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Help and advice for Plymouth - Some account of Lord Boringdon's accident (1818) - index

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Some account of Lord Boringdon's accident


Lord Henry Villiers Parker

London: The Hukluyt Society (1848, Reprinted from the edition of 1622) xvi, 246pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Earldom of Morley is a title created in 1815 for the politician John Parker, 2nd Baron Boringdon. He was made Viscount Boringdon of North Molton at the same time. The family seat was Saltram House in Plymouth, until it was sold to the National Trust in 1957. Their seat was originally Boringdon Hall a few miles from Saltram. It is now Pound House, near Yelverton, Devon. The privately printed book, a small number only was printed, records events surrounding the tragic, accidental death in 1817 of eleven years old Lord Boringdon who inadvertently, swallowed an ear of rye that caused internal bleeding. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Alexander, Emperor of Russia 8
Amherst, Lord 14
Ball, Mr 16
Bastard, Edmund Esq, JP 29
Bautree, Armand de 21
Birkenshaw, Henry 29
Boringdon, Henry, Viscount 5-6, 31-2, 43, 46
Burnell, Mr 16
Carré, Dr 22
Clarendon, Lord 38
Cosway 16
Catchpole, Hester 25
Catchpole, Mary 24-5
Coppard, Mr James 28-9
Croizier, Mr 16
Delaistre, Mr 17
Dobner, Mrs 23
Dobnor, Robert 29
Elford, Sir William 17
Ellis, Mr 14
Grantham, Lady 20
Grey, Marchioness de 20
Hammick, S L Esq 29
Harold, Lord 20
Harris, John Esq 28-9
Hawker, Mr 29
Heath, Dr 5-8, 12-13, 21, 24-5
Hodgkin, Rev John 11, 27, 38-9
Howard, Hon Henry 34
Jersey, Lady 14
Kent, Duke of 20
Langmead, Mr William 29
Lemann, Mr 6
Louis XVI 17
Maurice, Rev Thomas, AM 43
Metcalfe, Mrs 25-6
Morley, Lord John 5, 14-8, 20, 24, 27-8, 31, 43, 46
Morley, Lady Augusta 8, 10, 13-8, 23-5, 31, 35, 43
Morpeth, Lord 31, 33
Nicholson, Grace 29
Nogent, Comte de 21
Parker, Lady Caroline Alexandrina 8
Parker, Francis Esq 29
Parker, Henry Villiers 31
Parker, Montagu Esq 29
Pearson, Dr 18-9, 24
Rast, Dr 22
Ressicant, Martin 22
Reynolds, Sir Joshua 16
Riley 14
Robertson, Dr 7, 13, 46
Rogers, Mr 16-7
Smith, Miss 13, 24-5
Smith, Mr David 29
Spurtzheim, Dr 7, 13, 26, 46
Stranger, Susan 29
Stuart, Mr 16
Villiers, Mrs 16
Westmacott, Mr 17
Westmorland, John Earl of 32
Whidby, Mr 28
Woollcombe, Dr 28-9, 31, 47
Worth, Mr Walter 29
Yeomans, Rev Joseph Lane 29
Yolland, Mr 29
Young, Dr 6