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Help and advice for PETROCKSTOWE MARRIAGES 1615-1833

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Transcribed by Betsy Rubel, with the kind permission of the incumbent, the Revd. Christian Merivale.

1. The information in this transcription should not be used for purposes of re-baptism.
2. Question marks indicate uncertainty regarding the original text; notes by the transcriber are given in square brackets.

CRICKES Richard     T.. Joha     Feb/6/1615    
FRAN... Richard     GLASS Joha     Mar/11/1615    
OSBORNE Thomas     HEARNE Marjorie     Jun/26/1616    
COTES Robert     BESIS ? Margaret     Sep/10/1616    
RISDON Thomas     PEARS Mary     Nov/29/1616    
COLBORNE Anthony     THORNE Emott     Jul/28/1617    
SEA.. Henry     PRYNE ?     Oct/20/1619    
SEMETT Samuel     FRAYNE Margery     Jul/22/1620    
NUVAND Richard     HEARNE Thomasine     May/2/1621    
BAGWELL? Nicholas     PERKIN Joane     Apr/16/1621    
CAREN Andrew?     REED Grace?     Aug/10/1621    
HOLMAN ? James ?     HEARDE Marg.     Nov/15/1621    
BOWTON John     HEARNE Ellin     Jan/22/1621    
BOSSWEN Hugh     ROLLE Mrs. Margaret     Jun/22/1622    
HUTCHINGS Thomas     HOBS Em     Jul/17/1622    
YEO John     SNYTALL Mrs. Mary     Nov/25/1622    
DENFORD Steven     BOWMODE Joane     Jan/23/1623    
PERKIN German     SANDERS Elizabeth     Apr/12/1624    
HUTCHINGS Henry     UPCOTT Margery     Nov/13/1624    
BISHOP Richard     HUTCHINGS Mary     Nov/22/1624    
J.. John     HODGE Hamily     Apr/17/1626    
TAWMAN John     ASHTON Petrenell     Apr/23/1626    
HEARNE Anthony     ALLEN Katherine     May/2/11626    
HEARNE John     STOYLE Mary     Nov/27/1626    
HOUND George     [illegible] Grace     Jun/12/1627    
CUDMOORE Jonas     MOORE Judeth     Aug/13/1627    
THOMAS John     HUTCHINGS Joane     Feb/23/1627    
HEARNE Joachim     PARKHAM Elizabeth     1628 [just year given]  
BETT John     SENTALL Agnes     Nov/10/1629    
PERKIN Henry     HEARNE Elizabeth     Nov/29/1629    
BENNET John     PERKIN Anne     ajn/31/630    
HANGER Edmond     HUTCHINGS Margaret     Apr/19/1631    
HARRIS Phillippe     DROMENTE Elizabeth, Mrs.     spe/14/1631    
PEARS Daniel     PERKIN Judith     Oct/3/1631    
CAREW Alexander     ROLLE Jane, Mrs.     Dec/17/1631    
GLOWEN William     ANGFORD Francis     Apr/9/1632    
VENTON Thomas     SKRIGGEN Jane     Jul/18/1632    
GLIM William     HARRIS Alice     Oct/30/1632    
PARNACOTT Joseph     BRADITH Anne     Jan/30/1632    
AXFORD Thomas     SLOCCOMBE Elizabeth     Aug/30/1633    
ELLIS Thomas     TAWMAN Willmott     Nov/23/1633    
MOYSE John     SANDER Grace     Apr/14/1634    
FRIENDSHIPP William     TOOKER Margaret     Jun/2/1634    
SMALE George     LITTLETON Francis     Jun/3/1634    
ROGERS Edward     SMALE Michell     Jun/4/1634    
WHITEFIELD William     DANMAN Francis     Jun/9/1634    
WAY Anthony     HUTCHINGS Margaret     Jun/30/1634    
MAGEE Michael     VENTON Ellen     Jan/30/1634    
WAY Michael     JEARNE Julianna     Jan/30/1634    
PETHICKE Joseph     FRAYNE Joane     Jun/3/1635    
LEWRY John     MARTINE Joane     Sep/19/1635    
VIGUERS Thomas     ABONE Joan     Feb/1/1635    
THORNE Robert     CALLONE Joane     Oct/6/1635    
HUTCHINGS Richard     HEARNE Margery     Aug/5/1636    
KELLOND Christopher     BENNETT Margery     odt/11/1636    
LITTLETON Robert     WILLCOX Elizabeth     Oct/25/1636    
BISHOP Richard     MADGE Joane     May/8/1637    
FRAYNE John     ? Joane     Jun/13/1637    
PALMER Henry     HAYNE Elizabeth     Apr/24/1638    
HUTCHINGS John     KEENE Martha     Jul/3/1638    
LEACH Richard     LITTLETON Phillippa     Jan/28/1639    
BUTTON William, Esq     ROLE Ann, Mrs     Apr/6/1640    
HOO Henry     PERKIN Elizabeth     Apr/13/1640    
BRAY John     LOUELAND Susan     Jun/12/1640    
BROWNE John     HUTCHINGS Ann     May/18/1641    
ADAMS Lawerence     HANCOCKS Ellin     May/31/1641    
SHEER John     DUNGEY Jsubell     Aug/1/1641    
HEALE Mathew     ROLLE Joane, Mrs.     Oct/11/1641    
TOOKER John     BOWHEY Margery     Jan/26/1641    
HEARNE Leonard     MARTINE Edith     Jul/11/1642    
WALKER Jerome     BEAFORD Jane     Oct/17/1642    
ELI ? William     GILBERT Agnes     Nov/7/1642    
SOUTHWARD Josias     ? Phillppe     Mar/26/1644    
BUTTACOMB John     HUTCHINGS Katherine     Nov/10/1645    
DENFORD Steven     BOWHEY Phillippa     Nov/20/1645    
LOCKE Nathaniel     GOWMAN Agnes     Jul/23/1646    
GAWMAN Henry     COLBORN Elizabeth     Jul/30/1646    
NICHOLL John     TAYLOR Susan     Aug/3/1646    
BOND Thomas     CUPPER Margaret     Jan/18/1646    
CUDMOORE John     THORNE Joan     Feb/3/1646    
GLANNILL Francis     ROLLE Mary     Mar/11/1646    
GRATON Richard     HAWKING Petronell     May/4/1647    
VURYORE Nicholas     AUREY Elizabeth     May/29/1647    
CLIFFE William     ELLIS Willmott     Jul/13/1647    
HEARNE Lewes     RAWLEY Ann     Sep?/30/1647    
PERKIN Henry     BOWHEY Joan     Feb/3/1647    
THORNE Emanuell     COLBORN Emily     May/4/1648    
GILBERT Richard     FOWLER Grace     Jun/21/1648    
TOM Simpson     FOWLER Joan     Jul/4/1649    
LITTLETON Robert     COLBORN Jane     Oct/2/1649    
OSBORNE Lewis     KELLY ? Frances     Dec/19/1649    
BUDD Jacob     SCAMPE Hannah     Feb/9/1649    
CLOAKE Thomas     BAKER Joan     Feb/6/1649    
VENTON Henry     GREGORY Rebecca     Oct/26/1650    
TUCKER George     PENROSE Grace     Feb/18/1650    
TUCKER Lawerence     ROLLE Joan, Mrs?     Jun/12/1650    
SOUTHCOT ? William     FRANKLIN Ann   of Southcott Nov/5/1651    
THORN Thomas     TAWTON Joan     Mar/29/1653    
JOSLIN ? William     PAYNES ? Grace     Aug/15/1653    
GENTE John     ROLLEY Sarah     Feb/1/1663    
ROULKEY John son of John of Burrington   CUDMORE Martha   son of John of Petrock Aug/2/1664    
FRIENDSHIPP Joseph     DURRANT Grace     Nov/15/1664    
AMLIN Richard     LELLY Agnes     Jun/21/1665    
CUDMORE Henry     AIRE Mary     Jul/7/1665    
BASTARD Thomas     CUDMORE Emma     Apr/25/1666    
DENFORD Stephen     TAMMS Mary     Apr/26/1666    
QUIRK Robert     CUDMORE Mary     Jul/24/1666    
HANCOCK Samuel     LEE Mary     Jun/31/1666    
PARNACOT Joseph     HOOPER Anne     Feb/1/1666    
WET James     VIGUERS Mary     Jun/25/1667    
FINIMOOR Thomas     HILL Mary     Jul/16/1667    
LITTLETON Robert     SELDON Beaten     Aug/18/1667    
SMALE Robert     VENTON Agnes     Nov/25/1669    
WITHERS Walter     HEARD Susan     Feb/14/1669    
BOND Thomas     WELSH Hannah     Apr/18/1670    
HILL William     GRIFFIN Judith     May/14/1670    
DYER Lewes     CORK Joane   of Beauford May/8/1671    
AXFORD Henry     NETHAWAY Susan     Nov/21/1671    
PERKIN John     HANCOCK Susan     Jun/4/1672    
PETT John     BAKER Grace     Jul/9/1672    
GRIFFIN John     PENROSE Joane     Sep/25/1672    
DAVY Phillip     PENROSE Thomasine     Jan/14/1672    
SHEERS John     HICKS Elizabeth     Jan/21/1672    
YOULDEN Thomas     PENROSE Frances     Aug/11/1673    
MARTIN William     BAKER Elizabeth     Sep/16/1673    
WILLIAMS Aaron     POURTLY Martha     Jan/27/1673    
PARNACOT Joseph     RISDON Katherine     Mar/3/1673    
LITTLETON John     HEARNE Eunice     Jun/9/1674    
GREENING GREENMY John     LETHBRIDGE Joane     Nov/17/1674 of Biddeford of Hatherleigh
MOYSE John     PAWLEY Jane     Jun/4/1675    
DEFORD Thomas     BOWDEN Anne     Jun/4/1675    
PERKIN Thomas     PIPER Elizabeth     Jun/15/1675    
RATTENBURY John     PENROSE Ann     Jul/6/1675    
HANCOCK Thomas     DENFORD Joane     Dec/5/1675    
GREGORY Phillip     CUDMOOR Phebe     Nov/14/1676    
HUTCHINGS John     NORTHAM Jane     Jun/19/1677    
VEGWELL John     UNDERDOWN Joane     Jun/23/1679    
WHITE John     BOWAGE Penelope     Jul/15/1679    
LIMBEER Thomas     SURROT Anne     Jul/28/1679    
NANSKIVELL Samuel     THORNE Anne     May/25/1680    
GILL Richard     PARNACOT Mary     Nov/3/1680    
HIERN Thomas     LANGFORD Mrs. Mary     Jan/26/1680    
LITTLETON Thomas     MEDDEN Alice     Jul/23/1681    
PILLEVEN John     HORE Cicley     Nov/15/1681    
GAWMAN Lewes     GAWMAN Charity     Nov/22/1681 [same last names]  
HUTCHINGS Philip     PUDNER Mary     Nov/29/1681    
DENFORD Thomas     THORNE Margery     May/2/1682    
BOWHAY John     CLEMET Grace     May/15/1682    
NANSKIVELL Robert     BOWHAY Robert     May/15/1682    
PILLEVEN Henry     SURCOMBE Margaret     Jun/5/1682    
BOND William     DENFORD Margaret     Aug/7/1682    
SURCOMBE John     PRYDAM Anne     Nov/21/1682    
MOYSE John     ACKFORD Susannah     Apr/23/1685    
DENFORD Steven     CLOKE Joan     May/1/1685    
FRIENDSHIPP Joseph     PEARSE Mary     May/4/1685    
BOWHAY John   widower VOGWILL Mary     Feb/9/1685    
MOYSE John   widower ACKFORD Susan   widow Apr/23/1685    
GRIG ? Robert     GLOYNE Elizabeth     Apr/6/1685    
DENFORD Steven   widower CLOKE Joan   widow May/5/1685    
FRIENDSHIPP Joseph   widower PEARSE Mary     May/4/1685 double entered  
DAWE William     (None given) Gertrude     Nov/5/1687    
VENTON Henry     PARKIN Elizabeth     Feb/27/1687    
BOWMAN John   of Shebbear HUTCHINGS Joan     Oct/14/1690    
ALLEN Jonas   of Shebbear HUTCHINGS Ame     Jun/17/1690 [or 1689 date unclear]    
HOLMAN Henry     MOORE Francis     May/13/1691    
BRAGG Rowland     DOLLING Prudence     Aug/16/1694    
DODGE Sampson   miller HICKS Elizabeth     Aug/20/1694    
TAYLOR Mathew     SKRIGGENS Elizabeth   widd May/1694 [listed in christenings!]  
LITTLETAR John husbandman of Hatherleigh STETALE ? Elizabeth   spinster, May/7/1696 [?year May be off a yr either way]  
LUGG John gentleman of Meeth SYNTALL Mary   spinster Sep/10/1695 lic.  
ROLLE Thomas   of Meeth COURTIS Elizabeth   spinster Jul/20?/1696    
LANGDON Robert husbandman widower GOWMAN Charity   widdow Jan/15/1696    
THORNE Robert carpenter   AVERY Susanna     Apr/5/1697    
PYPER Thomas taylour   DAVY Jane     1697    
THORNE Henry   Petersmarland HOLMAN Joan     Sep/6/1697    
BRAGG Edward husbandman Iddesleigh TRACE Jane   spinster Apr/23/1697    
BURRIDGE John     CLOVERDON Mary   serv of Heanton family? Feb/16/1698    
MITCHELL John day labourer   STEVENS Dorothy     Apr/11/1699    
HUTCHINGS Joseph cordwayner   HELE Elinore     Jun/6/1699    
HENDLEY Daniel an Irish sailor   THORNE Elizabeth   widow Jan/10/1699    
HOLEMAN Arthur, Jr husbandman Petersmarland GOURDON Alice     Jan/22/1699    
PYPER James, Jr taylour   PETT Margaret   spinster Jun/10/1700    
HONEYCOMBE ? taylour a Cornishman CIDSLEY Elizabeth   of Hatherleigh Sep/1700    
FRAYNE Ananais cordwayner   TUCKER Elizabeth   of Grt. Torrington Sep/23/1700    
GREGORY John     VENNOR ? Mary   widdow Jul/28/1701    
PENNINGTON John   Tavistock ROLLE Mary   of Meeth, spinster Oct/17/1701    
DURRANT Jo.   of Buckland Filleigh SHEER ? Honor   daughter of John Apr/7/1702    
GENT ? Thomas husbandman Hatherleigh FINNEMORE Frances     Jul/7/1702    
DAVY Richard   groom at Heaton FROST ? Mary   of Merton Jul/26/1702    
PARNICOTT Joseph, Jr   groom CORIDON Elizabeth     Feb/24/1702    
PYPER John     BRAGG Elizabeth     Aug/5/1703    
SEAGE Edward   of Little Torrington DABBY Grace   daughter of John of Little Torrington Nov/28/1703 lic.  
HELE Francis yeoman South Tawton MINIS Mary   serv. At Heanton Dec/27/1703    
HUTCHINGS Samuel     LEWIS Frances   Buckland Fill May/24/1704    
BOWING Richard     BOWHAY Grace     Jul/5/1704    
BOWHAY Thomas     HUTCHINGS Margaret   daughter of Samuel Apr/12/1705    
VAUGHAN Samuel     MADGE Susanna     Apr/1705    
BASTARD Thomas cordwayner   KELLY Grace     Oct/10/1705    
KEY Thomas joyner London SMITH Sarah   London laundress Aug/14/1706    
FORTESCUE John   gent of Hatherleigh WEVILL Joan     Aug/15/1706    
GREGORY Anthony husbandman   ACKFORD Joan     Aug/20/1706    
ROGERS Henry     VEAL Martha     1688 [written on cover of book beginning 1695]  
LEWIS Sampson   Beworthy PILLAVEN Thomasine   this pariah Dec/25/1707    
LITTLETAR John taylour   TOMBLES ? Joan   of Dolton Feb/2/1707    
QUICKE John   Petersmarland PINCOMBE Joan   Daug. Of John of Merton Jul/15/1708 married by virtueof a regular lic.  
WHITE Samuel   Hatherleigh, wid. JEWELL ? Agnes   Wid of Shipwash (Sheepwash?) Oct/13/1708 by virtue of (?) certificates  
NANSKIVELL Robert, junior     ARTHUR Frances   of St. Arvon Feb/24/1708    
HUNT Robert husbandman Chiddlehampton VENTON Margery   this parish May/29/1709    
MOYSE Joseph     PUNSHARD Katherine     Jul/9/1710    
MARKIN Jonas     WALLER Honor     Aug/11/1711    
COURTIS Charles     GOWMAN Emm     Apr/6/1713    
FRIENDSHIP James     PEAT Priscilla     May/1/1713    
LITTLETAR Thomas     HUTCHINGS Elizabeth     Feb/2/1713    
CORNISH John     ORCHARD Mary     Apr/14/1714    
BENNISHE Joseph, Mr.   of Liskerd HORNDON Mary, Mrs.   of this parish Feb/21/1714    
PETT John     FRAYNE Christian     Mar/1/1716    
DEAN Roger   Esq., of Frithelstock HARRIS Elizabeth   daugh of Christopher, Esq Dec/17/1717 married by lic. By Rev. Hicks  
VENTON Henry     GREGORY Sarah   Feb/25/1717      
PILLAVEN Samuel     BOWHAY Susanna     Nov/9th/1718    
GRIFFIN John     VOGWILL Mary     Feb/10/1718    
RISDON John     HEARNE Rahel     Oct/15/1719    
FORD Andrew     GORVETT Sarah     Jul/19/1720    
ROCKHAY Thomas   of Black Torrington HEARN Katherine   this parish May/25/1720    
PILLAVON William     PENNY Margaret     Apr/13/1721    
DENFORD David     CROCKER Anne     Apr/18/1721 married by lic. from Bishop of Exeter  
HAWKINGS William     NANSKEVILL Elizabeth     Apr/16/1723    
LYMBEAR Thomas     GARING Mary     Sep/24/1723    
HOLLINGS Robert     WHITE Charity     Oct/22/1723    
HUTCHINGS John     THORNE Charity     Sep/18/1723    
RAWLEIGH Samuel     MOYSE Elizabeth     Apr/13/1725    
LEWIS George     LEGG Rachel     Apr/28/1725    
HUTCHINGS George     JUDD Grace     Jun/6/1725    
DENFORD Arthur     FRAYNE Mary     Jun/8/1725    
PILLAVON Edmund     BLATCHFORD Elizabeth     Apr/11/1726    
BOWMAN William     WHITE Priscilla     Apr/11/1726    
DOIDGE Phillip     JOHNS Jane     Dec/26/1726    
TURNER William     VENTON Sarah     Feb/13/1726    
HUTCHINGS Samuel     JEFFREY Margaret     Jun/27/1727    
DINNES Samuel     HUTCHINGS Mary     Jul/10/1728    
LASHBROOK John     THORNE Sarah     Feb/28/1728    
LILLICRAP Michael     PILLAVEN Margarett     1729    
BOWHAY Thomas     HUTCHINGS Mary     1729    
DOIDGE Richard     PILLAVEN Thomasine     Jan/11/1729    
ARNOLD George     WOOLACOT Mary     Jun/22/1731    
TOWNSEND Edward     HUTCHINGS Margery     Dec/24/1731    
FINNEMOORE John     DAW Frances     Nov/9/1732    
HUTCHINGS Samuel     MARTYN Emlyn     Apr/15/1734    
HINDS Thomas     LAISHBROOK Sarah     Dec/31/1734    
VAUGHAN Samuel     NANSKEVILL Susanna     Feb/2/1735    
PIPER Thomas     GREGORY Mary     Apr/28/1736    
FRIENDSHIP James     WHITE Ann     Aug/3/1736    
WORTH Henry   of High Bickington HOLE Joanna   Tavistock Nov/23/1736    
TOWNSEND Edward     HARTHLEY Agnes   Hartland Dec/6/1737    
JAMES William     LAMERICK Sarah     Feb/18/1737    
SHORT William     PARKHOUSE Dorothy     Feb/25/1737    
ABERGAN the Rev. Charles     ROLLE Jane, Mrs.   Merton Apr/28/1738    
BRAGG William   Petersmarland COPP Dinah     May/8/1738    
TOLL Richard     NANSKEVILL Mary     Jun/12/1738    
DURANT Thomas     CORNISH Sarah     Sep/12/1738    
DAVY Thomas   Holdsworthy WALLSH Elizabeth     May/24/1739    
NATT John   Swimbridge BUDD Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Aug/17/1739    
HOLLINGS Robert     BRAGG Mary     Jan/4/1741    
SANDERS Daniel     ? Rachel     1742    
MERIFIELD Henry     HOPPER Margery     May/11/1743    
HOAR Edward     WHITE Elizabeth     May/3 or 8/1744    
FRIENDSHIP Joseph     VANSTONE Ann     May/31/1744    
MARTIN Richard     MITCHELL Phillippa     Apr/16/1745    
GREGORY John     PIPER Mary     Aug/15/1746    
KNIGHT James     BALKWILL Ann     Sep/26/1748    
PARNACOTT Joseph     LIMBEAR Mary     Oct/5/1748    
HARVEY Charles     WILCOCKS Elizabeth     Nov/14/1748    
PILLAVANT Edmund     HOPPERS Ann     May/4/1749    
BALKWILL Isaac     PILLMAN Honoria     Jul/23/1749    
NANSKIVELL John     WOOLINGS Mary     Dec/26/1749    
PILLEVANT John     DOIDGE Eleanor     May/27/1751    
NANSKIVELL Henry     BELE Mary     Feb/10/1751    
WILLIAMS William     RISDON Elizabeth     Feb/11/1751    
WALTER George     GRATTEN Willmott     Dec/3/1752    
TROTT John     HAMMETT Mary     Apr/30/1753    
STACEY Robert     NANSKEVILL Mary     May/10/1753    
LUXON George     WHITE Mary     May/30/1753    
GOWMAN Phillip     EASER Frances     Jun/23/1753    
FRIENDSHIP John   Petrockstow YOULDON Dorothy   Petrockstowe Apr/25/1754 William Williams Benjamin Youldon
PILLAVANT William   Petrockstow LUXON Mary   Petrockstowe Feb/4/1755 John Nanckevill George Luxon
HOCKING Christopher   Petrockstow HAWKS Joan   Petrockstowe Jan/2/1756 John Nanckevill Richard Nanskevill
MARYFIELD Peter   Petrockstow BRADBORN Hannah   Petrockstowe Mar/1/1756 John Nanckevill Sarah Durant
GOULD Richard   Black Torrington YOULDON Ann   Petrockstowe Jun/7/1756 John Nanckevill Jos. Friendship
MARTYN John   Petrockstow BALKWILL Catherine   Petrockstowe Sept/27/1756 John Nanckevill Abraham ? Smale
BARTLETT Thomas   Petrockstow HAWKS Jane   Petrockstowe Dec/20/1757 John Nanckevill Peter Hawke
PARNACOTT Joseph   Petrockstow RODBARD Ann Maria   Oakhampton Jun/19/1758 John Nanckevill Peter Maryfield
YEO William   Petrockstow DENNIS Mary   Petrockstowe 1758 banns published  
FINNEMOORE John   Petrockstow BRAGG Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Nov/29/1758 John Rook (?) Bragg
ADAMS Ambrose   Petrockstow NANSKEVILL Jane   Petrockstowe Feb/19/1759 John Rook Ambrose Mitchell
WOOLLACOTT William   Petrockstow SAUNDERS Jane   High Hampton May/3/1759 James Saunders Wm Bragg
BEER Christopher   Petrockstow ROCKHEY Susanna   Petrockstowe Sept/16/1759 Henry Hearn Mary Hearn
FRY Samuel   Holsworthy BALE Ursula   Petrockstowe Oct/20/1760 John Bale  
ARNOLD Nicholas   Merton COPPLESTONE Mary   Merton Apr/6/1761 N. Arnold Anty Copplestone
HEARN Thomas   Petrockstow BALKWILL Joanna   ? Sept/13/1762 Jno. Pett John Rook
FINNEMOORE William   Petrockstow NELSON Dorothy   Merton Dec/9/1762 Elizabeth Finnemore John Rook
RISDON William   High Hampton DURANT Mary   Petrockstowe Nov/3/1763 Thomas ? Durant Anthony Cornish
ARNOLD George   Petrockstow HEAMAN Mary   Petrockstowe Jan/25/1764 Jno. Pett John Rook
GOULD Mathew   Petrockstow ROOK Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Aug/2/1765 Wm Bragg John Rook
SPEAR John   Sheepwash SHORT Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jan/29/1767 William Routcligg John Rook
GILL Charles   Petrockstow FRIENDSHIP Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jun/8/1767 Edmund Copp Richard Routcliff
WEBB John   Black Torrington GRANT Jane   Petrockstowe Jun/26/1768 George Webb John Rook
LOCK Charles   Merton FINNIMOORE Sarah   Petrockstowe May/30/1769 J? Copp Joseph Bowhay
DURANT Thomas   Petrockstow FINNEMOORE Frances   Petrockstowe May/15/1769 J. Copp Joseph Bowhay
DURRANT John Cornish   Petrockstow SPEAR Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jul/1/1771 Richard Blight John Dameral
VANSTONE John   Petrockstow DURRANT Sarah   Petrockstowe Oct/3/1771 John Cornish Durrant J Copp
COPP Edmund   Petrockstow BOWHAY Peternel   Petrockstowe Jan/3/1772 Joseph Bowhay John Rook
LAKE John   Petrockstow BRAGG Sarah   Petrockstowe Apr/23/1772 William Towle ? John Rook
BOWHAY Joseph   Petrockstow BRAGG Joanna   Petrockstowe Arr/28/1772 Wm Bragg J Copp
HEAMAN John   Petrockstow RIDGE Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Feb/11/1773 John Palmer Joseph Bowhay
RICHARDS Nathaniel   Petrockstow PEARAN Sarah   Petrockstowe May/18/1773 Jos Copp Joseph Bowhay
ESSERY Humphrey   Sheepwash PETT Rebecca   Frithelstock Aug/8/1773 William Pett James Vanstone
SHORT Thomas   Petrockstow ARNOLD Mary   Petrockstowe Feb/7/1774 Jos Copp Joseph Bowhay
MARSH Samuel   Sheepwash BRAGG Rachel   Petrockstowe Feb/15/1774 Edmund Copp Joseph Bowhay
DAVEY Joseph   Sheepwash SHORT Ann   Petrockstowe Dec/4/1774 ? Copp Robert John Batt
ESSERY John   Sheepwash PETT Christian   Petrockstowe May/23/1775 Humphrey Essery William Pett
BALSDON Amos   Sheepwash HEARN Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jul/11/1775 John Hearn Josep
TOWLE William   Petrockstow BOWHAY Mary   Petrockstowe May/22/1776 ? Copp R. Williams
CROSS Richard   Bradford HAYMAN Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jul/10/1776 John Pett Joseph Bowhay
WOOLLAND Moses   Hatherleigh NIGHT Ibbet   Petrockstowe Apr/1/1777 J Wilcock ? Joseph Bowhay
HUTCHINGS Daniel   Huish HUTCHINGS Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Apr/1/1777 James Hutching ? Williams
MARTYN John   Petrockstow GOULD Ann   Petrockstowe Oct/25/1778 James Gilbert John Rook
PILLEVENT Edmund   Petrockstow FULFORD Jane   Petrockstowe Jul/31/1779 James Vanstone John Rook
SPEAR Christopher   Petrockstow HEARN Reahl   Petrockstowe Sept/21/1779 John Cornish Durrant John Spear
LUXON John   Petrockstow HUTCHINGS Grace   Petrockstowe Jan/6/1780 ?Copp Daniel Hutchings
BLACKMOORE John   Petrockstow GOWMAN Mary   Petrockstowe Mar/26/1780 William Palmer John Rook
MOUNCEY Nathaniel   Petrockstow PILLEVANT Elenor   Petrockstowe Nov/27/1780 John Pillavent John Rook
BALKWILL Stephen   Petrockstow WHITE Mary   Petrockstowe Dec/26/1780 James Vanstone John Rook
DOWN John   Petrockstow GREGORY Anne   Petrockstowe Oct/14/1781 Richard Seldon John Hele
DUNN William   sojourner, Petr. GILBERT Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Nov/11/1781 James Gilbert John Rook
BEWS William   Petrockstow HOCKIN Mary   Petrockstowe Dec/5/1781 John Wollacott John Rook
BOND William   Sheepwash PETT Ann   Petrockstowe Apr/4/1782 George Pett John Pett., Jr
SAUNDERS Thomas   Buckland Filleigh WHITE Ann   Petrockstowe Apr/19/1782 John Longman John Pillavent
FOLLAND Robert   Petrockstow PILLEVENT Susanna   Petrockstowe May/8/1782 John Pillavent John Rook
PALMER William   Petrockstow SELDON Elizabeth   Petrockstowe May/8/1782 Richard Seldon John Rook
PARNACOTT Joseph   Petrockstow LUMAN Catherine   Petrockstowe Apr/28/1783 Benj. Williams Mary Parnacott
DAVY John   Petrockstow ROCKEY Catherine   Petrockstowe Jan/6/1784 Sarah Chugg John Rook
LONGMAN William   Petrockstow HISCUTT Winifred   Petrockstowe Feb/15/1784 Wm. Towle John Longman
WILLIS Charles   Martyn HANDFORD Joanna   Buckland Fill Oct/11/1784 Thomas Handford John Rook
ISAAC Abraham   Petrockstow HUTCHINGS Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Mar/29/1785 Robert Hutchings John Rook
WHORE William   Petrockstow COPPLESTONE Margaret   Petrockstowe Jul/11/1785 Thomas Copplestone John Rook
FORD Francis   Petrockstow HEARN Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Aug/24/1785 thomas or Francis Hearn Elizabeth Hearn
SHORT Richard   Petrockstow LUG Mary   Merton Apr/22/1786 Samuel Longman John [illegible]
MOISEY John   Petrockstow WEBB Mary   Shebbear Jun/7/1786 John Dow John Rook
FRAINE Andrew   Merton HEARN Mary   Petrockstowe Jun/8/1786 Christopher Spear ? Spear
ACWRIGHT William   Meeth ROOK Catherine   Petrockstowe Oct/2/1786 William Longman Copp
PILLEVANT John   Petrockstow DYMENT Ann   Buckland Fill Oct/12/1786 Rocert Folland John Rook
HELE William   Petrockstow HELE Elizabeth   Sheepwash Aug/10/1787 John Essery John Rook
RICHARDS Charles   Ottery St. Mary PARNACOTT Mary   Petrockstowe Sept/16/1787 Jo Parnacott Copp
LONGMAN John   Petrockstow ROUTLEIF Elizabeth   Buckland Fill Nov/5/1787 William Longman Wninfred Longman
LOCK Walter   Petrockstow GOWMAN Jane   Petrockstowe Mar/27/1788 Catherine Acwright John Rook
LAKE Samuel   Petrockstow COPPLESTONE Sarah   Petrockstowe Aug/4/1788 James Thomas J Lovell ?
DAMEREL Christopher   Petrockstow HEARN Anne   Petrockstowe Nov/12/1788 John Spear Reahl Spear
TROTT John   Petrockstow HEARN Frances   Petrockstowe Apr/22/1789 James Trott John Rook
BENNETT John   Petrockstow WHITE Elizabeth   Petrockstowe May/14/1789 David Bowhay John Rook
PUGSLEY George   Petrockstow GILL Ann   Petrockstowe Nov/18/1789 Peter Western John Luxon
GILBERT James   Petrockstow BARKER Elizabeth   Huish Sept/19/1790 Henry Gilbert John Millman
ROUTCLIFT John   Buckland Filleigh BOWDON Alice   Petrockstowe Mar/3/1791 John Bowman John Rook
THORNE Joseph   Petrockstow DAW Mary   Petrockstowe Mar/7/1791 James Thorne John Rook
BROOK James   Petrockstow TROTT Alice   Petrockstowe Oct/5/1791 James Woollacott John Trott
PARNACOTT Samuel   Petrockstow RISDON Susanna   Petrockstowe Apr/14/1792 Wm Millman, Jr William Risdon
MILLS John   Petrockstow PILLAVENT Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jun/26/1792 Robert Follands Susanna Folland
PAW Issac   Meeth FINNEMOORE Dinah   Meeth Jul/2/1792 John Essery Zachariah Clay
FOLLAND George   Petrockstow LONGMAN Rebecca   Petrockstowe Apr/2/1793 Robert Follands Samuel ?
HEAL Charles   Fremington HAWKING Grace   Buckland Fill Jun/4/1793 George Hawking James Millman
RISDON John   Petrockstow SHORT Sarah   Petrockstowe Nov/12/1793 John Spear Joseph Risdon
ROCKEY Thomas   Black Torrington DURRANT Mary   Petrockstowe May/22/1794 Thomas Durrant James Br..
WARE Ananias   Petrockstow BROCK Mary   Sojourner May/26/1794 Richard Seldon Thomas Durrant
GOMAN Richard   Petrockstow MALLET Rebecah   Petrockstowe Mar/13/1795 Emmanuel Rockey Thomas Durrant
LEGG Samuel   Buckland Filleigh BURNETT Jane   Buckland Fill Aug/18/1795 Thomas Durrant Elizabeth Woollacott
ROCKHEY Emmanuel Northey   Black Torrington HEARN Susanna   Petrockstowe Oct/29/1795 Wm Towle Thomas Durrant
SHORT Thomas   Petrockstow SHORT Mary   Petrockstowe Oct/29/1795 Wm Towle Thomas Durrant
ROOK Richard   Petrockstow FINNEMORE Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Mar/2/1796 Edward Finnemore Thomas Durrant
LONGMAN John   Shebbear SPEAR Rhale   Petrockstowe Aug/9/1796 Philip Hearn Thomas Durrant
COPP Edmund   Petrockstow DAW Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Sept/29/1796 Thomas Smale Thomas Durrant
VANSTONE John   Petrockstow GOWMAN Ann   Petrockstowe Dec/13/1796 John Luxton Thomas Durrant
LUXTON John   Petrockstow BOADEN Mary   Petrockstowe Mar/29/1797 Thomas Durrant John Vanstone
COTTON John   ...leigh HANCOCK Christian   Dolton Mar/13/1797 Thomas Durrant [no other wit.]
PIPER James   Little Torrington VANSTONE Mary   Great Torrington May/21/1797 Thomas Durrant James Vanstone
MALLETT John   Merton LIVERTON Mary   Petrockstowe Jun/3/1797 Mary Mallet Henry Liverton
BENNETT William   Petrockstow HEALE Ann   Sojourner Aug/9/1797 Thomas Durrant John Bennett
GILL John   Petrockstow CLAY Mary   Petrockstowe Aug/17/1797 John Risdon Zachariah Clay
GILL Joseph   Petrockstow BALKWILL Grace   Petrockstowe Aug/23/1797 James Vanstone John Luxton
HUTCHINGS Joseph   Petrockstow WHITE Ann   Petrockstowe Nov/19/1797 Thomas Durrant John Luxton
GOMAN Samuel   Petrockstow BALKWILL Ann   Petrockstowe Feb/6/1798 Thomas Durrant Joseph Gill
PILLAVENT William   Petrockstow DOWN Mary   Petrockstowe Nov/1/1798 Thomas Durrant Sarah Down
WOOD Samuel   Petrockstow PASMORE Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Nov/4/1789 Wm Towle Samuel Pasmore
TROTT John   Petrockstow NIGHT Ann   Petrockstowe Jan/31/1799 Thomas Durrant Thomas Saunders
DAW James   Ilsleigh ? WEEKS Elizabeth   Ilsleigh ? Jun/27/1799 Edmund Copp James Thomas
WARE Ananias   Petrockstow PALMER Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Oct/8/1799 William Simpson Tho. Durrant
RICHARDS James   Petrockstow BALKWILL Ibbet   Petrockstowe Sept/9/1800 Joseph Gill Tho. Durrant
BRENT John   Newton St. Petrock SHEER Wilmot   Petrockstowe Feb/12/1801 Wm Towle ? Sheer
PASSMORE Samuel   Petersmarland RICHARDS Gertrude   Petrockstowe Sept/1/1801 William Richards Tho. Durrant
BLACKMORE James   Petrockstow HISSET Sarah   Petrockstowe Mar/25/1802 Richard Gowman Tho. Durrant
WARE Robert   Petrockstow PALMER Mary   Petrockstowe Apr/20/1802 John Gill Tho. Durrant
TANTON William   Petrockstow PUDDICOMBE Elizabeth   Petrockstowe May/19/1802 William Puddicombe James Harris
SELDON Richard   Petrockstow HANFORD Margaret   Petrockstowe Nov/13/1802 John Spear Tho. Durrant
LUXTON James   Petrockstow SILLAFANT Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Mar/21/1803 John Luxon Tho. Durrant
PALMER George   Merton BALSDON Mary   Petrockstowe Mar/25/1803 J Copp Philip Hearn
NATIONS John   Petrockstow HAYWOOD Joanna   Petrockstowe Mar/25/1803 J Copp Philip Hearn
HUTCHINGS Samuel   Petersmarland PALMER Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Mar/13/1803 William Palmer William Hutchings
SAUNDERS John   Petrockstow BOWDEN Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Apr/12/1803 James Thomas Tho. Durrant
HOLE John   Buckland Filleigh DAW Ann   Petrockstowe Jun/28/1803 James Daw Tho. Durrant
REED John   Oakhampton SILLAFANT Mary   Petrockstowe Mat/4/1804 Jos Copp Tho. Durrant
PALMER James   Petrockstow CANN Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Dec/13/1804 Robert Follands Thomas Boll
SHEPPERD Thomas   Great Torrington CROSS Mary   Petrockstowe Mar/11/1805 J Copp Robert Folland
HISSETT Henry   Petrockstow LEGG Elizabeth   Langtree Aug/6/1805 J. Copp Tho. Durrant
ADAMS Richard   Langtree SMALE Elizabeth   ? Sep/18/1805 J. Copp James Page
PASMORE Richard   Petersmarland PALMER Mary   Petrockstowe Oct/10/1806 Samuel Hutchings Samel Pasmore
SMALE James   Petrockstow TOWLE Mary   Petrockstowe Nov/6/1806 J. Copp Zachariah Clay
BROOK John   Abbots Bickington DAWS Jenny   Petrockstowe Feb/25/1807 John Dark Zachariah Clay
PETT John   Petrockstow LUCAS Jenny   Petrockstowe Apr/3/1807 J. Copp James Lucas
DAW John   Petrockstow HOCKIN Grace   Petrockstowe Jul/12/1807 James Daw Zachariah Clay
BIRD James   Petrockstow TROTT Mary   Petrockstowe Jul/20/1807 Bartholomew Parley ? Joseph Risdon, Jr
HOLMAN John   Petersmarland LUXON Betty   Petrockstowe Nov/4/1807 Samuel Hutchings John Luxon
MILL Richard   Hatherleigh CLAY Sarah   Petrockstowe Jan/8/1808 Thomas Book Zachariah Clay
RICHARDS William   Petrockstow BOWER Ann   Petrockstowe Feb/8/1808 J Copp Bartholomes Breley
ESSERY Joseph   Petrockstow LAKE Mary   Petrockstowe Apr/19/1808 John Bond Joseph Risdon, Jr
HORE William   Petrockstow WHITLOCK Catherine   Langtree May/26/1808 J Copp Tho. Durrant
LAKE John   Petrockstow ESSERY Catherine   Petrockstowe Jun/6/1808 Joseph Essery Joseph Risdon, Jr
BAILEY Joseph   Black Torrington BALKWILL Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Jul/17/1808 J Copp Joseph Risdon, Jr
RICHARDS John   Petrockstow PALMER Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Oct/5/1808 J Copp Robert Ware
BOND John   Petrockstow PARNACOTT AnnaMaria   Petrockstowe Mar/10/1809 Jos Parnacott William Brown
DAVEY John   Huish PIPER Ann   Petrockstowe May/8/1809 J Copp Tho. Durrant
TANTON Peter   Meeth RICHARDS Mary   Petrockstowe Feb/1/1810 Thomas Tanton Joseph Risdon
SILLIFANT Joshua   Petrockstow LUXTON Betty   Petrockstowe Mar/20/1810 John Luxton William Sillifant
RICHARDS John   Petrockstow CROSS Jane   Petrockstowe Aug/28/1810 J Copp John Richards
ADAMS George   Petrockstow SHORT Elizabeth   Petrockstowe Nov/21/1810 James Saunders Tho. Durrant
TALLAMY William   Petrockstow LASHBROOK Grace   Petrockstowe Mar/26/1811 Robert Williams Tho. Durrant
SMALE William   Petrockstow BATH Ann   Petrockstowe Apr/10/1811 James Smale Tho. Durrant
BROWN William   Petrockstow DENNIS Grace   Petrockstowe May/8/1811 John Dark John Mallet
GOODENOUGH James   Petrockstow SHEPERD Mary   Petrockstowe Aug/29/1811 John Richards Tho. Durrant
HOCKADAY Nicholas   Hatherleigh HEARN Rebecca   Petrockstowe Sept/11/1811 John Lock William Bradford
BELLAMY Samuel   Hornish, Wilts MILLFORD Jane   Petrockstowe Feb/11/1812 Robert Ware [illegible]
LUXON John   sojourner BRAND Mary   Sojourner Mar/21/1812 John Luxon ? May
BIRD Robert   Meeth LUXON Mary   Merton Apr/12/1812 James Luxon Joshua Sillafant
WARE Daniel   Petrockstow PIPER Grace   Petrockstowe Dec/8/1812 John Davey Tho. Durrant
CROSS John labourer Petrockstow SAUNDERS Ann spinster Petrockstowe Jun/7/1813 Thomas Saunders Thomas Saunders [2 sigs. Different]
BRIGHT William carpenter sojourner GILL Elizabeth Pogsley spinster Petrockstowe Sept/15/1813 Robert Youldon Thomas Daw
SPEAR Christopher labourer Petrockstow PETT Ann spinster Petrockstowe Apr/3/1813 William Pett Tho. Durrant
FORD Francis yeoman Petrockstow BUDD Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Apr/19/1815 David Budd Tho Gould
CROSS Richard labourer Petrockstow TROTT Maria spinster Petrockstowe Apr/25/1815 James Richards James Goodeanew?
MORRIS William gardener Petrockstow COLLACOTT Jane spinster Meeth Jun/20/1815 Isaac Smale John Luxton
ISAAC Thomas taylor Bideford MOASE Miriam spinster Petrockstowe Nov/15/1815 George Moase Thos. Tucker
BALKWILL William yeoman Petrockstow PARNACOTT Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Dec/27/1815 Jos Parnacott John Bond
CHAPMAN John yeoman Black Torrington LAKE Frances spinster Petrockstowe Mar/28/1816 James Paige Hugh Balkwill
SNELL Charles labourer sojourner LUGG Mary spinster Petrockstowe Apr/3/1816 John Saunders John Luxton
FINNEMORE Michael labourer Petrockstow HEYWOOD Jane spinster Meeth Jul/20/1816 George Heywood John Luxton
MITCHELL Thomas labourer Petrockstow LOCK Grace spinster Petrockstowe Jun/23/1817 Walter Lock John Saunders
BUCHAN John widower Plymouth Dock, Stoke Dameral RISDON Mary spinster Petrockstowe Dec/9/1817 John Risdon Joseph Risdon
RISDON Joseph gent Petrockstow BROWN Catherine Tr..d spinster Petrockstowe Mar/12/1818 John Mallet John Risdon, Jr
LAKE James joiner Westleigh PARNACOTT Mary spinster Petrockstowe May/11/1818 Joseph Parnacott John Bond
MOASE Christopher labourer Petrockstow BALKWILL Emlin spinster Petrockstowe May/18/1818 William Larkworthy John Luxton
TRACE Henry labourer Petrockstow ROOK Susanna spinster Petrockstowe Nov/8/1818 James Bods? John Luxton
CROSS William labourer Petrockstow MULFORD Sally spinster Petrockstowe Mar/25/1819 Henry Mulford? John Luxton
VODEN John labourer Black Torrington CROSS Nelly spinster Petrockstowe Nov/28/1819 John Luxton James Goodeanew?
MITCHAL William labourer Buckland Filleigh LAUNDERS Mary spinster Petrockstowe Dec/28/1819 Thomas Saunders Thomas Saunders, Jr
TUCKER Phillip carpenter sojourner LUXTON Mary spinster Petrockstowe Jan/16/1820 Tho Tucker John Luxton
ROOK William servant Petrockstow BROOK Betty spinster Petrockstowe Feb/3/1820 Robert Ware Mary Ware
CHING William labourer Petrockstow OAKE Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Apr/13/1820 Samuel Oake John Luxton
MILLS John taylor Petrockstow HARRIS Mary spinster Merton Apr/20/1820 Richard Harris John Luxton
HUXTABLE John labourer Petrockstow SAUNDERS Grace spinster Petrockstowe May/22/1820 Thomas Saunders John Luxton
MARTYN John labourer Petrockstow RICHARDS Johanna spinster Petrockstowe Oct/20/1820 Elizabeht Martyn John Luxton
BARTLETT Stephen (none given) Westleigh PARNACOTT Louisa spinster Petrockstowe Nov/9/1820 Jos Parnacott John Luxton
SAUNDERS John thatcher Petrockstow SAUNDERS Jane spinster Great Torrington Dec/27/182 John Gilbert John Luxton
WILLIS Thomas labourer Petrockstow REED Maria spinster Petersmarland Apr/2/1821 John Darke John Luxton
SOUTHCOMBE George labourer Petrockstow BATER Grace spinster Petrockstowe Jan/28/1822 John Luxton James Bater
ROCKHEY John farmer Black Torrington DAVIES Grace spinster Petrockstowe Jan/29/1822 Thos Rockey Samuel Davies
WARE Thomas labourer Petrockstow ARNOLD Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Mar/28/1822 William Trace John Luxton
VANSTONE William carpenter Petrockstow SAUNDERS Betty spinster Petrockstowe May/28/1822 Thomas Saunders John Luxton
ESSARY John labourer Petrockstow TROTT Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Oct/15/17822 John Luxton Ann Luston
CHAPMAN Joseph yeoman Sheepwash CLAY Mary spinster Petrockstowe Apr/3/1823 John Luxton Zachariah Clay
PARKER William labourer Petrockstow BOWDEN Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Maty/7/1823 John Essary John Luxton
AYRE John yeoman Petersmarland WARE Mary spinster Petrockstowe May/19/1823 Robert Ware John Luxton
NATIONS John labourer Petrockstow MILL Betsey spinster Petrockstowe Nov/26/1823 John Mills George Wonnacott?
RISDON James yeoman Petrockstow STONEMAN Sarah spinster Petrockstowe Mar/13/1824 Richard Knight George Wonnacott?
SNELL RIchard labourer Petrockstow RICHARDS Amy spinster Petrockstowe Jun/1/1824 John Luxton Ann Luxton
CROSS WIlliam labourer Petrockstow GILL Grace spinster Petrockstowe Oct/20/1824 Joseph Gill John Luxton
FOLLAND William labourer Petrockstow GOWMAN Grace spinster Petrockstowe Dec/20/1824 Mary Blackmore John Luxton
PALMER Richard labourer Wear Gifford NATIONS Catherine spinster Petrockstowe Apr/18/1825 Michael Finnemore Joh Luxton
GOODENEW James labourer Petrockstow TROTT Alice spinster Petrockstowe Apr/20/1825 John Saunders John Luxton
DICKER John labourer Petrockstow LUXTON Ann spinster Petrockstowe Nov/17/1825 Philip Tucker James Luxton
SELDON William wheelwright Petrockstow WARE Jane spinster Petrockstowe Dec/28/1825 Robert Ware JohnAyre
FOLLAND John labourer Petrockstow GILL Catherine spinster Petrockstowe Apr/5/1826 Joseph Gill John Luxton
LILLYCRAP Thomas labourer Petrockstow SHORT Sally spinster Petrockstowe Oct/23/1826 Rich Short John Luxton
CHAPMAN William yeoman Black Torrington PREEMAN Mary spinster Black Torrington Dec/26/1826 Joseph Chapman, Jr John Preeman
DARK Christopher carpenter Petrockstow FRAINE Rahel spinster Petrockstowe Dec/27/1826 Thomas Turner? Andrew Fraine
TRACE William innkeeper Petrockstow RISDON Jane spinster Petrockstowe Dec/27/1826 Joseph Risdon James Risdon
RIDGE John carpenter Tawstock SAUNDERS Mary spinster Petrockstowe Dec/27/1826 William Trace Joseph Risdon
TUCKER Phillip carpenter Petrockstow COPP Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe May/24/1827 Joseph Copp William Trace
SHORT John labourer Petrockstow NEWCOMBE Ann spinster Petrockstowe Jul/1/1827 William Mills John Luxton
HANDFORD Thomas labourer Meeth MITCHEL Ann spinster Petrockstowe Sept/6/1827 WilliamSeldon Henry Mitchel
CHEWIN William mason Jacobstow PUGSLEY Mary spinster Petrockstowe Dec/23/1827 James Johnson Henry Hooper
BRENT John labourer Buckland Filleigh MARTIN Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Mar/27/1828 Joseph Thorn John Luxton
SQUIRE William servant Petrockstow GILL Betsy spinster Petrockstowe Dec/30/1828 Joseph Gill John Luxton
BISSETT John yeoman Petrockstow CLAY Eliza spinster Petrockstowe Mar/17/1829 John Clay Nathaniel Bissett
BISSETT John labourer Petrockstow MARSH Ann spinster Petrockstowe Mar/29/1829 Richard Bissett John Luxton
LAKE William yeoman Petrockstow LAKE Mary spinster Petrockstowe Apr/9/1829 William Pickard John Darke
ELLIOEE Samuel shoe maker Petrockstow TROTT Mary spinster Petrockstowe Aug/13/1829 Joseph Elloitt John Luxton
MALLETT William school master Petrockstow SILLIFANT Charlotte spinster Petrockstowe Aug/29/1830 Ann Sillifant John Luxton
SHORT Richard, Jr mason Petrockstow HEWYWOOD Ann spinster Petrockstowe Oct/25/1830 Richd Short James Short
VEYSEY Charles widower Great Torrington STONEMAN Susan spinster Petrockstowe Nov/2/1830 George Stoneman Henry Stonneman
MILLS George labourer Petrockstow HAWKING Betty spinster Petrockstowe Mar/4/1831 George Hawking William Mills
GILL James carpenter Petrockstow MILLS Susanna spinster Petrockstowe Jul/6/1831 William Mills Philip Tucker
COOPER John yeoman Stokelinch?, Somerset CREEMER Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Sept/6/1831 Wm Creemer Josiah [illegible]
LUXTON Samuel blacksmith Petrockstow STANDLAKE Mary spinster Petrockstowe Oct/27/1831 John Luxton Philip Tucker
ANDREW Phillip carpenter Petrockstow SPEAR Jane spinster Petrockstowe May/17/1832 Thomas Risdon [illegible]
BUSE William labourer Petrockstow BROOK Mary spinster Petrockstowe Jun/21/1832 George Bird John Luxton
BENNETT John labourer Petrockstow MADGE Mary spinster Petrockstowe Jul/25/1832 Samuel Elliott John Luxton
SQUIRE William labourer Petrockstow TROTT Elizabeth widow Petrockstowe Jan/2/1833 John Mills John Luxton
PAW Isaac labourer Petrockstow SMALE Mary spinster Petrockstowe Jan/14/1833 John Clay William Trace
THORNE William labourer Petrockstow LILLY Mary Ann spinster Petrockstowe Apr/2/1833 Philip Tucker John Luxton
LAKE Samuel mason Petrockstow TROTT Maria spinster Petrockstowe Apr/27/1833 Samuel Elliott John Luxton
SANDERS William (none given) Petrockstow WARE Mary spinster Petrockstowe Jun/26/1833 Thomazin Ware John Luxton
WARE William labourer Petrockstow BUSE Elizabeth spinster Petrockstowe Nov/17/1833 John Bond John Luxton

Brian Randell, 10 May 2005