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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. In 1666 the English parliament passed an act requiring that all persons be buried in woolens rather than linens. The purpose was to promote the English wool industry and discourage the linen industry (outside England). It was an unpopular act, but was not repealed until 1814. There were fines levied if the person was buried in linen and not wool. The record keeper of the town was required to make notes of the fines and persons buried in accordance with the law. This is the first parish in which I've seen the woolen book included in the PRs. I found some descrepancies between the two as I compared them. If there is a difference in entries it is noted.
3. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

BOWHEY Joha Nov/12/1615 daughter of John  
DUBE Joseph Feb/6/1615 base son of Eliz.  
VENT Joshua Mar/25/1616 son of Thomas  
BEASE Lewes Jun/4/1616    
HEARNE Lewes Aug/31/1616    
HANCOCK Anne Mar/20/1616 daughter of Digory  
(base child) Elizabeth Jul/2/1617    
LUXMOORE John Jul/3/1617    
(base child) Anne Dec/20/1617    
GREGORY Sarah Dec/27/1617 daughter of Anthony  
BOUWISS Roger Mar/2/1617    
? Julianna Jul/31/1617 daughter of Thomas [Could be Osbourne]
? Lancelott Aug/24/1617    
BEASE Jane Feb/22/1617    
FORTESCUE Johan Apr/7/1619 daughter of Hugh  
FRAYNE Thomas Oct/20/1619    
OSBORNE Rebecca Jul/20/1619 daughter of Thomas  
GREGORY Hannah May/3/1620 daughter of Anthony  
PILLATE Thomas Jun/11/1620 son of John  
LITTLETON Thomas Nov/13/1620    
BEASE Joane May/13/1621    
CUDMOORE Elizabeth ? Jul/16/1621    
VENTON Mary Aug/2/1621 wife of John  
CHAPMA ? Jul/16/1622 wife of John  
HEARNE John Oct/3/1622 son of John  
FRANKLYN Joane Dec/3/1622 wife of Richard  
PENHINGE ? John Jan/8/1622    
CUDMOORE Elizabeth Mar/23/1622 wife of William  
HUTCHINGS Thomas 1623    
GREGORIE Rebecca Apr/11/1623    
PUBINEN ? John May/20/1623 son of John  
WONNACOTT Petrenell Aug/1623    
HOLLAWAY John Jun/25/1623    
VENTON John Sep/22/1623 son of John  
SCOTT Joane Dec/18/1623    
CODD Alice Dec/19/1623    
HEARNE Robert Jan/13/1623    
LENDER ? William and his wife Alice Feb/5/1623    
STEVENS Margarett Feb/21/1623 wife of Robert  
PEARS Walter Apr/15/1624    
BOONE of Buckland Jan/19/1624    
DENFORD Edie Jun/25/1625    
FRANKLYN Richard Feb/16/1625    
PERKIN John ? Jan/3/1625 son of German  
TAWMAN F..? Feb/3/1625    
PERKIN Joseph 1626    
CUDMOORE Arminell Dec/7/1626 wife of Jonas  
CUDMOORE Henry Dec/17/1626 son of Jonas  
PERKIN Margery Dec/18/1626    
CHAPMAN John Feb/13/1626    
VENTON John Mar/1626    
HUTCHINGS Edmund 1627 [dates illegible]  
BOWHEY Susan 1627 [dates illegible]  
LEY Margarett Oct/27/1627    
LANGE Christopher Jan/1627    
DENFORD Thomasine Jan/19/1627    
HEYDON John Jan/30/1627    
HEARD Ja .. Feb/1627    
OSBORNE Elizabeth May/23/1628    
LITTLETON fFrancis Aug/23/1628    
VIGERAS William Dec/6/1628    
HUTCHINGS Em 1628    
THOMAS John Jan/1628 son of John  
BOWDEN Beaton Nov/17/1629 wife of John  
LEWEY John Jul/17/1630    
BOWHEY John Dec/19/1630    
HEARNE Margarett Dec/28/1630    
BEASE John Dec/29/1630    
HUTCHINGS Frances Jan/17/1630    
HEMAN Winnifred Jan/21/1630    
MOYSE Joane Jan/29/1630    
HEARNE Bridgett 1630 [dates illegible]  
BOWHEY Robert 1630 [dates illegible]  
SEMMETT Anne 1630 [dates illegible]  
PIPER Thomas May/27/1631    
HEARNE Joachim Jun/1/1631    
LANGE Katherine Jul/26/1631    
MARTYM ? John Oct/19/1631 son of William  
BEARSE Winnifred Dec/16/1631    
PROWSE Barbara Mar/25/1632    
HANCOCK Lunes ? Jun/11/1632 widower  
HUTCHINGS Colledge Jul/18/1632    
HUTCHINGS James Aug/28/1632    
CUDMOORE Philip Nov/21/1632 son of John  
COTES Margarett Mar/26/1633    
HARRIS John Mar/28/1633    
HEARNE John May/12/1633    
KEENE John Jun/13/1633    
CAREW Richard Jun/14/1633    
CAREW Alexander Jun/18/1633    
JUKE John summer 1633    
ROLLE Robert Aug/31/1633    
HEARNE Samuel Oct/1633    
FRAYNE Thomas Dec/2/1633    
BEAFORD Henry Jan/23/1633    
HUTCHINGS Robert Jan/26/1633    
AL.. George 1633 [dates illegible]  
SCAMPE Susan 1633 [dates illegible]  
DEFORN Anne May/19/1634    
LUXY John Aug/2/1634    
RODE Joane Aug/19/1634 Mrs.    
HARRIS Mrs.Margarett Sep/1/1635    
BISHOP John Dec/2/1634 son of Richard  
STOYLE Agnes Mar/20/1635    
WHITEFIELD Phillippa Mar/28/1635    
SMALE Anne Apr/15/1635    
PARNACOTT Anne, the elder Apr/24/1635    
CHAPMAN Isott ? May/6/1635    
MARTIN John Jun/10/1635    
PARNACOTT Anne, the younger Oct/4/1635    
WORTHEN Elizabeth Nov/12/1635    
GLOWEN Thomas Nov/25/1635    
VENTON Thomas, the elder Dec/6/1635    
HEARNE John Jan/26/1635    
DEFORD Joan Jan/29/1635    
HOO Samuel Feb/28/1635    
HANCOCK Degory Mar/26/1636    
SCOTT Amy Oct/20/1636    
HUTCHINGS Rachel Nov/5/1636    
BISHOP Mary Nov/5/1636    
WHITEFIELD Wninfred Nov/7/1636    
PEARS Steven Mar/17/1635    
PILLADE John Mar/15/1635    
LOBELAND Anne Apr/20/1636    
DENFORD John May/7/1636    
SCOTT Joseph kun/10/1636    
KEENE Priscilla Jul/16/1636    
SANDER Agnes Jul/28/1636    
CUDMOOR Jonas Aug/8/1636    
PARNACOTT Phillippa Sep/29/1636    
PERKIN Agnes Oct/24/1637    
ELWOTH ? Richard Dec/1637 Mr. Rector of Peter Tavy?  
PARNACOTT Robert Jan/1/1637    
HUTCHINGS Henry Jan/4/1637 of V... ?  
HONNEWELL George Jul/5/1638    
PERKIN Silvanus Aug/13/1638    
SMALE Thomas Dec/29/1638    
TAWMAN Susan Mar/3/1638    
HONNEWELL Grace Mar/22/1638    
GREGORY Priscilla Apr/4/1639    
COLBOURNE Emmett Apr/4/1639    
STEULA Juia Mar/27/1639    
WHITEYEAR Leonard Jun/10/1639    
OSBOURNE Thomas Aug/3/1639    
HOO Ann Aug/4/1639    
HUTCHINGS Mary Oct/15/1639 of ?Berry  
HELE Samuel Nov/3/1639    
HANCOCK Margarett Nov/26.1639    
STEEVENS Robert Mar/24/1639    
BOWDEN Joan Apr/12/1640    
DAVESTON ? Mary Apr/22/1640    
HUTCHINGS Joan May/3/1640 wife of Henry  
HUTCHINGS Edward May/5/1640    
DENFORD Joan May/14/1640    
MOYSE John Aug/24/1640 son of John  
ABER Alice Sep/11/1640 widow  
GREGORIE Priscilla Oct/27/1640 wife of John Gregorie  
HUTCHINGS Tobia ? Dec/9/1640 son of Christopher  
SHEAR Joan Dec/30/1640 wife of John  
HEARNE Jaochim Jan/2/1640    
HOO Sarah Jan/2/1640 daughter of Henry  
HEARNE Grace Jan/13/1640 widow  
SANDER John Jan/16/1640    
HANCOCKS Francis Jan/26/1640 son of Samuel  
LEWAR Mary Mar/7/1640    
BOWDEN John Mar/29/1641    
GREGORY John Apr/17/`641 son of John  
HANCOCKS Petronell May/1/1641    
HEMAN Rachel May/21/1641    
HEMAN Urith May/31/1641    
SCAMPE John Feb/13/1641    
HUTCHINGS Thomas Feb/13/1641    
WHITEFIELD Ambrose Mar/12/1641    
ROGERS Abraham Apr/23/1642    
ADAMS Leonard May/1642    
DEFORD ? Samuel Jun/17/1642 [dates illegible]  
LANGDON John Nov/1642    
THORNE Agnes Dec/7/1642    
HUTCHINGS Henry Jun/7/1642    
ROLLE Mary Jan/20/1642 daughter of Samuel  
PIPER Edmund Feb/22/1642    
GREGORY Anthony Feb/24/1642 son of John  
MOYSE Ann Mar/4/1642 daughter of John  
SANDERS ? Urith Mar/6/1642 daughter of Robert  
DENFORD Henry Mar/8/1642    
HUTCHINGS John Mar/14/1642 son of Robert  
ELLIS Thomas Mar/31/1643    
HELE Richard Mar/31/1643    
ELLIS John Apr/3/1643    
(LNU) Dorcas Apr/3/1643 [no last name entered]  
HEMAN William Apr/11/1643    
TAWMAN Honor Apr/19/1643    
HANCOCK Petronell Apr/23/1643    
DENFORD Samuel May/4/1643    
HUTCHINGS Robert May/15/1643    
BAKER Samuel Jun/21/1643    
TAWMAN Henry Jul/5/1643    
OSBOURNE Robert Aug/3/1643    
LITTLETON Phillippa Aug/17/1643    
SCOTT Emm Sep/13/1643    
WHITEFIELD William, Junior Nov/20/1643    
LAUCY Grace Nov/22/1643    
HEARD John Nov/26/1643    
ROGERS Faack Nov/27/1643    
CUDMOOR John Dec/4/1643    
FRANE Joan, Junior Dec/5/1643    
ALLEN Willmott Dec/5/1643    
TAILOR Peeter Dec/26/1643    
ADAMS Susan Jan/22/1643    
TAYLOR John Jan/24/1643    
TAYLOR Charles Jan/30/1634    
ADAMS Mary Feb/18/1643    
MOYSE Joan Feb/19/1643    
PROWSE John Nov/3/1643 a stranger  
HEMAN John May/11/1644    
HEMAN Margarett Jun/18/1644    
HEMAN Elizabeth Jun/14/1644    
BROOBE Richard Jun/14/1644 of Buckland Filleigh  
PHILLIPS Hester ? Mar/10/1644    
COLBOURNE Anthony Oct/14/1644    
HUTCHINGS John, Esq Oct/24/1644    
MORCOMBE Elizabeth Oct/31/1644    
TAWTON Lewes Dec/12/1644    
LEWORTHY Ann Feb/8?/1644    
RAWLEY Susan Feb/8/1644    
SCAMPE George Mar/6/1644    
BUTTACOMBE Mary Apr/1/1645    
HEARS Judeth Jun/2/1645    
TAYLOR Joan Jun/4/1645    
DENFORD Joan Jun/16/1645    
ADAMS Susan Jun/29/1645    
ELFIUT Henry Jul/23/1645 a soldier  
TITCOM John Jul/26/1645 a soldier  
THORNE Robert Jan/22/1645    
BROWSE John Jan/23/1645 a soldier  
FRAYNE Thomas, Junior Feb/10/1645    
HEMAN Urith Mar/20/1645    
LITTLETON Joan Apr/25/1646    
TAYLOR Ann May/5/1646    
FRAYNE Emm Jun/6/1646    
MOYSE George Jun/20/1646    
DENFORD Joan Jul/6/1646    
DENFORD [none given] Sep/11/1646    
SOUTHWARD Joseph, Junior Sep/12/1646    
HEARD Mary Jan/1/1646    
CLIFF Jane Apr/14/1647    
PERKIN Elizabeth Jun/22/1647    
TAYLOR Elizabeth Jun/23/1647    
CUPPER Elizabeth Jul/12/1647    
HEARNE Margarett Jul/21/1647    
NOBLE William Aug/7/1647    
HUTCHINGS John Nov/10/1647 gentleman  
ROLLE Samuel Dec/7/1647 [Sir or Senior]  
ROGERS Michael Dec/17/1647    
GREGORY Ann Jul/21/1648    
RAWLEY Phillip Oct/3/1648 of Buckland  
PIPER Joan Nov/29/1748    
ROLLE John Nov/18/1648    
GLOWIN Elizabeth Dec/22/1648    
TAWMAN Fulke Jan/9/1648    
VENTON Elizabeth Dec/9/1650 of Aish, widow  
PERKIN John Mar/15/1650 son of Henry  
MOYSE (the wife of) Apr/1651 the wife of John  
LILLEY ? Elizabeth Jun/28/1651    
TAWMOND Phillippa Jul/13/1651    
FOWLER Letitia ? Sep/30/1651    
TAWMOND Amy Sep/14/1651    
WAY Julyan Jan/31/1651 wife of Robert?  
ROLLE William Apr/14/1652 esq.    
HEARD Anne Jun/2/1652 widow  
FOWLER James ?/24/1652    
FRAYNE Henry Jun/6/1653    
MORCOMBE Junnacott (HUH?) Dec/9/1653    
BISHOP Joan Dec/29/1653` wife of Richard  
JUDD Jane Feb/17/1653 wife of George  
ROLLE Arabella May/11/1654 daughter of Robert  
LITTLETON John the elder Sep/29/1654    
HOLLAVEN Margarett Apr/28/1663 daughter of John  
BOWHAY Joane Jun/8/1663 daughter of David and Priscilla  
SCAMP Henry Oct/11/1663    
NORTHAM Thomas Nov/10/1663 son of John of Beworthy  
BOWHAY Mary Jan/11/1663 daughter of John and Elizabeth  
VENTON Samuel May/26/1664 son of Thomas ands Jane  
TALLMAN Willmott May/29/1664    
BOWHAY Elizabeth Jun/24/1664 of Ashe, widow  
FRAYNE Joane Jun/26/1664 wife of John  
BOWHAY David Sep/19/1664 son of David & Priscilla?  
SHYRIS Honor Oct/13/1664 daughter of John & Isabel  
BOWHAY Elizabeth Jan/28/1664 widow of Thomas  
TOMBE Joan Apr/12/1665    
MOYSE Joseph May/3/1665    
JONTHAN (none given) May/22/1665 daughter of John & Agnes  
GOURLEY ? John Jun/8/1665    
WHYTE Anne Jul/4/1665 widow  
BOWDEN John Jan/13/1665    
HUTCHINGS Robert Jan/19/1665    
ROGERS Robert Mar/17/1665    
HUTCHINGS Amy Apr/4/1666 daughter of John of Varley  
LILLY Margret Sep/16/1666    
PARSONS Willmot Sep/19/1666    
DENFORD Stephen Dec/25/1666    
PARSONS George Jan/4/1666    
ROLLE Margret Mar/9/1666 daughter of Rbert, esq.  
BOWHAY Susan Apr/22/1666    
BENNET Edmond Apr/28/1666    
PARNACOT Joseph Jun/17/1766    
WHITIER Willmot Jun/25/1666    
WHITIER Walter Jun/28/1667    
PARNACOT Anne Jun/4/1668 wife of Joseph the younger  
HUTCHINGS Richard Aug/8/1668 of Hooke  
PERKIN Charity Aug/23/1668    
BOND Margarett Jan/30/1668    
TRACE (daughter) Feb/13/1668 of Thomas  
FRIENDSHIP (son) Feb/13/1668 of Joseph  
VENTON Thomas Feb/21/1668    
POYNES Thomasine May/1669    
WITHERS Mary Jun/8/1669    
PEIRCE Sarah Jun/27/1669    
GOULD Charity Aug/1/1669    
SMITH Edmond Sep/26/1669    
HUTCHINGS Amy Oct/15/1669    
GIBBS Agnes Nov/5/1669    
THORN John Dec/29/1669 son of Thomas  
VENTON Jane Jan/28/1669    
PILLIVEN [see Hillaven?] John May/18/1670    
PENROSE Henry Jun/21/1670    
HEARN (none given) Aug/25/1670    
GREGORY Margaret Aug/30/1670    
PERKIN Henry Oct/20/1670    
PRYDAM (son) Dec/11/1670 of William  
THORN Joane Dec/15/1670 daughter of Emmanuel  
SMALE Agnes Dec/26/1670    
DENFORD Samuel Jan/16/1670 son of Stephen  
CUDMOOR Martha Jan/24/1670    
HUTCHINGS John Jan/29/1670 son of John of Varley  
GLOYN Emmet Jan/31/1670    
BASTARD Thomas Feb/28/1670 son of Thomas  
BOWHAY (daughter) Mar/2/1670 of John  
HUTCHINGS Ann Mar/6/1670 Missesse [Mrs?]  
BETIS ? Stephen Mar/22/1670    
BUDDICOMBE Catherine Mar/25/1671    
DENFORD Anne Jun/17/1671 daughter of Philip  
BOWHAY Ann Jul/1/1671 daughter of Christopher  
BROOK Emme Sep/18/1671    
BAKER Martha Sep/27/1671    
SEEN [LEEN?] Thomasine Oct/19/1671    
HANCOCK Samuel Mar/19/1671    
BOWHAY Christopher Apr/22/1672 son of Christopher  
CUDMOOR Mary Sep/27/1672    
BOWHAY John Jan/23/1672 of Ashe  
CUDMOOR Elizabeth Mar/19/1672    
BADGE Mary Mar/27/1673    
SMITH Margaret Apr/22/1673 as she named herself  
PIERCE Elizabeth Apr/20/1673    
HUTCHINGS Richard Apr/30/1673    
DENFORD Mary Jun/8/1673    
CUDMOORE Sarah Jan/23/1673    
DAVY Henry Feb/20/1673    
HELE Elizabeth Feb/27/1673    
CUDMOORE John Mar/5/1673    
REGLE [KEGLE?] Frances Mar/3/1673    
HUTCHINGS Martha Apr/26/1674    
TOM Thomas Jun/21/1674    
SHEERS Isabel Jun/26/1674    
HOLMAN Anne Jul/1/1674    
FRAINE James Aug/29/1674    
BOWHAY Thomas Nov/20/1674    
BAILY Joane Aug/4/1675    
WET Anthony Sep/26/1675    
PARNACOT Ann Nov/7/1675    
CLOKE Rebeccah Jan/16/1675    
PIPER William Feb/21/1675    
MEDLAND John Mar/4/1675    
THORN John Dec/22/1676    
SCOTT John Dec/22/1676    
TOM Sampson Dec/27/1676    
GORDON Florence Jan/12/1676    
SQUANCE Edith May/31/1676    
HANCOCK Thomas May1/1677    
SURROT William Jul/1/1677    
BOWHAY Priscilla Dec/27/1677    
BASTARD John Apr/28/1677    
BOWHAY Thomas Jul/7/1678    
RICHARDS Lewes Aug/15/1678   x
BOWHAY Anne Sep/2/1678   x
BOWHAY David Sep/5/1678   x
LITTLETAR Elizabeth Nov/7/1678   x
HANCOCK Thomas Dec/2/1678   x
GREGORY Rebeccah Dec/19/1678   x
BOWHAY Christopher Feb/9/1678   x
TUKE George Mar/28/1679   x
FRIENDSHIP James Apr/2/1679   x
WHYTIER George Apr/28/1679   x
GLOYNE William May/10/1679   x
HUTCHINGS Christopher Jun/2/1679   x
TRACE Mary Jun/8/1679   x
HUTCHINGS John Jun/9/1679 of Hooke x
PERKIN Roger Aug/15/1679   x
WHITE Margret Feb/1/1679   x
WHITE Elizabeth Feb/9/1679   x
MOYSE James Jun/15/1680   x
RAWLEIGH Elizabeth Jul/9/1680   x
PARNACOTT Mary Nov/6/1680   x
PARNACOTT John Dec/18/1680   [only in woolen book]
PHILIPS Mrs. Mary Dec/8/1680   x
ARKFORD Honour Dec/18/1680 ? Axford x
SCAM John Jan/20/1680   x
LEGG Edward Jan/26/1680   x
VIGURES Elizabeth Feb/5/1680   x
BISHOP Ann Mar/11/1680   x
WEY Margrett Apr/12/1681    
BASTARD Marjory Apr/17/1681    
ARKFORD Henry May/12/1681    
SHEERS Elizabeth Aug/23/1681    
THORNE Charity Sep/14/1681    
KEENE Agnes Oct/23/1681    
NANSKIVILL Mary Oct/24/1681    
MARTIN Richard Nov/29/1681    
YOWLDON John Dec/10/1681    
HUTCHINGS Grace Feb/23/1681    
PIPER Rebekah Mar/19/1681    
HILL William Apr/5/1682    
OSBORNE Lewis May/5/1682    
HELE Robert May/8/1682    
RAWLEIGH Mr. Joseph Oct/19/1682    
ARTHURS Richard Nov/10/1682    
SQUIRE Edmond Nov/30/1682    
FRAYNE Mrs. Frances Dec/20/1682    
CROCKER Philippa Jan/11/1682    
WEY William & Margarett Feb/16/1682    
BOWHAY Grace Feb/23/1682    
GAWMAN Margaret Feb/28/1682    
VOGWELL Richard Mar/3/1682    
THOMAS Joan Mar/26/1683    
PILLAVEN Robert Apr/12/1683    
PILLAVEN John May/5/1683    
PARKIN John Jun/6/1683    
TROTT Leonard Jul/17/1683    
HUTCHINGS Mrs. Margaret Sep/4/1683    
CLOKE Joan Oct/8/1683    
PILLAVEN Rebekah Oct/20.1683    
ACKFORD Thomas Jan/30/1683    
HOOPER Edmond Feb/16/1683    
HANCOCKS Samuel, Jun Jul/21/1684   x
FRAYNE John Oct/25/1684   x
CONNINGHAM John Nov/23/1684   x
ADAMS Lawerence Dec/25/1684   x
DENFORD Phillippa Feb/6/1684 widd x
VIGURES Thomas Mar/2/1684   x
CORNISH Alexander Mar/6/1864 son of Alexander [woolen book only]
VENTON Rebekah Mar/8/1684 wife of ..ary x
THORNE Lewis Mar/8/1684   x
FFRAYNE Emm Apr/21/1685 daughter of John x [in woolen book as Emlin]
CROTHER Thomas Apr/30/1685 serv. at Heanton x
GLOYNE Lydia Apr/25/1685 wife of Samuel x
HUTCHINGS Henery ? May/3/1685 son of John of Varleigh [woolen book only]
BOWNSEY Lore amy/4/1685 of PetersMarland x
HUTCHINGS Mary Sep/11/1685 wife of Joshua x
BARTLETT James Dec/23/1685 miller at Heanton x
LEGG Martha Jan/16/1685 daughter of Thomas x
SHEERS John Feb/11/1685   x
PARNACOTT John Mar/18/1685 son of Joseph x
RICHARDS Mary Mar/24/1685 wid x
MOYSE Charity Sep/?/1686 daughter of John [woolen book only]
KEAGLE John Dec/12/1686 coachman x
LURY Christopher May/5/1687   x
CLOAK Thomas May/12/1687   x
May Robert May/13/1687 of Buckland Fill x
HEARN Lewis Jan/19/1687   x
LEGG John Feb/21/1687 son of Thomas x
RAWLEIGH Thomas/Joseph in woolen book Feb/21/1687 son of Joseph of Buck Fill x
MARTIN William Feb/27/1687 son of William x
LAMBER Joan Mar/5/1687 dAugh of Thomas x
PILLAVEN Ed.. Mar/12/1687 son of Edmond x
HUTCHINGS John Mar/15/1688 gentleman of Berry x
PILLAVEN Edmond Apr/12/1688 Edmond x
VOGWILL John Apr/8/1689 son of John x
THORNE Thomas Aug/11/1689 a poor man (?) x
ADAMS Elinore Nov/14/1689 widd x
PRIDHAM Samuel Dec/6/1689 son of Samuel x
GAWMAN Lewis Apr/8/1690 ?was baptized [as note] x
BUCKINGHAM John Sep/6/1690   x
DENFORD Mary Sep/24/1690 daughter of Steven x
GLOYN Samuel Dec/12/1690   x
PALMER Thomasine Jan25/1690   x
PENROSE Sarah Mar/1690 daughter of Amos [woolen book only]
PRIDHAM Bridget Jan/26/1690 daughter of Samuel x
DAVY Joan Mar/10/1690   [woolen book only]
GOWMAN Lewis May/3/1690 son of Lewis [woolen book only]
GOWMAN Elizabeth Apr/26/1690 daughter of Lewis [woolen book only]
DOctOR Dorothy Sep?/9/1691 daughter of John of Hartland Edge? x
CROCKER Amos Nov/1690   [woolen book only]
HOLMAN Henry Sep?/9/1691   x
THORNE Joan May/1691   [woolen book only]
HUTCHINGS Rachell Dec/11/1691   [not in woolen book]
HAWKINGS William Jan/30/1691 son of Thomas [not in woolen book]
THORNE Charity Feb/15/1691 daughter of Joseph [not in woolen book]
HUTCHINGS Joshua Feb/16/1691   x
KNIGHT Elizabeth Aug/24/1691 daughter of John [woolen book only]
BROOKS Elizabeth Feb/23/1691 daughter of Robert [not in woolen book]
DENFORD Jane Apr/1/1692 daughter of Steven x
WILLIAMS Marjory Apr/16/1692 widd x
WHITE John Apr/1692 son of John, Jr [woolen book only]
SURCOMB Rebeccah May/10/1692 daughter of John x
PENROSE Joan May/10/1692 widd [woolen book only]
POURSOUTHY Joan May/15/1692   [not in woolen book]
PARKYN susannah Jul/23/1692   x
PALMER Marjory Jul/23/1692 daughter of John x
TRESUSIS Francis Sep/16/1692 buried in linen x
May Jane Sep/23/1692 widd x
KEAGLE Gabriel Jan/19/1692   x
BROOKE Joan Jan/18/1692   x
BOWHAY John Jan/25/1692 son of John x
RAWLEIGH Thomazine May/29/1693 wife of Joseph the younger x
RAWLEIGH Joseph May/24/1693   [woolen book only]
BRAGG William Jun/9/1693   [woolen book only]
RAWLEIGH Thomas Jul/13/1693 son of Joseph of Buck Fill x
HEARN Edward Jul/24/1693 yeoman x
PENROSE Margaret Apr/1694   [woolen book only]
HUTCHINGS Phillip Feb/25/1693   x
GOURDON Marjory Apr/20/1694 daughter of Thomas [woolen book only]
SLADE Gertrude May/14/1694 wife of Philip x
LEGG Thomas Nov/30/1694 son of thomas x
CLOKE Ann Jul/14/1695 daughter of Anthony x
NANSKIVILL Samuel Sep/24/1695 husbandman x
GAWMAN Lewis Dec/23/1695 husbandman x
VENTON Henry Mar/17/1695 husbandman,of Buckland Filleigh x
BOWHAY Faith Feb/20/1695 spinster [not in woolen book]
VENTON Henry Mar/17/1695 husbandman,of Buckland Filleigh x
BOWHAY susannah Apr/19/1696 widdow x
MOYSE John Jun/26/1696 the lesser? x
CORNISH Sarah Jul/9/1696 the younger x
PETT Grace Aug/20/1696 Junior x
PILLAVEN John Aug/29/1696   [not in woolen book]
HUTCHINGS Amy ? Aug/27/1696   x
LANGDON Mary Sep/24/1696 wife of Robert x
SOUTHCOTT Ann Oct/19/1696 widdow x
RAWLEIGH John Dec/14/1696 yeoman of Buckland Fill [woolen book only]
FINNEMORE Mary Feb/1696/7 widdow x
CUDMORE Joseph Feb/6/1696-7 husbandman x
LURY Mary Apr/13/1697 widdow x
POUND Peter ? May/14/1697 son of Roger x
OSBOURNE Frances Jun/10/1697 widdow x
HANCOCK Elinore Nov/1697 pauper [not in woolen book]
DENFORD Marjory Aug/1697 widdow x
VENTON Elizabeth Feb/26/1697 widdow of Buck Filleigh x
CROWSHAW William Feb/27/1697 of Cornwall x
BOWHAY David Feb/28/1697   x
HELE Winifred Jun/1/1698 spinster [not in woolen book]
MOLLAND Thomasine Mar/25/1698 widdow of Huntshaw? x
PILLAVEN Henry Aug/1/1698   x
HAYMAN Elizabeth Aug/12/1698 spinster x
JOHNS Robert Aug/30/1698 of Buckland Fill, servant x
PALMER Thomasine Sep/15/1698 of Langtree x
HUTCHINGS Jane Dec/19/1698 wife of John, cordwainer [not in woolen book]
WARREN William 1698 a base child of Susanna x
OSBOURNE Thomas Feb/22/1698 husbandman x
SURCOMBE Christopher Apr/16/1699 son of John x
PYPER Henry Feb/27/1699   x [as Thomas in Woolen book]
GOURDON Jane Mar/13/1699 daughter of Thomas curryer x
GORDEN Elizabeth Mar/15/1699 daughter of Thomas curryer [not in woolen book]
BOND Thomas & Hannah Apr/7/1700 hus & wife, poor of theparish x
GORDON James June/10/1700 son of Thomas, curryer x
LIMBER William Jun/23/1700 a poor youth x
MARTIN Elizabeth Jul/2/1700 wife of Richard, husbandman x
VENTON Mary Sep/1700 daughter of Henry, Jr, husbandman x
COURTIS Grace Jan/28/1700 a serv. Of Buckland Filleigh [not in woolen book]
HOWARD Elinore Dec/15/1700 widdow x
STOYLE Richard Feb/24/1700 son of Thomas, labourer [woolen book only]
HANCOCK Samuel Mar/6/1700 carpenter x
SOUTHWOOD Phillippa Jul/5/1701 wife of Joseph x
HILL Judith Oct/6/1701 widdow x
GORDING Thomasine Mar/10/1701 Thomas in burial book (huh) [woolen book only]
GORDON Thomas Mar/10/1702   [not in woolen book]
STOYLE Martha Mar/10/1701 wife of Thomas, husbandman x
MITCHELL Henry Mar/22/1702 son of John x
MITCHELL George Apr/7/1702 son of John x
HOLMAN James Jun/14/1702 son of Arthur the younger of PM x
GREGORY Mary Jun/25/1702 son of John, taylor x
FRAYNE Mary Oct/3/1702 wife of Samuel, yeoman [woolen book only]
WHITE John Jul/21/1702 husbandman x
FRAYNE Mary Oct/3/1702 wife of Samuel, yeoman x
MARTIN Elizabeth Oct/14/1702 wife of William, a poore labourer x
BOWHAY Grace Oct/25/1702 widdow x
BASTARD Thomas Dec/9/1702 taylour x
PRIDHAM William Dec/17/1702 husbandman x
MARTIN Richard Dec/30/1702 husbandman x
HINDES Honor Jun/8/1703 daughter of Daniel, soldier x
FRAYNE Charity Nov/?1703 Mrs. [woolen book only]
ROLLE Madam Frances Feb/9/1703 wife of Samuel, esq x
LEGG Gertrude Apr/27/1704 wife of Thomas x
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Apr/29/1704 single womas and of the poore x
LITTLETAR Philip Jun/17/1704   x
FRAYNE Samuel Sep/9/1704 yeoman x
THORNE John Oct/28/1704 a singing master [huh?] x
THORNE Emmanuel Oct/30/1704   x
GAWMAN Henry Jun/19/1704   x
GREGORY Joan Jun/28/1704 wife of Robert x
HUTCHINGS Martha May/7/1705 spinster x
BASTARD Samuel May/13/1705   [woolen book only]
PALMER John May/17/1705 husbandman x
HEARN Thomas Oct/23/1705 husbandman, yeoman x
PARKYN Daniel Nov/18/1705 husbandman x
BOWHAY Christopher Feb/19/1705 son of Thomas x
HEARN Ann Jul/13/1695   [not in woolen book]
GREGORY Sarah Feb/8/1695 daughter of Philip [not in woolen book]
PYPER Rebekah Mar/12/1705 daughter of John & Elizabeth  
GOWMAN Elizabeth Mar/16/1705 a widdow and poore woman  
OSB..? Richard Mar/25/1705 cook at Heanton  
HEARNE Jo Mar/30/1705 yeoman  
HUTCHINGS Joseph May/10/1706 cordwayner  
GLOYNE Wilmot May/18/1706 a serv. At Bighton..  
MITCHELL Mary Jun/11/1706 daughter of John  
QUICK Hannah Aug/3/1706 widdow of Buck Filleigh  
LITTLETAR Alice Sep/16/1706 wife of Thomas, tanner  
PARKYN Ann cot/16/1706 wife of Henry  
ROLLE Robert Jan/9/1706 heir and son of Samuel of Heanton  
BASTARD Emm Jan/24/1706    
BRAGG Samuel Mar/4/1706 son of Edward, husbandman  
BRAGG John Mar/10/1706 son of Edward, husbandman  
BOWHAY John Mar/19/1706 son of Thomas  
BOWHAY John Mar/25/1706 son of Thomas  
BOWHAY Mary 1707 Most likely by page orders)or 1708 daughter of thomas of Southill  
GREGORY Philip Aug/15/1707 yeoman  
PALMER Mary Sep/14/1707 spinster  
BOWINS Ann Nov/22/1707 dau of Rich.  
MARTIN Anne Feb/24/1707 spinster  
HAYNE Honour Apr/24/1708 daughter of Daniel  
LANGDON Robert, Junior Jan/7/1708    
PILAVEN Jane Feb/22/1708 widdow  
DOIDGE Sampson Feb/22/1708 son of Sampson  
ROLLE Samuel Apr/21/1707 son and heir of Samuel  
CORNISH Sarah Apr/25/1708 wife of Alexander  
HUTCHINGS Agnes Jun/11/1709 wife of Samuel  
LITTLETAR John Aug/5/1709 son of John of Zeal  
DOIDGE Thomasin Sep/26/1709 dAugh of Sampson  
WHITE Phillippa Sep/26/1709 widdow  
GRIFFEN Joan Oct/23/1709 widdow  
GREGORY Robert Dec/11/1709    
PILLAVEN Daniel Jan/22/1709    
SOUTHWOOD Joseph Feb/25/1709    
PARKIN Lidya Mar/19/1709 widdow  
WEYE Mary Apr/28/1710 wife of James  
GREGORY John Nov/13/1710 son of Anthony  
MARTIN William Nov/21/1710 base son of Anne  
HERNDEN Mary Mar/29/1710    
HAYNES Daniel Jan/1/1711    
HUTCHINGS John Jul/9/1711    
STOYLE Thomas Aug/9(?)/1711    
FRIENDSHIP Joseph Aug/9/1711    
PILLAVON Stephen Aug/24/1711    
PARNACOTT Joseph Jun/28/1711    
PARKIN Joan Mar/23/1711    
PIPER Richard Jun/25/1712 son of John  
DAVIS Thomasin Jun/14/1712 of Black Torrington  
THORNE Joan Sep/1/1712 daughter of Robert  
BOWHAY Susanna Sep/13/1712 daughter of Thomas  
MOYSE Katherine Sep/15/1712    
PARKIN John Nov/29/1712    
ROLLE Arabella Dec/?/1712 daughter of Hon. Samuel  
PARKIN David Dec/27/1712    
PRIDHAM Bridget Jan/18/1712    
LEGG Thomas Feb/17/1712    
ACKLAND Mary Mar/10/1712    
MARTIN Jane May/24/1713    
DENFORD Stephen Jun/6/1713    
CHANINGS Charles Jun/15/1713    
BOWHAY Elizabeth Jul/27/1713 daughter of Thomas of Hightown  
THORNE Thomas Aug/17/1713 a youth  
DOIDGE Jane Jun/13/1713    
PATT [NATT?] Grace Sep/25/1713    
THORNE Jane Feb/21/1713 daughter of Joseph  
HERNDON Thomas Jul/29/1714 rector of this parish  
CLYNTON Thomas Aug/18/1714 a stranger, gent.  
PARNACOTT Joseph Aug/31/1714    
WAY Michall Oct/7/1714    
WAY James Oct/26/1714    
HAYNES Elizabeth Oct/14/1715    
MARSH Tomasin ?/7/1715 of Black Torrington  
PIPER James Feb/22/1715    
HUTCHINGS Samuel May/12/1716    
PIPER Jane Aug/26/1716    
PARNACOTT Katherine Feb/1/1716    
MOYSE Susanna Apr/4/1717    
BOWHAY John Apr/30/1717 of Ashe  
VOGWILL Thomas Jun/18/1717    
VENTON Dorithy Jun/29/1717    
LITTLETAR Thomas Aug/5/1717    
HEARN John Oct/2/1717    
PICK William Oct/20/1717    
HUTCHINGS Sarah Apr/26/1718    
HUTCHINGS Mary Jul/4/1718    
SOUTHCOMBE John Jul/17/1718    
PETT John Jul/24/1718    
HUTCHINGS Joan Jul/14/1719    
ROLLE Samuel Nov/5/1719 esq.  
HUTCHINGS Samuel May/4/1720    
DOIDGE Sampson Jun/12/1720    
MILLMAN Daniel Nov/27/1720 son of Daniel  
TREFUSES Margaret Apr/28/1721 Madam-[with Bridget in small letter above it]  
VANSTONE Samuel Dec/24/1721 [squeezed in out of order by date]  
BOWHAY Agnes May/21/1721    
VOGWILL John Jun/2/1721    
DENFORD Joan Oct/19/1721    
VANSTONE James Oct/19/1721    
PIPER Elizabeth Oct/19/1721    
MITCHALL John Jan/5/1721    
LITTLETAR John Jun/7/1722    
MARTIN Honour Jun/12/1722    
WHITE John Jul/18/1722 son of William  
BUDD George Dec/19/1722 son of Samuel  
ORSBAND Frances Jan/1/1722    
PARKIN Susanna Jan/11/1722    
PILLAVEN William Jan/21/1722    
NANSKEVILL Anne Jan/24/1722    
HUTCHINGS Henry Jun/12/1723    
PALMOOR Mary Jul/17/1723    
GRIFFIN Mary Aug/20/1723    
GREGORY Phobe Sep/21/1723    
VENTON Henry Sep/28/1723    
GILL Mary Nov/1/1723    
CORNISH Alexander Dec/27/1723    
NANSKEVILL Elizabeth Mar/13/1723 wife of Robert  
VOGWILL Giles Nov/29/1723    
MOYSE John Nov/18/1724    
LITTLETAR Christopher Dec/18/1724    
LITTLETAR Eunice Jan/2/1724    
BALKWILL Martha Jan/20/1724    
LITTLETAR Thomas Jan/25/1724    
SURCOMBE Ann Feb/2/1724    
NANSKEVILL Elizabeth Mar/18/1724    
ROOKHAY Katherine Mar/26/1725    
DENFORD David Apr/29/1725    
HUTCHINGS Frances Apr/30/1725    
SOUTHWOOD Jane Jul/14/1725    
MATHEWS Gawen Aug/25/1725    
LIMBEAR Thomas Aug/24/1725 a child  
VOGWILL John Sep/15/1725 a child  
MARTIN Thomas Jan/6/1725    
MARTIN Richard Jan23/1725    
MARTIN Emm Jan/27/1725    
WORRY John Feb/18/1725    
PARNACOTT Joseph Feb/21/1725    
DENFORD Arthur Mar/29/1726    
THORNE Joseph Jul29/1726    
BRAGG Elizabeth Aug/7/1726    
VOGWILL John Jan/22/1726 a child  
VOGWILL Joan Jan 19/1726 a child  
ACKFORD Thomas Feb/3/1726    
HANCOCK Margaret Feb/21/1726    
LIMEBER Thomas Apr/10/1727    
HEARN Phillip Apr/25/1727    
WHITE Penellopy Jun/20/1727    
LASHBROOK Julia Aug/13/1727 wife of John  
THORNE Robert Aug31/1727    
DOIDGE William Jan/2/1727 son of William  
BOWHAY Thomas Feb/10/1727    
LEWIS Elizabeth Feb/24/1727 daughter of George  
CORNISH Alexander Aug/11/1728 son of Alexander  
LASHBROOK John Nov/25/1728    
VOGWILL Joan Dec/29/1728    
PILLAVEN Edward Jan/14/1728    
BOWEN Rice Feb/11/1728    
PARKIN Elenor Apr/30/1730    
LYMBEARE Anne May/7/1730    
BRAGG Edward Jun/4/1730    
VOGWILL Margaret Sep/18/1730    
TURNER Sarah Dec/6/1730    
DOIDGE Robert Jan/15/1730 son of Richard  
MOAR [HOAR?] ? Jan26/1730    
HUTCHINGS Margaret Feb/19/1730 daughter of Samuell  
MOYSE Julian Mar/7/1730    
HANES Daniel Aprill/23/1731    
LOUGHTLEIGH (Blot) Jul/15/1731    
MarTYN (daughter-blot) Oct/1731 daughter of Jonas  
WOOLLACOT John Nov/23/1731    
BOWEN Grace May/12/1732    
THORNE Mary Jul/4/1732    
PIPER Grace abt July 1732    
LIMBEARE Alice Aug/16/1732    
WESTERN George Sep/16/1732    
TOWNSEND Margery Sep/23/1732 wife of Edward...and her son Henry buryed  
BEAVENS Isott Oct/3/1732    
VOGWELL William Nov/8/1732    
HEAMAN William Jan/30/1732    
LIMBER Thomas Apr/3/1733    
NANSKEVILL Robert Apr/6/1733    
HANCOCK Sarah Apr/6/1733    
HUTCHINGS Margaret Jun/15/1733    
NANSKEVILL Susannah Jul/1/1733    
HEARN Rahel Jul/24/1733 a child  
FRIENDSHIP Resella Jun/12/1734    
LANGDON Robert Nov/12/1734    
ALLIN Mary Dec/1/1734    
GREGORY Rebeka Dec/11/1734    
VANSTONE Katherine Dec/19/1734    
TROTT William Feb/24/1734    
ACKFORD Ann Apr/24/1735    
COURTICE John Jul/9/1735    
BRAGG Jane Jul/29/1735    
HUTCHINS John Aug/15/1735    
PELEVEN Elizabeth Aug/17/1735    
BOWHAY Alice Sep/18/1735    
TROTT Richard Sep/19/1735    
MANNING Alice Sep/25/1735    
HEARN Rahel Sep/30/1735    
LITTLETAR Joan Dec/12/1735    
PENHORROD Archol Dec/28/1735    
PELEVEN Susanna Jan/9/1735    
CORNISH John May/8/1736    
BARKWILL Robert Jun/4/1736 of PetersMarland  
SURCOMBE Samuel Jun/21/1736    
SURCOMBE Ann Jul/1/1736    
MarTYN Joan Jul/25/1736    
PIPER James May/15/1737 son of Thomas & Mary  
NORMAN Hannah Jan/4/1737    
PILLAVON Ann Aug/28/1737    
HOLLINGS Charity Oct/22/1737    
DURANT Thomas Dec/16/1737    
HEARNE Susanna Jan/6/1737    
BRADBURNE John Jun/1/1738    
MARTIN John Jun/19/1738    
DOIDGE Elizabeth Aug/10/1738    
BOWHAY Mary Aug/20/1738    
TOWNSEND Edmund Sep/28/1738    
TROTT Grace Oct/19/1738    
SHORT Elizabeth Oct/22/1738    
HEARN Mr.John Feb/16/1738    
BOWHAY Thomas Mar/19/1738    
LEMMON Philemon Apr/27/1739    
LANGDON Charity Oct/7/1739    
SOUTHCOTT Joan Jan/8/1739    
TOMS John & his wife Jan/17/1739 [no wife's name given]  
VOGWILL Henry Jan/27/1739    
BRAGG Thomas Jan/29/1739    
HARVEY Rebekka Jan/30/1739    
BOWHAY Elizabeth Feb/1/1739    
CURTIS Emlyn Feb/8/1739    
BRAGG Mary Feb/8/1739    
MARSH William May/14/1740    
DENNIS Mary Jul/9/1740    
WILCOX Thomas Aug/10/1740    
DAVY Henry Nov/8/1740    
BRAGG Elizabeth Dec/3/1740    
ROACHEY John Apr/24/1741    
CURTIS Charles Oct/10/1741    
MERIWILL Katherine Dec/11/1741    
BOHAY Mary Apr/3/1742    
BOWAY Joseph Apr/3/1742    
BOWAY Alice Apr/3/1742    
PARNACOTT Anne Apr/4/1742    
MEREVEL Bathsheba Apr/4/1742    
PARNACOTT Joseph May/1/1742    
HOCKES Elizabeth May/6/1742    
CORNISH John May/13/1742    
HOCKES William May/24/1742    
SHORT Mary Jun/22/1742    
PARKIN George Aug/3/1742    
TOLLE Richard Oct/23/1742 [diff. to read surname]  
VICARS Thomas Nov/5/1742    
BRAGG Rachel Nov/10/1742    
NANSKEVILL Thomas Nov/21/1742    
GREGORY Joan Dec?/6/1742    
BRAGG Prudence Jan/28/1742    
FRIENDSHIP Anne Feb/8/1742    
MERRIFIELD John Apr/12/1743    
PETT Christian May/9/1743    
DENNIS Robert Aug/27/1743 son of Samuel & Mary  
PERKIN Lydia Sep/18/1743    
SHORT William Dec/6/1743 son of William & Dorothy  
HYNDS Sarah Feb/29/1743    
BRAGG Rowland ? Apr/1744    
HEATHMAN William Apr/22/1744    
HELLINGS William Jan/23/1744 a child  
WILLCOX Joan Mar/27/1745    
DURANT Elizabeth Sep/17/1745    
GRIFFEN Joan Sep/29/1745    
TROTT William Nov/26/1745    
FRIENDSHIP Joseph Jan/14/1745    
BRAGG Jane Mar/8/1745    
MarTYN Jonas 1746 blurred    
HAWKES Samuel Oct/3/1746 son of Peter & Joan  
ROWLEIGH Elizabeth Dec/9/1746 wife of Samuel  
LUGG Ann May/17/1747    
JEFFREY Elizabeth May/17/1747    
SCOTT Elizabeth Sep/2/1747    
VOGWELL Joan Jan/2/1747    
RISDON Joseph, Mr. Feb/12/1747 of Buckland Filleigh  
NANSKEVILL Robert Sep/14/1748    
PETT John Oct/4?/1748    
WILLIAMS William Dec/10/1748 an infant  
LIMBEAR Thomas Dec/11/1748 the younger  
LITTLETAR John Jan/7/1748    
PARNACOTT Ann Jan/19/1748 an infant  
MARTIN Richard Feb/5/1748 an infant  
HUTCHINGS Catherine May/26/1749    
PERKINS Ann Jun/29/1749    
PARNACOTT Ann Oct/16/1749 daughter of Joseph  
PADDON Thomas Oct/22/1749    
MINNELL John Jan/17/1749    
HAWKES William Feb/26/1749    
HEARN Mrs. Jul/4/1750    
DURANT Sarah Oct/29/1750    
WHITE William Nov/??/1750    
PILLAVANT Samuel Dec/5or8/1750    
SMALL Samuel Mar/14/1750    
PILAVANT Susanna Apr/24/1751    
TROTT Allice May/12/1751    
HEAMAN William May/28/1751    
FINEMOOR Mary Jun/5/1751    
HEARNE Phillip Jul/28/1751    
FINEMOOR Richard Jun/2/1751    
PARNACOTT Samuel Nov/1/1751    
HAMMETT Ishmael Dec/25/1751    
HUTCHINGS Charles Feb/10/1751    
MADGE Grace Feb/18/1751    
MarTYN Grace Jun/23/1752    
PILLAVANT James Oct/2/1752    
PARNACOTT Joseph Nov/14/1752    
PILAVANT Mary Dec/10/1752    
VOGWILL Grace Apr/1/31753    
PILLAVANT Margaret Aug/3/1753    
PARNACOTT Mary Nov/12/1753    
VANSTONE Susanna Jan/?/1753    
MOYES Joseph Jan?/?1753    
CURTIS Charles Feb/?/1753    
VOGWILL Jane ?/1753 [date gone except yr.]  
THORNE Susannah Jun/20/1754    
GREGORY Anthony ?/?/1754    
HEARN Philip ?/?/1754    
HUTCHINGS John ?/3/1754    
HELLINGS Edward Mar/10/1755    
DOIDGE Jeney Aug/5/1755    
BRADBURN Bridget Jan/2/1755    
SHORT Thomas Feb/23/1755    
WOOLLACOTT Mary Jul/16/1755    
WARD Lewis Aug/24/1755    
DOIDGE Jane Nov/2/1755    
MICHEL Dorthy Nov/??/1755    
CORNISH Mary Mar/2/1755    
LIMBEAR Thomas Apr/1/1755    
LITTLETAR Thomas Apr/14/1757    
PIPER Margaret Jul/5/1757    
DUMIOS Samuel Aug/12/1757    
JEFFREY Margaret Aug/13/1757    
LIMBEAR Mary Sep/2/1757    
JEFFREY Richard Jan/15/1757    
PARNACOTT Mary Jan/31/1757    
HUTCHINGS Temperance May/28/1758 a widow  
NANSKEVILL Rebekah Jun/6/1758 a young woman  
BOWAY Eunice Aug/29/1758 a young woman  
RISDON Mrs Rahell Sep/15/1758 the wife of John  
NANSKEVILL John Nov/6/1758 parish clerk  
PILLAVENT Elizabeth Dec/1/1758    
HELLINGS Jane Jan/3/1759 a child of Robert & Mary  
NANSKEVILL Elizabeth Jan/9/1758 widow  
KNIGHT Elizabeth Jan/13/1759 child of James & Ann  
HUTCHINGS Ann Hatherly Feb/8/1759 a girl  
PIPER John Feb/28/1759 a child of Thomas & Mary  
WOOLACOTT John Mar/20/1759 yeoman  
TROTT James Mar/25/1759 child of Mary & John  
MERRIFIELD Thomas Jun/17/1760 husbandman  
THORNE Susannah Jul/2/1760 a young woman  
HOLE Grace Jul/30/1760 a daughter of Wm & Ann of Broadclest  
MANDER Honour Oct/30/1760 of Bow, wife of James  
A strange name Oct 1760 skipped        
ROCKEY Thomas Nov/12/1760 miller of Black Torrington  
ROUTLEIGH Samuel ? Mar/16/1761 husbandman  
NANSKEVILL Elizabeth Oct/12/1761 wife of Richard, Carpenter  
ARNOLD George Oct/18/1761 mason  
LEWES George Dec/7/1761 husbandman  
GILL Mary Dec/27/1761 brought from Saint Gilles  
NANSKEVILL Frances Jan/6/1762    
WILLAIMS Elizabeth Feb/22/1762    
? Mary Mar/6/1762    
HEAMAN Elizabeth Mar/16/1762    
JEFFREY Thomas Apr/16/1762    
GRIFFIN Mary Apr/15/1762    
ARNOLD Sarah May/7?/1762    
PYPER James Jun/6?/1762    
PALMER Mary Jul/9/1762 wife of John of Buckalnd Filleigh  
ACKLAND Alice Jan/10/1763    
HOCKING Mary Jan/20/1763    
FINEMOOR Mary Feb/2/1763 a child of John  
GILBERT Richard frb/3/1763 son of Henry  
HUTCHINGS John Mar/6/1763 of Hatherleigh  
RISDON Joseph Mar/28/1763 son of John & Ann of Buck. Fill  
ARNOLD Nicholas, Jr May/5/1763    
MERRIFIELD John May/23/1763 a youth  
MERRIFIELD Arthur May/26/1763 a youth  
MERRIFIELD Margery Jun/8/1763 a child  
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Jul/13/1763    
ROCKEY Thomas and James Sep/2/1763 sons of Thomas & Eliz  
FRIENDSHIP James Oct/22/1763    
ARNOLD Mary Dec/12/1763    
HUTCHINGS Peternal Jan/14/1764    
BUDD John Apr/10/1764    
AVARY Agnes Apr/22/1764    
ARNOLD Nicholas Jul/25/1764 husbandman  
YOULDON Lavinia Nov/18/1764 wife of Benoni  
RISDON Joseph Feb/5/1765 son of John & Ann of Buck. Fill  
HEARN John Feb/16/1765 son of John of Westacott  
BOWHAY David Feb/18/1765 of South Hill  
WARD Elizabeth and her daughter Eliz Feb/28/1765    
HEARN John the Elder of Westacott Mar/23/1765    
PARNACOTT Patience Jun/16/1765    
VEAL Grace Jul/12/1765    
MICHEL Ambrose Aug/5/1765    
DODGE Jane Sep/9/1765    
WOLLACOTT William Mar/22/1766 son of Wiliam & Jane  
NANSKEVILL Richard Apr/20/1766    
BRIDGEMAN Charity May/23/1766 of Richard and Elizabeth  
LEWIS Rachel Aug/13/1766    
PIPER Anne Dec/13/1766 wife of Thomas , Jr  
RIDGE Thomas Mar/189/1767 of Buckland Filleigh  
ROOK Grace Jul/14/1767 daughter of John & Eliz.  
HEARN Philip Oct/27/1767 son of Thomas & Joanna  
BRAGG Mary Dec/29/1767    
GREGORY Joanna Feb/5/1768    
RISDON Mary Apr/11/1768    
BRIDGEMAN Charity Apr/30/1768    
VANSTONE Anne Aug/27/1768    
GREGORY Thomas Aug/9/1768    
MarTYN Richard Aug/25/1768    
DODGE Richard Aug/27/1768    
DOWN William Oct/22/1768    
DODGE Thomasin Nov/12/1768    
DODGE Mary Dec/5/1768    
HAWKS Peter Jan/11/1769    
MITCHELL Elizabeth Mar/30/1769    
VANSTONE Susanna Jun/21/1769    
BASSETT Mary Jul/4/1769    
SARGEANT Roger Aug/9/1769    
SPEAR William Jan/14/1770    
PILLEVANT Edmond Feb/18/1770    
COURTICE Lewis Mar/18/1770    
HELLINGS Robert Mar/30/1770    
WEBBER Thomas Apr/1/1770    
FINNEMORE John Jun1/1770 a child  
INGERSON Christopher Jun/13/1770    
TROTT Ulelia Jul/3/1770    
HEAMAN Elizabeth Jul/9/1770    
BLIGHT Mary Oct/21/1770    
DENNIS Elizabeth Nov/20/1770    
HARVEY Elizabeth Dec/12/1770    
HEARN Thomasin Jan/2/1771    
HELLINGS Edward Jan/26/1771    
DODGE Mary Feb/7/1771    
DAVY Mary Jun/25/1771    
BRAGG Dinah Aug/?/1771    
LUXON Elizabeth Nov/25/1771    
WEY Thomas Feb/23/1772    
FINNEMORE Thomas Feb/24/1772    
PALMER John Feb/25/1772    
DODGE Philip Mar/5/1772    
NANSKEVILL John May/10/1772    
TROTT Mary May/13/1772    
RISDON John Jun/11/1772 Mr. John [or Wm. John?  
YOULDON Benoni Aug/4/1772    
COPP Margery Dec/14/1773 daughter of Edmund & Peternel  
HAWKS Joan Jan/12/1774    
VANSTONE Samuel Jan/13/1774    
BOWHAY John frb/24/1774 a child  
VANSTONE James Mar/20/1774    
BRIDGEMAN Samuel Mar/20/1774 a child  
BOWHAY Thomas Apr/8/1774    
BOWHAY Eunice Jun/8/1774    
INGERSON Oringe Oct/28/1774    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Dec/9/1774    
COPP Margery Apr/23/1775 a child  
DAMEREL William May/24/1775 a child  
PILLAVENT John Oct/1/1774 a base child  
STACY Robert Feb/1/1776    
PIPER John Feb/5/1776    
WEBB Elizabeth Mar/9/1776 a child  
COPP John Mar/29/1776    
PERFECT John May/26/1776    
COURTICE James Sep/12/1776    
THORNE Joseph Sep/24/1776    
MARTIN Phillip ??? Sep/25/1776 ?Phillipa? [unclear]  
BABSDON ? Elizabeth Oct/8/1776 [name blotted in middle]  
PARR Susanna Dec/20/1776    
HUTCHINGS Emlyn Feb/17/1777    
ESSERY Henry Mar/21/1777 a child  
HEARN John Jun/29/1777    
HUTCHINGS Samuel Sep/28/1777    
PILLAVANT Ann Oct/18/1777    
BASSETT Francis Nov/25/1777 a child  
HUTCHINGS Agnes Hatherleigh Feb/15/1778    
HATHERLEIGH See Hutchings Agnes      
GOULD Ann Feb/22/1778    
MarYFIELD Catherine Feb/25/1778    
BASSETT Robert May/24/1778    
DURANT Thomas Dec/16/1778 a child  
DENFORD Ann May/27/1779 wife of John Denton alias Mertyn  
GILL Elizabeth Jun/4/1779 wife of Charles  
HUTCHINGS John Jun/29/1779    
TROTT John Jul/12/1779    
PALMER Elizabeth Jul/20/1779    
COPP Peternel Jul/29/1779    
COPP Joseph Aug/29/1779 of Peternel and Edmund  
WEBB Elizabeth Sep/5/1779    
BASSETT John Sep/12/1779    
TROTT Martha Oct/11/1779    
HUTCHINGS Jane Oct/12/1779    
BRAGG William Oct/276/1779    
BUDD William Oct/30/1779    
PIPER Thomas Nov/9/1779    
BOWHAY John Jan/13/1780    
DURANT Sarah Feb/26/1780    
HELLINGS Mary Apr/8/17780    
WHITE Samuel Apr/22/1780    
SHORT William Jun/8/1780    
TROTT Henry Jun/30/1780    
DENIS Jeremiah Aug/3/1780    
DAMERELL John Jan/9/1781    
KNIGHT Ann Jan/23/1781    
ESSERY Christian Feb/14/1781 a child  
BOWHAY Joseph Apr/23/1781    
FINNEMORE Frances Aug/11/1781    
SPEAR Joan Sep/10/1781    
WEBBER Agness Oct/14/1781    
FINNEMORE John Nov/6/1781    
SPEAR John Nov/30/1781 a child  
BRIDGEMAN Richard Jan/8/1782    
DENNIS Mary May/13/1782    
TOWL Mary Jun/13/1782    
LUXON James Jun/28/1782 a child  
SHORT Mary Jul/1/1782    
GREGORY John Jul/5/1782    
MOUNCEY Elizabeth Jul/9/1782    
LONGMAN Mary Jul/23/1782    
GOULD Elizabeth Aug/15/1782    
SCOTT Mary Aug/20/1782    
ARNOLD Nicholas Feb/25/1783    
SMALL Grace Apr/22/1783    
HEARN Mary Jul/1/1783 a child  
DAMERAL Elizabeth Oct/18/1783    
LUXON John Dec/22/1783 son of John & Grace  
SMITH Grace Dec/22/1783 a child  
SMALE Oliver Dec/30/1783 pauper  
DENTON Stephen Mar/3/1784    
HUTCHINGS James Junior Mar/3/1784    
SPEAR Mary Apr/5/1784 a child  
PARNACOTT William Sep/10/1784    
FRIENDSHIP Ann Dec/12/1784    
PIPER Mary Mar/16/1784 from Hatherleigh, a child  
FINNEMORE Elizabeth Mar/29/1785    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Apr/19/1785 wife of Daniel  
ADAMS John Jul/6/1785    
GILBERT Elizabeth Oct/19/1785    
RISDON John Nov/19/1785 of Buckland Filleigh  
COPP Margery Nov/22/1785    
ARNOLD Mary Dec/23/1785 pauper  
HORE Elizabeth Mar/14/1786 pauper  
SHORT Dorothy Mar/20/1786 pauper  
LOMAN James Dec/6/1786    
LUXON George Feb/1/1787    
HUTCHINGS Elizabeth Feb/19/1787    
LOCK Charles Feb/22/1787    
HUTCHINGS Jane Mar/24/1787 a child  
WILLIAMS Frances Jun/1/1787 pauper  
HUTCHINGS James, senior Aug/9/1787    
HORE Edward Aug/22/1787    
KNIGHT James Sep/5/1787    
PETT John Dec/21/1787    
MARTIN Ann Jan/4/1788    
WELSH John Jan/12/1788    
LUXON William Mar/24/1788 youth  
MADDACOT Elizabeth Sep/14/1788    
BASSETT Robert Oct/3/1788 pauper  
ARNOLD John Dec/29/1788 a child  
LOCK Mary Feb/16/1789 a child  
HEAMAN Elizabeth Mar/23/1789    
HUTCHINGS Emlyn Mar/24/1789 pauper  
FRAINE Mary Jun/17/1789 a child  
WEBB Jane Jun/28/1789    
BALKWILL Ann Aug/14/1789    
FINEMOOR John Sep19/1789    
PILLEVENT Ann Oct/22/1789    
LONGMAN Elizabeth Nov/2/1789 and her child John  
DURANT Elizabeth Dec/10/1789    
LONGMAN William Jan/3/1790 a child  
BLACKMORE Richard Jan/18/1790    
HUTCHINGS Robert May/2/1790    
KEST Prudence Jun/8/1790    
ROOK Elizabeth Sep/18/1790    
CLAY William Dec/22/1790    
LUXON Mary Jan/4/1791    
ARNOLD Arminel Feb/2/1791    
RISDON Jane Feb/7/1791    
CLAY John Apr/29/1791 an infant  
MOUNCEY Nathaniel Jun/13/1791 infant and pauper  
TROTT Frances Aug/10/1791    
TROTT John Aug/18?/1791 an infant  
SPEAR William, Junior Sep/3/1791    
SPEAR William, senior Nov/7/1791    
PARNACOTT Joseph Dec/14/1791    
PILLAVENT John Feb/5/1792    
SPEAR Christopher May/15/1792    
MERRIFIELD Mary Jun/16/1792    
BOWHAY Mary Jun/29/1792    
PILLEVENT Mary Jun/29/1792    
PALMER John Mar/7/1793    
FINNEMORE Jenny Apr/21/1793 an infant  
NANCEVILL Mary Jun/23/1793 pauper  
WOOLLACOTT William Aug/20/1793    
PETT John Sep/28/1793 an infant  
MARTIN Mary Jan/17/1794    
SCOTT William Feb/20/1794 pauper  
PELIVANT Edmund Feb/32/1794 pauper  
LOCK Sarah Dec/7/1794    
MERIFIELD Sarah Jan/16/1795    
SARGEANT Joan Jan/29/1795    
HANDFORD Susanna Apr/5/1795    
WHITE Grace Sep/20/1795    
BENNETT William Sep/27/1795    
DURRANT Thomas Dec/23/1795    
FINNEMORE Dorothy Mar/29/1796    
FINNEMORE John Apr/6/1796    
GILBERT Henry Apr/7/1796    
DAW John Apr/27/1796    
BOUTELIFF Richard Apr/27/1796    
BRIDGEMAN Elizabeth Apr/27/1796    
HEARN Joanna Apr/28/1796    
SHORT Mary May/1/1796    
BASSETT Mary May/7/1796    
PILIVENT Eleanor May/16/1796    
ADAMS Jane May/16/1796    
MITCHELL Ambrose May/20/1796    
ARNOLD Elizabeth May/22/1796    
WOOLLACOTT William Nov/18/1796    
FRAINE Rhale Feb/6/1797 child of Andrew & Mary  
BASSETT Elizabeth Mar/16/1797    
SPEAR Thomasin Apr/30/1797    
BOWER Anna Apr/11/1798 child of Richard & Anne  
PIPER Mary May/20/1798    
LOMAN Elizabeth Sep/3/1798    
ESSERY Mary Nov/21/1798 child of John & Thomasin  
DAMarEL Lewis Apr/15/1799 child of Christopher & Ann  
HEALE William Sep/30/1799 infant of William & Joanna  
BOWER Anna Jan/27/1800 child of Richard & Anne  
PILLIFANT William Apr/17/1800    
....ACKSON Mary May/6/1800    
RISDON James Jun/171/800 of Black Torrington  
ROOK John Jun/22/1800    
GOWMAN Grace Feb/13/1801 an infant of Samuel & Ann  
VANSTONE Ann Apr/19/1801 a child of John & Ann  
SELDON Alice Mar/22/1802    
FINNEMORE William Jul/5/1802    
VANSTONE John Oct/27/1802    
TOWLE William Nov/4/1802    
VANSTONE Grace Dec/28/1802 a child of James & Sarah  
OSBORN Clemet May/2/1803    
PILLIFANT Jane Dec/5/1803    
BOWHEY David Dec/14/1803    
BOWER Richard Jan/11/1804    
SILLIFANT Ann Feb/18/1804 child of John & Ann  
RICHARDS Thomas Dec/2/1804    
TROTT James Nov/17/1804    
BAND William Dec/6/1804    
GREGORY Mary Dec/12/1804    
HEAMAN John Dec/28/1804    
BOWER William Jan/18/1805 child of Ann  
BIRD Elizabeth Jan/19/1805    
LUXON Grace May/20/1805    
DURANT Betty May/28/1805    
PETT Rebekah Jun/4/1805    
LUXON Samuel Sep/8/1805 a child of John & Mary  
PALMER Mary Sep/24/1805    
DARK Susanna Nov/18/1805    
HORE John Nov/32/1805    
BALKWILL James Gill Nov/27/1805    
BOUTCLIFF Ann Dec/31/1805    
BRIDGEMAN Ann Feb/2/1806    
SMALE Elizabeth Frb/2/1806    
FINIMORE Edward Mar/21/1806    
PALMER William Mar/22/1806    
DOWN Ann Mar/24/1806    
SPEAR Oringe Mar/29/1806 [see Ingerson]  
FINEMORE Jane Jul/13/1806    
PIPER Thomas Oct/21/1806    
THOMAS James Nov/25/1806    
BRIMACOMBE Elizabeth Mar/291/807    
BROOK Martha Apr/10/1807    
MILLFORD William Jun/2/1807    
ARE William Jul/21/1807    
BUDD Daniel Sep/18/1807    
HERN Mary Sep/20/1807    
SPEAR Thomasin Sep/22/1807    
RISDON John Sep/28/1807 child of Joseph & Sarah of Buckland Filleigh  
BENNETT Ann Oct/5/1807    
BURNET John Oct/19/1807    
LOGG James Oct/25/1807    
BURCH Thomas Nov/3/1807    
WOOLLACOTT Jane Nov/17/1807    
FORD Francis Nov/26/1807    
GAWMAN Philip Dec/26/1807    
HOLMAN John Jan/14/1808 a child  
ROOK Grace Jan/19/1808    
SELDON Richard Jan/26/1808    
PIPER Grace May/8/1808    
HEARN John Jul/4/1808 a child of Philip & Grace  
CROSS Elizabeth Jul/12/1808    
DURANT Frances Jul/24/1808    
MILFORD Sarah Aug/9/1808    
ARE Jane Oct/27/1808    
DAVEY John Jan/25/1809    
WHITLOCK Isaac Feb/4/1809 a child of Christopher & Mary  
GILL Abraham Feb/9/1809    
GILL Mary Aug/27/1809    
PAW Richard Jan/11/1810 a child of Isaac & Dinah  
HISSET John Apr/14/1810 a child of Henry & Elizabeth  
MILL Elizabeth Apr/29/1810 a child of Richard & Sarah  
ESERRY John May/17/1810    
SPEAR William Jun/6/1810    
MALLET Mrs.Cathereine Jun/17/1810    
BROOK Richard Jun/29/1810 a child of John & Jenny  
CLAY William Jul/2/1810    
TROTT Mary Daw Jul/3/1810 a child of Martha Trott  
VANSTONE Cattern Oct/19/1810 a child of John & Sarah  
SHORT Thomas Dec/25/1810    
GOWMAN Frances Feb/20/1811    
AVRRY ? Catherine Apr/19/1811    
HEARN Thomas Aug/31/1811    
STACEY Mary Nov/7/1811    
PILLIFANT John Feb/4/1812    
BUSE Elizabeth Feb/25/1812    
TOMKIN Sarah May/20/1812 aged 44, of St Peters, Hereford  
PALMER George Jun/8/1812 Infant of George & Mary  
PETT Richard Jun/10/1812 of Shebbear, age 50  
GOWMAN Catherine Jun/28/1812 an infant  
COPP Edmund Jul/30/1812 aged 67  
HEALE Richard Aug/19/1812 aged 21  

Brian Randell, 19 Apr 2015