Sep/8/1727  
DOIDGE Elenor Phillip   Jane   Jan/1/1727  
HAWKS John Peter   Joan   Jan/24/1727  
HAYNES Mary Thomas   Mary   Feb/2/1727  
CORTICE Charles Charles   Emm   Feb/7/1727  
VOGWILL Joan Henry   Jane   Mar/23/1727  
ROULEIGH Richard Samuel   Elizabeth   Oct/1/1728  
LIMBEAR Mary Thomas   Mary   Oct/9/1728 bapt 29th
WINFIELD Edward William   Jane   Dec/7/1728 bap the 31
HACKINGS John John   Mary   Jan/6/1728  
LASHBROOK William John   Sarah   Jan/26/1728  
RISDON John Joseph   Jane of Buckland Filleigh Feb/11/1728 bapt Mar 12
DINNIS Samuel Samuel   Mary   Mar/28/1729  
HELLINGS John Robert   Charity   Jun/15/1729  
PILLAVEN William Edward   Elizabeth   Jul/15/1729  
DOIDGE William William   Mary   Jul/27/1729  
BRUGG Elizabeth Thomas   Mary   Aug/16/1729  
HEARN John John   Thomasin   Oct/5/1729  
BOWHAY David Thomas   Mary   Dec/16/1729 bapt Mar 21st
PALMOOR William John   Mary   Jan/12/1729 born & bapt same day
HUTCHINGS Margaret Samuel   Margaret   Mar/5/1729  
DAVY John Henry   Elizabeth   Mar/15/1729  
BOWHAY Eunice David   [none given]   Jun/10/1730  
DENNIS Anne Samuel   [none given]   Aug/4/1730  
DOIDGE Joanna Phillip   [none given]   Sep/21/1730  
TROTT Wiliam William   [none given]   Sep/27/1730  
DOIDGE Robert Richard   [none given]   Nov/5/1730  
VOGWILL William Henry   [none given]   Nov/26/1730  
PILAVANT Elizabeth [base]   Susannah *   Jan/3/1730 widdow, William Crawman? Reputed father [blot!]
? ? ?   ?   Feb/2/1730 short names
CURLES Mary Charles   [none given]   Jul/6/1731  
GRIFFIN Margaret John   [none given]   Jul/5/1731  
HELLINS ? Nathanell Robert   [none given]   Aug/5/1731  
PALMOORE Mary Nicholas   Matthew   Sep/14/1731 [2 male names]
DOIDGE Mary Richard   [none given]   Dec/3/1731  
DAVEY H--- [son][NOT HENRY] Henry   [none given]   Jan/26/1731 buryed 28th following
WARD Elizabeth Lewis   [none given]   Mar/22/1731  
WILLCOCKS Thomas [base]   Elizabeth   Mar/19/1731 bapt Apr/16
BOWHAY Joseph Thomas   [none given]   Apr/25/1732  
TROTT John Henry   [none given]   Apr/30/1732  
BRAGG Jane Thomas   [none given]   Apr/30/1732  
ARNOLD Mary George   [none given]   Jun/7/1732  
TOWNSEND Henry Edward   [none given]   SEPT/11/1732  
HAYNES Anne Thomas   [none given]   Sep/13/1732  
HEARN Latish John   [none given]   Jan/28/1732  
HAWKS Joan Peter   [none given]   Mar/11/1732  
FINNEMORE John John   [none given]   Jun/11/1733  
ARNOLL John George   [none given]   Aug/5/1733  
DENNIS Samuel Samuel   [none given]   Aug/31/1733  
DOMINGO Joseph         Sep/4/1733 a Negro serv. To Mr. Long
DAVIS Mary Henery   [none given]   Jan/30/1733  
HOLLINGS Thomas Robert   [none given]   Feb/14/1733  
LIMEBEAR Thomas Thomas   [none given]   Apr/4/1734  
TROTT Richard Henery   [none given]   Apr/15/1734  
LUGG Arthur [base]   Anne   May/26/1734  
BUDD Daniel Daniel   [none given]   Oct/3/1734  
DODGE Thomasine Richard   [none given]   Nov/17/1734  
ARNOLD Nick. George   [none given]   Jun/5/1735  
HEARN Rahel John   [none given]   Jun/6/1735  
PILLAVON Elizabeth Edward   [none given]   Jul/22/1735  
PARNACOTT Joseph Samuel   [none given]   Sep/16/1735  
DOIDGE Mary William   [none given]   Apr/6/1735  
BRAGG Edward Thomas   [none given]   Oct/26/1735  
HAWKS Jane Peter   [none given]   Oct/27/1735  
LAMERY John [base]   Sarah   Nov/15/1735  
DAVY Charles Henry   [none given]   Nov/30/1735  
FINEMORE Sarah John   [none given]   Dec/28/1735  
BOWHAY Alice Thomas   [none given]   Dec/31/1735  
TROTT Henry Henry   [none given]   Mar/7/1735  
BUDD Samuel Daniel   [none given]   Mar/18/1735  
HUTCHINS Emelyn Samuel   [none given]   Mar/24/1735  
PIPER James Thomas   Mary   Feb/9/1736  
DENNIS John Samuel   Mary   Feb/19/1736  
PILLAVON Mary Edm.   Eliza   Mar/11/1736  
MARTYN Elizabeth Jonas   Grace   Apr/4/1736  
YEO Francis William   Mary   Jun/19/1736  
ARNOLD George George   Mary   Jun/15/1737  
BRAGG Elizabeth William   Rachel   Aug/9/1737  
BOWHAY Mary Thomas   Mary   Aug/30/1737  
ARNOLD Nicholas Nicholas   Sarah   Nov/6/1737  
HEDINGS ? Richard Robert   Charity   Nov/6/1737  
TROTT Grace Henry   Eulalia   Feb/14?/1737  
SHORT Elizabeth William   Dorothy   Feb/14/1737  
HAWKS William Peter   Joan   Mar/5/1737  
SMALE William [illegible]   Grace   Mar/23/1737  
PARNACOTT Mary Samuel   Anna   May/21/1738  
DOIDGE Jane Richard   [none given]   Jun/16/1738  
BRIDGEMAN Samuel Richard   [none given]   Jul/6/1738  
JAMES William William   [none given]   Jul/23/1738  
PIPER Grace Thomas   Mary   Aug/22/1738  
BRAGG Mary Thomas   Mary   Nov/5/1738  
FINNEMORE William John   Frances   Dec/19/1738  
BRAGG Mary William   Rachel   Mar/14/1738  
DURRANT Mary Thomas   Sarah   Mar/23/1738  
RISDON James Joseph   Jane   May/8/1739  
TOULL ?? William Richard   Mary   May/29/1739  
ARNOLD William George   Mary   Jul/22/1739  
HEARN Thomas John   Thomasin   Aug/12/1739  
TROTT William Henry   Eulalia   Sep/2/1739  
GILBERT Dorothy Henry   Elizabeth   Sep/25/1739  
BRAGG Johanna William   Diana   Oct/3/1739  
YEO Margaret William   Mary   Nov/8/1739  
GIFFERY William [base]   Joan   Dec/9/1739 reputed father, Wm. Coll
BUDD Frances Daniel   Dorothy   Dec/26/1739  
DENNIS Mary Samuel   Mary   Apr/5/1740  
DOWN Mary William   Margary   Sep/26/1740  
BRAGG Sarah William   Rachel   Oct/23/1740  
MITCHELL Frances Ambrose   Elizabeth   Feb/15or13/1740  
HAWKES Samuel Peter   [none given]   Apr/12/1741  
PARNACOTT Susanna Samuel   [none given]   May/3/1741  
MOLLAND Elizabeth James   [none given]   May/3/1741  
LUGG John [base]   Anne   May/10/1741  
PETT Christian [dau] John   [none given]   May/19/1741  
SHORT Mary William   [none given]   Jun/14/1741  
FINNEMORE Frances John   [none given]   Sep/6/1741  
ARNOT Eleanor George   [none given]   Sep/13/1741  
PIPER Thomas Thomas   [none given]   Oct/18/1741  
HUTCHINGS Arthur John   [none given]   Nov/29/1741  
DENNIS Robert Samuel   [none given]   Mar/30/1742  
GILBART Anne Henry   [none given]   Apr/4/1742  
DURRANT Sarra Thomas   [none given]   Apr/22/1742  
NANSKEVILL Samuel John   [none given]   May/11?/1742  
PATT Elizabeth John   [none given]   Apr/5/1742  
BRAGG Rachel William   [none given]   Oct/2/1742  
TROTT [SCOTT} Joseph William   [none given]   Feb/24/1742  
PIPER John John   Jane   May/19/1743  
SMALE Richard Oliver   Grace   Jul/10/1743  
SHORT William William   Dorothy   1743  
HUTCHINGS Henry John   Agnes   Sep/1743  
HELLINGS Charles Robert   Mary   1743  
S Joseph Arthur   Susannah   1743  
PETT John John   Rebekah   Jan/1743  
SP ??? Joan John   Grace of Mer... Feb/23/1743  
HEATHMAN ? William John   Elizabeth   Apr/2/1744  
SPEAR Susanna William   Joan   May/30/1744  
TROTT Gracew Henry   Thalia ??   Aug/25/1744  
DENIS Elisha [son] [base]   Elizabeth   Dec/25/1744  
HELLINGS William Robert   Mary   Dec/26/1743  
DORSHEY Joseph Thomas   Mary   Feb/28/1744  
HOAR Mary Edward   Elizabeth   Mar/12/1744  
SHORT William William   Dorothy   Mar/28/1744  
JONES Elizabeth Daniel   Dorothy   Apr/7/1745  
PETT Grace John   Rebecca   May/30/1745  
PIPER James Thomas   Mary   Jun/23/1745  
FINNEMORE Mary John   Frances   Jun/30/1745  
HEATHMAN Mary John   Elizabeth   Jul/29/1745  
DURRANT Elizabeth Thomas   Sarah   Sep/8/1745  
WHITE John Samuel   Grace   Sep/26/1745  
FRIENDSHIP Elizabeth Joseph   Ann   Nov/7/1745  
HUTCHINGS Ann Hatherlleigh John   Agnes   Nov/28/1745  
SMALE George Anthony   Susanna   Dec/5/1745  
SCOTT Elizabeth William   Mary   Dec/18/1745  
COPP Armand ? John   Margery   Jan/8/1745  
TROTT William [base]   Ann   Jan/19/1745  
PIPER Samuel John   Jane   Jan/29/1745  
HAWKES William Peter   Joan   Mar/10/1745  
SPEAR Elizabeth John   Grace   Jul/10/1746  
HANFORD ? James Vincent   [none given]   Jul/14/1746  
HELLINGS ...ard Robert   Mary   Aug/31/1746  
PETT William Thomas   Rebecca   Oct/15/1746  
SMALES George Oliver   Grace   Dec/10/1746  
DURANT John Cornish Thomas   Sarah   May/27/1747  
GREGORY Joanna John   Mary   Jun/29/1747  
TROTT Allice Henry   Eulalia   Jul/5/1747  
HARMON William John   Elizabeth   Aug/7/1747  
MEARCH ?? Henry Henry   Margaret   Oct/27/1747  
HUTCHINGS Catherine John   Agnes   Jan/13/1747  
BIRD John Vincent   Sarah   Apr/27/1748  
BOWAHY Peternell Thomas   Mary   Apr/27/1748  
WHITE Elizabeth Samuel   Grace   Aug/3/1748  
SCOTT Elizabeth William   Mary   Aug/3/1748  
MEREVEL Mary Thomas   Sarah   Sep/22/1748  
WILLIAMS William William   Joan   Nov/23/1748  
PARNACOTT Ann Joseph   Mary   Jan/10/1748  
MARTIN Richard Richard   Philippa   Jan/30/1748  
HELLINGS Mary Robert   Mary   Feb/2/1748  
DOIDGE John [none given]   Jane   Jul/30/1749  
PETT Rebecca John   Rebecca   Jul/26/1749  
SPARE Ann John   Grace   Aug/6/1749  
PIPER Mary Thomas   Mary   Aug/10/1749  
TROTT Thomas Henry   Eulalia   Oct/8/1749  
ROOK John John   Elizabeth   Oct/8/1749  
PARNACOTT Anna Joseph   Mary   Oct/13/1749  
PILLAVANT Susanna Edmund   Ann   Feb/21/1749  
GRIGORY Mary John   Mary   May/16/1750  
HUTCHINGS Charles John   Agnes   May/30/1750  
NANSKEVILL Henry John   Mary   Jun/7/1750  
FINEMOOR Richard John   Frances   Jun/13/1750  
PILLAVANT Smauel Samuel   Margaret   Jun/27/1750  
SHORT Thomas William   Dorothy   Jul/8/1750  
SMALL Elizabeth Oulever   Grace   Aug/12/1750  
BIRD William Vincent   sarah   Nov/16/1750  
PATT James John   Rebecca   Apr/3/1751  
WHITE William Samuel   Grace   Apr/10/1751  
DURANT Sarah Thomas   Sarah   Apr/23/1751  
HAMMETT Ishmael [base]   Hagar   Nov/24/1751  
COPE Daniel [base]   Mary   Feb/23/1751  
JAMES Richard [base]   Sarah   Feb/23/1751  
PALMER William John   Mary   Feb/27/1751  
PILLAVANT Mary Edward   Anne   Feb/28/1751  
ROOK Mary John   Elizabeth   Mar/22/1751  
PILLIVANT Elizabeth John   Eleanor   Apr/2/1752  
TROTT Samuel Henry   Ulelia   Apr/22/1752  
THORN Charity Thomas   Mary   Jul/19/1752  
WILLIAMS Elizabeth William   Elizabeth   Jul/26/1752  
HEAMAN Elizabeth John   Elizabeth   Sep/15/1752  
GILBERT Elizabeth Henry   Elizabeth   Nov/5/1752  
PARNACOTT Sarah Joseph   Mary   Nov/13/1752  
BUDD Humphrey [base]   Dorothy   Jan/7/1753  
SMALE Samuel John   Grace   Apr/?/1753  
HEARN James John   Elizabeth   Apr/12/1753  
TROTT Martha John   Mary   Jun/10/1753  
SHORT Ann [base]   Sarah   Jun/17/1753  
KNIGHT Abbott [daugh] James   Anne   Jul/1/1753  
PETT Mary John   Rebecca   Jul/13/1753  
GREGORY John John   Mary   Aug/10/1753  
DENIS William [base]   Dorcus   Oct/14/1753  
PARNACOTT Mary Joseph   Mary   Nov/8/1753  
WHITE Mary Samuel   Grace   Nov/11/1753  
PILLIVANT Mary John   Elinor   Feb/4/1753  
STACEY Ann Robert   Mary   Apr/11/1754  
HELLINGS Jane Robert   Mary   May/12/1754  
WHITE William Thomas   Elizabeth   ?/24/1754  
THORNE Thomas Thomas   Mary   Jul/20/1754  
ROOK William John   Elizabeth   Aug/29/1754  
PILLAVANT Sussannnah ? Edward   Ann   ?/?/1754  
LUXON John George   Mary   ?/?/1754  
GILBERT Henry Henry   [none given]   Mar/12/1755  
FRIENDSHIP John John   [none given]   Mar/20/1755  
PETT Ann John   [none given]   Mar/21/1755  
DODGE Janey/ Jeney ? [base]   Jane   Jun/11/1755  
PILLAVENT William William   [none given]   Jun/11/1755  
MONCOY ? Nathaniel [base]   Frances   Aug/11/1755  
HEARNE Elizabeth John   [none given]   Sep/10/1755  
KNIGHT Elizabeth James   [none given]   Dec/25/1755  
GIFFERY MArgaret Thomas   [none given]   Jan/1/1755  
PILLAVANT John John   [none given]   May/13/1756  
SHORT Mary William   [none given]   May/27/1756  
PIPER John Thomas   [none given]   Jun/1/1756  
GRIGORY Ann john   [none given]   Jul/11/1756  
LUXON William George   [none given]   Aug/22/1756  
SHORT James John   [none given]   Aug/29/1756  
BRIGHAM William [base]   Ann   Sep/19/1756  
HEARN John John   Elizabeth of Westacott Oct/29/1756  
WHITE Ann Samuel   [none given]   Oct/30/1756  
WILLIAMS Frances William   [none given]   Mar/28/1756  
GOULD Ann Richard   [none given]   Dec/13/1756  
SHORT RIchard [base]   Sarah   Mar/27/1757  
BRIGGG William [base]   Mary   May/22/1757  
GILBART John HEnry   Elizabeth   Jun/25/1757  
PALMAR Elizabeth John   Mary of Buckland Filleigh Jul/6/1757  
PETT George John   Rebecca   Aug/17/1757  
HEARNE Rahell John   Elizabeth   Nov/17/1757  
HEER William Edward   Elizabeth   Feb/19/1757  
SERGEON ? Samuel Samuel   Elizabeth   Jan/12/1757  
PEDDERICK Charles John   [none given]   May/7/1758  
GOULD Thomas Richard   Ann   Sep/3/1758  
PILLAVENT Ann Edward husbandman Ann   Sep/?/1758  
ROWLEIGH John Richard husbandman Ann of Buckland Filleigh Oct/3/1758  
KNIGHT Ann James husbandman Ann   Oct/6/1758  
HEARN Elizabeth John   Elizabeth of Westacott Oct/25/1758  
ROOK Grace John   Elizabeth   Jan/7/1759 bapt 30th following
NANSKEVILL Frances Henry   Mary   Jan/15/1759 bapt 2nd Feb.
PILLAVANT Elenor John   Eleanor   Mar/16/1759 bapt Apr 15th
ADAMS John Anbroas   Jane   Mar/25/1759 bapt 20th Apr
HOLE Grace William gardener at Heanton Ann of Broadcleest Jun/25/1759 bapt Jul 21
LUXON Elizabeth George   Mary   Sep/2/1759 bapt the 26th
TROTT Mary John   Mary   Sep/10/1759  
WOOLLACOTT John William   Jane   Oct/28/1759 bapt Nov 28th
KEARN Mary John   Elizabeth of Heall Dec/14/1759 bapt Jan 1 1760
HEARN see Kearn            
GREGORY Susannah John   Mary   jan4/1760 bapt Feb 3rd
PARNACOTT Daniel [base]   Joanna   May/24/1760 bapt Jun 8th
GILBERT Richard Henery   Elizabeth   May/25or26?1760 bapt Jun 15th
FINNEMORE Mary John   Elizabeth   May/31/1760 bap Jun 15th
PARNACOTT Joseph Joseph   Anna Maria   Jun/18/1760 bapt Jul 15th
GOULD Elizabeth Richard   Ann   Jul/2/1760 bapt Jul 20th
DURANT Ann Thomas   sarah   Jul/25/1760 bapt Aug 2nd
PEDDERICK Agness John   Pessy? [Not a ""B""]   Sep/12/1760 bapt Oct 2nd
BASSETT Elizabeth Robert   Mary   Oct/30/1760 bapt Dec/10th
KNIGHT Richard James   Ann   Mar/9/1761 bapt 29th
WOOLLACOTT Jane William   Jane   Apr/13/1761 bapt May 13
ARNOLD John Nicklas husbandman Mary   Oct/8/1761 bapt 23rd
FRIENDSHIP Presela John   Dorothoy   Oct/19/1761 bapt Nov 5
TROTT James John   Mary   Dec/6/1761 bapt Dec 25
PETT Richard John   Rebekah   Feb/7/1762 bapt Mar 10
DINES John [base]   Ann   Mar/8/1762 bapt 28th
ROOK Catherine John   Elizabeth   Mar/9/1762 bapt Apr 4
HEARNE John John   Elizabeth   Jun/1/1762  
PELLAVENT Frances [dauh] Edmund   Ann   Jul/25/1762  
FIINEMORE Richard John   Elizabeth   Oct/11/1762  
PILLAVEVENT Priscilla John   Pris ?   Oct/17/1762  
WHITE James Samuel   Grace   Dec/189/1762  
LEE William Samuel   Frances   Jan/9/1763  
WOOLLACOTT William William   Jane   Jan/27/1763  
PARNACOTT Mary Jospeh   Anna MAria   Jan/1/1763 bapt Feb/1/1763
PILLLIVENT Jane John   Elanor   Mar/143/1763  
HEARN Elizabeth Thomas   Joanna   Apr/28/1763  
FINNEMORE Sarah William   Dorothy   Jun/12/1763  
GOULD Charles Richard   Anne   Jul/17/1763  
KNIGHT James James   Ann   Feb/26/1764  
ARNOLD Nicholas Nichloas   Mary   Apr/13/1764  
TROTT Allice John   Mary   Apr/20/1764  
GREGORY Frances John   Mary   May/6/1764  
GILBERT Joanna Henry   Elizabeth   Jul/12/1764  
BRIDGEMAN Chartiy Richard   Elizabeth   Jul/29/1764  
VANSTONE James George   Elizabeth   Jul/29/1764  
PETHERICK Susanna John   Priscilla   Sep/30/1764  
HEARN Philip John   Elizaeth of Heall Oct/3/1764  
BASSETT Mary Robert   Mary   Oct/17/1764  
HUTCHINGS John [base]   Emlyn   Nov/18/1764  
HUTCHINGS John Robert   Joane   Nov/28/1764  
BAWDEN John John   Margaret   Dec/6/1764  
WOOLLACOTT Thomas WilIam   Jane   Jan/1/1765  
ROOK Andrew John   Elizabeth   Dec/25/1765 bapt Jan/17/1765
ROUTLEY Elizabeth Richard   Anne   Feb/19/1765  
FINNEMORE Mary William   Dorothy   Apr/5/1765  
LEE Elizabeth Samuel   Frances   May/3/1765  
PARNACOTT Patience Jospeh   AnnaMaria   may3/1765  
LIVERTON Henry Henry   Mary   Jun/12/1765  
GOULD John Matthew   Elizabeth   Sep/18/1765  
GOULD Lavinia Richard   Anne   Feb/9/1766  
BLIGHT Lattice Richard   Ann   Feb/11/1766  
BRIDGEMAN Richard Richard   Elizabeth   Mar/11/1766  
PILLAVANT Samuel Edmund   Anne   May/22/1766  
HEARN Philip Thomas   Joanna   Sep/16/1766  
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Robert   Joan   Oct/1/1766  
VANSTONE John George   Elizabeth   Nov/23/1766  
PIPER John Thomas   Anne   Dec/10/1766 bapt Dec 11
TROTT John John   Mary   Feb/15/1767  
ROCKEY James Thomas   Elizabeth of Black Torrington Feb/26/1767  
WOOLLACOTT mary William   Jane   Mar/22/1767  
PARNACOTT Grace Joseph   Anna Maria   Mar/16/1767 bapt Mar 25
GREGORY Thomas John   Mary   Apr/26/1767  
HEARN Lewis John   Elizabeth   Jun/18/1767  
SPEAR John John   Elizabeth   Jun/18/1767  
LIVERTON Mary Henry   Mary   Sep/29/1767  
GOULD Richard Richard   Anne   Oct/11/1767  
GREENSLEDE Thomas John   Elizabeth of Crediton Nov/5/1767  
FINNEMORE William John   Elizabeth   Nov/5/1767  
FINNEMORE Richard William   Dorothy   Jan/10/1768  
RISDON William William   Mary   Apr/11/1768  
GILL Ann Charles   Elizabeth   Aug/14/1768  
BLIGHT Mary Richard   Anne   Sep/4/1768  
MAY Samuel [base]   Elizabeth of Buckland Filleigh Nov/5/1768  
BRIDGEMAN Charity Richard   Elizabeth   Jan/15/1769  
ROCKEY Martha Thomas   Elizabeth of Black Torrington Apr/5/1769  
GOULD Henry Matthew   Elizabeth   Jun/9/1769  
HEARN Jane John   Elizabeth   Jul/7/1769  
PILLEVENT Elizabeth Edmund   Ann   Aug/20/1769  
TAYLOR Elizabeth Thomas   Elizabeth   Sep/?/1769  
WOOLLACOTT William William   Jane   Oct/12/1769  
GOULD Priscilla Richard   Ann   Feb/4/1770  
? Elizabeth William   Ann   Feb/?/1770 [last name very blurred, short name maybe ""P""]
PARNACOTT Samuel Joseph   AnnaMaria   Feb/25/1770  
FINNEMORE John John   Elizabeth   Feb/28/1770  
BASSETT Honora Robert   Mary   Mar/4/1770  
VANSTONE Catherine George   Elizabeth   Mar/18/1770  
TROTT Anne John   Mary   Mar/18/1770  
RISDON Joseph John   Ann of Buckland Filleigh Apr/24/1770  
FINNEMORE Dinah William   Dorothy   Jul/5/1770  
BRIDGEMAN Elizabeth Richard   Elizabeth   Jul/5/1770  
LIVERTON John Henry   Mary   Dec/12/1770  
HEARN William Thomas   Joanna   Jan/2/1771  
HEARN Henry John   Elizabeth   Jun/12/1771  
BLIGHT Ann Richard   Ann   Aug/7/1771  
TAYLOR Christian [daugh] Thomas   Elizabeth   Sep/11/1771  
DURANT Mary Thomas   Frances   Oct/27/1771  
FIINEMORE Thomas John   Elizabeth   Nov/5/1771  
VANSTONE John JAmes   Sarah   Jan/17/1772  
OSBOURN Clemett Clemett   Mary   May/21/1772  
FINNEMORE William William   Dorothy   May/24/1772  
DURANT John Cornish John Cornish   Elizabeth   Jun/18/1772  
GILL John Charles   Elizabeth   Jun/18/1772  
VANSTONE Ann John   Mary   Jun/18/1772  
BOWHAY John Joseph   Joanna   Jul/1/1772  
BAWDON Mary John   Margaret   Jul/12/1772  
COPP margery Edmund   Peternel   Jul/26/1772  
BRIDGEMAN Samuel Richard   Elizabeth   Nov/1/1772  
RISDON John John   Ann of Buckland Filleigh Nov/8/1772  
PARNACOTT William Joseph   Anna Maria   Apr/11/1773  
WOOLLACOTT Anne William   JAne   Apr/25/1773  
GOULD Mary Matthew   Elizabeth   Aug/20/1773  
HEARN Susanna John   Elizabeth   Sep/7/1773  
ESSERY Hannah Humphrey   Rebecca   Nov/5or8/1773  
DURANT Mary John Cornish   Elizabeth   Nov/9/1773  
FINNEMORE William William   Dorothy   Nov/14/1773  
DURANT John Thomas   Frances   Dec/5/1773  
FINNEMORE Elizabeth John   Elizabeth   Dec/12/1773  
TAYLOR William Thomas   Elizabeth   Jan/9/1774  
COPP Joseph Henry   Elizabeth   Apr/1/1774  
WEBB Anne John   JAne   May/1/1774  
SPEAR William [base]   Joan   May/1/1774  
PILLAVANT John [base]   Mary   May/29/1774  
SHORT Henry Thomas   Mary   Jun/5/1774  
HALL William William   Anne   Aug/4/1774  
VANSTONE Ann James   Sarah   Aug/28/1774  
RISDON John William   Mary   Jan/30/1775  
BASSETT Robert Robert   Mary   Mar/5/1775  
HUTCHINGS Joseph James   Mary   Mar/12/1775  
OSBOURN Susanna Clemett   Mary   Mar/12/1775  
GILL Joseph Charles   Elizabeth   Apr/16/1775  
COPP Margery Edmund   Peternel   Apr/19/1775  
ESSERY John John   Christian   Aug/27/1775  
BAMFIELD John [base]   Eleanor   Jan/7/1775  
SHORT John Thomas   Mary   Feb/4/1776  
PARNACOTT Edward Joseph   Anna Maria   eb/15/1776  
TROTT John William   Mary   Mar/10/1776  
HILL Betty James   Mary   Mar/20/1776  
SARGEANT William John   Joanna   Apr/21/1776  
COPP Henery Henery   Elizabeth   May/23/1776  
COPP John Edmund   Peternel   Jun/2/1776  
WOOLLACOTT James William   Jane   Aug/11/1776  
VILETT Elizabeth [base]   Joan   Aug/15or18/1776  
FINNEMORE Frances William   Dorothy   Dec/1/1776  
HUTCHINGS Jane James   Mary   Dec/22/1776  
ESSERY Henery John   Christian   Feb/26/1777  
WEBB Elizabeth John   Jane   Mar/9/1777  
CROSS Oringe Arnold & Elizabeth Richard   Elizabeth   May/24/1777  
BASSETT Francis Robert   Mary   May/28/1777  
PHILLIPS Elizabeth [base]   Elizabeth   Jun/15/1777  
HUTCHINGS Samuel Daniel   Elizabeth   Jul/13/1777  
WILLIAMS Elizabeth [base]   Frances   Jul/20/1777  
VANSTONE Mary James   Sarah   Sep/28/1777  
OSBOURN John Clemett   Mary   Nov/21/1778  
CLAY Zachariah William   Margaret   Jan/25/1778  
DURANT Thomas & Frances Thomas   Frances   Jan/25/1778  
PARNACOTT Anna Maria Joseph   Anna MAria   Mar/9/1778  
HILL John James   Mary   Mar/29/1778  
SARGEANT John John   Joan   Apr/5/1778  
COPP John Henry   Elizabeth   Apr/28/1778  
WOOLLACOTT Elizabeth William   Jane   May/3/1778  
GILL Abraham Charles   Elizabeth   Jul/19/1778  
SHORT Mary Thomas   Mary   Sep/20/1778  
BASSETT John Robert   mary   Oct/11/1778  
ESSERY Christian John   Christian   Nov/29/1778  
BOWDON Thomas John   Margaret   Jan/31/1779  
CLAY Mary William   Margaret   May/11/1779  
COPP Joseph Edmund   Peternel   jun7/1779  
CROSS Mary Richard   Elizabeth   Jul/4/1779  
HUTCHINGS Daniel Daniel   Elizabeth   Aug/22/1779  
VANSTONE John John   Mary   Sep/5/1779  
BOWDEN Elizabeth [base]   Alice   Dec/5/1779  
LUXON William John   Grace   Jan/30/1780  
SPEAR John Christopher   Rahel   Feb/13/1780  
WEBB Mary John   Jane   Feb/20/1780  
KNIGHT John Luxon [base]   Ann   Jun/4/1780  
BLACKMORE James John   Mary   Aug/20/1780  
CLAY Alice William   Margaret   Nov/27/1780  
COPP Samuel Henry   Elizabeth   Dec/13/1780  
FINNEMORE John William   Dorothy   Dec/26/1780  
HILL Joanna James   Mary   Jan/5/1781  
MOUNCEY John Nathaniel   Elenor   Feb/11/1781  
PARNACOTT Patience Joseph   Ann   Mar/19/1781 bapt Mar 30
CROSS Grace Richard   Elizabeth   Apr/10/1871  
DURANT Betty Thomas   Frances   May/27/1781  
SHORT William Thomas   Mary   Jul/1/1781  
SARGEANT Susanna John   Joan   Aug/16/1781  
GILBERT Joanna [base]   Joanna   Sep/30/1781 [footnoted as follows""the above aught to have been Richard""?child/father?]
LUXON James Hugh   Thomasin   Oct/8/1781  
BALKWILL Ann Stephen   Mary   Dec/5/1781  
HUTCHINGS John ? Daniel   Elizabeth   Dec/25/1781  
HALE Mary John   Frances of Petersmarland Dec/25/1781  
VANSTONE Sarah James   Sarah   Jan/8/1782  
DOWN John John   Ann   Feb/3/1782  
WHITE Susanna [base]   Ann   Mar/17/1782  
WEBB Jane John   Jane   May/26/1782  
CLAY Sarah William   Margaret   Jun/9/1782  
MOUNCEY Elizabeth Nathaniel   Elinor   Jun/24/1782  
WILLIAMS Ann [base]   Frances   Sep/1/1782  
DOWN Frances John   Ann   Jan/5/1783  
OSBOURN Thomas Clemmett   Mary   Mar/9/1783  
HEARN Mary [base]   Mary   Mar/9/1783  
BLACKMORE John John   Mary   Mar/23/1783  
CROSS John Richard   Elizabeth   Mar/30/1783  
COPP Henry Henry   Elizabeth   Apr/29/1783  
PALMER Elizabeth William   Elizabeth   Apr/29/1783  
BALKWILL Grace Stephen   Mary   May/29/1783  
LUXON James Hugh   Thomasin   Jun/1/1783  
HORRIL William Michael   Elizabeth   Jul/13/1783  
PARNACOTT Catherine Joseph   Catherine   Aug/29/1783  
PILLAVANT John William   Ann   Sep/23/1783  
DAVY Ann Joseph   Ann   Sep/23/1783  
WALDREN Mary William   Elizabeth   saep/28/1783  
MOUNCEY Elizabeth Nathaniel   Elienor   Oct/12/1783  
LUXON John John   Grace   Oct/22/1783  
ESSERY Catherine John   Christian   Dec/14/1783  
DAVIE Elizabeth John   Catherine   May/12/1784  
SAUNDERS Ann Thomas   Ann   May/12/1784  
BALKWILL James Stephen   Mary   Jun/23/1784  
CLAY Betty William   Margaret   Jul/5/1784  
MOASE Christopher George   Issabella   Oct/3/1784  
DOWN Thomas John   Ann   Nov/22/1784  
SARGEANT Thomas John   Joan   Dec/19/1784  
DAVIE John John   Catherine   Apr/3/1785  
MOUNCEY Frances Nathaniel   Alianor   Apr/10/1785  
ESSERY Joseph John   Christian   May/1?/1785  
CROSS Jane Richard   Elizabeth   Jun/19/1785  
LUXON James John   Grace   Jun/21/1785  
PILLEVENT Mary William   Ann   Jun/21/1785  
HELE Jenny John   Frances   Jun/26/1785  
SPEAR Christopher John   Mary   Jun/29/1785  
PALMER Mary William   Elizabeth   Jul/12/1785  
DARK John William   Jane   Aug/8/1785  
TROTT William William   Mary   Sep/18/1785  
WHORE William William   Margaret   sept19/1785  
LUXON Mary Hugh   Thomasin   Sep/19/1785  
BALKWILL Mary Stephen   Mary   Oct/6/1785  
PARNACOTT AnnaMaria Joseph   Catherine   Oct/6/1785  
DAVIE Agnes Joseph   Ann of Sheepwash Nov/4/1785  
BRITTON John Adams [base]   Ann   Jan/8/1786  
ISAAC Joanna Abraham   Elizabeth   Jan/17/1786  
FORD Mary Francis   Elizabeth   Feb/22/1786  
KNIGHT Mary [base]   Anne   Feb/22/1786  
BLACKMORE Philip John   Mary   Apr/9/1786  
ARNOLD John William   Elizabeth   Apr/9/1786  
HORREL Michael Michael   Elizabeth   Apr/14/1786  
DAW ? Jenny john   Elizabeth   Apr/23/1786  
WALDREN William William   Elizabeth   Aug/6/1786  
DOWN Joanna John   Anne   Oct/12/1786  
SHORT William Richard   Mary   Oct/29/1786  
CLAY William William   Margaret   Nov/12/1786  
SHORT Grace John   Jane   Dec/3/1786  
ACWRIGHT ? mary William   Catherine   Jan/21/1787  
TROTT Martha [base]   Mary   Jan/28/1787  
MOASE Mary George   Isabella   Mar/18/1787  
MOUNCEY Jane Nathaniel   Elianor   Mar/25/1787  
BEW... Anne [base]   Elizabeth   Apr/29/1787  
PILLEVENT Matthew William   Anne   May/24/1787  
PETT Mary Richard   Mary   May/29/1787  
GRIFFITH William John   Catherine   Sep/21/1787  
DAVEY Mary John   Catherine   Oct/7/1787  
HELE mary William   Elizabeth   Nov/11/1787  
OSBOURN James Clemett   Mary   Nov/15/1787  
VANSTONE James James   Sarah   Dec/16/1787  
CROSS Richard Richard   Elizabeth   febv/5/1788  
PARSONS Charity Roger   Charity   Feb/19/1788  
BALKWILL Anne [base]   Ibbott   Feb/24/1788  
PARNACOTT Elizabeth Joseph   Catherine   Feb/26/1788  
LONGMAN William John   Elizabeth   Mar/2/1788  
SCOTT Edward Richard   Beaten   Apr/2/1788 [clear as can be, that is the mother's name]
DAW John John   Elizabeth   May/26/1788  
SPEAR Mary John   Mary   Jun/19/1788  
LUXON William Hugh   Thomasin   Jun/25/1788  
SAUNDERS James Thomas   Ann   Jun/29/1788  
ISAAC John Abraham   Elizabeth   Jun/29/1788  
ARNOLD Artnenell ? Daughter William   Elizabeth   Jul/20/1788  
LUXON Samuel John   Grace   Aug/25/1788  
STACEY William [base]   Ann   Sep/29/1788  
DOWN Mary John   Ann   Sep/29/1788  
PALMER Margarett William   Elizabeth   Nov/12/1788  
GLANFIELD Nancey [base]   Elizabeth   Nov/23/1788  
LOCK Elizabeth & Mary Walter   Jane   Nov/24/1788  
PETT William Richard   Mary   Dec/10/1788  
SHORT John Richard   Mary   Dec/31/1789  
FORD Mary Francis   Elizabeth   Jan/11/1789  
HORREL Mary Michael   Elizabeth   Jan/18/1789  
MOUNCEY Nathaniel Nathaniel   Elenor   Mar/8/1789  
STANDBURY Elizabeth Richard   Rebecca   Apr/2/1789  
TROTT Maria John   Frances   May/14/1789  
HELE Henry John   Frances   May/24/1789  
DAMEREL John Christopher   Ann   Jun/2/1789  
FRAINE Mary Andrew   Mary   Jun/16/1789  
WEBB George John   Jane   Jun/28/1789  
GRIFFITH Elizabeth John   Catherine   Aug/2/1789  
LUXON Betty Hugh   Thomasin   Aug/23/1789  
MARTIN Mary [base]   Mary   Sep/13/1789  
PILLEVENT William William   Ann   Oct/18/1789  
GILL Elizabeth Pugsley [base]   Ann   Oct/22/1789  
LONGMAN John John   Elizabeth   Nov/21/1789  
SAUNDERS Samuel Jonathan   Amey   Nov/29/1789  
MOSE Miriam George   Isabella   Dec/4/1789  
DURANT Thomasin John Cornish   Elizabeth   Dec/10/1789 [John Cornish Durant and wife]
ISAAC Elizabeth Abraham   Elizabeth   Feb/17/1790  
DOWN William John   Ann   Feb/24 or 21/1790  
HELE Jenny William   Joanna   Feb/21/1790  
BASSETT John [base]   Elizabeth   Mar/21/1790  
PARNACOTT Patience Joseph   Catherine   Apr/28/1790  
DAVY Thomas John   Catharine   May/20/1790  
LUXON Betty John   Grace   Jun/6/1790  
DAMEREL Christopher Christopher   Ann   Jun/9/1790  
SCOTT Joseph Richard   Beaten   Jun/20/1790  
CROSS Nelly Richard   Elizabeth   Sept/12/1790  
CLAY John William   Margaret   Oct/17/1790  
DAMEREL Betty John   Grace   Nov/4/1790  
PETT George Richard   Mary   Nov/10/1790  
DAW Thomas John   Elizabeth   Dec/5/1790  
SPEAR William John   Mary   Jan/3/1791  
MALLET Charles John, Mr.   Honoria   Mar/19/1791 bapt 20th
SHORT Susanna Richard   Mary   Apr/8/1791  
SAUNDERS John Thomas   Ann   Apr/17/1791  
ARNOLD John William   Elizabeth   Apr/22/1791  
GILBERT Elizabeth James   Elizabeth   May/1/1791  
VANSTONE Betty James   Sarah   Jun/5/1791  
FRAINE Andrew Andrew   Mary   Jun/6/1791  
AYRE Harriet [none given]   Mary   Aug/?/1791  
LOCK John Walter   Jane   Aug/?/1791  
TROTT John John   Frances   Aug/?/1791  
FORD Francis Francis   Elizabeth   Sep/2/1791  
...LEY Grace George   Ann   Oct/?/1791  
BROOK Betty James   Alice   Nov/5/1791  
DOWN James John   Ann   Nov/22/1791  
PALMER John William   Elizabeth   Nov/13/1791  
HORE John William   Margaret   Oct/20/1791  
BOUTELIFT Betty John   Alice   Jan/5/1792  
MOUNCEY Elianor Nathaniel   Elianor   Jan/8/1792  
DAVY William John   Catherine   Jan/10/1792  
TROTT James [base]   Mary   Mar/4/1792  
ANDREWS Mary George   Elizabeth of Buckland Filleigh Mar/11/1792  
PILLEVENT Jane John   Ann   Mar/18/1792  
HEAL Richard William   Joanna   Apr/15/1792  
MOSE John George   Isabella   Apr/15/1792  
DAMEREL William Christopher   Ann   Mat/15/1792  
HEAL John John   Frances   Jun/17/1792  
LUXON Jenny John   Grace   July/29/1792  
MILLS Nancy John   Elizabeth   Aug/19/1792  
PARNACOTT Mary Joseph   Catharine   Oct/22/1792  
PARO Isaac Isaac   Dinah   Jan/4/1793  
PARNACOTT William Samuel   Susanna   Jan/17/1793  
HORRELL James ? Michael   Elizabeth   Feb/17/1793  
BLACKMOOR Richard John   Mary   Apr/17/1793  
FINEMOOR Nancy ?? William   Frances   Apr/18/1793  
FRAIN Samuel Andrew   Mary   Apr/21/1793  
BOUTELIFF William John   Alice   Jun/4/1793  
SHORT Mary Richard   Mary   Jun/13/1793  
LOCK Grace Walter   Jane   Jul/7/1793  
SAUNDERS Grace Thomas   Ann   Sep/8/1793  
FORD Grace Francis   Elizabeth   Oct/6/1793  
DAVIS Susanna John   Catherine   Oct/20/1793  
HEAL George Charles   Grace   Oct/27/1793  
POGSLEY Ann George   Ann   Jan/7/1794  
FINEMORE John William   Frances   Feb/14/1794  
SPEAR Betty John   Mary   Mar/5/1794  
DAW Mary John   Elizabeth   Apr/13/1794  
PILIVENT John John   Ann   May/14/1794  
CROSS William Richard   Elizabeth   Jun/1/1794  
RISDON Joesph John   Sarah   Jul/2/1794  
MILLIFORD William Henry   Sarah   Aug/17/1794  
MILL John John   Elizabeth   Sep/1/1794  
DAMEREL Betty Christopher   Ann   Sept/24/1794  
FINEMORE Mary Edward   Grace   Oct/19/1794  
DOWN Francis John   Ann   Nov/9/1794  
HEAL Mary William   Joanna   Nov/9/1794  
BASSETT Mary [base]   Honor   Nov/30/1794  
MOUNCY Mary Nathaniel   Elinor   Dec/21/1794  
PALMER William William   Elizabeth   Dec/28/1794  
FRAINE Rhale [?daughter] Andrew   Mary   Jan/16/1795 [name maybe meant Rehal]
MOASE Roland George   Isabella   Jan/17/1795  
HEAL Richard John   Frances   Mar/15/1795  
LUXON Grace John   Grace   Apr/1/1795  
SHORT Ann Richard   Mary   May/17/1795  
RISDON Jane James   Sarah   May/18/1795  
PARNACOTT Louisa Joseph   Catherine   May/20/1795  
ROUTECLIFF John John   Alice   Jun/21/1795  
BOWER Robert Richard   Ann   Jul/4/1795  
GILBERT James James   Elizabeth   Sept/23/1795  
GOWMAN Mary Richard   Rebecca   Oct/25/1795  
BLACKMORE Gertrude John   Mary   Nov/8/1795  
BROCK John James   Alice   Nov/15/1795  
RISDON Mary John   Sarah   Nov/15/1795  
RISDON George Smale Joseph   Sarah   Mar/9/1796  
DOWN Nancy John   Ann   Mar/20/1796  
ANDREW Betty George   Elizabeth   Apr/17/1796  
VANSTONE Grace James   Sarah   Jun5/1796  
FOARD William Francis   Elizabeth   Jun/19/1796  
MALLETT George Trefresis John   Honoria   Jun/28/1796 born Oct/14/1792
ROOK mary Richard   Elizabeth   Jul/24/1796  
SPEAR John John   Mary   Aug/21/1796  
POGSLEY John George   Ann   Sept/22/1796  
FINEMORE Richard William   Frances   Dec/7/1796  
DAVIE Joseph John   Catherine   Jan/8/1797  
DAMEREL Lewis Christopher   Ann   Jan/15/1797  
SAUNDERS Betsey Thomas   Ann   Jan/19/1797  
BUDD Richard Daniel   Judith   Jan/19/1797  
HEALE John William   Joanna   Feb/5/1797  
MILL George John   Elizabeth   Mar/26/1797  
RISDON Anne John   Sarah   May/8/1797  
BOWER Anna Richard   Ann   May/8/1797  
BALKWILL James Gill [base]   Grace   May/25/1797  
VANSTONE Mary John   Ann   Jun/6/1797  
PIPER Jenney James   Mary   Jun/25/1797  
PILLIVENT Ellenor John   Ann   Jul/9/1797  
SHORT Janmes Richard   Mary   Aug/23/1797  
PALMER Ann William   Elizabeth   Sep/18./1797  
LUXON Ann John   Mary   Sep/25/1797  
BENNETT John William   Ann   Sep/5/1797  
LUXON Mary John   Grace   Nov/23/1797  
BUDD mary Daniel   Judith   Dec/3/1797  
GILL Betsey John   Mary   Feb/14/1798  
RISDON Joseph Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Mar/5/1798  
COTTON Margaret John   Christian   Mar/7/1798  
ROOK William Richard   Elizabeth   Apr/1/1798  
GOMAN Mary Samuel   Ann   Apr/20/1798  
SPEAR Tammey John   Mary   May/30/1798  
MILLFORD Salley Henry   Sarah   July/8/1798  
WHITE Betsey [base]   Jane   Jul/8/1798  
MILLFORD William William   mary   Aug/27/1798  
BOWER Anna Richard   Ann   Oct/28/1798  
LEGG Jane Samuel   Jane   Nov/4/1798  
PAW [DAW] John Isaac   Dinah   Nov/18/1798  
PIPER William [base]   Mary   Dec/16/1798  
GILL Betty Joseph   Grace   Jan/22/1799  
MOUNCEY Nathaniel Nathaniel   Elinor   Jan/31/1799  
GOMAN William Richard   Rebecca   Feb/10/1799  
DAVIE Emanuel John   Catherine   Feb/24/1799  
RISDON John John   Sarah   Mar/3/1799  
AYRE William William   Willmot   Mar/6/1799  
WOOD Mary Samuel   Elizabeth   Mar/24/1799  
PILLAFANT Ann William   Mary   Mar/24/1799  
HOCKIN Robert George   Sarah   Apr/2?/1799  
COPP Margery Edmund   Elizabeth   Apr/15/1799  
RISDON Ann Joseph   Sarah   Jul/22/1799  
MILL Elizabeth John   Elizabeth   Sep/8/1799  
HEALE William William   Joanna   Sep/22/1799  
POGSLEY James George   Ann   Oct/8/1799  
DAW John James   Elizabeth   Dec/8/1799  
ROOK James Richard   Elizabeth   Mar/23/1800  
BOUGHTCLIFF Ann John   Alice   May/7/1800  
PALMER Richard William   Elizabeth   May/21/1800  
SAUNDERS Mary Thomas   Ann   Jun/1/1800  
VANSTONE Mary John   Sarah   Jun/16/1800  
BROOK James James   Alice   Jun/29/1800  
BUDD John Carruthers Daniel   Judith   Jul/6/1800  
BOWER Richard Hannaford Richard   Ann   Aug/24/1800  
HEALE Ann William   Joanna   Sept/28/1800  
CLAY Mary Zachariah   Elizabeth   Nov/6/1800  
BENNETT Betsey William   Ann   Nov/16/1800  
SHORT Mary Richard   Mary   Dec/29/1800  
BONIFANT John James   Mary   Dec/29/1800  
MILLFORD James William   Mary   Dec/31/1800  
RICHARDS Mary James   Ibbott   Jan/21/1801  
HOCKIN George George   Sarah   Jan/22/1801  
SILLIFANT Ann John   Ann   Feb/1/1801  
GOWMAN Grace Samuel   Ann   Feb/9/1801  
RISDON MaryAnn Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Mar/16/1801  
PILLIFANT Edmund William   Mary   Jul/26/1801  
ROCKHEY Ann Thomas   Mary   Aug/30/1801  
GILL Grace Joseph   Grace   Nov/8/1801  
SPEAR James John   Mary   Nov/27/1801  
ANDREW George George   Elizabeth   Dec/8/1801  
MOSE Rebekah [base]   Catherine   Jan/7/1802  
MILL Robert John   Elizabeth   Mar/14/1802  
BOWER Phebe Richard   Ann   Apr/18/1802  
DAW Thomas James   Elizabeth   Maty/21802  
HORIL James Michael   Elizabeth   Jun/6/1802  
TAWNTON Elizabeth William   Elizabeth   Jun/20/1802  
CLAY John Zachariah   Elizabeth   Jun/20/1802  
AYRE Richard William   Willmot   Jul/28/1802  
ROOK Betty Richard   Elizabeth   Aug/1/1802  
RISDON Jane Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Aug/2/1802  
MOUNCEY Samuel Nathaniel   Elinor   Aug/8/1802  
LEGG Samuel Samuel   Jane   Aug/16/1802  
SAUNDERS John John   Dorothy   Aug/29/1802  
SILLIFANT Charlotte John   Ann   Sep/27/1802  
GOWMAN Frances Richard   Rebecca   Nov/7/1802  
WARE Mary Robert   Mary   Nov/21/1802  
GARVIN Grace Samuel   Ann   Jan/16/1803  
LUXON William John   Mary   Feb6/1803  
VANSTONE Grace John   Sarah   Feb/27/1803  
FORD John Francis   Elizabeth   Mar/13/1803  
SELDON Richard Richard   Margaret   Mar/20/1803  
HERN Henry Henry   Sarah   Apr/21/1803  
SHORT Catherine Richard   Mary   May/15/1803  
LUXON Fanny James   Elizabeth   Jul/2/1803  
DAVIE James John   Catherine   Jun/12/1803  
MILLFORD John William   Mary   Jul/17/1803  
PIPER Ann [base]   Grace   Jul/24/1803  
PUDDICOMBE Ann William   Rebecca   Aug/3/1803  
NATIONS Cattarn [spelled as written] John   Joanna   Sept/2/1803  
HOCKIN Betty George   Sarah   Aug/7/1803  
TANTON John William   Elizabeth   Sep/15/1803  
HEAL Sarah William   Joanna   Sep/15/1803  
BLACKMORE Mary John   Mary   Oct/30/1803  
PALMER Betty George   Mary   Oct/30/1803  
PILLIFANT Samuel John   Ann   Nov/28/1803  
BENNETT Mary William   Ann   Dec/18/1803  
RISDON John Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Jan/5/1804  
MILL James John   Elizabeth   Jan/22/1804  
SAUNDERS Mary John   Elizabeth   Jan/22/1804  
BOWER William [none given]   Ann   Mar/18/1804  
LOGG William Samuel   Jane   Mar/18/180-4  
PALMER Gertrude William   Elizabeth   Mar/19/1804  
BROOK Mary James   Alice   Mar/25/1804  
HORIL Samuel John   Mary   May/254/1804  
BASSETT Elizabeth [base]   Honor   May/25/1804  
ROOK Grace Richard   Elizabeth   Jun/10/1804  
WARE Jane Robert   Mary   Jun/24/1804  
DAW James James   Elizabeth   Jul/29/1804  
SELDON William Richard   Margaret   Aug/9/1804  
LUXON Samuel John   Mary   Aug/12/1804  
GOWMAN John Richard   Rebecca   Sep/27/1804  
WHETLOCK Silas Christopher   Mary   Nov/4/1804  
LONGMAN Mary [base]   Mary   Nov/17/1804  
POGSLEY Mary George   Ann   Dec/23/1804  
SILLIFANT Ann John   Ann   Jan/6/1805  
RISDON Joseph James   Sarah   Jan/7/1805  
GILL Catern Joseph   Grace   Feb/17/1805  
PALMER Charlotte James   Elizabeth   Mar/8/1805  
RISDON james Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Apr/9/1805  
ANDREW Philip George   Elizabeth   Apr/28/1805  
CLAY Elizabeth Zachariah   Elizabeth   Jun/2/1805  
SHORT Salley Richard   Mary   Jun/2/1805  
PALMER MaryAnn George   Mary   Oct/27/1805  
LUXON Grace James   Elizabeth   Nov/10/1805  
DAW Richard Isaac   Dinah   Nov/10.1805  
SPEAR Oringe John   Mary   Nov/17/1805 [? Wierd name Oringe, see also Ingerson family]
SANDERS John John   Elizabeth   Dec/25/1805  
HISET Mary Henry   Elizabeth   Apr/7/1806  
LEGG Pegey Samuel   Jane   Apr/13/1806  
HOCKIN John George   Sarah   Apr/20/1806  
PUDDECOMBE John William   Rebecca   May/7/1806  
TANTON William William   Elizabeth   May/12/1806  
HEARN John Philip   Grace   May/26/1806  
LUXON Samuel John   Mary   Jun/21/1806  
MILL Richard John   Elizabeth   Jul/26/1806  
GAWMAN Ann Samuel   Ann   Sept//1806  
BENNETT Ann William   Ann   Sept/14/1806  
VANSTONE John John   Sarah   Sept/14/1806  
WARE Elizabeth Robert   Mary   Nov/23/1806  
PALMER James JAmes   Elizabeth   Jan/18/1807  
WHITLOCK Isaac Christopher   Mary   Jan/18/1807  
ROOK Richard Richard   Elizabeth   Frb/25/1807  
BROOK Martha James   Alice   Mar/25/1807  
RISDON Elizabeth Joseph   Sarah   May/5/1807  
POGSLEY Joseph George   Ann   Jun/14/1807  
PUDDICOMBE William William   Rebecca   Jun/18/1807  
SHORT Richard Richard   Mary   Jun/28/1807  
PALMER Nancy George   Mary   Jul/19/1807  
BROOK Edmund John   Jenny   Sept/20/1807  
PIPER Betty/ Betsy John   Mary   Sept/22/1807  
CLAY Eliza Zachariah   Elizabeth   Sept/22/1807  
DAW mary John   Grace   Sept/27/1807  
GAWMAN Richard Richard   Rebecca   Nov/15/1807  
CHING mary [base]   Elizabeth   Nov/29/1807  
LOGG James Samuel   Jane   Dec/13/1807  
HOLMAN John John   Elizabeth   Dec/31/1807  
GILL James Joseph   Grace   Feb/8/1808  
LUXON Tammey John   Mary   Feb/21/1808  
HISET Ann Henry   Elizabeth   Mar/6/1808  
SILLIFANT Richard John   Ann   Jun/12/1808  
RICHARDS Thomas William   Ann   Jun/15/1808  
BASTARD Elizabeth James   Alice   Jul/10/1808  
FRY Richard Samuel   Margaret   Sept/4/1808  
HOCKIN Beaton George   Sarah   October/16/1808  
WARE Anaias Robert   Mary   Oct/13/1808  
RISDON John Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Dec/8/1808  
LAKE Samuel John   Catherine   Feb/12/1809  
ESARY John Joseph   Mary   Feb/19/1809  
BENNET William William   Ann   Feb/26/1809  
SANDERS Alice John   Elizabeth   Mar/5/1809  
RICHARDS Philip James   Ibbot   Mar/12/1809  
HEARN John Henry Philip   Grace   Apr/18/1809  
MILL Susanna John   Elizabeth   May/14/1809  
WHITLOCK Sally Christopher   Mary   May/18/1809  
RICHARDS Ann John   Elizabeth   May/18/1809  
PETT Jenny John   Jenny   Jul/3/1809  
HORE John William   Catherine   Oct/1/1809  
VANSTONE Mary [base]   Ann   Feb/4/1810  
DAMEREL Lewis Christopher   Ann   Feb/20/1810  
BOND William John   Annamaria   Feb/22/1810  
PALMER Rhale [?daughter] George   Mary   Feb/25/1810  
HISET John Henry   Elizabeth   Mar/13/1810  
DAW thomas John   Grace   Apr/14/1810  
LUXON Hugh John   Mary   Apr/14/1810  
CLAY William Zachariah   Elizabeth   May/13/1810  
GOWMAN Betty [base]   Ann   Jun/3/1810  
TROTT Mary Daw [base]   Martha   Jun/8/1810  
BROOK Richard John   Jenny   Jun/24/1810  
VANSTONE Cathern John   Sarah   Jun/24/1810  
PIPER Daniel Ware [base]   Grace   Jul/15/1810  
WESLAKE Susanna John   Philippi   Aug/12/1810  
GILL Mary [base]   Elizabeth Pogsley   Nov/25/1810  
SILLIFANT Grace Joshua   Betty   Nov/28/1810  
RICHARDS Mary John   Elizabeth   Dec/16/1810  
LAKE Hanah John   Catherine   Dec/23/1810  
GILL mary Joseph   Grace   Jan/20/1811  
ADAMS William George   Elizabeth   Jan/27/1811  
GOWMAN Cattern Samuel   Ann   Feb/10/1811  
ESSERY William Joseph   Mary   Mar/31/1811  
ARNOLD Maria William   Mary   Apr/21/1811  
PALMER Betsey James   Elizabeth   Apr/22/1811  
RISDON William Joseph   Sarah of Buckland Filleigh Apr/28/1811  
WARE Robert Robert   Mary   May/8/1811  
RICHARDS John John   Mary   May/15/1811  
HORE Salley William   Catherine   May/26/1811  
LEGG Robert Samuel   Jane   Jun/9/1811  
MILL William John   Elizabeth   Jul/20/1811  
HOCKIN Richard George   Sarah   Jul/28/1811  
VANSTONE Salley John   Sarah   Sep/8/1811  
BROWN John William   Grace   Dec/15/1811  
SANDERS Ann John   Elizabeth   Dec/15/1811  
RICHARDS Betty John   Jane   Dec/16/1811  
BOND John John   Annamaria   Jan/19/1812  
SILLIFANT Timothy Joshua   Betty   Mar/22/1812  
LUXON William John   Mary of Sheepwash Mar/31/1812 base child [but parents given as written]
LUXON Fanny John   Mary   Apr/19/1812  
CLAY James & Sarah Zachariah   Elizabeth   May/17/1812 bapt. May 18
PALMER George George   Mary   Jun/1/1812  
WESTLAKE Jane John   Philippi   Jun/28/1812 born Jun 6th
RICHARDS John James   Ibbot   Aug/9/1812 born Aug 4th
HISSET Elizabeth Henry   Elizabeth   Nov/1/1812 born Oct 29th
BELLAMY George Samuel   Jane   Dec/10/1812  
WARE Betsey & Jane Daniel labourer Grace Manor Hill Jan/8/1813 J. Hilley, curate
DAVIE Elizabeth John labourer Grace Parsonage Jan/14/1813 J. Hillet, curate
PAW Richard Isaac labourer Dinah Hall Feb/21/1813 J. Hilley, curate
BERRY Henry & Lucretia George Sawyer Hannah Church Town Feb/2/1813 J. Hilley, curate
HEARN Henry Philip yeoman Grace Heale Mar/15/1813 R. Knight Rect of Huish ?
RICHARDS William John labourer Elizabeth Ash Apr/10/1813 J. Knight, curate
ESSERY Joseph Joseph cordwainer Mary Cot. Jun/13/1813 R. Knight Rect of Huish ?
PALMER Sarah George labourer Mary Patchhill Jul/26/1813 J. Knight, curate
CROSS Betsy John labourer Ann North town Sep/12/1813 J. Knight, curate
KNIGHT Ann [none given] spinster mary Petrockstow town Sep/12/1813 J. Knight, curate
WARE Richard Robert yeoman Mary Westacott Oct/17/1813 J. Knight, curate
HOARE Thomas William labourer Catherine Moor mill cottage Oct/17/1813 J. Knight, curate
LAKE William John labourer Catherine Stockhay New Cottage Oct/24/1813 J. Knight, curate
PALMER Zachariah James labourer Elizabeth Ash Dec/12/1813 J. Knight, curate
WESTLAKE Philippa John carpenter Philippa Cudmore Dec/12/1813 J. Knight, curate
WHITLOCK Isaac Christopher labourer Mary Ash Dec/26/1813 J. Knight, curate
ADAMS Elizabeth George labourer Elizabeth cottage under Bastards Hill Mar/6/1814 J. Knight, curate
DARKE Anna Marsh John yeoman Mary [illegible] Mar/13/1814 J. Knight, curate
RICHARDS Thomas John yeoman Mary Hall Mar/20/1814 J. Knight, curate
SAUNDERS Jenny John labourer Elizabeth Petrockstow town Par/9/1814 J. Knight, curate
SNELL Elizabeth Charles wheel wright Mary North town Apr/8/1814 J. Knight, curate
RICHARDS John John labourer Jane Ash Apr/14/1814 J. Knight, curate
SILLIFANT William Joshua Mason Betty Parsonage Apr/18/1814 J. Knight, curate
DAY Samuel Henry yeoman Elizabeth Town Apr/24/1814 J. Knight, curate
LUXTON John John blacksmith Mary North town May/11/1814 J. Knight, curate
GILL Ann Joseph labourer Grace North town May/15/1814 J. Knight, curate
RISDON Tristam Joseph yeoman Sarah Hartleigh, Buckland Filleigh Jun/2/1814 J. Knight, curate
BROWN Catherine William yeoman Grace Varleys Sep/4/1814 J. Knight, curate
SHORT Robert William Mason Elizabeth Highdown Sep/5/1814 J. Knight, curate
RICHARDS James William Shoemaker Ann Petrockstow town Sep/7/1814 J. Knight, curate
HOCKING Mary George carpenter Sarah Cot. South Hill Barton Oct/9/1814 J. Knight, curate
CROSS John John labourer Ann Quances Dec/27/1814 J. Knight, curate

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005