Protestation Return 1641-42

Provided by Michael Wright

Charles I became King in 1625 and was frequently in disagreement with Parliament, in 1642 this erupted in to Civil War the last battle of this being fought in 1646 in Great Torrington just 7 miles away. Local legend has it that the mound in the church yard is a burial mound for soldiers from a skirmish that took place near the village

During the period 1641-2 all adult male subjects throughout the country were required to swear allegiance to the crown. This was initiated by the House of Commons to disclose the number of Roman Catholics in England and to defend the protestant religion from 'Popery'. The result has been to provide one of the most useful lists of inhabitants prior to the 19th century census returns

Surname Forename Surname Forename Surname Forename
Acford Thomas Heard Charles Perkins John
Adams John Heard John (sen) Perkins William
Adams Laurence Heard John (jun) Pine John
Baily Hugh Heard Leaonard Pinnacombe John
Baily Samuel Hearne Edward Pointz James
Baily Walter Hearne Joachim Prouse John
Baker Jonas Hearne Lewis Rawleigh John
Baker Robert Hearne Thomas Rogers Edward
Bishoppe Richard Hurlestone John Rolle John (gent)
Bond John Hutchings Christopher Rolle Robert (esq)
Bond Thomas Hutchings Henry (sen) Rolle Sammuel (gent)
Bowden James Hutchings Henry (jun) Rolle William (gent)
Bowden John Hutchings John (gent) Roose Thomas
Bowden Joseph Hutchings John (of Hooke) Saunders Philip
Bowhay David Hutchings John Saunders Robert
Bowhay John (sen) Hutchings John (son of Robert Hutchings) Scamme George
Bowhay John (jun) Hutchings John Esq Scampe Henry
Bowhay Richard Hutchings Joshua Scotte John
Bowhay Thomas Hutchings Richard Scotte Leonard
Bray George Hutchings Robert Sharpenham William
Bray John Keene Giles Sheere John
Butticombe John Keene Philip Sing John
Caddie Roger Knight Henry Slade John
Calbowe John Lang John Tailour Charles
Cliffe William Langdon Francis Tailour John
Cloake Benjamin Langdon John Tailour Peter
Coates Thomas Letletar Robert Tawman Fulke
Colborne Anthony Leworthy Christopher Tawman Henry
Cory Thomas Litletar John Tawton Lewis
Cudmore Joachim Mitchell Matthew Thomas David
Cudmore John (jun) Mocke John Thorne Emmanuel
Denford John Moise John Thorne Christopher
Denford Lewis Moise Joseph Thorne John
Denford Stephen Morcombe Leonard Thorne Robert
Denton Joseph Nicholls John Trickes Richard
Dolber Christopher Noble William Tucker John
Downing Abraham Osborne Lewis Tuke George
Downing John Osborne Robert Venton Thomas
Ellis Thomas Parsons George (gent) Vigures Nicholas
Fowler James Parsons John Vigures Thomas
Fraine Henry Parsons Thomas Warde John
Fraine Thomas Pearse Daniel Way Anthony
Friendshippe William Pellaven John Way Michael
Glowen Simon Pellaven Robert Wetherell Daniel
Glowen William Penroase Henry Whicher Walter
Gregory John Pentire William Whitefield William
Hancocke Samuel Perkins Henry Willes Peter
Heaman John        
The above names were written in the same hand, the following 4 are signatures
Surname Forename Surname Forename    
Gregory Anthony (clerk) Cudmore John (churchwarden)    
Parnacotte Joseph (constable) Fraine John (overseer)    

Brian Randell, 31 Aug 2002